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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Debate on President Bidens Social Spending...  CSPAN  November 19, 2021 2:28pm-2:43pm EST

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the house approved pres. biden's climate and social spending plan. it heads to the senate for consideration. the reconciliation process would require a simple majority to pass. it is possible the senate could change the bill with amendments, requiring another boat in the house. live coverage of the house on c-span. the senate on c-span2. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> here are the last few minutes of debate on the presidents social spending plan before the final vote. >> we meet today to consider the largest spending bill in american history, adding hundreds of billions to the deficit, written in secret, and rushed to the floor to hide it from the american people. we have now the official cost. the results are in. the claim by the president this costs zero dollars and will reduce the national deficit is
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simply untrue. according to the congressional budget office, even counting the budget gimmicks, this adds hundreds of billions of dollars to national debt and a more true accounting by the committee for responsible federal budget estimates this could drive national deficits by $3 trillion over the next 10 years. the claim this will not raise taxes on the middle class is simply false. one out of three americans in the middle class will be --see act tax hike next year. the claim that this will make the wealthy pay their fair share is false, as well. in this bill, coming out of covid, two out of three millionaires in america will get a massive tax cut. the claim that this will reduce inflation is not true, as well, even according to the white house's own favorite analyst. the spending in this bill will
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drive up inflation for families, higher and longer for at least a decade. build back better's crippling tax hikes will kill american jobs, drive them overseas, hammer small businesses, as they struggle to recover, worse in the labor shortage, and drive inflation even higher. the bill imposes over $400 billion in taxes on american small businesses. it could not come at a worse time. billions of dollars in tax increases on american businesses who compete here and around the world. this constitutes an economic surrender to china, russia, japan, and europe, driving american jobs, injured batsmen --investment, and manufacturing overseas. the corporate tax hits american manufacturing, energy, and technology businesses the hardest, along with american consumers. the international tax increases make it better to be a foreign
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company than an american one. then you wonder are foreign competitors are happy to embrace a global minimum tax. they are getting american jobs it and a big bite of our tax base -- space. the toddler tax on american childcare is the terrible bill i urge a no vote. >> the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. >> i thank the gentleman. i yield myself three quarters of a minute. >> the gentleman is recognized. >> this debate has gone on for three months in the ways and means committee. 60 amendments from the opposition were offered. public scrutiny maintained in daylight. i made sure that on purpose. and this, as i indicated last ight -- night, as i quoted mr. webster, i said, did we do
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something worthwhile in our time? today, we will answer that question. i'm sorry last evening when i quoted him it triggered an outburst from the republican leaders, because we quoted an individual who was devoted to the constitution of the united states and the premise that everybody in america gets a chance. now, it's an honor for me to yield one minute to the speaker of the house, securing a caucus, securing the beliefs, and secure knowing what we are doing today, speaker pelosi. speaker pelosi: the gentlewoman from california is recognized. thank you, madam speaker, i thank the gentleman for his leadership. he and others have brought us to a moment in history on the floor of the house today, when we can do something of significance for the people. thank you, mr. chairman. madam speaker, with confidence
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in a vision of pres. biden and associating myself with the inspiring and informing comments of the chairman with our democratic leader, mr. hoyer, and with respect for those who work in this capitol and as a courtesy to my colleagues, i will be brief. [applause] speaker pelosi: in his remarks, our democratic leader, mr. hoyer, talked about the pride we take in telling our children and grandchildren we were present here to pass the build back better legislation, what it means for future generations. we talked about the three legs of the biden platform, the rescue package, the bif, the infrastructure and jobs bill, and the build back better, the infrastructure for our future. the chairman quoted daniel webster and spoke of our
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responsibilities to the people. in that spirit, madame speaker, i proceed by saying under this dome, for centuries, members of congress have stood exactly where we stand. to pass legislation of extraordinary consequence in our nations history, and for our nations future. in the original house chamber, where lincoln served, is cleo, the muse of history. cleo reminds men and women in these hallowed halls we are part of history and our words and actions will face the judgment of history and that we are put up as part of the long and honorable heritage of our democracy. with the passage of the build back better act, we, this democratic congress, are taking our place in the long and honorable heritage of our democracy, with legislation that
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will be the pillar of health and financial security in america. we will be historic in forging landmark progress for our nation. we talk about history, as we look and prepare for the future. much has been said of the distinguished democratic leadership last evening. much has been said on the floor. the facts are these. following the vision of pres. biden, guided by the expertise and energy of our chairs, members, and staff, we have the build back better bill that is historic, transformative, and larger than anything we have ever done before. we are building back better. if you are a parent, a senior, a child, a worker, and american, this bill is for you. it is better. it is better in terms of health care. it is better if you are a senior.
