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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 18, 2021 10:02pm-2:03am EST

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that got killed by suicide bomber who was in the prison at bagram. mr. speaker, i watched in disbelief as president biden said he would do nothing different. i watched in disbelief, mr. speaker, when he had a press conference and he told americans it was safe to come to the airport. less than 30 minutes, you were on that conference call too, mr. speaker, the secretary of state joint chiefs said no, it wasn't safe to come to the airport. mr. speaker, there are many people that served this nation. served in the armed services on both sides of this aisle. i have never watched members work so hard to get the american hostages out of afghanistan to
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only be shut down by our own state department. mr. speaker, i want to tell you of a personal story. mr. speaker, i picked up the phone one morning when this first started and i called the regular number to the white house. i said i'd like to talk to the president about what's happening in afghanistan. white house recently called and wanted to know if it was really me. to the president's credit he called me back. i said, mr. president, i know you are trying to hold this deadline for the taliban, but what about our allies? what about those from the u.k. and france? who fought side by side not because their country was attacked but because we were attacked. he told me he wasn't going to budge. i said, mr. president, there are thousands of americans that are
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held there that can't get out. he said, kevin, no, the number is much smaller. i said, mr. president, what is the number? just smaller. i've watched the president look america in the eye and tell us he would not leave until every american's out. what do you say to those americans that are still stuck there? the last time we felt like this, jim yea carter was -- jimmy carter was president. mr. president -- mr. speaker, what does it say to those gold star families? mr. speaker, i had one in my office. a father. who had his daughter, who wasn't even supposed to be there but volunteered. she was an electrician. days before you see photos of
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her holding a young child. she told her sister i'm going out in front of the wall because you can't believe it. someone needs to be there for them. she wasn't supposed to be out in front of that wall. when that suicide bomber that was locked up in bagram that never should have got out, that we never should have shut down, killed 13 of the fine dress americans we know. you know what this bill does? nothing for them. it gives more money to an illegal person who crossed this border. i'm sorry, americans expect more, our priorities should be different. these people risked their lives every day for us.
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just let that sink in. to your children's children. one party rule for one year has brought us inflation we haven't seen in 31 years. gas prices the highest it's been since the last time president biden was down at the white house. a thanksgiving that's going to cost you more than any time in your life. a border where 1.7 million encounters. a border between february and october that more people have crossed than 2018, 2019, 2020 combined. and, mr. speaker, the closest the president has ever been to the border in 42 years is to drive through el paso. mr. speaker, a fight a president who is the czar of the border.
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this isn't a republican or democrat issue, this is the safety of this nation. what do you think's going to happen to that border when you tie a billion dollars in amnesty? what do you think is going to happen when you reward people with $450,000? where do you get the money? from the hardworking taxpayers of america. who have less to give but you know what? they are going to have to give more because you are hiring 87,000 i.r.s. agents to come after them. 1.2 million more audits. and half of all those 1.2 are going after americans who make $75,000 or less. that's what you base this entire bill on. that's what you waited for the c.b.o. to till. how much money can we get from them? how is that possible? the payments for illegal immigrants is just the latest
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data point in a much larger trend of failures on this border. cheered on by left-wing activists. president biden and vice president harris have presided over the greatest series of border security blunders in american history. mr. speaker, if 160 different countries have had people come across that border illegally, if we have caught people on the terrorist watch list, if a suicide bomber got out of bagram in one week killed 13 american soldiers do you think they know how to get into america? do you think they know where to go? maybe they have 20 go -- to go at night. they have a better chance now. because they've got night
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goggles that we had. they got blackhawk helicopters. they have more blackhawk helicopters than two third of our nato countries. they have more than australia. that phone call with the president you know what he told me? oh, kevin, we'll have a lot of leverage with the taliban because they are going to need help running their country. why don't you tell that to the hundreds of americans that are still there trying to get out? and every time there is a member on this side of the aisle that goes upon themself because they care about their constituents and they try to get that american out, the state department attacks them. try to criticize them. they risk their own lives.
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mr. president -- mr. speaker, even in our own hearing i respect greatly anyone who served in uniform, and you have some tremendous members on the other side of the aisle. and i watched them question the secretary of state and still not get an answer. mr. speaker, for that member on your side of the aisle sits on intel, said i wasn't telling the truth, that we were catching people on the terrorist watch list, hasn't done anything about it since, i wonder if he should serve on intel next term. because america needs to be protected. for anyone who thinks they are not a border city, just look up how many deaths you have. let me tell you where fentanyl
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comes from. it comes across that border but it comes from china. mr. speaker, let me tell you another story. i have a friend who serves in the senate. right before covid he was on a doadle with other senators. he was sitting and having a communication, maybe you experienced this as well, with a military general in the chinese communist army. you know what that general said to him? america, you are weak. you are weak, america. you are weak because you believe in god and you take fentanyl. fentanyl has increased 300%. only because the border is not secure. there is no city in america that is safe. this is deadly.
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they handed the border other to the--over to the cartels. unlieshing these monsters on to our people. unleashing these monsters on to our people. they compromised our national security. answer me this question, mr. speaker. if somebody's on the terrorist watch list, mr. speaker, they entered our state of california. they haven't entered one, they weren't together, they came on different days. you know right now if you are a member of congress, and you ask them how many more you got, they don't want to tell you. just as they don't want to give us the number of how many americans are still stuck there. they are hoping if we don't pay attention we'll forget. i promise you this, we will not forget. and we will not stop.
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here's what the national border patrol council president told us. and i quote, this administration says it's just central american countries. but in just one week in humea, arizona seconder, we have seen people illegally enter from countries like egypt, russia, armenia, georgia, haiti, portugal, and uzbekistan. there is no better time for them to come into our country than now. i didn't think egypt or russia was in central america. mr. speaker, i'd like to offer this invitation. we got thanksgiving coming. we are both from california. why don't we invite the vice president to come down to the border with you and i both and
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let's take a tour. and while we are there, let's go to the port of l.a. and long beach and talk about the supply chain. let them see that she's ships waiting and coming in when they unload, they go back empty. to pick up more from china. they don't load american products. now, it may take a little while to get from the border of san diego up to long beach, we may have to stop to get gas. i'll split it with you because i know it's not cheap. but i'm willing to make that offer. these patrol members along the border, they bear the brunt of the dangerous policies. while the democrats act like there is nothing going on, texas
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mayor don muck laughlin, told us, mr. speaker, a few months ago, nearby cities are expected to see an inflow of migrants much larger than the size of the towns themselves. he said, and i quote, we are not equipped in our area to handle this. our resources are our resarses are strapped as it is because of the pandemic. the mayeror said his own town will try to quarantine covid-positive migrants in hotels but when they come to check on them or bring them food, the migrants are gone. that's not just here. you know, when we departed afghanistan, a lot of people got on that were never searched or gone through any process. we put them on military bases in
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america. some just depart. some people have already been arrested for crimes they created. when we heard from our constituents that were stuck in afghanistan, who said they went to the airport, they watched the president tell them and the taliban, grabbed their paper and tear them up and shoot at them. or they're hiding in the halfway houses and the state department denying, just letting them to get across the border. aside from the health risk, these circumstances create physical risks for innocent bystanders. there are not enough officers or agents to handle the intake and regular patrol. the issues are spilling onto the streets. now i'm sure in your committees, mr. speaker, as you went through
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this bill, as you knew you were going to spend more than at any time in american history, because the chief of staff to the white house and many times, mr. speaker, many people refer to him as the prime minister, he said this is twice as big in real dollars as the new deal. you must have thought somewhere when you saw these statistics, it's ok, we've got so much money let's put some and help those border agents. i'm sure somebody raised that issue, did they not? it must have been voted down because it's not in the bill. but whoever raised their hand and said let's spend $1 billion to give people amnesty, that made it in. the only thing i question, mr. speaker, why did you stop there? there's going to be billions more coming. you were able to do in one party rule in one year just between february and october more than everybody has been able to do in the 18, 19 and 20 combined.
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mr. speaker, i'm not sure if that's what you talk about building bigger bureaucracies. but this bill does it. mayor mclaughlin said they have about two or three car chases a week back in 2019. then none for a few weeks. now it's every single day. roughly 10 to 12 high speed car chases per week. he says, and i quote, it's escalating. we've had houses broken into. we had to put our schools on lockdown. they're armed out in town near the schools. when that happens, then we have to pull all the officers out on manhunts. how would you like to represent a city that every single day,
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roughly 10 to 12 high speed car chases. i remember on the news when there was one, the whole nation would watch. they don't even put them on because they're every day. but where are they run big? it's not a car chase, just a cop chasing them. it's a cartel. weaponry. going by schools. in america. in american schools they have to shut down because you opened the border. you do nothing to protect it in this bill. you only incentivize more people to come. did you put any money in here for car chases? did you put any money in here for the schools? i hope you put money in here for drug treatment. because mr. speaker, there's sure a lot of fentanyl coming across the border.
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he told us recently that just last spring, they had to put schools on lockdown 48 times. think about that. your child goes to a school, just in spring, 48 times they were on lockdown. you think your child feels safe? you think your child is learning? what do you think those parents are going to think when they hear about this bill? i don't think they could just leave the chambers. i think they'll probably want to come to a school board meeting. maybe the f.b.i. will investigate them for terrorism because they care about their children's safety. one party rule in one year. as brought america to this. our children's education and lives are being interrupted.
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nearly 50 times in just a few months. that's in america. when personnel and resources are pulled from one area to another along our border community, it leaves families like russell johnson's in danger. you see, russell lives on a ranch with his family in new mexico, just miles from the bored. i'm proud of my family. my family immigrated from ireland and italy. worked on a railroad. and they became a cattle rancher. it was a tough life. my grandfather got married, lived with his brother on the ranch but the ranch didn't make enough to pay for both. so went back to working on the railroad. to make money as a rancher, never had to worry about a cartel. they just had to worry if it rained enough.
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or if the cattle price was high enough. russell johnson, it's remote and gets little service where he lives making it a prime place to illegally enter the country. this is what russell told us. with the way things are right now, we don't let our kids play outside by themselves. they can't play outside by themselves. this isn't chicago. this is on a cattle ranch. there's no telling who they might encounter while they're out there. mr. speaker, i'm going to invite russell johnson to come to d.c. and i want to invite anybody on the other side of the aisle who votes for this bill and i would
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ask you to take his questions. i would ask that you point out in this bill where does it protect his children? as an american. i don't think he'll argue you're going to cost him more. you see, the interesting thing is, i'm ok paying taxes if they go to something. richard neal says let's go to build a bigger bureaucracy. not along the border it's do not it's tearing down walls. schools are closing. you know, for the first time in the country, mr. speaker, this generation doesn't believe they'll be better off than the generation before them.
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this bill almost guarantees it. they're guaranteed they're going to have to pay more and get less. i'll be sure and let you all know of that date. you're celebrating the bill. celebrate with russell. tell him where he's better off. just think for a moment that in america children can't play outside on their own property. for fear of their safety from cartels and traffickers. i'm not talking about the cities where you defunded the police. i'm talking about remote cattle ranches. a place i think every american dreams they could retire one day, on a ranch.
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build back. going all the way back to the westerns, i guess. people have to fend for themselves. i can't believe that's america. i don't accept it. i know we're better than that. i know some of you are mad at me, think i spoke too long. but i've had enough. america has had enough. not only do communities at the border deserve protection, the selfless men and women of our border patrol deserve more support to do their jobs. i don't know if you've been down to tour with them.
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if any of you are going, you want to make it bipartisan, i'll go. i know a lot of people on this side of the aisle will go with you. we think it's an american problem. we want to solve it together. but when someone comes across the border and you have the children, it's interesting, mr. speaker, when it became one party with one year, you changed the definition, they're no longer cages. still the same place. but it's the border agents who have to go off the border and inside to care for them. so the border is less secure. and now you're provide manager money for them to come, less agents there, and just a spiraling effect. you know, between inflation, gas
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price, the border, crime, there's a common denominator. one party rule in washington for one year. u.s. border patrol members from the southwest division of the border alone saved 4,920 lives in 2019. 5,071 lives in f.y.2020. 12,833 lives in 2021. 836 in 2022 so far. why don't we pass the bill to honor our border patrol agents. why don't we bring them here to washington? better yet why don't we go to them? it's our job to secure the border. you're spending trillions of dollars. you know what you're spending money on? not to build the wall. you're taking taxpayer money on
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material they already have there and paying them not to build it. so russell johnson's children can't play. that's what you're taking taxpayers' money for. that's why you're hiring more i.r.s. agents to audit more americans to get more at them pause you don't trust they're honest. there's not a day that doesn't go by just this week, 5-year-old child all by himself. you know, one of the trips down the border, i was talking to this border patrol agent, i was asking about a job. you could tell the stress she has felt. to work under these conditions. the threat of the cartel. the crime coming across. the families, the children. she told a story. three young children.
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she saw out in the distance. the oldest was 5. the next was 3. and the other was 11 months. said where was the parents? there was no parent. what crowd was she with? they were all alone. if she had not found them they would not have lived. so let this sink in. you're encouraging more of the people to come. people don't make it all the time. people are raped. human trafficking happens because they don't have the money to pay the cartel. then when they come to america they have to work to keep paying them. you're incentivizing that. while you incentivize that you make americans unsafe. i don't know, mr. speaker, if
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it's something the administration does in the cabinet or everywhere when they're asked a question. i know what the secretary of energy did when she asked about how to low every prices she just laughed. but i remember, mr. speaker, when vice president kamala harris was asked about the border. she has a very definite laugh. you know what her answer was? haven't been to europe either. she can go to europe. people from europe are coming across that border too. she can go to russia, egypt, yemen. she can go around the world. speaking of safety and security, it's hardworking americans being ignored by democrat politicians. let's talk about law enforcement. mr. speaker, i remember on this
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floor in the last congress the chant, defund the police. i remember what this city looked like. i remember one night looking out on the rioters. i remember the speaker yelling about having the national guard at the lincoln memorial. that spread across america. i can't keep count of how many people die in chicago in one week. in minneapolis george floyd was murdered, shouldn't have been. when they decided to defund the police, it was on the ballots two weeks ago on tuesday. it failed.
