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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  October 1, 2021 1:06pm-2:05pm EDT

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>> new reporting this morning from "the hill" manchin throws down the gauntlet with the progressives. senator phafrpin is letting them know he plans to set the termites. morning is the
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author of that piece, the senior reporter with the hill. good morning. tell us about this announcement from joe manchin, it was not a complete surprise to some. >> senator schumer knew about this and written about this. month. guest: there was some reporting that he was privately floating a .5 trillion dollar topline spending for the reconciliation bill. it was a number that he would not confirm in public. it is something that his colleagues did not have any concrete idea of when they voted on the resolution in early august. he said he would not support the full number. his colleagues never had an idea where he was with the exception of chuck schumer. the big bombshell yesterday was
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the number is a memorandum between mansion and schumer. he laid out his demands. the one that caught everyone's eye is he's not going over $1.5 trillion. he made some other bold demands as well. he demanded that none of the funding in the build back better infrastructure spent until everything that was passed in the american rescue plan was already spent. he's not going to allow this human infrastructure money to go out until all of the rescue money is sent out. the federal reserve must and quantitative easing. these are huge demands. what surprised everyone was chuck schumer signed it and kept it completely secret. no one knew about it except his top deputy.
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dick durbin wanted to know what the number is. chuck schumer was sitting on that number four weeks. host: given his stance and the stance of the progressive members in the caucus, is it likely that the one trillion dollar package already passed by the senate will come to a vote today in the house? guest: i think there is no chance of that. nancy pelosi is making a good show of it. she promised the centrists she would have a vote on the infrastructure bill by september 27. ultimately, she doesn't want to have a vote that's going to fail and embarrass the president. votes aren't there. that was clear yesterday. it was clear they were not going
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to materialize. the person who is been so clear on this was very clear in talking to reporters. we progressives are not going to vote for this until this infrastructure package until the reconciliation passes the senate. no one is taking any promises from them that this may get done at a later date. that means the infrastructure package isn't going anywhere. pelosi can only afford three defections in her caucus if the republicans vote in lockstep. she's going to have to go along with what she is demanding. a deal in hand, a solid deal in hand on the reconciliation bill
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before it moves. as joe manchin said last night, late into the night, he said there is no deal coming anytime soon. there are still a lot of work to be done. the memo shows there is a lot of negotiating left. host: we know there is no government shutdown. they passed a continuing resolution. what about the debt ceiling it? guest: nothing. the democrats backed down. they had a continuing resolution that would provide disaster relief that republicans wanted because some of the states there were hit the hardest by hurricane ida include louisiana and mississippi. they wanted to support and pass this. chuck schumer put the debt limit
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and that continuing resolution. republicans said they would not support it. they voted in unison to block that measure from moving. the democrats took out the debt limit and now there is no certain vehicle for it. what's going to wind up happening is even though schumer is adamant that it would be a nonstarter to raise the debt limit through the reconciliation package, that seems to be the only way it's going to happen. it doesn't seem like democrats have the stomach for a standoff with republicans. i'm expecting maybe at the end of next week there will be an amendment to the budget resolution or do a standalone debt limit. that's going to be painful. we are talking about multiple hours of debate.
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republicans are holding firm. it doesn't seem like schumer and the democrats have the stomach to stare them down on this when the credit of the united states is on the line. host: his piece on the negotiations are on the you can follow everything going on today on twitter. thank you for your update. as for your input on where things stand in the house over that $3.5 trillion. republicans, it is (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. and dependent voters and others, (202) 748-8002. the headline from the washington times, hello see delays infrastructure bill for a second time. let's go to our democrats line
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and hear from tony in florida. caller: good morning. this infrastructure built will bring 6 million jobs to the american people. the gop only works for the 1% and big corporations. that's how they get there bribes. this is proof. we need to vote them out in west virginia and arizona. they are acting like republicans. when trump was in charge, he spent $8 trillion. george bush spent more than that. not to mention thousands of soldiers. we could have used that here for
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infrastructure, bring jobs. they want to go to war, they can't because they have kids. -- work, they can't because they have kids. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema need to join the republican party. host: the line for republicans, (202) 748-8001. for democrats, (202) 748-8000. for independent voters and others, (202) 748-8002. a potential vote on infrastructure today. alex fulton told us he doesn't think that will happen. the house is expected and no earlier than 9:30 a.m.. let's hear from james in pittsburgh. caller: good morning.
