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tv   Chris Christie Remarks at Republican Jewish Coalition Meeting  CSPAN  November 13, 2021 12:23am-12:50am EST

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that line. i am standing my ground. i'm not backing down. we've done an awful lot in the state of florida. but we have a lot more to do. and i have only begun to fight. thank you, guys. thanks so much. thank you. thanks. [applause] thanks. thanks so much!2020 election re.
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mr. christie: good morning, everybody. good morning. it's great to be back. thank you for all having me this morning. good to be back with the republican jewish coalition. my wife, mary pat, and i are proud to be here and proud to be allies and supporters in the causes that we all believe in. we watch what's happening in washington, d.c., right now. and i think it brings us an incredible focus about what our mission is over the course of the next number of years. there's no question that leadership matters. and if we didn't know that before, and we didn't know that barack obama's phrase that elections have consequences was correct, we've seen it over the last nine months. this past tuesday was the beginning of the new era for the republican party. [applause] era for the republican party. [applause] let me make one thing really clear, the only reason to affiliate with a political party and support a political party is to win.
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winning campaigns are the campaigns that look forward and not backward. if we don't get it, we are to lose. i took a victory lap. why should i vote for you this time? no one thought it could be done. what do i get free voting for you this time? what voters remember is these
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things are always about tomorrow. if we are going to articulate a vision for what we want to do for this country, then the voters will abandon us. we saw it happen. anybody who is a supporter of president trump, the line forms behind me. i was the first major officeholder in the country to endorse him. i chaired his transition. i chaired his opioid commission.
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we needed to get on that. i played joe biden in debate prep. i started that. we can no longer talk about the past. in the past elections. it is over. every minute that we spend talking about 2020, the democrats are ruling this country. we have to take our eyes off the rearview mirror. [applause]
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there is a formula to do it. when i announced for governor of new jersey, a state that had not supported a republican presidential candidate for 35 years, the longest streak of any state in america. george bush's approval rating was 18%. in the face of barack obama, who had one before, we won. we need to get back to that.
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we need to look at suburban voters. what did they want? they want a government that is honest and truthful and efficient and not wasting their money. and not wasting their time. they want the government to speak to them. rural voters want to make sure that we are not giving off payoffs to big business. we can appeal to those voters as well.
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they want to tell them the truth. to give them an opportunity to grow and prosper. we can appeal to urban voters. i won 51% of the hispanic vote. and 29% of the african-american vote in a blue state. we talked about entrepreneurship and opportunity in business. public schools in urban areas that are failing children. putting parents back in control of their children's future. i took on the teachers union 12
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years ago. i never stopped. we have to cut off that oxygen. [applause] when i say government shouldn't waste money, look at what is going on down there right now. they want to pay $1 million to families who came over the border illegally. when was it ever the case that hard-working american taxpayers who follow the rules and follow the law have to pay for those who don't? not pay for them to go to jail. pay for them to be relocated in the united states.
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that is what voters were talking about on tuesday night. we need to understand that giving away money does not make them want to go to work. i don't think that is what the republican ever supported. we said that that did not matter. we gave permission to joe biden. the republican party has to stand for hard-working working-class taxpayers in this country.
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and work for everything you got. you should not have that taken away. [applause] inflation is getting higher and higher. everything is getting more expensive. the government's responses to make government more expensive. we need to stand for the idea that at times like this, the government has to be less expensive. they cannot continue to drive because. these are things we have to stand for. we need to be clear eyed.
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a republican president should not be throwing bouquets at eight dictator in china. they are gathering people across china and putting them in concentration camps and killing them. he is doing it with american money. an american support. it kills manufacturing jobs here. we had an idea if we brought capitalism to china that would mean democracy would come to china. that was a bad idea. all we have done is build their economy while they continue to remain authoritarian.
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you look at what happens every day to the chinese people. restrictions on where they can live. what profession they can practice. we have problems in the united states. but put that vision against the vision in china. we have to make sure the world understands there is a better choice. that is not just a choice between america and china. those choices are all over the world. there are good players and there are murderous players. we must always stand with the righteous and good players and fight against the demagogues and murderers.
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forget russia. [applause] people want us to be direct with them. they want us to fight in a way that does not hurt them. you know what i mean by that. we cannot dismiss any aspect of our election. we have to listen. we have to speak to dreams, hopes, admiration for the future. if we do not do that, if we don't win back the voters, i had a political science professor in college she told me if you ever run for office, remember one thing. -- commit suicide, don't
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commit murder. the democrats are handing us opportunities but we have to seize those opportunities. we have to be clear i'd know about -- clear eyed about how we do it. that includes it here -- here at home and abroad. what i made clear to people were things i stood for and that i was willing to fight against the hostile media and i don't care what any other speaker who comes up here and speaks to all of you today, if you spend every day for eight years standing in front of the new york media and philadelphia media, you know what hostile media is all about. we shouldn't be complaining about this. complaining gets us nowhere. would we need to do is continue to speak the truth. this is where i want to end up with you all today. the truth matters.
