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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  September 23, 2021 11:21am-12:00pm EDT

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activities and extremist organization have the meanings prescribed by the secretary of defense so it is up to the secretary of defense and thus under considerable influence of the administration and party in control to decide the meaning of the term this area is right for first amendment abuse. thank you and with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. pursuant to clause 12, subparagraph a of rule 1, the ch.
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follow us on instagram as well. we will get your thoughts on whether or not use of or or oppose the debt ceiling. first, listen to the federal reserve chair jerome powell yesterday warning what would happen if the country were to default on debt. [video clip] >> it's important that it is raised in a timely fashion so the united states can pay bills when and as they come due. it's a critically important thing. a failure to do that is something that could result in the reaction, severe damage to the economy and financial markets and it's just not something we could contemplate. i'm not going to comment on tic-tac particulars or things
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but i think we can all agree the united states shouldn't default on any obligation and should pay them when and as due and that, you know, no one should assume the fed or anyone else can protect the markets or the economy in the event of a failure, fully protect in the event of a failure to make sure we do pay those. costs 6 million jobs and wipe out $15 trillion in wealth. mark sandy did this study. the chief economist found a prolonged impasse over the debt ceiling would cost the u.s. economy up to $6 million and wipe up as much as trillions in health and send it surging to 9%
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to around 5%. support or opposeg the debt ceiling? your opportunity to tell washington what you think they should do as they continue the debate. devon, philadelphia. you oppose. tell us why. >> i oppose just because we are in massive debt and you know, after a while the interest on the debt, that is all we will be paying, not down the principal. one of the things he just showed the video of, the national debt, but please also show the poverty page, the link that's on that same website, just to show the maximum amount of poverty. i have traveled all across this country. i have been to what, 39 states of the 50 and i tell you, it's just a massive poverty all over.
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it's, it's, it's sad. host: our line producer found that for you, living in poverty. there is the number. without insurance. this is from the national debt clock. their website we show you at the top. douglas, staten island, do you support raising the debt ceiling? caller: good morning. how are you? host: what do you think? caller: i support it. this is an old republican playbook ploy. in power they raise the debt tremendously. i think it went up close to $8 trillion under trump. this is just paying for the bills, mind you, that they already past through congress, ok? now they are saying that they've raised all this, they don't want to pay for it.
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they do this each and every time. in power, they spend like a drunken sailor, out of power they yell about my goodness, the whole thing about how it's going to costa the children so much. listen, we are the premier currency in the world. we are a world currency that is priced in oil dollars. ok? the only people -- the only way people can buy oil is by purchasing it through dollars and we can just print our way out of this. it's exactly what we have been doing and the debt really doesn't matter. host: is that a good idea, printing our way out of this? caller: i think so. at some point we have to have a jubilee. the market is a sham. if you look at the price to earnings ratio, it's based on nonsensical things. completely nonsensical things. there's no parity at all with
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reality. people basically use algorithms. you had one company spending what, $73 million so they could knock off three nano seconds to get their algorithm pushing the prices up and down, up and down? the ceos, the cfos, they come in and they spend a couple of years there, they cash themselves out having raised the price of their stock. it just goes on merrily. it doesn't mean a thing. we print money and as long as we print money and other nations, they do, too, it will all go on forever and at some point, we will have a jubilee. host: florida, support, go ahead. caller: i'm for raising the debt ceiling because i'm for the united states of america. if you are anti-american and want the system to fail, you would vote against it. that's not my stance. host: ted, oregon, also support.
