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tv   Blue Origin Launches William Shatner Others into Space  CSPAN  October 13, 2021 6:21pm-6:55pm EDT

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highlights, listen to c-span radio, and discover new podcasts, all for free. download c-span now today. >> william shatner go to space aboard blue origin. he talked about his experience and lord founder, jeff bezos -- and amazon founder, jeff bezos.
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>> the second human spaceflight crew, what a launch, we are on our way to the first milestone here on his flight to space. , gaining speed on their climb
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to space, we have confirmed the max q. that's when the stress on the vehicle is at the maximum. >> thank you for joining us live for the second human flight with audrey powers, william shatner, and others on board. they're on their way to space. so far, a clean burn on our blue engine three. a beautiful flight to space this
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morning. the rocket is climbing towards an altitude just over the carmen line, the line of space of 100 kilometers, that is 328,000 feet. we have had main engine cut off, in just a moment we will separate the capsule from the booster. our astronauts will have the opportunity to get out of their harnesses and enjoy the beauties of zero g. that is way to listen. -- let us wait to listen. a clean separation from the capital and the booster.
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-- capsule and the booster. you can see the capsule from the top of the booster. they are continuing their ascent over the carmen line. you will know when they hit aptitude when the speed hits zero. there they are, over 300 today thousand feet over 100 kilometers, welcome to space. the nose as not on board our crew capsule -- the newest astronauts on board our crew capsule.
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they have hit apogee at about six 1000 feet -- 61,000 feet. i can imagine jackie having the time of their lives.
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>> u.n. for joining us live from west texas. -- thank you for joining us live from west texas. it is so exciting to have sent captain kirk himself, william shatner to space. i cannot wait to hear his commentary upon return. as with our -- as well as our customers. a big shout out to you as well as our own audrey powers. they're coming back home. the booster is going to bring the capsule back home. it is more and not mentally shaped. -- it is more aerodynamically shaped. what we see coming up is the top of the rocket, we have the drag
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breaks. it helps stabilize the vehicle, like the feathers on the back of an arrow. it cuts the velocity dramatically. you can see the wedge fins are out. we are going to expect the engine to relight about 3600
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feet above ground level. the drag breaks have written -- have deployed. touchdown. welcome back new shepard. the fourth flight to space and back provided a beautiful flight to space for our second human group. that gets me every time we do this. the sonic boom is so cool. drag breaks are folding back in as have the wedge fins. you could feel her up and go again. >> is still catches you off guard every time. -- it still catches you off guard every time.
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>> the show is not over, the capital is descending, we are waiting for first the shoot -- chute. it will be followed by the main parachute that will release and fully inflate. there goes the parachutes. here comes the main. what a flight. you can already start to hear the cheers from outside our state here in west texas.
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>> i see it! [indiscernible] >> how about that, guys? >> here comes our crew, back into the desert. the newest astronauts.
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>> it is unlike anything. >> standby, touchdown. >> the capsule touches down, welcome back the newest astronauts. what a day for you, welcome back. i cannot wait to talk to them. get what the experience was. >> what an absolutely stunning flight. i love hearing that audio of them on their way back about how this experience was for them. i cannot wait to hear their stories. >> william shatner says it
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is like nothing he has experienced before. it was like nothing he had ever seen before. >> what a day for our astronauts. our team is preparing a landing safety operations and recovery of our essence from a crew capsule. who will be on the ground at the landing site to follow the action in just a bit. maybe even talk to the world's newest astronauts. break -- breathtaking stuff. you will see the recovery team show up shortly. we send them out before the capsule has landed. we get data analyzing where the capsule is going to come down. where the winds are. we are going to see the recovery team come out there. they will also be joined by some of their friends and family to
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watch as they emerge from the capsule. let us check out these beautiful shots of our four astronauts in the texas desert after having gone up over the carmen line and back. >> here are some beautiful shots of our four astronauts awaiting the recovery team. they have had communications with the four astronauts and they have all given the thumbs up that they are doing ok after the flight.
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>> awaiting that recovering team and the champagne shower. >> there are some ways from our astronauts there. -- waves from our astronauts there. there in the foreground, you see the capsule, the background, the new shepard booster has flown into space four times. the recovery crew.
