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tv   Lawmakers Play in Congressional Baseball Game  CSPAN  September 29, 2021 7:05pm-10:18pm EDT

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that bill goes to the senate now. more live house coverage when they gavel back in tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. you can also follow along live on c-span now, our new video app. ♪ >> up next, we'll take you to nationals park in washington, d.c., where lawmakers from both political parties are taking
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part in the annual congressional baseball game. proceeds from this event go to local d.c. charities. you're watching live coverage. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy visit] >> once again, let's hear id for cedric richmond, john shimkus, rodney davis and chris murphy. >> getting set for baseball here at nationals park. the ceremonial first pitch. i know they're happy -- the republicans are happy to see
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cedric richmond doing this part of the game than later in the game. >> they prefer po see cedric richmond throwing out the first pitch rather than in the game. he and john shimkus throwing out the first pitch. >> the rain reason we're here tonight are for charity. the boys and girls club of greater washington. the wash nationals dream foundation. the washington literacy foundation. and the u.s. capitol police memorial fund, added back in 2017 after the shooting at the republican practice the day before the congressional charity game they added that he moirl fund which has raised a lot of money since then they played that game the next night after the shooting, 24,000 people showed up that night. >> absolutely incredible. still to this day, the house minority whip, steve scalise, got the biggest cheer tonight as
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he was introduced in the lineup tonight. he's a gamer. he's been injured but he's still getting out there. he'll be playing tonight. it'll be great to see him on the field again. >> a perfect might for bibl. temperature, 67 degrees. just 45% humidity, we like to see that. clear. no rain. no threat of rain delay here tonight. >> one of the reasons -- advantages of making this a fall classic, it's almost like playoff weather. as the republicans take the field. and we will get set for baseball. >> greg steube on the mound for republicans as he was two years ago. this is a start for him, he was a freshman lawmaker when he started a couple of years ago. and it looks like the republicans are happy enough with his earlier performance they put him back on the mound tonight. >> if you get a second start,
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that's pretty good if you get asked back. >> that's right. he's been re-elected if you will, as pitcher for the g.o.p. >> the man in blue tonight, norm gordon's got the plate. jerry at first base. greg paulman the crew chief tonight. raul ruiz. >> you'll see a lot of players from california in this game a lot of players from both sides from california. a lot of great athletes coming out of there along with a lot of politicians of course, because california has the most members of congress so they have more to pick from. >> pretty good crowd tonight. we've seen it over the years, filling in. the red on the first base side, the blue on the third base side. steube into the line, we're under way. 7:09, first pitch here at nationals park. in for a strike.
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>> good start for the florida lawmaker. >> the second offering to ruiz. steube into the wind-up. pitch high and outside. that's a ball. 1-1. >> i'm sure the last time that steube was on the mound there had to be a lot of nerves for him, bag freshman lawmaker and starting his first game for the republican team he looks pretty calm out there tonight >> the 1-1. catches the inside corner. oh, no, caught more than the inside corner. caught ruiz. >> he caught ruiz. >> he heads to first base. >> he'll get a free ride to first base. and we will touch on the uniqueness of this game, mitch. players not wearing real uniforms. there -- catches him on the elbow. makes sure that he lets the umpire no, look it got me on the elbow. a lot of times they are wearing
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uniforms of their favorite teams where they're from. colleges. things like that. ruiz often running on the first offering. he's going to make it to second with a stolen base. talk about a scouting report there. know he is can run on steve scalise. he's down to second. first pitch was a ball. >> ruiz with some speed there. >> not bad. now can he advance? we have to see. one thing related to the uniforms that's interesting this time around is, it looks like the republicans have decided to go all red. they may have unique things related to their uniform or hats, but they're in all red tonight. looks like the democrats have some in blue but also some with their favorite uniforms. over the years we have seen players will wear anything from, you know, their favorite major league team to their favorite
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little league team or perhaps a business or someone related to their district. so it's again, as you point out, a unique moment. tonight we actually have 10 players on the democratic side in the lineup and nine on the republican side. >> not many rule here's tonight. you'll see throughout the in, steube up to a 3-0 count on huffman with ruiz at second. here's the 3-0 from steube, low and outside a four-pitch walk to huffman who heads to first base. runners at first and second now for the democrats as they get going. here's part of the uniqueness, mitch. not even going to take 1:00. going to have a pinch runner. dean phillips. dean phillips will pinch run. you'll see guys come in and out. thail pinch run.
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pinch-hit. they'll leave the game but they're allowed to come back to the game. it's a very unique -- >> it's a little more strin yent than beer softball but they are pretty fast and loose with the rules. now we have senator john ossock who is new to congress, the georgia lawmaker, one of two georgia lawmakers that basically give the democrats a 50-50 split in the senate. >> dean phillips running at first. # >> we'll see that pinch running often with these players. some don't want to have any injuries or anything. >> there's ruiz. pitch high and tight. ruiz takes it to third easily. phillips heads to second base. democrats in business here, mitch. second and third. nobody out. steube with a 3-0 count now on
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ossoff. >> looks like the democrats have decided to test steve scalise, the house minority whip, behind the plate. often he's at second base. so maybe the democrats deciding to test his arm and also maybe to test steube obviously in defense of steve scalise. these players are getting a bit of a jump, moves on the mound there. steve scalise has not got a lot of time to work with here. # >> our first strike of the night, jon ossoff down the count. steube, swing and miss. strike two. choking up on the bat is ossoff, going with no batting glove tonight. nice pitch from steube. >> that was. >> full count. nobody out. second and third for the democrats. steube from the stretch.
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here's the 3-2. strike three called. nice little offspeed there. first out for the strikeout. ossoff watching it. big out for the republicans as they needed that one. take another look. colin allred your batter now, batting cleanup we talked about him earlier. one of the former athletes in this game. all he did was play linebacker for the tennessee titans. >> this guy, he's -- let's face it, he's a stud. his sport was football but he's an athlete. >> swings at the first offering. >> he is ready to swing, believe me he will not hesitate. >> look at him in the tennessee titans uniform. 32 n district house of representatives.
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linebacker, four seasons with the titans. looks like he can still hit. he was in tennessee from 2006 to 2010. the 0-1 from steube. second and third. the 0-1, swing and a miss. inside corner. quickly steube ahead 0-2 on the former nfl linebacker. >> could be a confidence builder for steube. >> nice pitch, down and in. >> allred just wants to rip a ball. >> he's got thoughts of 336 down the left-field line. the 0-2 from steube into the stretch. the offering high and tight. >> speaking of home run, we will not likely see one tonight. a bit of trivia. rand paul's father, ron paul, former texas congressman, in the 1970's, hit a ball over the fence and actually had an actual
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home run. there's a hit. >> pop-up. second base. kevin brady with the catch. allred put the ball in play for the first time tonight. brady right there to snag it out of the air for the second out. runners cannot advance. the infield will back up to normal depth with two outs. nice swing by allred. >> kevin brady, by the way, is a texas congressman, a really good ballplayer. he's played in this matchup over two decades. he will not be running for re-election next year, this will be his last time in this game. he loves this game. and is really one of the best play thoarns national league team. >> jimmy playing left field for the democrats. steube, and a swing and a drive toward center field. two runs will score. panetta heading to second. he's going to try. garcia's arm, he is into third.
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>> jimmy panetta showing pete rose action with the head first slide into third. >> got to get out, get ahead of it. slides into third base. drives in the first two run os they have night for the kems. >> classic right up the alley. a beautiful hit. >> ruiz and phillips score from second and third. panetta on third with a one-out triple. adam smith the right fielder, will stand in for the left side. not a bad slide, either. >> it wasn't. >> pretty good-looking slide. >> as long as you don't get hurt probably a good slide in this game. >> a lot of people holding their breath because he took off early to the slide. >> that might have got him caught in a different league. >> steube into the stretch. the swing by smith fouled back. strike one. >> adam smith.
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ninth district. on the left side. starting in right field tonight for the democrats. >> he is the chairman of the house armed services committee. controls a lot of money from that panel. >> the 0-1 from steube. 1-1. steube now needs to get out of this allowing the two run. you want to leave panetta at third if you think, minimize the dang after getting two clutch outs. allred must have thought that would be the trouble spot. it wasn't. a 1-1 from steube, into the stretch. tied at 2-2. >> looked like steube would get out of the inning after getting ahead of the hitters and getting the strikeout against ossoff. but that was quite a hit by panetta. >> into the gap. steube into the stretch.
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panetta at third. swing, over the shortstop, into left. going to get behind gonzalez a little bit. moore over to pick it up. panetta scores. smith with an r.b.i. single giving the democrats 3-0 lead. went opposite field there. >> just as panetta did the other way. smith does the same thing. gap in the left side. brings in another run. >> we've seen juan soto do that in this ballpark. >> no question he's picking up on that. >> we'll get a pinch runner at first base. we'll let you know who it is as soon as we find out. >> i don't think congressman smith has quite the generations at the plate that soto does. >> here's pete aguilar, the starting pitcher for the democrats taking the spot of cedric richmond. talk about no pressure. no pressure after pitching after cedric eight straight years pitching no pressure at all. >> following a guy who went 8-0.
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no worries. >> aguilar in with two outs. a runner at first. throw over to first base. runner back. 3-0, democrats lead here. two outs in the first inning. steube trying to work out of some trouble here. >> aguilar, a nice stance. swines the bat a couple of times. good-looking stance. he's one of the better play thoarns democratic side. >> scalise going to throw down to second. way too late. the ball did not go to center field they got him in a rundown. they tag him out between second and third. the republicans dodge a bullet there and get out of the inning. pete aguilar at the plate and he will lead off the next inning. democrats put three on the board in the first inning as they go to the bottom of the first with a 3-0 lead here at the
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congressional baseball game.