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my question is, why did donald trump send that stuff over to koebel, sign a surrender with the taliban, why didn't biden bring it back? host: i want to show you joe manchin it yesterday. he was talking to reporters. he was talking about the $1.5 trillion, his top line. >> the other piece of legislation, we can maybe work some that. the bottom line is this, we should be starting and making sure our priorities are in the proper place. we know the taxes. we voted against the tax cuts in 2017. that's the first thing we should be able to agree on. a tax improvement that makes it fair and equitable. that's all we are talking about. then see where we stand. i brought the 1.5.
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that was done what we could do would not jeopardize our economy. after that, we had coving -- covid coming back at us. also, inflation. in west virginia, i saw where the general dollar store, they are no longer dollar general. that's hard for west virginians. a lot of people shop there and that's all they have. we have a lot of good things we can do. you have the infrastructure bill. you've got this bill and the reconciliation bill. i am willing to work through that.
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they can run on the rest of it. there are many ways to get where they want, just on everything at one time. host: we have not heard much from kyrsten sinema from arizona. she tweeted a statement yesterday about much of this. she said it publicly more than two months ago before the senate passes the infrastructure bill, she would not support a bill costing $3.5 trillion. she's shared concerns directly with schumer in the white house. claims that she has not detailed her views are false. the proposed budget reconciliation package reflects our proposal of president biden and his team along with senator schumer. they are aware of her rarities. we do not negotiate through the
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press. she continues to engage directly in good faith discussions with both president biden and senator schumer to find common ground. let's hear from patrick. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for accepting my call. ultimately, this is the deal and i want everybody to really listen to what i'm about to say. when it comes down to $3.5 trillion, i get it. everybody wants childcare. everyone wants a decrease in pharmaceutical drugs. i agree with that. i believe republicans and democrats agree with that. the problem is government has lost its way. government feels the people work for them.
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they work for us. republicans and democrats work for us. something needs to get past. something needs to get past weekly. the economy -- we need to stop playing these games. host: i lost you for a second there. continue with your thoughts. i think we got most of them. we appreciate you calling in. we will go to south carolina. shirley is on our democrats line. caller: i would like to say one thing to the democrats. i would like for us to vote that other lady. they don't do anything for the democrats except hold things up anyway. why don't they go to the republicans?
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host: we hear from david on the republican line. good morning. caller: my parents never asked for tree childcare -- they worked hard. they never think that they could to pay the bills. i don't see why we have two run the country into the ground. i don't see anything lifting poor people up out of poverty. spending a lot of money and nobody is getting anything out of it. i don't see any crumbling bridges in new york. i cross them all the time. i do see potholes. that's not federal. that's done by the state in the county. all this money for infrastructure, i'm not sure where it's going.
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it's got to be falling off of a cliff. the democrats had a long time to plan for this. they could have done whatever they wanted to do. they could've said this is line by line. i thinks that's what should really happen. host: the trillion dollar infrastructure bill, the bipartisan framework, it is passed in the senate with 19 republican votes. that's the one that is pending in the house. still to be negotiated is the budget reconciliation package. that would establish universal pre-k and extend the childcare tax credits. it would create a paid family immediately even medical leave benefit.
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it would require 80% of power from clean energy by 2030. it would make committee college free and reduce prescription drug costs. good morning to sam. caller: yes. are you there? listening, the infrastructure, i think we should have that. i've got news for people out there. you're only going to have what those republicans decide. those people are -- you're not going to get anything out of that. wake up and smell the roses. if you long -- look, donald trump has made arrangements. there's no need to worry about what the constituents say.
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they don't care about it. the arrangements of already been made to win the voting and everything. the party is over. that's right. host: larry on the republican line in cleveland. good morning. caller: my question is, when they use the words until or unless, that is the quid pro quo. they can't use the word unless. why don't they work on a bill and then another bill. they keep using that word. people have got to listen to words. that is quid pro quo. that's all i have to say.
