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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  September 1, 2021 1:33pm-2:53pm EDT

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service soldier. i will contain my pain and anger, and i will continue to execute my mission. [indiscernible] >> a reminder that at 2:00 there will be a state department briefing, where we are expecting more questions on the briefing in afghanistan. we will have live coverage when starts at c-span. also online, at, read can listen and with the c-span radio app. we have about a half-hour here on our open forum over the withdrawal from afghanistan, the covid alta variant.
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this is the line to call for democrats, and republicans use [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] . we will let you know about some of our live coverage plans later today i want eastern. we will hear from the chairman of the joint chiefs and the defense secretary. we will hear from the u.s. resolve -- withdrawal later. it also streams at this is a washington post article on the diplomatic future ahead. the u.s. focus diplomatic mission -- the biden administration began to plan for the next phase of the relationship with afghanistan as the state department scrambled to set up a remote give a medic connection to continue working and help those stranded under taliban rule.
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the qatari capital doha will assist refugees who have left afghanistan and it will be the center of the military group that captured kabul this past month. it is an ignominious end to the united states stayed for two decades there. there was a high level 3d meeting led by the supreme leader which concluded monday in taliban's birthplace city of kaunda heart. the leader, who is not been seen publicly for years, gave comprehensive instructions to seniors taliban officials, according to a spokesman, and it is not clear yet what role it will play in any future government. the supreme court made a ruling, even though they were not in session. that will happen at the beginning of october. this is from the texas tribune. texas has banned common abortion procedures in the second trimester. the ruling is yet another blow
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to reproductive rights under advocates after texas passed a law this year that goes into effect as -- onset number one. it is being challenged in court. we will go first to st. petersburg florida. caller: good morning. i question is in reference to the fires. i want to know, if at this point, the united states of america -- has the democratic and republican parties now realized that we do have people who have been devastated by fires, floods, and so forth? what are they planning to do to bring this to fruition, so boats
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can get in congress, and we can pass laws? we have to stop climate control since it is with us for the duration of the united states of america and our lives? host: essex, maryland. caller: good morning. i've seen a lot of stories on the news, and one of these vaccines has been approved. that is a lie. they have not been fully fda approved. the only approval they received was a biogenic slicing -- licensing application that was approved. these fit -- fda approvals are only emergency use only. these tests have done more harm than all of the vaccines that came before them combined. host: why do you say that? why do you say that there is -- there is no evidence of that? caller: look at the cdc report.
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host: the vaccines have been found to be completely -- almost complete the say. thank you for your call. next, dorthea, on our independent i. caller: i want to commend the president for his handling of closing the war in afghanistan. the war in afghanistan should have been over in 2001 -- 2011 when they killed bin laden. it should of been over and then we have spent too many years afghanistan, and i commend the president for how he adds come forward -- he has come forward and taken a strong stand. it is up to the country to get the rest of the pso who did not get out to get them out safely. i want to commend the president. host: from texas, this is the
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wall street journal. republican lawmakers in texas have put a voting bill to governing -- governor greg abbott after months of the democrats trying to kill the legislation, including a walkout. the bill, which republican say is away to enhance security, saw to overhaul voting procedures across the state. it would restrict access to the polls, according to democrats, especially for minorities. governor abbott supports the measure, signing into law. glenn in illinois on our democrats line. caller: i was shocked yesterday when the freedom caucus got up and did all of their mouthing off.
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the republicans have done nothing but raise cain with everything that is happened. how about the overthrow the government by ex-president trump in the congress and jim jordan how many times he has talked to trump -- a whole bunch. this leader in the house, he gets up there and he comes up with all of the stuff that they cannot even explain.
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nothing is going except let's run president biden down. caller: munro michigan -- monroe, michigan on the independent line. caller: past president trump said that we do not pull the troops first. he was the one who pulled the troops first. we did not exit the way that we need to. all he does is live. he told us he was not going to be golfing when he was president. he spent half his time golfing. he toes he would not get a penny out of the tax cut. he got plenty out of the tax cut. he lied to republik and voters and they plugged their eyes when he speaks. that is all i have. caller: next is john in virginia. republican line. caller: i watch you every
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morning because i am working. i'm amazed by everything that has happened since biden was elected. all of these bad decisions and how may people calling every day to give him an a plus plus with the job he is doing. i do not get it. he if he passed an executive order to kill every firstborn to stop climate change, they would support it. thank you. host: a headline from political -- politico. the united states officially ended his 20 year war in afghanistan. now president joe biden and democrats are racing to put the conflict behind them. biden's presidency over the last few weeks -- white house
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officials are plotting away forward that hinges on biden's handling of the covid-19 pandemic and a sweeping economic agenda on capitol hill. the agenda is based on the belief in the white house that americans will by and large process the withdrawal as a necessary, i'll difficult, act, even if they harbor lingering doubts about its execution. boston, good morning. caller: good morning. a lot of americans are on unemployment right now, and the bill is not being reinstated. i'm not seeing what bidens parties doing to help people. people expect job growth the boom because they cannot get to their jobs, school, bills, so i
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want to know what is this party going to do with this pandemic, and it is very tricky. what a lot of americans are cut off, how do we expect the democrats to do it with no resources? host: thank you. this is a headline reflecting about 300,000 massachusetts workers facing the end one of women. -- of unemployment. caller: listen. for everyone who gives you peace of mind and loving testimony, god is in control. just for member that. hello? host: thanks. we go to sam in nebraska. caller: hello?