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>> you're watching the annual congressional baseball game happening this evening at nationals park in washington, d.c. over the last century, the game's popularity has led to a foundation known as the congressional sports for charity which supports local d.c. area causes including the washington literacy center, the boys and girls clubs of greater washington, and the united states capitol police memorial fund. we expect the game to resume shortly. you can watch every inning on the go with c-span now, our new video app. it's free to download on your
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mobile device. >> 3-0, democrats lead the republican here's as we head to the bottom of the first inning. gorgeous night here in our nation's capital. 67 degrees. the congressional baseball game here at nationals park as the democrats put three on the board in the first inning. pete aguilar takes the mound in the bottom of the first inning for the republicans. mitch, we should also mention the coaches. >> that's right. longtime coach for the republicans, texas congressman roger williams, certainly wants to get a victory. he has been known for carrying out a lot of practices and trying to ramp thins up here for the republicans and on the democratic side, pennsylvania congressman mike doyle trying to keep that strike alive for the democrats. and now we'll watch as congressman aguilar tries to
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replicate the success of his predecessor. >> he's got to go seven innings with like 10 strikeouts. >> that's all. a big cheer for steve scalise. house minority whip. >> he will bat leadoff here playing -- catching this evening. first offering is a strike. to scalise. injured in a shooting in 2017, they played the game the next day, 24,000, almost 25,000 here at the ballpark. scalise returned the year after. he swings at the second offering. it's left and short, panetta comes in to make the catch in left field. nice running grab. calling off malinowski at shortstop. we think he called it off. >> nice to move there -- nice move there by steve scalise, nice to see him swing the bat.
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he's been an inspiration to a lot of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, the fact that he's gone through countless surmingries. here's kevin brady swinging at the first pitch, 2-2, panetta out there in left field puts it away for out two. republicans come up swinging. >> kevin brady, i mentioned, one of the best players on the team. he ripped it out there to left field. steve scalise, just to wrap up, he has undergone countless surgeries and shown so much courage over the last few years in getting out here and playing in this game again. given the fact that he's still literally recovering from that shooting. he's out here every year except for last year because of the pandemic. he is an inspiration from lawmakers from democratic and republican sides. >> when he did return the next year after that shooting was a very emotional night. here's a newcomer for the
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republicans, pfluger. >> he's a ringer of sorts. >> they said they have more athletes this year. getting younger. so they feel the playing field is leveling a little bit. >> they got a couple of good pops there off the bat. >> the 1-1 offer, the swing to right field. ruiz can't catch it. can't make the catch. pfluger is going to be safe at first base. pfluger booking it down the line. >> he lost the helmet right away watching the ball hit all the way down to first base. ruiz drops it. he did make the turn toward the infield. take it twharyd outside. don't get tagged out. republicans in business a little bit here as a runner at first base is pfluger.
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steube, the pitcher, will bat fourth here. >> pfluger not taking anything for granted there. >> pfluger, leadoff at first. the pitch. outside corner. for a strike. pete aguilar now 0-1 to greg steube. jared huffman holding him on, aguilar throws over there, no. swing, 0-1, down the line foul. 1-1. pfluger back to first. democrats put three on the board in the first inning off greg steube. pfluger ready to run on anything at first. looking like an athlete. >> he does. >> aguilar checks it out. got the eye black under his eyes, does aguilar. upset in the stretch. the 0-2. foul. >> steube was way out ahead of
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the previous pitch. >> aguilar, timing down. >> republicans wearing patches on the sleeves for june 14, 2017. the day of the shooting. >> in alexandria >> pfluger away from first. chris murphy not going to throw down there. little snap throw to first may have gotten him. there's the patch. 6/14/17 on the left arm of republican players today. greg steube, you can see it there on television. pfluger running on the 1-2. the swing is fouled back. over the screen. pfluger will have to head back to first. >> that day of course everyone that's involved in this game, it's seared into everyone's memory the fact that not only steve scalise was wound bud
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three other people including a u.s. capitol police officer also wounded in that shooting. and fortunately, the gunman, after a struggle, the gunman was an rehended and eventually shot and killed. and then after that, after the charity started, the u.s. capitol police memorial fund, which continues today. >> that was david bailey who ended up throwing out the first pitch. pfluger, 1-2 out to center field. pendleton drops it. pfluger will come around to score. steube to second base. allred dropped the ball. looked like he had a good bead on it, couldn't get under it. tried to watch it into his glove. ends up dropping the ball. steube will head to second base. back pedaling there. looked like a tough catch. well see a replay here.
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>> nice swing by steube too. didn't get under it quickly enough and nice enough, drops the ball in the palm of his hand there. got to get urn it, got to track it. >> that means that the republicans get on the board with unearned run. a couple of costly errors by the democrats. >> steube at second base now. here's mo brooks, the batter, playing first base tonight. steube heading to third base, he'll make it there easily. we have a pinch runner at third base now. steube will come in and get ready to go back out and pitch. he's going to take it out of the game for a pinch runner but he'll be back on the mound in the second inning. >> the elast sized rules of congressional baseball. >> aguilar, who is wearing a san bernardino uniform tonight, 1-0 to mo brooks. runner on third.
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chuck fleischmann of tennessee is going to run at third base right now. he's off third a little bit. not too far. third pitch is inside. to mo brooks. who stares down aguilar a little bivment uh-oh. >> didn't like that pitch. a couple of pitches ago. one that was way inside actually almost hit brooks. so i think that's why we see a little bit of a glare from him. >> flashes bunt, will take ball four. aguilar looks back at him a little bit. let's look at aguilar. he stared him down a little bit as well. mo brooks tried to -- thought he was going to put down the bunt. just kidding, going to get back. become down to first base. mo brooks will be pinch run for at first base as well. the republicans now first and third, two out. a swing by black moore out to center. over the head, that's going to clear the bases. black moore rounding first base.
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he's going to head for third. on the retreat to pick it up, around third, he's going to try for home. here comes the throw to the plate, not in time. he scores standing up with an inside-the-park home run as he climbs the fence behind home plate. three-run home run by blake moore, giving the republicans the lead. 4-3. >> unbelievable. >> not wasting any time up there. >> pinch runners come around to third. he was flying around. he was not stopping at third. let's look at the replay. moore with a first pitch swing. he takes a peek as the rounds second. going for third. goes right through, being waved home. he wasn't stopping. he was going for it. still standing up, both hands in the air. anthony gonzalez, first pitch
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swinging. out to center field. all the way back to almost the warning track as well. gonzalez around second. to third. with the quickness. right through the stop sign he's going to score. anthony gonzalez flies around the bases on the first pitch. another inside-the-park home run. the republicans put up five in the first in, they lead it 5-3. >> i think it's safe to say if you're watching a major league baseball game you're not going to see two consecutive inside-the-park home runs. >> you are do not anthony gonzalez right off the bat, puts his head down right away. he was going right, he had three. right off the bat he was taking three. >> ohio state sprinter speed. from the college career. >> it is. didn't have a stopwatch on him but that's quick getting around the bases. mike garcia, the ninth batter of the inning.
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third pitch. ground ball down to third. across to first. got it at first base. nice throw by jon ossoff. getting mike garcia as he hustles down to first to finally end the inning. the republicans put five on the board here in the bottom of the first inning. to lead the democrats now 5-3. everybody is excited. you're watching the congressional baseball game.
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>> the congressional baseball game is under way here at nationals park in washington, d.c. an annual tradition that goes all the way back to 1909 bringing together lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, playing on behalf of local d.c. area charities. on air commentary comes courtesy of wtop radio. we expect the game to resume shortly. a reminder that if you can't be in front of your television, you can still follow every minute on the go with c-span now. that's our new video app that's free to download on your mobile device.
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>> we head to the second inning. i don't know how much more exciting we can get here folks. republicans put five on the board, lead it 5-3. pete aguilar was at the plate when the last inning ended. he'll get a fresh count here, steube, as the first offering. >> trying to catch our breaths here after two inside-the-park home run, consecutive. >> on the first pitch. back-to-back pitches. >> exactly.
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>> aguilar would like to start things off for the democrats and try to get it back. >> help himself out a little bit. 1-0 is low. 2-0. just settling into their -- fans just settling into their seats here. if you're late to the game you missed and exciting inning. red on the first base side, blue on the third base side. perfect night for baseball as we mentioned a number of times. the 2-0 in for a strike. 2-1. >> republicans looking to break the democratic streak. republicans last won in 2016. they have won eight out of the last -- democrats have won eight of the last nine. republicans looking to try to hold on. >> 3-1 from pete aguilar who was roughed up a little bit in the first inning. >> he got off to a fairly strong start and then they started to jump on him. unfortunately for him, behind
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him, in center field, colin allred had a little difficulty on a couple of long hits out there. >> 3-1. catches the inside corner. aguilar heading to first. didn't like the call. now 3-2. had a couple of difficulties. had to turn and run after a couple, had no resist. >> the republicans hit aguilar pretty hard at the end of that. >> 3-2 to the leadoff batter. top of the second inning at nationals park. steube into the wind, pops it up, foul territory. right behind the third base dugout. mitch if you take a look in the third base dugout, cedric richmond standing there at the top of the steps in his uniform, his number 2 uniform, arms folded, kind of looking on. doesn't look too happy. >> there he is. he's a competitor. he's probably adopting himself as a kind of secondary coach. >> he's got a baseball in his
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hand. do you think he's trying to get out there? >> got his new orleans jersey on. >> aguilar draws a leadoff walk to start the second inning. congressional baseball game benefits the nonprofit congressional sports for charity foundation which supports vulnerable children and families in the washington, d.c. area. to learn more or donate, please visit that's why we are here this evening, raising money for charity. aguilar down to first base drawing a leadoff walk. see how active he is down there catcher chris murphy steps in now. >> only senator on the field right now. from connecticut. he played catcher for the democrats for quite a while and well respected by his teammates. # >> can't get a good look at what jersey he's wearing. democrats wearing a variety
7:41 pm
ofier cease, republicans wearing red. aguilar steals second. they are running. >> democrats clearly made the decision they are going to run. >> third stolen base. so far tonight. steube had 32 pitches in the second inning. nobody out. aguilar stands down at second. >> the democrats may need to run a lot if the first inning is any indication of how the republicans are going to be hitting off aguilar. we'll see if he settles down as the game moves on. >> steube from the stretch. ball low. 2-0. going to be having a little trouble. >> as i recall from a couple of years ago that was an issue for him. a little bit of a control.
