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tv   Campaign 2024 Former VP Pence Speaks in New Hampshire on the Economy  CSPAN  December 12, 2021 9:40pm-10:44pm EST

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documentary using c-span video clips that answer the question, how does the federal government impact your life? >> be passionate about what you are discussing to discuss your view no matter how large or small you think the audience will receive it to be. and know that in the greatest country in the history of the earth your view does matter. >> remember that content is king and remember to be as neutral and impartial as possible in your per trail of both sides of an issue. announcer: c-span awards $100,000 in total cash prizes and you have a shot at winning the grand prize of $5000. entries must be received before january 20, 2022. for competition rules, tutorials, or just how to get started, visit
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announcer: at least six presidents recorded conversations while in office. hear them on c-span's new podcast, presidential recordings. >> season one focuses on the presidency of lyndon johnson. you will hear about the 1964 civil rights act, the 1964 civil rights -- for the initial campaign, selma, and the war in vietnam. not everyone knew they were being recorded. >> certainly johnson's secretaries knew, because they were tasked with transcribing many of those conversations. in fact, they were the ones who made sure that the conversations were taped, as johnson would signal to them through an open door. >> you will also hear blunt talk. >> the number of people who signed kennedy the day he died, the number of people who signed my name or not, i want them right click.
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if i cannot ever go to the bathroom, i won't go. announcer: presidential recordings. find it on the c-span now mobile app, or wherever you get your podcasts. announcer: next, remarks from former vice president mike pence on the economy. he spoke at an event in manchester, new hampshire. pence is considered to be a potential 2024 presidential contender. [applause] >> thanks to vice president pence. he's no stranger to new hampshire. we have spent many hours around this state over the years and it is a pleasure to have you back. i am the chairman of the republican party here in new
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hampshire. [applause] we have a wonderful day yesterday. we had a special election over in derry, and our candidate won by over 18 points over the opposition. she absolutely crushed it. and she was a phenomenal candidate. she worked her tail off. it was all grassroots. we had the nh gop working, we had the rnc working, and we coordinated an effort along with the house republican committee to put together a huge win, which is pointing towards 2022 as a very, very good year for republicans. but i tell everyone, do not get complacent. run like you are one vote
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behind, and that is what we are going to continue to do. [applause] as far as what the parrot dig foundation is doing and narrative action, it is a phenomenal grassroots effort. it is something that we have been doing here in new hampshire. as you know, in the last election in 2020, we did not, i'm sorry to say, win at the top of the ticket. however, at the state level we flipped the house, the senate, the executive council, and we cupped governor sununu -- kept governor sununu in the corner office. what does that mean? that means we pass to the most republican budget in the history of new hampshire last june. we cut business profits tax. we cut business enterprise taxes. we cut the rooms and meals tax. we are phasing out the interest and dividends tax.
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we are taking that from 5% to zero. we've turned back almost $300 million to cities and towns to reduce property taxes. this is how we republicans help families get the costs under control, because we get out of their pockets. we take our hands out of their pockets. unlike the democrats, who are constantly reaching into your pockets. and you just have to look, and not look at what they say, look at what they do. and what they do is they shut down our energy. president trump and vice president pence made us energy independent. gas and oil prices were at historic lows. and where are they now? they are going through the roof. inflation is going through the roof. and the president says we are working hard to turn things around.