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host: sam in nebraska, mutual volume. caller: i was calling in. i was wondering when we were going to start talking about the globalist agenda. everyone wants to focus on afghanistan, but we need to get out of afghanistan. the war was a joke the entire time. it was pushing a globalist agenda. everyone is waking up and seen the globalist agenda, but we can't get anyone on the news to cover it. when are we going to start exposing the players behind it. you have democrats, republicans, independents, conservatives -- none of it matters. nobody is concentrating on the money. nobody is paying attention to the strawman. no one is paying attention to the global corporation and how we are all born into slavery underneath social security. we need to dissolve the strawman before we can --
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host: this is from the new york times on the delta variant. they write that a mysterious pattern suggest that the delta wave may be ending. the delta surge has piech. the number of new cases in the united states is less in the past week that any week in june. there is no guarantee that the trend will continue, but there is reason to think that caseloads may soon decline. since the pandemic began, covid has often followed a regular yet mysterious cycle. in one country after another, cases will search for two months before starting to fall. the delta variant, despite its intense contagiousness, has
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followed this pattern. cases have plummeted in india. in the united kingdom, cases rose for two months before peaking in july. in other countries, the delta surge lasted somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 months. in the united states when caseloads began to rise, the caseloads begin to be on a downside. florida, louisiana, and missouri peaked in early or mid august and have since lessened. monique, good morning. caller: good morning. i want to play -- pray for the people in louisiana and hope everything works out for them.
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go to my facebook page. can you hear me? host: yes we can. caller: i think the biden administration did a good job as far as getting us out of afghanistan. we were there for 20 years. they had a couple of weeks to get us out of there. i feel so bad about our fellow americans that we lost, the 13 american soldiers that we lost. i pray for their families. we were there for 20 years. we only had a couple of weeks to get out. our soldiers an awesome job. they showed that they got 99% of americans out of there. also, a lot of afghanistan helped us. we, as americans, we have to
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stop bickering back and forth. the democrats have issues and the republicans have issues. we have to stop. the thing i can say about america -- we know when to push things to the side. things happen to our country, and we come together as one. we have to get over the negative comments that we have. we have to figure out a better way. our kids are going to have a better america. it is going to be less racist and everything. my son is 14 years old and he is a black kid. to be honest, he sees no colors. the friends he deals with see no colors. host: thank you for the call. carol welcome. caller: i would like to say --
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biden has not ended the war. he has created one. thank you. host: independent line, michael, go ahead. caller: high, how are you? i'm calling in reference to the general who call before. when the number got too high, the democrats do not want you to see the truth. host: harry is on the democrats line. caller: good morning. how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: i am calling for several reasons. i called last month. first, i want to ask everyone to keep the families in their thoughts and prayers of the people and soldiers who we lost in afghanistan. think about what those families
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are going through. also, pray for the people in louisiana and mississippi that have experienced those extreme losses from the storm. also, the people experiencing losses from fire in the western united states. i want to commend the president for getting us out of afghanistan because we have been there for too long. someone had to end that war. i hope, again, that we will stop the back-and-forth, the blaming, whoever is blaming whoever for whatever. it is just ridiculous. we just need to alt-right to support -- to try to support our men and women, whoever you are. please know that people have been afghanistan for a while.
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they knew that the united states was pulling out. it was as much of their responsibility as the government's to trying get themselves out of there. they tried to wait until the last minute. if you know the former president has signed an agreement to have us out in may, the current president said we will be out in august, you had all year to try and get out of afghanistan. a lot of people did not want to leave, and we have to recognize that. but we cannot blame our government for leaving people behind just because they did not take the effort to get out. host: thank you for your call. i tweet about the president -- in the afternoon, president biden will produce pain a bilateral meeting with his excellently -- excellency, the president of the ukraine. it will happen in the oval office.