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>> 2-0 to murphy. steube in the stretch. the kick and the pitch. swing and foul back. over the screen. 2-1. george wallace and mitch miller here with you. nationals park on a 67-degree evening. democrats and republicans. a very action-packed first inning. as we've seen games that are 21-5. mostly when cedric was pitching. the republicans win with a walk-off win in 016, an 8-7 exciting walk-off win. see some pretty good baseball. hopefully we'll see more of that this evening. aguilar running on the 2-1. scalise not going to throw down to third. aguilar steals second and third now. he's 90 feet away. chris murphy with a 3-1 count. >> in the spirit of bipartisanship i'd like to see that, that's just me. >> it's more exciting.
7:43 pm
>> absolutely. >> 21-5, how many stories to tell in a 21-5 game. i take that back, nothing big going on over there now. >> crohn if the audience wants to hear those stories. we'll keep them tucked away for now. the democrats two years ago -- >> 3-1. aguilar comes in with a score. did he tag the base? he did. he's safe. scalise tried to hustle back. didn't think aguilar tagged the base. >> aguilar difficulty with touching the base when he got there. he's laughing at himself about it. what was i doing there? but he did score. >> the ball got behind scalise. here's aguilar. see a replay. that's what happened. he tried to slide when he was in the batter's box, got tripped up. did get to home plate. >> i think that would be a moment of indecision there by aguilar.
7:44 pm
he was thinking about sliding, maybe don't need to. the fact that he got up laughing is a good thing because you don't want to get injured. >> tom malinowski stands in. murphy running on the first pitch. not in time again. here comes aguilar again. let's look at this again. coming into home plate, do i slide? do i not slide? no, just trip over it and fall. maybe he tripped over home plate? how many times did we do that in little league? >> it actually raises an issue in connection with injuries. back in the 19 50's, the speaker of the house actually stated that, sam rayburn, he did not want players to play in this game for a while because there were too many guys getting hurt. so they actually stopped this classic game for a while. because the speaker of the house said look, too many of you guys are getting hurt. can't handle it
7:45 pm
we need you guys on the floor, not on the ballfield they stopped it for a while a t the admonition of the house speaker. then they brought it back a few years later and we got it going in the early 1960's. >> malinowski chips the offering for the strike. behind 0-1. chris murphy at second. nobody out still here. democrats have run home here in the second inning. steube from the stretch. not going to take a peek back to murphy. oh, no. did he balk? >> i think he balked. >> he did balk. steube not happy. he balked. so murphy down to third. he's already walked aguilar and murphy. aguilar coming around to score. murphy at third.
7:46 pm
nobody out. become to steube. takes a look back at third. throws other to brooks at first for the out. runner stays at third. steube. yielding his -- fielding his position nicely there. >> good fundamentals. >> ball right back to steube. comes off the mound. throws to first. brooks comes off first base and keeping murphy there at third. >> like that fundamental baseball. >> i like it too. >> for all you kids at home take a look at that. there's some other things -- >> you kids watching the congressional baseball game at home. that's how you field your position. >> you may not want to take another look at that -- >> or listening to the congressional baseball game, i should say. we are coming to you on fox sports and federal news network here in washington, d.c. and that will -- kildee.
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>> there are some other plays that kids or otherwise probably don't want to see again. those were not real good plays. but nonetheless we have a 5-4 ballgame right now. >> we have a delay as the racino come race in the fourth inning. >> we talked about the -- >> that's why we have a break. the president of the united states. >> the actual noaft united states. >> there he is. >> there's president biden. >> president biden is in the house. there he is. [cheers and applause] >> president biden making an appearance here. >> house speaker nancy pelosi he met with speaker pelosi and senate majority leader schumer a little while ago at the white house as they try to figure out some things related to infrastructure and a whole ton of issues now facing the
7:48 pm
congressional democrats and the president. president going around, shaking hands. >> i guess this is an ok cause for delay of game? the president shows up? >> i think so. we talked about the unconventionality of this game. the fact that you have the president of the united states coming and actually getting on the field, meeting with the democrats. maybe he's giving them a pep talk to try to get them caught up since they're down by a run here. >> a few years ago we saw president obama emerge from the third base dugout in the middle of the game as well. to a rousing ovation behind the third base dugout. same thing with president obiden right now. shaking hands with democratic players. fans, cameras up, everybody taking pictures. players have their camera foaps out as well. >> i'm sure this nice evening diversion for the president.
7:49 pm
with all the pressure he's had to deal with this week. huge week for the members of congress as they're dealing with so many issues right now. whether it's the government shutdown. debt limit. major multitrillion dollar infrastructure bill. the president here now just enjoying himself with some of his fellow democrats on the field as we take a brief pause. some of the republicans on the field taking a moment to stretch. >> got to stay loose. got to stay loose. >> knowing the come pet tyness here they may be wondering if they're trying to lose some momentum knowing that they're ahead. >> we hear some reaction from the first base side of the crowd and the cheering behind the third base dugout as the president heading into the dugout. he's not going to take a swing, i guess, is he? making his way down the steps. selfies being taken.
7:50 pm
camera phones out. >> such a unique, only in washington moment. >> by the way it's the second inning. we have to pause. why? the president is here. >> he's not only here, he's not even just taking a wave he's in the dugout taking pictures. >> taking pictures with everybody. >> with everybody on the team. and as we all know, president biden loves shaking hands, getting out. meeting with people. you know who knows. maybe there's a little bit of political talk going on there -- going on. there was a quote i saw earlier from the number three house democrat. jame clyburn. he was asked if they were actually going to be whipping the vote on infrastructure bill he said i'll have to wait and see when i go to the baseball game tonight. and talk to some people about what's going on.
7:51 pm
you never know what can be happening. of course we don't quite have our ears to the ground on what's happening. i think they're having a lot of fun at the moment. >> he put on a baseball cap. he's in full congressional baseball game mode. >> he picked up a bat. now we're talking. like president obama a few yearing ago, picked up a bat. sports lover that he is we have a pause in the action in case you're tuning in. top of the second inning. republicans with a 5-4 lead over the democrats. president biden has made his way to nationals park. he's in the third base dugout, the democrat's dugout. i must say also, mitch, getting a look here. cedric richmond can't get enough of this he has his mitt on his left hand. he has a glove on. has a mitt. >> he really wants to get out there and play. >> it's killing him. >> i know i'm a senior adviser to the president, condition i
7:52 pm
just get out there for a few innings and help these guys out? >> he's got -- got the baseball in his hand. >> he not only has the mitt but a ball in his hand. once you're a ballplayer, he just wants to get out there so bad. perfect timing. give up five runners first inning, call the president, he shows up. get steube off his game. >> i'm sure the republican side -- i hope this is not political. this is just a competition, right? but you did hear the smattering of boos on the republican side knowing that they're up by a run and have been playing well. having good momentum.
7:53 pm
suddenly you call in your big gun, the president of the united states and delay the game. >> doesn't get any bigger than that. >> i don't think so. >> there's president obama with the baseball cap on. can't read what the cap says. president biden. i said obama. >> you were talking about president obama. dan kildee now. i think we're going to play baseball again. >> sounds good to me. dan kildee stands in. he's the 10th batter for the democrats. chris murphy is on third. and one out. steube. into the stretch. the first offering outside, ball one. >> kildee is effectively the designated hitter, right? >> yes, he's the d.h. >> one team has a d.h., one team does not.
7:54 pm
>> again, don't know why, but we'll go with it. murphy. leadoff of third. steube into the stretch. the 1-0 to dan kildee. strike on the corner. 1-1. steube needs to kind of keep it right here. he can strand murphy and keep this a one-run game, infield in a little bit here. >> yeah. >> that's how you know this is a serious decision. bringing the infield in. they did it in the first inning as well. forgot to mention. steube into the stretch. 1-1 on the corner. strike two. 5-4, republicans lead the democrats here. republicans put up five in the bottom of the first inning. back-to-back inside-the-park home run. kildee steps out of the way. look at the curveball. some movement on it. now the 1-2 to kildee. swing and a miss. high.
7:55 pm
strike three. our first swing strike -- swinging strikeout of the night. second out of the inning. >> steube looks pretty good, considering he's coming off that break with the president, came right back out. >> he did. >> i must say i do like steube's form. >> yeah. he is -- >> here's raul ruiz, back to the top of the order for the democrats. see if steube can keep it right here with murphy on third. steube goes from the stretch, two outs. first offering to ruiz, swinging strike. can't see if he's still in the dugout or not. >> ruiz hit by a pitch. his first at-bat today. murphy dancing off third a little bit. steube into the stretch. the 0-1.
7:56 pm
ball one. >> steube is a pretty imposing player. when he has control he can be a really good pitcher. i've seen him in the hallways of congress of course. tall guy. longtime athlete. clearly why the republicans have him back on the mound. the 1-1 is outside. 2-1. 2-1, two outs, runner at third. raul ruiz. hit by a pitch. stole second and third in the first inning. and then scored. >> democrats trying to play small ball. get around, get somebody on base who can walk. just steal around the bases as much as they can. meanwhile, the republicans where are blasting -- they were playing long ball. we'll have an interesting juks juxtaposition tonight if it continues as we have seen in the
7:57 pm
first inning. >> 3-1 to ruiz. 3-2, two outs. steube trying to get out of the inning after giving up a run. he walked aguilar and murphy to lead off the inning. aguilar stole second and third. scored on the wild pitch. >> big pitch here. >> funky score. >> that's one way to describe it. >> steube into the stresm pitch, swing, hit out to right field. in comes the right fielder, ellzey, to make the catch and retire the side. the democrats strand a runner at third. trail big one. president biden enjoying some baseball tonight here at nationals park and the congressional baseball game.
