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tv   Sen. Majority Leader Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi Deliver Remarks at...  CSPAN  January 10, 2022 10:50am-11:11am EST

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never forget is what i saw in the private, quiet moments that i was privileged to share, close to a nevada giant. may the god of heaven and earth continue to ensure that his soul rests in peace. goodbye, dad. until we meet again. now, more from senator harry reid's funeral service in las vegas. >> first, to lana and key and
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josh and leif and rory, what beautiful, beautiful words to show what a great man and a wonderful father your dad was. thank you. thank you. now, it is truly an honor for me to speak about my dear friend and mentor, harry reid of searchlight, nevada, as he would probably refer to himself. first, let me say to landra , the love of his life for 62 years who he called his rock, the only time i saw harry cry was when he told me landra had a terrible car accident that had broken so many bones. he said over and over again as tears streamed down his cheeks, my poor little landra, my poor little landra. landra, i know nothing kemper
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placed the hole in your heart right now, but just know that -- i know nothing can replace the hole in your heart right now but just know that the people in this room and literally thousands across the nation are holding you in their hearts as you endure this painful loss with your family. i lost my data month ago, but he is still with me, just as i know harry is will all -- is with all of us and will always be. five years ago at the unveiling of harry's official portrait, i said it will be quite some time before we see another like harry mason reid. five years later, that statement remains as true as ever. he was one of a kind. presence of so many distant with gusts at this memorial, president biden, president obama, speaker pelosi, walter ballard of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, and so many others, so many of my
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colleagues who came here, both present and those who previously served in the senate. all of us being here is proof of the wide and deep impact harry had on this world. that being said, no doubt harry would be extremely annoyed and embarrassed that so many of us made a trip to las vegas for him. i know nothing he would want less than to sit through a bunch of speeches talking about how great he was. but i knew harry well and even though he wouldn't want it, i know a part of him would enjoy. it would sort of be like sid caesar after he got some applause. no, please, no more applause. i got to know harry when i came to the senate in 1999. there was this man, soft-spoken from searchlight, a cow that was
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miles away from nowhere in my mind, and here i was, a brash, jewish kid out of brooklyn, a borough that is nearly as populous as the state of nevada. we were a match made in heaven. i quickly learned that just beneath harry's soft-spoken nature was a truly honest and original character. there are so many stories paid let me tell you one. in 2012 during the democratic national convention in charlotte, harry called me all excited, and summoned me to his hotel room late at night. i knocked on the door and harry let me in. i am not sure if landra remembers, but she was there. i thought we were going to discuss some important issue about the next day's convention. but before i could gather my thoughts, harry pulled me aside to this small bathroom. we were virtually on top of each other and he lowered his voice. chuck i want you to take care of
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something important, he said, before pulling out a wad of cash out of his wallet and peeling off four $100 bills. he said, you have been working hard and doing a lot of the right things to be democratic leader, but you need to dress better. please, buy some better shoes. [laughter] at first, i thought harry pulled me into this bathroom because he didn't want landra to see him wasting $400 on the senate's worst-dressed member. later, he said he didn't want to embarrass me in front of landra. that was harry to a t. harry didn't care for the degarmo public office but did know how to dress the part. he cut his hair regularly,
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shined his shoes, wore nice clothes from clothiers like kinky friedman that i couldn't afford, but a few years later, i got the better of harry when i showed up in the senate wearing a kinky friedman suit of my own. harry was surprised. he said i thought you could never afford a kinky friedman suit. i told him, i can't, so i visited the wearhouse in rochester and bought one at a wholesale price. harry stopped slipping me money for clothes after that. to be clear, i don't just travel around the state looking for deals on clothing. for example, every year i attend and speak at dozens of college graduation ceremonies around new york every may and june. harry knew about this tradition and he thought it was hilarious. in fact, he liked it so much that one day, he gathered all 100 of his staffers into his office and asked me to deliver
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the entire 15-minute speech to all of them. but after i became democratic leader, he started to worry about my habit. every regulation season he would call my wife iris, who is here today come and plead with her, you have got to stop him from going to every graduation and every event. he has got to garner his strength and his health. that is who harry was. if you were lucky enough, lucky enough that he cared about you and called you his friend, he cared about you with every fiber in his being. sometimes, you could say he cared a little too much. landra wasn't the only woman i have seen harry kiss passionately on the lips. it was in 2006. harry and i were watching election returns together. they announced our friend claire mccaskill was winner of the senate race in missouri, and we would take back the senate.
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and i kid you not, harry went up to the tv screen and smacked claire's lips, his lips on hers. his lips remained attached to the tv screen for a full 10 seconds. he kissed claire's image so passionately, i had to wipe the copious spittle off the tv screen. [laughter] that is how much we all love terry. -- loved harry. harry come in short, was one of the most incredible individuals i have met, the sort of individual you come across only a handful of times your entire life. he was tough as nails, a tiger to his core but also one of the most compassionate individuals you could imagine. he never forgot where he came from. always stuck up for the underdog and the little guy. i believe harry drew a lot of compassion from his faith. he grew up, as everyone knows,
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in a town with more than a dozen brothels and no church. but as many know, after harry moved to henderson and met landra, both converted to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. harry cap the book of mormon in his office. i would like to read a verse from chapter nine that gives me great comfort after the loss of my dear, dear friend and mentor. " oh how great the plan of our god, for on the other hand, the paradise of god must deliver up the spirit of the righteous and grave deliver up the body of the righteous, and the spirit and body is restored to itself again and all men become incorruptible and immortal. they are living souls.
