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tv   Washington Journal Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 18, 2021 10:04am-11:07am EDT

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should be. i think it is tragic that individuals like tonic easy coats and cornell west are better known than thomas soul. he is quite frankly as deserve it is all of those individuals put together. is going move work is not unmatched. he has a range and depth and rigor that is something i do not think they come close to matching. one of the reason i wanted to write the book and the documentary is to raise awareness about soul, particularly for the younger generation. jason riley, with his book, maverick, at 8:00 on c-span q and a. you can also listen on the podcast wherever you get your podcast. ♪
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host: good morning and welcome to "washington journal." americans are not feeling good about the future of our democracy. claims of disputed elections and restrictions being put on the ballot box polls are showing concern about our election and government workings in the protests like the ones scheduled today at the capital mall. how do you feel about the state of the country? that is our question to you. are you like the people in this poll who feel u.s. democracy is under attack? we open regular lines which means democrats, we want to hear from you at (202)-748-8000. republicans, your line is (202)-748-8001.
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independents, you can call (202)-748-8002. keep in mind you can always text us at (202)-748-8003 and we are always reading on social media on facebook at on twitter @c-spanwj and always on instagram @c-spanwj. let's set the scene with the poll that came from cnn this week where they are asking americans how they feel about democracy in the united states and this poll was surprising to many people. we have this information. most americans feel democracy is under attack in this country with 56% saying they feel like democracy is under attack. let's go straight to the poll.
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51% say it is likely elected officials will successfully overturn the result of a future election because their party did not win. nearly all americans feel democracy in the u.s. is at least being tested. 93% say democracy is under attack or being tested -- but not under attack. 6% say american democracy is in no danger. republicans are far more likely than democrats to say democracy is under attack as that is prevalent among those who support former president trump. 75% of republicans say democracy is under attack compared with 46% of democrats. among republican leading
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independent, those who support trump are more likely to say democracy is under attack. 70%. do you think democracy is under attack? do you think democracy is at least being tested? all of this comes as we understand a protest for the people who participated in the january 6 riot will happen at the national mall today around noon. we are already seeing the fencing around the u.s. capitol back up as they prepare for today's rally. not just the u.s. capitol but also now around the supreme court. is our democracy under attack? we start with john calling from bridgewater, new jersey on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you?
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host: i'm good. caller: this is democracy under attack on both sides as everyone is going off the rails. this country is so strong. the bedrock of our institution is so strong. as far as democracy, that is an expansive term but that means basically our way of life. we have individuals on both sides who are a little, you know, extreme. this country is unbelievably
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strong. [laughs] i don't worry about that. i will make one comment about the protest today. nothing is going to happen unless they are provoked by the opposition which obviously wants to provoke them. but where is the commentary on antifa and blm when they were burning down cities last year? nothing. that should be probed. that was inspired, that was pushed by god knows who. that was a threat to democracy. thank you. host: paul calling from hunting town, maryland on the democratic line. caller: good morning. i keep thinking about how americans really showed up in record numbers in 2022 in spite of a pandemic with expanded
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access to voting. with the reaction has been in states like georgia and texas and florida, it has made it harder to vote. host: let's go to rick calling from baldwin, missouri on the independent line. good morning. caller: thank you for having me on this morning. good positions already from both sides.
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i have had to select a candidate from a major party from several elections now. what i think is under attack is bedrock rights to the people themselves, particularly the right to bear arms. i think there is a push from the left on that. i believe that january 6 the people showed up was there to protest mostly what they thought was inconsistencies in the election. i would like to dispute the gentleman who just spoke that there was record turnout at this election. i do not know the statistics but you have to look at how many voted in person versus by mail and that is where they were claiming the fraud. there were issues with ballots not cast by somebody walking into a polling place. host: do you think mail-in voting should be eliminated which would eliminate overseas trips? caller: not at all. i think it is right to have mail-in voting but with proper control. host: how do you control it and make it equal to everyone? caller: good question. i think you have somebody requesting ballots and have them mailed to them so they can
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submit it. host: do you think that could be done for the military? that military people have to request a ballot to be able to vote? caller: not sure if they have to today. i would imagine in their situation they are part of the branch of our democracy that should be supported in that manner. they are disenfranchised to a certain extent because their votes do not get counted right away. there are ballots that come in after the polls close. you look back however many years, four, eight decades ago, those ballots were not necessarily counted on election night. host: how do we get more confidence in our democracy? caller: good question.