7:58 pm
>> lawmakers from both political parties are at nationals park this evening for the annual congressional baseball game. the first game was held back in 1909 and despite its appeal the event has occurred off and on over the years because of events like the great depression, second world war and intervention by house leadership. last year's game was canceled
7:59 pm
due to the covid-19 pandemic. watch every inning on the go with c-span now, our new video app that's free to download on your mobile device. ♪ >> your home for the american
8:00 pm
league series. the game's biggest stars by their way to the finish october 7 on the fox sports app. october baseball right around the corner, folks. joe biden is ready for some postseason baseball, still standing in the top of the dugout. back here at nationals park, the bottom of the second inning, publicans with a 5-4 lead and jake elzie standing against pete aguilar. an outside ball. 1-1. looks like you're going to stick around. >> this is more than a five minute hello and goodbye. >> inside, almost hit him. >> i mentioned earlier he
8:01 pm
greeted house speaker nancy pelosi who is a huge sports fan and at her news conferences she will get asked questions related to the dodgers. being from the bay area. excuse me, the giants being from the bay area. but also gets asked a lot of questions about -- maybe she is getting a quote -- an update about how the giants are doing. it is probably something weightier than that. >> back to angular, over to huffman for the out. jake ellzey is the star of the ending as nancy pelosi is on the phone, maybe seeing who else can get to the ballpark. >> she has a lot on her plate, she met with the president and they are still trying to figure out what they are going to do, not to get too deep into politics but they have a huge
8:02 pm
vote tomorrow on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and there is no question about whether that is going to go through or not. a lot of back and forth between moderates and progressives between -- within the democratic party, but house speaker pelosi will often talk -- i will let this play go. >> davis pinchhitting for him, our first pinch-hitter of the day was rodney davis at the top of the lineup. >> speaker happy about that play no doubt. she is a big sports fan and after dealing with difficult reporter questions related to what is going on in congress on the hill, she will banter with reporters about what is going on in various sports teams in california. she is known, it is amazing to me actually, you will get up early and you will think you just had a late night and she will say i stayed up and watched
8:03 pm
the day -- game and i did not get to bed at a good time. and there she is at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning back at work. that is true for members of both parties. it is amazing what all of them do. kevin brady, i mentioned him come out one of the ringers on the republican team. >> 1-1 from aguilar. did it hit him? it did. aguilar is playing with the inside corner, not happy about it, he knows it. he takes the baseball from chris murphy as catcher and brady heading to first and into the dugout, we will get a pitch runner again. trying to get out of the way. aguilar knew exaclty what -- exactly what he did. >> kevin brady, the former
8:04 pm
chairman of the house committee, saying i'm not going to run, why don't we get one of the underlings to get on first bait for me -- first base for me? >> an error in the first inning. a line drive over the head of ruiz into right centerfield. close to the plate and he is out. >> wow. >> a heck of a relay throw. that is some pretty good baseball right there as he keeps it right there. trying to get under the catcher, republicans lead 5-4 as we go into the third. ♪
8:05 pm
>> you are watching the annual congressional baseball game happening this evening at nationals park in washington, d.c.. over the last century, the popularity of the game has led to a foundation known as the congressional sports for charity which supports local d.c. area causes including the washington
8:06 pm
leprosy center, boys and girls club's of greater washington, and the united states capitol police memorial fund. we expected him to resume shortly and you can watch every game on c-span now, our mobile app that is free to download on your mobile device.
8:07 pm
8:08 pm
8:09 pm
>> -- in congress after playing in this game for more than two decades. he's got some memories from this game for sure. he was hit by a pitch so i'm sure he will remember. >> jon ossoff to bats, his first time up. the offering outside. >> the georgia senator showing fielding chops at third base, he made a nice stop and a long throw earlier in the game. >>'s wind into one two, we get a good look at ossoff. he wore an atlanta braves jersey. >> why wouldn't you if you are a
8:10 pm
senator? >> they are not wearing their own names on the back of the jersey, they are wearing their favorite jersey of their favorite player, not even their own name. the guy hit almost 500 homeruns, sure. >> even though he got hit in the head, he just laughed it off as he went down to first base. it is nice to see wiley's players take the game seriously, they also know that greg steube is not throwing pitches every day in the off-season. >> and it's not 95 miles an hour. >> a little slower. >> his first time up, also if takes the lead off first after being hit by -- also off -- osso ff takes alito first after being
8:11 pm
hit. >> we know the democrats strategy is self-evident, run, run, run. >> the free swinging texas congressman. >> playing centerfield, a night already. he dropped the ball. off the bat earlier. >> he would like to make good on that and poke something deep into the outfield himself. >> another better, ball two. -- another batter, bowl two. >> a former nfl linebacker for the tennessee titans, swing and
8:12 pm
a miss, nice pitch from greg steube. the republicans trying to keep this where it is. >> they are playing in the field trying to keep things under control. >> still clinging to that one run lead. >> steube takes a step back and consults with pfluger. in case ossoff decides to take off. 2-2 from steube. down to third, ossoff, no throw. taking a look into the third dugout with a smile. one out now, a runner at third. greg steube peers in further
8:13 pm
sign. 3-2. his low. he will had to first after drawing a walk. one out. in the third, trailing 5-4. >> i was having a word with greg steube and when you think of steve scully's behind the desk steve scully's -- the man behind the plate, the fact that he is behind the plate in eight of position, they have switched amount now but when he was there earlier in the game, that was remarkable. it showed he wanted to get out there and lead the team. >> jimmy panetta batting now, down to second, no throw.
8:14 pm
another stolen base for the democrats, for this inning. three this inning. but now the democrats with second in third, panetta at the plate, triple his first time up. greg steube in the stretch, the o-one is tight. 1-1. the first two runs of the night for the democrats earlier were from him. he got one from greg steube into the stretch. he is having control problems now. >> that is what happened with him two years ago when the democrats won 14-7. steube had controll issues. when he is getting the ball over the plate he is tough. >> it's going to get back and
8:15 pm
picked up, panetta around second is going to make it a third, another two run triple for jimmy panetta. >> another headlong slide pete rose style, putting it all their on the field with another headline slide. critics to his feet, the thumbs up, he went down to get that one. jon ossoff scored, colin allred scores, and into third, that was one of those. i will give the first slide a better score than that. as long as we are on the same page. >> a different stratosphere from the aguilar slide. >> no doubt about it. the democrats take the latest 6-5.
8:16 pm
his first time up. only one out, greg steube in trouble. a runner on third, a pitch in a swing by adam smith. >> democrats taking the lead for the first time. >> rodney davis is catching for the republicans. >> a swing by smith, hit on the ground of second, brady -- making it to first safely. and the democrats add another run. a lead for the democrats. >> smith came up a little, he is running back to the dugout. limping a little. they're going to give brady an error second.
8:17 pm
he likes the tougher plays. >> he does. he is a gamer. he is going to take whatever they give him, he is going to go after it as hard as he can. >> adam smith will have a pinch runner in first. he is hobbling off the field. pete gill are struck on the first pitch, 0-2. democrats three across here in the third inning for a 7-5 lead. steube into davis for the sign. >> i have a feeling the republican coaching staff will allow him to get his pitch count higher than stephen strasburg. >> [laughter]
8:18 pm
>> steube peers in. the 0-1 is high. ball two. nancy pelosi has come onto the field, is that what we are looking at? >> down where -- there in the dugout talking to a senator. >> he got rid of the baseball. >> speaker pelosi is saying it is ok, senator, we would love to have you out there but you can't do it. she is talking with president biden. we will have to see what actually came of their meeting at the white house earlier. she is perhaps getting ready to leave. they have had quite a few discussions today. ranging the gamut anywhere from
8:19 pm
baseball tonight to some more weighty matters at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> -- he throws it away! aguilar to second, here comes a throw. he catches, eight gets past him. i gill are coming toward the plate, he has checked out of the plate. he tried to stretch it to home but he was tagged out. but a run does score as the baseball is being thrown all over the infield as peter giller slides home. -- pete and you are slides home. >> how speaker pelosi enjoying the moment before aguilar was thrown out, celebrating as the democrats get another run. ♪
8:20 pm
>> the second out of the inning, pete giller -- aguilar tagged out. bases empty as greg steube through. i know the ball has been thrown all around the infield, we already saw one kind from him tonight. >> we will have to follow up with him in the week and ask him about that. cracks tossing it behind second
8:21 pm
base, kevin brady goes over to get the third outcome of the third out of the third inning. democrats push for across, democrats with the lead. ♪ ♪
8:22 pm
8:23 pm
>> bottom of the third inning at nationals park. president biden has made his way to the first base side of the dugout along with another senator. >> our first bipartisan moment, the president moving to the republican side trying to be even handed. he spent a lot of time on the democratic side, hung out with house speaker lucy who was very -- how speaker pelosi who was very excited as the democrats roared into the lead. a senior aide to the president is with him. believe you me, senator richmond has a lot going on as he tries
8:24 pm
to help the president wrangled democrats on the progressive and moderate side as they try to get things going in connection with trillions of dollars proposed in spending related to various infrastructure bills. right now it is time to have fun and the president is going down on the republican side, the republicans all in their red uniforms, probably a political statement wearing red. >> the comment to richmond is glad to see you on the side. critics we are loving but you are on the sidelines. -- >> we are loving that you are on the sidelines. >> republicans took the first inning, a full baseball games worth in one inning. back to back inside the park home runs, like more and anthony gonzalez -- blake moore and anthony gonzalez. gonzalez on the next pitch over
8:25 pm
poor colin allred's head. republicans happy as they put up five in that first inning. >> one former nfl player to another, right over his head and now the president taking a moment with the republicans. earlier he was on the democratic side when the democrats -- >> greg steube with his first swing, a homerun, out of the ballpark. into the bleachers. the very first offering from pete angular -- aguilar swings it out. i want to bring the attention back to the field. >> i believe that is the first out of the park home run in this game in more than 40 years. >> the republicans out of the
8:26 pm
dugout. aguilar walking around behind the mound. to the opposing pitcher. >> greg steube getting all of this. >> look at that swing. drilled into left, that ball got out in a hurry. >> that was a bona fide major league home run. >> now the better as greg steube is trying to take away the attention. >> ironic that the president was on the republican side as that ball flew out of the ballpark. >> one down to third, jon ossoff gets it away from huffman and brooks down to second if he hustles. and he is.
