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tv   Washington Journal Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 16, 2021 4:20pm-4:39pm EDT

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resident. this is the right one for -- the right decision for our brave servicemembers and it is the right one for america. thank you and god protect our troops, diplomats and all brave americans serving in harm's way. >> you saw president biden lie from the white house, the state department and pentagon are both scheduled to hold briefings on the situation in afghanistan this afternoon. on c-span, we will take you to whatever briefing gets underway first.
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>> president barack obama from may of 2010, the taliban captures couple, stunning the u.s.. asking you what does the war in afghanistan mean? dent. caller: good morning. this has been a great show this morning. to answer the main question, it means we did not learn lessons from vietnam because we went into a war not doing everything -- not willing to do everything it took or would take to win it. by that, i mean using nuclear weapons. we could have won the afghanistan war if we had been willing to use all our weapons that we have in our arsenal. that is just not politically correct, so we decided not to do it and lost another war like we
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did in vietnam. host: would you have wanted us to use nuclear weapons in afghanistan? caller: no, i think we should never have entered that were to begin with and i do not think we should ever enter a war unless we are willing to use nuclear weapons to win it. that is my opinion. host: this is burlington, north carolina, democrat. caller: the thing i have to say is i would like to thank our military serving now and retired. i also am tired of hearing the blame being put here and there. it is really sad to see what is happening, and so much of it was
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unforeseen. i just think if the blame would stop -- the blame being put on biden and if you go to the rnc website you will notice they took down the agreement that trump had with the taliban. if you remember, he wanted to invite them here on september 11 of last year to camp david. i do not know where everybody is getting that it is all biden's fault. he extended the leaving time from may 1 to a few days ago. what would have happened then as compared to now, no one knows.
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i think he was able to give us a little more time. anyway, it is sad. i am sorry and i hope we can get the afghans who were -- who gave so much aid to us over the 20 years out safely. host: this is a statement yesterday from the leader of the house republicans, kevin mccarthy. the california commerce been saying, joe biden has been commander-in-chief for seven months. the current failure in afghanistan falls squarely on his shoulders. i asked president biden to stop finding excuses for his mistakes and address the country with how he plans to secure u.s. national interests, protect personal on the ground, and assist afghan allies and prevented the resurgence of al qaeda. his lack of leadership during this pivotal moment has been shameful. kevin mccarthy put in his state me yesterday he let our allies
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down. waiting to hear from the president. we do not know when the president will be speaking. we do not know if it will be today or in the coming days. in less than an hour, at 10:00 a.m. eastern, we are going to take c-span viewers to a u.n. security council meeting on the issue of afghanistan, holding that meeting in the wake of yesterday's events. you can watch that on c-span and also later today at 2:00 p.m. we expect a briefing from the state department and questions from journalists taken by the state department spokesman. that is what we will be watching for today. check with c-span throughout the day for our coverage of other events as they come up. in the meantime, your phone calls this morning.
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we have been asking what to the war in afghanistan mean? joe out of hawaii, a republican. how would you answer that question? caller: i feel any type of death and destruction from war is useless. we should try to build other countries but first build our country, the united states of america. we should aid people in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in their own countries but not tell them how to achieve that. we should avoid putting our best minds and money into these foreign interventions. stop the endless wars and build up united states of america so it is truly the great country. also, understand why people do not like us. we are poor in human relations.
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why did al qaeda attack the united states why did osama bin laden hate us? we need to understand why people do not like us. we cannot be bullies that goal -- go all over the world as imperialists trying to tell people how to run their governments. do not fight china. do not fight russia. just live in harmony but be strong. they know we canoe them any time we want to. host: in texas, and independent. caller: i called and is a veteran and not an independent. i had vietnam in 1968. i know exactly what went on in vietnam. it was nothing compared to what is going on now. i was on the top of the building
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when we lifted out in helicopters and i was helping people get on, soldiers, politicians, citizens. but to be a minis -- the vietnamese did not stop fighting. they were not a bunch of fiends. they were fighting up to the steps as they were getting help to get away from it. over in afghanistan, they are the crookedest people in the world and always have been. when we went over there, even in iraq, we went over there because of the whole business -- oil business. i know that. i worked in the oil fields fields for quite a few years. but we do not need to be over there in the middle east and we
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do not need to be supporting israel over there. host: you mentioned you were there for the fall of saigon. how close were you to this famous picture when it comes to the fall of saigon of the rooftop of the embassy? caller: 50, 60 foot at one time. i was sergeant major in the marine corps. i know the trustees and stuff that took place over there. the stuff that is going on in afghanistan is a takeover and abusive, but it was nothing as bad as some of the things we saw in vietnam when we got there. host: how did you eventually get
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out? did you get out on one of those helicopters? caller: i got out thanks to some boys that my -- the boys that saved us out of saigon took us out in a little boat and got is out. host: was that the 30th? caller: it was the day before they -- the day before most of us got out. it was -- i am not a very scary type person, but i was scared to death and everybody around me was, whether they claimed to be or not.