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independent line, margaret, good morning. caller: i have a question for the global warmest and the climate change people. when has man ever been able to control the weather? the climate has always been changing, and yet we still today say that those need to stop burning fuel and driving cars. they cannot control the weather. we have never been able to do that. what makes you think that you're going to be able to do it now by bringing all these taxes on people, by changing the weather that way? i just do not understand that. we are not going to change the weather, to control the weather, i mean. host: republican line, virginia beach. caller: good morning. i have a comment on the covid
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situation. we will never get under control while these political games to one -- go on, and they are grouping up all of these people. you go to campuses and departments, like the campus police, and no one is wearing masks. students are required to wear masks. someone should take control and make everyone wear masks. this is going to keep spreading. it is like going from one airport to another where one store has masks and another does not. in one particular store, you going to another store that does not require it, and you spread all around. you get schools that do not even
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have requirements. some do not. what are you going to do if you will not control? host: a headline today about the political reality during the august recess. democrats are giving republicans new openings on afghanistan. they say that republicans are seizing on the absence of their colleagues by launching a full-scale political attack on president biden and his top aides after the deadly withdrawal of u.s. forces in afghanistan. democrats have been largely silent after monday. many are back in their congressional districts for the summer recess. house leader kevin mccarthy has held a pair of news conferences, threatening to call the house back into session. he also conducted a roundtable of afghanistan veterans, including crenshaw of texas. you can look for coverage of
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those events on our website. pekin, illinois. open forum, good morning. caller: people don't understand. the commanders told joe biden it was best to follow the plan. biden refused to follow trump's plan. he did everything backwards from what trump had planned. france, italy, and others follow trump's plan. they got their people out. they went out to the country, picked up their people, and took them to the airport. they got them out of afghanistan. then they got everyone else plan -- out. that was trump's plan. last friday, you did not read the headline news where britain
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once to sanction biden for his mishandling of getting the troops out. france, italy, once their name over there, not russia -- they all said that biden was incompetent. very incompetent. in his mishandling of this. host: a report this morning on the aftermath of afghanistan. the taliban has engaged in heavy fighting in the last plant -- province out of his control. the last fighting between taliban and resistance fighters
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as the taliban tries to gain a hold of its country. mike, good morning. caller: good morning. first of all, i want to send my condolences to the 13 families of soldiers who were killed by an incompetent president. i think biden and his holy mensuration need to be impeached -- whole administration need to be impeached. they are on the southern border. everyone is focused on afghanistan, but on our southern border, there are thousands and thousands of people coming in, and they are not vetted. not just from the triangle countries and mexico. there are over 100 countries. they are coming into this country, and the biden administration is going to get
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the supreme court to protect the renters and the remaining mexico -- they are playing with us. biden is impeachable. kamala harris is a joke, and i hope that we take our country back and get in the right direction. this is a fiasco. this administration is a fiasco. imagine if trump didn't answer questions, turned his back, it just like biden has turned his back on america. america last. host: host: roger on our democrat's line. caller: they were getting ready to pull out in vietnam. we were not allowed to load our weapons, we cannot put our magazines in, we had to call in
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for provisions when we were being attacked. we did not even have officers in the field when we were taking on incumbent. doing time we saw our officers with was after the ship stop hitting us. we were left behind in vietnam. we were left behind, a woman can get pregnant, have a child and have more benefits than a disabled veteran. we cannot even get dental. ♪ >> this year marks the 20th anniversary of the timber 11th, tax -- attacks -- of the september 11 attacks. join us september 11 on c-span. watch on line or
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a public service along with these other television providers. giving you a front row seat to democracy. host: chris by speaking in yesterday for about half an hour in the middle -- president biden talking yesterday for about half an hour. biden defense afghanistan exit, we have been a nation too long at war is the headline, a day after leaving afghanistan, biden defended his withdrawal of military -- of the military from afghanistan. quote, the real choice was between leaving and escalating. i was not going to extend this forever war. he also said we will maintain the fight against terrorism in afghanistan and other countries. we do not need to fight a ground war to do it.
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on tuesday, in afghanistan, the final u.s. troops left the country, ending the nearly 20 year american military presence there pumped it by the 9/11 terrorist attacks in new york, washington, dc, and pennsylvania. the author of an article will join us at washington journal. one of the aspects we have been talking about is the ability to look over the horizon, for potential trouble in that reason -- region. the wall street journal writes about that this morning. headline, "doubts rise on over the horizon plan." press biden promises he can keep terrorist threats from afghanistan at bay with over the horizon counterterrorism plans.