8:27 pm
the ball back into the infield. brooks gets to third base standing up. a great start for the republicans. a leadoff home run and then it is an error. but brooks on third will get a pinch runner and around the bases, as soon as that ball got by, he takes the couple back and heads to second as he rounds second two. >> you are not throwing me out. >> 85 on that, right? >> [laughter] >> the third error of the night for the democrats. blake moore with the first inside the park homerun. : already, where he is playing. left-center a little. after that three run homer in the first inning.
8:28 pm
ball one. >> toward centerfield, that's going to get down. brooks runs third. >> a republican run on the board to make it 8-7. four runs driven in tonight. >> a runner comes in from third, a fist bump, blake moore feeling it too. over to the first base dugout. >> another slugger at play. >> anthony gonzalez also the inside the park home run in the first inning as there is a throw
8:29 pm
over to first base. the president could take credit for this, he comes over to the republican side home run and then one that ends up on third and an rbi. we mentioned anthony gonzalez and his inside the park home run, but he was a wide receiver for the ohio state university in 2006. >> anthony gonzalez, the ball gets away from the catcher with the tip. >> the former buckeye wide receiver, we would not be surprised that he would have an inside the park on run. >> correct. >> those were some good buckeye teams. >> absolutely. >> anthony gonzalez now, blake moore a lead from first, the 0-2
8:30 pm
to gonzalez, pop up down the right side. it is huffman but he can't get it. it is out of play. bottom of the third inning at nationals park, george wallace and mitchell miller, and for tuning in and watching and listening. a perfect night for baseball and an entertaining, high-scoring game as the democrats lead 8-7 after scoring three in the first, a run in the second, four in the third, republicans put up five in the first and two in the bottom of the third. still more and a one to count on gonzalez -- one two count on gonzalez. >> the republicans probably not happy with the fact that he is not running for reelection because he has been there raising star within the gop and he is quite a ballplayer.
8:31 pm
>> 2-2. pete aguilar up to 42 pages, and eight-seven lead. >> topsy-turvy game. >> back and forth. 2-2 swinging, we will do it again. when you look at the line scores, eight runs in only three hits. >> does say a lot. >> it was a grand slam. >> the two-two to gonzalez, ground ball to third, first for the out and more is going to head out -- blake moore heads over to third. for the first out and jon ossoff, feeling his position
8:32 pm
nicely. a good charge at the ball. a quick look back at blake moore but you have to get the place -- the play first. >> the georgia senator knows how to get that. >> garcia trying to get the run home from third. tying this all game. one out. i don't know if the president is still here, but senator richmond was walking past the dugout. maybe he went underneath into the clubhouse and out. shot back to aguilar who dives to pick up the call dust ball, catches the runner in third and throws out garcia at first. an easy 1-3. >> there you go. >> look at this play.
8:33 pm
>> dives to the left, off the mound, nicely done. >> very nice. >> jake ellzey the better. he has a windbreaker. the first pitch at the back. two outs, bottom of the third inning. >> he has got the pullover in the world series weather. >> back to regular, his first in the second inning, he is in the stretch now. 0-12 jake ellzey. to the republicans, trailing in the third, 8-7 with two out. the 1-1 catches the corner, 1-2
8:34 pm
to jake ellzey now. >> anything can happen as we have seen. >> a swing and a miss. strike three. the inning ends. republicans pushed two across, they trail at 8-7, greg steube with the blessed of the night, 8-7 republicans here. nationals park. ♪
8:35 pm
>> you are watching the annual congressional baseball game happening at nationals park in
8:36 pm
washington, d.c.. over the last century, the popularity of the game has led to a foundation known as the congressional sports for charity which supports d.c. area causes including the washington literacy center, the noise and girls clubs of greater washington, the united states capitol police memorial fund. we expect the game to resume shortly. you can watch every inning on the go with c-span now. that is our new video app that is free to download on your mobile device. ♪ >> this game has been played in a number of venues around the area, griffin stadium had this game until 1962 and they moved to rfk stadium before the senator left and then back to hear when the nationals came to town in 2005 and matt's park built in -- nats park.
8:37 pm
that's where it has been ever since. griffin stadium and rfk stadium come out a lot of memories for both. and here, at nationals park. >> so much history for this game when you think about the fact that it has been played since 1909. it was at griffith stadium for a long time, for decades, and of course cricket stadium, the stadium for baseball here in washington, d.c. until the early 1960's when rfk stadium was built. rfk stadium had the senators for 10 years and then they went into texas. all of it coming back full-circle, briefly at rfk, while the nationals were getting ready to build this ballpark we are in now. and then in the 2000's, this ballpark opened and it is a defining moment for these lawmakers to play in a major-league park. they will tell you freely about that. they are like little leaguers
8:38 pm
being able to play on a field like this, it does not matter if you are a senator or a member of congress, it is a thrill for them to play this game every year. >> leading down the middle, his first. you look down the list, the game went to baltimore a few years from 73 to 76, a high school in 1977, four mile run park, prince georges stadium and a dock to rfk in 2005 when the nationals came back. so definitely it has been around. >> absolutely. right now, new york congressman
8:39 pm
tom suozzi at the plate. >> and a mets number three jersey. >> he is a new yorker through and through. >> leading off in first, greg steube to the plate, swinging a swing and a miss. it's a pretty good crowd, a little scattered into left field. somebody got a souvenir from greg steube's shot. >> that's right. >> you don't think you are going to come to a congressional game and catch a home run. the odds are not great. >> probably why we do not see a lot of people sitting in left field. >> definitely not centerfield. critics -- >> mont asking -- he takes the
8:40 pm
lead. the democrats lead. this is a seven inning game. republicans are the home team this year. >> the last time the republicans won this game, the final score was 8-7 which is the current score but the democrats are ahead. >> down the right field line. >> tried it one-handed. >> if you want a baseball you're going to go after it. maybe he needed the mitt. >> exactly. >> a great play from kevin brady to stop the ball and then toss it over to mo brooks. >> a throw to first, they have
8:41 pm
an idea that they are going to start running. >> they have shown a repent city to do that this entire game. >> here comes 0-2. >> a runner down to the second ground attack to greg steube to first, moll announced a -- malinowski. 1-3 and i can't tell who was walking down to third base. we will have to see who that is as he waved to the crowd. perhaps a picture for the next inning. >> and it is -- if it is, he will get encouraging words from
8:42 pm
richmond, the longtime picture for the democrats. if you don't think this guy wants to get on the mound. >> a great jump at second, nobody holding him on. greg steube did not hold back. he is trying to steal third. ruiz steps in, blew out to write also hit by a pitch in the first inning. cedric richmond making his way on that first base dugout, fist bumping everybody, wearing a new orleans jersey. he has not gotten rid of that baseball yet. now he calls pete aguilar over, his night could be done on the mound. >> this is a experiment for the democrats, aguilar has not started. >> having to use more than one picture? -- picture -- pitcher? >> exactly.
8:43 pm
>> a little closer but he makes it safely. now at third with one out. a bit of a better arm behind the plate, the count at 0-2. check out greg steube. >> that was a nice pitch. >> rees is behind, 0-2 with one out in the fourth. >> greg steube checks the runner, his 81st pitch of the night. ball one. 1-2. >> i can't tell what jersey ruiz is wearing. i can't see the front. i like to give the listeners a better idea of the different jerseys democrats are wearing. >> greg steube from the stretch,
8:44 pm
a swing and a pop up. who has got it? nobody. right in front of kevin brady. the ball gets away, rubies going to -- rubies going to second base. who is going to get it? nobody. an easy out to give up. >> that is a tough play for the republicans because kevin brady is good, a bit of missed communication as the ball -- >> he is pointing at garcia. but that is his ball, on the inside. and then the ball hits. cracks new congressman, tom malinowski as he comes flying. >> a good hustle from malinowski . 9-7 our score.
8:45 pm
jared huffman will stand in for ruby's at second -- ruiz at second. >> they are running hard. >> i agree. back in the first, here comes >> to be his first offering. another stolen base. that is ruby's' -- ruiz' s first of the night. >> they decided they were going to run all night and they have. we are only in the fourth inning. >> 0-1 to huffman. ball one. democrats have one kind of the last 11. 2016 walkoff we mentioned, 8-7 the republicans win, and before that republicans 111 out of the 12.
8:46 pm
-- the republicans one -- won 11 out of 12. streaky. >> like you see the national league or the american lake dominate for a long time and you never think the other side is going to win, and then they rip off a bunch of wins. >> 2-1 the count, the runner at first base is ruby's -- ruiz. down the line comes ruiz to score. he scores the 10th run of the night. >> the 90 foot line. as soon as he saw the ball go to mo brooks, he took off and escorted easily.
8:47 pm
corrects perfect timing. -- >> perfect timing. >> jon ossoff has shown flashes of good feeling at third base tonight. that could be partisan cheering for him since he basically, his election helps the democrats get the 50 senators they have which gives them a tenuous but nonetheless majority in the senate. cracks jon ossoff tonight, 0-1 -- >> jon ossoff tonight, 0-1. that's going to get down. hitting the ball back in. a single four jon ossoff.
8:48 pm
>> showing it in the field and now it is a play. >> a little fastball up high. >> and he has got that jersey on, doing the brave crowd. corrects another batter tonight without a batting glove, and you can hear that metal bat. that might hurt. >> it is lucky it is not 20 degrees colder. corrects top of the fourth inning, george wallace, mitchell miller. the congressional baseball game for the 86th time. the democrats with the lead. colin allred is our better now. -- batter now. greg steube had 90 pitches.
8:49 pm
we did not get a report of how long they were going to let him go. >> roger williams going into the high 100s. we will have to see. >> strike one. >> how do you pull rags to be after he has been pitching and he hit a home run? >> that's true, all kinds of rules. >> jon ossoff takes his lead from first. 1-1 is high, not in time. corrects jon ossoff -- >> jon ossoff gets his third of the night. >> one of the younger lawmakers playing tonight. >> 2-1 ossoff at second base.
