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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  October 16, 2021 11:52am-12:22pm EDT

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c-span3 the senate foreign relations committee holds a confirmation hearing for a few nominees. a long time u.s. diplomat who president biden nominated bv the u.s. ambassador to china, and a former congressman, white house she so -- chief of staff, and chicago mayor out for the u.s. ambassador to japan. at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3, the attorney general merrick garland will make his first appearance before the house judiciary committee on issues facing the justice department. 10:00 a.m. eastern on and on the new c-span now app, homeland security secretary appearing before the senate judiciary committee. watch next week on the c-span network. or you can watch full coverage on c-span now, our new video app. head over to for scheduling information or to stream video, live or on-demand, anytime. c-span, your unfiltered view of
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government. >> a new mobile video app from c-span. c-span now, download today. >> washington journal continues. back and we want to know what your top new story of the week was. are there particular topics that were in the mainstream media that you want to talk about or is there something else going on that you think americans need to know about? call in and let us know what your top new story of the week wise. here are some stories that did come out this week that you may want to talk about. first of all, there is a supply chain disruption that happened and will happen in the future around the united states. the inflation concerns are going on right now. the debate over vaccine mandates.
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the domestic agenda of president joe biden, stalling in congress. in addition, there are the subpoenas that went out and are being challenged by some with the january 6 subcommittee and the legal battle over the texas abortion law. let's start with a story coming out of the new york times that deals with what is happening with the vaccines in the united states right now. a new booster shot as been approved by the united states government. the new york times says, a key federal committee voted unanimously friday to recommend johnson & johnson booster shots, clearing the way for all 50 million people who got at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine to receive a second shot. if they received a
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recommendation as expected, boosters could be offered by late next week. committee members made it clear they believe that johnson & johnson recipients might benefit from the option of a booster of the pfizer or moderna vaccine. this is something a top fda officials said the agency was considering. with a series of votes over the past month to recommend boosters for all three coronavirus vaccines used in the unite states, the panel set aside significant divisions and skepticism about whether extra shots are needed and edged ever closer to the goal that president biden laid out in august when he called for boosters for adults. that is coming from the new york times. the fda panel recommending booster shots for those who received the johnson & johnson vaccination. before we get to your calls, we want to point out that white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about the executive
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order that was put out by texas governor greg abbott, saying that companies did not have to follow the presidents vaccine mandate. she was asked about it and here's what she had to say. >> what the president -- when it comes to what the guidance is now, -- [indiscernible] >> we know that is federal law overriding state law. i would note that when we put out our guidance, on the presidents announcement about mandates several weeks ago, he made clear that, again, as i said earlier, requirements receive any state or local law and superseded. nothing was discussed and excuses minutes for say
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ordinances. we put out guidance putting that clearly. fundamentally, beyond the legal aspect which is unquestionable in our view, the question for any business leader is, what do you want to do to save our lives and companies? how are you going to create a workforce where people feel safe to go into their work as is? what is fundamentally in the interest of your businesses? we have seen from economist after economist, and any business leaders who work to implement mandates, implementing these mandates create certainty, reduces the number of people who are out of work sick, and worse, and that is good, ultimately, for businesses in the economy, but also saving lives is something fundamentally, business leaders can do, by working to implement these mandates. i would note that a lot of these citizens are doing this on their own. from the federal level, the osha requirements are the next step. >> governor abbott knows that
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the federal rule supersedes state law, so why did he do this? can you elaborate? >> when you make a choice that is against all public health information and data out there, it is not based on what is in the interest of the people governing. it is perhaps in the interest of your own politics. host: let's go to our phone lines and start with joe who is calling from alexandria, georgia, on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i love c-span. it is a great network. all the people are wonderful. i think the big story is a poll showing that glenn young will be elected governor of virginia. i voted for dave for president. he was great. there was an economist that
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predicted that glenn young will be elected the governor of virginia, and this will lead to republicans taking over the senate and the election of a republican president. being elected governor of virginia is one of the biggest news stories this year. i am certainly -- i hope he was the governorship. host: let's go to alisa on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. do you hear me? host: yes. go ahead. caller: my top story of the week is the abortion debate. i don't understand how estate can override the constitution. i don't get it.
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can anyone help me with that? host: let's go to patty in st. petersburg, florida, on the republican line. good morning. caller: high. . can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: i think one of the most important issues that came up this week from the front pages, but certainly, is whether or not whether we should cancel the cash payment system. to do so would make a fantastic difference in the way our culture moves on all levels and would very severely hurt the four -- the poorest population. host: what were you saying they would replace the cash system with?
