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tv   Republican Leader Mc Carthy GOP Lawmakers on Afghanistan  CSPAN  August 30, 2021 8:39pm-9:17pm EDT

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-- wherever you get your podcasts. >> house republican leader kevin mccarthy and other gop lawmakers about afghanistan and the u.s. completing its withdrawal after 20 years in the country. they criticize the president's handling of the evacuation of americans afghan allies. this runs 35 minutes. >> thank you for coming back. it has been a tragic two weeks, the culmination watching 13 of our servicemen -- 18 were seriously wounded, and many innocent civilians.
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today i had a phone call from the secretary of defense saying the military is completely out of afghanistan. they have been working to get americans out. there are still hundreds left in afghanistan. i got a text from pregnant woman , the mother and her children, the state department told her to go to the airport. my question to the secretary was what is the plan? what is the plan now to get americans out? they asked speaker pelosi to bring us back in session. we are a political branch with
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the responsibility of oversight. we have a responsibility to our constituents. and everyone who has their, i want to thank you for doing what was asked of you. to the lone star families, you will be in our prayers and will not dine in vain. there was a bill we try to bring up on the floor last week. it had fatal national security consequences. what we need is date to be determined of every american left afghanistan.
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representative gallagher -- we will ask for him to be heard and passed unanimously. to the administration -- what is the plan to get americans home safely? we will work towards that. we have a number of members who served as afghan -- in afghanistan themselves. >> thank you for your leadership. i want to thank some main congressional officers, summing up the republicans and democrats from professional offices, members of congress and their staffs have had to step up and step in with so many veterans
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groups to try to save americans and our allies. frankly, to fill the void is administration's leadership. this morning, i was on the line with two american citizens and their children outside the gate of public international and had to give them -- kabul international and had to give them the news that i understood it to be closed. that is happening organically from veterans, republicans and democrats, nonprofits. everybody but the administration is getting americans and our allies out. where'd we go from now? you are already seeing the state department and white house trying to set the stage that there is guterres and bad terrorists. that the taliban are moderated, we can trust them. to get the rest of our citizens
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out and not harm our allies. there's a navy veteran has been held hostage for the last year and a half. is he free to go? what we have just handed the taliban and these terrorist groups is a mountain of -- on a silver platter. every time they want money, recognition, economic assistance they can walk down the street and take another hostage. we have to remember that the same thinking, appeasing terrorists, concession after concession, the same team this rounds biden was around obama, the two gauzy, that pulled us out of iraq and led to isis caliphate attacks around the world. it led to the iran deal, they are exercising that same playbook. you cannot appease terrorists.
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they understand strength, military might. we are showing none of that. the middle east ambassador just reached out to me and said the word across the region is that jihad has one and democracy has lost. that is shameful. that is going to make america less safe, and give -- get future american soldiers killed the have to go back to deal with this mess. if this administration is not going to lead, then congress well. our veterans community well. we are going to step up, it is shameful that future american blood, allied blood and soldiers blood are going to be on this administration cycles hand -- administration's hands for this disaster. >> i would like to turn out to
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afghan veteran jim banks. rep. banks: i come up to want to thank the leader. he is doing with the speaker is not doing. he brought us together to talk about these critical issues and what we can do about it. on the eve -- the leader of the minority party is doing the job that the speaker of the house is not doing, bringing members together to talk about ways we can help our afghan allies and get every american out of afghanistan from behind enemy lines. i want to commend the leader for that leadership. i served afghanistan as a navy logistics officer. i was on the front lines in the process of turning over american equipment to the afghan army and police to fight against the taliban. never what i have believed then, or up until this point today,
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that not just some but all of the 85 billion dollars worth of american women we turned over to the afghan police and afghan army would fall into the hands of our enemy. that is where we are, because of the negligence, hasty and incompetent withdrawal led by this commander-in-chief. all data $5 billion worth of equipment -- all of the $85 billion worth of equipment, without a plan by this administration or the pentagon to destroy or evacuate any of that equipment, knowing -- we now know they knew that the situation on the ground would deteriorate and the taliban would take over the country. they knew it in my to us. this president and his leadership lied to the american people. they knew the taliban would take
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over if they made the hasty withdrawal and the move that they made. leaving $85 billion of equipment, weapons, ammunition, nightvision goggles, medical supplies, biometric devices and data of our allies. i'll be falling into the hands of the taliban. this administration has known from day one when they took over, the pentagon leadership is known for years that the taliban is one thing, but the rater threat is isis-k. they have been warning us about it. they warned us in armed services committee. representative and i were with them two and a half years ago, the general told us then what we've now seen occur if we pull out like we did, isis-k would be
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the greater threat to the lives of the american people and an imminent threat to the homeland. as a situation this administration has allowed to happen. it is unforgivable, we are going to fight like hell to get every american out of the country, but also -- i yield back. >> let me turn the former navy seal and veteran of afghanistan, as well, dan crenshaw. rep. crenshaw: thank you for bringing us together enjoying we take this problem seriously. i took the train from new york city. from lower manhattan, where the world trade center is come up with the firefighters who were there that day. in preparation for the 20th anniversary.
