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tv   President Biden Holds Virtual Meeting With Chinese President  CSPAN  November 15, 2021 11:50pm-12:03am EST

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companies and more, including comcast. >> comcast is partnering with a thousand community centers. so you and your family can get that tools they need to be ready for anything. >> tomkat supports -- comcast support c-span as a public service. >> a new mobile video app from c-span, c-span now, download today. >> president biden held a virtual meeting with chinese president xi jinping. both acknowledge the need for cooperation between the two countries. this is 10 minutes.
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>> next time we will have to do a face-to-face meeting. i hope we can have a candid conversation. maybe i should start more formally, although you and i have never been that formal with one another. good evening to everyone here in the united states, and get running to you mr. president out beijing. -- morning to you mr. president of beijing. i'm happy we have time to meet,
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and i look forward to a candid and forthright discussion. as i said before, our responsibility as leaders of china and the united states is to ensure that the competition between our countries does not create conflict whether intended or unintended. it seems to me we need to establish some common sense guardrails, be clear about where we disagree, and work together where our interests intersect.
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none of this as a favor to either of our countries, but it is responsible world leadership, and you are a major world leader, so is the united states. our bilateral relationship will have a profound impact on both our countries and the rest of the world.
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we have responsibility to the world as well as to our people. it's why we believe all countries have to play by the same rules of the road. and the united states is always going to stand up for our interests and values, and those of our allies and partners. the past is prologue. i am sure that today we will be discussing those areas where we have concerns from economics to
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ensuring a free and open endo-pacific. -- indo-pacific. i think it's very important as i have told other world leaders when they ask about our relationship, is that we have always communicated with one another very honestly and candidly. and i think that's an important ingredient in this relationship.
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and i think it's important we communicate honestly and directly about our priorities and intentions. i look forward to getting down to business on the expansive and substantive agenda we have ahead of us. thank you very much. thank you for your congratulatory call when i won the election. thank you.
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[speaking foreign language] xi jinping: good to see her, mr. president. it's the first time for us to meet virtually. although it is not as good as face to face meeting, i am very happy to encounter an old friend. [speaking foreign language]
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xi jinping: right now, both china and the united states are at critical stages of development. humanity lives in a global village and we face multiple challenges together. as the world two largest economies, and permanent members of the un security council, china and the united states will see increased communication and cooperation. we should each run our domestic affairs well. and it should our share of
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international responsibilities to work together to respond to the calls of world peace and development. this is the shared desire of the people of our two countries and around the world, and the joint commission of chinese and american leaders. [speaking foreign language]
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xi jinping: we must safeguard a peaceful and safe environment, including finding effective responses to global challenges, such as climate change, which you have referenced and the covid pandemic. china and the united states must respect each other, coexist and pursue cooperation. i stand ready to work with you to bolster consensus, take active doing so would advance the interest of our people and meet the expectation of the international community.
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[speaking foreign language] i now look forward to a wide-ranging and comprehensive discussion with you on issues. thank you. president biden: thank you. >> is our online store where you can find apparel, books, and accessories. there is something for each fan and every purchase helps our nonprofit organization. shop any time on c-span . washington, unfiltered.
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c-span in your pocket. download c-span now today. >> a conversation now about the separation of powers and political polarization from the federalist society. this was part of their 2021 lawyers convention.


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