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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Anthony Brown  CSPAN  December 7, 2021 6:15pm-6:31pm EST

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journal" continues. caller: we are joint -- host: we are joined by anthony brown, a retired u.s. army colonel, and in the first hour
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of the program we were asking viewers their view of the top foreign-policy challenge facing america right now, i would you answer that question? guest: i would probably say china, but of course we know that our challenges abroad are not really just limited to china , although it percent -- it presents the most challenging case economically and a human rights standpoint and projecting values of democracy, freedom and liberty around the world. what we are seeing on the eastern border of ukraine with the soviet build up, it is more important today than ever before that we show that our relationships with our nato allies are strong. we have to demonstrate support to ukraine and the people of ukraine and europe, so that certainly is a top priority, and
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i would also include in that iran. their unwillingness to come back to the table to negotiate a deal that would limit if not eliminate their ability to develop nuclear grade warheads and capabilities which there already well under the -- well under way to doing. i would list those as three of the top priorities, but the challenge that we face are numerous. host: on china, what is the diplomatic boycotts of the olympics do? guest: it sends a strong signal to china that the human rights violations, particularly against uighur muslims in china, and also, although not the main thrust, but also a strong signal that there expansionism, and aggressive -- aggression and -- in the south china sea and
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india is unacceptable, and the united states will continue to compete with them, and the united states will not tolerate that type of behavior. so, i fully support the diplomatic boycotts and i am pleased we did not extend that to a boycott of the athletes. i believe that the olympic games are an opportunity to try to at least expand friendship, and goodwill around the world, that is what they were intended to do for the last 100 years, so these athletes have trained hard and can still be ambassadors for goodwill across the world and from the united states. and the diplomatic boycott is certainly appropriate. host: ukraine, president biden set to hold the high-stakes call today, what does he need to say? guest: i think he needs to say that the united states is firm and its resolve to ensure that
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the -- that russia will not expand further into the ukraine, and will not violate ukraine's territorial integrity more than they have because we know that they already have, and that we will be ready to defend our nato allies even though ukraine is not a nato ally. i think it is important that we demonstrate will, and i think it is also important that we convey that we will fully support the ukrainians, whether it is advisors or equipment, but nobody wants to pursue war, escalated war. it would be costly in terms of cost of human lives, the cost of dollars, but, i think the sure way to demonstrate to vladimir putin how costly it would be is to demonstrate the united states' resolve to support ukraine in or against any action
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taken by russia. host: is there a scenario in which you can see u.s. boots on the ground in ukraine? guest: no. it is over the horizon, you do not see that. more importantly if this descendant armed conflict, the most important thing we can do is to provide equipment and supplies to ukraine, which we do, right now, mostly defensive types of equipment, but in an armed conflict you will probably have to scale that up to employ a range of equipment, systems, and weapons. i think we would certainly step up our advisory role, but i certainly wouldn't, and i do not believe the american people would want to see u.s. boots on the ground. that i believe would lead to even greater escalation. the key of the -- the key of deterrenance started before
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today with strong support to ukraine, which includes a clear statement from president biden to vladimir putin today about the u.s. resolve and our commitment and what we are willing to do, because deterrenance is the best way to see this resolved. diplomatic efforts, conversations, demonstrating also to russia that it would be a great mistake. personally i do not think the russian people have the stomach for what vladimir putin is threatening, i do not think the russian people want to go to ukraine and see body bags coming back to their homeland as well. host: let me give you the phone numbers for viewers to join the conversation. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002.
