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tv   House Speaker Pelosi Holds News Conference on Build Back Better Passage  CSPAN  November 19, 2021 10:20am-10:38am EST

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the speaker pro tempore: on this vote, the yeas are 217 and the nays are 105. the motion is adopted. pursuant to section 11-b of house resolution 188. the house stands adjourned
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to the bill. live coverage is here on c-span. we will take you live to house leaders. >> it is a national security issue and moral issue. with that, i am honored to be here. how many hours were you in the chair last night? too many. i know we will take her difficult policy questions. >> i want to ask you, last night
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with minority leader mccarthy's speech. what do you feel like the tone and tenor of the house of representatives is at this moment? >> i don't agree with your sentence with the great day for the democratic party but a great day for our country. that is why we are so thrilled about it. it is or the people and it should be bipartisan. the fact that they would rather give tax cuts to the richest people in 83% going to the top 1% is a stark difference between what we do in this legislation. i didn't even pay attention and i didn't listen to most of the speakers on the others because they are not fraught with meaning or fact so i don't have my computer that bothered with that. the fact is that they could
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improve their behavior they don't have to threaten to kill members of congress or threaten the life of the president of the united states. you say what can we do to bring people together, we can encourage everyone to honor rule 23 of the house is that you must bring credit to the house of presented tips. i will yield to my colleagues for any questions or answers they may have on the subject. >> i never thought quoting daniel webster would have received such a reaction in the publican leader last night here that seemed to be the theme he repeatedly came back to. if i could just emphasize quickly paid family leave, middle-class tax cuts for the child credit. aca premium credits with lower health care costs, negotiated drug prices. with that, signing the
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president's signature on the infrastructure bill, -- >> cbo says at least $160 billion of debt. >> let's not say whether above can say is the fact. understand what is happening. >> we believe according to the irs commissioner, eight were publican supported by the former president who said that there could be up to a trillion dollars that is hanging out there. he said that, we set it.
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the former commissioners have subscribed to these as well an investment in software for better modeling at the irs and investment in allowing auditors to upgrade their own skills. your chances of we should be proud of that. people get paid week to week with wages pay their share. the problem is in the upper echelons of the american economy. republican machinist and democratic commissioners all agree on that principle. >> in the legislation they charge for the investment in training the irs and hiring more
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people but they don't wait in the upside of what you get in terms of increased collection of taxes and is also a deterrent because people will know that now their army -- more people looking at the tax returns with high price lawyers. as the chairman said, you're more likely to be investigated if you are an earned income tax credit. these are low income people in our country who don't have high-priced lawyers and they get more audits than the wealthiest. >> this is a huge vote today but it won't be the last vote. are you confident you can keep the momentum going to get the final version to the president's desk? >> i will yield to some of my colleagues and 90% of the bill was written together, house, senate, white house.