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caller: i do support the expansion of the debt ceiling. if we don't, then all of a sudden federal workers are put on furlough and so on and so forth and i admire the man that just spoke before me. he's absolutely correct as far as the republicans. stacking debt on mike children and grandchildren? they will take a tax cut any day of the week. i tell you what, what a bunch of hypocrites. every republican i know is a write off king. they write off their shirts, underwear, fuel, i have had enough of it and i absolutely support, support, support these not heads up in washington that think they can do and do and do, but it's part of the process. host: let's listen to the
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republican arguments. this is the leader of the republican senate, mission of -- mitch mcconnell in kentucky. [video clip] >> america must never default. the debt ceiling will need to be raised. we have a democratic president and a democratic house with a democratic tenant. they have decided to with the possible exception of infrastructure, all year long, operate on a partisan basis. a $1.9 trillion bill earlier this year that we all opposed were darned good reason. and this reckless tax and spending measure that could range from 3.5 trillion to 5 trillion. my advice to this democratic government, the president, the house and senate, don't play russian roulette with our economy, step up and raise the debt ceiling to cover all that
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you have been engaged in all your long. no effort on their part to describe our position as you responsible makes any sense. the facts are indisputable. this is a totally democratic government, they have an obligation to raise the debt ceiling and they will do it. host: the republican leader, mitch mcconnell, yesterday, explaining why republicans in the senate are saying, as did the republicans in the house, they won't vote for increasing the debt ceiling. house democrats have tied the raising of the suspension of it, to a package that would keep the government funded through december at current spending levels. the politico headline this
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morning, democrats seek to avoid a government shutdown at all costs as republicans pick a debt fight. they will do whatever they need to do to keep the government open, almost certainly involving starting negotiations with resistant republicans. let's listen to the majority leader, chuck schumer, democrat of new york. here he is, the leader on the floor yesterday. [video clip] >> yesterday evening the house approved a resolution that will keep the government open and provide emergency funding for afghan refugees and americans affected by natural disasters and suspend the debt ceiling through the end of 2022 and the bill now comes to the senate, where both parties must pass it together to steer the united states away from a number of fast approaching crises. absent congressional action, the
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government will shut down in just over a week. the united states could face a first ever default soon after and it will be american families who suffer most. our republican colleagues say they don't want to shut down, don't want a credit default, that they want hurricane aid. then they should vote yes on the bill. want to avoid default? republican colleagues? vote yes. want to avoid shutdown? vote yes. want to provide hurricane aid? vote yes. want to help the afghan refugees? vote yes. that's the bill that will be on the floor. those who vote yes will vote to avoid default. to avoid a government shutdown. those who vote no will be saying we are ok with default and ok with government shutdown. to say do it another way? that doesn't cut it.
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this is what's on the floor, this is what the house passed. the kind of sophist re-we have heard from the republican leader -- sophistry we have heard from the republican leader doesn't make sense. host: fairport, new york, you support increasing the debt ceiling. good morning to you. caller: good morning. yes, it just makes sense and i really support the previous callers for pointing out republican hypocrisy. one small example, trump, the president, decided that his adult children would get taxpayer-funded secret service protection six months after he left office. these are very wealthy individuals who could easily pay for it themselves. on top of that, he is jacking up his prices at his property to
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again stick it to american taxpayers. yes, it's a very small slice of the overall financial picture, but these kinds of behaviors from trump really need to be highlighted so that we stop the gripped of the republicans. thank you. host: betty, spencer bill, did i say that right? good morning to you, you oppose raising the debt limit? caller: yes. countries like greece and other countries that have continued to pay fake paper and not have it supported? it devalues the dollar. if you continue to spend and reprint more money, more money to do this, it devalues the dollar. what happens to these countries? your dollar is worth less. we need to spend less. we need to do basic needs because we have no idea yet what
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all of these immigrants coming in with all of these diseases that they haven't been immunized for could send them off. we don't know, yet, what the costs is. we need to stop the spending until we know. i'm a senior citizen. i do not want i care, dental care, hearing care. getting through medicare takes forever. you could go out and get it done yourself and do without something else a lot better. you want to do something? just increase normal. increase, keep the costs down. as long as you do this, it's just going to be inflation, inflation, inflation. we need to get this down host: host:. the senate is expected to vote on the proposal that passed in the house along partyline votes with no republicans in the house . the package keeps the government
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funded and raises the debt ceiling by next week. this, according to the recent reuters headline. reaction from viewers online. here is a text from mike. why are republicans against raising the debt ceiling? this is about paying bills republican racked up. then you have the liver tony and, diane, saying weird, why do the republicans raise the debt ceiling consistently, why only when the democrats raise the debt ceiling it's bad? republicans having done it twice as much as the democrats, but when republicans do it it's ok? and that this debt doesn't matter and money is not gained through action from the rich, it accumulates and they continue to accumulate it. then you have this from hairy in pennsylvania, the debt ceiling
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issue could have been resolved months ago and it would only take competent leadership in congress, responsible individuals don't wait until midnight to perform the necessary business of the day. denise in arkansas, what do you say? caller: over trump and his issues, take care of what is at hand. since schumer and the rest of the democrat want to shut down our government again, shut that government down and they go home without pay. shut them down and re-vote and get those asses back to the state they represent and get someone else in the office. host: ok. here is joni ernst of iowa on the senate floor yesterday, using the card game of uno to
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make a point about debt and government spending. [video clip] let's put it in reverse -- >> let's put it in reverse and go in a different direction. instead of just throwing in the cards and going along with the democratic demand to borrow another penny, let's go through the budget line by line and determine what is a priority and what isn't. it's time to make washington start route living within a realistic budget, just like every other family in america is expected to do. and that may be a wild idea to the big spenders in d.c., but taxpayers know that is how to play your cards right. so, instead of picking up more debt, let's skip, let's skip!