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the next stop that we are making is the homebuilders association. and they are furious. why? because the president just doubled the tariffs coming in from canada on wood. he took them from 9% to 18%. what do you think that is going to have as an impact on the cost of lumber? is that controlling inflation? is that helping people who are trying to build and renovate houses, our homebuilding industry? no. this is the democrats. they talk one thing, but you have to watch what they are actually doing. and they are driving inflation and with the spending that they are increasing, and they are contemplating, with this wonderful bill that they are working on for another $3.5 or $4.5 or $6.5, who knows. but that's not going to help
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inflation. that is going to continue to drive inflation, continue to drive our gas prices up. and quite frankly, they want gas prices higher. they want to bankrupt the gas and oil industry. and how are we in new hampshire going to heat our homes? and what is our democratic delegation doing to defend new hampshire? not pelosi and schumer, but defend new hampshire? in the most recent bill that was passed, the bipartisan infrastructure built, they worked really hard for new hampshire. so hard that we came in 50th as far the per capita money that is coming into new hampshire. that is how hard they worked for us. we came in 50th. so i think we need a lot of changes around here. we at the nh gop, the rnc are going to be working to continue to make those changes, to
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increase our majorities. and with that, i would like to address, introduce, jessica anderson, who is the executive director of heritage foundation who is doing a phenomenal job around the country. [applause] ms. anderson: thank you. well, it's an absolute pleasure to be here today to return to new hampshire and to meet with so many of you. that as our lovely host indicated, are fighting hard to take back the freedoms, the prosperity, and the liberty that we also earnestly want and need for not only ourselves, our families, our businesses, our schools, and our industry here. this is a really special event. we do not get to do things in the middle of the day very often because usually we are working. so thank you all for taking the time out to come in the middle of your own work days into here some really insightful comments from a leader who has proven himself so worthy of all of our
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support across the country. before i get to that introduction i want to give a special shout out to some faces in the crowd that hopefully are not strangers to you. gale is here, a candidate in new hampshire. i saw her in the corner. thank you for joining us. matt bowers, candidate in new hampshire. state rep tim baxter, candidate again in new hampshire one. jeff cousin, candidate for new hampshire two. and of course you all met chris, who is the committeeman for the rnc. and julian is here too. i saw her earlier. thank you for being here. and state rep mr. notter, too. who is the minority whip. sorry. you don't even identify as such. good, thank you. the wreck of candidates in -- work of candidates in new hampshire that carry the flag of
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freedom so strongly and earnestly are why we're here today. and this movement that we have of two million activists across the country that are standing up and that are actively advocating to take our freedoms back and to restore the current, the correct role of the federal government with each of us. now, biden's plan is not that, and it's a clear contrast to what we as conservatives so eagerly want for our families and businesses. the vision that has been laid out by the administration is one that is focused on more taxes, more spending, and a social engineering plan that puts us completely out of touch with the majority of americans. unfortunately, this agenda is supported by the two senators that hail from new hampshire, and particular senator hassan has thrown her lot in with this agenda. it is out of touch, and it is this big government, socialist
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agenda that so many of us are active in pushing back against and trying to write to the wrongs out of washington. i want to hit these numbers real quick so ever one has them in mind. biden's new tax and spending proposal, $6 trillion in new spending. gas prices in new hampshire, i do not have to tell you all this, they are up nearly $2 to almost $4 at the tank today. inflation in the state is up 5.5% and new hampshire voters know it. we know it well, with over 61% of the state saying they are worried about the future, they are worried about prices, costs, they are worried about their families, schools, and what is next for this great country. here to talk about this impact and to present an alternative vision, one that puts america first, one that puts the principles of free enterprise and liberty and family and national defense above everything else, is someone that
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i know is near and dear to this beautiful state he served at all levels of government, from the house of representatives, to the state mansion, and finding his way to the white house as the vice president of the united states. please give a warm new home -- a warm new hampshire welcome to vice president mike pence. [applause] mr. pence: thank you so much. hello, new hampshire. it is a privilege to be here with all of you, and a special joy to be on the road once again with gerrit -- jessica anderson. it's the flagship of the conservative movement and they are fighting for freedom all across america. join me in thanking jessica.
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[applause] i also want to thank steve. i said -- i listened to him speak at this podium a few moments ago, and i turned to jessica and i said we should just say thank you, good night. what a great and stirring presentation. it really calls into high relief the choice that we face as americans. i am here today really for two reasons. number one, i'm here to stand up for the american worker. to stand up for american families. to stand up for american businesses. and number two, i am here to stand up to the biden big government socialist agenda that will derail the future of our families and our businesses and our workers. [applause] we came here today to deliver a very clear message. to the granite state, to the
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live free or die state. a very clear message to president biden and the democrats in congress. keep your hands off the american people's paychecks. we want our freedom. and a boundless american future. and it's not theoretical. during our four years of the trump/pence administration, we showed what it takes to get this free market economy rolling. under the leadership of president donald trump. we cut taxes across the board. for working families and small farms. we rolled back more federal regulation in four years than any administration in american history. we made america energy independent for the first time in 70 years. and we fought for the kind of free and fair trade that puts american jobs and american workers first. and in our first three years, 7
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million jobs created and wages rose at their fastest pace in more than a decade. [applause] amazing. household income sorted to a new record. unemployment plummeted to a 50 year low. maybe most meaningful to us, we had the lowest unemployment ever recorded for african americans and hispanic americans and 10 million americans were moved from welfare to work. before the coronavirus endemic struck our country, we were experiencing a level of prosperity that we had never witnessed in our lifetimes. we made the strongest economy in the history of the world stronger than it had ever been before. in addition to all of that, we cut taxes for american employers. when we came into office, america had one of the highest corporate tax rates of any country in the world. and no real surprise that prior to our administration, we literally saw 60,000 factories
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close in america and open overseas. because we made america's corporate tax rate competitive during our first three years, we saw 10,000 new factories open all across america. a victory for american workers. so it was about less taxes and less regulation, and we demonstrated how you get the american economy rolling. but how times have changed. and it's extraordinary to think in less than a year the biden/harris administration has unleashed a tidal wave of left-wing policies, big government spending, and reckless policies at home and abroad that are creating a consistent pattern of american failure. the truth is the democrats have moved so fast on their agenda, sometimes i think the left-hand does not know what the far left hand is doing.
