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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  November 30, 2021 3:19pm-3:32pm EST

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epidemic and h.p.v. vaccines. later in the week the house expected to take up legislation to provide short-term government spending. current funding expires friday night. when the house is back in session you can find live coverage here on c-span. >> wednesday, the supreme court hears a case on the constitutionality of the mississippi law banding most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. live coverage of oral argument at 10a.m. eastern on c-span3. online at or watch coverage on c-span now, our new video app. : it is open n washington journal. your chance to weigh in on any public policy issue. (202)-748-8000 is the line for democrats, (202)-748-8001 for republicans, and for all others (202)-748-8002. we will start with the media
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story in the washington post, files detail chris cuomo efforts. he was more extensively involved in helping defend his brother then andrew cuomo previously acknowledged. according to documents released monday by new york attorney general letitia james text messages between the journalist and top cuomo aid show quest chris cuomo drafted statements to deny misconduct, demanded more influence over the strategy, and even researched potential news coverage and accusers for the government's office. "please let me help with the prep" he wrote at one time. on another occasion he writes, they texted de rosa that he needed the best facts for reporters that could do it. he also used his connections to
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gather information for the governor's team. he fielded requests for intel on a then unpublished investigative story by a new york writer. and information about a rumor and more accusers that were about to come forward march 7. cuomo responded to the second request 40 minutes later and wrote back "no one has heard yet." the messages deep in question about whether chris cuomo, one of cnn's star anchors, crossed lines in his advocacy for his brother and misused his position as a prominent cable-television anchor. it is open forum. we go to moncks corner, south carolina and hear from david. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to take a minute and summarize -- wish i could have spoken with senator heitkamp -- trying to describe
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loss of party influence in rural areas. i think i speak for a number of people. all i voted republican i was relieved to see president obama gain office and not just for myself but for a lot of people. it was a great thing to see. but then i heard eight years of race, race, race and it wore on me. i have been hearing the likes of pelosi and durbin and schumer say that i am racist and call me by name. they say if i don't condemn trump, i am racist. and i resent that greatly. it was very hard to hear a speech by the president that did
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not include race. i think a lot of people got tired of it. and then we hear about, let's have unity. unity? even before trump took office and from day one and yet, i rise to call for impeachment. he was slammed in the press. we all know this. the major press never gave him a chance, never a positive story. and they say he caused the division. it was there before he started. i really think it is easy to say that trump divided the nation. i think he brought it out by full attack from the press. one last thing. i have always been a wage earner. not a supervisor, not a business owner and i am in the -- just by
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saving it kind of bothers me. why should i take what i have and give it to those who have better clothes, better cars, better phones, tvs, subscriptions, i'm supposed to take my money and give it to them? i think a lot of people resent that attitude from democrat leadership that we need redistribution of wealth of people who sacrificed their whole lives and give to those who don't work as hard. that is all i have to say. host: fredericksburg, virginia, tara is on the democrat line. caller: hi. i just wanted to say i was listening to heidi and she was so interesting to listen to and the other callers as well. i would like to say i was really relieved to see the democrats really working hard on an
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infrastructure bill. there is so many dissenting opinions on where to spend the money and how to do it. i just thought things were back to normal. we really need that. the other part of normal i would like to see is a republican party that existed many years ago where they would have been trying to work harder for bipartisan efforts. i am so scared of the current republican party. they are so extreme and there are not enough states people in congress. it is a very worrisome thing. and the third is i would really like to see more oversight of all these media companies on the right. i think so much disinformation is coming out of them that hurts us as a country.
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host: appreciate your call. on the infrastructure, the president heading to minnesota today. talking about the things in that law in rosemont, minnesota. we will have live coverage for you at and also on the c-span now app. same with the briefing coming up today from the president's covid-19 response team at 12:30 eastern. live coverage on the c-span now app and on let us go to california. john on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i am calling in because i listened to the earlier program about biden's performance with the new virus and i guess i have three comments. the first would be he would have a lot more credibility if he stopped calling it omnicron and
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called it omicron. the second would be my suggestion to joe biden -- and this was brought up by larry kudlow on fox news. he said if biden would call trump and say, hey trump, give him credit for operation warp speed, give him credit for the fact he had 100 million doses of vaccine when he took office and say, go across the aisle as the previous lady talked about. he should call donald trump and go across the aisle and have both of them appeal to the public that we should all get the vaccines and go forward as a bipartisan. trump was not against the vaccine. blaming republicans for being unvaccinated is unfair. i think another comment would be
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why are we cutting off restricted travel when we have got an open border with all these people coming through with covid? you know, i don't know. the whole thing approaches my bottom-line advice to joe biden which is look at florida. look across the aisle and look at all the aspects, remdesivir, and also the vaccine. apply all three and that is what florida did. biden talks about reaching across but if he actually did it i think he would come up with a better plan. host: to lori in michigan. democrats align. caller: minnesota. host: minnesota, sorry. mn not mi. go ahead, lori. caller: thank you for taking my call. i love listening to you guys. i am beside myself with what is
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going on in the republican party. it is so scary and donald trump has been lie, scam, cheat, steal, fake, fraud trump since he was small. he was brought up that way and then he ran our country that way and is still lying, scamming, cheating and stealing. and if this does not end, we are going to lose america because we are going to lose democracy. all he wants to be is like putin, be like xi ping, all of them. he wants to rule and he wants his dynasty and if he gets back in, it will be like putin. host: thank you, lori. the house will be in later at 2:00 eastern and the senate this morning at 10:00 on c-span2. the work ahead part of that reported in rollcall.
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new funding bill likely to extend to early 2022. the current deadline is friday. the democrats and republicans on monday haggled over details of the stopgap spending bill that appears to run into late january at a minimum with republicans trying to extend the duration into february or march. sources said house appropriations chair rosa delauro wants to file a temporary spend bill today with the goal of passing it in the house wednesday. that would presumably give the senate enough time to clear president joe biden's signature before the stopgap funding law expires on friday. let's hear from elizabeth in pleasantville, new jersey, independent line. elizabeth, are you there? you are on the line. go ahead. we will go to peg in west palm beach, florida on the republican line. make sure you mute your volume
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on your television and go ahead with your comment. caller: yes. i was listening to what heidi had to say and became very disturbed. i am very much for president trump. she said he was an opportunist. there was nothing opportunity about what he did. he lost money by being president. also, who loves america? he proved it. in four years he had is better than we had been in years. he certainly loved the mil >> watch the rest of this "washington journal" segment on our website. now to the u.s. house for a debate on cybersecurity. ordere. the house will resume proceedings on postponed questions at a later time. for what purpose does the gentleman from new jersey seek recognition?


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