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tv   Rep. Jordan Speaks at Turning Point USA Conservative Conference  CSPAN  December 24, 2021 5:00am-5:22am EST

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different. we don't believe in violence. i don't want to see that. but i want to see all of you share all of your family and friends this truth i am telling you and i want to see you raise up and use your voice it's because i'm counting on you guys. i have kids that are 24, 22 and 18. you children here -- you are not children, you are adults. you are the generation who is going to have to fight. and i believe in you. so i want to thank you guys for listening to me today. god bless every single one of you. god bless america. and let's stop the communist revolution. [applause]
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♪ this runs 20 minutes. rep. jordan:: thank you. have a seat. i tell every audience, don't plop -- -- don't plop yet, i haven't said anything. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you. it is good to be with normal people outside of washington. turning point usa, thank you for setting up. think about this: in the summer of 2016, the fbi used -- gin 20
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-- january 20, 2017. 19 minutes after pres. trump takes the oath of office, the washington post redline -- headline reads campaign against president trump has begun. four days later, january 24, 2017, the fbi sneaks into the white house to track general flynn. they go after him for several years. then we get the molar investigation, over three year. , 19 lawyers, 40 fbi agent, $30 million. they come back with? nothing, no conspiracy. the dayton molar testified -- the date molar testified, there was a -- as pres. trump said, a
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perfect phone call. adam schiff uses that phone call as the basis to start his secret impeachment in the bunker in the basement of the capitol, where hearings take place away from the people, no due process, no ability for the american people to see where this going on and they tried to remove pres. trump from office with the whistleblower. >> [indiscernible] >> the name peach jim. with the center trial that took place after he left office. think about this, they tried to get in before he got office, four years while he was in office and they are still trying to get him after he left, so much so that this past week, one
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of the lowest points i've seen in my time in congress, they start the process to put a good man in prison, when they helped mark meadows -- held mark meadows in criminal contempt in the house of representatives. 10 years ago come up with the irs targeting folks like us in this room, the fbi talks about using the pfizer process. the doj saying we are going to -- label is terrorists parents who speak out against the curriculum. this is how crazy the left is become. why did they do it? because pres. trump, when he was in office, took on -- they can't
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have that. you can't have someone who is going to come in and shake things up. we've got this book that just came out last month, entitled do what you said you would do. think about this: no president has done more of what they said they would do then pres. trump. [applause] and he did it with everyone. every democrat was against him, everyone in the mainstream press was against him, everyone in the bureaucracy was against him. and a bunch of republicans were against him. in spite of that, he got more done than any president in american history. [applause] he said he would cut taxes he
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did. he said we have the best economy in history, lowest unemployment -- employment, he said he would build the wall. he said he would get out of the randel, he did. he put conservatives on the court. a whole bunch of other things i can't think of right now. [applause] that is the kind of leader we need. i want to do a couple things here. i want to thank you for supporting pres. trump. think about what he was up against. by the way, when did dr. fauci get elected to office? when did he ever put his name on a ballot, go up and talk to we the people.
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the way it works in our country, you're supposed to put your name on the bout, and if you get elected, you make the decisions, not the unelected people in the bureaucracy. a couple weeks ago, we had a witness, dr. fauci ever run for office? who does he answer to? witness says he answers to joe biden. >> not really. he said i represent science. joe biden has said i'm going to follow the science, so dr. fauci is making decisions. is not how it is supposed to work. that's why they went for pres. trump. i probably told every audience i've had that, i wish every
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american could meet pres. trump. when you do, you cannot help but like this guy. there is an energy, a charisma, a love for the country that comes through when you are around him. there's a competitive nature i like. pres. trump likes to win, hates to lose. that is an american quality. that is who we are. i feel blessed, i get the chance to talk to him a lot. i this conversation with him a few years ago, he called me, i was in the capital. i ducked in this room, we were talking about mccabe and of the stuff going on.