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all kidding aside, think about it. we stand here today, we have the worst border crisis in american history. future generations are being saddled with trillions of dollars of debt already, before the topic we will talk about today. the biden administration's left-wing policies have set into motion an increase of inflation in america the likes of which we have not seen in 30 years, and american families are struggling to make ends meet. being a private citizen again means i get to drive my own car. it also means i get to pump my own gas. and it's extraordinary to think, here new hampshire alone, gasoline prices are up 60%. than a eyar asgo. -- than a year ago. i tuned into the news this morning, talking about some moderate change happening. but men and women, we all know that deficit spending and debt
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is inherently inflationary. and it is the reason why we come here today with a sense of urgency and a message to the people of new hampshire. make no mistake about it, the runaway inflation that we see in america today is the predictable result of runaway spending by the biden administration and the democrats in congress. they have already passed more than $3 trillion in spending and they want to pass another $6 trillion in spending and pass it along to our children and grandchildren. if they succeed in passing their so-called build back better, bigger, budget, buster, bill, believe it or not, democrats and the biden administration will have spent more than the economies of canada, mexico, and brazil, combined. and sent the bill to our children and grandchildren. it is amazing. in fact, president biden's
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policies are threatening to send our nation back to the anemic economic growth that we were experiencing at the height of the pandemic. stagnant wages. and under their previous administration, the obama/biden administration, make no mistake about it, we are going to see off shoring of american jobs and american businesses once again. president biden's build back better legislation would be an unmitigated disaster for american families and american workers, and i came to say we're not gonna let it happen. [applause] but you know, as jessica was quick to say, it is not just about more spending, it is about higher taxes. i mean, can you even imagine, here in new hampshire where you just heard that the new republican majorities in the house and senate at the statehouse, and governor chris sununu, are busy cutting taxes.
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under the biden administration and democrat-controlled the congress, they are actually talking about raising taxes. again, at a time the american people are starting to stand back up and work every day to put this pandemic in the past. under the drew the biden bill back at her bill, here's the truth about taxes. half of middle-class fences -- families that earn between $75,000 and $100,000 year will see their taxes raise. literally, the heart of the middle class is going to experience a tax increase. and in fact, they are going to pay for that tax increase by giving a tax break to millionaires in places like california and new york. now i want to be clear. i am always for lower taxes. but when we passed tax reform four years ago, and we limited
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the deduction on state and local taxes, it was because it was fundamentally wrong to require americans in places like indiana and new hampshire to subsidize big government spending in places like new york and california. but that's what they want to get back to doing. new hampshire and indiana should not be subsidizing runaway spending and democrat states. the truth is, beyond taxes and spending, the build back better bill gets even worse. it actually includes $40 billion to hire an army of irs agents to swarm all across the country with the assumption as senator chuck grassley said yesterday, i guess assuming that millions of americans are cheating on their taxes. incredible. there's enough money there to
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hire 87,000 new irs agents. and american companies are also going to be settled with $350 billion in higher taxes. again, i give you that number, i've never had to rub my eyes a couple of times when we were running in 2016, when i heard the number that 60,000 factories had closed and moved overseas in this country. we turned it around. we made our corporate tax rate competitive and 10,000 factories opened. but there's an old saying, what you tax, you get less of, what you subsidize, you get more of. under the biden bill, they are taxing job creators, taxing american workers, and they are subsidizing the off shoring of more american jobs. it's truly astonishing. the truth is, higher taxes also are going to affect businesses like the one i grew up in. i grew up working in a gas
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station business, small family business in a small town. most family businesses like the one i stopped and bought some baked goods at on the way here are -- they are talking about raising taxes on job creators, on small business owners here in new hampshire and all across america. frankly, i've got to think nobody is rooting harder for the democrats big government bill than china. resident bidens plan literally puts china first and america last. i think you could actually called it the build beijing back better bill. i mean, think about it. under bidens plan, american companies would face a $.15 -- 15% tax on income.
