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tv   Senate Republican Party Leaders Hold News Conference  CSPAN  January 4, 2022 5:51pm-6:14pm EST

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mr. golden has written a book about his time as call screener, show observer and producer with the most popular radio talkshow over the past 30 years. rush limbaugh died february 17, 2021. in his book, a tribute to his former boss and friend, he writes about his love of radio and how the limbaugh program came together behind the scenes. announcer: on this episode of book notes plus. book notes plus is available on the c-span now cap or wherever you get your podcasts. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and other gop leaders spoke to the press about their legislative agenda. senator mcconnell began by addressing the democrat's push to end the filibuster, saying chuck schumer is "trying to break the senate."
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>> it appears as if the majority leader is hell-bent to break the senate. his argument is that somehow state legislators across the country are busily at work trying to make it more difficult for people to vote. of course that is not happening. anywhere. 94% of americans believe it is easier to vote. we had a record turnout last
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year. the biggest turn out since 1900. it is already against the law to prevent people from voting based upon race. the voting rights act is still intact. it is appropriate to ask the question, what is going on? there has been a lot of talk about big lies, well the big lie on the other is that state legislatures controlled by republicans are busily at work trying to make it difficult for people to vote. if you actually read the legislations that have been passed, that is clearly not the case. i think this is an excuse to try to break the senate. hypocrisy is not unheard of in politics. but about half the current members of the democratic party, when donald trump was president,
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believed that the legislative filibuster was the essence of the senate. i guess where you stand depends on where you sit. we anticipate, based on what the majority leader said, he is going to try to break the senate , break the legislative filibuster and take some kind of narrow exception. there is no sectioning -- no such thing as a narrow exception. this, in my view, is genuine radicalism. i might add parenthetically, the executive calendar, a separate function of the senate, was historically handled with a simple majority. until the majority leader came to the senate during bush 43. after which, he started routinely filibustering judges. we go back and forth about how to do the executive calendar,
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the executive calendar is now back to where it was 20 years ago. the legislative calendar is a totally different thing. make no mistake about it, this is genuine radicalism. they want to turn the senate into the house. they want to make it easy to fundamentally change the country. for example, admitting two new states. the district of columbia and puerto rico, to have four new senators. or, to pack the supreme court. the filibuster has been a way to conduct american business in the political center. if you are a football fan, it is between the 40 yard lines. unless either side gets a very large majority, it insists upon moderation and compromise. if you can't reach moderation
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and compromise on a particular issue, it does not pass. that has been an important part of american history from the very beginning. all of that is going to be on the line here, all of it, apparently, in the next two weeks. >> and what the majority leader schumer previously described as what happened was the fill abate -- he called it the doomsday for democracy. that is from the majority leader today. to just highlight the point that our leader just made. he said that getting rid of the filibuster would make, and i quote, "our country a banana republic where if you don't get your way, you change the rules." that is from chuck schumer just a few years ago. this letter, to which the leader
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referred, was signed by a majority of the current sitting democrat senators, basically saying that getting rid of the filibuster would be terrible for the country. they came out in hard opposition back in 2017. at the time, republicans were under pressure from our former president to get rid of the flood filibuster. we withstood that pressure because we believe the legislative filibuster is essential not only to the functioning of the senate, but the country. it does provide the cooling saucer where legislation and things can be cooled down and it gets away from the passions of the moment, create stability, predict ability, moderation and opportunity for compromise where solutions can be found. we actually have to get republicans and democrats working together. it protects minority rights. it is the institution in our
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democracy that protects minority rights. what they are talking about doing would create a nuclear fallout unlike anything we have seen. it is called the nuclear option for a reason. that is what it has been referred to around here because everyone realizes what what happene if it gets triggered. they think they can carve one thing out and this all goes away but you can't put that genie back in the bottle. when you start getting rid of the legislative filibuster, it is gone. this would be disastrous to the united states senate, the institution itself, and it would be disastrous for this country because it would ensure that in the future, every senate that comes in would reverse with the previous senate has done and you would get into this partisan back-and-forth which would make the senate of different from the house of representatives and undermine the very essence of what the founders intended to set it to be. i hope that they will decide and
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exercise better judgment, which they did just a few years ago when we had the presidency, and get back to legislating the way that this place is supposed to work and that is in a bipartisan way. get away from this partisan strategy they have right now of trying to move their agenda and a partisan way and work with republicans in a constructive way on the issues that are important to the american people. testing >> as we enter 2022, the undeniable truth is that joe biden as president is overwhelmed and ineffective. the vice president it seems every time she touches the ball, it's a fumble or she throws an interception. the american people have just lived through the most expensive christmas ever. in terms of if they were driving
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to go visit family or friends come up the price of gasoline at the pump on christmas day was the highest it has ever been on a christmas day in america. a gallon of gas is one dollar per gallon higher this christmas man last christmas. it is not just gasoline, it is gifts, groceries, people around the country are suffering and the president and vice president inc. all they need to do is wave a magic wand and thing with -- things will get better. the vice president was on national news the day after christmas. she was asked about inflation and asked if it was transitory. for month after month, the administration said inflation tort -- inflation was transitory. they kept saying it until we hit a 40 year high. her answer was incoherent and rambling.