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they say it is a chaotic and -- the u.s. has lost key assets for tracking plots. -- from the central intelligence agency and other intelligence agencies, gone are the u.s.-backed afghan government and its intelligence service, which worked closely with american spy services. going to, evacuated, or scattered our afghan ages who fed on the great information to the cia. the military has lost 90% of the intelligence collection capabilities it had using drones before the drawdown. that is from the wall street kernel on their opinion page, a similar intimate is expressed. -- sentiment is expressed. a dishonest, afghan accounting
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is the headline of that piece. they write that mr. biden wants americans to believe that the u.s. can counter this from over the horizon. he means drones and satellites. the u.s. has no military in the country and no listening posts, no friendly government or allies to locate. the u.s. has all of those assets into counterterrorism in yemen, iraq, and syria, every expert we know says president biden's claim are a fantasy. that is the opinion of the wall street journal. give us your opinions, (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8001 republicans. independents and others, (202) 748-8002. [video clip] >> leaving august 31 is not due to an arbitrary deadline.
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it was designed to save american lives. my predecessor, the former president, signed an agreement with the taliban. to remove u.s. troops by may the first. it included no requirement that the taliban work out a cooperative governing arrangement with the afghan government. it did authorize the release of 5000 prisoners last year. including some of the taliban's top commanders. by the time i came to office, the taliban was the struggle's military position since 2001. controlling or contesting nearly half of the country. the previous administration's agreement said that if we stuck to the may 1 deadline they had
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signed, the taliban would have not attacked any american forces. if we stay, all bets were off. we were left with a simple decision, follow through on the meant made by the last administration, or say we were not leaving and commit another tens of thousands more troops, going back to war. that was the choice. between leaving or escalating. i was not going to extend this forever war. i was not extending a forever exit. the decision to end the military lift operation was based on unanimous recommendation of my advisors. the secretary of state, the secondary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs and staff and all of the service
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chiefs. and the commanders in the field. their commendation was that the safest -- the recommendation was that the safest way to evacuate americans and others out of the country was not to continue a 6000 troops on the ground. rather to get them out with nonmilitary means. [end video clip] host: we want your opinion on how president biden handled the withdrawal from afghanistan and what may lie ahead as well. comments on social media on twitter are at, @cspanwj. a tweet from lizzy who says i am concerned that biden has cut some type of private deal with the taliban. he sent money to them, what is it that made biden never wavered from the august 31 date? this one assess the republicans were going to revenge impeach biden.
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biden got us out of war using the republican taliban deal. that is as bipartisan as we are going to see. chris in birmingham, alabama, since joe biden since we were going to get out and now we are out. we lost 2996 in the world trade center, and more in afghanistan. the lines are, immigrants, (202) 748-8000. republicans (202) 748-8001. independent and all others (202) 748-8002. susan, democrats align -- line. caller: i am so thing for to have president biden there. it is such a difficult problem, the war in afghanistan.
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it was a runaway train. he stopped it. he has done a wonderful job. he is a humanitarian, won the first presidents to have a son or daughter who was -- one the first presidents to have a son or daughter who was in the army. most of the congressmen and senators. thank you, president biden for being humanitarian. a well-balanced and thoughtful person. that thinks about trying to measure all of the different problems. the taliban, what they might do next. time to get as many people out of afghanistan as he could. it was hard to get every single person out. i heard on the news how hard they worked for weeks to contact the americans there. to arrange for them to get to the airport in afghanistan so that they could escape.
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it was impossible to do 100% perfectly. thank you president biden. i am so in awe of the job you have done. host: this is an opinion piece on the cost of the war. the writer is katrina. she writes that here is the price tag. five-part four 8 trillion -- 5. 48 trillion dollars, that is the cost of war on terror. the cost u.s. taxpayers of sending forces to afghanistan, iraq, libya, syria, yemen, and other countries and the continuing war as biden implied last week has metastasized more than it has succeeded. roughly half that total, went into afghanistan. that totals not include the
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priceless human caused nearly 6300 american lives lost, thousands more wounded, and the fast losses suffered by the afghan people. even as the foreign policy establishes biden for ending the patient in afghanistan -- for ending the war in afghanistan, you can only be outraged by the money and lives squandered on military adventures that have ended in calamities. mccarthy has called for a full accounting of the end of the afghanistan war. here are some of his comments. [video clip] >> we listened to general mckenzie thank american troops who left afghanistan. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. i heard the pentagon say they time was not there. let me be clear, this is not the
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u.s. government's timeline. in the taliban's timeline. it comes at the four simple things. what is the plan to bring americans home safely? not some, every single one. what about the weaponry that has been left behind? the taliban should not be recognized as a government of afghanistan. in a prohibition of any support or assistance of resources with money to the taliban. every member with me today has had -- asks that simple question. every member behind me is a veteran. what is the plan to get americans out? never in my lifetime what i ever believe america would have an administration knowingly make a
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decision to leave americans behind. whereas just two weeks ago the president promised this nation that he would not leave until every single american was out. we are two weeks away on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. we now have americans stuck in afghanistan. the taliban in charge. with more weaponry than they have ever had in the past. and a border that is open. pelosi notes on the time to act like you could not see us on the floor -- now is not the time to act like you cannot see us on the floor. now is the time for leadership in congress. we will lead. [end video clip] host: comments on texas say that biden's handling -- by blaming
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others, he is a sick man and so are his advisors say in wichita kansas. juanita agrees with biden on ending the 20 year war, had a sun that were and i word every day for his safe return. -- worried every day for his safe return. chat program tweeting about the armed services began prepping their annual defense authorization bill. expect a lengthy markup and amendments on afghanistan policy. let us hear from holly in -- linda in mount holly, north carolina. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am so disappointed in our president. my president. he said he would not leave any americans behind.