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mr. speaker, you and i have known each other a long time. we are competitive. i know you didn't get to congress your first time out. we beat you that first time, but you came back. you are competitive. you work hard. it's not my job to give you political advice. but i don't know if you have seen the numbers. it's nothing we are doing. 110 polls have been taken since 1981. never, never have they reflected what they reflect today. but it's just not that. you see, we all have the pleasure and honor, less than 13,000 people have ever had this honor to represent in this chamber. the debates that have taken place here. and on the biggest of items it's
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always bipartisan. the president promised he would bring that back. not one time. tonight is not bipartisan. he didn't work with anybody. you are spending the most money ever spent on a single bill in the history of america, the greatest nation ever on the face of the earth. and your children's children will read it was one party rule for one year. mr. speaker, i watched the american voter in states that are blue states overwhelmingly reject from seattle to
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minneapolis to new york to new jersey to virginia. to reject exactly what's in this bill. look, it would be beneficial to me to cheer you on. i care too much about this country. if you turn back now, you might be able to survive. but i know what will be more important, america will survive. i know you are down on this floor just 10 minutes debate on each side and the bill just came. i know my friends on the other side of the aisle, i know some of them have to get to puerto rico for a fundraiserrer. i'm sorry -- fundraiser. i'm sorry. that may be one of them. sounds like a couple of them. this is too important to america.
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it is a moment in time. at a time when violent crime is spiking nationally, cities under democratic rule, are seeking to defund their police departments just another move lacking common sense, largic, or leadership. in los angeles, i represent a little of it. i don't think you have any of t just outside. you are to the east of it. the lapd budget is set to be cut by $150 million. the decision triggered by widespread protests. my son just moved to san francisco with his new wife. you know what he told me? he said, dad, he had to buy a car up there. dad, i'm excited. i got car insurance.
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i didn't think that was a big deal. but my street is the safest street in san francisco. i got a little saving. you know what people put on their windows in san francisco on the cars? please don't break the window again, nothing's inside. if you want to walk to a wall greens in san francisco, it's closed. can't make money. people just come in and take. that's how you build up bureaucracies. that's how you cut police. in austin, the city council voted to cut up $150 million from the police department. mr. speaker, you and i have seen a lot of business in california leave and go to the city of austin. good friend of mine, elon musk, he built a car company when others were already developed.
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he risked his wealth to do it. pretty dang successful. state rep from california, i can't use the language he used on the floor, it started with an f, tweeted at elon because he wanted to expand his business. so he left. you know what california does? they raise the price. they make you tax more, cut their police. when elon got to austin, he said if you cut the police make crime like the place he just left, he won't stay. in baltimore, city council eliminated $22 million from the police department. new york city wants to take $1 billion is from the police budget. here's the kicker. it democrats don't think that
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goes far enough. it these efforts defund the police to send a dangerous message that public safety is not a priority in democrat-run cities. worse, these attacks on law enforcement demoralize officers, dismantle police departments, retirements are surging. recruitment is sinking. my father was a first responder. wasn't a police officer. he was a fireman. my uncle was a fireman, too. i did three years as a seasonal firefighter. i wanted to be a first responder, but there was a nepotism clause. i don't think my mom's successful because i wasn't a firefighter. these are people that one year ago we celebrated on this floor.
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we touted them. we touted the first responders to the medical community, to the checkers. why? because they went to work in the middle of a pandemic. they looked after people. and after we got one party with one rule in washington, a lot of them are now fired. they are no longer heroes. president biden and democratic leaders in congress can send a message to local officers. this lawlessness is unacceptable. instead, you are enabling it. the biden justice department dropped nearly half of the cases against rioters in portland. can you imagine that? half the cases. we all watched it. burning buildings.
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i remember one of my constituents, she came to testify, nadler and jim jordan were there. you know why she had to testify? because her brother was killed protecting a federal courthouse. it he was protected a federal courthouse on a riot. you know what's worse? it people in the administration at the highest of office that gave money to bail all these people out. i wonder why russell johnson worries about his kids playing outside. biden supports a bill passed by the house democrats which would cost police departments hundreds
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of millions of dollars. it's not a democrat green party, republican. america, people want safe streets. i don't care if you live in the poorest neighborhood to the wealthiest. you want your kids to be able to walk down that street. i can't forget that video of those two young kids in new york walking while another man is shooting another man. it they want law and order. is it any surprise that overwhelmingly rejected defunding the police when it was on the ballot? the only place that passes defunding the police is on this
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floor. but if you let the people vote, they say no. why? they want to be safe. it's not rocket science. in the liberal enslave of seattle -- enclave of seattle, former home of so-called capitol hill autonomous zone, remember that? they took over entire streets. why did they do it? because they were building a bigger bureaucracy. they didn't believe in private property. they celebrated -- celebrated t just like you celebrate this. the voters elected a republican as the city attorney. over a self-described police apologist. think about that. seattle. look, we are in the only occupation on a given day we
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learned how many people like and dislike us. come next november we'll know. there are 435 seats. we are all competitive. we'll work in all sorts of districts trying to capture that majority. i don't spend much money in seattle. it's not a lot of republicans there. but it doesn't matter when it comes to safety. every american wants it. except, mr. speaker, in this house. in minneapolis, where violent crime has surged over the past year, voters resoundly rejected a ballot initiative to defund the police. in minneapolis, these results give me hope. i want the american people to know one party rule will not be in one year.
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it's clear to most americans that defunding the police is wrong. the american public is getting this issue right. despite the democrats' best efforts. while our inflation rises chaos engulfs our southern border. and crime overruns our cities. xi jee ping is watching and laughing. china is being awarded with the olympics. i didn't get on a zoom with president biden and xi, but do they have those here? did he ask china why wouldn't they be more open or let our scientists in to see where covid started?
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did he ask she ping about his promise to stop producing fentanyl because it's increased by 300%. did he ask xi xinping why he continues to fly his jets other taiwan? and how much technology have you stolen from us today? just this august, we were reminded of the seriousness of the china threat after beijing launched an advanced hypersonic missile into orbit. i know you all don't serve on armed services, i do, and you're not on intel. but hypersonic is a first strike
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weapon. the last time president biden was vice president, they cut r&d for hypersonics for america. china has tested more than 200 hypersonics. america about nine. we have a missile defense. hypersonics dunn go high. goes five times the speed and low yusm don't have 30 minutes to calculate where it is. you know what china does too? they build replicas of american aircraft carriers in the desert. i don't think it's to teach their sailors, i think it's to teach their air force how to bomb them. i'm not sure president biden, you ask xi xinping why did you lie to president obama when you
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built those island and said you wouldn't weaponize them? i don't know if you watched the report of the number of nuclear weapons and silos that china is building. not far from afghanistan. i'm not sure we can keep track of it anymore. we don't have bagram we don't have afghanistan. but we're going to look over the horizon. i don't know how we don't even have goggles anymore, we left them for the taliban. hypersonics are unpredictable. they're fast. and they're nuclear capable. if the de-ployed correctly, it could beat our missile defenses. earlier in this conversation, i'm told -- i told you what, mr. speaker, the prime minister, the chief of staff of the white house said.
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this is bigger than the bill we spent on the new deal. so there must be some money in here for hypersonics. i know you don't want to protect the border. but you surely want to protect us for our defense, do you not? it's going to lose $800 billion in five years, but you can tell your children's children the reason why you borrowed the money so they could be alive in america, not in china. that's not in here. what are you going to tell the children's children? you got a real by big -- really big bill, we can't protect you but you've got a lot of products you can buy made in china. general milley described the launch as a near-sputnik moment. mr. speaker, i imagine you and i
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weren't alive for sputnik. but you know what happened after that? america acted as one they knew the threat of the future. so when someone on the floor that night that focused, they said our children's children would remember this night. we thank them for that. we won the cold war. not because we rewarded people who came here illegally with $450,000 we won that war because we invested in the future. we won that war not because we built up bureaucracy, because we unshackled it. -- unshackled our private sector. we won that war not because we
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kept having inflation, we ended one party rule. and had the biggest economy we've had since the last time republicans were in power and passed tax cuts. the sad part, mr. speaker, president biden could have done nothing. part of me feels sorry for -- sorry, mr. speaker, for all of you. had he done nothing i don't know if we could win in a year. but because of his actions, america is losing. when russia launched sputnik the united states responded with a sense of urgency and show of industrial force. so when china did this hypersonic, what did we do? you're passing a bill that is incentivizing companies to leave
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america. knob china. -- to be in china the global minimum tax. make more, go to china. that's what your children's children will learn. but don't worry, you can celebrate. you're going to have a big bureaucracy in america. that's what the soviet union had. but today the biden administration has responded with weakness, not strength. they actually said that stiff competition between china and america is welcome. look, i would like competition but why don't we have it on a level playing field. why is china given an advantage? i was in classroom a little while back. we were talking about how did california, the golden state, where everybody wanted to be, why is toyota, why is tesla, why
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is everybody leaving california? then they got into the aspect of america. how did china rise? well, a student asked me. and i asked her if she played a sport. she said she was a swimmer. i said let me try to answer your question in analogy of swimming. picture america at a swim meet after world war ii. against every other country. we jump into the water, not only do we win, we drive off before second and third arrive. so in the next year, we think, that's a little unfair. the other countries got destroyed a little more than america. why don't we put a tax on ourselves to help the others. we put a little weight belt on. we still win but we don't swim as fast.
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as the years progress, last time we had one party rule in 2010 you made this stimulus bill. put a 50-pound weight on so now when we jump into the pool, after this bill, we don't win. everybody says why don't you swim like you used to? but the real answer is, why don't you take off the weight belt and let us compete. you're adding another 50 pounds of weight to america. and you're enhancing china because i promise you this. china is not adding 87,000 i.r.s. agents to go after their people. all you have to do as an american is spend $28. the inch r.s. is going to knock on your door. don't think it's only going to happen to those millionaires.
10:54 pm
you're a family struggling, making $75,000, used to take that vacation every year but with inflation and gas prices, heating oil going up, you tell your kids you can't. but we built the bureaucracy. so they're going to knock on your door. this bill if you measure all the things it does, it rewards millionaires. it adds $1. -- it adds # .2 million new audits by the i.r.s. and half of that goes after people making $75,000 or less. i know so many people like that. i worship with them. play sports. our kids interact. i don't know how, i tole them i
10:55 pm
work in a body that celebrated doing that to them. i know what their struggles are. you know, it's interesting. people work hard. they dream of the american dream. and you just put hurdles in front of them. you put struggles. families are going to have to move in together. but, i'm going to tell them what you did. you helped everybody making $800,000 to get that electric car that tesla. you know, i still live in the very first house i ever bought. i can't afford a tesla. people on my street i work with,
10:56 pm
somebody's car breaks down, we work on it together. we help one another. i remember driving home just the other day. there was a young family. it was a grandma, the mom and the daughter. she was pulled over at the side, the entrance to my neighborhood. her hood was up. her car was overheating. i pulled up. asked her if she needed help. she wasn't sure what was happening. i said wait, i'm going right over to my house, it's a block away, i'll get some antifreeze. i'll get a towel. we'll open this up, we'll fix it. i come back. go to work on the car, another neighbor comes by. she's a grandmother. i've known her for years. she gets out with water bottles to give to the family.
10:57 pm
my daughter had made cookie i brought cookies for the young child in the back. my other neighbor who works in the oil business, you know what, he won't be my neighbor long. you see, you shut down his business. he told me he has to move. he doesn't live alone. his brother lives with him. he has roommates. young kids. just to afford to live there. he pulls up he gets out, everybody works together to get her back on her way. that's the american way. it's not building up big bureaucracies or raising the gas prices. because the white house will tell you that's a good thing. you can afford a tesla. we're going to give you, we're going to take taxes from you so somebody who makes $800,000 can get a tax break to buy a tesla. i can't even afford to test
10:58 pm
drive a tesla. and elon is one of my best friends. how is this competition going? for the chinese communist party, not much of a fight. xi jinping is in the going to abide by the term limits of his constitution. but we should trust him. we should just compete together. when he told president biden he wouldn't weaponize those islands and he did, oh, xi jinping, you old friend you. when he builds those aircraft carriers in the desert that looks just like the american aircraft carriers, that's xi jinping, he just likes the navy. when he tells australia, when
10:59 pm
australia asks, just to ask, where did covid come from, we're sending our nuclear weapons right down to you. when lithuania put a consulate for taiwan this week, you see lithuania has a long history of big, controlling countries next to them that try to push them around, they know what freedom is. you know what taiwan is? taiwan is that young man who stood in front of that tank 32 years ago. who craved the freedom of speech. who understood america's more than a country. you know, when i look at this bill it angers me. we are so better than this. you are spending so much money.
11:00 pm
never before. think of our history books, think how we honor the honor flight. think about the greatest generation that sacrificed so much. we spent less defeating hitler, mussolini and japan. than you're spending tonight. we spent less but it cost us lives. and you're celebrating it. you're celebrating it when inflation is at 31%. gas prices. thanksgiving. a border that in a few months breaks every record of the last three years combined. and not one dollar is going to protect the border or make our children's children safer for the next generation.