8:50 pm
trying to hold them off kelly -- kevin brady. corrects you mentioned they have played more than 80 times -- >> the fact that it is 42-42 and one tie, it is amazing in his that evenly divided. -- it is that evenly divided. >> when you think about the streaks, too. 2-2, swing and a miss. >> colin allred with the strikeout and the third out of the inning as the democrats push two more across and have a 10-7 lead. ♪
8:51 pm
>> this is nationals park in washington, d.c. where the annual congressional baseball game is underway. proceeds from this event go
8:52 pm
toward local ec charities. a short time ago, president biden made an appearance alongside nancy pelosi. he was in both sides. if you can't be in front of your television, follow every minute on the go with c-span now, our new video app free to download on your mobile device. >> the congressional baseball game benefits the nonprofit congressional sports for charity
8:53 pm
foundation which supports families in the washington, d.c. area. please visit w ww. congressional the president race is a feature, to jon ossoff at third. one pitch, one way in the fourth inning. >> steve scalise showing some hustle. >> back in the order after taking a bat off. you come back and get your spot back at the top. >> [laughter] amazing how that works. >> he has got to keep everybody on their toes. >> regular out as well. kevin brady, into left field.
8:54 pm
kevin brady on first base for the first time tonight. a one-out single in the bottom of the fourth. and a pinch runner for kevin brady in the fourth. >> he got an error in the first and came around and scored. the first pitch outside for a ball. >> the 1-0 is hit up the middle with ruiz in centerfield and brady heads to third, first and third for the republicans with one out. >> the seeing-eye ball into
8:55 pm
centerfield. he played college baseball at the air force academy so he is one of the new standout players for the republicans. >> here comes greg steube. everybody back. that is what jimmy panetta is doing. a major league debt in debt field -- in left field. >> not taking any chances on that first pitch. one swing of the bat and this could be tied. >> that is right. >> it hits the runner at third. he is out. he got hit under the arm. a shop by rags to be but i think -- a shot by greg steube but i
8:56 pm
think he is ok. he is going to stay on third. greg steube stays at the plate. everybody is happy. i am sure that hurt. >> i would say greg steube has one of the higher velocities. he has ripped a couple of foul balls down the left field line in addition to a home run. >> on the very first page of the third inning, look at these men, the follow-through. i just so that for the first time. he got a fist bump from murphy as he crossed home. they rip up the middle for base hit. >> coming around, here comes pfluger. steube around second is goign to -- goin to try for third. two runs home, this is a 10-9
8:57 pm
ballgame. >> steube helping agian. he went outside of the strike zone. >> he did go outside. he will get a pinch runner, he wanted to stay in the game as we saw. we have a pinch hitter here. we do, john moolenaar pinchhitting, he takes a strike. pinchhitting for mo brooks in the fourth inning. two runs home, 10-9, he makes the catch.
8:58 pm
greg steube a good throw coming in, but he crosses home plate to tie the game at 10. we are tied at 10. moolenaar is the pinch-hit. >> and nice sacrifice slide. >> the michigan lawmaker ties up the game and you can see the excitement on the republican side. >> that is what you do, drive in a run. they will bring blake moore to the plate. he already has had a heck of a night in--including a inside the park home run.
8:59 pm
2-3 on the evening with a home run. >> are publicans with three home runs. desk republicans with three home runs. -- republicnas w -- republicans with three home runs. 10-10 in the fourth inning. >> it has been a well played game. a shot down to third, jon ossoff, a long throw across the diamond and he gets it. a great play to jon ossoff to end the inning but not before the republicans come back to tie this game at 10. everybody is fired up. quebec for the finish. -- come back for the finish. we are tied at 10. ♪
9:00 pm
9:01 pm
>> the congressional baseball game is underway here at nationals park in washington dc. an annual tradition that goes all the way back to 1909, bringing together lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. playing on behalf of local d.c. area charities. our online commentary comes courtesy of d.c. video. if you can't be in front of your television, you can follow every minute on the go. this new app is free to download on your mobile device.
9:02 pm
>> this saturday, it is another huge state of college football right here on fox. join us for the biggest pregame party of the weekend followed by big news saturday. spencer rather and the sixth-ranked sooners face k state. >> another big weekend, getting out of the conference play here. >> we go to the fifth inning. jimmy panetta leading off. he is having a night so far tonight. two triples. here is a swing and a hit out to center field. here comes another triple.
9:03 pm
he rounds second. bobbled out there by garcia. he stops at third. >> want to play. what a play. >> another headfirst slide. we almost had a play at the plate. hesitation at third. the entire dugout is out to greet him. >> absolutely bananas. >> i am exhausted watching that. the son of the former cia director has to be enjoying this game. >> he stopped at third. throw the ball. throw the ball. i will make a hesitation. another headfirst slide. we almost had davis with the catch.
9:04 pm
this is the first pitch swing. i am still trying to catch my breath. >> at thing jimmy has been set -- has set a record with three headfirst slides. both of them successful. one foreign inside the park home on. >> i am not the official scorer. we will get a ruling on that. we will see what happens. we will have to go back and rule and we will get a judge on it. >> whether he has three triples instead? >> he death valley has a triple. let's take another look at it. he stops at third, takes a breath and then realizes the ball is out and he hears everybody yelling and decides to take off to home, stumbles, bubbles, he falls into home
9:05 pm
plate with yet another headfirst slide. if we are grading these, i'm going to go with his first one into third. >> the earlier one there. >> here is greg stanton, his first appearance tonight, pinchhitting. >> scrambled down third. that is a fair ball. a play at the plate. nice move. davis takes him out at the plate. great relay. smit is out of the plate. >> nice throw. great with the relay. >> the ball was waiting for him.
9:06 pm
>> greg stanton is at second. he has the devil. here we go. we will get another pinch-hitter. >> abilene this is the 19th game she is playing. >> she is one of the first women to ever play in this game. women did not play in the congressional baseball game on till 1993. linda sanchez started playing soon after. >> she's up there to swing the bat as well. she takes the strike. infield in. stanton is at second base after the great relay throw home.
9:07 pm
sanchez is up there swinging. takes a walk around, fixes her helmet. back into the box. a couple of practice swings. too bad. >> making up for those that did not wear any. one out here in the fifth. the ball is high. that is pitch 101. stu b is a workhorse. the nationals were on the road today. that is a nice hit through the right side. comes up with it. sanchez has a huge standing ovation.
9:08 pm
the crowd loves it. >> democratic baseball getting a big charge. she will get a pinch runner for all of that effort. >> well-deserved. the entire dugout is out to greet her. >> high-fives all the way around here for melinda sanchez, the california congresswoman. some nice hugs from teammates. quite the pinch runner taking off. stolen base. sanchez is going the opposite way. look at the crowd. this is into the stretch. a strike on the outside corner.
9:09 pm
>> we had so many moments during this game for both sides. >> the pinch runner. you don't know who the pinch runner is. it is at second with one out. a swing and fell back to the screen. >> 11, the michigan congressman. very nice. as a long-time tiger fan, i can appreciate that. >> we have seen this. the runner taking off for third, the ball inside. >> to runners. >> oh my. quite stanton was at third.
9:10 pm
there is the pinch runner. he took off for third. >> this is a very unusual situation. quick stanton is there in third. davis went back and he could take them both here. he almost had both. one and he could have gotten him out of third. >> that is something you don't see everyday in baseball. >> two outs now. stanton is out at third. this is a swing and ground ball to second. they pick it up for the third out of the inning. the democrats take the lead however.
9:11 pm
this is the top of the fifth inning. 11-time, the democrats going to the bottom of the fifth inning. >> this is national park in washington dc where the annual congressional baseball game is underway. a short time ago, president biden made an appearance at the ballpark alongside nancy pelosi.
9:12 pm
we expect the game to resume shortly and a reminder, if you can't be in front of your television, you can follow every minute on the go with c-span now. our new video app that is downloaded on your mobile device.
9:13 pm
>> the crowd enjoying this one. checking the update for some scoring plays. the republicans trail this one 11-10. quite the former republican congressman of oklahoma was a real gamer in this competition. always a great picture. in addition to being a great football player. >> gonzales rips this into left field. gonzalez will make it into second easily.
9:14 pm
this includes that inside the park home run. >> absolutely. have we -- as we have talked about this, there was a headlong slide. gonzalez was the former nfl player. he is a hitter. >> a leadoff double. the ball gets past murphy and gonzales led down to third. republicans looking to tie this thing up. nobody out, one at third. courts bill huizinga -- >> bill huizinga is pinchhitting.
9:15 pm
aguilar is still in this game. he is up to 68 pitches on the night. over 100 pitches so far for the republicans. the runner at third is ethnic is alice. >> behind him. >> look out. >> a little bit of control issues. swinging on 3-0. the shortstop into left field and an rpi. this game is tied at 11.
9:16 pm
>> gonzalez ties it up. scoring another run. >> he points to the crowd. brand-new ballgame. we will get a pitching change here. aguilar is going to be relieved here and will go play third base. >> that is jon ossoff. i believe he will take the mound. >> the runner at first is still aguilar's responsibility as he leads. right on cue, here they come. he loves being around this game. he comes out to congratulate aguilar on a job well done. 70 pitches.
9:17 pm
while mcgriff takes the mound, what about a picture that everybody could use right now? >> that is right. there he is. >> jim through a perfect game when he was playing. that was against the mets. mets fans do recall. he was thought to be -- they thought he was going to be a really good ace for the republicans. he did pitch some good games. some athletes on the democratic side work able to get there bat around a guy who basically could shut out and really silence another team and his majorly career, he had a great career in the major legs but also a member of the house as well as the senate and congress.