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i was watching live on january 6 and i was in the office working. i watched the house of representatives but decided to turn on the senate instead. disappointed that yes, there was this movement into the capitol that disrupted proceedings. i had my doubts about the election. i voted for donald trump but the senate had a well thought out discussion and debate to help us people understand what happens,
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what are the controls in place when there are states that have a dispute over election proceedings and states that dispute another state's proceedings. texas disputing pennsylvania with the changes in the laws they made. i think we missed an opportunity january 6 not by storming the gates but by allowing the senate to proceed with well thought out debate which is what was the foundation of this country 250 years ago. we elected the senators to bring intellectual debate. once they continued the discussion i believe the wind was taken out of the sails to further dig into the intricacies. host: david calling from south carolina on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, sir. i think it was more like a cancer. the symbol i remember is president kennedy's words asking ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for
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your country. it has done a 180. it is as not what you can do for your country but demand with the country must do. it has been a steady erosion of that. it reminds me of, i don't know if it was khrushchev, they will hang themselves. i went to bed watching the election results where the polls closed around 1:00 a.m. eastern. trump had enough of a lead that i said, there is no way he will lose in those states and yet, i wake up to find the remaining votes were overwhelmingly for biden. it really made me wonder and about the voting id thing, my whole life -- you probably have not either -- but use of a photo id was racist. i never heard of legislation
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prior to the election were picture ids -- legislation to ban them because they were racist. host: for years, if i remember correctly, there were people who never got drivers licenses in large cities because they did not have to drive. they are not common across the united states and never have been. caller: not licenses but the dmvs issue photo ids for those who do not drive. my kids have one, i think i had one. in order to receive snap benefits or medicaid photo ids
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are necessary. given the disproportionate number of people of color who have those benefits, well, maybe it is discriminatory people of non-color. host: just to be specific there are more white americans who receive snap benefits than black americans. caller: on a per capita basis but i do not want to talk about that. photo ids are routine, they have never been challenged as racist until the election. given what happened after the -- my concern is the erosion of the american will to work and be independent. that is what make this country great and that is why so many people are getting in, they want to work and keep with a work instead having a corrupt
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government take everything they have. host: bill calling from new york on the independent line. good morning. caller: hi, jesse. i feel u.s. democracy is under attack on the blame is on the republican party for voter suppression. the january 6 insurrection, it is a violent party. they will declare an election illegal because they did not win it. in the recall in california, before that the recall election was over trump issued the corrupt bargain, it was an illegal election. if they do not win the election, they will cry foul and try to overturn it which is what the purpose of the insurrection was, to prevent that election from going through.
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host: well, let's talk about what is going to happen with the protest on the national mall today. let's talk to chris marquette with cq roll call and is their ethics and accountability reporter. good morning. guest: good morning. host: tell us about today's rally. what are you hearing? how many people are going to be there? guest: the rally is organized by a former trump campaign employee, matt brainard, who runs this organization called "lookahead america." i asked yesterday, currently it is requesting 700 participants. he said yesterday, the capitol police chief, he does not know exactly what number he is expecting but the permits for 700.
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it could be less, it could be more, but matt brainard is basically pushing his narrative that these pro-trump insurrectionists who stormed the capitol who are currently in prison are persecuted and he is demanding justice for what he deems political prisoners and for ashli babbitt, the qanon follower who was shot and killed by a capitol police officer as she was attempting to breach the speaker's lobby. the demonstration is expected to be in union square right in front of the capitol reflecting pool. the chief major and capitol police are not taking -- they
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are taking this seriously. there is a security perimeter fence that went up and completed toward the end of the week. they are not taking chances. chief major also said if any protesters or counterprotesters attempt to attack law enforcement or try to scale that fencing that is protecting the capitol, he said we will be ready. in addition to that, there is around 100 local and state law enforcement and federal law enforcement agencies on hand to assist. montgomery county police department is sending officers, arlington county and virginia sending officers, i saw
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baltimore officers talking with capitol police yesterday when i was walking around in the house office building. they are definitely prepared. also on friday, the defense secretary lloyd austin approved capitol police request for around 100 national guard, d.c. national guard troops to be on hand in case they are needed, but that is a last resort scenario. the chief major address to this yesterday in his press briefing. basically the guard troops will be unarmed and stationed in the d.c. armory and it ready if needed, but chief major said the protesters are demonstrating in union square and the protest is expected to end early afternoon.
