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tv   Senate Republican Leaders Hold News Conference  CSPAN  November 2, 2021 9:32pm-9:46pm EDT

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>> on capitol hill, senate republican leaders held a news conference addressing the legislative agenda, including border security and government spending.
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>> we are having a cloture vote this week on the john lewis voting rights act. nothing could be further from the truth that something has been done to the voting rights act. it remains against the law to discriminate against people on the basis of race and any state -- in any state in the country with your election procedures. this is a trojan horse to carry a lot of other provisions that the democrats have wanted to enact through earlier voting rights bills we have already
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considered and rejected. clearly, they want to change the subject away from how the american people feel about this administration and the reckless tax and spending will, onto -- bill, onto a nonexistent problem with this marching out of the john lewis voting rights act. again, i repeat, the supreme court did not strike down the voting rights act. it is still on the books. there is no evidence right now anywhere in the country that states are engaged in suppressing the vote based upon race. >> the biden administration is overseeing the worst border crisis in america's history. before it is said and done this year, there will be over 2 million people --about 2 million people who will come into this country illegally and out, to
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make matters worse, the administration is considering paying people who are here illegally and are suing this country $450,000 per person to come to the united states. if you add that up, families, multiple people in the families, that can get up to $1 million past were people in this country illegally. that is 6.5 times the median average income in this country. it is 4.5 times what is paid to the families of people who have lost soldiers in combat. it is more than most of the families in 9/11 received from the government. this is an insult to the hard-working taxpayers in this country. there isn't a day that goes by
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when there isn't a horrible idea that comes out of the biden administration and we have been dealing with that on the bailey basis --a daily basis for the past several weeks. this is an idea that has got to be another way. american people will not tolerate people who work hard in this country having their government paying 400 $50,000 per person to people who come here illegally. this needs to be stopped in its tracks and hopefully the administration will come to a sense -- it senses and see what it is. . >> the biden administration is out of step with the american people. everyone here has seen the national polling numbers that show 22% of americans believe the country is headed in the right direction. the american people know their concerns and they are very different from the misguided obsession of the biden administration. the american people are worried
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about inflation and how it is taking the bite out of their paycheck every week. there dollars do not go as far. instead, the biden administration wants to raise trillions of dollars in taxes and trillions of dollars in spending. the american people are concerned about the fact when they fill up for a tank of gas, it is costing $35 more than it did when joe biden came to office. instead, joe biden is over in scotland apologizing for america and wanting to raise the cost of american energy. the american people want this flood of illegal immigration going on at the southern border to stop. the administration wants to pay $450,000 to people who came here illegally. that is 4.5 times as much as i pay to a family like that of riley mccollum, the soldier from wyoming who was killed in afghanistan, along with 13 soldiers at the end of the fall
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of afghanistan. this administration must think the american public loves the irs, because it wants to pay an additional $80 billion to the internal revenue service to supersize the irs. this supersize irs will do more auditing and squeezing of the american people for taxpayer dollars. the american people have lost confidence in this administration. they do not believe the president or this administration is up to the job. >> on the border, as two of my colleagues have pointed out, the administration managed to being does bring attention back to their failures about the border by talking about these outrageous settlement numbers. the context at the border in the first nine months have been five times as high as they were du ring the trump administration in
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the year when it was most challenged at the border. 1.5 million encounters already this year. fentanyl seizures are up 2.5 times what they were in 2020 on a monthly average, from day one. when the administration decided to stop building the wall --in fact, we will not replace the wall that is temporarily down while a barrier was being built to replace it. we will stop all of that. there are more than one place along the border where those big gaps in what had been previous barriers have become a funnel that both people and illegal substances are coming through. this is a crisis, even though on november 19, the nominated head of custom service refused to say it is.
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. a crisis. americans know it is a crisis. drawing attention to it is a good thing for looking at the problem. it is a bad thing for the biden administration when people begin to look at this problem and a number of others. >> every year for the past 60 years, this congress has passed the national defense authorization act. yet we have not seen the ndaa brought forward on the floor of the senate. the senate armed services committee passed our version of the bill 3 months ago. one of the most important legislative items that we are responsible for and our nation is responsible for is to provide for arm when and women and
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uniform --our men and women in uniform and yet this administration and senator schumer are advocate -- abdicating our authority. let's take a look around the globe at what is going on. china is testing hypersonic missiles. russia is exerting pressure on ukraine. iran is exerting influence across the region, as is north korea. the taliban has control of afghanistan, providing safe harbor for terrorist organizations. our southern border is wide open, folks. who was providing for our national securi and how will we get that donety if we are not able to get the ndaa over the finish? i am calling on leader schumer to set aside floor time instead
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of doing this low level nominations. let's make sure our federal government is providing the authorities necessary for our military, our men and women in uniform, to protect our nation. >> we have an important election in virginia today. i am very hopeful that glenn young kim will win the race. what terry mcauliffe and democrats will learn tonight is the american public is fed up with the biden agenda, open borders, amnesty, our schoolteaching critical race theory, a failed afghanistan withdrawal, high gas prices, food prices, defining the police. this will be the first of many elections where the public will say we are self -- sick and public of the biden agenda.
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>> if the house passes the social spending now, they probably have to change it. what would be anticipate from republicans --[indiscernible] sen. mcconnell: i think we know there are two democratic senators that will be able to write this bill. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema will determine what the bill looks like. there is a process for amendments and you can assure short -- be assured we will have a robust amendment process during the vote aroma -- vote -a-rama. the house knows as well that mansion -- manchin and sinema will write the bill. then, i would observe the
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challenging exercise for them. i'm glad it is. this is a bill america does not want or need. the ideal solution would be to not pass it, but if it is passed, it will be written by manchin and? /or sinema. >> paid family leave was popular. it does not seem like that will be in the final version. is there any version of the proposal republican senators would support or you would support? should i come up down the line sometime? sen. mcconnell: if i were the majority leader and we would set the agenda, that would be a good discussion to have, but we are not setting the agenda. we are reacting to what they are proposing and that seems challenging for them as well. >> how would you expected to score and how would that affect your progress?
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sen. mcconnell: i'm having a hard time hearing you with your mask on. >> based on the way the bill stands today, how would you expect -- sen. mcconnell: how the bill stands today? i don't know, do you? i'm pretty sure many of the democrats are not sure what it looks like either. what it seems to me is if the house passes the reckless taxing and spending bill, that will not be the final word. i think whatever can i get out of the senate, if anything can and i'm hopeful that i cannot, it will probably be the final bill. >> pramila jayapal talked t


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