11:01 pm
you know, i admire everybody with a job. my first job was at the quick and handy market. people brought bottles back for deposit. my job in 110-degree temperature was to sort those bottles. that gave me a sense of worth. you may all admire europe. you may admire building big democracies. i know -- bureaucracies. you know you thought of a plan to tax people just on what you thought their world was worth. france did that and it failed. mr. speaker, we cannot become a socialist country. they have all failed. there's a reason america should lead, but we cannot lead if we're weakened. you know, a lot of you have been
11:02 pm
to my office. in my office, i keep portraits. i don't know if you noticed, but i wasn't born a republican. my family are all democrats. if anybody questions me about my beliefs, i left what i heard at home because i knew there was something better. there are two leaders in this nation that still inspire me until this day and i am proud of who they are and what they did. if you come to my office, you're welcome. we can disagree. we should sit and talk. the problems of america are too big. we can find common ground. we would have found common ground here if we were welcome. you see, i have this portrait of
11:03 pm
abraham lincoln. it's in black and white. a friend of mine painted it. it's large, too. it's in black and white for a reason. the greatest challenge ever to our constitution was the civil war. while you're celebrating this bill tonight, we did it on the same floor we debated the 13th amendment or the day that will infamy or the civil rights. the best thing you say, we'll build a bureaucracy. you know, it's the anniversary just this week of the gettysburg address. can you imagine being president of the united states, not the key note speaker. the key note speaker speaks for two hours. i think i've already broken that record. i'm sorry if you're missing
11:04 pm
puerto rico's fundraiser. there weren't a lot of words. this is what lincoln said. believe in the exceptionalism of america. why? because we're conceived in liberty and we're dedicated proposition that we're all equal. he goes on to say, but if we fail, government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from earth. we were not the world power at that moment. but he knew that america was more than a country, that when we worked for and by and of the people, we will always lead. there is no other nation in the world that's dedicated that everybody's equal. so when you spend this new green deal money and you send it to china to buy the solar panels and the batteries, look at the
11:05 pm
slaves they make work there. look at the slaves they make work there. i'm proud abraham lincoln was the first republican president. now, i tell you, at night i look at these two paintings and i wonder in moments in time what if abraham lincoln was not assassinated. malice towards none. there would be no jim crow laws. mr. speaker, i'd love to debate jim crow one day. another portrait hanging down from lincoln, joseph rainey, the first black american to be elected to congress. he was a republican. mr. speaker, 60 years later, the
11:06 pm
first black democrat was elected to congress. you see, joseph rainey was a slave and broke free and came back after the civil war and got elected in charleston, south carolina. we defeated that original sin. joseph rainey wasn't the only black republican elected. more started getting elected. in the south, we had a competitive presidential election that the democrats said they would recognize the republican if they moved the federal troops out of the south. and when they did, democrat won the states and they enacted jim crow laws. one of the darkest moments in our history. had abraham lincoln not been assassinated, we would not have
11:07 pm
to wait until the 1950's for the civil rights. abraham lincoln, if he was here today, he would tell you -- and mr. speaker, i believe he would he look to your side of the aisle. he would say, be fearless when it comes to votes. don't blame others. you see, when lincoln was elected in november, 1860, he wasn't sworn in until march, 1861. it's late. i am not sure if my math is right. there are eight, nine states that left the union when he won. never once did he blame buchanan. today, mr. speaker, i heard our border czar blame trump for the
11:08 pm
border. i don't know in the short months of one-party rule they've broken all records. he would tell you this, though. your children's children do not put off tomorrow what you could do today. the debate of slavery didn't start in the 1850's. that original sin started at the creation of our country. our forefathers thought it was too divisive so they thought, put it aside. hundreds of thousands of their grandchildren had to die. we don't have that same debate today. but you got a big debate on this floor. do not blame others when inflation is higher. do not blame others when your children's children ask you why did you make the bureaucracy so big but keep the borders open
11:09 pm
and empower china? why did my father and mother lose their jobs? why can we not go downtown because there's no police to protect us? or that russell johnson's grandson, granddaughter who can't carry on the legacy of a generation of a rancher. they'll point to this night, this time and this moment. the other portrait that hangs behind my desk is ronald reagan. you see, ronald reagan was a democrat, too. but taxes became so high. you know what he did? he stopped working. it took the incentive away. if you pay more to stay at home, they'll stay at home. if you take away the work
11:10 pm
requirement, this bill now creates 90% of all americans qualify for the child tax credit. what did you do? you took away the requirement to work. hurting the small business. and you took away the social security. you might as well take more american taxpayers' money because you have nor i.r.s. agents -- more i.r.s. agents but you're giving more money to those that are not americans. mr. speaker, i think moments at times reagan would talk to my party. we're not perfect by any means. he would tell us, if you believe your principles, bring people more freedom, be happy about it. people will wonder what you're drinking. i'm a happy conservative but not tonight. reagan would tell us this and he
11:11 pm
would talk to this entire body. and he would tell us, mr. speaker, peace without freedom is meaningless. think about that for one moment. peace without freedom is meaningless. it is human nature that we create peace, but we only attain it with freedom. reagan came into office after jimmy carter made inflation high, americans held hostage, gas prices, you can only go to the nation on the odd and even days. he was happy and honored to be able to do it. people had written us off. there were two germanys. i remember my high school, they had one of those hallmark shows about the soviet union invading us. a red dawn. people on my street built bomb
11:12 pm
shelters. because there was a sputnik moment, much like a moment we just had. that's what our top military agents tell us, mr. speaker. you know, reagan had this same dilemma. he was in his second term. i believe he was in iceland sitting directly across from gorbachev. he didn't take staff in the room. mr. speaker, he started negotiating a nuclear reduction. he was getting most everything he wanted. then gorbachev asked him one thing -- would reagan end the s.d.i. program and remember what that was program? it was made fun of by the democrats. it was called star wars. today is part of the iron dome.
11:13 pm
mr. speaker, you might remember the iron dome. your party actually defunded that along with the police. reagan didn't hesitate. he didn't ask congress. he didn't ask the senate. he said, no, i will not end it. but what i'll do is i'll share with you so the world could be safe. gorbachev declined. and reagan looked at everything in there and thought, it's a pretty good agreement. but he paused for a moment. it did nothing to those who were in the gulags. it did nothing for throws those in the -- for those in the shipyards of poland. so he did something that most politicians couldn't do. he got up and walked away. had reagan not had that moment walked away, the berlin wall
11:14 pm
would have never collapsed. i tell you that story because i hope five of you listen. i hope five of you walk away from this bill. it doesn't bring more freedom. you cannot have peace without freedom. you know what's interesting, in modern history, there's been two u.s. presidents to win the nobel peace prize. jimmy carter and barack obama. not ronald reagan. and not donald trump. after abraham accords. every elite press criticized reagan. but he knew his principles. you know, reagan didn't have one-party rule.
11:15 pm
the speaker, tip o'neal, would spend time with him. would talk about the challenges. and when they talked about the challenges, they invested, not for more illegals coming across the border. but to compete against mr. speaker, inside my concerns room i have another portrait. it's a big one. eight feet by 16. it's a portrait of washington crossing the delaware. you all know that painting, do you not? this is a replica. you know who painted that painting? it happened christmas, 1776. the person who painted it wasn't there that day. he painted it in 1850, 1851. he wasn't even an american. he was a german immigrant who
11:16 pm
lived in america. emanuel. he lived here about 10 years i believe. then he went back to germany. he knew the same thing that lincoln knew about america. that america is more than a country. an idea not of more bureaucracy but more freedom. his talent was art he thought, i'll paint this painting to inspire my country to have a revolution. based upon the freedoms of american democracy. he gets it historically incorrect. if you look at the painting, it doesn't look like the delaware, it looks like the rhine. he puts washington in a row boat. historians will tell you he probably crossed in another boat he puts 13 people in the
11:17 pm
rowboat. why? 13 colonies. he only shows you 12 faces. if you ever look at the painting, and please, come to the office, you can bring your constituents, i don't have to be there. he has washington in a ceremonial uniform, standing up in a rowboat in the middle of winter with his hand on his chest you look at our founding father and you'd say that man is bigger than life. he's so stoic. i bet he's never lost a battle. but you know what history tells us? at that point in time washington had only been a loser. he'd never won a fight. but if you google this painting to see if i'm right, you've got your phone, you're welcome to do it, i don't want you to look at washington. i want you to look at who is in the boat. the second person is wearing a beret. he's scottish. the person in the green directly across from him, rowing in the exact same cadence is
11:18 pm
african-american. you come down the boat in the middle, there's a person in the red, they look like they're the strongest, a woman. and in the very back is a native american. now mr. speaker, i cannot tell you that that diversity was in the boat that night. but to this young immigrant who had lived in america, that's who he believed would be in the boat. the second person to the last was a rancher. a farmer. i don't know if he was related to russell johnson or not. same occupation. he has his hand across his face. you see, it's the hand of the 13th person nobody sees. but what this artist was saying, here we are, not a country, but an idea. having lost every battle before us, but willing to risk
11:19 pm
everything on our holiest of nights. for the idea of freedom. here's a hand, would you get in and join us? i wish we hung that portrait in here. i wish we would look at that portrait. that when we brought bills to the floor, that we were all rowing together. because i will tell you, the challenge washington faced that night, our two biggest challenges for the future, are the debt and china. and this bill makes us a loser on both. mr. speaker, it spends more money than we spent for the entire world war ii. it sends our jobs to china. it does nothing to stand up to them. but i know this. it's not too late. it might be late into the fight. mr. speaker, members on your side of the aisle, they got staff, they can get a new plane
11:20 pm
to puerto rico. this is too important. there are moments in time that history, that change the course of this country. and they've happened on this floor. 13th amendment. a day that will live in infamy. we were bombed. by japan. almost wiped out our navy. that congress didn't turn around and say, let's take away work requirements, let's give incentives to people who are coming here illegally. let's spend nothing on our defense. and let's make it bigger than any other bill we've ever had and make sure nobody on the other side works with us. we're going into war. so we shouldn't -- we should send a letter to opec and putin because he could lower our gas price and help us out.
11:21 pm
this is that moment. we could have that colonel. we could have that ability. it's not too late. aside from hypersonic, the pentagon is estimating china could have 1,000 nuclear war heads by the end of the decade. last year they built 38gigawatts of coal powered plants. one large coal plant every week. i know a lot of members on both sides of the aisle went overseas. mr. speaker, i know speaker pelosi has been able to be to europe three times in the last three months. i don't know if it's a fare well tour. but if it is, i want a t-shirt. mr. speaker, we've been limited on what we can build nuclearly because our agreement with
11:22 pm
russia. china makes no qualms about what they want to do with taiwan and if you wonder, look at hong kong. my first trip ever to china was back in 1995. some of you have probably gone american council of young political leaders. they picked five republicans and five democrats, under the age of 40. to go to china, to interact. i remember sitting in a room with a former u.n. ambassador. and he told me they became communist because they'd always been conquered by somebody else. there used to be signs, no children or dogs in tiananmen square he says we have no fear of being conquered now. so i don't know what binds us together. when i went to tiananmen square, it was moving for me because i
11:23 pm
remember that moment in time. two parts in history i wish i could have been a part of. i wish i should have been in tiananmen square and i wish i could have been there, knocking down the berlin wall. there was a sign there, mr. speaker. it had two moments. the number of days and the number of minutes to hong kong came under their control. they said for 50 years nothing would change. mr. speaker, after unleashing covid on the world, it all changed. but you know what happened prior to that, mr. speaker? i'm not sure, i think hong kong had about eight million people. even on rainy saturday, three million of them would show up and bring umbrellas. you know what else they would bring? american flags.
11:24 pm
they knew the exact same thing abraham lincoln, joseph rainie, frederick douglass, that america is more than a country. it's an idea. they stood out in the rain knowing what china would do for the freedom of speech. not for more bureaucracy. and the moment china came in, did we do anything? we're going to buy more batteries from them. they use slave labor to create it. if you question where covid came, they say they're going to send their nuclear weapons to you. look. i don't know if we know how many nuclear weapons we have because we can't fly over them much anymore. but do you ever wonder and start to think, you have these nuclear weapons.
11:25 pm
you have hyper sonics. and then you invade taiwan. you think that may keep more people at bay? i don't know, when putin took crimea, he said he took it because no one said h couldn't. he's built up along the road with ukraine. mr. speaker, does it make you wonder, after began stan, where americans were left behind, that china flies more of their aircraft over taiwan? that china did not show up at the global warming party -- global warming party? there's so many things to be proud of our country. i'm worried about the environment. i wish every country was like america we lowered our co-2 emissions. didn't mandate. you know what we did, why we hered them? we became energy independent. but you know what happens when
11:26 pm
you shut down an american pipeline and you allow a russian pipeline to go? you make the air dirtier. american natural gas is 42% cleaner. you know what else comes with american natural gas in american jobs. american kids can pay for college. can buy a car. buy a house. i don't know in today's america if they can afford to fill it up. but you're going to restrict america, mr. speaker, i've heard a lot of people brag about this bill. really happy about the green new deal. i don't know if many read the chinese paper, they're happier. because that's where your sending the hard-earned working taxpayers of america. if you don't get enough the
11:27 pm
i.r.s. agents will pound on their door. meanwhile, president biden is acting like there's no competition at all. today -- to name a few important issues biden has folded on he build out huawei and refuses to investigate the origins of coronavirus or hold china accountable for its actions. mr. speaker, i'm going to tell you another story. this is a personal story with your leadership and ours. many of us had the pleasure and the honor of going to the 75th anniversary of d-day. i think every american should go. read the headstones. the ages.
11:28 pm
the thousands upon thousands of americans who all died in a short time frame. you look at the stars of david and the crosses. when i traveled with our speaker, nancy pelosi, and as we flew in in a helicopter we went down the path with the doors open. you wonder about those brave men. still saw the guns of the germans. they had to land and they were shooting ducks and they had to climb up and they were just being shot one after another. so young. but their children's children are proud of them. when i looked at those headstones, i looked at the speaker, and i wondered, what could america have done before then that would not have lost their lives? what could we have done before the rise of hitler or mussolini?
11:29 pm
where could we have made that investment. then i thought to the future, as a policymaker, history repeats itself. i watched china steal our technology. i watched them test hyper son ins. i watched them build a new coal plant and shut us down. this isn't like the soviet union. we aren't going to outspend them. i asked the speaker, could we create a committee, equal number of republican, equal number of democrats, to just focus on china. she thought it was an interesting idea. i called steny. the majority leader. i said the same idea to him. i spent eight months on this. you know what, mr. speaker? they agreed.
11:30 pm
we agreed. we picked a number of members. and then they came back to me and said we had to shrink it. that's ok, that's ok. i just really want to have this happen. because you know, xi jinping isn't going to abide by the term limit. tries to wait everybody out, mr. speaker. we got so close, we invited "the washington post" in to interview the members that were going to be on this committee. they preinterviewed it so we would be able to introduce it the night before. that moment like the time in the boat, i was proud of congress. we were going to do this together. one of our greatest challenges. i got a phone call.
11:31 pm
said we're not doing the committee. what are you talking about? we spent eight months on this. you see, covid had hit. thought it might give a political advantage we focus on china. i went ahead anyways and charged the china task force and in that china force, all the -- china task force, all the ideas, 2/3 of them, were bipartisan. mr. speaker, we talk a lot about the future. if this body changes power, we will have a committee that focuses on the committee of american and china. we need to plan. this is going to do a lot of damage to us. i'm hoping five of you will change your mind. you know what, i'm going to
11:32 pm
welcome you to serve on it, too. i want one american policy. i don't want to look out in california and see all those ships anymore. i want to look at california and see all those ships leaving with american product going to other countries. we need to hold them accountable. why would the world stay silent after the millions upon millions who have died from covid? would it not raise a question, if china shut down their domestic flights, but kept their international open? welcome, madam speaker.