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if they have issues getting those demonstrators out of the area, or if it goes longer than expected, that is the time they would enlist. host: chris, you brought up to ask you about. one, capitol police chief tom manger and the counterprotesters not the only one happening. are the capitol police attempting to keep these groups separate? are the police monitoring both groups? guest: absolutely. that is one thing that was a point of focus yesterday. d.c. police chief contee was on hand for the briefing and the chief major said the d.c. police
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and capitol police are working and focused on counterprotesters as well. they said the biggest concern right now is those two groups clashing. he noted chief contee is focused on keeping them separate and they are definitely taking all the steps necessary to plan accordingly. host: we have seen former president trump express support for the demonstration going on today. do we expect to see former president donald trump or any lawmakers present today on the national mall with protesters? guest: yes, that is a good point. we do not expect to see the former president on hand.
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lawmakers were invited, including representative paul gosar, matt gaetz, madison cawthorn, mike lee of utah, ted cruz, tommy tuberville. as of yesterday chief manger said he does not expect lawmakers to attend and several who i have named have said they are not planning on attending. however, there are some candidates for office, congressional office who are planning to attend. host: we heard over the news the last few days the department of homeland security talking about a small number of online threats they have been monitoring leading up to this protest. we have even heard of other
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online discussions encouraging violence the day before the rally, meeting yesterday. can you tell us what they are hearing online and elaborate a little bit on what the people who are preparing for this are saying online? guest: we got hold of a couple of internal intelligence investments the capitol police have worked on with law enforcement partners and this is one thing that has changed. the department is now sharing this information intelligence with the department. the officers are being briefed on this information so that they can better prepare for it. some chatter they are hearing, they mentioned in the investments, that online violent chatter is ramping up, particularly one of the sites was a far-right groups.
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it had some anti-semitic language and also talked about targeting liberal churches and while law enforcement is otherwise occupied. there was another comment that talked about bringing, i believe it was in ar-15 to the rally, and also you know, disparaging terms for democrats. there has been talk from the far right extremist groups, proud boys and oathkeepers, but whether they attend has yet to be seen. in addition, some counterprotesters groups like the d.c. liberation front have encouraged online supporters to come out and combat this protest
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for the imprisoned insurrectionists. there has been chatter among counterprotesters who are in opposition to this cause and also chatter from far right extremist groups which has concerned the capitol police and law enforcement partners. that is why you are seeing a lot of those security measures in place. host: just to wrap up, is there anything we need to know about what is going to happen on the national mall today? -- on the national mall today? guest: i think just, you know, william marker who is the general and current house sergeant and arms cautioned staff of congress to stay away.
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i think it is in everyone's best interest if they kind of steer clear of the capitol complex today and just allow law enforcement to kind of do their jobs. interest if they kind of sr clear of the capitol complex today and just allow law enforcement to kind of do their jobs. host: we would like to thank chris marquette who works for cq roll call and telling us about what is going to happen at the national mall today. thank you so much. guest: thank you for having me. host: our question for you this morning is about whether you feel democracy is under attack in the united states. speaking in philadelphia in july president biden warned about threats to american democracy in the electoral process and we want to bring to you what president biden said back then. [video clip] >> hear me clearly, there is an
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unfolding assault taking place in america today in an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote in fair and free elections. assault on democracy, assault on liberty, an assault on who we are, who we are as americans. make no mistake, bullies and peddlers of lies are threatening the foundation of our country. it gives me no pleasure to say this. i never thought my entire career i would have to say it. but i swore an oath to you, to god to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and that forms a sacred trust to defend threats both foreign and domestic. [applause]
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the assault on free and fair elections is just such a threat, literally, i have said it before. we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. that is not hyperbole, since the civil war. the confederates back then never breached the capitol as insurrectionists did on january 6. i am not saying this to alarm you. i am saying this because you should be alarmed. i am also saying this -- there is good news -- it does not have to be this way. it does not have to be, for real. we have the means we just need the will. the will to strengthen our democracy.