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as long as people understand what guys like him -- what veterans feel from all this. the war is not ended. the bull star families, i had a meeting with a bunch of bull star families from the seal teams last week. the goal of that meeting -- how it are you guys feeling? the central question about whether their son or husband had died in being -- died in vain. nobody had that opinion. what do we get for 20 years? we got no attacks on the homeland from this threat the cause 9/11 in 2001. we were not at war on december
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10 -- we were not at war when the uss cole was bombed, or in 1993 when the world trade center was bombed. after september 11, we stopped pretending. unfortunately, today, we began pretending again. pretending we ended the war. i hope nobody is running a headline that we ended america's longest work -- longest war. we did give up a strategic position in the fight. it will now be difficult to deter or deny terrorist safe havens. we cannot do it, we do not have the airfields or resources. we do not have eyes and ears on
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the ground anymore. the homeland is now more risk than it has been in 20 years. you don't have to take my word for it, take the intelligence community's word for it. we told this administration this happened, whether it was two days, two months, six months, they said it will fall to the taliban. knowing this, why keep going with a terrible plan? a plan that has no evacuation plan, no plan for the equipment left behind, why on earth would they do that? because they want the slogan, no more endless wars. it has made america less safe. then they blame the military for, say the general said we can't keep their -- we cannot capable secure -- keep kabul
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secure. that was their mission. if they been given the option of between 500 more troops, that was the suggestion of the department of defense. do not let this initiation lied to the american people and say the dod suggested that we leave bagram, linkable -- leave kabul. that should be on the record. as we find out was culpable for this complete disaster, i think those are the soft -- some of the avenues we will be going down. rep. mccarthy: we will now go to -- >> thank you for those who serve their country, only here, but were out of uniform and took the same oath many years ago. the taliban wrote the agreement
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that it made with this country from the very beginning. this year, at multiple points in the timeline, the taliban continued to break the agreement . whether was the power-sharing agreement overall, by their taking over the country, or the agreement to allow americans to pastor checkpoints. i cannot tell you how many calls have come to my office, i remembered seated at the table today, calls to their offices of americans saying i cannot get through the checkpoint, the taliban will not let us through. yet our president did nothing. the military said, are you capable of going out there and taking the checkpoint, making sure americans can get through? we have the capability to do that? has the president authorize you to do that? no. yet here they are, contemplating
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recognizing the taliban as a government. as a state. let the insanity sink in the second. i do not want to be redundant come my colleagues have shared her thoughts. i've agreed with everything they said. i want to bring us back to the wording team 12 -- the war of 1812. the british were coming up the river to burn washington, d.c.. he said george washington -- if george washington were still alive, you would not get this far up the river. the british leaders said, if george washington were still alive, we would not have tried. why is the taliban organ
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agreement after agreement with this president? because there's no leadership in washington dc in the white house right now. they are not running down the white house, they certainly burned it down -- the reputation of this great country with their failure to lead. all of that come up one on joe biden. i yield. rep. mccarthy: the mission will last several days, and will have decades, it has ramifications beyond afghanistan. when china wants taiwan, russia wants the baltics, the impression our allies have. the worst part of what we found is that never in my life day believe in american administration with make a
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decision to leave americans behind. our government told us a few weeks ago there were 15,000 americans there. today they told us 5400 out. all of us that have -- all of us have had emails, phone calls from americans trying to get out, frustrated at being left there. i wanted turned one of our veterans who served afghanistan, sacrificed a great deal, mr. brian mast --. rep. mast: taliban, al qaeda, isis-k, does not matter what name they go by. they should be called dogs but that is a insult to the animals we love. they exist for one reason, to be slaughtered. that is the only reason terrorists are around, we have
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not killed them yet. that has to be the commitment, the same commitment of those there laying under five draped coffins right now. -- flag draped caskets right now. there's a line beyond which they will not go, our enemies. that was the commitment of those that held the line at the airport. every one of our brothers that toe the line and some other place in afghanistan, the sin you will go no further, your tierney stops here. -- your tyranny stops here. we are the american everyone of us fought for, represents, that you elected to congress. that has to be the next step, the commitment of those lying under those caskets.