9:18 pm
>> here comes jim now. jon ossoff will take the mound in relief. aguilar through 70 pitches on the night. the runner -- on the first pitch, he is running. a stolen base. >> he came out of the game. >> the pinch runner. >> timmons with some speed on the base path, down to second in scoring position. he is the go-ahead run. the 1-0 is a strike. the ball was thrown down to third. >> south carolina lawmakers. speed on the base path. >> right now, roger williams
9:19 pm
pushing all the right buttons. pinch running, situational baseball. a swing and a miss, greg murphy. >> we saw it in the early part of the game, the democrats really emphasizing a lot of stealing and then as the game has one on, we see the republicans also giving the green light to players on the base path. the power of the republican team has brought it back to a thai game. we are knotted at 1111. >> the offering comes inside and hit him on the arm. dead ball. the runner cannot advance to home. timmons has to go back to third.
9:20 pm
>> nice to see no ill feelings there. let's take a look at the page inside, it hit him on the arm. that ball was moving. timmons at third. kevin heard will be the better. >> that was a bit of a bellyflop on that stolen blade -- stolen base but nonetheless. >> we will get the id on that runner. he got to second and then decided to fall down. he can't go anywhere. timmons is on third. very anxious. >> alec the energy.
9:21 pm
>> the representative from oklahoma. 1-1. runners at second and third. he pops this one up. the second baseman under it. makes the catch. for the out. >> republicans still with two players in scoring position here. >> we are getting into the heart of the line appear. kevin brady. >> he takes a peek at second. swing and a miss. >> brady will love to put his team ahead right here. >> taylor is there at second base, dancing off the bag. second and third, the ball
9:22 pm
outside, 1-1. haas off in release -- jon ossoff in relief of pete aguiar who went four innings plus two batters. another shot down the third-base side, foul. he thought he would give the republicans a two-run lead. kevin brady has played pretty good at second base tonight. he did have an error but he also had a tough play. that one is outside. >> that was one of the more memorable plays in a game that has had many. both could have been bad but a lot of good plays. >> jon ossoff with the black
9:23 pm
atlanta braves hat as well. this is a swing and a pop down third base. aguilar catches it in fell territory for the second out. that is the second out of the night. to the plate, he has a chance to get the republicans delete here. jon ossoff trying to keep it right where it is. two in scoring position. >> this is a good matchup. >> the first pitch is outside. trying to keep it right where it is. one run home for the republicans.
9:24 pm
still to on. a swing and a shot over to the shortstop. he is doing exactly what he came to do. he gives the republicans a two-run lead. the republicans lead it 13-11. >> nice rip. >> a very nice rep. >> i do have to say our scouting report and our immense staff that we have was much on the mark. we knew that he could potentially be a very good player for the republicans. the texas congressman played baseball and he comes in with a big two rpi single. >> jack's is just the statistician. >> he does a really good job of
9:25 pm
managing his staff as well. >> here is the offering. he fells out. that is in fell territory. not before. he comes through with a two rpi single to give the republicans delete 13-11.
9:26 pm
>> lawmakers from both political parties are at nationals park
9:27 pm
this evening for the annual congressional baseball game. the first game was held back in 1909 and despite its appeal, the event has occurred off and on over the years because of interruptions due to the great depression, the second world war and intervention by house leadership. last year's game was canceled due to the cover 19 pandemic. we expect things to resume shortly. you can watch every inning on the go with c-span now. that is free to download on here. >> nonetheless, everybody is having a good time out there. 13-11, the republicans on top and the bottom of the fifth inning as we go to the top of the sixth inning here. craig is out to pitch the sixth. 108 pitches right now. jeffrey's stepping to the plate.
9:28 pm
>> his first appearance, akeem jeffries, head of the democratic caucus. off the field, many have mentioned him as a possible future house speaker if the democrats were able to hold onto the senate or hold onto the house rather. republicans have other ideas for the midterms next year but jeffries over the years has been a rising star within the democratic party. >> or course. >> we have a lot of candidates for player of the game so far. he got him looking on the outside corner. jeffrey's can't believe it. that may not be the best play of the evening but we have seen
9:29 pm
some good ones tonight. >> absolutely. adam smith, so into the plate, acrobatic at home. brady to brooks. here comes rui's to the plate. he takes a ball high. raul ruiz likes to run if he gets on base. he scored twice tonight and stole three bases. perhaps the best play of the night. grant us to be with the leadoff homerun. the blast to left field. let's face it, not many people here could do that. >> at the time, we believed that
9:30 pm
was the first out of the park homerun in this game since ron paul, the father of rand paul hit a homerun in the late 70's. >> that is a ground ball to short. garcia bobbles it. roles to brooks for the out. garcia, that was a hotshot. bobbled it for a second. >> there are just a lot of really nice place in the infield. on the other hand, we have seen someplace in the outfield that have not gone quiet as well.
9:31 pm
>> the other two were way over his head. >> we have seen a lot of really good plays in this game. >> a swing and a miss. strike one. >> when you consider how much these guys actually play during a given year, yes, they practice a few times before this game, some of them may play a little bit more but for the most part, pretty good. they can just give it their all. republicans have been practicing since may. is that possible? >> it is possible because roger williams has made it clear over the last several years that he wants to really practice, he wants to get them to end this
9:32 pm
losing streak to the democrats. they do begin practice as early as they can. >> that is low, in the dirt, ball four. maybe you would like to see him get through their. he had a heckuva night. he hit a homerun. what else do you want? we will get a pinch runner now. this goes down to first. here comes jon ossoff off the plate. >> if he can get them out, they might be able to bring him back out in the seventh inning. here we go.
9:33 pm
roger williams is coming out there in his tcu bobcat. -- ball cap. he is asking him how he feels. we will see what the call will be here. 120 pitches. >> they will be a pitching change. he will depart after 120 pitches. we will be back.
9:34 pm
9:35 pm
>> the congressional baseball game benefits the nonprofit sports for charity foundation. look at that beautiful shot of the lichen memorial. >> as we mentioned earlier, this is a perfect effort baseball. it looks like august kruger is our new picture. a new player on the republican
9:36 pm
team and a really clutch situation here potentially. they will not get the pinch runner down there. be careful out there. they are running on the pitch, not in time. there is no name on the back of that jersey either. there with us. nonetheless, he is on second base with two outs. the republicans with the 13-11 lead.
9:37 pm
look at the speed. >> taking off and just getting down to second base. >> double pinch runner. alan is going out there. that is second base. >> good hustle. flying around the bases. that will lead to a nice ovation. more speed. over the plate. here is the two-zero outside. 3-0.
9:38 pm
we will see if he has the green light. >> as we talk about in politics, we are at an inflection point. >> the runner at second is his responsibility. aguilar through -- threw 70 pages. first and second, two outs. kruger from the stretch. >> tough position for him to come in, just new to the team and now he is basically pitching with the game on the line. >> a swing and the file back to the screen.
9:39 pm
a big out here. all jimmy does is triple, score, slide. >> he is a gamer. that is for sure. >> this is the 1-1. down the second -- down to second and third go the runners. a big chance to tie this ballgame. >> a very interesting point in the game. from the stretch, 2-1. all three.
9:40 pm
-- ball three. >> two outs. >> here comes the 3-1, he is swinging. he thousand back. 3-2. -- fouls it back, 3-2. second and third, a base hit ties this game. >> here comes the 3-2. it hit him. he will take first. he will go down to first. he is in some trouble. let's take a look and see where it hit him. it did not. it went above his head.
9:41 pm
it did not. a great job getting out of the way. >> just about hit the helmet. the always dangerous jimmy panetta. >> know to put him. >> the democrats on their feet. >> here is the first pitch. the drive down the right field. foul ball. the first inning slide, triple into third. another triple in the third inning. 1-1. back-to-back triples in the first and third and then in the fifth, they will give them the homerun.
9:42 pm
that is a foul ball. leaving off the fifth. stopped at third. we will give him the homerun. here is the spot for jimmy. this is from the stretch. strike three. they are calling it. davis tagged him out. he strikes him out. he is getting congratulations. the democrats leave them loaded and the republicans have a 13-11 lead. we are going to the bottom of
9:43 pm
the sixth. corrects the congressional baseball game is underway here at nationals park in washington dc, an annual tradition that goes although a back to 1909, bringing together lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. playing on behalf of local d.c. area charities. we expect the game to resume shortly. it reminded that if you can't be in front of your television, you can still follow every minute on the go with c-span now.
9:44 pm
that is our new video app that is free to download on your mobile device.
9:45 pm
>> the bottom of the sixth inning here at nationals park. the republicans lead the democrats 13-11 in the congressional baseball game. you want more hall of famer's? what about ella bradley -- bill bradley? >> he was a great athlete. the democrats could use a hall of fame kind of performance down two runs. >> what about playing princeton? three years, 30 points a game. anybody could use him right now. >> that's true. the new york knicks could use him right now. >> here is a pinch-hitter from brooks. jon ossoff is back to work.
9:46 pm
>> he is new to the senate, he gets elected, helps the democrats get to the 50-50 mark and here he is with the game on the line. >> came into get three outs. but not before republicans put three across. here is the fell back to the screen. a left-handed batter. a very well played game. we saw the bare hands and some relays from left field. we have seen a throw at the plate. >> there have been a lot of highlights in this game.
9:47 pm
it has been a good game. there have been games in the past to that were not so great. there was one that i think was 22-0. there has been some great fielding. the pitching has not been too bad. this has been a competitive game. the largest margin of victory was what? >> i thought the one i just mentioned. 22-0. >> 1928. democrats win 36-4. >> was that a football game? >> swings and misses for the first out in the sixth inning. there is no run with it. no mercy role. >> these two sides would not have any mercy for the other side. >> that is exactly right. >> we don't have highlights of that game.
9:48 pm
>> one out in the sixth. your comes blake moore. he has had a day. hit from the right side. into the wind, here is the pitch. homerun, inside the park home run. a single with an vin the third. grounded out to third. that is valid. let's look ahead. >> you had greg steube with 120 pitches.