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they are living souls." when you lose someone special, they are never truly gone. they always stay with you. for those of us in the senate democratic caucus, i think that was especially true this past week as we observed the anniversary of the violent insurrection against our u.s. - capitol, one of the darkest moments in our democracy in living memory. the day saw countless selfless acts of heroism by our u.s. capitol police, who once counted among their esteemed ranks one harry mason reid, who served as an officer while studying at the george washington school of law. and so anyways, he was a guardian and steward of the senate, literally and figuratively. he took great care of the senate as an institution, and he also
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knew that the senate had adapt to changing times -- had to adapt to changing times. as we face the challenges in the coming weeks and months ahead, i take comfort knowing harry is with us in spirit, walking alongside us. he is right there as we continue the work he dedicated himself to for so many, so many years. god rest his immortal soul and may his memory be a blessing to all of us.
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house speaker pelosi: good afternoon, everyone. it is indeed a great honor to join this tribute to the towering titan of public service, senator harry reid. wasn't it deeply moving for all of us to hear lanna and rory and josh and key speak adoringly of their father. you along with his grandchildren and great-grandchild are his greatest pride. but hearing you speak about him shows us what a source of strength you were to him. of course, the love and happiness he shared with his adoring and beautiful wife landra was a source of joy to all of us who know them. all of us here today are here
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personally to celebrate the life of our dear friend terry. -- dear friend harry. some of us, including two presidents of the united states and members of the senate and house, are also here officially to salute a legendary statesman. i had privilege as speaker of the house to bring the sympathy of the house of representatives, where harry once served. chuck will say, not as long as he served in the senate, but i lay claim to harry because that is where i met him. i wasn't in congress then, but he was in the house and he was running for the united states senate in 1985, in time for the 1986 election. my husband paul is here and harry was a high priority for us.
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members of the nevada delegation. i bring greetings from all of our colleagues for someone we all viewed as a great person. i have a great deal i want to say about harry. he was a man of few words and wanted everyone else to be of few words. i am modestly say -- immodestly got hung up by harry reid for 12 years, official working days, sometime saturday and sunday, but even if we had a sustained conversation, problem, this, timing, this. he was that's a sink -- and that
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-- that since sink. i was thanking you for thanking you for the great job you did in the legislation. i don't want to hear it. click. [laughter] i even said to him when he was announcing his retirement, i want to invite all your friends to a big dinner. i don't want to do it. i want them to sing your praises. i don't want to do it. save the money. feed the poor harry reid -- feed the poor. harry reid yield -- harry reid. . his humility was rooted in his strong values from a humble childhood, rising from searchlights to the spotlight and becoming one of the most celebrated and consequential senate leaders in history.
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more than four decades of public service and even at the highest level, she never forgot his northstar, to fight for working families like his own fight for nevada. harry loved his home state. you know that. he did everything he could to make sure the citizens of nevada's voices were heard. you observe harry lead and legislate was to see a master at work, fearless, strategic, knowledgeable, and brilliant. he was a pioneer, like a pot -- pioneer. you could rely on his understanding, needs, and ambitions. and in all our conversations, i
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never heard harry say an unkind word about his senate colleagues, democratic or republican. in the 12 years as we served together, i had the privilege of seeing his mastery firsthand, helping american families, protecting hard-working consumers, and championing the passage of the affordable care act to name a few. under the leadership of president barack obama and vice president joe biden. when he retired, we would no longer be speaking constantly on the phone, he came to my office when he announced his retirement , he said, nancy, i have something for you to remember me by. i thought it might be a handwritten note or photo. instead, he is veiled a massive bald eagle -- he unveiled a
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massive bald eagle, stuff. shocked, i said, did you go hunting and kill an endangered species? [laughter] he said, no. he died flying into a power line and i call him sparky. [laughter] but there's symbolic of his atria because of, environment was, or dried since of humor -- environmentalism, or dry sense of humor, it was a subject of great questions in the office. today, this majestic bird has flown from the senate leaders office to the speaker's office, appropriately, and with his permission, now called harry. for his great legislative
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achievements, his most enduring public legacy will be that he was beloved, a word not often used. he was loved by staff, maintenance workers, and the capitol police, with whom he served as a young man. truly beloved bile -- by all because he treated everyone with dignity and respect. next week, senator schumer and i will have the privilege of welcoming him back to the capital to lie in state, a proper tribute for a patriotic american. may be at a comfort to his wife in the family, all who love him, that so many americans mourn with you at this had time. we send you our personal sympathy and love. god truly blessed america with
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the life and legacy of harry reid. may he rest in peace. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >>


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