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we did in 2020. the battle for the soul of america and in that battle the people voted. democracy prevailed. our constitution held. we have to do it again. host: let's see what some of our social media followers are saying about the poll that says americans think democracy is under attack in the united states. here's a tweet that says, yes democracy is under attack. trumps big lie in the january 6 the riot proves it. another tweet that says, to get democracy back we would have to get rid of the electoral college of filibuster. all added on since the conception of the constitution. we have a few freedoms left. voting rights and women's rights to choose our crumbling. another tweet says, democrats and the liberal media have tried to tear the country down for years.
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they are the true enemy of the nation not grandma or granted in the launchers protesting the rise of socialist takeover. another says, it is under attack because of party affiliated media. i doubt any democrats know that france pulled its abbasid or out of the u.s. yesterday. another says integrity is under attack and affects the democratic process. i believe the republicans are making an all-out effort to undermine confidence in elections about a system that was not broken. you can see the numbers on the screen. we want to hear from you. let's start with jim calling from tucker, georgia on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning,
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jesse. thank you for having such a great program. the whole conversation about our democracy being under attack is misleading because we do not live in a democracy. we live in a constitutional republic. for people to say -- and president biden even to say the democracy is under attack is a misnomer for me. i think our republic is under attack and our rights to vote are under attack, especially in places like georgia where the governor is saying, oh, you cannot vote remotely or we are going to shut down polling places in the midst of a pandemic where people do not want to go into a polling place. those kinds of limitations are
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absolutely an attack on our rights to vote. that is what biden said and i applaud him for that. but to say, democracy is under attack, that is the first thing i have a problem with. the second thing is this has been -- this is not anything new. if you look at the laws congress has passed over the years, which have gotten better since the 1960's where there are civil rights now, but before that when all of these laws were passed that blacks cannot vote and people cannot vote, that has changed for the better. i will applaud my neighbor from south carolina on earlier who said a lot of people -- it is not, what can i do for my country it is more like, what can my country do for me? it really is coming to that and that is so disappointing. but the last thing i want to
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point out is that i am very pleased with my fellow georgians and that we flipped our senate delegation from republican to democrat. that is just fantastic. host: would go to nathaniel calling from st. petersburg, florida on the republican line. good morning. caller: mr. president, tear down this wall. that's when i heard and guess what? the wall came down. mr. president, tear down the barriers. if they want to fight, let's fight. we are willing to go around the world for democracy. we are willing to lose thousands of soldiers because there are 30 people who fly a plane into our country and destroy our beautiful, beautiful buildings. we know who our enemy was. we know who our enemy is now.
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do the same thing. do not run away from them, do not put up barriers. let them know this is not acceptable. stop giving the misdemeanors so they can continue on their aspirations by voting and etc. let them be the criminals they are. host: let's go to joseph calling from boston, massachusetts on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. how are you doing? host: just fine. go ahead. caller: i will tell you why democracy is under attack. we just got pulled out of the longest war in afghanistan. [indiscernible] do you remember the billy
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crystal, the richard pearl, they backed this war. what was the chance of success? zero. we do not hold people accountable. host: lou calling from highland park, illinois on the democrat line. caller:caller: good morning. good morning. i truly believe our country is under attack in every corner of our country. i feel intimidated when i drive on the roads and see these huge pickup trucks coming up behind me with flags waving. it seems people on the right have stolen the american flag as one of their symbols and i just do not feel safe anymore in our country. i do not know what the answer is
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and it is beyond an attack. i believe we are engaged in wars right now. some of the states are passing laws that you can buy a gun without training and without a permit, like texas. there is an imminent war or we are in a war right now and i am terrified. i have a granddaughter at the university of michigan and i know michigan is full of people who hate our country, who loves guns, and i cannot tolerate this fear. i do not know what the solution is. host: dan calling from spokane, washington on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to request all training americans for our nation for civility and reason to rule the day.