11:33 pm
i'm just getting geared up. now, republicans are offering a better approach. instead of cooperating with china from a position of weakness, we need to compete from a position of strength. madam speaker, you're new and i'm not sure you've been listening. i hope you were. i would think, madam speaker, why don't we have a full congress briefing on china's hyper sonics? -- hypersonics? don't we -- why don't we do one thing? if this bill is going to be more
11:34 pm
than we spent in world war ii, why not pause this bill, have a briefing of all of us together, about that sputnik moment that our top military tells us and why don't we rise to the occasion? why don't we do that america did at that moment with our children's children, witness one germany? why don't we pause and let's see if we ought to spend the money there? you see, with one-party rule, last time you had it, you cut the funding for hypersonics. now, i don't remember the debate, and i don't know, madam speaker, if somebody on the other side said by this cut our children's children will be excited about this night. but i do know where we stand
11:35 pm
today. more than 12 years later in a weaker position, more dependent, and more vulnerable. you know what that means if we want do do something different -- want to do something different? that means rebuilding our military, regaining our position of leadership in the world. i don't know how many of you are historians. but if you study the entire world, there's only been two nations that's had the largest economy. china and america. you know, in the last year, ours grew faster than them. they were catching us. after this bill, they put a
11:36 pm
weight belt on us. we gave an advantage to them. what if we did this, too? what if we paused and what if we together inspired the rest of the nations of the world and said, let's not reward china with the olympics? do you want to reward them? i'll guarantee you their economy will be stronger after this bill. we can't keep being nice. we can't let them continue to lie, to steal. it also means truth and accountability when it comes to the coronavirus. there's not one in this chamber
11:37 pm
that does not know somebody who's died from covid. i was talking to a friend last night. he's about my age. he had these two mentors. they are older men. they are farmers. he's a farmer. he'd been calling them. he couldn't find them. never heard this friend of mine get emotional. he said he just got a call back. one of them died from covid. his father's no longer alive, but he felt he lost his father that night. you know who he's most mad at? china. i never heard him cuss until that night. he just felt it was so unfair. don't we all? don't we remember being in these chambers struggling in our own community trying to find p.p.e.?
11:38 pm
just for our hospitals. you know, some of the brightest moments of america happened. we watched people risk their lives, but we watched what america does best -- ingenuity, invest. we don't have one vaccine. we have three. you ask anybody in the world, do they want a vaccine from russia, china? they want america. we did that. we did it faster than fauci every said we could -- ever said we could. you know what else we could do? we could do hypersonics, too. we're not going to gain on china if they test it 200 times and we're at nine. madam speaker, hypersonics is the first strike weapon. i was a smart alek growing up --
11:39 pm
alec growing up and i got in a few fights. i never one won that someone got to punch me five times before i could swing. that's what your children's children are going to learn tonight. they could strike us before they could defend us -- before we could defend us. are we weaker based upon what happened in afghanistan? oh, yes, we are. if you don't read china's papers, you know what they told taiwan the next day? see, america won't be there for you. i wasn't imitating president biden. i imagine the papers in china will read soon after this bill
11:40 pm
passes that america's going to ask them for them to buy our bonds. that america is going to be weaker. that they did nothing to stop the flow of fentanyl made in china coming to america. we cannot lose sight of the ultimate goal. we will not allow america to fall further behind like the biden administration has. madam speaker, when they study history, our children's children, i'm sure the chapter will read -- one-party control for one term. the damage that was done. they'll -- there will be college courses.
11:41 pm
there will be people nominated to the fed simply because they studied that inflation that came back today. i don't know about you, but if you study history, there are no easy way of getting out of inflation. there's only pain. don't take my word for it. just take up "the wall street journal" and read the story of turkey today. madam speaker, i know my friend, mr. neal, has been here 33 years. he's got to remember what inflation looked like in the 1970's. from rates and double digits. -- interest rates and double digits. madam speaker, it's different today. you see, for all those democrats, madam speaker, that would not vote for the bill unless they got the c.b.o. report that told them it paid for itself, i watched them on
11:42 pm
tv. i feel sorry for them. i don't know how they face their constituents again. or what about those 21 members, madam speaker, in your conference that sent a letter to the speaker that said, take out the i.r.s. agents? i guess if you say -- it's ok to vote the opposite. i don't know. where i grew up. in my family, that's not what we were taught. c.b.o. came back. in five years, it costs $800 billion. and that's after you played all the tricks of all the dials. it doesn't pay for everything. you see, the difference today, our debt is larger than our g.d.p. you see, when that happened before, we weren't fighting for
11:43 pm
a green new deal. we were fighting to save america and the world. the minute world war ii was over, it dropped. madam speaker, i think you're fighting to make this country a socialist country. margaret thatcher said it well. you're going to run out of everybody else's money. the difference now, though, you got inflation. what's so sad is, you were warned that would happen. and i know you don't want to listen to me. i know you don't like me. that's ok. but larry sommers -- summers, larry summers served in two democratic administrations. he's partisan. partisan. but he's an economist. and before you pass that $2 trillion, and remember what
11:44 pm
happened -- it's similar to this bill. it's not bipartisan. and what's so unusual, when covid hit, all those bills we did, we did it together. but when january 20 hit, when it was one-party rule, all changed. we were no longer welcome. so we warned you but you may have thought it was politics. but then larry summers warned you in february, you passed it anyway. 9% went to covid. the school money, two, three years later, then we read all these schools that have too much money. they are giving money to people that don't work. january 20, you passed january 20, you passed bills
11:45 pm
that said bills don't have to go through committee. you made proxy voting. i remember the negotiations on proxy. i remember speaking to the speaker and majority lead eric we'll never do proxy it'll destroy the body of congress. historians will tell you that. even when the confederacy wasn't that far away we still met. august 24, 1840 -- when the british burned this building down. it's only those few people, respiratory problems, we're going to make it tough. only a few people will do it for a short time. they're going to sign a letter. that says they just can't make it. madam speaker, i was shocked when i saw a member on your side of the aisle, he must have been really fearful of covid because
11:46 pm
he was on a boat. looked like a vacation to me. madam speaker, today i got my booster shot. my third shot. i've had covid. i've had three shots. i went down to see dr. monaghan. i said i haven't decided you see, i got my second shot the morning of january 6. and i got the chills. i got the shakes for a lot of reasons. i wondered if it was the best idea to get that shot today. i took it anyway. i don't know if i was going to be too tired. might have a little headache now. but this is too important. this is just too important.
11:47 pm
this is a turning point in our country. we are at a tipping point. because let me tell you what happened. you cannot curve inflation without devaluing the dollar or raising the interest rate. we raised it high. after the last time the democrats had one party, one control in the late 1970's. but you know what? it'll cut all the economy. but we won't be able to pay our bills. we had too big a debt now. you know, wharton school is an amazing school. they'd never accept me. they studied this bill. didn't have to wait for the c.b.o. you know it cost $4 trillion. it also tells you it's going to
11:48 pm
low you are our growth. -- to lower our growth. only two countries in the world have had the largest economy. if our currency is not the world's currency, four debt is too big, unfortunately, madam speaker, what the majority leader said to start this out, our children's children will remember this night, oh, they will remember this night. we are a great nation. we are exceptional. this body has risen to so many occasions. but the occasions they rose before, they didn't do it with one party.
11:49 pm
if america asks me what went wrong, one party rule for one term. divided government makes you have to find compromise. madam speaker, when i came to this body, i came at a time in 2006, republicans lost the majority. for a lot of different reasons. there was only 13 republicans. smallest freshman class since 1914. and that's when they enlarged this body. and i have made friends on both sides of the aisle. i believe in competition. i believe in debate. but i believe in respect. four years later, there was a
11:50 pm
big night in virginia-new jersey. you see if you study history, virginia and new jersey are all off election elections. madam speaker, your party had had power for a long time in congress. 40 years. before 1994, there was election in 1993. and it was a shock in virginia and new jersey. and in 1994, something unheard of happened. republicans won the majority. i should have known in 2006 that was going to happen. pause in 2005 -- because in 2005 there was an election in virginia and new jersey.
11:51 pm
virginia democrats won and it flipped. in 2009, i was in my second term. i was a deputy whip. i remember certain moments, i didn't know steny hoyer at that moment. i respected him. i respected his years of service. i respected the leadership in which he portrayed. and i remember like it was slow motion, back when you could speak in the well. president obama had just become president. we invited him to our conference. wanted to do a stimulus bill. i was proud of our conference that day.
11:52 pm
president obama treated us with respect. we even met -- we got up one by one. i remember kevin brady, the president, i want to hear your ideas. we didn't play political games. we gave him ideas. and to respect president obama, you know what he said? that's a good one, no, i'm not going to do that one. i like that. we're going to work together. as he walked out, we thought we were going to work together that day. henry waxman was the chairman at the time. he dropped the stimulus bill. as the president left saying he was going to work with us. i used to spend my time down on the floor. i thank you for being here, i know it's late. but i would spend my time on the
11:53 pm
floor because most democrats didn't know who i was. sometimes i'd sit over there. i'd listen so i could learn. just like slow motion, what steny hoyer was saying. when the stimulus came to the floor, it was a lot of money. there was a lot of money. said i don't know if this will work. but i do know you're going to have to go home and tell your constituents why you voted no, why you wouldn't help them. i didn't want to be the party of no. soy remember sitting up in eric cantor's office, we would bring people, brady was there, camp, a lot. he said the president menlt well but his own party won't let him work with us. so let's make our own bill. let's compete on the power of the idea. so we produced our own bill. we had outside scoring, created
11:54 pm
job, les money. and 30 seconds before that gavel went down i remember talking to two republicans. president obama thought he was going to get 60 republicans to vote for it. he was literally calling members back in the chambers. that bill passed. it was popular. kind of like your covid bill when it first passed. i don't know if you looked at the polling today. this was early on in that majority. and i remember the whole time with steny -- what steny hoyer said. and right before that election, after virginia and new jersey, do you realize more people in america thought elvis was alive than the stimulus created a job? if you look at your covid bill,
11:55 pm
the $2 trillion, there's other moments aye had in here. you know, i came in, one of the most moving votes we have ever had, i wasn't here to vote on whether we went to iraq or afghanistan. but i was here to vote about the surge. and i came in when we lost the majority and a lot of that had to do with the continuing war. and i want to do something different. so i invited anybody that had an opinion, that was opposed, that was for it, from foreign ambassadors, i remember the ambassadors telling us, we did not agree with you coming but you better not leave it this way. and for anyone who serves in a body, and i served in the legislature before i came, nobody can prepare you for a vote like that. you know when you take a vote like that, you're going to look
11:56 pm
a mother and a father or a husband or a wife in the eye and you're going to have to explain why their loved one gave their life. so i did not want the administration to tell me anything. i was going to come to this conclusion because i had to make the decision myself. i voted for the surge that night. it passed. one of the first times i spoke on the floor. i remember calling home, i was nervous. that april, i went to iraq, afghanistan, a group of us, bipartisan, spent christmas morning with general petraeus. and one of the little amazing houses in there.
11:57 pm
and i remember, that was bipartisan. i remember respecting the other side. i remember america coming together. it was tough. you had just won the majority. the debate was about war. men and women were losing their lives. but we didn't think america should leave that way. there were people on both sides of the aisle. you were in the majority. president bush was still president. and we came to what was best for the future together. then i remember the financial collapse. remember being on this floor with tarp. for any of you that were here, it was all packed. do you remember the chant?
11:58 pm
100, 200, 300, 400, the dow jones going down. the dow jones going past 1,000. ever since my days as deputy whip i had this philosophy, the first one to 200 wins. on any big bill. now that proxy is here it doesn't work. but for those voting in here, if you get to 200 first, that's usually where it's going to go. at that moment, more than 1,000 down. the noes were at #00. -- at 200. then it collapsed. the market went out the door. down maybe 800. do you remember how big that was? the world's largest economy on a financial meltdown that we both came together? because it was a big vote, right. you know how much we spent then?
11:59 pm
$800 billion. $#00 billion. you're spending $5 trillion. why we have inflation. $800 billion was enough to save the financial markets of america. we got 10 million jobs out there for people to work on. you're doing nothing for the border. nothing for the children's future when it comes to china. no incentive to go to work. you're incentivizing people who come here illegally. you're incentivizing. people to stay home and get a check. i like to study history. every great society that has overextended themselves has collapsed.
12:00 am
madam speaker, i don't madam speaker, i don't mean to go back to my friend, steny hoyer -- i apologize. you are back in the chair. did you get to take a bathroom break and i didn't? i understand. it's ok. tonight will be the night of that tipping point. tonight will be the night. have you looked at the market? have you looked at the numbers that just came back this week on retail? you know what happens? please, talk to economists. if you supply all this money in a tight economy, you're going to create more inflation.
12:01 am
mr. speaker, when i served at that time, four years later we became the majority. i had the honor and privilege for my conference to elect me majority whip, majority leader. and i will know the frustration that i had when you would do your motion to recommit, but i never once said i wanted so much control to take that away from you. i respect that you run for this office. i respect that your constituents elect you. what your constituents do is they lend you power.
12:02 am
they lend you your -- their voice so their voice needs to be heard. when you shut out the minority, you're shutting out millions of americans. now, i don't know what the case was, but i remember talking to my freshman class in 2011 and i put up every 63 names of every democrat that lost, mr. speaker. i said, they had two things in common -- they all voted for a motion to recommit and they all lost. in the eight years we were in the majority, we never lost one motion to recommit. why would you change the course of the history of this body to take away the voice of the minority? you are not hurting me. you're hurting millions of americans who are participating in the electoral system.