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it was vital to get out. it was vital to save as many people as you could. vietnam gets a wrap it deserves and it is not a good one. it is a bad one. none of the soldiers in vietnam, none of the marines, none of the boys that got us in the helicopters, the person that save more lives was the ones that dropped the agent orange on us. they save more lives on both sides than any of the rest of us did. vietnam was a rough place, but the people in south vietnam were not traders and they were fighters. i was up in the hills with them and i was a prisoner of war for
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a while, until we got out. and managed to get free. i was liaison with colonel haywood and went back when they bombed the pentagon. i do not believe we should ever have been in afghanistan. i believe the special forces should have went in on -- and got him, got the main leaders, and got out and came home. host: thanks for sharing some of your memories this morning. about 45 minutes left in the washington journal today. in virginia beach, virginia, republican. caller: just have an input as a republican. we had a mission after 9/11, find the person responsible,
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hold him accountable. it was osama bin laden. he was found. his command was terminated. that was it. the military does what it does and it is successful at it. along the way, politicians get involved. business get involved. money to be made. so you end up with mission creep. let's keep people there. we should have been out 10 years ago when mission was realized. everyone knew it. we stayed. ok. the longer it takes, the longer it takes. we are paying for their policeman come up for their soldiers come up for their civil infrastructure. how long do we continue this? we are sitting here with a couple trillion dollars of an infrastructure bill. how do we get republicans and democrats on the same page? let's pay for it. how? we have to make a cut.
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we were already told we are leaving afghanistan. that is a big cut. there are a lot of finances and politics in this. that is how we function. the people left behind, what are we doing? gnashing of teeth. we built a generation where women could read in a country where it was for bid and. -- forbidden. we did some good work, but we cannot stay there. there are nations we can help nation build, but right now there is no end to this. we have to get out. host: this is sherry in georgia, a democrat. caller: yes. i am calling because i am looking at the bigger picture. i think afghanistan is going to be -- genocide may occur, but it
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will not be within its own people initially maybe, but i see where china and russia are already making plans to work with their government. china is aggressively building islands into the water to acquire more territory. russia also has a lot to gain. eventually, when all this dies down, they are going to take over afghanistan. those people will not have their country anymore. world war iii has been on the verge for a long time. dealing with that in afghanistan put it off for a little bit, but i believe world war iii is on its way because there is a limited number of resources in the world and we are overpopulated. host: on the issue of china and afghanistan, this from nbc news,
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reporting this morning that china is saying it is willing to forge friendly relations with the taliban and afghanistan. she says she asked if it meant recognition of the taliban as legitimate government they are but got no clear answer. china was given security assurances by the taliban prior to its takeover of the country. again, that reporting from nbc news. ian republican, good morning. caller: the gentleman before said a lot. he who can hold the land -- we are a generation away from us being lost. people think the indians had the land. the land belongs to people who can hold it. we got osama bin laden. that was our goal, the mission. to sit there and have frank biden or whoever start building stuff as a contractor -- this is where it gets messy.
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our troops if they are there for 100 years, the taliban will hide. they will cross borders. they will come out and take it again. unless we are going to sit there forever and today, like the british who colonized places -- whether we were trading or moving goods, we would have problems, whether it is the same places we are having problems. we sat there and we have to sit there forever. who wants to live there? do you want to protect that region that has nothing to protect? i feel horrible that the good people that are there, like the ones that protected the lone survivor -- everybody should watch the movie. there are good, but it seems they are outnumbered so great that we would have to sit there forever and lose our blood and our most precious of what we have to give to help the world.
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they are still shooting us. we are training them to be cops and they turn on us. we cannot have that no more. that trainer -- taliban to me are fundamentalists. china and r clicks then price is holding a briefing on the situation -- quest price -- >> ned price is holding a conference. >> all remaining u.s. direct hire nbc -- embassy personnel have --


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