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the spending that isn't needed until we are sure washington isn't wasting a single dollar. who know uno! -- uno! with that, i yield the floor. host: you support the idea in butler, indiana. tell us why. caller: i have had the pleasure doing this a few time. you look beautiful in that green, it pops your eyes out, you look awesome, i'm the guy drinking the whiskey out here in the bunker. [laughter] life, it's like groundhog's day, as you get older. everything repeats itself. they change the name a bit, different uniform, different cliche, same old same old. when you are in debt and you have credit cards that are just
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about maxed out and you realize you are never going to pay them back? you just ring them up. the democrats and the republicans have no intention of paying the debt back and there has to be a reset in this country. since the titanic is sinking, make your march, play the piano, let's go speed the process up. instead of trillions and billions, let's go with the gazillions. we can have large pieces of monopoly money and you get a new car. let's just do that, ridiculous, since we are never paying it back and we need a complete reset in this country. host: what do you think a reset would look like? what does the government need to do? spending, taxes, what is it? caller: it's everything. everyone has lost their marbles. they play pretend. every american citizen for years
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and years had to live within a budget. remember that? you had rent, car insurance, there was a budget. you only had $40 left. then came credit cards and loans and the government with "stimulus" giving free money out. the whole thing is going to collapse. what's going to happen is we are going to turn into venezuela. open borders, millions of people pouring across, everything is free until the bubble finally busts, after it busts the people will be starving, anarchy, but then the real patriots who love the constitution will grab their weapons and start over. you have people in this country who believe that there is such a thing as free stuff, free medical, free college, nothing is free and as soon as the government gives you free stuff, shackles go around your neck.
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host: so you support it? caller: let's get it done, go stupid. do whatever you want to do. trillions, no more. you look gorgeous, greta. host: thank you. trump, the hill, to the republicans, foolish not to use debt ceiling in negotiations. the president called it the only gop power tool, the latest incident of the former president to exert influence over republicans in washington while out of office saying that as he looks at it, what the democrats are proposing will destroy the country, so republicans have no choice but to do what they have to do and democrats will have no choice but to inflict all the horror they are trying to inflict on the united states. democrats have noted that past ceiling boats were bipartisan and they raised it under the former president without any
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provisions attached to meant to reduce national debt and would only be used to accumulate -- cover debt accumulated during the previous administration. betty, blacksburg, south carolina. you oppose the idea? caller: yes . i oppose it. that woman was talking about trump? he didn't even take his pay. all of these people coming through, i feel sorry for them. they shouldn't have to go through what they are doing but they should go to biden's house and his kids. they were put in the office to, you know, the american people. they were voted in for american people. not everybody else. they are supposed to be for american people. you know, we pay the taxes and we supposed to keep up other
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people when they come a week, we need, the american people, they think they all rich. no, we are not. so, they is the one should be dumb, ask me. always talking about trump, trump, trump. trump didn't even take his pay. that tells me that he's a good man for the american people. host: the debt ceiling was raised three times when trump was president. when mr. trump was president. caller: well. i can tell you now, since january, when biden come in, i feet had done what he should have done and left it alone, this country wouldn't look like it is now. when trump, when trump was in there, you didn't see all this chaos and all these people. host: he raised it three times when he was in office.