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made selling products overseas. on top of the tax they already pay to foreign countries where the sale is made. china, where we lost so many of those jobs when those factories closed over the years, china stands to gain thousands of jobs as employers flee the crushing tax burden of bidens america. don't just take my word for it. the national association of manufacturers estimates that bidens tax hike could destroy as many as one million american jobs. so it's about jobs. it's about our families. it's about taxes, spending, it's ultimately about our future. i became a grandfather this year. [applause] my granddaughter will be nine months old tomorrow, and she is crazy about me. i have to tell you, there is
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something about becoming a grandparent. it makes you think. i've always been a fiscal conservative. i've always worried about the debts we are piling on future generations, our children and grandchildren, but looking that little one in the eye, thinking about the big government socialist plans of the biden administration and the democrats in congress, i know we are really choosing as we stand here today between two futures for this country. one future built on freedom, prosperity, limited government, less taxes. a competitive american economy. and the other, built on big government socialism, less freedom, more taxes, more dependency and american decline. well, i'm here to say to the
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people of new hampshire and anyone looking on, among the tens of americans who might be watching the speech on c-span, that we have to say to joe biden and the democrats in congress, this far and no farther. america chooses freedom and prosperity for our children and our grandchildren. we've got to shut down their big government socialist agenda right now before it shuts down the american economy. many women in new hampshire, you got to tell senator maggie hassan and senator jeanne shaheen to oppose the biden build big government bill and stop it in its tracks. we've all been through a lot in the past two years, haven't we?
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a global pandemic, social unrest, divisive election. the tragic day in our nation's capital. and over the last nine months, a new administration intent on transforming our nation into a european welfare state with more government and less freedom. but today i want you to be encourage, because i am. as i travel around the country, i've never seen the level of enthusiasm that i've seen in the american people. i truly do believe our freedom -- if we go to our neighbors and friends, i think we can stop this build back better nonsense before it is passed into law. we can stop the massive increase in government spending. we can stop the higher taxes, but it's going to take all of us to do it. but i have faith. i have faith in the american people. i've traveled all across this
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country. my opinion of people of this country went up, not down. i encourage you to reach out to your neighbors in this granite state to appeal to the principles that have always made new hampshire and indiana and places all across this country great. tell them that freedom is on the line right now. let's stop this build back better bill. and a year from now, let's win back the congress, let's win back the senate, let's win back statehouses across america and in 2024, let's win back the country. so men and women, i thank you, and i think we are -- i think we're going to have a conversation, but i want to encourage you and thank you for coming out today. we want to save our paychecks,
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but more than anything else, we want to save our future. while the elections a year from now are vitally important and elections after that just as much, we have a fight right now. new hampshire can play a leading role, just like you are used to doing, and making sure that we hold on to freedom and prosperity and give new hampshire and america fighting chance to come back stronger than ever before. thank you very much, and god bless you. let's save our paychecks. [applause] >> mr. vice president, thank you for those encouraging words but very real words. obviously we all feel it, we all know what's at stake and we are here to do something about it. for going to spend the rest of our time talking about bidens
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economic agenda and what we can do. for a get into that, i do want to mention something that is top of mind for many of us today, leading the news, and that is the issue in ukraine. obviously foreign policy, many of us have family that served abroad, we have investments overseas and here to mystically, all of that. what are your thoughts on ukraine, and then we will jump into the program? mr. pence: let me say, i think one of the things i'm most proud of in our administration was that after years of budget cutbacks, we gave our soldiers, sailors, airmen, greens and coast guard the support they needed and resources to defend this nation. and i say that as a former vice president, but i also say that as a proud father of united states marine captain. and one of my unworthy son-in-law's a navy pilot.