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they are trying to get every american dollar. they are trying to kill america. i don't know what people really understand the amount of $1 trillion. it's 99 billion. people don't realize the amount of money. not including all of this covid stuff. now you want all of these others? that's a lot of money. host: one of the daily news sheets that comes out from politico, it's their huddle which focuses on capitol hill. in transient is infrastructure. the house did not vote on the trillion dollar package
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overnight. speaker pelosi pushed off a key plank of the domestic agenda amid a revolt from progressives. there will be a vote today, poulos he said. doug on the democrats' line, good morning.
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caller: trying to convert a little bit. if you think kpw it $100,000 and not taxing people. $400,000 is a lot of money and $100,000 is $50 dollars. and but biden, he kind of running on this. and up here in south dakota, our top cop was in big trouble and he is and now she had a lot of
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action on going up here, too. >> en on the independent line. caller: i think the social infrastructure is long overdue, if you look at germany and switzerland and finland they put human beings before money but we let corporate america run our country and reward them with these tax breaks when we pay the bill. it's about time that the little guy gets to win this time and women are working. nobody is home. we need the child care benefits that would help so much tporl so many people. they need to be rea.
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it is part of that. one option today or perhaps the pondering of what they could do in terms of a vote today. this is the front page of the washington post on the issue at hand. divided democrats postpone vote on infrastructure.
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>> i've never been a liberal in any way shape or form. there is no one who ever thought i was. i've been a governor, secretary of
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i have never been a liberal. i have been govern -- we have to. i'm not asking them to change. host: you can send us a text at (202) 748-8003.
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host: doug is in virginia on the republican line. caller: i've been listening to your comments. those people do not understand what is actually going on. go to the grocery store. go to the gas station. when you tax the most wealthiest people, who is going to start up a small business? if you want to be living in those countries that do that, go there. leave my country. i served this country for 31 years. i don't understand.
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host: two luke in california. caller: to what the previous general and said, he was talking about the rise in prices for consumer goods, that is relevant to the debt ceiling. what i'm really worried about is that they are for social welfare policy, but they don't focus on inflation. it usually goes to the corporations and banks that buy these assets and the interest payments benefiting the top 1%. if social democrats want to get to the root cause of inequality, they have to solve the inflation problem first. host: let's hear from the nation's capital. good morning. caller: i think president biden
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is doing the right thing. they are concentrating on helping the people. it's a good thing to see the soldiers. that money can now be concentrated on our society in america. there are no winners in wars. let's start building our great nation. thank you very much. host: janet yellen it was testifying yesterday. the reporting was from cnbc. she wanted to remain the debt ceiling altogether with a potential default looming in october. she said thursday she would see it taken away from congress.
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>> once again, just as our colleagues realized a government shutdown would be catastrophic, a default on the national that would be worse. throughout american history, the federal government has paid its debt on time. the unbroken promise is what's made the united states the leading economy in the world for so long. benefiting millions of families. we talk about extending the debt limit, that's what state. all week long, senate democrats presented our colleagues with reasonable proposals to prevent a default from happening.
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they rejected that offer. when asking to vote yes, even though we know they should. instead, just to get out of the way and let us keep america's faith and credit. host: your calls on what's ahead potentially. the reporting this morning of the washington examiner. a text here from west virginia.
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there was no shut down as congress passed that. let's hear from linda in michigan. good morning. caller: thank you for taking michael.
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i appreciate what joe manchin is doing it, it should be zero at this point. you can't trust the democrats that they will say they will do one thing and they do another. i don't know why they put lower drug costs in the bill. at the end of trumps time in office, my one prescription i take went down to nine dollars. my insurance wasn't involved. last week when i picked it up, it went up to $51. they are up to their tricks. host: was there any explanation from your pharmacist? caller: he couldn't really be bothered.
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he said the brand changed. the brand didn't change. i will be calling my insurance company to find out why. i just have a feeling that somehow they got raised. the democrats were involved. and now they can say that they lowered the cost. i don't know what's going on. i will look into it. host: thank you for calling. carla is in denver. caller: good morning. the underlying factor that these politicians don't want to spend the money on the people is our campaign system is broken. they are not working for the people. their campaigns are paid for by the very rich. where was the republican concern about spending money when they increased -- and voted for a tax break for the very rich?
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it doesn't make sense to me. that's all i have. thanks for letting me talk. host: this is josephine in new jersey. caller: good morning. i watched all day. that is my concern of what's going on. part of what he forgot to tell you, he brought the pork home to west virginia. i can't fault him for that. the pork he is bringing home in that negotiated bill is a highway that's being done for 20 years. god knows when it's going to be finished in west virginia. don't put it on us. there is one part of the bill that isn't really brought to anyone's attention.