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all ascendant cultures and nations reach a point where they start to implode and decline because of their own lack of moral character and decency and honesty. they never realize they are in decline until it is too late and i feel america has been in decline for quite some time. it is going to take prayer and it is going to take people to stand up and tell the truth and not get involved in this bitterness and anger and hatred which is tearing us apart. we have more in common, all people. i just pray to god that we come to our senses and not go the route of all nations that have gone to the level of ascendancy we have gone to. host: let's go to carol calling
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from massachusetts on the republican line. good morning. caller: am i on? host: you are on. good morning, carol. caller: thank you. i think we are under attack. we have met the enemy and the enemy is us. the whole voting issue -- and i'm not going to go into it -- when there is that much controversy, where there is smoke there is fire and it has to be looked at thoroughly. i think the democrats did use covid to change our voting laws. there is questions about mail-in ballots and things like that and it is causing such controversy that i think it needs an overhaul or at least a standard met for every state. the other thing is it seems that the people who are coming to america now are not assimilating and integrating.
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we are not becoming a peoples of all shapes and countries and sizes and religions and whatnot. we are separating ourselves. also, our elected officials do nothing but fight and argue. the republicans say the democrats are too far left, the democrats say the republicans are too far-right. they constantly fight over everything. i do think all this business of spending is going to lead us to trouble. there is going to be some financial crisis if they do not stop spending money. and there was one gentleman -- which is coming out of our taxes -- when they say they are going to tax the rich and corporations, guess what? they're just going to raise prices and the middle-class will have to pay if not taxes, more
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money for what they get. i just think when they talk about this protest in washington today it is almost like they are hoping something happens. it is like the media is blowing it up. what it symbolizes is people are angry. host: speaking of the protest today, yesterday on washington journal the organizer for today's justice for j6 rally, matt brainard, discussed how his group is working with capitol police to hopefully keep today's rally peaceful and the security effort his own group is taking. here is what he said yesterday. [video clip] >> we are going to do everything to keep our people safe. we have been working on a daily basis with capitol police, park police, metropolitan police. metropolitan police have worked with us many times as we put on
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rallies in the district without incident. we have a large diplomatic security force. the same people that provide security for the media people you work with on a daily basis. we have plans to keep everyone safe. host: is that a security force you hired? caller: yes but they are looped in with the capitol police department and are many of them ex-cops. host: are these people armed? caller: not to my knowledge. but when you have your colleagues go out and do remote they need security and want to keep all people safe. if you show up, i believe it is my responsibility to give every one of our attendees a safe and to do that we are asking when people leap to leave in large groups. if you see anything suspicious, we have all got television studios in the pocket. with it out and start recording. we have our eyes open and i think the capitol police have
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done a good job coordinating with us. despite the political leadership i know they are doing their best to keep this a peaceful, safe rally. there is no intent for violence on our side. our whole purpose is to show people the first still matters, you can still protest, that community organizing can be done successfully. you do not have to resort to apathy or violence. host: let's go back to the phone lines and talk to bernie calling from howard beach, new york. . on the democrat line good morning. caller: good morning. thank goodness for washington journal. as long as c-span is on it is a major barrier to destruction.