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caller: well, that is at the moment, they are thinking of something similar to bitcoin. credit cards. what they would base it on, i am not sure. there are a lot of suggestions, but the idea is that we want to get rid of cash system because they think it cost too much to lose -- use cash when you can use credit. host: stick around, because in about 15 minutes, we will be having a discussion of a recent time magazine article that talks about the future of digital currency in the united states and we will have the author of that article here on the show, and we can ask him about getting rid of the cash system and if it will ever happen. let's go to tony who is calling
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from walcott, connecticut, on the democrat line. morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: go ahead. caller: i have to think. -- two things. it is columbus day, and we have gotten rid of that indigenous peoples week. the bigger's -- biggest problem is that the person we name our country after, he was the worst. he was a slave owner. we need to change our name to our continent. where the rest of the bills? we start to show the country the rest of the money that will be spent in the spending packages so that people can get on board. show the high levels of the good stuff that is there. thank you.
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host: another new story is they bipartisan white house commission was split on whether the supreme court should be expanded. i will bring you the story coming from cnbc earlier this week. bipartisan white house commission agrees that congress has the legal power to expand the supreme court, but the group was divided on whether lawmakers should actually do it. that's according to drafted discussion materials released thursday by the white house. the draft materials came out of the court all time low approval ratings that center on a political polarized issues. a growing chorus of critics have
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called to expand the size of the bench. proponents include former presidential candidates and cabinet members. other commissions conclude that adding seats is likely to undermine rather than enhance the supreme court's legitimacy and its role in the constitutional system. that's coming from cnbc on a split commission on adding supreme court justices. it let's go back to our phone lines and let's talk to cj was calling from minneapolis, minnesota on the republican line. caller: thank you. good morning to you this morning. i want to shed light on the pipeline here and the blackout with the news media here. that reason you don't hear anything about it is because it's not getting any coverage.
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at the same time, they are in violation of another native treaty rectified by the congress of 1861 and here we go again. this government could never be trusted as long as they keep trying to keep the native american people from having a voice and even being recognized. thank you. have a nice day. host: let's talk to jd calling from oklahoma city, oklahoma on the independent line. jd, good morning. caller: i heard that when the republican governors get together on the border, they were talking about creating laws in their states to weaponize people to go after illegals and create a bounty on them, kind of like they did for abortions, kind of like having, is that true? host: let's go to liz who is
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calling from tampa, florida on the democrat line. caller: liz, good morning. caller:good morning -- caller: good morning. i want to call real fast to talk on the january 6 situation. i wanted to talk on the january 6 since jewish and and i wanted to say that i was more than happy and pleased -- i wanted to talk on the january 6 situation and i wanted to say that i was more than happy and pleased. the whole time -- the entire time of diminishing certain populations. i love polly side. i'm really looking -- i love p oly-sci. that trial is the crux of what
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we represent in our government and what we are going to stand for and the line that we are going to draw. i'm passionate about it, but somebody like that needs to be addressed or there is room for it to happen again. host: former president donald trump spoke at a rally in iowa. he attacked what the bite in the presidency has done so far. here's a little bit of what -- he attacked with the biden presidency has done so far. >> joe biden and the radical left have brought our nation to the brink of ruin. it's never been anything like it. after just nine months under biden, violent criminals and bloodthirsty gangs are taking over our streets. it's illegal aliens and deadbeat cartels are taking over our borders. inflation is taking over our
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economy. china is taking over our jobs. the taliban has taken over afghanistan. lunatic leftists have taken over our schools. radical is socialist's radical socialist -- and you can't say i did not warn you. i also can't say you did not get out because you got out and voted night -- like no sitting president has received. the election was rigged. but as disastrous as the biden administration has been, no one can blame the great state of iowa because, boy, we did really good here. host: let's see what some of our social media salt -- social media followers are saying is the top news story of the week.
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my top news story is the continuation of the push for everybody to get a covid vaccine. all the vaccine does is coat self. at the government can control the masses with threat of illness. here's a tweet that says, i have a cone news item. in march, ohio legislators passed a bill that took away our governor's privilege to write cobit mandates. one final text that says steve allowed -- to write covid mandate. one final text says steve bannon being allowed to defy congressional subpoena. i'm terribly disappointed that he and trump other cronies are not hauled to jail by the next day. let's look at what is being done
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as far as international travel and the covid-19 pandemic. here's a story coming out of axios that says the white house will announce plans to lift travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers beginning november 8. the move will allow vaccinated travelers to visit the u.s. for the first time in more than 18 months. the announcement applies to international air travel and travel across u.s. land borders. effective november 8, must provide proof of being fully vaccinated to be eligible to fly to the u.s. fully vaccinated travelers will also be required to present another -- and negative covid-19 test taken within three days of travel prior to boarding.
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foreign nationals traveling to the u.s. via its land borders for non-essential travel, must be fully vaccinated and able to provide proof of vaccination and desk to border officials upon request. calling from maryland on the independent line. good morning. caller: i want to make a comment about covid, but for some want to state the people need to wake up and realize that the two-party system in america is at the wallop desk a duopoly. we really don't have a church -- system in america creates a duopoly. we really don't have a choice. while we fight one another, they keep moving their agenda toward the totality in government that they desire.