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there were some differences at the end and we will deal with those as we go forward. what will happen is we have different committee system in the house than they do in the senate peered this bill will now be reshaped to the committees and at that point we will see where we need to reconcile our differences. at the end of the day, we will have a great bill. would you like to speak to that? >> the fact of the matter is that over the last few months, and particularly in the last few weeks, we have been working with the senators, not only senator manchin and senator sinema, but others. on the drug pricing, we have been a sickly drilling down and getting senator sinema's input and senator schumer's input and i believe the drug pricing
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provision ac is it. i guess there could be changes, but i don't think they are at significant and the fact that we have negotiated pricing and savings as the cbo showed, it means this is a provision that saves money and at the same time does a lot in terms of affordability for seniors and others. the same would be true for methane. nancy and i and the group went to glasgow for the climate conference and they were touting international action on methane. you have an important provision with regard to methane that was worked on with the senators and house members over the last few weeks. i believe just using those as an example that this is pretty much it. there may be additional changes but in terms of paying for it and in terms of the actual substantive language, i think we
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are pretty solid at this point. there is no reason why this bill couldn't come back from the senate with minor changes. nothing major in my opinion. >> thank you. we have agreed with our car parts in the senate, child care, which will allow parents to go to work if you are in the low to moderate income situation you can't afford childcare and you can't afford to go to work. pre-k which is so valuable for future education universal, the job training, the fact is that we don't have enough skilled workforce out there to do the work that is already there. the president signed a major infrastructure bill. if we expect that to get done we will have to have an upgraded workforce, major investments, and workforce development in
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higher education and we worked with the agriculture committees as the speakers indicated they don't necessarily line up school lunches, school meals apart the agriculture committee and in the senate and labor in-house peered we have agreed to significantly increase access to school meals. there is a lot in the bill that is agreed to. >> i wanted to ask, used to hold the record for the longest floor speech how do you feel about that being broken and do you plan to take that back? >> i barely noticed but that is not what we are here to talk about your this is about serious business. >> if i may ask a series question. you have a narrow majority. are you confident that the
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biggest hurdles on this bill are in your rearview mirror? >> i want to hear from our other colleagues. this bill is monumental. it is historic and transformative, bigger than anything we have ever done. we have so much agreement within the bill. should there be some disagreement and by and large we had the bill scrubbed so we are technically, shall we say eligible for the vote in the senate. and then whatever comes out of the senate will be working together with them so we have agreement. i have no doubt. the biggest hurdle was to get the bill there. the biggest challenge for us to meet division of president biden
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-- does anyone have anything to say. >> this bill, many of your colleagues in the democratic party are counting to run on it. will you talk about whether or not you will run for reelection? >> i met here to talk about me. i am talking about building back at her for women, for the people, for the children. >> some of the critics on immigration reform are going to -- or you have a plan? >> we have made our statement
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today. we have stood the test of the privileges carla. we are celebrating that and assigning it over to the senate, and we are ready to debate for our bill and have a big success. does anyone want to say about any of these things? >> i will say this. there is nothing unusual about the house working it's will and the senate working it's. that is why we have conferences. just because we have done something, let's take for instance the salt tax. there are several senators that said they've that a version they feel good about. i have not seen that version. but we think we have of the deal. they think they can make it
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better. let them go at it, and they may make it better, and we will accept better. so i don't think that is anything for us to be concerned about. we have done what we think we can do. the senate will do what it thinks it can do and we will come together on behalf of the american people and try to have a coordinated approach into the future. >> it is called the legislative process, and the house does not just write any bill i think the senate will pass. we find our common ground and we have our own show we have our own show is a personality about things and then we reconcile whatever changes are needed as we strive to build back better. it is a cause for celebration now and we are not going to get bogged down in long speeches or people's careers.
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what we are talking about is what has happened and it is a glorious, transformative piece of legislation for the people, or women, for the children. thank you all very much. and by the way, abby thanksgiving to all of you. as our speaker has said, we have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving and want to express my gratitude for president joe biden. >> has the president called you? >> yes. >> what did he have to say? >> [indiscernible]
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>> host democrat leaders wrapping up after a vote to approve president biden's climate and social spending bill. the vote was 220-213. golden of maine was the only to vote no. the reconciliation process will only require a simple majority to pass peer they could make changes with amendments and that would send the bill back to the house for about. live coverage of the house on c-span. >> >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government, funded by these television stations and more, including charter communication. >> broadband is a force for empowerment. that is why charter invested billions building infrastructure, upgrading technology, empowering opportunity in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications supports c-span as a public service, along with these other
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television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> and here are the last few minutes of debate on the president social spending plan before the final votes. o tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. brady: thank you. we meet today to consider the largest spending bill in american history. a bill that no one has read adds hundreds of bills to the deficit, was written in secret and rushed to the floor to hide it from the american people. we have now the official costs. the ruts are in. the claim by the president this costs zero and reduce the national deficit is undrew. according to the congressional budget office even counting the budget gimmicks, this bill adds hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt and more true accounting by the committee for responsible federal budget es


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