12:03 am
is that about control? i know our tempers flair. but i promise you this, mr. speaker. i will never tell one of you can't look at me. even if you're saying something bad about me, you have a right to do it. we're in america. i don't want control over you. i want to participate with you. i want to work with you. i want to solve problems with you. you know, people ask me, what has gone wrong? i'll be honest with you. i spent a lot of time thinking about the next congress. how do we heal this place? mr. speaker, if you're all thinking of running again, for those who win, no more proxy
12:04 am
voting. you're going to have to vote up for work. mr. speaker, america is more than a country. we're an idea. every single one here except a few that are native american came as immigrants. i've told you about the paintings in my office. i also have the papers of ellis island. my grandfather, 100 years ago this year came at the age of 10 from italy. giuseppe palidino. he dreamt of a new world.
12:05 am
he knew america would be better with every generation. he came, like many of your ancestors. some of the greatest strengths of this country is the rule of law. even in the financial meltdown, people still invested in america. there were times when i was in graduate school, i would do a swat analysis. strength, weakness, opportunities, threats. are the opportunities big enough to overcome the future threats? we are still the largest economy in this world. but it won't stay if this passes. we have the greatest fighting force that volunteers.
12:06 am
if you are wealthy and you live in another country and you're significan sick, you -- and you're sick, you still want to come here for your health care. you still want to send your kids to school here. they admire what we are and where we've been. i talk about what made me a republican. i was in the sixth grade. i turn on the tv. i watched jimmy carter have a sweater on and tell me to turn the heater down, that the best days were behind us, that as an american, i had to accept less. that wasn't how i was raised. i watched this other man, mr. speaker, that came from our home state of california. he went to the podium. he said, no pass -- no pastels. fly that bold color. go to that shiny city on the hill. i knew when he talked about that shiny city.
12:07 am
that was america. that was more than a country. that was an idea. it went beyond maine, beyond california. i know you all believe that america. but under one-party rule, under one year, that light has been dimmed. our task should be joined together, climb that mountain, reach that light. five of you should rise up, put the country first and say no. 21 of you signed a letter that said, take the 87 i.r.s. agents out of the bill. it's still in it. does your name matter? does the letter matter? you sent it to the speaker. you told her she had to. or what about those members that said they could not vote on this bill until the congressional budget office proved to them what president biden was saying that it didn't cost anything? you know what, that letter's
12:08 am
back. and, no, it costs. in five years it's going to cost you $800 billion. it's going to cost us much more. it's going to cost us the rule of law. you're incentivizing people to come across this border illegally. we believe in the rule of law. but if you start a generation that breaks the rule of law, you break down society. you're taking this money, how you brag about you pay for the bill, you hire 87 i.r.s. agents. you're saying to america, we don't trust you. you're adding 1.2 million more audits. one half of all those audits are going after americans who only make $75,000 or less. and you know what those $75,000 americans are doing right now? they're wondering if they can
12:09 am
pay for their gas this winter that goes up 50-some percent. they're traveling less because gasoline is the highest it's been. and for our president that says he doesn't know anybody that's worried about inflation. mr. president, come to the grocery store with me. because i'll show you the price is rising every day. just watch the walks. -- just walk the streets. what's even worse. you're spending more money than we spent to solve world war ii, to win it. and you're proud of it. you're championing it. you do nothing for the russell johnson, the rancher on the border, whose kids can't go outside to play. from february until october, more people have come across that border illegally than 2018, 2019, and 2020 combined. that's the numbers.
12:10 am
americans are dying at unbelievable levels because of fentanyl. where do you think that comes from? china through mexico. you heard from the mayors in these border cities. just in the last year, 46 times a school had to be on a shutdown because of cartels and car chases. you do nothing in this bill for that. you have the top military general telling you it was a sputnik moment for china when they did a hypersonic, something we don't have, because the last time we had one-party rule with all of you in charge, you cut hypersonic funding. you got a chief of staff at the white house, mr. speaker, that many refer to as the prime minister. he says this is twice as big in real dollars as the new detail deal. you -- new deal. you have members of your own
12:11 am
conference that president biden wasn't elected to be f.d.r. we are better than this. how can you spend so much when the financial markets were melting down, when thousands of people were losing their jobs, when we didn't know if we could still be the world's currency, this body came together and thought $800 billion was enough to do the trick. we weren't in inflation. you already know, mr. speaker, from your past of passing trillions of dollars, you created inflation. now you're doubling down. mr. speaker, the american people have said it in so many ways. enough. we don't need more waste. mr. speaker, when you have inflation, you either devalue the currency or you raise
12:12 am
interest rates. you're going to break america. we can't afford to pay our debt. we're going to have to cut. mr. speaker, i will tell you this. i'll make this promise to you, mr. speaker. if we are fortunate enough for the american public to trust us with a new direction, we'll change the course. we'll focus on small business. we'll focus on the border. we won't let runaway spending create inflation. mr. speaker, and we will trust you. we won't find you to walk into your place of work -- we won't
12:13 am
fine you to walk into your place of work. we believe -- we believe in working together. one-party rule for one year has done so much damage. we will not let america fall further behind like the biden administration has. in a sense, falling further behind has been the theme of joe biden's presidency in the first 10 months. as leaders, it's our responsibility to understand the petition -- position and condition our country is in. when it's not providing americans the opportunity to meet their daily needs, we must fix it. mr. speaker, we trust parents. i don't know if you heard, we introduced the parents bill of rights. i never thought there'd be a day
12:14 am
that the federal bureau of investigation, f.b.i., would go after parents simply because they went to a school board meeting and lied to congress about it. it took a whistleblower to come forward. mr. speaker, i never thought there'd be a day with gas prices so high that the secretary -- that the secretary of the energy, when asked for a plan of how to bring the prices down, to laugh. or mr. speaker, the vice president of the united states that was given the job by the president to be the border czar. i understand why he moved it to her. in his 42 years of elected office, the closest he came to the border was driving by el paso. but when she was
12:15 am
when she was asked she laughed as well. these are serious issue, not one to laugh at. when it's not providing americans the opportunity to meet their daily needs we must fix it. but that's not what president biden has done for the last 10 months. that's not what democrats have done with this bill. mr. president, mr. speaker, one party rule in one year has given us the highest inflation in 31 years. i know i said it before, mr. speaker, yes, we warned you from the other side. your own side warned you as well. larry summers begged you, told you not to do it in february. but here we are. mr. speaker, the president even had a town hall meeting on cnn, said he doesn't know anyone who
12:16 am
is worried about inflation. i want to invite the president to so many meetings. i want him to go to the border with us. you know, i know we come from different parties, and i know we fight in campaigns. but when the election is over, america expects us to govern. there's many times, i know the president has been to the border. we send him letters, we've been there we'll tell him what's happening, we'll sit down, we'll talk, he doesn't want to meet. i want to work with this president. these problems are too big. i took president biden at his word when he said if he became president he'd work with the other side. mr. speaker, the american people send washington, d.c. an unmistakable message on election day earlier this month.
12:17 am
our country has drifted too far to the left. mr. speaker, if you study history, there was a moment in time like this. mr. speaker, it was back in 1994. again, it was one party rule. you controlled it all. and when you controlled it all you want, mr. speaker, your party wanted more control. they wanted clinton care. the country rose up. and at that moment in time, i remember watching president clinton tell american public, the error of -- the era of big government is over. mr. speaker, where is that democrat today? because many of these members, mr. speaker, they served 30, 40 year, they've been there with him. they just champion, we got to make the bureaucracy bigger.
12:18 am
mr. clinton listened to the american public. you know this last election was driven by spence disapproval of democrat's radical policies. absolute chaos on the southern border. out of control crime. record breaking gas prices and inflation. a broken supply chain. mr. speaker, i know you care about the environment. i know you're not far from southern california. i know you've seen those ships. you see them sitting there for a month. you see the pollution. you know what they're doing? they're dropping off products from china and going back empty. we got a failing education system. but mr. speaker, some of the strongest leaders in your party say parents have no right in their children's education.
12:19 am
i just can't imagine. and of course the surrender in afghanistan. i know, mr. speaker, you cannot be proud of that moment either. there's still americans there. mr. speaker, i don't know and i could be wrong, but i don't know of one hearing we've had in the last month to help those americans come home. i don't even know if someone would give us the number. but this is what i do know, mr. speaker. republicans are not sitting back. there's a number of members who served in the military who sacrificed in the military. who are still helping their constituents and others come home. mr. speaker, the saddest part about it is, we have to work with other countries. we have to go around our own state department.
12:20 am
this isn't an image of a thriving nation. it's the image of a country that is clearly on the wrong track and on the wrong side of history. are we bet you are off today than we were 10 months ago? no. mr. speaker, i remember steny hoyer, i listened to him. he started off, he said, we don't want to go back. he doesn't want to go back when we didn't have inflation, when gas price were $2, when we were energy independent. when in the last 16 months, not one casualty in afghanistan. when north korea was not testing missiles. when thy china hadn't sent a hyper sonic around the world. when we had the strongest economy in the last 50 years.
12:21 am
i know, mr. speaker, there are people who got upset with president trump's personality but as i travel the country today, mr. speaker, i hear of a lot of people who want to take that vote back. who like his policies. who understand policy matters. we are not better off than we were 10 months ago. you know the difference 10 months ago we didn't have one-party rule in this city. that is why the voters who can vote earlier this month overwhelmingly voted to send democrats a message. mr. speaker, that message was one word. stop. in 2010 you didn't listen. you approved obamacare in four days. you're doing the exact same
12:22 am
thing. mr. speaker, i don't know. i don't know speaker pelosi, if she finishes out this term, i know she made everybody vote on obamacare and 63 democrats lost. mr. speaker, i don't know if she'll be here after people here vote for it. could be the last time, last term for them. but the problem will be the damage will be done. stop overspending. stop the war on working families. work gives you a purpose. i don't care what job you have. and stop giving those who run our country more control over the lives of those who make our country run. the election on november 2 this year in virginia, new jersey, and across the country, that
12:23 am
should have been a wakeup call. why did president clinton hear it but not these democrats? i don't know. but mr. speaker, i don't want to get political, but when president clinton heard it and he changed the course and he said the era of big government is over, he got re-elected. but washington democrats obviously aren't listening to the american people. instead, in a desperate attempt to save face and appease their extremist, left-wing base, speaker pelosi has crammed even more rad call policies into a partisan bill. that cost trillions of dollars we don't have. for government-run programs that nobody wants. not even democrat voters.
12:24 am
what the democrats are pr posing is out of touch. in the extreme. what we have before us isn't a special spending bill, it's a pathway to socialism. if you don't believe me, mr. speaker, if you listen to the majority leader, and you listen to the chair of ways and means, what a prestigious, prestigious committee that is, you know, mr. speaker, article 1, section 7 says all tax reform starts in the house. our rules say it all starts with ways and means. and it's interesting. that your own member, jared goldman, talks about what you do in this bill. you go after people who are just making ends meet to give it to
12:25 am
people who are making $800,000 and millionaires. these are radical policies in a partisan bill that cost trillions of dollars we don't have. for government programs that nobody wants. it doesn't work now. and it won't work in the future. in fact, as i said earlier, we'll make -- it will make the problems we face as a nation much, much worse. here's how. mr. speaker, i'm not sure if your other side left to eat but i'll buy dinner if they want to stay. i think it's important. i don't know that any of them had time to read the bill. consider the energy crisis americans are facing today. high gas prices and budget breaking heating costs. instead of relying on american
12:26 am
energy to increase production and lower costs, the answer from democrats seems to be to beg opec to produce more. gather wood for the fireplace and put on a sweater. you know what happens when opec produces more? american dollars go to the middle east. you know what happens when you shut down american pipelines? american workers lose their job. but due pugh tin gets more. mr. speaker, winter is coming. and this bill will make our energy crisis worse. consider the heat rainshower home tax bill the democrats have included in this bill. by imposing a fee on methane
12:27 am
gas, this bill will penalize the very resource that helps produce the electricity that keeps the lights on and heat running. mr. speaker, i think i owe an apology, i understand the democrats have left and want to recess when i'm done. i don't know if they can get to the airlines this time to change the flights to puerto rico later tomorrow for the fundraiser. i'm sorry for that but this is just too important. mr. speaker, i don't know if they think they left i'm going to stop. i'm not. too important. mr. speaker, i'm really not talking to them. i'm talking to the american people.
12:28 am
i have a couple of other binders. because i think it's important for the american people to know how this bill works. so when i got done with the speech i was able to collect all the amendments that republicans offered that were denied. the american people should see what could have been in the bill. what could have helped. and it's probably healthy, mr. speaker, for all the constituents to know who voted how. i think that would be important. the effects of this heat your home tax would increase family heating bills by as much as $242 per year. i don't know if you think that sounds like a lot, but put in perspective, how much more does it cost them to fill up a tank of gas? how much more does it cost them at the grocery store?
12:29 am
how much less is their paycheck worth because of inflation? it's not just this. as many as 90,000 jobs could be lost as a result. but you know what it won't do? reduce global temperatures by one degree. $242 doesn't seem like a lot of money for the elite liberals, for all those who make $800,000 you'll love this bill. because you'll get a tax break for buying a tesla but only if it's built in in a union shop. and if your kid goes to the most expensive colleges. i don't know about you, mr. speaker, but i went toor
12:30 am
college. i was fortunate enough to start a small business. i sold it. to pay my way through college. you see, mr. speaker, i don't know if you know my story. i grew up in bakersfield, california. i was the youngest of three kids. my father was a firefighter and he moved furniture on his days off. my mom worked in a dental office. you see, when i got out of high school, i didn't have the athletic ability or grades to get a scholarship. so i went to community college and i'm proud of it. mr. speaker, i met this guy. he had a car dealary's
12:31 am
license -- dealer's license and owned a liquor store. i ask you to think how i met him. i asked him to take me to los angeles. it's not far from bakersfield. it's where all the car dealers would bring their trade there. you had to be a dealer to get there. i started buying and selling cars and flipping them to pay through college. i found out it was illegal but i didn't know when i was doing it. when i went to community college i had friend away from college. one of my best friend was at stanford, and some of my friend at san diego state. on the weekends i'd go visit them. on this one weekend i was going to san diego state to visit my buddies. so i stopped off at food town market. my neighborhood grocery store that's no longer there.