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caller: well, whatever he done, it didn't hurt the american people that i seen. host: michael, go ahead, beverly hills. caller: i just wanted to say i think we are ok to raise the debt ceiling one final time, but i think the bill that biden wants to pass it should be cut in half. host: hold on, michael, i want to make sure we are clear, you are talking about the three point $5 trillion reconciliation bill? it hasn't passed or gotten a vote in the house or senate yet. you are saying, though, when it does it should be cut in half? caller: it should be cut in half. during the eight months i lived and worked in china, i saw no crime, no cops getting bit up -- beat up, no stores set on fire. that country is run right.
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not the united states. i am seriously thinking about leaving the united states and moving to new zealand. host: all right, michael. take a look at reaction from capitol hill. here's the hawaiian senator on a tweet where it would be one thing for republicans to vote on debt ceiling driving the economy into oblivion, voting no, but they are going to block the motion to proceed, they are blocking us from saving the economy. you guessed it correctly, using the filibuster. here is senator alex padilla, guess what's going on, mitch mcconnell filibustering as the senate majority lever -- leader. mitch mcconnell is holding us hostage and putting us on the brink of catastrophe.
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republicans will not rubberstamp reckless spending. if democrats want to go it alone , they can go it alone. republicans saying tie it to this reconciliation. senator todd young, republican, saying a vote to raise the debt limit is a vote to cosign on the unprecedented spending spree and republicans will not be complicit. robbie, florida, you support the increase of the debt limit. why? caller: the reason why, the last time we had a balanced budget was under a democratic regime, the clinton regime. but by raising the debt ceiling we can take care of some of the problems that have gotten worse under the pandemic. the reason why republicans are against it is because of a power struggle. the first thing when trump came in, they relieved the wealthy
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and the large corporations from having to pay taxes. those taxes are money collected that pay for the things we need. we need to make sure that any bills in terms of infrastructure are paid for and that's what the democrats have done, by rolling back the tax breaks that were given and collecting taxes that were not paid by hiding money offshore in various other loopholes. i say yes, raise the debt ceiling. get the infrastructure like we did under eisenhower, getting the interstate highway system done. or under fdr, getting the camp jobs going for the people who needed jobs to build the infrastructure. let's get that going. host: steve, your opinion this morning, go ahead. caller: i have two main concerns.
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for my vision, i'm seeing young people today, like they get married and in the first year they expect to have a brand-new home, a house full of furniture, and the 10,000, 20, whatever thousand in debt because of credit. the government is essentially doing the same thing. more in debt, more in debt, more in debt. my other issue is kind of like the social security. it's been borrowed from. has the government ever paid social security back for what it's borrowed? no, they haven't. that is why into thousand 25 we stand a chance of losing social security, which is really going to devastate the whole country. because senior citizens depend on the social security. we work hard for it, we paid for
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it. i just see us going down the tubes. you cannot support any more debt ceiling. you need to curb it, get rid of what is owed. you know? it's almost like the country could, um, i'm trying to think how to put it. if you collected every dollar the united states had, cut down the debt, redistributed the money to the whole united states , within six months you would have millionaires again. and poor people again. it's a cycle. i don't like what i see happening. host: all right, we will leave it there. this is jean from ashland, kentucky, saying that he agrees with joni ernst, who we showed on the floor yesterday, saying
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she's right and that the majority leader should speak over -- skip over republican programs. carl, you are saying raise the debt ceiling? caller: yes. governments are not run by houses. they put people to work, they put money back that has been taxed into the system. what they did with donald trump, every time republicans come to office, they run the budget up. george w. bush put two wars on the credit card and didn't pay for it. when we do something, we have to pay for it in we do. give that money. listen. get rid of the filibuster. put on your stuff.