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>> i go to veteran mr. gallagher? >> we had a briefing with the secretary of state, secretary of defense, officials and the biden administration behind closed doors. in everything, our democratic colleagues pushed back on august 31 withdrawal date. we abandoned hundreds of thousands of americans, leaving them behind with the threat of being taken hostage. then, on the house floor, when given an opportunity to serve -- turn that sentiment into legislative action, the democratic colleagues did not. the voted against -- but reported -- required the
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administration to report coming citizens were left in country. they did not want to jeopardize the budget we voted on last week. they left another opportunity to do the right thing. hopefully our democratic colleagues will join us in this effort. we reintroduce is built that starts with the symbol -- that americans do not leave american citizens behind in afghanistan, trapped behind enemy lines. also required an evacuation plan from the administration and clear reporting on the numbers of americans that were left there, only members that are there, congress needs to know the state of play on the ground in afghanistan. it requires a report on the status of any equipment that was
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abandoned afghanistan and critically, and a prohibition on the funding going forward as well as a sense of congress that my colleagues already mentioned that there should be no recognition -- formal recognition of the taliban. we believe this is a bill that should command widespread bipartisan support. we believe it is all the more important, if you watch with this administration is saying, yesterday on the sunday shows, i saw jake sullivan on tv, and when asked what his plan for getting americans and our allies out after august 31, he said we believe we have substantial leverage. what model you and conference does this administration live in? the taliban does not want an
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invite, we surrendered our leverage to a terrorist organization on the ground. leverage comes from power on the ground, not a worded statement referencing international communities. it is time for congress to step up and for the speaker to bring us back into session in order to pass the common sense bill. shame on us as we sit on the sidelines and do nothing as americans are tracked behind enemy lines. -- trapped behind enemy lines. >> we watched our president tell us they would do nothing. we heard his plan for every scenario. i did not think the american government would plan to leave thousands of americans behind.
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this is not a partisan issue, this is not a republican, democrat, green party. tomorrow is another opportunity. this is your moment, this is your time to put america before politics. it is simple. what is the administration's plan now that they left american citizens behind to get them home? given the grieving, the reports are the tobin now have more blackhawk helicopters in australia. -- then australia. do not recognize the taliban. isis-k, al qaeda, the taliban are all --
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no cash delivered to the taliban. that is what america expects of elected officials. i think that is what america expects from this administration. this is going to come to the floor tomorrow. the question will be to those democratic members, are they going to stand behind the decision to leave americans behind, because we will not. we will not leave them behind. we need a plan to get them out, and we need to have that in place tomorrow. let's open up for questions. >> eventually come up possibly bring impeachment charges against president biden? >> right now, you got americans trying to go to the airport, wondering what they are going to do. our focus should be on that.
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in the washington post article, i cannot imagine i would ever think the government would say the taliban said they would stay out of trouble -- out of kabul. there are 13 new gold star families, americans left behind because of that decision. you had a prison 5000 terrorists. they were released. they have anything to do with that bombing? we do not know from our own department of defense who those individuals that that terry said they killed. where those individuals in a
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prison? why do we not know anything about >> in your opinion, does the present have led on his hand? -- does the president have blood on his hands. >> [indiscernible] if you're not able to get democrats to join your side, [indiscernible] >> we have a bill, we went out to across the country to build support. we had a discussion with robert o'brien. he is in charge of bringing hostages back. he was in the past
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administration as well. we need more people to know what is going on. we need more people to join with us. if you are listening or watching now, we do not care your party affiliation. we do not care if you dislike what we stand for. you stand for america, and you stand for bringing these americans home. let's have a plan to do that. let's take politics out of it. >> you know that -- for speaker pelosi tomorrow, on the eve of asking for a debate, a word about afghanistan, that she will step up to the podium, bang her gavel and say i will not recognize it, i will not hear a word about it, i do not want to listen i do not want to pay attention or conduct oversight. you know that is likely.