9:49 pm
>> out number two. look at that. the high heat from jon ossoff. >> that was the high cheese. cliques it was just back to back. no wonder the republicans thought -- we talked about it before. we have seen it. he was hitting home runs. >> lots of power. >> here is anthony gonzalez, ball inside. a good crowd here. the democrats and the republicans. each side with 42 wins apiece. republicans want to pull this
9:50 pm
out. if there's anyone i am giving the green light on, do you know who it is? >> anthony gonzalez. >> we are in agreement on that one. >> i love looking at there and seeing the fred mcgriff jersey. >> gonzales swinging away. jake does not see it. if he did, -- two outs and one on. that is not jake anymore. wrong side, adam smith. jeff duncan.
9:51 pm
another picture. gonzalez can't believe that he pop that up. you know that he wanted more. >> absolutely. he wanted that ball going over the head of the right fielder. >> that is straight to duncan. representing south carolina. >> you have to like the competitiveness of gonzales. he gets on base with the game on the line. he is disappointed because he did not hit it over there. this is congressman duncan's first appearance in this game. the runner takes off.
9:52 pm
duncan. republicans are trying to close this thing out. they are up by two. >> this is nationals park in washington dc where the annual congressional baseball game is taking place. earlier, president biden made an appearance alongside nancy pelosi. he is visiting with lawmakers from both political parties. we expect the game to resume
9:53 pm
shortly and a reminder that if you can be in front of your tv, you can follow every minute on the go with c-span now. our new video app that is free to download on your mobile device.
9:54 pm
>> here we go. the top of the seventh inning as the republicans try to close it out here. 13-11. greg steube will try to close this out. the teammates huddling up before this seventh inning. >> there was one last peptalk from cedric. they both got together in a big crowd down there. probably giving one last speech to see if they can get the two runs to tie this game and perhaps try to get a little bit more. right now, tight game, 13-11. >> adam smith at the plate. takes the second pitch down to
9:55 pm
see it. he throws to first. he pulls it off the bag and everybody is safe. in looked like -- it looks like garcia would not have a chance with it. a single for adam smith. i can't tell if it went off his glove or not. >> they just try to pick off. >> he is still not on the bag. >> your back to it. he still wasn't on the bag. they threw over there and got him. that was actually a quick move. >> that is a pinch runner for adam smith.
9:56 pm
nobody down. he throws it away. he throws it away into right field. he can't get it right field. he will be waived home. they try to get home but not in time. the democrats put a run on the board in the seventh inning. the republicans are throwing the ball all over the field. >> a run for them, one run game now. >> phillips took off for second, not looking. he takes a stop and says i'm going to keep going to third. i'm going to look at my third base coach and brought it back home. a nice slide into home. just like that, it is 13-12. nobody on. a one run lead for the republicans.
9:57 pm
courts keep in mind, that all started with a throw to first that just pulled him off the bag to allow a baserunner. >> first pitch strike on the corner. we will see if he can compose himself. nobody out, bases clean. one run game. republicans are the home team tonight. if need be, they will have a chance. pete aguiar. both teams standing outside the edge of their dugouts. clearly on edge here. we will see what is happening in
9:58 pm
the seventh frame. >> angular swings and misses. strike two. republicans pulling in. >> he wanted it on the corner. he did not get it. the republican side is not happy. back on the mound, goes from the stretch. even though nobody is on. he just gets a piece of it to stay alive. i will take this kind of baseball any day. >> absolutely. very entertaining. >> 13-12, the republicans lead. pete got started this game for
9:59 pm
the democrats. swing and a miss. that is out number one. >> that is the second strike out in relief of greg steube. he had some movement on it as well. >> one down. chris murphy is the better. murphy walks to second. sanchez hit for him in the third inning but now back. >> trying to keep everybody on their toes. the one-02 murphy. -- 1-0 to murphy.
10:00 pm
that is over for a strike. august pfluger. the newcomer. he has definitely thrown some heat. >> throeing some texas heat. >> into the stretch now, pfluger, 2-1. on the corner. strike two. 2-2 to chris murphy. wearing a new britain jersey. >> i don't know if murphy could believette. >> i'm a catcher. i know what a strike is. >> that pitch looked better than first pitch. that is called a ball. 3-2. >> pfluger didn't like that one. >> no, he did not. >> the 3-2 to chris murphy. up and in. balfour. he walked it. murphy will joking down to first. >> don't know if he will stay in the game.
10:01 pm
may get a pinch runner. >> number 49 is going to pinch run for chris murphy. so tying run aboard. tom malinowski now. runner on the first pitch heading down to second. stolen base. now the tying run in scoring position. >> if i recall, malinowski, the new jersey congressman knocked the ball up the alley. >> you are correct. single up the middle. >> 0-1. pfluger. the 0-1. 1-1. >> malinowski trying to tie this game with a base hit.
10:02 pm
kevin brady over towards second. see if pfluger takes a look. he does not. top of the seventh inning. republicans clinging to a one-run lead. runner at second base. >> a little cat and mouse there at second base. >> here comes the 2-1 swing. fouled back. 3-2. this would be a big out here. in the seventh inning. >> really. with one out, a player on second, you got the wily kevin brady, the veteran republican shading back and forth at second base. >> the 2-2 from pfluger. low and inside. ball three. full count.
10:03 pm
wanted to know where that one was. >> working hard with every batter. >> pfluger. davis gets down in his crouch. here comes the 3-2. swing and a miss. >> big pitch. >> he threw the fastball up high. got him to chase it. two outs at the end of seven. >> it is going to come down to this p. >> the republicans crowd will rise to its feet with two outs. the republican team trying to get the crowd into it. >> the republicans one out away from their first victory in five years and only their second victory in a decade. greg stanton will be the batter. earlier in the game stanton hit for aguila in the seventh hole.
10:04 pm
now he is hitting in the 10th hole. >> 0-1 to stanton outside. what is the chant coming from the first base side? >> i hear some stanton, stanton. >> stanton hit. that's the ballgame. the republicans win it 13-12 as they storm out of the first base side of the dugout and mob each other around the pitcher's mound. the first win for the republicans since 2016 and just their second win in a decade. steube and pfluger get it done on the mound and how fitting was that that steube catches the final out at third to secure the win.
10:05 pm
>> exactly. what game. that was a great congressional baseball game. >> congratulations from the teammates. forget the 120 pitches. he caught the last out. stanton, nice swing on it. steube didn't have to do much. two hands on that ball. with the glove. >> you see the excitement from pfluger. he was really amped up after that final out. >> as they pour out of the dugout now, both sides will shake hands. the trophy is right at home plate and both side also shake hands. after a year off last year, due to covid, you could not have asked for a more of a well-played game here tonight. this is what they need. we got a great game tonight. >> really one of the best games in the congressional baseball game history.
10:06 pm
>> there is the trophy that the republicans are going to take home. we'll be back to take you through this game and what was a very, very well played baseball game. the republicans win it 13-12. we'll be back to wrap things up.
10:07 pm
10:08 pm
>> an exciting baseball game here at nationals park to say the least. 13-12. the republicans win it and beat the temperatures. the democrats. the republicans first win since 2016. panetta, 3-4. he drove in five. and three slides. and different kinds of slietds at that that. >> absolutely. incredible. all of these pete rose type slides. hustling around all the bases. every time he got on base you
10:09 pm
knew something was going to happen. even in a losing effort by the democrats, quite an efforts by jimmy panetta. >> we'll be back to wrap things up after this. the president in attendance tonight. the republicans with a win over the democrats, 13-12.
10:10 pm
10:11 pm
the republicans with their first win since 2016, the congressional baseball game. huddling around that trophy. a 13-12 win and a very, very happy group of guys, the republicans after a very well-played game, back up here in the broadcast booth, mitch. after a year off, they come out with a very well-played game. 13-12. we saw pitching performances and we were not sure how the democrats were going to do without aguilar.
10:12 pm
steube stepped in. >> congratulations to the democrats. both sides playing really well. you consider this game was not even two years from the original game after the pandemic for them to come back and not be rusty as you said and come out and make all of these great plays was amazing. >> we saw a number of great plays. we'll take a look at the assists from the outpeople toed. very impressive tonight as well. trying to get acrobatic and go over the top of the catcher. murphy hangs onto it. >> one of my favorites. the bare hand to bare hand brady to brooks for the out. greg steube into the left field seats with the home run. and then his entire team mobbing him at home plate with the home run. your stat was the first to leave the ballpark since? >> the late 1970's.
10:13 pm
ron paul, the father of senator rand paul hit a ball out of the ballpark. both of us looked at each other when we saw this ball flying out of the park. we just saw a major league type home run. >> you can tell how excited these guys are still on the field. what this trophy means to them. passing it around. let's be honest. let's face it, the republicans haven't had that much success in this game and tonight they did it in the field and at the plait. it is something else we have to touch on. steube, 120 pitches. preparing to comes in. a little bit of trouble in the seventh and gets the popout to steube to finish it at third. >> this is amazing what we saw too. two inside the park home runs. back-to-back by the way. as well as the home run we just saw from greg steube and we had
10:14 pm
crazy base running that we saw all night long. we saw jimmy panetta, we talked about how fast he ran around the bases and slid head first to the bases every time. >> hustling. >> absolutely. both of these teams while they have a lot of fun, they take it seriously. >> we saw great crowd. over 13-rbgz 300 at nationals park. the president of the united states was here. nancy pelosi was here. taking pictures. signing baseballs. the president visiting both sides of the dugout. both dugouts i should say. just a great overall evening here in baseball. >> a nice repreef for the president and house speaker pelosi as they try work out a few serious matters at the capitol and the white house a few blocks away. it was nice to see such a hard-fought game for a good cause. we talked about the charities as
10:15 pm
well. >> should we do it again next year? >> absolutely. >> all right. for our entire crew at nationals park. thank you and thank you guys at home for watching and listening. republicans win it 13-12. have a good night, everybody. >> get c-span on the go. watch the day's biggest political vents live or on demand anywhere on our new mobile video app. c-span now. access highlights. discover new podcasts all for free. download c-span today. >> c-span's washington journal. every day we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and we discuss policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, louisiana republican congressman mike johnson on the potential government shutdown and upcoming
10:16 pm
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