12:32 am
that one time i worked at the meat counter. to cash a check. i stood in line, something interesting had happened in california the day before. the lotto started. you see, in the last election, we passed so the schools could win, too. we passed the lottery. it wasn't the big lotto. it was just the scratchoff. as i cashed this check i bought two lottery tickets. you know what, mr. speaker? i was a lucky irishman that day. i won the lottery. $5,000. the most you could win. think about that for one moment. 1985, i don't know, 19, 20. it was friday night. i just won $5,000 back when we didn't have inflation. i ended up in san diego, 10 minutes from tijuana. i came home. i took my whole family to
12:33 am
dinner. we went to the new hotel, the relion. i was so proud -- the red lion. i was so proud of myself. i can remember what people ordered. the steak diane. my brother ordered dessert. i gave my brother and sister $100. you know what i did with the majority of the rest of my money? i put it all into one stock. because i believe in risk. but i also believed if i failed, government shouldn't bail me out. but if i was successful, it shouldn't tax all my money. it wasn't because i was bright. but i made 30% of my money in six weeks. not bad for the market back then. we're coming to the end of the semester. so i decided i was going to take a break from school. so i refinanced the current cars i was selling. i took my money out of the
12:34 am
market. i went to the bank. they weren't going to loan me anything. -- they weren't going to lone me anything. i wanted to buy a franchise but no one wanted to sell one to a 20-year-old. another thing you'll learn about me -- one thing you'll learn about this speech, i never give up. so i opened kevin o.'s deli. i built the counter in my dad's garage. there were good days. there were bad days. but at the end of the year and a half, i was pretty successful. if you rate success based upon my family. i now had enough money saved that i could pay my way through college just as long as i went to cal state-bakersfield, though. i wanted to finish my degree. at that moment in time, i don't believe any of my family finished a four-year degree. so i sold my business. i was a much better student at this time.
12:35 am
and my local paper, the bakersfield californian, had an article to be a summer intern in washington, d.c., with my local congressman. i had never met this man. i thought, boy, he would be lucky to have me. so i applied. but you know what, mr. speaker, he turned me down. you want to know the end of the story, mr. speaker? i am now elected to the seat i couldn't get an internship for to work in. only in america could that happen. but i'm fearful, mr. speaker. if this bill passes, there will be fewer entrepreneurs in america but more in china. the hurdles will be too high. how do you get somebody to work if government is paying you more to stay at home?
12:36 am
how do you get somebody to work with a child tax credit if you take away the work requirement? mr. speaker, an interesting thing if we go back to 1994, again, another reason why i believe president clinton got re-elected, because he listened to america after they gave him that shock in 1994. you know what he signed? welfare reform. welfare reform had a work requirement. you know what happened? more americans had jobs. they had a higher income. it gave people an incentive. you're doing the opposite. you're giving incentive not to work. and you know what, this especially hurts our seniors. listen to what claudette duff,
12:37 am
president and cc.e.o. -- c.e.o., of integrity, said about the implications. and i quote, mr. speaker. i'm concerned that vulnerable seniors are not being considered. while i believe we must battle climate change, i'm also painfully aware that most seniors have little financial wiggle room. any possibility of an added cost to senior must be seriously considered. how many of us have a senior person, a family member -- and i've been privileged to meet a lot of your mothers, fathers,s and aunts. we care for them but we know what they live on, a fixed income. those are the people that get hurt the most.
12:38 am
those are the people who you are going to have to answer to. so when the speaker talks about elder care, we know it's now about empty words, mr. speaker. throughout this process, the democrats made it clear they want to freeze the american people out from knowing what their government has in store for them. now it seems they also want to freeze them out of their own homes this winter. in addition to higher home heated costs, consider higher gas prices in our near future. even higher than they are today. mr. speaker, i like to take risks. i don't know if you want to make a wager. let's wager dinner. let's wager dinner.
12:39 am
after this bill, if gas prices are lower, i'll buy you dinner. if they're not, you buy me dinner. you believe in the bill. you believe in the economics. i know what president biden recently did. i know our state's not far from new mexico. new mexico is an amazing state. congresswoman harrell, she represents, new mexico fights hard. new mexico's schools get almost half of their money from the royalties of the energy they produce there on federal land.
12:40 am
so it's not just the workers in the field that got laid off. the schools. i don't know how they're going to survive. maybe opec will send them some money. they're making a lot more. we should ask them. americans need relief at the pump. as i said in this past year, the price of gasoline has reached its highest point in over a decade. the good news is that we know what it takes to lower gasoline prices. let's embrace innovation and american resources. you know, we lowered our co-2 when we became energy independent. we lowered coal when we offered more natural gas. we're the saudi arabia of natural gas, but the president looks to opec.
12:41 am
do we really think putin wants the second pipeline because he loves europe so much? it couldn't be that he wants more control. that couldn't be the case, would it? i don't know. ask the people in crimea. that's what america has been doing for nearly a decade. and at least that's what we were doing. and the results completely shifted the energy landscape in our favor. but it wasn't just energy. i don't believe we'd ever get the abraham accords if we weren't able to do that. the world became safer. the world is a safer place when america's stronger. the only thing you have to look
12:42 am
to in history is why putin have all those troops along the border? why does china say they can take taiwan? one-party rule in one year, that's what it's accomplished. just a few years ago, the united states, while it was lowering co-2, produced more oil and gas than any other country in the world. and guess what, our gasoline prices reflected it. so not only did it help business produce more and hire more, the industry was hiring more people at high wage. more people working. you watch that every day in your district. but you also watched what happened, mr. speaker -- i'm referring to kevin brady.
12:43 am
what happened to houston after that pipeline was closed. you had to look them in the eye. you know the sad part about all of this -- i remember speaking to this man who worked on the pipeline. he wasn't of the republican party. he was in the union, and he voted for biden. it was like a punch to his gut. he was told, not just to vote for him but work for him because he believed in good american jobs, union jobs. then, they just cut him. then he goes in to stand up next to putin. gives him his pipeline. i don't know if putin do anything to help elect him, but i guess we should ask schiff.
12:44 am
it doesn't have to be the truth. you just have to say it. there were no lines at the gas stations like we saw earlier this year. and no anxiety that you would blow out your budget just by filling up your car. and by the way, when america's producing the energy that powers our lives, we do it safer and cleaner than any other country in the world. i'm proud of that. you know, i come from an energy-producing district. i don't know if my children's children can do it. because the same policy that biden has gavin newsom has. see, there was a moment in time in my county we produced the second amount of oil in country. we're top in wind. we're top in solar.
12:45 am
all the above. but china, china's economy is growing. shut down. a lot of those wells are owned by people just like russell johnson. they're called stripper wells. a lot of regulation on them. they produce. for more than #00 years. they were there when america needed us when we were in world war ii. and it wasn't government who invested in it. but they're the people you're going to take the tax from, people who make $800,000 a year can buy an electric car. but only if it's built in a union shop. i guess that's what the president meant when he said fair. i don't know if abraham lincoln,
12:46 am
when he said we were conceived in liberty, that everybody is equal, really thought that a union worker and a nonunion worker were different. i think he looked at them just as americans. and by the way, when america is producing the energy that powers our lives, it is safer. if the biden administration was truly interested in reducing emissions, they'd be looking toward american oil and gas. not away from it. instead, their methane tax will make it harder for those companies to invest in technology, like carbon capture that reduces emission. technology will help us in the environment. there are so many members behind me that are championing this.
12:47 am
we should be building pipelines here in america. it is safer than a tanker. instead, joe biden blocked the keystone pipeline. just listen, mr. speaker. biden's press secretary said they're looking at other pipeline too. i don't know. they better get to a gas station. mr. speaker, i don't know. you know what you and i should do? why don't we go on a codel. fact finding. invite any democrat you want, i'll invite republicans. let's first go to the keystone pipeline. and then let's go to in order stream 2. -- go to nordstream2.
12:48 am
and see what i they allow one and not the other. probably help our constituents if we could explain it. i don't know if putin would let us near it. we'll have to wear a mask. because the natural gas from russia is much dirtier than the american natural gas. and this makes it clear democrats in congress want to double down on this costly extreme agenda. this bill bans drilling for oil and gas development on federal lands. what does it mean? when you drill on federal lands? you pay taxes. who do you pay them too to the? the government and the schools. kids win too. you know, in my community, there's a place called taft.
12:49 am
taft jr. college, we have a whole program for people who want to go in the energy business. there are more women in that program than there are men. they are the brightest people i've seen. i was just out there, boom bust, when they first discovered oil back in the day, not far from elk hills, teapot dome scandal. oil flowed freely. made a lake. i don't know if america understands, oil doesn't just go into your cars. your phones. almost everything you buy. you know, california under the esteemed leadership of gay vin
12:50 am
newsome -- gavin newsome has more homeless. he's shutting down the oil. he's pledged we won't have any combustion motors. where to go. and we pay 40% higher than other states. but i guess it makes you feel good. what happens when you pay 40% higher for your electricity? you move. mr. speaker, you and i are both from california. i'm sure we both look at the commission to see where the lines are. they'll be different this year. for people here who aren't from california, 12% of the nation's population lives in california. for the entire history of california, they always gained seats. always gained seats.
12:51 am
last time they broke even. we have 53 seats. this year we're losing one. when they asked governor newsome why did the population go down, you know what his answer was? president biden secured the border. that's exactly what he said. i was shocked. i was shocked. i worry about if my children can stay in california. why is it that texas and florida are gaining seats? why is it in this body you refer to them as red states? does it have anything to do with freedom? why is it that tax policy in
12:52 am
florida has no state tax, california has the highest, florida's got great roads. they got an old population. they provide for them. i guess they bly in accountability. they don't spend money on things people don't want. they don't tax you. or try to control you. you know, when you banned oil and gas, think about that, mr. speaker. one party rule. one year. what has happened to make the gasoline prices so high. one party rule, one year they banned drills for oil and gas.
12:53 am
mr. speaker, i know i didn't go to stanford. i didn't go to yale. i didn't go to princeton. i went to bakersfield college, got any undergrad at cal state bakersfield, got my m.b.a. at cal state bakersfield. i'm proud of where i'm from. but one thing i do know, you have to have a bridge between fuel and a solar panel. i watched president biden up in michigan with the other democrats driving that electric truck. you know how much that truck cost? $125,000. huh. who do you think is going to get the tax break for that? i guess it's the people jared was talking about, the millionaires.
12:54 am
maybe we could have debated that if we had time on the floor. there's a direct correlation between the price of gas and january 20. it's just getting worse. we heard earlier from scott daniel what these dangerous policies will do to customers. i want you to think for one moment, what if your a -- if you're a truck driver. there's many of them in my district. they take a risk and buy their own truck. they got to fill it up. i imagine probably takes 300 gallon, don't you can? -- don't you think? the price of gas increased by what, more than 60%? do you know how much more it takes that small business man or woman to fill up that tank?
12:55 am
almost $500. where do they pack that on to? when you wonder, do we have more truck drivers? they got to park the truck. could you pay $500 more every single day? inflation is rising so fast, you're not passing that on. i got this dear friend. he's the mayor of taft. his name is dave knorr. he's like john wayne. this guy worked in the oil business and created his own business. he runs a meeting and he'll listen to anybody in there. he'll respect them he won't tell them they can't look at him. i didn't know i was that scary. but this is what he told us. only as recently as 1988, the
12:56 am
state of california only imported 4.5% of all the oil we consumed in our state. think about that. 1988. 4.5%. california is the biggest economy. you know california's economy is bigger than russia's? 4.5%. but after the esteemed leadership of gavin newsome, last year, because of shutting it all down, they're going to end oil production, they're going to save the environment, we import over 70%. we import over 70%. and mr. speaker, i believe you agree with me, because all the stats say it, name me one country that produces oil and gas more environmentally safe than america. have any of you been up to
12:57 am
alaska? i went up to the north slope as a freshman. a group of us went. we all went up there. if you park your truck, you have to put like a diaper underneath it. it's not oil from the ground. you can't even let oil drop out of your car. do you think they do that in ecuador or venezuela? i'm sure they probablydo. you know, it's interesting, i like to study history and beyond america. it wasn't that long ago that venezuela was the jewel of latin america. had oil. had wealth. had a strong economy. hue go go chavez, had a
12:58 am
democracy. hugo chavez ran for president and won. how did he win? he stood up and he staid -- he said, we're going to build our bureaucracy. we're going to give you free health care. free education. had a lot of oil, he could do it. so he got into office you know what he found out? you run out of other people's money. so he decided to capture businesses. but the supreme court said he couldn't do that. so what was his answer? i don't know if he started with the commission but he tried to pack the supreme court. sound familiar? when that didn't happen, he changed the constitution.
12:59 am
you know, i went on a codel down there. we're in colombia. we went on the board of venezuela. 20,000 people came across that day. i would interview them. husband, wife, young child. and all these people just didn't work hard enough. one was a doctor. you know what he showed me a picture of? free health care in the hospital. no electricity and when the baby is born they put him in a shoe box. they use the iphone for a light. they went an hour and a half to do it. i pulled out my pocket, had a 50 dollar bill. i handed it to him. i didn't realize that could be how much his father made for six months. got hyper inflation.
1:00 am
tried to change the courts. promised you everything is free. i'm sure hugo chavez said somewhere on the day of his inaugural that this is the day children's children will remember. i'm sure somewhere in his speech he said he needed to build the bureaucracies. i'm sure he probably wrote a bill like this. to be honest -- and i don't think hugo chavez would spend this much. or what about robison oil corporation? erin is the president, she's in california. she said, we've already seen refineries move out of the state or reduce production. and that increases costs and
1:01 am
causes a fair amount of supply issues, pushing oil extraction or field production outside the u.s. this will only exaggerate the problem. but what's worse is our money's going to another country to get stronger. i hate to tell you this, madam speaker, most of these countries don't have the same policies that we do. they're not democracies. madam speaker, it was only a few years ago that women in saudi arabia got the right to drive. but that's where the president asked to produce more oil. but he looks in the face of americans and says no. yates, vice president of new
1:02 am
mexico oil and gas company, a lot of what i'm seeing in these bills is that these are things that will raise costs. we all know that. but the real effects of them aren't going to be seen until the next two to three years. maybe that's when our children's children realizes. our colleague, stephanie bice, she noted that western states greatly rely on oil and gas for their state budgets. stephanie is an amazing congresswoman. she's from oklahoma. what's interesting, madam speaker, that great chamber of commerce endorsed the democrats.