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[laughter] but this is a very serious time. thousands upon thousands of russian troops marshaled on the border of ukraine. ukraine is not a nato ally. they are a friend. and there is a fundamental difference between how the trump i've been pence administration dealt with ukraine and how the obama-biden administration dealt with ukraine. when we came into office, it was in the wake of russia overrunning the border of crimea, literally changing the boundary lines of europe by force. the last administration's response was much of what we hear president biden saying today, was economic sanctions. in terms of assistance to ukraine, when he was vice president, all joe biden and barack obama provided was blankets and military meals in
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boxes. when the trump-pence administration took office, we sent arms to ukraine to defend themselves, we provided resources. and the reality is, weakness results in people, whether it be along the border of ukraine, whether be china's provocations in the south china sea, whether it be iran pounding the table at the ill advised negotiations over returning to the disastrous iran nuclear deal. i truly do believe all of these things are result of the weakness the biden administration has projected abroad. the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan was a disgrace that dishonored the long service of men and women who had defended
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freedom in afghanistan all those years. but let me also say whatever missteps by this administration will never take away from the debt this nation owes to everyone of our soldiers who served in afghanistan. we will always honor their service. [applause] i honestly believe it's going to take more than talk. i've met vladimir putin. i saw what he did in crimea. i think it's going to take action, and it will take the kind of action that our administration provided. you achieve peace through strength. providing lethal arms and weapons to ukraine to defend themselves is precisely what the biden administration should be doing today, not waiting for russia to act. we should make it clear that we will provide and continue to provide ukraine with the
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military resources to defend themselves. putin will only understand strength, and america has to show strength in this moment. there and around the world. [applause] >> great. the biden doctrine as it has been called abroad furthers instability, it takes away our peace, and it hurts america, puts america last, and what we have seen with his foreign policy is very much echoed here domestically, as we've talked about it today at length, inflation is on the rise, jobs are slowly coming back, but remember, these are jobs that walked out in the first place. these are not new jobs. gas prices are up, families are hurting. the biden-harris plan for america is very different than your plans and our plan as americans and as conservative certainly. so what does this mean for the american people today, and what
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do we do? mr. pence: i think we stand for freedom. i think we demand that our elected representatives in the congress of the united states step back and step away from the precipice. the heritage foundation has done extraordinarily good work evaluating this build back bigger, better, worse. >> i have a thought on that. i think we should call it the build back roque bill. that is my recommendation. -- build back broke. mr. pence: the point is, you have done the work. this bill, you need to understand, you're going to hear on the evening news that it is a $2 trillion bill. you might hear some people try to pretend that it is paid for, or mostly paid for. but i'm telling you, i worked in
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washington dc for 12 years as a member of congress. i know how it operates out there. it's budget gimmicks, tricks. they create these new welfare programs that they say are forever, but they find them for one year. -- fund them for one year. i truly believe that the choice we face is between their vision of big-budget socialism and our view of free-market capitalism. it's why i am here in new hampshire, because i think the two democrat senators from new hampshire ought to be hearing from the people of this state. this is a state that loves freedom, estate with elected majorities that are cutting taxes at the statehouse, and you all deserve to know, the huge increases in spending and tax increases are just around the corner if we don't get this thing stopped.
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there's a lot of talk about 22. you can't come to new hampshire with -- without people talking about a few years past that, but i think the battle is right now. we got to stop build back broke before it gets to president biden's desk. >> i hate using their language. we've got to take it back. one of the things that has been made so clear in our time here in new hampshire is that the work that the trump-pence administration did to put the american worker, to put our families first, needs to be brought back. on the off chance that joe biden or kamala harris calls and says hey mike, what should we do? what some advice, how can they get out of this whole and put the american worker first again? mr. pence: well, let's start with do nothing. the truth is, if they hadn't spent the first nine months undoing all the policies that
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had secured our border, strengthen our military, had america standing tall in the world, that had our economy recovering and growing in our liberties more secure in our courts, we would be better off. and so i don't expect to get that phone call. but if i got it, i would say stop. and then i would say, turnaround. and walked back in the direction of freedom. i really do believe -- my wife karen's favorite point ms. by robert frost. it says two roads diverged in a wood and i took the road less traveled by. i really don't have to tell people in the live free or die state that america has always been on the road less traveled by. through freedom, individual responsibility, limited government. and the democrats are taking this in a fundamentally different direction. this massive new spending and tax bill they are trying to pass