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as folks are coming -- calling in, the national defense authorization act, the road ahead and what is your biggest priority in that big piece of legislation? guest: my priorities broadly speaking are to make sure that men and women in the armed forces have all of the resources, the training, the leadership and the equipment to do the job do it well and come home safely to their families and the nation that we love. that is the easier part of the defense authorization. the debates that we have about the number of f-35's or how quickly we moved to a 300 35 ship navy or whatever the navy -- whatever the magic number is and how we improve our procurement so we could get the latest technology to the war rather sooner than later. those are difficult issues, but they are not the most is of -- difficult issues. the most difficult issues often
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revolve around how do we take care of our men and women in uniform, and you think that should be the easier issue, and what do i mean? i think this week we will debate the extent to which we in -- we reform the uniform code of military justice. right now we know that sexual assault has been in many ways ignored by too many commanders. they have been unwilling to prosecute offenders. we are going to make meaningful steps towards addressing that this week, this year. one area i think military justice system fails our men and women in unicorn -- in uniform is that commanders are over prosecuting black and brown service members. if our young airmen you are two times more likely to receive punishment either nonjudicial or a court-martial under the uniform code of military justice the same conduct as a white servicemen or white airmen, and we have to address it. it is a problem documented for
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more than five decades. i think this is a year where we need to take meaningful steps toward greater equity, fairness, and justice in the uniform code of military justice. host: plenty for you. stephen, chatsworth, illinois. independent, good morning. caller: good morning. first thing, our first giant -- country is china, and our second threat is the mexican cartels, bringing the fentanyl into our border. killing over 100,000 americans each year. it is tragic, we have to stop the flow of sentinel. we have to stop the cartels, and we have to start -- stop china from bringing this fentanyl.
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this is a major problem. host: i will let the congressman address it. guest: whether it is -- they are illegal drugs, whether it is undocumented immigration, which during my town halls i get a lot of questions about that. we need to do more and more to address the flow of people and products into this country, and one of the best ways to do it is to focus on ports of entry, i think about baltimore harbor, a major port on the eastern seaboard, the port at long beach and los angeles, as well as across the southern border at our ports of entry. what we need to do is to use the best technologies, and that we are properly staffing custom and border protection and control at those ports of entry. we need to incorporate more technology and fully staffed
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those people and ensure that when they carry out and conduct their jobs they are doing it in an appropriate way that protects the privacy and integrity of people coming -- people and products coming across the border but are also doing the job and ensuring that threats to our country are not coming forward. the other thing we need to do is address the sentinel -- the fentanyl and opioid crisis at home and make sure that we are supporting those who for a variety of reasons have been addicted to the drugs and painkillers. i know in my district, anne arundel county, has taken action against manufacturers of these drugs that have been inappropriately marketed and promoted rampant distribution in our communities, we need to address that and ensure that we have an addiction treatment and counseling programs and ensure
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that first responders are well-equipped. often on the front lines whether ems, firefighters and police, make sure that they have the training and supplies to save lives and those crisis situations. there is a lot that we need to do to focus on it domestically and the demand as well as cutting off the supply into the ports of entry. host: from the old line, this is al on the democrat line. caller: my first question is about ukraine. why is ukraine and american interest? europe has medical care that includes dental, vision, and also includes various needs. we cannot get that in our system. why are you fighting for ukraine, which is the european problem. that is the first question.
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host: let us take the question. guest: i do not think that they are mutually inclusive -- in -- exclusive or un-compatible problems. one presents an international challenge which we were talking about our earlier. ukraine is important, maybe one day they will be a nato ally or not, but they are on the eastern border of our nato allies in europe, and that is important. if we do not deter russian encroachment that i am fearful that the baltics are next. so i think it is very important that we demonstrate our resolve to prevent a russian encroachment. in terms of medicare, i am completely on board with you. i am supporting the build back better act which passed out of the house, and i encourage and support senator schumer who is trying to get that done by christmas in the house. we expanded medicare to include hearing devices.
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i would have liked to see us expand medicare to include dental services and vision services. this is a great country with vast resources. need to tap into our resources to make sure that all americans have access to quality care including through medicare. i am with you on that and i think we can do both. host: owings mills, irene, an independent. good morning. caller: i am basically responding to your next to the last caller that you had who stated, and basically restated putin's statements that do ukrainians and the russians are basically one people with one language, one culture, and etc.. using that ridiculous argument, what language are we speaking in this country? what culture do we have in this
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country? using his argument, the u.k. what have a good reason to invade us, right? the ukrainians have shown, with their blood and a lot of blood it was, and with their votes that they are independent, they are a separate people, and wish to remain so. host: thank you for the call. responding to the last caller from our first segment, i order. >> the house gaveling back in for votes after a short recess. s are ordered. the clerk will report the title of the resolution. the clerk: house calendar number 55, house resolution 838, resolution providing for consideration of the bill to protect our democracy by preventing abuses


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