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then he takes 36 hours after this awful debacle and comes out and talk to the american people. he would not answer a question. this is benghazi on steroids. he was in the administration 10 years ago when they could have stopped it. they did nothing. then he blames the rest of the world for the 20 year war. he is a coward and c-span has changed their stance completely. you use to have a call in program after every presidential address. you never do that anymore. you let the others put this
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misinformation out. then you have a program on it. that says nothing. host: rosetta in danville, virginia. democrats line. caller: i am proud of president biden. he went there, the president that just left office with donald trump, when he won the presidency. he went over to say congratulations. he was going to draw the troops out in may. i was so long with him, i think he could have come a should have got the rest of them out. let us stop doubting this president. i look at the republicans, some of the things we have been saying about biden. let us be america, democrats and
2:18 pm
republicans, let us be the land of the free. stop all of this rigmarole. to are for taking my call. -- thank you for taking my call. buck in lebanon, texas. democrats mine. -- line. caller: as far as leaving anybody behind, i do not know about that. whether we did that or not. -- [indiscernible] i do not understand the, it is what it is. -- i do not understand that, it is what it is. host: expressing concern about
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those remaining behind in afghanistan. here is some reporting from the washington post about that. fear and uncertainty for americans and afghan orders stranded in afghanistan. mike, a green card holder who is an afghan interpreter for the u.s. army, later worked as an uber driver in washington dcs now huddled in a hotel outside of kabul. his family are stranded in his own country. the family, on the run from taliban fighters might -- who once helped americans a battle, spent hours at the airport does billy try to get on a plane of the country -- desperately tried to get on a plane out of the country. -- the family never made it through the crowds before the last flight left early tuesday. >> there is no way out, who said that mike returned to afghanistan to help his family
2:20 pm
escape. we should celebrate every human being we got out of afghanistan as an incredible victory. the mission is only halfway over. we shall have a morals possibly to get these people out. president biden said the evacuation of 120,000 people was a success. [video clip] >> the united states ended 20 years of war in afghanistan. the longest war in american history. we completed one of the biggest airlift in history with more than 120,000 people evacuated to safety. that number is more than double what most experts thought were possible. donation has -- no nation has ever done anything like it in all of history. only the united states had the capacity to do it. we did it today. the straightener success of this mission was due to the
2:21 pm
incredible skill, avery, and selfless courage of the united -- bravery, and civil scourge of the united states military. citizens of our allies and partners and others, on board planes and out of the country. they did it facing enormous crowds trying to leave the country. they did it knowing that isis-k were lurking in the midst of those crowds. still the women and men of the military, did their job and did it well. risking their lives, not for professional gain, but to serve others. not in the mission of war, but in a mission of mercy. pretty service members were wounded -- 20 service members
2:22 pm
were wounded, 13 heroes give their lives. i was just on the dover air force base for the dignified transfer. we owe them and their families a attitude we can never repay -- gratitude we can never repay. [end video clip] host: back to your calls on afghanistan. bill in chicago, independent line. caller: let us be clear, president biden is wrong. with that in mind, let me follow that up with why does mckenzie, congress, or the president, release the agreement between the taliban leadership and trump? while trump was in office. so people can decide what the truth of the matter is? biden keeps going back to this agreement, trump's former
2:23 pm
people says they had an agreement. in his words, biden says he was stuck with a agreement. let us -- an agreement. let us see the agreement. there has been no coverage on congress. whenever trump or the congress before biden took office had done, biden can change all of that. even with executive order. if the courts decide to stop the executive order, or put a halt to it, so be it. biden is misleading the public in terms of the power of the presidency. he is not locked into an agreement made to a law, but not
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to an agreement that he could change. clearly, if may 1, through august -- through may 1 through august 31, what was biden doing? he broke the agreement. he thought he was locked in. it was not locked into the exit date which he extended. host: marie is in salt lake, city. democrats line. caller: i am rather old now. i remember mice -- my sister was killed in vietnam. i do not know if it is possible to have an orderly withdrawal. i did think -- it feels like the
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united states beginning with the vietnam. it has always had sloppy withdrawals. host: do think this will cause us to more carefully consider how we involve ourselves militarily in the future? caller: we should have been doing that ever since the vietnam war. it is the president. there are advantages and participated just to everyone. -- disadvantages to everyone. when you are doing to military -- joint to military, you can expect anything -- when you join the military, you can expect anything. every military life is precious, to their families, at least.
