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tv   Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks at Turning Point USA Conservative...  CSPAN  December 23, 2021 10:02am-10:24am EST

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billions building infrastructure, upgrading technology, empowering opportunity in communities big and small. charter is connected that charter has connected us -- charter has connected as. >> along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to the congress. >> turning point usa held a conference recently for young conservatives. this portion of the event included a large number of republican lawmakers, marjorie taylor greene and jim jordan. this is about 40 minutes. ♪ >> i love you, too. so, i have never been to one of these events before. i have heard a little bit about them.
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i have seen a little bit of this event, this type of event before. and when i walked in yesterday i was like, what kind of people come here? so i'm walking around and seeing some good people and i see white people, black people, brown people, yellow people. and then there is talk of freedom and loving america and conservative principles. some crazy people in here were talking about how much they love this guy named jesus. and i heard someone i really like, i heard a lot of people here like a guy named donald j. trump. and then i said i know exactly what this is. the left calls this the white supremacist party. ok.
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i know what i'm going to now. i have to tell you i am thrilled to be here. i am going to tell you a little about me. i am one of the three name people. my name is marjorie taylor greene. and i am a member of congress, as much as they hate it, believe me, they hate it. i am very much just like you. i am an american. i am very proud to be a business owner. be successful in business. very proud to be a wife of 26 years. but the thing i am most proud of is i'm a mom. i was one of those who got very excited about this guy named donald j. trump was running for president in 2015. and he came from a construction background and i was like wow, he talks just like most men i
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know. he says plain language. he says cost words and tells it like it is. and from the first time i was like this is someone i can vote for. this is someone i actually want to vote for. because he talks about the things i love and the things we believe america should be about. and so we all got him elected and i thought oh my goodness, the next day the sun never shines so bright, the birds were prettier, and we are going to put hillary clinton in jail. i thought for sure we had a republican-controlled congress, republican-controlled senate republicans are the party that talks about wanting to protect our freedoms, our constitution, having a strong economy, strong borders, protecting our second amendment and ending abortion. at least that is what they always tell us.
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and then the first few years under president trump i was very disappointed to find out that our republican-controlled congress in the senate did not produce any bills that actually funded a wall and built it. they didn't actually produce any bills to send across president trump's desk that ended abortion. they didn't do that. they didn't repeal obama care. as a matter of fact, they did not of the things they promised they would and they were all in charge. with a president that would have signed it all. and that is when i went from being disappointed to being angry. in fact i was really pissed off, excuse my language. i thought i'm a pretty accomplished woman, i am pretty capable, i have done a lot of things in my life. i have never been in government.
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i don't even go to my dot meetings locally because i don't ever hear anything i think is inspiring. but i think i will run for congress. well, let me just tell all of you, if you are a normal person, a freedom loving american and you truly believe the things that they claim they believe when they are talking on fox news and all these networks and you go to run for congress or any time -- any kind of local publicly held office, they are not going to treat you very well. they are not going to like you at all, as a matter of fact. but i beat them all. and so now i am here and you have seen me attacked this past year on an unprecedented level. the reason why you have seen me attacked this way is because they hate us.
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that is the truth. let me tell you about the swamp. i really want you to understand it. washington, d.c. is completely broken. congress is the most pathetic institution i have ever seen in my life. it is true. and you know the proof of that? here we are nearly $30 trillion in debt and thanks to mitch mcconnell making a deal with chuck schumer in the senate, our debt ceiling just got raised to $31.5 trillion. yes, they do. so that is one simple proof that congress is broken. it is filled with committees. i don't know anything about them because i got kicked off back in february. if committees were successful and if committees in congress were so important, do you think
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we would be $31.5 trillion in debt? no. i am kind of one of those profit producing people. so it does not make any sense to me. would we be selling out america to the rest of the world? would we have wide open borders? would we be being fired because of vaccine mandates? no. none of these things would be happening if congress congressional committees worked. and i can tell you right now, they do not work. let's talk a little bit more about what is happening. so, in congress, we have a rule in the house. nancy pelosi completely erased gender this year. yeah. how about that? no me -- all of those words are forbidden in congress. i am kind of one of those gender people. i am all about the mail and the
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female. and i personally don't want to know what anyone does privately in their bedroom but i just want the guys to say -- to stay out of our bathrooms and our sports. but that is frowned on. that is frowned on. but there is something else happening in america that i really want to talk to about. imagine if you were out protesting for a movement. black lives matter. and let's say you are so passionate about making sure that your voice was heard that he went out in the street night after night and you were told by the leaders that it is ok to commit violence, the you can fight, the you can attack police officers, that you can burn police cars, that you can set things on fire industries. so you did because you are taking up a radical cause and you wanted your voice to be heard.
