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tv   Democratic Lawmakers on Infrastructure Spending Talks  CSPAN  October 26, 2021 6:39pm-6:56pm EDT

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we have an amazing opportunity to transform our economy, transform our country, this is truly that opportunity and we will see that opportunity under president biden's leadership and i'm thankful for all of the women's caucus, the equality caucus, that are here because together we're going to move our country forward under the leadership of this administration. thank you. >> and now we're going to go to congressman hakeem jeffries and then to judy chu. mr. jeffries: i want to simply thank the chair of the congressional black caucus, the congressional hispanic caucus, the equality cause cus -- caucus, the women's caucus swils the asian and pacific islanders caucus. the house democratic caucus is the most diverse caucus in the history of the republic. we awe thoantcally --
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authentically represent the hope, this edream, the aspiration, the concerns, the life experiences and the passions of the american people. and we're thankful for these caucuses to have a president who is working hard to build back better. to invest in our community, invest in jobs, invest in the economy, we stand with him in what he is trying to accomplish and we're confident that we are going to get these transformative policies over the finish line and they will benefit our community and the american people. ms.chu: i'm judy chew, chair of the congressional asian pacific caucus. i appreciate the fact that the president spent this much time with us to talk about his vision of the build back better plan as we are going forward. that he had his top policy aides there to hear what our priorities are in this bill. and the president talked about
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how transformational this bill will be. and that even though we may not have everything that we want in the bill, that this will lay the groundwork for so much relief for working families in america. and that he pledged to continue on whatever is not in the bill, he pledged to continue working on that till the end of his term. of course we raise issues as the asian pacific caucus, i raise issues pertaining to immigration. recaptured the unused visas and providing relief to our immigrants in this country who are in the shadows. we talked about the kinds of things that are in the paid -- in the care economy such as paid family leave, which is so essential. and i was just so moved by how
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receptive the president was, how much he embraced what we had to say and how he wants to move to make this happen. and i believe this was such an important meeting for us to show our unity behind the kinds of provisions that are in the build back better bill. >> hearing from the women's caucus and the quality caucus, i'll add brenda lawrence. brenda will speak for the women's caucus and close out with david. mrs. lawrence: i want to say we all remember the historic letter from first lady abigail, mr. president, don't forget the ladies. this president has from the beginning of putting himself on the bat lot -- ballot as a candidate has recognized the unique challenges in america when it comes to equality for women to respecting all of those issues and policy childcare.
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we understand that the first responders in america during this pandemic were predominantly women. he has not forgotten us. the pledge that you heard my colleagues say that he gave to all of us if it's not in this bill he will continue to fight for it. i'm so proud to stand here today to represent a plan and a vision of a president that we collectively as the voices of minorities in this country, the voices that often small, that we collected together to put this president in office and we are standing today to promote and to make sure that we get the thumb print of our vision through the president on the record of history. thank you so much. ms. speier: we will not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. we are committed here to make sure that the infrastructure bill and the build back better plan are going to create really important jobs for americans. we have lost 1.5 million women
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in the work force. we are back to 1988 numbers. it's in part because of childcare and the lack of universal pre-k. the number of jobs we'll create as a result of the infrastructure bill is two million jobs. 90% of them going to men. we are going to build back better, jobs for men and women in this country. so that we can move forward with a great economy. mr. cicilline: good afternoon. we had a very important meeting with the president and his team about the president's proposal. we all understand that democracy is being tested around the world. people are beginning to wonder can democracy actually deliver for the people it serves. these two proposals taken together answer that question for the american people. the president's proposal is the greatest investment in rebuilding the middle class in the history of our country. creating millions of good-paying
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jobs. removing obstacles that prevents people from getting back into the work force. we are incredibly excited about what we are about to do. we are on the press precipice of something really extraordinary that is going to transform the lives of working people in this country, make investments in families and paid family leave and childcare and universal pre-k and so many other things we know are essential to successful communities. we are excited. we are grateful for the president's leadership. we are going to continue with him every step of the way. the real winners will be the american people. >> thank you. we have votes. we have time for just a few questions. reporter: what did he tell you made it in and made it out? there is something you wanted clearly isn't in the legislation. >> that's not what we are saying. i think we are saying the direct opposite. that the president has a plan that we supported and you have heard from a whole host of us from everything from issues that deal with housing childcare,
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immigration, will be representee president who served in the senate actually wrote this bill. mrs. beatty: so what we have helped this president do is come to a middle plan that is representative of all of us in the issues in the deal bill. bill. what we can say now is, you have heard from the women's caucus and others who have been supportive of that, that you will be pleased to see a little bit of all of the things that we have mentioned in some form in the bill. thank you. i'm not going to get into the specifics because we are not 100% there yet. we are very close. we are not going to look at individual items. we are going to look at a collective bill. you understand that as media. this is not about one. i think jackie said it extremely well.
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we are not going to get -- let the good be the -- the bad be the enemy of the good. it. reporter: medicaid and on housing, did you get commitments from the president -- mrs. beatty: i'm very pleased we are going to get the things that you mentioned. housing vouchers, we are very pleased with where we are at this time. keep in mind it's not done yet. the deal is not done. we are not going -- we have to go vote. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy visit] >> wednesday morning attorney general marek gar lapd testifies at an oversight hearing before the senate judiciary committee. coverage begins at 2:00 eastern on c-span3. online at or watch full coverage on c-span
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for competition rules or how to get started visit our website at >> monday the u.s. supreme court will hear oral argument in two cases concerning texas abortion law which bans nearly all abortions after the sixth week of preg nancy at 10a.m. eastern the justices hear whole woman's house versus jackson with challenges part of the law that gives the public power to enforce it via civil suits without federal court review. at 11a.m. united states vs. texas looks at weather the justice department has the right to sue in federal court to block the law. watch the oral argument live coverage on c-span2. live or on demand at listen on c-span radio. or on the new c-span now mobile app. >> pfizer jake sullivan and white house press


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