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to all americans. i do not know how to -- there are advantages and just appendages to everything. i am glad we are out. host: thank you. clarksville, tennessee. heard -- herod on the independent line. caller: i am proud of president biden and what he has done. unfortunately, when i was there, when 9/11 took place i was 41. i am 61. we finally got out. it was a good thing, america does not cut and run. the soldiers who served, the did an outstanding job. they not giving him kudos for clearing out all of those
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americans from their. those who -- americans from there. those who stayed no who they are. the equipment is inoperable. i have a feeling that in the end , mccarthy and those republicans are trying to downplay this. they have got to see it for what it is. it is one of the best moves the u.s. has ever made for the moment. i think mr. biden did very well. host: the house speaker responded to the president's comment. a tweet from yesterday, the speaker to house members tonight on conditional oversight of the u.s. afghan policy, congress will be briefed regularly and work closely with president biden and the administration to address the security and humanitarian colleges there
2:28 pm
remain for evacuees and those who wish to be evacuated. to that end, all of us continue to press for the evacuation for those who are so in afghanistan and wish to leave. i thank members for their help with the evacuation situation. that work continues. andy biggs, the chair of the caucus, called for the impeachment of president biden. [video clip] >> it is unacceptable. we are going to continue to fight this thing through and race accountability -- raise accountability. the freedom caucus, our members have a general consensus. we have, besides the impeachment effort of homeland security mayorkas.
2:29 pm
we have engaged in a impeachment effort -- an impeachment effort of antony blinken. i believe that he has got culpability for much of the travesty that has gone on here. we also call for the resignation of various leaders. we are joined in our call for the nations -- resignations by 90 retired generals. we also call upon the person who said the buck stops here, who said more than 20 times will not leave any american behind. the person who orchestrated the july 2 evacuation without telling afghanis. we call upon most somberly, this ignition of this president -- resignation of this president, joe biden.
2:30 pm
[end video clip] host: comments saying that biden can yell at the camera and blame former president trump, but he left americans behind. president trump would not have let anyone there. cynthia says i do not understand why the president implemented a hastily drawn plan by the incompetent prior administration. why not reject that ordeal. have a better exit year. the president has acted honorably in getting out of a war zone and those whose boots have never hit the ground should not criticize his actions. lastly, we need to stop frustrating on the last two weeks and consecrate on the last 20 years. -- concentrate on the last 20 years. rio texas -- rio, texas, this is lee. caller: i am a veteran. i am proud of president biden.
2:31 pm
it is very sad, republicans, i do not know what is wrong with them. -- [indiscernible] host: you are breaking up their. -- there. kathy in indiana. republican line. caller: i am disappointed in what i am seeing and hearing. i grew up in the service. i realize what it is like to put your family aside to serve the country. the people that are still over there, are not -- are not over there by choice.
2:32 pm
some of them, they were speaking about it when the republicans talk last night. they try to get back into the country. they were blocked. americans were blocked by the state department. americans, individuals, who had served already before had gone over there to try and rescue. even our dogs were left behind. that help the soldiers. i cannot imagine -- host: ashley those dogs -- actually those dogs left behind were not part of the military effort. that statement in a briefing yesterday. go ahead with your comment. caller: i do not know what to believe anymore. i am glad that republicans stood up yesterday. accountability, i do not understand accountability anymore. seems like only certain people
2:33 pm
are being held accountable. things are changing so fast, in this country, where freedom of speech is leaving every day. it is very disappointing to see what is going on. to see what the mainstream media does with the narrative. every time that they want to carry the line. every day, they fought, what happened in the last administration. what is happening is america's getting torn apart from the inside. we are all americans. we are fighting each other while our border is open. no one knows who is coming in from where and what they're going to do. host: houston, texas, democrat line.