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democracy, as i understand it, everyone gets the chance to vote. as opposed to an autocracy where a select few, usually the dictator, get the chance to vote. right now, anyone trying to limit the vote is trying to limit -- and if you go to an extreme -- from limit to destroy, it can happen. what is going on with some of these states to constrain how we are voted, i believe there is a clear strike at our democracy. when people start talking about fake news, that comes right out of hitler's germany and mussolini and everything. they want to control the news
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and when that moron trump pointed to fake news then you know. he is just afraid of the truth. host: you just heard matt brainard who is organizing today's justice for j6 rally talk about how his group was working with the capitol police. the capitol police held a news conference ahead of today's demonstration as well and the u.s. capitol police tom manger responded to a question about those remarks on washington journal, asserting his organization is working with the capitol police. here is what tom manger had to say. [video clip] >> the organizer of the rally matt brainard said this morning his organization had security working with the capitol police. is that true? >> our folks have been in touch with the organizers and we are
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aware of the fact they have security folks. as far as the communication it has just been cursory. we are aware they are there. host: let's go back to the phone lines and start with jason calling from texas on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? your question about our republic or however you want to refer to it -- it really is a republic -- there are certain issues with the federal government trying to consolidate power at the top. state's rights are being violated. i saw something on tons of people gathering at the border like it is a kumbaya event and our border has been erased. federal law enforcement being adjudicated at the top or even
10:50 am
in the state itself. everybody is avoiding the issue and pretending this illegal invasion does not exist. arming our enemies is not an appropriate way to leave afghanistan. we should have left it better off then we did. i would say this nation is in trouble because there is no root value. we need to get back to our roots. host: dave calling from lee, massachusetts on the republican line. caller: thank you. i am curious what is going to be done about the 2016 to 2021 seditionists. host: who are those?
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caller: those who spent the last five years fighting the duly elected president and pretending it was somehow foreign intervention. rather than an actual election. host: let's go to mike calling from new york on the independent line. good morning. caller: hey. i wanted to voice my own opinion. i heard somebody from new york talk about somebody being a fascist or dictator. i would say mandating vaccinations kind of reminds me of fascism. that's all i have to say. host: let's go to george calling from los angeles, california on the republican line. good morning. caller: of course we are under attack. this last election all we could
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come up with was the world's ugliest old man versus the senile fool. it is pathetic. one more comment. in terms of voter id, when i go to pick up my medication at my local drugstore i show my picture id. when i get on a plane i show picture id. if you talk to average black members of the community, not the elitists who host these kinds of shows, but the average black person and asked if they were having trouble given picture id they would laugh at you. host: martin calling from georgia on the democrat line. good morning. caller: hello? host: are you there? caller: i am here.
10:53 am
democracy is under attack because republicans choose to believe the biggest liar in the history of america. he is a reality tv star. how appropriate is that? thank you. host: on tuesday former president trump was interviewed on spicer and company. he talks about alleged 2020 election fraud, is 2024 election plans and the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections and the california recall. here is what former president trump had to say [video clip] >> our country has gone really downhill in the last eight months like nobody has ever seen before. you go to these elections coming up in 2022 and 2024, we are not going to have a country left. the election is rate and we are not going to have a country in three years. >> you have been generous with
10:54 am
your time. before you go, you said you made up your mind about whether you are running again and your supporters will be happy. when you plan on letting us know what that decision is? >> i will probably not comment on that but i think you will be happy. i think you and a lot of others will be happy. i can make it soon but that gets complicated. you are going to be extremely happy in this country is going to come back again. we are a laughingstock all over the world. what happened if as guest in, what happened at the border, millions of people are coming in. it is a disgrace. what is happening to our country and they are to rig another election today. california, what's the result. it is a disgrace what is going on with mail-in ballots in the country is not the same. we are going to bring it back. host: we talked to jay calling from virginia on the republican
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line. good morning. caller: yes, hi. i'll tell you something, since this president got in he messed everything up. donald trump trump is the man to bring it back again and they should have never opened the border. i'm sorry but i think donald trump was a lot better. host: let's go to michael calling from new jersey on the independent line. good morning. caller: i wanted to call to correct the person a couple of calls before that said the definition of democracy was that everyone gets the vote. that is not right. it is citizens get to vote. that is the definition of democracy. not just anyone who comes to the united states and that is the problem with our society today. everyone things everybody should
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bow, even illegal immigrants pouring into the country. that is one of the problems we have beside the open border. you have the debacle in afghanistan and this country has gone down the last six months. that is all i've got to say. host: jerry calling from sewall, new jersey on the democrat line. caller: good morning. i have a question and statement. i am wondering if everyone is as concerned as the groups who might come down to oppose this rally. does everybody consider they have more rights than the people coming out to rally today? because if they cause any problems, is there going to be enough done about that. i will be curious to see how that goes. somebody called in and called president trump a moron.