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then i want you to imagine that you got arrested and you were put in jail. and some of you who were not arrested were hunted down by the fbi. then you are putting jail in washington, d.c. and you are being punished and beaten. but he believed in black lives matter so much you are willing to go through it for the cause. only guess what? that never happened. the black lives matter and antifa protested and rioted all across the country in 2020. the media cheered them on. the democrats praised them as peaceful protesters. not only that, they funded them on their fundraising platform. guess what else happened? when they did get arrested and went to jail, some of those prominent female members of the democrat party, ill on omar,
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kamala harris -- you don't like them -- they bailed them out of jail so they can do it all over again. but on january 6 when people went to washington, d.c. to assemble about election integrity because they felt their election was stolen and their votes were stolen and it was so important to them to show up and use their first amendment rights to protest, they found something different. as a matter of fact when they heard the speech that president trump gave an president trump told them to peacefully walk in peace and love and go to the capitol to make their voices heard, there was something being set up. as they approached the capitol and it was really interesting, this all started while president trump was speaking. if any of you have read revolver
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news, he has a piece out that has evidence that everyone should know about. as they approached according to this article and according to the videos and the evidence, there were people urging them to go in. because when many of them got there after president trump finished speaking there was something already underway. democrats call it an insurrection but we can start calling it a "fence urrection." it is really interesting. the january 6 committee is not working on that. they are more interested in targeting republicans and president trump. it is the same playbook we saw with russia collusion. it is the exact same playbook. after january 6, what we are going through is a communist
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revolution in america. communism is a scary word because we are not used to that in america. we are used to thinking that it will never happen here. we have always thought that communism could never come to america but i want you to know it is here right now. you can see it because ever since january 6 we have seen americans hunted down. their houses is rated by the fbi. people have been held in jail without bail. they have been held in solitary confinement. they did riot. i will not defend what they did at the capitol that day. i was in there when it happened. we worked very hard to object to the electoral college vote because we knew electoral fraud had taken place. and there is nothing wrong with complaining about election fraud because hillary clinton still think she one in 2016. and i'm from georgia and stacey abrams swears she is our governor. but the fbi went after these
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people. the department of justice has charged them. for months i tried along with a few of my colleagues, unfortunately only a few, louie gohmert, matt gaetz. that is roughly gets. i am sorry to tell you that. there are some others interested . freedom caucus mainly getting involved. but we tried to go to the d.c. jail and we were not allowed to get in. there is a lovely lady there. i don't know if i like calling her a lady, i might be missed gender in her. but she wears a pink mask. her name is deputy warden kathleen lander ken. she oversees the d.c. jail. she refused to let us in and told us we were trespassing and
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a problem is she met someone that doesn't back down. me. i am used to being beat up on the media so i really could care less what they have to say. my wikipedia page is atrocious and i will never change it because it is so filled with lies. let's just leave it up so we can prove how much of liars wikipedia are. finally i got into the d.c. jail and i want to tell you everything you have heard on the internet. you see, you're living in america post-constitution. i know that is hard to understand. it is because we have a communist regime in control. where the blm protesters and all the violence they did they were never prosecuted. there were 90% of them had their charges dropped.
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those january 6 deserve their day in court because due process should matter. people should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. and if human rights are something that americans are entitled to that it should matter in prison to everyone. but it does not matter for these people. they were held in solitary confinement for four months with 24 hours a day and not let out of their cells. they are not allowed to have chapels or communion. they are not allowed to have access to the library. they are not allowed to see their family. they have not seen their families faces since they have been put in there and for many of them it has been since january.
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and they are held separately in a different part of the jail. and the rest of the jail has continuing education where people can get their ged or do college courses. they have job training. they have moot court where they get to practice what it will be like when they go to trial. they have all the access they need to every single thing. they get to watch television. they are out of their selves. they were all out walking around. it is very different for the january 6 defendants. you want to know why? they support president trump. now, ask yourself a serious question. why would we have a two-tiered justice system in america? because the people in charge do not believe in the constitution. they do not believe in freedom. they do not care about protecting it. as a matter of fact they are destroying it as we speak.
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now this leaves us all to ask the question what do we do? if we can go further, i don't know if you saw the news but new york just passed a bill going to the senate next week where anyone that is unvaccinated will be a dangerous person to society and a threat to public health can be detained indefinitely. things are getting to places we should not be. and i will tell you right now i have a serious problem with that because i am not vaccinated. and they are going to have a helluva time if they want to hold me down and give me a vaccine. and i don't think it should be
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anyone's job to tell us that it should be people's right to choose because don't we care about choices when it comes to our bodies but not someone else's body in the womb. but the question that we have to ask ourselves again is what do we do? so i am going to tell you right now, you are going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. you are. you are not guaranteed anything anymore. the democrats are proving that. they are not the more -- the normal american democrats. they are the communist democratic party of america. what you are going to have to do is you are going to have to get used to volunteering or working in places you never planned to like election offices. if you are getting canceled and you are getting fired from your job or kicked out of your school, i do not know why you are being silenced. i do not know why you are not marching in the streets every single day.
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because in australia they are marching. in europe they are marching. and then we see their videos on social media. but in america where you are guaranteed the right to free speech and peacefully assemble i don't see any of you marching. i would love to see military members that are being kicked out because they don't want to get vaccinated. teachers that are going to be fired. doctors and nurses, nurses who save the lives -- weight, bioweapon pandemic. let me go further. sponsored by dr. anthony fauci. and the cdc. but what you should be doing is you should be taking to the streets. everyone in uniform showing this is who should be canceled and here is my family and here is my children and i will no longer have a paycheck to take care of them. but i don't see anyone yet.
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i'm looking. and as i work in congress and i stand up and speak and stand for the truth and stand for every single one of you because i will do anything to stop this communist revolution to the point where i know the january 6 committee is coming after me first. in this entire congress i'm one of the ones on the front lines. i still stand up for those people in the washington, d.c. jail and across the country. who are being the very victims of the communists in charge. and i will tell you why. it is because they want to intimidate every single one of you to never try them. but here's where we are and i am praying to see something different. we don't believe in violence. i don't want to see that. but i want to see all of you share all of your family and friends this truth i am telling you and i want to see you raise up and use your voice it's because i'm counting on you guys.
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i have kids that are 24, 22 and 18. you children here -- you are not children, you are adults. you are the generation who is going to have to fight. and i believe in you. so i want to thank you guys for listening to me today. god bless every single one of you. god bless america. and let's stop the communist revolution. [applause] ♪ this runs 20 minutes. rep.


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