2:34 pm
caller: i appreciate the lady who was talking about the doctor left behind. he firmly believes that was the case. -- she firmly leaves that was the case. thank you for telling her that was not true. the withdrawal from afghanistan, i remembered george w. bush said about the iraq war. you either with us or you are against us. people had to accept it. now here we are, everything that this president is trying to do, the republicans are against it. and they tell you that they are against it. this, we are in what is right now a modern civil war.
2:35 pm
this is a modern-day civil war. people are being pulled apart. we have got to do something to stop that. by showing some type of working together. host: here is the text line, (202) 748-8003. -- how proud of him would you be today if your loved ones were there to fend for themselves? we can only be proud if he cleaned this up and brings every american home. that is all we need to be spending money and energy on. did tron bring any of our current allies to the u.s. when he -- trump bring any of our current allies to the u.s.? where was broken criticism? biden is -- where was republican criticism? -- michael in portland oregon saying that the -- portland, oregon, saying that u.s.
2:36 pm
released the isis fighters. i doubt our over the horizon strategy will be more than slightly slow, watch out pakistan. president biden talk about the future of the fight against terrorism. what that might look like. [video clip] >> we will maintain the fight in afghanistan. we do not need to fight a ground war to do it. we have what is going over the horizon capabilities. weekend strike terrorists -- we can strike terrorists without boots on the ground. we have shown that capacity in the last week. we struck isis-k remotely. days after they murdered 13 of our service members. dozens of innocent afghans.
2:37 pm
two isis-k, we are not -- to isis-k, we are not them with you yet. i firmly believe -- we are not done with you yet. i firmly believe that our safety remains in a precise strategy. that goes after terror where it is today. not where it was two decades ago. that is what is in our natural -- national interest. here is a critical thing to understand, the world is changing. we are engaged in a serious competition with china. we are dealing with the challenges on multiple fronts with russia. we confronted with cyber attacks and nuclear proliferation. to meet these two challenges, in a competition for the 21st century. we can do both.
2:38 pm
fight terrorism, and take on new threats that are here now. and will continue to be here in the future. there is nothing china or russia would rather have in this competition than for us to be bogged down another decade in afghanistan. [end video clip] >> an opinion piece, the ugly and we all saw coming -- end we all saw coming. host: net price -- ned price says those commitments and obligations include respecting freedom of travel, safeguarding the basic rights of people engaging in counterterrorism, not caring out proposal fires against those who -- not caring the taliban is not
2:39 pm
going to do those things. what about the americans still in afghanistan after the last u.s. plane left? we still believe there are a small number of americans who remain in afghanistan and want to leave. blinken would have never have headed that way but americans are stuck. byron says that is an end that president biden pledged would not happen. he told abc on august 19. on our independent line, mclean, virginia, good morning john. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have been following this exit for the past two weeks. i am surprised that everybody
2:40 pm
comes and criticizes president biden. nobody comes up to give a plan that if president biden did this plan, it was better. it was safer. or when president trump agreed to exit afghanistan, what was his plan? was it better than what president biden did? this is a shame that they are making such a political game for advertising -- or advertising by blaming on president biden. without a that if he did this, he acted like this. come up with a solution instead of criticizing. host: brenda in winchester,
2:41 pm
virginia. democrat's line. caller: starting wars are easy. ending them are hard. we had two or prevent an that set with all greats -- we have had two republican presidents who have had withdrawal dates. why didn't they do it? it is hard. if trump had a plan, it would be out there everywhere. he had no plan. it boggles my mind, all of this constant criticism. remember when he pulled the troops out of syria? who had the history of that? it is the hypocrisy, whenever something tragic happens under a republican president we are supposed to rally as americans. what happens under a democrat,
2:42 pm
it is open season for demonization. it in eight easy, let us compare this to vietnam. there was no mouthy evacuation wins -- once they took saigon. two or three days before april 30, not even addressing vietnam. talking about successes in other areas. as far as the peace agreement, it is out there if you want to find it. there were clips of it on c-span the other morning. there are so many other thoughts that are flooding my mind. let us try to move forward and learn from the mistakes we have made. thank you. host: the former secretary of state in new hampshire yesterday. he talked about the headlines from the wmur, pompeo defends
2:43 pm
the trump's administration afghanistan. some of the comments from the potential 24 presidential -- 2024 presidential candidate. [video clip] >> what could have made plans right at the time and how would this have been handled differently if former president trump was still in office? >> who were clear -- we were clear the entire time. we went from 15,000 uniformed military personnel to about 8600. we stopped to see if we could keep order. could we secure american interests there? we went down to roughly 4800. thoughtful, orderly, stable, for afghanistan, stable conditions. we could get down to 200.
