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tv   House Republican Leader Mc Carthy Holds News Conference  CSPAN  October 28, 2021 8:34pm-8:46pm EDT

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for competition rules, tips on how to get started, visit our website at announcer: house republican leader kevin mccarthy talked to reporters about infrastructure and spending legislation. he believes few if any republican members will supported. his comments came during his weekly legislative briefing with the press. >> good day as always. always, some of you have been around here for a long time, maybe even longer than i have and i continue to hear the question asked have you ever seen in administration and congress as incompetent as this. trillions of dollars in spending and more inflation to lead to higher costs for all americans and those are all on the table. the details changed by the minute in the code of change since i walked in here and one
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democrat remarked, just missing two things, what exactly is going to be in the mail and how are we going to pay for ads and other that, we are good to go. remember speaker pelosi famous quote is we need to pessimism we can find out what is in it and when the white house rushes on framework hours before the president comes to the health, you know they are desperate and grasping for straws. the best ideas compete no longer and other competing for a vote based upon when air force one lands in rome. i'm a hard time believing the american public thank is a good idea for 87000 irs agents and we begin to hear different things the getting pulled out of the bill but there is one thing that have never heard pull out of the bill pretty the 200 million pelosi park, that apparently will always stay in and speaker pelosi is called at this the culmination of her career and
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said it just a couple of weeks ago in this very room. this may be the culmination of a many congressional's careers and think about it, every week, and it democrat announces the retirement and the democratic budget chair, only in his second term as chair has call it quits in the congresswoman, former chairwoman, has call it quits and 15 percent of the democratic leaders on appropriations, has call it quits. thanksgiving around the corner, i wonder if the president feels a little bit like charlie brown and the famous scene, with the football. his advisors tell them to come back up to the hill, and he promised this time this speaker pelosi won't pull it out from under him but we will find out today if she does the exact same thing.
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i agree with a not too sure that the democrats have yet developed the will to win in 2022. says lame-duck speaker just around the world on the farewell tour, put together a multi- trillion dollar bill in her office, you have to wonder, how long until the rest of the democrats we cup. speaker pelosi has destroyed this institution and its ability to function on behalf of the american public and is more democrat step out, republicans are ready to put america back on the field to turn our country around, and build a country that all can be out of and without we open it up for questions. >> if speaker pelosi brings it to the floor bipartisan infrastructure that is passes and it, how many of your republican members do you expect to vote in favor of it in any talk to any of them who have previously voiced support.
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>> some said they would have recorded it before but when the president biden and speaker pelosi made one bill, many of them pulled off. i don't expect few if any to vote for it when it comes to the floor today and i don't know if you'll make it to the floor. it is interesting, talking to many of the democrats, they saw what happened to josh and that he was given a promise by speaker pelosi, and that promise has been broken many times and it was a promise of something yet to come. he voted for reconciliation and move forward any found was a bad deal and now she's going for the progressives with the exact same thing that she promised josh and felt that three times and i'm not sure progressives will die but maybe in the future they will get something and maybe in the future, they will have a vote and maybe in the future, he vote for something today not knowing what is in it for
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tomorrow. i think it is hard for them to bring it to the floor pretty. >> i'm wondering if merrick garland - >> the first thing that he needs to do is apologize to the american public into the investigations of the bears who have the right to go and ask questions and you had school boards, actually presented their letter, is what he faced or bases investigation on the watches hearing yesterday and that is not becoming of an attorney general we need to do much better. >> oil like you said you didn't support the january 6th because it did not include nt for an black lives matter so as not bipartisan and do you consider those democratic, does not serve as an omission of the insurrectionist by the republicans. >> no, i don't even get the
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premise of your question let me be clear, that includes - they met while it includes because of they were included when they are have to have the other side beings that you have to have the republican side and that's insurrection with all due respect pretty. >> when i talk about generate six and had a bipartisan, that would be equal republicans a device that would be doing exactly what we have always done in the select committee but the minority can nominate individuals from their party onto the committee and your question. >> following up on the question about the mode, the bipartisan infrastructure built, some of your members and their elections, etc. but do you expect some members to vote for because it would be good for them politically. let's think about this, it is not viewed as one bill anymore, not just the speaker or the
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president, always used it as the combination together. but you cannot pass on without the other if it was one bill then why did the president come here twice and promised that ny is the speaker sitting down with the progressives and promising something they can vote in the spell and why is the president laying out a framework under the bill, it is one bill together some politically for anyone i don't think it's a smart bill whatsoever. so i think it would be difficult for people to vote for it had the candidate separate and work with the republicans who are actually on the transportation committee, which we wanted to do and we sat down only produce legislation for, america needs infrastructure. i'm in california and i sit back and i look at the hundreds of ships sitting out there and the failure administration knowledge of the supply-side and should be fundamentally different we need to improve our courts but we should be making this product in america in this trip should be
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going to other countries and bringing their entered our products to them. i don't see this as a bill that republicans should vote for based on what the democrats had done. >> i've had a phone call from either of those 19 who voted for it, and even today telling me that people should not vote for this and i think what happened when he came out of the senate and that was a private conversation but a good question well done. and they will tell you personally, but he came out in the senate way back in august, it was viewed as doing one bill and when they saw it was viewed as one bill and it was the speaker and the president, leaving on the day they made the agreement at the white house said one thing in the later in the day he said another that he could not make it without reconciliation they had put into one. it's no longer a single infrastructure bill is viewed as one reconciliation bill as a
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whole. >> so what are they telling you precisely pretty. >> recommendation even had a conversation with their congressional members that they recommended to not vote for it because is viewed as one bill this going from a person voted for it and then believes that is one bill the president and the speaker has done and i think this rain will be up for a while until they figure out one more time, to the make joe biden look like charlie brown and nancy pelosi both football out from underneath him. have a ♪ announcer: get c-span on the go. watch the day's biggest political events live or on-demand anytime, anywhere on our new mobile video app. c-span now. access top highlights, listen with c-span radio, and discover new podcasts, also free. download c-span now today.
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♪ announcer: monday, the u.s. supreme court will hear oral arguments in two cases concerning the texas abortion law. the justices will hear whole women's health versus jackson, which challenges are part of the law that gives a public power to enforce it without federal court review. -- via civil suits without federal court review. at 11:00 a.m., united states versus texas, looking at whether the law can be blocked. watch the oral argument live coverage on c-span2, live or on demand at, listen on c-span radio, or on the new c-span now mobile app. announcer: president biden today announced a $1.75 trillion budget framework scaled-back from the original $3.5 trillion plan. the presid


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