1:03 am
i wonder what they think now. i wonder why. but i remember watching the commercials of stephanie bice and they caught my eye. and it was this guy who worked in the oil fields and he was on a couple different commercials. he was concerned about what would happen if there was one-party rule. his name wasn't nostradamus, but he was close. in 10 months, i don't know if he's lost his job yet. stephanie bice says approximately 25% of our states' revenue comes from the oil and gas industry. the fees, the taxes, the regulations that this administration is looking to levy will impact every single piece of oklahoma.
1:04 am
if you vote for this bill -- i want you to go back to your districts. i want to look families in the eye and tell them why you voted to make it more expensive to heat their homes, turn on their lights, and fill up their cars. if you're doing a town hall and want me to come, i'll come with you. you know, that will be healthy. madam speaker -- the speaker is from california, right? madam speaker, we're from the same state. i don't mean to interrupt. i'll wait. madam speaker, i know we're from the same state. you know what would be healthy? i made a lot of promises to the last speaker. i'll make them to you too. we're both from california. why don't we travel -- i'll come to your district, you come to mine, ok, and we'll do a town
1:05 am
hall. you could explain why you're going to vote for this bill and i'll explain why i did not want to. would that be healthy? and you know what, you can look at me when you talk. i won't interrupt you. and we'll have a very cordial debate. i think that would be healthy. the power of the idea should win. now, let's talk about americans spending their hard-earned money. one thing you ought to know, i tell the americans, it's your money. what do you do with your money is for you to decide. not washington bureaucrats. but get this, washington bureaucrats not only want you to pay more in taxes, they also want to spy on what you spend your money on. madam speaker, i'm not sure if you're the one, but there were
1:06 am
21 democrats who signed a letter to speaker pelosi asking for the 87 new i.r.s. agents not to be in the bill. i am not sure if you were one of them. but i wonder why we need those i.r.s. agents. i always thought the i.r.s. was supposed to be there to help me, right? what's interesting, too, a number of democrats, why we're here late tonight -- now, why we're here tonight and not tomorrow -- i know some got to get to puerto rico for a fundraiser. and i screwed that all up and i apologize. i apologize. i apologize. but they asked the c.b.o., because there was an argument with the white house and with
1:07 am
the members. how much money could those 87 i.r.s. agents get? it got you to thinking, right? well, these i.r.s. agents, are they going to pay more taxes or something? no. they're going to go after americans. oh. so you have to start with the premise for this whole bill that you don't trust americans. so the premise is, you're guilty until we audit you. now, what's interesting, they've done some statistics on this. because there's a lot of things that have been said. at times it doesn't pan out. so there's a new analysis that just came out. you know what you get when you get 87,000 new agents? you get to have 1.2 million more audits. now, i don't know. bernie's probably excited about that. but you know, bernie wants to
1:08 am
tax you whether you spend your money or not because he doesn't want you to invest it. but i would think it's probably going to go after really wealthy people, don't you think? do you know where half of the 600,000 much those 1.2 million go? after those who make $75,000 or less. madam speaker, i know your district's in san diego. it's probably much wealthier than mine. but this will probably be part of my entire district. a quarter of those entire 1.2 million audits are going after people who make $25,000 or less. you know what we should do, in this town hall, let's do it by segments. let's do an i.r.s. town hall first. and if you want, i'll do it right before the election. whenever you want.
1:09 am
madam speaker, i met your family before. your family is pretty remarkable. they made america proud. innovative. and they did that because they made investments. when i met some of your older family, they're not afraid to pay taxes. they want to see it go to something. but if they have less to give, they have less to invest. and your business is a pretty competitive business now. it's not that america dominates it. china is on the rise.
1:10 am
democrats told us what they want to do is to spy on every american bank account, spending as little as $28 a day. now, i know when i ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, ask you, no, no, no. we don't want to do that. you know what, madam speaker, that's the exact same answer the attorney general gave us when they said, are you spying on the parents? no, no, we're not doing that. but it wasn't for an american whistleblower, we'd never know that. why would we empower the attorney general to make parents terrorists and let terrorists on the watch list come into america? that is backwards. now, how tough is it to spend
1:11 am
$28 a day? go to starbucks. what can you do? can you do $3 gallon a gas? does mcdonald's still have the dollar meal? yeah. that's less than $200 a week. i was fearless when i heard this. but i remember reading 21 really tough democrats, madam speaker. they signed a letter. and they told the speaker, you get that out of there. you know what would be nice. now, i don't know if it's the rules. i don't know if you'll kick me off committee. good thing i'm not on any committee. it's only me, gosar, and marjorie taylor greene.
1:12 am
that's right. but don't worry. there will be many more next time. i never liked this new policy but it's kind of grown on me. but just $200 a week. we should get a poster, because there's a lot going on in your life when you're a member of congress. maybe those 21 don't remember if they signed a letter. or maybe they haven't read a bill. or maybe that's why they left. i'm not sure. but you know what i can do, too? maybe we should send that letter to our constituents and put up how they vote. if they vote no, i'll tell them
1:13 am
they kept their word. they are fighting for them. would that be helpful, madam speaker? i think it might. and that's what they do through audits, regulation, and all the power that comes from doubling the size of the most intrusive bureaucracy in the federal government. madam speaker, the one thing i wonder -- with one party rule, is that absolute power corrupts absolutely? i mean, i wonder, general king, what an amazing patriot he is, right? he served his nation time and again. republican an democrat president. the last president appointed him to one of the academies. we'd be so fortunate to have him
1:14 am
on an advisory board, right? one-party one rule doesn't give us higher inflation, higher taxes, higher gas prices, you know what else it does? it picks and chooses. see, there's a reason, madam speaker, somebody on your side of the aisle said i couldn't look at them. they thought they had the power. can't we respect someone that risks their lives for the freedom of america, that led men and women into battle, did it brilliantly and could train the next generation, the children of children? oh, no. oh, no. we have the power now. you're not allowed to serve. you're not allowed to serve because president trump appointed you. he's an american. been in battle his whole life.
1:15 am
did it when many millions of americans never would. risked his life for people he never knew. did he really want to spend more time? he was going to do it because he cared what he spent his life on. is that what joe biden said when he was going to work with the other side of the aisle? when did the military become political? what do you think china said about that? all right. . i don't think the taliban cared of a pronouns in the military. . i don't understand. one party, one rule, one year. it's just like jared said, madam speaker. he never thought if somebody
1:16 am
asked him they'd produce their biggest bill that just goes to millionaires that it would be a democrat bill. oh my god. we're so much better than that. if you or your family spends $28 a day, prepare to be under constant audit to the i.r.s. i don't know. we walk into these chambers. public can't come into these chambers. madam speaker, we start by not trusting each other. we start by saying you can't come in unless you come through a magnetomoter because we don't trust you. i remember when we were in the majority, john lewis and others took down the floor. john lewis, respect greatly.
1:17 am
john lewis was a dear friend. he took me across that bridge a couple of times. you know what john lewis did? if you haven't made that trek, you should do it. i wish you could have done it through john lewis' eyes. i was so excited about the opportunity. i took my entire family. my son's girlfriend, now his wife. we were excited. and what happens, it was in a presidential year. it gets so big as you walk out of that church the first time and the crowd comes around. everybody else. john lewis grabbed me at the very beginning and said i want you to walk next to me. i'm walk, i'm getting crowded out by everybody else. i fall behind. you know what john lewis did? he stopped. he stopped and said, where's
1:18 am
kevin? there was hillary clinton, there was every big name you could think of. we didn't agree on certain things, but we had respect for one another. i will tell you this. tim scott and i were down there on the 50th anniversary and i told the story earlier about how proud i am, you walk in the portraits, the first one yourself going to see is frederick douglass. frederick douglass had every reason to hate this nation but he did not. he did not. he knew it could be a more perfect union, not perfect but strived. when abraham lincoln, he didn't vote for lincoln, but he was lincoln's friend, he wanted lincoln to move faster. when lincoln died and down at the park where they put the statue they wanted to remove,
1:19 am
mary todd lincoln, she had a cane, you know what she did? she gave it to frederick douglass she gave it to frederick douglass. respect. you go down and see joseph rainey, the first black american ever elected to congress in 1870. charleston, south carolina. you know your history, that's where the civil war started. you know this day there's only one black american elected to congress and to the senate. tim scott from charleston, south carolina. he would tell me the story, his mother and father got divorced, recently he took people on a tour, the little house they lived in, only 700 square feet, had been torn down. he gets his faith from his grandmother and his mother if you ever met his mother, what and amazing lady.
1:20 am
but every morning he made his brother and tim, his grandfather, to sit at that table and have breakfast. his grandfather had that newspaper in front of him he wanted those boys to see that. do you know, tim didn't find out until after high school, his grandfather couldn't read. but he wanted more for his boys. he wanted them to participate in the current events. tim and i went down there on the 50th anniversary, president obama was president. and john lewis introduced him. i was emotional that day. because when you think for one moment, 50 years before, john lewis was beat almost to his death where when he tells you the story you'll say, that wool
1:21 am
worth counter over there, got arrested because i tried to eat. i got this far on the bridge. and i can't remember any more. but they carried me back to this church. 50 years later, he was nominating and introducing barack obama. as president of the united states. i'm proud of the fact that abraham lincoln was president in the most dire time to our constitution, the civil war. and brought that nation together. i'm fearful of the division that's being created in this house. madam speaker, almost feels like the speaker is burning it down on her way out the door.
1:22 am
i made the promise to the last speaker and i'll make it to you too. we'll run it different. there's some things we'll keep. i may not agree with you but i respect you. you have a right to your opinion. but you also have a responsibility to show up to work. you also should bring a bill through a committee. you also shouldn't debate a bill all day long and leave 20 minutes before you do the manager's amendment. i know you want to get to puerto rico. i know your donors are down there. but the american people are out there. warren hutty runs a small business accounting firm in pennsylvania. like many small business owners he knows how tough it is to
1:23 am
succeed. even in the best of times, his new proposal will make it much worse. he recently told me, small business in pennsylvania throughout the country are struggling with labor shortages. rising inflation. supply chain disruptions. given these challenges, the biden administration proposal to require annual i.r.s. reporting of inflows, outflows from small businesses and individuals accounts would just add insult to injury. democrats say the i.r.s. needs to spy on every american bank account. because otherwise billionaires will cheat on their taxes. that's just nonsense. where'd the speaker go? did you fall? i'll wait.
1:24 am
can i be speaker? i can finish my speech up there. eric bruin. another friend of mine. he runs a small credit union in ridgecrest, california. also happens to be the mayor. he said this. look at what it's going to do in the long run. individuals are already beginning to withdraw savings from our credit unions. we don't want to go back to the cash under the mattress approach. we obviously will see liquidity issues and our ability to lend to the community. this is going to hit the middle class and american families the hardest. especially those two income families. i know a lot of members here did a lot of things before they were
1:25 am
members of congress. i remember when i first started out, both working. had to live on a budget. we had to cut. when we bought that first house, we still live in today, we were living in an apartment. i remember a lady was coming by, collecting cans out of our trash can at the prarmt complex. -- apartment complex. i asked her if she needed furniture. i wanted to buy all new furniture for the new house. loaded it all up in the car we got in the new house, had to paint. had to get carpet. had to get new shades. i ran out of money. i ran out of money. so we had a tv on a box. and connor had a little couch. and we'd lay our heads on both sides of the couch.
1:26 am
but you know what we didn't have? we didn't have gasoline this high. we didn't have inflation. we didn't have an unsecured border. i worry about those two-income families. it's not just what you're taking from them at the gas pump. now they have to be fearful that they're going to get audited. madam speaker, why can't you trust americans. i firmly believe americans are good people. they love this country. but when you start an entire bill to pay for it, madam speaker, you promise the american public this would be paid for and it's not. i didn't believe you when you said it.
1:27 am
do you realize you debated the majority of this bill before it was out here? you left 20 minutes, 10 minutes on each side, for debate on a bill that's the largest in our history. you're breaking so many records. this last week you left two votes open longer than in the history of this congress. i never thought i would serve in a body that absolute power would corrupt absolutely. i've said it, i don't know if speaker pelosi stays around. the damage she's doing is a lot. personally, i hope she stays. i want her to hold -- hand that gavel to me. i want her to be here. now the democrats have had three
1:28 am
chances to remove intrusiveness, abusive and other issues. when pressed they adjust their rhetoric they thought they'd fool the american public. i don't know if this happened but you can envision it right. because they're listening to what the democrats are saying. you've got congresswoman spanberger saying, biden was not elected to be f.d.r. so what they're probably thinking in the white house, let's tell the american people that. like if you like your doctor you can keep them. or you got to pass the bill to know what's in it. then when the public found out about this, it was $600, everybody got mad. $600. not $600.
1:29 am
they didn't think the public would figure out $28 a day hits it. then they wouldn't allow the ability at the end of the day to find out how many audits. remember when the president was asked whether they're going to get $450,000 to illegal immigrants who came over the border. he got so mad at that fox reporter. no way, no way. next day it was a whole knotter story. drve a whole other story. but telling never abandoned the policy. even after we learned about it. would not pay for their new social programs. they said this is how they're going to pay for it. the white house, oh, 400. 400. tried to press so many times --
1:30 am
times, madam speaker, i felt so sorry for josh. all those time he was promised they were going to have a vote. wanted to press you before you could read it. were the c.b.o. score would come back. i don't even know why people waited for it or asked for it. didn't change the outcome. i thought, i don't know, maybe i'm wrong, i thought when i listened to them on tv, said we cannot vote for this until we get the c.b.o. score to prove that it pays for itself. i guess that last part was kind of like the 21 people that wrote that said the i.r.s. has to be out of it. you just need a c.b.o. it doesn't matter what it says. you just want the paper. think of the fabric of this country it's going to tear. everyone in the country knows
1:31 am
what covid-19 pandemic did to families and local businesses. almost immediately, the trump administration and the last congress took action to provide immediate relief. we got a we leaver. -- we got a reliever. we can only put kevins in here. as we pull ourself out of the pandemic, the wind should have been at our backs. especially for small businesses. americans were eager to go back to restaurants with their families and friends. we're eager to shop at our local stores after being forced to live by delivery services and online shopping. those people were heroes. not this year. even people in the medical
1:32 am
community. do you remember how there were proposals that you even had to pay more to grocery workers or to nurses? but once you got that one-party rule, you determine if you can look at somebody, of what they got to put in their body, they don't even care if they had covid. we don't care that you were a hero a year ago. we don't care if the response rate for firefighters and police officers are going to be longer. why? because we have power. we have power and we're going to use it. but we only use it on people we want to. you see, madam speaker, i watched in the last congress speaker pelosi on the floor here. she was giving a speech.