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by all indications, inflation is going to get worse coming into this next year. -- new year. for people who could travel to see friends and family, for many people they could not because of the new corona variant. many people have tested positive they could only find test to take. you see the lines going around buildings all around the country because they can't even find attic -- adequate testing. joe biden had been so obsessed with his vaccine mandate that he ignored requests for more testing and treatment. hundreds of millions, billions of dollars were put into testing in coronavirus bills. yet, there are not adequate tests in america today.
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this is what joe biden has done to this country. as we go into his second year as president, we have a president who has failed the economy, covid, the border, and on issue after issue including crime in our cities. the american people deserve better. this president has failed. >> the biden administration in its first year has passed fewer pieces of legislation than any administration in decades. 81 bills were signed into law. 94 under president trump. 124 under obama. 109 under george w. bush. the reason is not the rules, the reason is because they decided early that they wanted to focus on doing everything they wanted to do and doing it exactly the way they wanted to do it by
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doing it themselves. the first bill, the 1.9 american recovery act did damage to an economy that was already recovering. they got a bipartisan win with the infrastructure bill. then immediately participated with the house in an effort where the house was going to hold hostage until they could get enough senate democrats to vote for the big bill that was all kinds of other things and new entitlements. at the end, the finally went ahead and house passed the bill that we have passed much -- months before. the problem is not the rules of the senate, the problem is acting like you have a huge mandate when you barely have a majority in any of the house, the senate, or a president who was elected not because he had a
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big mandate to do things, but for totally other reasons. this election wasn't about mandate, it was about competence, ability to govern from the middle. neither of those have proven to be exactly the way the administration has functioned and particularly, no interest in governing from the middle printed the interests have been governing from the extreme edge of not just the party but the country. >> we are four days into the new year and the senate majority leader is at it once again. he is attempting to bring up voting rights legislation. what they call voting rights legislation in the united states senate. something that has been rejected already multiple times. he is using the false narrative that our states cannot protect
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voters access to voting. we know that is a false narrative. he is bringing up this legislation why? so that he can bring up the senate filibuster. he wishes to break the filibuster. years ago, he himself had stated that we needed to maintain the filibuster. we saw this with president joe biden when he was serving in the united states senate. he said we need to maintain the senate filibuster. his attempt to federalize our voting system is just an excuse to give democrats the power in the united states senate. as you have heard time and time again, the senate is different than the house. the senate is here as the saucer for the teacup. so it can help the t cool.
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-- help the tea cool, and we need that because we have seen a hot mess coming from the house. what we don't need is another house of representatives. >> as i traveled around florida, everybody says to meet they can't believe washington works this way. i have been here for three years now, and we don't pass budgets, we have a democratic party that wants to spend every dime they can, they don't care that we have inflation, they don't care that prices are up. they are shocked that this place is so dysfunctional. they are shocked like critical race theory, they want to defund the police. every republican running is going to focus on why the democrats have caused inflation, gas prices to go up, food prices and rents to go up.
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why they don't want parents involved in schools and why democrats don't like to fund the police and they watch crime rates are what. republicans are going to have an unbelievable 2022. reporter: georgia is one of the key places where they have been questions about voting. isn't this really about 2022 2024 and making an impact -- [indiscernible] sen. mcconnell: they are assuming what they're trying to do is popular. it is interesting that in deep blue new york, two of the issues that they would mandate at the federal level were on the ballot in new york. no excuse absentee voting was
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defeated. what was the other one? do you remember? there was another of their favorites. there were two ballot measures in new york this last november. one of them was no excuse absentee voting, voted down. there was a second one that i can't think of at the moment. it was one of the favorite ones that also went down. this is in the deep blue state. both of these issues were related to very simple ballot integrity measures. they are assuming that this is a popular thing to do.
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i would argue that it is not. we know that if they federalize this, they will lemonade voter id -- they will eliminate voter id at the polls. that is supported by emma kratz, republicans, independence around the country. this underlying bill is popular with the american people. reporter: what about the component of the democrat bill that would put them protection so it would be more difficult to seek political firings of election officials? sen. mcconnell: they assume that people who get elected to the legislature's are idiots. they get elected by the people. why would any legislator -- any legislature in america want to overturn the counting of votes?
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they have to get elected by those people. the notion that some state legislature would be crazy enough to say to their own voters we aren't going to honor the results of the election is ridiculous on its face. reporter: so many officials have been espousing -- reporter: he is having a press conference on thursday. [indiscernible] is it appropriate for him to have the press conference? sen. mcconnell: it will be interesting to see what he has to say. reporter: one of the prerequisites of any appropriations -- bill is having bipartisan support. one of the prerequisites our viewers would like to see is pro-life provision of the hyde amendment. is that a redline for your
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party? sen. mcconnell: the hyde language has been boilerplate for 30 or 40 years. what i think senator shelby has said to senator lahey basic traditional -- no poison pills and parity for defense and nondefense to the extent that the democrats are willing to meet those conditions, i would think we would have a chance of getting it on this appropriation february the 18th. reporter: [indiscernible] sen. mcconnell: we talked which other all the time about these issues. the only two democrats who seem to be resistant to breaking the
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senate these days are senator manchin and senator sinema. all indications are that they still believe the senate is an institution that is important and doesn't need to be turned into the house or broken. >> chuck schumer and democratic leadership talk to the press about the parties legislative agenda.
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possible rule changes to the senate particularly to the filibuster. sen. schumer: we are waiting for senator warnock. i hope he is not in the chair. does anyone mind if i take off my mask to speak?


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