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let me tell you something, i don't know how anybody can watch the president we have now who stumbles, who cannot get a sentence out. you are to call president trump a moron? they posted a warning for the constitution on some website. you are talking a moron trump? host: tom calling from fresno, california on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, america. i think american democracy is under attack. 9/11, the islamic people came out and wanted to celebrate
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those people who ran into our buildings. america would be upset. america invaded their own capitol and i find upper cuyler year they are celebrating -- find that peculiar they are celebrating their own attack. that is all i have to say. host: let's talk to kevin calling from baltimore, maryland on the independent line. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. the reason i want to talk about the voting situation, they tested the vote in detroit, and philadelphia and in phoenix, arizona. what is the problem with those places? black and brown people. did they test the vote in nebraska? did they test the vote in iowa? did they test the vote in idaho?
10:59 am
guess what? a lot of white people. no problems there. this is the problem with america. when you tell black people we cannot vote, we show up and you get elected out of office. thank you for taking my call. host: dale calling from columbus, ohio democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. i am amazed so many people are getting behind donald trump. we know this attack is because of what he said. he said, everyone be there on january 6. if he had all this information and said in the beginning, it is rigged, it is just amazing. we saw him support putin. he said, i agree with putin while the intelligence said russia had informants in the election. he agrees with that.
11:00 am
when he said putin had bounty on american lives and then through that under the bus and saying, i did not hear that. he said, this is a democratic hoax. and then he did not want people to wear masks around his cabinet. all of a sudden you look up and all the people in his cabinet were catching the virus. i am amazed at these republicans. these generals have been there for years and have had a lot of soldiers been in the war. but donald trump says, i know more than them. host: let's go to john calling from long island city, new york on the republican line. good morning. caller: how are you doing? my name is john larson and i am a republican. [indiscernible]
11:01 am
you got 15 marines killed and he killed the oil line. he messed everything up. that is all i got to say. host: let's talk to nancy calling from cleveland, ohio on the independent line. nancy, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. just a different angle on this. i think there is going to be increased conflict with climate change and there is going to be so many disputes over resources. i think the corporations that
11:02 am
have so much power -- and i am not somebody who follows corporations by any means -- but i think people like the coke brothers are fighting against having anything done-- koch brothers are fighting against having anything done. they run campaigns fighting us against each other instead of people taking back the power. i grew up republican in indiana. i try to see various sides of things. i am just extremely worried and i think donald trump personified all of the ways people feel they are powerless and not being recognized and don't have the power of the vote anymore. i think what we do to limit the power of corporations and fight climate change will ultimately benefit our country and democracy. host: let's talk to darren calling from california on the democrat line. good morning.
11:03 am
caller: good morning. i am a democrat. i believe america will be just fine. i believe there is enough good people in our country that democracy will be preserved. i believe there is an alternate reality we are living in right now. i think the truth is under attack. i believe the border is open, it was open after slavery. i believe basically people are lazy, don't want to do their own work. if they were to close the border, half of these white owned businesses on the board would be closed. they are not asking for id. they are paying them nothing. they do not cut their own grass, wash their own cars, all they do is complain. thank you.
11:04 am
host: coming up next, former u.s. capitol police chief terrance gainer will be here to discuss with us u.s. capitol security ahead of today's justice for j6 rally in support of those who rioted at the u.s. capitol january sixth. later, christian science monitor's jessica mendoza and jessica lane perfas look at the impact of the pandemic on women. stick with us. ♪ >> weekends bring you the best in american history and nonfiction books on lectures in history, a discussion on a new african-american history museum being built in charleston, south carolina with joseph riley. smithsonian secretary, monty fudge and kerry taylor from the
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citadel military college. "the presidency", we will take a look at camp david with a man who served as the commander under bill clinton and george w. bush and is the author of " inside camp david." and then we share a book "three days in camp david," which looks at president nixon's decision to end the value of the u.s. dollar based on the gold standard. watch every weekend and find a full schedule or watch online any tam -- any time at ♪
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>> "washington journal" continues. sen. we are back with -- host: we are back with former u.s. capitol police chief who is with us to discuss capital security again on justice for the j six rally on those who rioted. good morning. chief gaynor, today the capital and law enforcement around washington, d.c. face their first large-scale security test since the january 6 attack.


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