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your cost at the pharmacy will be cut to a fraction with annual cost cap on medical --medicare part d and you will benefit from the hearing benefit. it is better if you have diabetes. when you go to the apartment see, instead of paying hundreds for insulin, you will pay $35 per month and no more. [applause] speaker pelosi: it is better for all americans. we are halting big pharma's outrageous tax hikes, and in addition to that, we are dramatically lowering health care costs, under the affordable care act. we are expanding coverage to millions under the affordable care act. it is better in terms of family care. if you are a parent, it is better. most families benefit from childcare costs reduced. cuts will be enhanced for most families. free, universal pre-k for every
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three and four-year-old in america. [applause] speaker pelosi: it is better if you are a middle income family. you will benefit from expanded, biden child tax cuts and paid family and medical leave. [applause] speaker pelosi: it is better if you are a caregiver. you will have the respect you deserve and will benefit from an historic investment in high-quality, home health care. [applause] speaker pelosi: it is better for america's working families, with an average of 2 million jobs created each year, over 10 years, together with the bif. jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. four-letter word. [applause] speaker pelosi: it is better for climate. if you want your family to benefit from clean air, clean water, good paying, green jobs, for the future, and for improved national security, we are
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leading the president's vision to cut pollution in half by 2030 and 100% by 2050. [applause] speaker pelosi: good paying, union jobs and lowering families energy costs. advancing environmental justice, with a justice 40 initiative of pres. biden. honoring our commitment to passing one of the better planet --on a better planet to our children. our responsibility is always to our children into the future. last week, our delegation went to cop 26 in glasgow and affirmed the commitment of this congress to meet and beat are comical. with this legislation, we achieve this for the children and for mother nature. the build back better agenda creates jobs, secures tax cuts for the middle class, lowers costs for families, while making
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the look --wealthiest pay their fair share. good paying jobs, cut taxes for the middle class, lower costs, especially in regard to health care and childcare, making wealthy and corporations pay their fair shares. go back better -- build back better is fully paid for. [applause] speaker pelosi: it reduces the deficit and grows the economy. unlike -- and i remind -- perhaps i need to remind you -- unlike the republican tax scam, what was passed in the dark of night with the speed of light, with no hearings whatsoever, and it increased the deficit by more than $2 trillion, more than this whole bill does for the american people, tax cuts for the wealthiest getting 83% of the benefits to the top 1%. top 1%. they did nothing.
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nothing to help american people in terms of jobs and clean air, clean water, and affordable health care and the rest. 83% to the top 1%, the dark of night, speed of light. don't make me laugh. build back better will not increase inflation, according to the experts, including an array of nobel prize-winning economists. this entry is possible because of the tenacious, tireless, and leadership of our chairs, members, and staff of the committees and members. i just want to acknowledge the staff of this institution, the house of representatives, for their waiting there for us, regardless of when and where. thank you so much. [applause]
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speaker pelosi: build back better is a better agenda for workers, families, children, and our planet. if you believe, as i do, this planet is god's creation and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards of it,, this bill is for you,. even if you do not share that view, and i think most of us do, you do not share that view, we all agree that we have a moral responsibility to our children, to their future, to pass on the planet in a responsible way. we are proud to be passing this legislation, under the leadership of president joe biden. [applause] speaker pelosi: he was an advocate and a leader in terms of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, but he did not confine his vision for america to that bill alone.
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today, we have the opportunity to build back better for the american people, for the children. i urge a no vote and yield back the balance of my time. >> there was reaction in the house chambers, the news members approved credit -- pres. biden's climate and social spending bill. speaker pelosi: on this boat the y -- vote, the yeas aare 220, the nays are 213. the build back better bill is passed! [applause]


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