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>> you can see, beautiful shots of the parachutes, they have fallen pretty close to the capsule itself, there is not a lot of ground wind out there. we talked about this earlier in the show, we had to delay a day because of the custody winds that have been out there. today has been a beautiful day for a launch. a launch and landing of four new astronauts. >> we were talking to chris and he flew that around the world to space as you mentioned, he is a
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dj, our new astronauts, our club from the future postcards that have returned from space and the personal items like the usb full of music. i wish we could be playing some of that right now. >> he will soon. he has a sidekick as a dj. -- a sidekick as a dj. i cannot wait to see what he does with that music. >> william shatner, he also sings. i think that is one of the most beautiful things about what we are doing blue origin. opening the door to more people to go to space. yes the scientists and engineers but now the artists, poets, singers, djs, let us see what they create coming out of this experience. going to space changes you. we talked about the overview effect. i cannot wait to see how the
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stories that come out of and the art that comes out of this. we are getting a thumbs up from each of our astronauts.
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[inaudible] >> thank you for joining us. have just completed our second human flight of the new shepard
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vehicle. our crew on board, the great william shatner, who has become the oldest person to have ever flown to space at the age of 90 years old. audrey powers, as well as our two customers. our recovery crew is out there and is about to open the hatch. there is jeff bezos, giving a big thumbs up. >>wooo! >> wooooo! >> here comes the friends and family.
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[applause] >> wooo! >> woo! >> let me know when you are ready. >> yeah! [applause]
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[laughter] >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you for 20 us from west texas. -- thank you for joining us in west texas. we are awaiting jeff bezos who is now opening the hatch. >> hello, astronauts! [applause]
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>> come on up, guys. [laughter] [applause] >> there is audrey, a big hug from her sister. captain kirk himself, the great william shatner. our customer, the foes -- the first fully australian citizen to go to space and back. and glenn.
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some big hugs from their loved ones. >> you have got to work on it. >> not only is it different from what you thought, the impression i have i never expected -- [indiscernible] >> i want to hear this. [applause] [laughter]
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>> the champagne showers have begun. smiles all around. william shatner taking in the moment, clearly. >> everybody in the world needs to do this. everybody in the world needs to see it. it is unbelievable. the little things just went. when you see the blue-collar. -- color and then you are staring into blackness. the caller of -- the colors of blue.
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he ripped off the sheet -- you are off the sheet and you're looking into blackness. there is blue down there and the black up there. it is just very, there is mother earth and comfort and there is death, but i do not know. it was so moving to me. this experience is something unbelievable. you know, the weightlessness, it is so weird. not as weird as the blue. it is one thing to say oh the sky, but what is not true is what is unknown.
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there is this soft blue, the beauty of the color. you are through it in the instant. is it a mile? >> depends on how you measure it. maybe 50 miles. >> you are through 50 miles. suddenly you are through the blue. you are into black. what you see is black. what you see down there is a light and that is the difference. not to have this, you have done something. what you have given me is the most profound experience i can
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imagine. i am so filled with emotion about what just happened. it is extraordinary. i hope i never recover from it. i hope that i can maintain what i feel now. i do not want to lose it. it is so much a larger than life. it has not got anything to do with a little green planet. it has to do with the normandy -- it has to do with the suddenness of life and death. >> it is so beautiful. >> your words. they are amazing. >> i cannot even begin to
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express what i would love to do, is to communicate as much as possible. the jeopardy, the moment that you see how vulnerable, everything is so small. this air which is keeping us alive is thinner than your skin. it is a sliver, it is immeasurably small when you think of the terms of the universe. it is negligible, this air. mars does not have it. when you think how air teaches into oxygen, it is so thin.
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-- changes into oxygen, it is so thin. to dirty it, 50 miles. you are in death. this is life and that is death. it is in an instant. that is death. that is what i saw. >> that is amazing. i am overwhelmed. i had no idea. we were talking before going, it is good to be different. -- it is going to be different. it is that phrase when you have a different view of things, it does not begin to explain, to describe what it was for me. if everybody, it would be so
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important that everybody got to have that experience. through one means or another. maybe you could put it on 3d on googles -- goggles. but what you need also, one delay after another delight, we are lying there and i am thinking, a little jittery here. oh there is something in the engine, an anomaly in the engine! [laughter] i feel the biome and such. i think we are thinking i am a little nervous about the delay. i am a little more nervous and then things start. the simulation is, they have to
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be more. it is only a simulation. everything else is much more. >> it does not capture it. >> that was amazing on the simulation. i thought what is going to happen to me, will i survive the g forces? i think, good lord, i am giving up. what an experience. >> it look like you had a moment of camaraderie. >> we all hugged each other. it is being in a battle together. there is this bonding of being in battle. you are also in battle in side -- inside yourself. i have had an experience.
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