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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  November 13, 2021 11:52am-12:22pm EST

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you can find them all on the c-span now mobile apps or wherever you get your podcasts. >> washington journal . journal" continues. host: once again, we are going to have our open forum segment for the next minutes. we want you to call into talk about what your most important political topic is. we are opening up regular lines meeting at -- meaning democrats at 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. you can always text 202-748-8003 , and we are always reading on social media on twitter at c-spanwj and facebook at let us look at our open forum segment by looking at one of the major political stories going on in the united states right now, and that was yesterday's
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charging of former white house adviser stephen bannon. let me bring you the story from "the washington post." "stephen k bannon was charged with two counts of contempt of congress after refusing to comply with a subpoena from the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. he was indicted by a grand jury in washington, a rare move by the justice department to escalate the consequences of a dispute involving congress. court records indicate only three such cases have been filed in d.c. since 1990. the charges against bannon each carry a maximum sentence of one year in jail and may serve as a warning to others seeking to avoid or defy the january 6 committee." once again, former white house advisor steve bannon was charged on friday with two contempt of congress counts. what are your most important
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political issues? let us start with ava from columbia, mississippi on the republican line. good morning. caller: yes, i heard that about steve bannon. how come it is only republicans get held up when do stuff, like hillary clinton with emails and all of that, whatever she did? how come they ever go up? we need an attorney general for the people and not for himself. the fbi has been used to do the dirty work for different parties, i think we need a justice department that is fair. thank you. host: charlie calling from roslyn heights, new york on the independent line. good morning. guest: hat -- caller: hello everybody, i am on the independent line but i consider myself a progressive because that benefits the freedoms of the american people
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today. i do not support you distinguishing between progressives and identity politics and cancel culture and all the other baloney. the mainstream media to puts that -- seems to put that into the progressive camp and we need to distinguish between real progressives, the progressives of the past and all the benefits that they won and these other new things that are going on, these identity politics and everything else. i think it is doing a lot of damage to the progressive cause so we need to distinguish between progressives and identity politics and cancel culture. host: christian from woodbridge, connecticut on the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. it is a pleasure to speak with you, and the topic i wanted to talk about this morning is inflation.
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if i could just ramble off on a couple of points that i want to say about inflation. the great milton friedman said that inflation is always, and i mean always a monetary phenomenon. we had a whole segment on inflation before on this program and on greta's program, and nobody is talking about the 500 pound gorilla in the room, and that is the adderall reserve. the federal reserve is responsible for inflation. it is the -- it is solely responsible for our money supply. in the last 18 months, the dollar in circulation on this planet have increased by 35%. the sole reason for that is the federal reserve. the federal reserve is a private bank. congress oversees it, but it is a private bank, the most
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powerful central bank in the world, the new york fed. the new york fed is controlled by j.p. morgan, goldman sachs, and other international banks, those are the shareholders. the federal reserve looks out for the rich. host: let us go to mike from green village, new jersey. good morning. caller: yes. thank you for this, good morning. i think the foremost problem in the united states is the mental health of the president. historically, biden has suffered strokes and other related issues to his health. and he is exhibiting some of the classic strips -- signs of stroke related dementia. host: how do you know those signs? caller: i used to be a researcher in this area. and we used to examine patients
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to determine the classification within this disease states to test drugs on. host: i will tell you that most researchers say you cannot diagnose someone from television. caller: that is correct, but there are symptoms that are emblematic of essentially this disease. and several of them are exhibited by the president, which i guess if you are having questions and i am having questions, the white house has to come clean with some time of objective analysis of his mental health status. host: roger from tampa, florida on the republican line. good morning. caller: the most important development in america is being blacked out by the cable news network. i have been up since 7:00 a.m. and there been no mention on cable news of the court order for the district court eliminating the biden administration's vaccine
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mandate, and that has not been mentioned at all in two hours, and i am just pointing out that most american people do not know this stupendous development in the policies of biden and the democrats and it should have been reported by the news and it has not been. host: "the washington post" has a story talking about the labor force in the united states and what is going on with people looking for jobs, and leaving their current jobs. i will read a few paragraphs from that story. "a record 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september as workers took advantage of the surge and drop -- job openings across the country. a sign of how labor market imbalances continue to complicate the economic recovery 20 months into the pandemic. the number of people quitting in september topped 3% of the workforce according to the
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monthly bureau of labor statistics survey released friday. that number is up from the previous record, set in august, when 4.3 million people quit their jobs, about 2.9% of the workforce. in february 2020, before the big wave a pandemic related layoffs began, 2.3% of workers with their jobs. the new statistics reflect how severely influx the labor market remains after the pandemic upended the course of business and life across the country last year. businesses have hired millions of american workers since april 2020 continuing to add employees even during a surge in infections in the late summer. workers have remained remarkably mobile, quitting jobs for a variety of reasons and often with little notice. many businesses are so strapped to find and retain workers they are dipping into budgets to offer higher pay and bonuses, creating the most world -- worker friendly labor market in
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recent history. that is from the washington post with a record number of americans quitting their jobs in september. let us go back to the phone lines and talk to robert, calling from pittsburgh, pennsylvania on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. hello. i am an 85-year-old retired military person. as i see things right now in this country, we have passed a bill to get people money, for people, and passed another bill for clean water for the people. now they are trying to pass another bill for the people, that the republicans are trying their best not to help the people. and we keep voting for republicans and they are talking about having the 2022 election and put republicans in power, and they are not even trying to
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help you. i do not understand it. we came close to having a thing on january the sixth that if they would have won, we would've had a civil war in this country and millions of people would have died fighting. so, what is the point of republicans, i do not understand it. host: let us talk to our caller from lucasville, ohio on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i am against the payment to the illegals for the children. i do not think we should be giving millions of dollars to the illegals when we have homeless people on the streets. i think if they want to sue somebody for those children being separated from the parents, they can sioux tribe, -- sue trump, he has a one who did it.