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is just their latest installment and literally trying to transform america into a social welfare state, instead of a nation that is grounded in personal and economic freedom. so i think that's where the battle is now, and i'm so grateful for the work heritage foundation is doing. >> i want to talk about new hampshire. governor sununu has done a fantastic job holding onto freedoms in the state. you mentioned the great successes at the statehouse. one of the things he has done that may not have got a ton of attention was he ended the unemployment benefit insurance that was keeping people basically on the sidelines, incentivizing them to stay home instead of returning to work. many states across the country still have unemployment benefits higher than any percentage of a wage that could be gained by returning to work. so we think there is a lot that
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washington, other red and blue states like new york could learn from new hampshire. what can we take with us as we continue on the road? mr. pence: i can say i was for governor chris sununu before it was cool. i'm a great, great admirer of his. he is a personal friend, and the leadership he has provided here, and the support people of new hampshire provided, not just to him, but electing those republican majorities in both chambers in new hampshire state legislature have created an environment where the state is now tacking back and setting an example of how you balanced budgets while you are cutting taxes, while you are making investments in education and infrastructure and all the other areas of paramount importance in the state. and i will tell you that states across the country, we have great examples, i'm proud of our record in hoosier state, doing
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all of those things. but i just can't emphasize enough that president biden's plan actually, by overturning what we did and limiting the deduction on state and local taxes, puts us back in the business of having states like new hampshire and indiana subsidize bankrupt states like new york, illinois, and california. the reality is, it has been our tax dollars that have been subsidizing fiscal irresponsibility and runway spinning in those states for years, not surprisingly, as they are preparing to raise taxes on main street businesses, like the small businesses i'd visited today, they are going to do it by cutting taxes on billionaires in places like california and new york. the american people deserve to know this and understand this.
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>> and we are going to do our part to get this vision for america, this contract to as many people as possible to talk about exactly what the impact is. we all feel it, we just need to have the language to talk about it and bring it to -- you been traveling across the country, visiting with families and business owners. our first stop was in california and was at a hair salon that was brave enough to stay open amidst the lockdown, and then later on caught below see in the hair salon getting her hair done. -- caught nancy pelosi getting her hair done. what have you been hearing as you travel coast to coast, what have you been hearing from families, from individuals?
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mr. pence: i've been hearing more enthusiasm today for freedom and for future in america grounded in freedom than ever before. i was there in 2010, the last time we retired nancy pelosi as speaker of the house, and i see more enthusiasm today. i think we're going to end the speakership of nancy pelosi once and for all in 2022, and new hampshire will play a role. i see that tremendous enthusiasm , the heavy hand of government, the unconstitutional mandates coming out of this administration, but in the midst of everything else that is going on, i think it is so important people understand that while all these other things are happening, they're moving this behemoth of spending and taxes before the congress and the united states. i just want the people of new
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hampshire who clearly in that last election chose freedom and fiscal responsibility, to let your elected represented of snow. it seems like there's been a lot of attention to a couple of democrats, one from arizona, one from west virginia, but i've got to tell you, we've got to make sure every democrat in states like indiana and new hampshire is held accountable and understands we don't want build back broke. >> one of the things that has been top of mind in the conversations in washington around this fiscal insanity, and you turn on the evening news and there's some new breaking story about members of congress staying late and passing things that are atrocious, and you keep hearing this word, filibuster. so i want to take a second him a wider we need to care about the filibuster? what is it, and just remind me
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for the millionth time, why should we care about the senate procedure and how it is actually protecting us? mr. pence: well, i was president of the senate for four years and watched the way it worked. there is a fundamental difference between what our founders intended for the united states senate and what they intended for the house. the house of representatives, where the voice of the people is most vigorously delivered, the candidates who are with us today running in new hampshire, and were going to win that seat new hampshire, but in the united states senate, it was always designed to be an institution of consensus. the filibuster is derivative of that. it is a procedure that essentially does not allow a simple majority in the congress to trample the minority in the congress.