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that is regarding seniors and what happens when they need to go to a nursing home and go on to medicaid. there is a part in this bill that they will be able to stay home and their own home without spending their money down, having home aides come to their house and $2000 a month toward that. where are they going to get the money? $400,000 is the cap. when we work, we got eight w-2. the government knew what we earned. that's not true with the very rich. we have to rely on their honesty in what they present. now they realized that 20% of the very wealthy live. they fudge their earnings.
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host: a lot of comments about the senator from west virginia. she writes that on august 11, he issued a statement declaring the 3.5 trillion irresponsible.
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north carolina, a line is up next. caller: good morning. i'm against this larger bill. i am old enough to remember, i don't think a lot of your callers do. they sound like they might be my age. joe manchin is what used to be considered a blue dog democrat.
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he's a john f. kennedy democrat. he does have some sanity in him. much of what he says, though he is accused of all kinds of things, there used to be a lot of democrats like him. they were pretty much in line with republicans on a lot of matters. you look back on 1960, john kennedy and richard nixon were pretty much in line. they disagreed at the fringes. john kennedy was pro-business. he was pro strong american defense. i doubt -- that's what democrats used to be. if you're looking at joe manchin, you were looking back in time.
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the other thing i have to say, i think the big problem is it's everything. somebody made a comment earlier about all of these issues, social issues that all deserve attention and they all deserve consideration and debate. when you put them all in one bill, with the thin margin the democrats have, do they really think they've got a mandate on this? they've got a three seat majority in the house. they don't have any majority in the senate. the last thing if i could say, you've given me a lot of time.
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the only way out of this and i mean long term, a convention of states to modify the u.s. constitution. i don't see how the congress is ever going to get back to any functionality with where the parties are today. i don't see how that's going to change. the founding fathers saw the possibility of this happening. that it might result in a dysfunctional congress. that's why they gave power to the states. you guys don't help matters much when people are saying democracy. host: let me ask you about the article five convention. what would it accomplish? caller: do you know what it is. host: we've done segments on it. caller: the one thing that might
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accomplish, i know enough that it's a path to possible solutions such as a lot of things people at the group's roots believe on both sides. term limits. we've got people up there that have benefit. they have been up there since nixon was president. there are very deep resentments and rivalries and these people feel entitled. host: we have done segments on a proposed convention. the headline from usa today about the debt ceiling it, what it means for you.
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mitch mcconnell speaking yesterday on the floor of the senate about their opposition to raising the debt limit. >> the majority has begun to realize the way forward matches the roadmap we have been laying out for months. on government funding, we laid
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out a resolution without the poison pill of a debt limit increase. that is what we will pass today. the leader tried to muscle through something different. the government will be funded as we laid out. that is step one. next will, step two, the debt ceiling. we have laid out the way forward as well. as i have explained, democrats need to begin the process for handling this issue through reconciliation. attempts at partisan jams will not change that reality. it didn't work on government funding. it won't work on the debt limit. host: people wane and on social
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media. -- weighing in on social media. in maine, michael from the independent line. good morning. caller: look at the affiliates. when colin powell got arrested, i met president donald trump at
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the soup kitchen in portland maine before he became president. take them out of afghanistan, catch up with the money. now we have u.s. fighting u.s. host: jasper in memphis tennessee. caller: i want to speak about joe manchin and the republican party. they spent $7 trillion under trump. the working class people never got anything. our country has fallen behind. we have to have medicaid, we have to have rail, we have to be able to move into the future.