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the truth matters very much. we all get into these interparty battles and we want to win every fight we can and i'm never somebody likes to lose any fight , but the biggest fight we can lose is the fight to stand for the truth. joe biden ran saying he was going to unite the country and be a moderate force for good. he came into office and he ran immediately to the left to put together some of the craziest policies will ever see on the domestic side and to embarrass and humiliate the american people in afghanistan. i was never ever more ashamed of an american president that i was in watching joe biden, the steward over people in
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afghanistan clinging to the bottoms of planes to try and escape their own country because they knew the fate they were about to suffer. he sat there and told us that no american who wanted to leave would be left behind and as we sit here today, americans are being held hostage in afghanistan i the taliban. he tells us that is not true. yet we see the reports day after day. the truth matters. the truth matters here at home and around the world. we cannot compromise on truth anymore. we cannot say it is just something that works for us when it is convenient. it has to workforce all the time in the republican has always been the party after. we are the ones who stood up and called the soviets the evil empire. we are the ones who stood up over and over again in the middle east, for israel against
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those who want to destroy them. we're the ones who stood up all around the world against lying and against tyranny. we have to get back to basics here. those basics are pretty simple. we stand for a country that rewards entrepreneurism and rewards small businesses. remember the idea we will start taxing these people and giving huge benefits to big companies when a third of the small businesses in this country destroyed during covid is disgraceful. it is time to get back to helping the small business man and woman build those jobs through this country and we can do it. but all of that requires us to tell the truth and to be honest and it has to be of the people we serve heard also people who get by these podiums like to
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talk about themselves. politics is a bit of sales. problems we face are too great for us to be talking about ourselves. we have to be talking about and listening to the people who are suffering right now. families who have suffered from covid, personally and economically, the families who suffer from an economy that's driving prices up while they cannot afford to pay their bills and all of those voters are crying out tuesday night. why do i come here and tell you that. i said look out of this room not only at you, but the people you represent. you represent hundreds of thousands of people across america who are very much like all of you. this is a room full of leaders. you would not be here if you
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weren't a leader. the question becomes as we leave the to malt of the last few years and confront the very real assault on the capitalist system and our system of fairness is a country with what's happening in washington, d.c. right now. what is our responsibility as leaders in our community and states and country. the founders of this country made some things very clear to us over time and i will tell you i have a favorite founder, it's not george washington or thomas jefferson, not benjamin franklin. not even alexander hamilton. my favorite founder is john adams. some say adams is my favorite
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founder because he is cranky and slightly overweight. i think those are wonderful attributes. but that's not why love adams. he was the heartbeat of the revolution. adams was this person who stood on the floor the continental congress day after day and said it would only be independence that brought the people of this continent true freedom, true liberty, true happiness. he was shouted down day after day by colleagues from all over the country. from pennsylvania and south carolina, from georgia and new york, he kept getting up every day and saying it. it was because of the will of people like john adams and his wife abigail that this country
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came into being. four years later, after adams had served as an ambassador, after he served as vice president, he was back in retirement writing for his diary and he said he was writing this for posterity. he was writing it for us, for all of us, people he would never know. but the dream could exist in the country he formed. this is what he wrote. he wrote you shall never know the sacrifices that were made to secure for you your liberty. i pray you make a good use of it for if you do not, i shall repent in heaven forever having gave the sacrifice at all. as adams looks down on us in this country today, what would he say our obligation is? what can we do to make sure that he does not repent in heaven for
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having made the sacrifices that laid the foundation for the greatest country the world has ever known. without -- we are not storming over the border in mexico because this is in the greatest place for opportunity. they not waiting in line in countries all across the world to come here legally because this isn't any longer the country where everyone has a chance to be great. we already have that. we are the luckiest people in the world. we have the birthright to be americans. many in this room a have immigrated legally. and worked to gain your citizenship. either way, we are now extraordinarily lucky class that adams is looking on in judging, rightfully judging the kiss he made that sacrifice. i suggested to you that what you will need to do is in every way
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that you can demand more of the people who run this government. more the people -- demand more of the people who offer themselves for service. don't rationalize and accept anything less then truth telling and sincerity, honesty and integrity and a plan for tomorrow, not a grievance about yesterday. that's what we must demand. but you have to do it. if you do not, it won't happen. if you want any evidence of that, look around you. it hasn't happened. and it never happens in this country without people like you standing up and demanding it. and rewarding those who provide it to you. we have an extraordinary opportunity over the next few years. our opponents have once again overreached, misunderstood the american people and we now have
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to work to lay out an alternate vision. one that is about tomorrow, not about yesterday. one that is about their hopes and dreams and not about someone else's hopes and dreams. not about the people who stand behind these podiums but the people out in this country working hard now. that's what we need to do. it is not flashy, but it is tough. and you need someone who is -- who needs to be able to do it and not fight for themselves first but fight for this country first because none of us would have the opportunities we already have in our fantastic american lives without others before us being willing to make exactly the same sacrifice. start with john abigail adams and work it all the way through today.
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it become less vogue interrupting party to talk about ronald reagan. ronald reagan laid out clearly for us. about the way he saw this country is a shining city on a hill. we heard it before but we need to be reminded. we don't have to be a country that's pessimistic. we better be a country that's optimistic. we don't need to be yelling and screaming at each other all the time although we will yell and scream when we need to. but we need to be providing hope for the future. the democrats are the party of despondency. everything is bad and you need us to get you out of it. the republican party is the party of hope. and aspirations and the american dream. if you all are willing to join with leaders all across this country to do that, then we are going to see a greater day not only for our republican party,
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not only for each other and our children and grandchildren, but everyone around the world who is dying once again to stand within america that stout -- that tells the truth and we can believe in. when we give them that we will once again be that shining city on a hill. thank you very much. [applause] this is just over 20 minutes. ♪ ms. haley: i love you, too. thank you


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