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i said i know how the press lies against me, but you get it worse. you get to every second of every day. there was a pause and he says, well jim, what are we going to do? kill over in the corner, get in the fetal position and start sucking her thumb? we got to fight back. that is the right attitude, and american attitude. and attitude these young people have. thank you for helping pres. trump, thank you for getting in the game. along the long time ago, good things in life don't just happen. -- i learned a long time ago, good things in life don't just happen. something that is important
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takes time, work, effort, sacrifice. most important, it takes a willingness to assume risk when trying to do something worthwhile. if you get in the game, there's a chance you might fail. if you get in the game now, especially politics, you're going to get attacked. they don't respect the first amendment. they are going to come after you. thank you for willing to get in the game. this country is worth it. that is why you are involved. i always joke when i talk about normal people, the way normal people think in the way it left in the mainstream press thing. they are to come after you. normal people at turning point
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usa event versus the elite. he said i get up every morning, i read my bible and the new york times so i can see what god is up to. lot truth in that. there is the fundamental issue, the left, which now controls the democratic party, they don't like america. they want to fundamentally change this great country. we, on the other hand, know this is the greatest nation ever, not perfect, but the greatest. that is a fundamental divide. the left is fundamentally trying to change the country. with what they're doing to the first amendment and how they weaponize government. think about this, i spoke to some of the leaders here on the college campus a few minutes ago. i told them every right we have under the first amendment has
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been insulted by the left over the last year. every single one. right to practice your faith, right to assemble, right to petition your government, freedom of speech. there's churches in this country, people left europe to come to this country to practice their faith. their places in america were a full congregation still cannot gather on sunday morning. you're right to assemble, six months ago i talked to the new mexico republican party in amarillo, texas. had to go to texas to get freedom to assemble. your right to petition to the government, until couple months ago, you couldn't go to your united states capital -- capital, because nancy pelosi wouldn't let you in. freedom of the press? remember this a few weeks ago --
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jen psaki stood at a podium like this, at the white house, beacon of freedom around the world, jen psaki in the white house, press secretary for the president of the united states said most people now get their news from social media platforms. we, the biden administration are working with those social media platforms to limit the amount of information the american people get. speech is the most important. if you can't talk, your other rights me nothing. how do you share your faith, practice your faith, assemble, petition your government? freedom of speech is the most important right we have. that is with the left is coming after. if you try, they call you racist and tried to cancel you. come after you, your family,
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your employer. a few months back, governor desantis [applause] was doing a roundtable discussion. he had doctors there. we know the viruses here, but we think the constitution is serious, too. the attorney general said when this thing started, the constitution is not suspended during a crisis. amen to that. i would argue, that is when it is most important. that is when it counts the most. governor desantis is doing a roundtable discussion on the virus. as for the panelists, one is a professor of medicine from stanford. they put it on youtube. youtube takes it down. and i am like, he is a professor
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of medicine from stanford. his been in the wall street journal, on tv. i told one group, it is not the big 10, but it is pretty good. this is today's left. it underscores why it is so important. their attacks on the first amendment, coupled with their ability to weaponize the government against us is the most frightening of all. the best example is what they're doing to moms and dads. september 29, national school board association writes a present -- writes a letter to the president of the united states asking the president to involve the counterterrorism division against parents. two days later, she gets a plum appointment to a board at the department of education. three days later, the head of counterterrorism at the fbi has had a discussion with the department of justice on how to
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implement with the school board association asked the administration to do. five days later, the attorney general of the united states issues a memo doing with the left-wing political organization asked for. when have you ever seen the federal government move that fast? never happened. this is scary. i would argue, this didn't start with the school board association. they were looking for the pretext. we now have email communication that took place before the letter was initially sent. this is why it is so important we all stay in the game and fight for the things that matter. here is the good news, i will finish here. i think it is turning around. i really do. [applause]
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six weeks ago, we had some moms show up at school board meetings in the state of virginia. pretty sure there were more moms -- pray soon there were more moms, dads got engaged, thing you know, glenn youngkin is going to be the next governor in virginia. shortly after that, you had 12 jurors in kenosha wisconsin -- [applause] >> say i'm am going to stand for the truth, for facts, support due process and they reached the right decision. [applause] today, in phoenix come up got all kinds of folks fired up about america and the first
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amendment. [applause] the american spirit is strong. i don't know if david mccullough is conservative or liberal, the john adams book is amazing. john adams spent four years in europe trying to secure financing for the war effort. amazing book, read the book on 1776, my favorite one is the one on the right brothers. -- w wright brothers. we are going to be the first to do it. it did it and never to the penny from the government. old-fashioned perseverance. old-fashioned stick to it trial
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and error. if you air when you are trying to fly, it is serious. --err when you're trying to fly, it is serious. it starts off, chapter one, -- he says pick out two good parents and be born in ohio. there is a lot of truth to that. the real messages pick up to good parents and be born in america. [applause] where if you have a goal, a dream, and you're willing to work hard, good things can happen. that is what the left is trying to destroy. that concept, that phenomenon, the ideal. a few have a goal at, a dream and you're willing to bust your tail, you could make it in this country. that is why people want to come to this country. if the left gets their way, that is what they will destroy. that is our charge. that is what this is about, so
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every generation can have what we all had, the ability to chase your goals, your dreams. second timothy four: seven. by the good fight, finish the course, keep the faith. that is a verse, in my judgment, directed toward america. we are people of action, we are not windy city people, we are americans. we are not timid, we are americans. we will fight for those things that really matter. keep faith with the principles that made america the greatest country ever. we will hold true to those concepts. if we do that, we are going to be ok. we are going to win the midterm election. [applause] and we are going to stay focused on the values that make america special.
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chief among those is defending and protecting the first amendment. god bless you all, have a merry christmas, thank you very much. [applause] ♪ >> my mama like to that one. my mama be like, look at my baby. my baby done did something with his life. she was a little concerned about me. in high school in college. but it is good to be with you here in phoenix, arizona. he almost seem a little tired. did something happen last night in phoenix, arizona? did you make sure you were in bed? got a full eight hours of sleep? so here's the deal.


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