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it's hypocritical that the abortionists have been using the my choice by a bureaucrat, by a politician. the last person i would trust. it is my body. it is my choice. what i go to my doctor and he says you have this ailment and here are the various treatment you can take, at the end of the day it's my decision whether or not i utilize those medications or either utilize those treatments. people have to realize that the government cannot solve our problems because they are our problems. host: let's go to terry who was calling from north carolina on the republican line. good morning. caller: morning. kudos to the last lady from maryland.
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both parties are as corrupt as they can be. it is my opinion today, the biggest story should be the interview with joe rogan and sanjay koopa. -- sanjay gupta. it joe rogan exposed how cnn has been lying to this country for generations. c-span, you use them as a major news organization. you can clear all this up. you can actually show us the undisputed proof that donald trump colluded with russia. host: let's go to lee who is calling from des moines, iowa. good morning. >> i am an army veteran and on january 6 i was appalled at what they did to the white house.
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as an army veteran, and i've been with the v.a. for years, i was appalled. that's all i have to say. thank you. host: let's talk to ben who is calling from mississippi on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. top story for me would be your callers calling in saying that trump was not colluding with russia or didn't have nothing to do with the election fraud. he did. and they proved it. they proved russian collusion. the own thing about it, said he could not invite desk said he could not indict a sitting president -- said he could not
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indict a sitting president. the senate controlled by republicans refused to even look at the evidence. they covered it up. just like they used to do back in the 60's and 50's when somebody gets lynched. the person against -- the person that does the lynching, they have an all aristocrat jury and they will -- and they will acquit to gather did the lynching. host: new jersey on the democrat line. marsha, good morning. caller: one of my top stories this week was about the supply chain economy. all of these merchandise that is coming into our ports, and i saw
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all of the merchandise sitting there, and i think that trucks have to come and take all this merchandise to their proper place and truck drivers should be paid more money for their work. this is supply chain economics. get all of their merchandise -- get all of their merchandise to the proper place. host: president biden announced in the operations expansions at the port of long beach and los angeles to deal with some of the problems with the supply chain in the united states. here is what he had to say. >> together, these ports are among the largest in the world. the best way to make that point is it's 40%, 40 percent of
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shipping containers that we have poured into this country, come through these two ports. today, we have some good news. after weeks of negotiation, the port of los angeles announced that it is going to begin operating 24 hours a day seven days a week. this follows the port of long beach is commitment to 24/7 announced just weeks ago. a 24/7 system, what most of the leading countries in the world operate on except us until now. this is the first key step to moving our freight and transportation nationwide to a 24/7 system. here's why it matters. traditionally, our ports have only been open during the week
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monday through friday. generally close down at night and on the weekends. staying open seven days a week through the night and on the weekends, the port of los angeles will open over 60 extra hours a week. in total, that will double the number of hours at the port is open for business. that means an increase in hours for the number of workers -- that means an increase in the number of hours for workers. host: let's talk to cynthia who was calling from menifee, california on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. first of all, i have three things i would like to talk about. i have truckers and my family and the only reason they can't get to the ports is because their trucks have restrictions. if it's not a newer truck, the
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ports, especially the one in california, are not allowing them to go in and pick up the cargo. second, the last gentleman talking about trump, it has been proven that, the only thing that was proven is hillary clinton proved -- hillary clinton paid for the dossier and the democrats are the ones who created this. that -- created this to get trump out of office. number three, the lady or gentleman speaking about covid. i've had covid and i had it really bad, but it was no different from the flu. i do have antibodies so i should not have to have that vaccine. host: let's go to tim who is calling from arkansas on the independent line. good morning. caller: morning.
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i'm glad to hear some of the callers are up. california does restrict truckers. opening 24/7 is not going to make a bit of a difference. you've got to have a brand-new truck or you can't get in. they won't let drivers come in with older trucks. everything with this economy that is behind the slowdown, or we don't have enough people, this is all man-made stuff. it joe biden's new mandate make sure there's not going to be hospital staff to take care of you. he's going to makes year that there's not police to take care of you. he's going to make sure that there's not ems people to take care of you. this is all by design. this is -- there is no reason to mandate anything. host: we would like to thank all of our callers. coming up next, dion rabouin
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discusses his time magazine piece on the future of digital currency and what it could mean for the u.s. dollar. stick with us. we will be right back. ♪ >> weekends bring you the best in history and nonfiction books. on book tv, we feature numbers of congress discussing their latest and favorite books, including mark sanford with his book. kansas democratic representative charisse david with her book. and mitch mcconnell shares he is -- shares his reading list. ben nelson of nebraska talks about his book.


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