1:33 am
we all live under the same rules. but she said something she shouldn't. she broke the rule. so somebody challenged her on it. you got to take down your words. now, all she could do is yield back. she didn't want to. so the parliamentarian makes the determination. i don't know if you were here. it was one of those other times we set a record. nobody would read what the parliamentarian said. and speaker pelosi left the floor. left the floor. and we were going round and round. so i come to the floor. i'm talking to steny. what are we going to do? oh, my god. speaker pelosi might have to live under the same rules. that can't be. can't be.
1:34 am
it took a couple hours. every member that was supposed to stand up there backed out. they walked up there. i'm not saying that. walked. they were all afraid. and steny hoyer -- you know what the rules say? if you won't take it back and you push it and you're wrong, you can't speak any more that day. madam speaker, that wasn't for speaker pelosi. that wasn't going to happen. so the parls made a decision. speaker, i don't know if you were here at that time. but do you know what your party did? rules for thee, not for me. they changed it. because i don't know.
1:35 am
she's from my state. we have about the same amount of constituents. she said they have a higher standard. but everybody on that side said we can't do it to her. she's different. she's special. she's special. yes, she is. so when you put magnetometers up here and she walked around them, you know what the answer was, speaker, why she didn't get a letter and why she didn't have to pay? the capitol police, they determined, they didn't send her one. oh, i guess she's different. i guess she's special. when jim clyburn with a detail walked around, he was shocked he got a letter.
1:36 am
i'm jim clyburn. i got a detail. i'm not like all of you. but the only way you can get out of it, if somebody on the other side in ethics will say it's ok. you know what the republicans said? yeah. that didn't happen to you. didn't happen to louie. i wonder why you would do that. but when i read this bill that you don't even trust americans, why would you trust us? why would you trust us? you know, we weryingy to be there for the business -- we were eager to be there for the
1:37 am
businesses that are usually there for us. but when businesses face new opportunities, they are again faced with the threat of closure. it's not because of the pandemic. the threat comes primarily from an historic labor shortage. which, as i described, is driven by democratic policies passed earlier this year. you see, i've been in the room many times. not since you had one-heart rule. you -- one-party rule. you see, when the republicans were in power, they invited the democratic leadership in. we worked together. one thing the democrats would always say, we need to give people $15 an hour more than what the unemployment pays. the member said on the other side of the aisle -- yeah. now you know where the labor shortage comes from and inflation. i don't think america's cheering
1:38 am
that. the economists told you, we told you. i remember being in the oval office. i asked the president about that, that you're encouraging after small business after small business, i invited him to go on businesses with me. said that's not happening. that's not happening. mr. president, with all due respect, you have to get out of the white house. then, i talked about the border. said, no, no, no. we're making it better. i wondered, what's his definition of better? you take away the work requirement from the child credit, you know who that will hurt? small businesses. it's not large. gives the incentive. you are now going to be facing the majority of americans are going to get a paycheck for doing nothing. i wondered why when i first came
1:39 am
in -- i listened to congressman neal and steny hoyer. i don't know who wrote their speech. man, it stounded like it -- it sounded like it was from europe. they celebrated it. the sad part about this is -- we've confronted this before. objection about this proposal isn't about being anti-family. republicans believe the family is the foundation of a strong society. which is why we have supported expanding the child tax credit in the past. but we also know, work establishes purpose. there's no government substitute for a job and an earned income. we have proven that time and again. i remember back when president clinton, when democrats believed
1:40 am
in work, when we did welfare reform, and there was a work requirement. it gave people purpose. it gave them training. we all know people, when you fall, we want to build you up. that should be a trampoline, not a lazy boy. you know what happens? the family gets prouder. you get prouder. by removing the work requirement, the government is putting itself in competition with small businesses. larry allison, owner of allison crane and rigging told us, we are concerned about where we are going to get the employees. what are the costs of the employees going to be? i'm trying to get more and more diversified today. getting ready for the next time the governor tries to shut us down here in pennsylvania. andy ray, owner of bright star
1:41 am
care in mesa, arizona. he echoed a similar concern. i find myself emerging from the pandemic heading right into another one that is very clear. this legislation is very clear. i'm extremely worried that if this legislation goes through and the disincentives to work continues, where am i going to get the team to do this? what are my options? this bill raises taxes right when i am going to go out on the pandemic. and for a government that has proven so incompetent this year, do we honestly expect an expansion of welfare programs not to be overwhelmed with fraud? madam speaker, i have some facts about our state. i don't know if you are taking
1:42 am
notes. i can send them to you if you're not. madam speaker, last month, it was reported that unemployment fraud in california -- that's where we represent -- reached $20 billion. do you know how many audits the $75,000 people you have to do to get $20 billion? now, that's 10% of the state's entire budget. 10% of the state's entire budget. fraud. you think there will be any fraud in this $5 trillion? oh, no, no, no. they are going to have a lot of accountability in there. andrew gruel, founder and executive chef of slap fish restaurant. nobody had it harder than
1:43 am
restaurants. he's down there in long beach. he's an entrepreneur. he illustrates how this isn't an line item on a register. when they shut down outdoor dining, 90% of the restaurants in southern california closed. i had people come to me and say they lost their job, and now the government is telling me, there's no government benefits available because they misappropriated upwards of $50 billion in unemployment funds. so government misappropriated -- you know what andrew did? he started a go fund me. he had just opened another restaurant, pizza, he let everybody come in and eat for free. and he struggled but he kept people on. madam speaker, i cannot believe
1:44 am
this body, which was so quick to provide local businesses with what they needed to survive in the pandemic, and there's something our children's children should learn, when we had divided government and the pandemic hit us, i think p.p.p. was one of the most amazing things we did. we kept people working instead of off. you know how we did it? we didn't build the bureaucracy. we actually tore it down. we loaned more money in 14 days than the s.b.a. has loaned in 14 years. why? first, we trusted americans. we said you could go to your bank, your credit union, your fintech, they know you. we gave them a little money for their effort, and we all know
1:45 am
how many. they weren't qualified yet. they worked overnight. we had problems at the beginning. we said you could take this money as a loan but if you pay your rent, you pay your employees, you pay your electricity, it's a grant. we had to modify it along the way because it was so successful. but you know one of the saddest moments -- because we really worked together on that. and this was so successful. all the businesses got in the beginning -- they were small. they were having problems. so it ran out of money. so we wanted to put more money into something we all voted for. . i remember seeing speaker pelosi on the late night tv, i don't know the name of the refrigerator, i can't afford one. i like ice cream but i don't buy that kind. that's expensive. i wonder how much it costs now with inflation? probably much more. but she picked up that ice cream, she smiled into the camera to america, how could you
1:46 am
do that? how could you do that? we're in a pandemic. it was working. it was bipartisan. the power of the speaker. but let's talk about another idea from this bill that is so unbelievably out of touch with reality. flat out dangerous to our citizens. amnesty for illegal immigrants. madam speaker, you're a little closer to the border than i am. i know this is an issue for you too. i'm not sure how many times you've been to the border. i'm not sure if you were down there when they caught those different people on different days, they came into california. those on the terrorist watch list from yemen.
1:47 am
your counterpart who serves on intel said i wasn't telling the truth. he said he gets all the intel. i don't know how much intel he gets but madam speaker, i remember seeing him and swalwell in the middle east with their shirts off on a camel so maybe that was the time the paper came through and they didn't have a chance to read it. i'm not sure. i thought he'd apologize. or at the very least call and say how can we work together? i don't know what advice i'd give him. maybe just keep your shirt on. during the worst border crisis in our nation's history, democrats want to make it even more attractive to cross the border illegally and break our las.
1:48 am
according to supporters, this bill grants amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. madam speaker, i don't know, there's a lot on your side, they weren't able to stay, they need to get their rest, they've got a long weekend in puerto rico after this. i understand that. i understand that. but there are a lot of members behind me. and if i was to guess if you asked every single one of these members if they've been to the border this year they'd tell you yes. some would tell you more than once. and anybody on your side of the aisle, madam speaker, that has not been, we'll take you. we'll take you. when you sit and interview people, you ask them why they come, many of them have joe biden shirts on. they said he told us to.
1:49 am
told us to. i remember early on i was down in august's district. august pfluger, amazing member. i don't know if you met him, madam speaker. but he served our country proudly. he flew f-22's in battle. do you know what he did? at 20 years you get a retirement. he left right before that. he gave that up to serve in this body. not knowing he would win. that's how much he respects this body. and i remember i was with him that day. we were in this event. and the mayor came. august was fraught. you know what the biden administration did? it moved 1,000 illegals they had
1:50 am
caught into a city without even calling. you know why they went to a city? because joe biden became president, shut down oil production, and they had little oil cities there. so all those people lost their jobs, that had to leave, not one of them tested for covid. not one. it was going rampant. and when you would talk to the doctors there on the border they said more than 10%. when you'd walk and this is interesting to me, madam speaker, i know when president trump was president, the other side of the aisle called where people were stored cages. i don't know if webster took that away but i don't hear that
1:51 am
anymore. but it's the exact same place where they are and it's overcrowded. but you know what's even worse? they've expanded the cages. it now hangs under a freeway. they just walk right on across. but when -- you know what happened? a news agency went down and started filming it. just there. so what did the biden administration do? used that machiavellian approach. they banned the news agency from using a drone so america could see it. that'll solve the problem. that didn't work but with one party rule in one year you can try anything. so then, the secretary came out and said we hear you. we hear you. we're moving them all back. they're all going back to their
1:52 am
country. lo and behold, everyone was moved out what did we find just a few days, weeks later? i don't know what training it is for the cabinet but first the attorney general comes to congress and says he's not spying on parents and a whistleblower says he is. then we got homeland security cabinet member saying he's sending them all back. then a whistleblower shows up late at night, they're not sending them back. they're sending them all around. all around. all expense paid trip. i won the lottery but i didn't win $450,000. where is the trust and respect for the american public.
1:53 am
and here's the kicker. according to supporters, this bill grants amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants who will be able to obtain a government-issued i.d. but it doesn't have a single cent for more border security. madam speaker, i made a little wager to the last speaker. it'll be a fun wager. we've never really spent much time together, we should, we come from the same city. let's make a wager on dinner ok. let's say if this bill passes, i believe more people will be attracted to come here illegally. and i assume if i listen to the talking points you think it will be different. so let's look at this in a year. if you're right, i'll buy you dinner.
1:54 am
if i'm right, you buy me dinner. sound good? we can talk all about it. all right. i'll take you -- a yes. this is the unbelievable kicker. many democrats don't think this goes far enough. you know, it's interesting, madam speaker, you should find -- some of these are from california. they signed a letter to the speaker and said they wouldn't vote for it unless this was in the bill. they got it in the bill. so i think josh and those 21 and everybody signed that c.b.o., they should talk to these people. their letters work. i don't know about the other ones. the winners of this mass amnesty are going to be the smugglers. and the criminal cartels. who get a government-provided advertisement for new customers.
1:55 am
they don't have to advertise anymore. i seriously would request, let's all go to the border together. let's span it all the way through. let's do republican and democrat together. i don't care how you feel about immigration. i know in your hearts you're opposed to human trafficking. and i want to sit with the children. let's talk to them. let's hear what has happened to them on their journey. they're going to need more help than we can imagine. let's talk to the ones who do make it. that are now going to be trafficked in our country. didn't have enough to pay.
1:56 am
what they're going to have to do for the cartels. can you imagine who is getting across we don't know? i fear, i fear greatly. that someone from that prison in bagram finds their way. found their way in suicide vests, took 13 american lives. while 16 months prior not one casualty. why should america, madam speaker, trust the biden administration with $5 trillion? after how he handled afghanistan. why should we trust him if he
1:57 am
looked in the eyes of the american public and said he would not leave until every american is out. why should we trust him if he said there's -- we could do nothing better. why should we trust him if he treated our allies the way he did. he treated the taliban better than the u.k. or france. madam speaker, it's reported that boris johnson learned of america's going to pull out, he calls the president, who we all watched in that lonely photo in camp david. didn't return his call for 36 hours. this is an ally we have fought side-by-side, world war i, world war ii. who has sacrificed lives in
1:58 am
afghanistan. not because their country got attacked but because america got attacked. the president of the united states accepted a deadline from the taliban when our allies asked for a little longer. that same president promised america no one would be left behind. madam speaker, never in my life did i believe man, woman, republican, democrat, whoever, had the honor to serve as president of the united states would knowingly make that decision. i know, madam speaker, people thought the issue would leave.
1:59 am
unfortunately it's here for decades. i'm sure it put in the calculations why putin has thousands of his military next to ukraine. or china pushes on taiwan. every day. we've seen it time and time again. allowing illegal immigration fuels more illegal immigration. talking about amnesty is a public relations coup for the coyote. we've seen this before. the losers, however, would be the rule of law. legal immigration.
2:00 am
and most importantly american citizens. madam speaker, i know your district, like mine, has a lot of first generation americans. i go to naturalization services. the look on these young americans, they raise their hand. you know what i tell them? struggle. when my grandfather came here, i go giuseppe, his father and mother had to stay back in italy. you look at ellis island. they said, where are we going to live? who were your sponsors? my grandfather was working in an ammunition factory in
2:01 am
connecticut. when i look at the faces and they take that oath, you know what i tell them? valley forge is now their struggle. george washington is their founding father. abraham lincoln was their emancipator. martin luther king jr. spoke of their dreams. and the flag that flies on the moon is their flag. they have as much rights as i do who was born here, but they also have a responsibility. madam speaker, when i hear from my constituents who are here and waiting for their family, for 10 years to be reunited, and they
2:02 am
watch what is happening, they get the most upset. you see, they left what they knew. they risked everything because they believed in the rule of law. they believed in america. i saw victoria back here earlier. she knows what it's like to emigrate here. she knows what it's like to take a risk. she knows what it's like to live up to the rule of law. as this crisis gets worse, it will creep further into american cities. we know now that the biden administration isn't sending illegal immigrants back. they are flying them into cities across the country in the dead


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