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that is what she will do, that is why you are asking that question. that is the reality of the situation. that is where blood is on somebody's hand's. >> will spoke or pulled -- speaker pelosi do it -- why would they denied the ability to bring americans home? >> yesterday you urged fellow republicans [indiscernible] >> we are born he is every legislative possibility to make this case. i turned over to ranking member rogers. rep. rogers: we want to find out
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-- [indiscernible] administration decided we were going to send 600 troops, to protect the kabul airport. you cannot defend an airbase with 600 people. we created a 250,000 -- $250 million counterterrorism fund. they bring fuzz on a regular basis -- there's going to be a vigorous debate, here is what would challenge all of you. with bipartisan support, --
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the democrats going forward on august 20, i dare her to halt the spending program -- not her infrastructure bill. >> [indiscernible] >> there are other countries that have their citizens there, they called their legislative bodies back. the u.k. called parliament back. we were call back last week, but only to pass -- not one that is going to helping american getting out of afghanistan. this is a moment in time the world will be watching. >> [indiscernible]
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>> we reach out to everyone. i have listened to my democrats. -- many democrats. on both sides of the aisle, not one was happy with what we've watched the administration do. i've watched democrats, their members of congress question this administration as hard as we have come up because of the lies they have been told that same time. i know in their hearts, the question will be what is their will? will they defy the speaker and stand up for the americans who were left behind? i watched in a closed session, i
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applauded, i cheered them. but the democratic leadership will allow -- without a doubt. >> reporter: [indiscernible] are you in agreement with him or with -- >> i am in agreement with what we are trying to do here, which is pushing administration for accountability, making sure we are not forgetting the people who were on the ground, the american citizens who were left behind, our afghan allies were still there.
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it is hard for me. this is been a crushing blow to those who believe in what we were trying to do overseas. the position that we put the men and women on the ground at the airport, it was disgraceful, and embarrassment to this country. this does not change my mind because of the impossible position they were in that let them know of choice. they should never have been there in the first place. the leadership -- within this initiation, we are going to press for accountability to make sure this never happens again. >> this decision was purely by political gain. if that is the case, you have to have casualties on the national stage. there's a moment in time that had this president listen to the military, we would still be
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inside back room, getting everyone out -- bagram, the military would not have left before americans. he is wrong. every crisis he is faced so far in his administration, he has failed. we do not want him to fail at this one, because if he does, americans will die. >> if i could answer the question, since the last aircraft is taken off, it is no longer about the 31st, on the 30th they were gone. what we are really asking, to all of us support the principle that the united states has had -- not a penny for tribute, we went people out without paying tribute, do we all support
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whatever means it takes to get our americans out without paying tribute, ask that question and see what answer you get? >> what is the plan to bring americans home. thank you, we hope you're there tomorrow. >> thank you very much. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal, everyday we are taking your calls on the air with the news of the day and discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, politicos -- politico's on the deadline of afghanistan. we talk with the urgent foundations jane -- and weinstein of the institute for responsible statecraft. watch c-span's washington journal live at seven eastern -- 7:00 eastern. join the discussion with your facebook messages, text messages and tweets. >> we are at an important
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tipping point in this nation. what we do matters. i believe that the 1776 project, this project is an important historical moment. we need people to get behind us, we need to make sure our message reaches white, black, asian, hispanic, everyone. america is a great country, we need to fight for it. live, carol flame on in-depth. her most recent book is how critical race theory is burning down the house. other titles include we the people and debating immigration. join the come first asian -- the conversation for carol swain live at noon eastern on in-depth on book tv. >> president biden held a virtual briefing today to discuss the federal government response to hurricane hideout,


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