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you will walk out of there in eight years. host: all right. add to, columbia station. caller: of course oppose it. anyone with a right mind knows fiscal responsibility and not just that, infrastructure is a farce. 2% of the bill is infrastructure. the rest of it is for social programs. host: you are talking about something else. the infrastructure proposal is a separate package. just listen. the house passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded at current levels through december of this year and they tied it to a suspension of the debt ceiling until december of 2022. caller: this infrastructure bill is tied to the debt ceiling. they have that tied up with all the voting regulations from all the states in the country, all
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the freebie giveaways and by the way, clinton, when he did the budget for the first time in years, newt gingrich, the 10 step republican plan, he did seven of the 10 steps and the democrats hated him for that. it's all gone now, people had to go back to work to get welfare and all that, all of those things were done. it was a republican plan but forget it, look at this bunch today. this is sad. everything temporary is tied to the infrastructure in the filibuster they want to get rid of every time they have power. look at what they are doing. it's a complete disaster in nine months. the borders, they don't talk about it. everything's a disaster. my lifetime, yours. i'm 62 years old. our military is destroyed, the morale. i was a 30 year company commander. we are weak in the world, they
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are laughing at us. the real enemy, we are lapdogs. host: and he mentioned the democratic agenda yesterday. the president met with democrats at the white house, "biden huddles with warning democrats, party agenda in the balance. a five hour meeting to talk about what ed was just referring to, the infrastructure proposals and what goes first. the bipartisan plan? $1.5 trillion? do they have the votes for the $3.5 trillion what some people call soft infrastructure proposal, the build back better plan by the president? yesterday the press secretary was asked about the biden agenda and defending his domestic and foreign policy agenda amidst falling polling numbers. [video clip]
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>> he campaigned on a message of unity and competence, working to rebuild. now it's headlines about democrats divided about what they will do on this agenda. france is furious at the u.s.. frustration among allies about afghanistan. what should americans make of that, given what they have seen in recent weeks? >> each of those issues, the president just had a friendly phone call with the president of france where they agreed to meet in october and work together on a range of issues. >> acknowledging a failure that he should have communicated better? x in terms of the level of concern, acknowledging closer consultation or coordination will not be the height of concern for most of the american people to anyone concerned about the relationship with friend that they had a friendly phone call and a path forward. on the second set, this is a
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messy sausage making process. the president today, what americans should be encouraged by is that the president is bringing in people on a range of viewpoints about big important packages to make their lives better to the white house, to have a discussion. he's rolling up his sleeves, welcoming them to the white house, covid safe, that's the kind of president he is. deeply engaged with getting bills across the finish line to make their lives better. >> why do you think that 43% of americans now approve of his handling of the job, which had been well above 50% only a matter of weeks ago. what has changed in the eyes of americans that you guys have not done well enough? >> the country is going through a lot right now and people are still under the threat of covid, concerning to a lot of people. even as they approve of his handling of covid, it's something impacting the lives of
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people. there is a great deal of anxiety about that, we understand that. our objective is to keep pushing your agenda forward and making lives better. look at that over the long term. host: you heard the press secretary talking about a series of meetings with lawmakers in his own party, three meanings spanning over five hours according to reporting, they noted that after the meetings the party leaders were no closer to resolving their fight over the size, scope, and timing of the two tranches of proposals creating renewed tensions, five days before the house is set to cast its first vote on one of the core democratic proposals in the immediate standoff stems from a promise by nancy pelosi to hold a vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill to approve road -- improve highways, internet connections, a package embraced by centrists who secured a commitment from party
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levels to secure the measure by monday. host: joe, this morning we are talking about a separate debate on capitol hill, to raise the debt ceiling. you supported in chicago, joe? caller: i support it. i'm an army veteran who is a retired carpenter. i remember when the military was , the bases were closed, reagan closed all the bases around the country. there was a total infrastructure, the hospitals, the crafts, lots of crafts.
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pipefitters, welders, painters, whole infrastructure there that the veterans had, infrastructure outside the bases and on the bases, hospitals. where did all that money go? it destroyed a lot of cities and towns, made them ghost towns. walters, he set about picking up guns and signing on to war, that's ridiculous. who are you going to shoot at? that's ridiculous. host: rob, st. petersburg, why do you think they shouldn't increase the debt limit. >> i'm 52 and i remember the 70's growing up as a kid. gas prices were close announcer: we'll leave this to honor our commitment of live gavel to gavel coverage


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