2:44 pm
-- 2500. not a single american was attacked by the taliban. this was unheard of in afghanistan. we had delivered a deterrence model. we knew that if they attacked america, we would make them pay. we did that multiple times. we had the deterrents one needed for civility -- stability. what would have been the right conditions? the actual delivery with a break of afghanistan, peace and reconciliation, we were not just talking to the taliban. i was talking to the afghan government, folks in the western part, women's groups. we were looking alongside our plan to protect america's interests. we were working to great better conditions for the people of afghanistan. that would have had to come
2:45 pm
together before what president biden decided to do in a matter of weeks. [end video clip] host: some comments from viewers. when are people going to realize that you cannot save everyone? these people have been warned since march to leave, why should we have to put more of our men and women in harm's way when they made this choice? with freedom comes personal responsivity. bonnie tweets, yea to the woman in washington speaking the truth. 11 people speak the truth. -- i love it when people speak the truth. this one ss we lost this war 20 years ago -- we lost this war 20 years ago. carol in laramie, wyoming. tyrone, good morning. caller: you are for taking my
2:46 pm
call. -- thank you for taking my call. people were told to leave. if any afghani people who wanted to leave, they need to remember the kurds. they were a valuable part of what was going on. we need to remember that these people have been out there for 20 years. fighting for the rights of other people. i would love the fact that joe biden left afghanistan. i am glad that he did when he did. these people had opportunities to leave. this is similar, you are given an opportunity protect yourself. to get up out of their. -- there.
2:47 pm
they were warned to get out of there. the refused. -- they refused. do not blame joe biden because you decided to do what you wanted to do. you made the decision to stay out there. you wait until the last minute. i am not going to say you deserve what you get, we understand the circumstances. stop blaming joe biden. host: joanne on the dependent line, alaska, michigan. caller: there are people that are left behind. everybody who voted for this administration will have to take the blame along with the president. our culture is going to be changed. these muslims are coming in to our country. they do not integrate.
2:48 pm
this is going to have a big impact on the regions where the muslims. they do not integrate. with our open borders. there are so many things that america is being changed. host: are you saying, that previous muslim immigrants have not integrated into society in michigan? caller: i hear about royal oak in michigan. i do not know how true this is, but i heard that the local police there are unable to go into the community. maybe somebody could find that out for me. is that just a rumor? is that the fact? host: we go to lynn in lenore, north carolina. republican line. caller: i wish the democrats would take a hard look at what they have said all about trump.
2:49 pm
the entire time he was in there. how much they hated him. biden does not know he is even in the world. he is beyond his prime. he left our people over there. some probably did choose to stay, some wanted out of their. -- there. they could not get out, it is shameful. that we would do this. we are not america, if we do this. host: richard in sparta, new jersey. democrats line. caller: about six weeks ago, saying news about all of these people who helped us there, who applied for visas, six months ago. the state department held this up. we even passed a law about a month ago, so we have to get those people out.
2:50 pm
the state department did not issue these visas. the state department is why a lot of these people are not getting out of there. if you listen carefully to the last thing top did, he said he would not have all of these afghans come to america. if trump was running the thing, i do not know what would happen to the afghans were helping us. it was the state department. you will see that these people have visas, they have filled them out, they would not let them out. it is the state department. that is what should be investigated. host: front page of the new york times, biden calls exit a notable success. the taliban celebrated a complete victory on tuesday. achieving a goal we have nurtured through two decades. the last u.s. soldier left afghanistan. the taliban's control has been
2:51 pm
true as whole cities fell to the insurgents. an american military that once flexed its muscles across the entire country was left overseeing a hasty evacuation. >> we have been fighting for the state for the past 20 years. an attack of foreigners and bringing our own islamic government, which came from -- he was linked by other telemann officials and fighters from the group -- flank by other taliban officials and fighters from the group. it have been divided into a civilian site and a military side. there is another superpower
2:52 pm
whose ambitions have been dashed in afghanistan, it ranged from suitcases and clothing, now scattered across the terminal 2 military vehicles, and vehicles which have been currently disabled. extensive damage at the airport raised questions about how soon the facility could safely be used for flights. everything within the terminal have been looted or destroyed down to the conveyor belts. fuel trucks were all out of commission. let us hear from -- >> we have a very special guest. someone who is no stranger to this briefing room. no stranger to many of you. we will offer some remarks. we look for to taking your questions and proceed with our regularly scheduled programming. with no further do, secretary miller.


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