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caller: be held responsible for every made. i'm all for him reuniting the families. i think they should go ahead and do that. but not pay them millions of dollars for coming here illegally. they have been dropping kids over fences and kids coming in by themselves. how are they going to pay for all of them? host: let's go to debbie who is calling from sycamore illinois on the democrat line. good morning. caller: hello. good morning. thank you for taking my call. i am wanting to have a discussion about the way congress does her business. if there is some way that there could be a process or procedure put in place that once the committee initiates an investigation or some kind of issue and has hearings, that the committee should be appealed to -- should be able to complete that process and come to a conclusion and write a report.
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there should be no option from either party to dismiss committees once they are started. they should continue forward. they should complete their work. write a report or offer whatever subsequent action should be taken in the report, and it should not be at the whim of the political parties that are in charge at that point in time or have the majority. if it's important enough to start a committee and it is a bipartisan committee, which is usually the process that they have members of the committee from each party on their. the next party they get elected says oh we are just going to drop this process. thank you for taking my call. host: one of our colors brought
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up this story earlier in the segment. want to make sure all of our viewers -- one of our callers brought up this story earlier in the segment. a federal appeals court in new orleans has halted the biden administration's cobit requirement and testing requirements -- covid requirement and testing requirements. a three-judge panel of the u.s. court of appeals for the fifth circuit helmed by one judge who was appointed by president ronald reagan and to others who were appointed by president donald trump. in response to lawsuits filed by republican aligned businesses and legal groups calling the requirement of mandates grossly expedient -- exceeding osha's authority.
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they said they believe the ruling imposed a financial burden on businesses and potentially violated the commerce clause of the constitution. the mandate imposes a financial burden upon them by deputies eyes in their dissipation and osha's regulatory schemes, exposes financial risk if they fail to comply and threaten to decimate their workforces by forcing unwilling employees to take their shots, take their tests or hit the road. this comes from the washington post. federal appeals cold -- appeals court halt delivering policy a major blow. let's talk to michael who is calling from boston. republican line. good morning. caller: thank you and good morning. a lot of really important
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political issues going on that we could go into. but the issue i want to bring up, which actually is plessy versus ferguson 18 93 which granted a pardon. it is troubling because they put up markers around the country and what they are actually doing is retelling history telling it in a lens that actually hurts black americans. why? because homer plessy that he was -- was convinced that he was white. he was called out by a white passenger, went to the supreme court. he lost. homer plessy passed into the white populace, but the black people suffered. today, the system wants to pardon homer plessy and not
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repair the people that homer plessy hurt. that appalled me. the black media is happy that homer, who technically would have been called a quadrant got pardoned. host: let's go to kathy who is calling from wisconsin on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i am calling because i read a mobile -- i read a video. he had a roundtable on november 1 and it deals with data, doctors, victims. nobody is recording these adverse effects. if you exit go to their data,
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supposedly it has been cap since 2007, and 49% of the adverse effects in that data comes from covid. but you can't search any further. you can't see side effects. and this people are having side effects. host: let's go to jim who is calling from missouri on the democrat line. caller: howdy. let's see, a couple of points. start out with inflation. look at the world wide map units ago. inflation is all over the place. we are running in par with europe, consumer nations around the world that imports from china. that cannot be put on widen and
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the democrats. that is a supply chain thing. number two, a couple of court cases going on. shootings, the black jogger that was killed. protesters in michigan or wherever that was. there -- the antagonists are claiming self-defense when they were the ones armed and pursuing people. it goes back to george zimmerman in florida. pursued a man and turn it around to where the victim became the aggressor and that's the way it was charged. number three, 8 million jobs and filled. -- 8 billion jobs unfilled.
