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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  August 5, 2021 10:03am-10:16am EDT

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vehicles sold in 2030 zero emission vehicles, including electrics and hybrids. that is 3:00 p.m. eastern on the south lawn of the white house. watch on c-span,, or the free c-span radio app. >> sunday, c-span's series january 6: views from the house continues. three more members of congress share stories of what they heard, saw, experienced, including new york democrat hakeem jeffries. >> we did not have the highest degree of information, particularly being on the house for. -- house floor. we didn't really get to see the images and real-time footage of the ongoing assault on the capitol, however once we arrived in a secure location we were able to get some understanding and could only
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have imagined how our loved ones were feeling watching it unfold in real time. it was a great comfort to have myself and every other member able to communicate with our family members at home. one of the communications i received that was disturbing as my brother reached out to indicate -- to check to see if we were ok. i of course indicated to him that i was ok. as an aside he let me know he and his family had received a threatening message from someone indicating they knew where my brother, his wife, and three girls lived and they had people in the neighborhood and me, his brother the congressman,
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didn't stop telling lies about the election something bad was going to happen. >> you will hear from two texas representatives. january 6: views from the house sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span,, or listen on the c-span radio app. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. funded by these television companies and more, including charter communications. >> fraud band is a force for empowerment. that is why broadband is upgrading technology, empowering opportunities in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers, giving you
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a front row seat to democracy. >> four different lines to call in on four masked mandates, vaccine mandates, or both, or if you support neither. tell us what is being supported locally in your city or school system and state if you are seeing things like that and we will get your calls momentarily. apiece early this americans might prefer vaccine mandates to mask mandates. there was a time when the vast majority of americans agreed on certain things when it came to the coronavirus pandemic. the norc poll showed a 75% of americans supported not only wearing masks, but requiring them in public. 13% disagreed. even republicans agreed with
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mandates, 58-27. as vaccinations took hold, health officials somewhat surprisingly relaxed mandates and guidelines. as they attempt to ramp them up again it is looking tougher. a monmouth university poll released monday morning shows only a little more than half of americans support instituting or reinstituting social distancing and face masks. the split is 52% in favor versus 46 percent opposed. a partisan divide. 85% of democrats support this, only a quarter of republicans agree. this is emphasizing it is considerably a lower bar than a mask mandate. it is merely reinstituting masks and social distancing
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guidelines. it is logical you can lead to mandates in some areas and coincided with mandates in places like washington, d.c., sacramento, los angeles, new orleans. this earns for supportive only half of americans, far less than the three quarters who supported full mandates as recently as december. that is from "the washington post." there is a cnbc poll at the end of july on the issue of mandates. they found 49% of the folks they surveyed favored vaccine mandates. 46 percent opposed those mandates. 63% of vaccinated american support vaccine mandates. 54% of those supported mask mandates on airplanes. 46 percent for concerts and large events. 40% mask mandates in the workplace. that is our opening question on what you would support. what level of support you have for mask mandates. the line is (202) 748-8000. (202) 748-8001.
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if you support both you can use (202) 748-8002. if you support neither, (202) 748-8003. the issue of vaccine verification came up yesterday. [video clip] >> do you urge cities and states to follow the lead or is it businesses should be the one? >> there are steps that will be taken by localities, steps taken by businesses. the president supports vocal efforts to keep communities safe. they will be different community to community. our view is any verification program should meet a few standards: accessibility, free, available, digital formats, secure, private, nondiscriminatory given equity is the center of our agenda. we know we will see more local communities do more things in
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the space including verification and employee mandates. we are supportive of innovative steps at the local level. host: from abc seven in new york city about the vaccine mandate that has gone into effect, going into effect, new york city ready for vaccine mandates. broadway reopens but auto gets canceled. it was opening night as broadway celebrated the return of audiences. all of those over 16 in attendance had to be vaccinated. it was packed in the august wilson theatre as a curtain rose on a new play called "passover." the audience wore masks and had to prove they were vaccinated on the way in. we are talking about your support for mask mandates and vaccine mandates. four lines to choose from. if you support a mask mandate, (202) 748-8000.
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opposed, (202) 748-8001. both, (202) 748-8002. neither, (202) 748-8003. let's go to sue in presque isle, maine. caller: i do believe in a vaccine mandate, especially in the health care system. i am a retired nurse and i know i would not feel comfortable if i did not know for sure that the employees in the hospital or health care system had a vaccine. until we mandate this we are not going to get this under control. we are going to have to live with this. i am the type of person that if i go into the health care care system i want to feel safe. host: what has the governor of your state said about mandates? caller: her hands are tied because the state legislator passed where she cannot do
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anything at this point, so she won't do anything. the private companies, i think ascension is requiring all of their employees to have a vaccine, which i think is great. again, i wouldn't feel comfortable going into a health care system unless i knew every person was vaccinated. host: next up on the line for supporting neither. alabama, good morning, roger. caller: good morning. yes, i've had the vaccine, but i would not have taken it if i had known they had used fetus cells. i believe that ought to be a choice if anyone wears a mask or not. host: ohio, it is george who supports neither a mask or vaccine mandate. caller: thanks for all you do.
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i appreciate the place to put out public opinion. when it first came out i had a minor case. my doctor gave me the generic for the one that trump endorsed. i took one pill and i was already better. i took the full prescription, but one pill later i was a lot better and did not have to go to the hospital. are we scared of china? they are supposed to be -- we are supposed to be the superpower but we act like we can't do anything. the masts, dr. fauci said the masks were worthless at the beginning. do you remember that? host: "the wall street journal" the covid vaccine mandate splits
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business. they largely agree they need to get the economy humming, but they are split how to do that. some are dangling bigger bonuses , others have started requiring workers to get the shot. in recent days companies from walmart to microsoft have imposed vaccine mandates on mostly white-collar workers returning to offices. tyson foods on tuesday took a harder line saying all workers must get the vaccine by november 1. "we did not take this decision lightly," he wrote in a memo to employees. " we spent months trying to get our team members vaccinated. today under half of our team members." ron desantis was asked about his view on vaccine mandates in the state. [video clip] >> what you plan on doing about
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these new mask guidance edicts from the cdc? is there potential that we could have these mandates banned? i know that you had an executive order but there is a legislative solution that would ban mandates, not masks, but mandates? governor desantis: we've already done it. i signed a law in june that terminates the government's ability to impose restrictions or mandates on individuals or businesses. that's not happening in florida, and it won't happen by me or at the state level. the one area where we didn't necessarily legislate was with the school districts. last school year, some school districts had mask policy, others didn't. many of our private schools had mask optional, same with charter schools. the results were no different. there were not major outbreaks no matter what. this coming school year every district in florida planned on doing optional for


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