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young people are leaving home. they are leaving behind all the old republican people. it's not going to be the future of this country. we have people that want to negotiate with people overseas. they've got to take this and get out of the way. host: when the senate is in stash and, joe manchin stays aboard his houseboat. according to reporters, protesters have been there. this is some of what is recorded earlier in ford's magazine. -- forbes magazine. >> anybody from west virginia? god bless you all. we are working hard. we really are. we want to get a good balanced
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bill that is well done. west virginia is different than it used to be. >> there is a lot of poverty. >> we are doing everything we can. >> that's the one thing we should be doing is fixing the tax code so everyone pays their fair share. we should be negotiating for lower drug prices. i agree with you 1000%. we are all on the same page. host: some of the protesters at joe manchin's houseboat. let's hear from jennifer on the republican line in virginia. >> thank you for taking my call. i have a couple of points i want to make. the first one is everybody
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coming after joe manchin for not voting for the 3.5. you also have the progressives that aren't willing to do anything unless it gets passed. it's typical washington games. the other point is the 3.5, there are so many entitlements in it. look at our social security? do we want the government controlling our childcare and college. it's 2021. they need to change. we need to subsidize childcare. women -- single women have been working and needing childcare
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since the 70's. what happened to the american dream of working and proving your life and doing these things? we've been doing this for a long time. i don't disagree with a hand up. host: michael is up next from arizona. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to say how disappointed i am with our representation. i've heard all this talk about joe manchin. he is saying what he will and won't do. i don't agree with him. at least he is talking to the media and his constituents. we have my representative, which would be the worst of the 535
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congresspeople in the country. senator sinema will not meet with the media. she will not talk to anybody or say anything. i couldn't be more disgusted. i don't care about a topline number. i care that there are things that americans across the board across the board all seem to like. the types of ideas that the democrats are proposing where they have a no vote on the others no matter what. host: when she is back in arizona, does she do town halls? >> no. she is meeting with higher ups, raising money. i believe it was $4500 a ticket. i have called her office many times. all i get his voicemail.
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i've never seen a congressperson who seems to just be there for the money. if you can tell me what she represents, i would love to hear what she thinks. host: did you vote for her? caller: yes. i couldn't vote for republican. i am a true liberal in that sense. she is the choice. until we get a primary system that allows a broader spectrum of candidates, we are stuck with what we are stuck with. host: what is she up for reelection? caller: 2024. she took jeff flake's seat. host: thanks for the call. let's hear from nate in milwaukee. go ahead. caller: thank you. i would like joe manchin to compromise.
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2.5 is in the middle. something else that i think is very important, he is protecting the honest elections bill. in wisconsin, we have a serious problem with gerrymandering. other states have the same problem. ohio, there is a group saying they are suing the redistricting because of gerrymandering. i know another state, their people trying to rig the elections drawing lines on the map. he was one of the people who did it propose trying to do something about it. host: thanks for the call.
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the u.s. senate is at noon. their work is largely done. there is no government shutdown. they will come in for continued work on nominations. a vote yesterday in the senate for the consumer financial protection bureau. the senate is in at noon eastern today. after the video we shared with joe manchin aboard his boat, his houseboat, this is what pulse says from kansas city, missouri. cynthia is on the republican
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line. good morning. caller: one of the things that really bothers me is regardless if you are a democrat or republican, we have to stop spending above our means. a budget is a budget. it doesn't matter who is in office. we have to spend less. i do not approve of increasing the spending limit. it's time we go back and look at our spending and get within our means. as american citizens, we can't spend above our budget. i don't know why they think they can do that in congress. if you review the net worth of these people, they are well over $1 million apiece. they don't depend on social
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security. they don't depend on retirement. we need the rationale to come back to the average american. this bill is over 24,000 pages. it was just introduced last week. how can anybody review a bill in a week? quit arguing about 1.5 or 3.5. balance your budget. host: thanks for the call. melvin is up next. caller: one thing, i've been listening to this program since 1979. two things i want to get out that really bothered me. every financial disaster in this country occurred while
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republicans were in office. that's everyone since world war ii. they continue to talk about fiscal responsibility. it makes no sense. going back to obama cleaning up, going back to bill clinton cleaning up after reagan and them. they need to stop that. one last thing i want to say, it's always the red states that have these issues with the spending. they are welfare states. they are getting more money than they put in. they are taking money from california, new york, they take
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the federal money. you need to go back and do a show on spending. especially these red states. it drives me crazy. house now happening at 10:30 eastern. for an update for things from the white house, the white house end of pennsylvania avenue, we are joined by bloomberg's justin sink, white house correspondent, good morning. guest: thanks so much for having me. host: we were just hearing about the house, potential meeting of democrats. what do we expect from the white house today in terms of the negotiations over the budget reconciliation measure? guest: the white house is sort of just kind of a bump in the road. they still think they can make progress and move forward. i would expect the same cadre of aides led by domestic policy advisor susan rice,


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