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where are we going to get the people? how about the southern border? host: calling from burlington, north carolina on the republican line. freddie, good money. caller: a story that's not been reported is president trump was found not guilty of sexual assault. the clintons made up the fake dossier. host: let's talk to donna who was calling from illinois on the democrat line. donald good morning. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. i like to tell you that one of the reasons people aren't going back to work is this forced overtime where they are forcing people to work 12 hours a day and some people cannot do it, like me because i had a stroke in 2018.
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my physical ability cannot allow me to work 12 hours. i can work eight hours. i've done that. but 12 hours, after that eight hours my blood pressure just continues to drop after eight hours of work. and i do not want to have another stroke. mine was not good. only 10% of the people walk away from the stroke i had. enough managed to make a recovery that's make the recovery that i've had. 90% of the people that have the stroke i had are either dead or totally debilitated. host: i want to bring to you a story that one of my callers mentioned a couple of seconds ago. we can get the actual information about what has
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happened with the lawsuit that former president trump was facing read and this comes from reuters. a former contestant on the apprentice who accuse president of sexual assault without receiving a desk an apology or compensation. the abrupt decision to discontinue the case spares trump from being questioned under oath about accusations he subjected her to him kissing and groping into thousand seven after she had sought career advice. saying he harmed her reputation by calling such allegations by women lies and calling her claim a. trump has also denied her assault claim calling them politically motivated. she had appeared on trumps reality television show.
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has secured the right to speak freely about her experience. ms. servo's --zervos stands by her allegations and her claims. let's go to the line and talk to susan who was calling from ohio on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. actually, i wanted to make a comment about the prescription drug prices. i wasn't able to get through earlier. i worked at hospital. i'm a case manager. and my job is to call and price patients medications before they are disc -- discharged home -- an ideal in the cardiac unit. blood pumps and the premier treatment for those and what i
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call the pharmacies for the patient on their behalf, if they have medicare the price per month would be anywhere from $450 to $600 a month. if the patient has medicaid or managed medicaid, the most that they can pay for any drug or prescription is three dollars. most cases, they have no charge at all. in other words, they get there medic and this medicines for free. the patients that are on medicare, good citizens, hard-working people, good work ethic, they worked their entire lives. they paid into the system and then they get to the age of retirement and they have this
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medicare. they are not able to get the top treatment for their blood clots. they have to get resort -- they have to resort, they can't afford that. that's half of a mortgage payment. so they have to go the route of coumadin which requires several blood draws, lab work two to three times a week trying to get their blood range in the right level. i would like to say that i hope that they do something about this. good hard-working citizens that have paid into the system that her life, it's like they are being punished and they are not able to get the top treatment that they deserve. host: let's talk to matt who is calling from new york on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for accepting my phone call. i had, there was a lead topic at
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the beginning of the segment about the vaccines. i got a little distracted listening to some of the callers. the principal reason i called this morning is about the vaccines. in some of the recent reactions. what got me interested this week is the talk show on this morning and the major media network devoted some of their time to the bipartisan which should have been one of the biggest celebrations they gave the previous demonstration which they have no incentive to really help out. some of the back-and-forth, whatever. but they basically commended the previous ministration for this vaccine and how they passed the baton onto the current administration. but you would not know any of that with all of this confusion that distractions and chaos. this is a big thing we did.
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i'm sorry i'm a little nervous because i'm not -- sorry i'm a little nervous. this vaccine has helped her bed asleep. and i really think that some of these major media companies that have so much -- have helped tremendously. i really think the some of these major media companies that have -- media companies should start pumping accurate information and get people on board. host: we would like to thank all of our callers, social media followers who dissipated in our open forum segment. coming up next, in our spotlight on magazine segment, christa case bryant will discuss her article about how republicans and democrats on capitol hill are looking to become the party. stick around. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ >> sunday on q&a, a discussion
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of the 14th amendment. the original meaning of the 14th amendment, which they insist is widely misinterpreted by liberal judges. >> many of them are overblown. in fact, the seeds of liberty were planted at the founding by the declaration of independence. and eventually harvested, but the rest of our constitutional history is about the story of the development of those seeds into a full-blown, as my colleague says, liberation movement. >> to make the world all over again and that's exactly what the abolitionists and the republicans that followed in their footsteps did. >> professors randy barnett sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's
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q&a. you can listen to our podcast on our app. ♪ ♪ >> washington journal continues. host: we are back with our spotlight on magazine segment. this morning we have with us christa case bryant who is the senior congressional correspondent for the christian


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