10:26 pm
and i must tell you that on many issues this year, not all, my friends in the republican senate have used that to good effect. but the worry is on bills like this, you can pass budget bills by a simple majority. that's how we passed the tax cut for years ago. i could cast a tie-breaking vote and did so about a dozen times as vice president on the floor of the senate, but we pass the largest tax reform in american history with republican votes in the senate. the fact is you can do great, great good on a budget bill and you can do great harm on a budget bill, expanding government and raising taxes with a simple majority vote. it's one of the reasons why we are waving the flag all across this country to make sure people
10:27 pm
know what the stakes are and make sure democrats understand that the voters in places like new hampshire and elsewhere around the country are watching. >> so the build back broke plan goes forward, it's in the senate potentially this next week and could drag on into january. it's a great time for every single one of us to make our voices heard, to urge our senators to vote no, to call friends and family and other states and urge them to call their senators to vote no, to tell the story, if you are a business owner, tonk about the impact it will have to your business. if your worker, whatever industry you are in, whether it's the hair salon all the way to the almond farmers we met in california, everyone will be affected by this. the group that is here today that will take this message firmly throughout the state, how can we help you and how can we
10:28 pm
continue to take back the country? mr. pence: just be confident, reach out to your neighbors. there is no force in america or powerful than the voice of the american people. i call it the gale force wind that hits washington dc sometimes. and it starts blowing in virginia and that governor's race. not a short time ago. it was a photo finish in nearby new jersey, but we saw down ballot races around the country. we saw school board races. i think american people have had enough. having served in congress, having served as governor and having served as your vice president, i mean to tell you, never underestimate the power of your voice, reaching out in a respectful way, call a talk radio show, write a letter to the editor. send one more email and letter to your senators, or show up at
10:29 pm
a town hall meeting and let them know. i truly do believe all of us -- of all of us will stand up, we can stop this build back broke bill, and we can set the table for winning back congress and winning back statehouses across this country, and that will lay a foundation to win back america in 2024, so let your voice be heard right now. [applause] >> thank you, a huge thank you to the vice president for joining us today, for being so generous with your time to answer these questions. thank you to everyone who was kind enough to join us in the middle of the workday and to be here to hear this clarion call and continue to work so earnestly in our community. we will stick around and visit with everyone, no need to rush out. but that will end our formal program, and have a great day. [applause]
10:30 pm
mr. pence: we need to go at them hard but respectful. >> if it really cost nothing, then why are they trying to raise taxes by a huge amount? >> i would love to take it. 1, 2, 3. thank you. mr. pence: thank you for doing this.
10:31 pm
>> thank you, sir. thank you so much. absolutely not, no. >> reddy, 1, 2, 3. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. this is my lovely wife.
10:32 pm
thank you so much. >> i'm going to send him a letter. he can take joe namath's place now. >> on a more serious note, i'm concerned about china.
10:33 pm
i'm a veteran, 43 years. mr. pence: my son just got back from a deployment through the asia-pacific. >> can i get a real quick photo? my name is john. thank you for being here. >> great to see you again. my wife and i have a place out in florida in naples. i like to just give you our business card.
10:34 pm
my wife has put together all kinds of programs. she would love to have you there. we have so many people there. thank you very much. >> merry christmas, everyone. >> merry christmas, everybody. thank you so much. >> i really appreciate your message. mr. pence: when i was in congress in 2010, the national debt was about $10 trillion. then we had a pandemic and
10:35 pm
investments in government were made. $29 trillion. >> thank you so much, it is an honor. >> i am the vice president of the seine and some college publicans. -- st. anselm college republicans. >> we get along.
10:36 pm
>> handshake photo? >> thank you, appreciate it. >> i can't wait for your presidential run. >> i think when you see the failed policies of this
10:37 pm
administration, runaway spending, record inflation, now more than ever, every american should be focused on the 2022 elections. mr. pence: that's what we are entirely focused on. we will reflect and pray and see where we might be able to serve and we will go where we are called. >> can i get a picture with you? >> sure.
10:38 pm
>> i'm running for congress in the second district. i just want to say thank you for everything you have done for our country. i appreciate you continuing to serve in whatever capacity you are called. mr. pence: god bless you. >> god bless you and your family, too. did you get my thumbs up shot? >> thank you.
10:39 pm
i will definitely tell him that i spoke with you. >> is going to be good for christmas gifts. thank you very much. >> thank you for coming.
10:40 pm
10:41 pm
mr. pence: they are calling me off. i've got to go do something else. >> thank you you, mr. vice president.
10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
defense bill. on monday at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, i house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capital meats to consider citing former white house chief of staff mark meadows for criminal contempt of congress for refusing to cooperate with the investigation. tuesday on c-span3, the hearing for confirmation for the food and drug administration. and on wednesday, airline ceos discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their industry before the senate commerce, science, and transportation committee. watch this week on the c-span networks, or watch our full coverage on c-span now, our new mobile video out. also head over to c-span now to stream video live or on-demand any time. c-span, your unfiltered view of government.


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