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tv   New Mexico Governor Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 18, 2022 3:16pm-3:42pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] >> this morning the u.s. supreme court held oaral -- orel argument. the case on whether the senator's campaign can sue to challenge federal restrictions on repayment of personal loans. and whether the federal restrictions violate the first amendment. watch live starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3, online at, or watch full coverage on our new video app, c-span now. ♪
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>> some will describe it that way but i encourage you to do what you can to resist the perception of a competition. to avoid meeting a plot line that would pit one team against another. this isn't the ports page. we're all here to do the people's business. it's is a rick -- it's a sacred thing. we're all on same team today and every day i encourage my colleagues to think about the people swerve. i think about their dreams, hopes and fears and i think about what service means, about what effective service can deliver so workers and families all across new mexico who are represented here in this building, the entrepreneurs and job creators, the seniors and students, the new mexicans of every background and belief
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system. and though we don't agree on everything and we don't have to, but i believe that the values we share as new mexicans still truly unite us. debt sire to see our families grow -- the desire to see our families grow and thriving, the willingness to work hard to enjoy what we earn, the optimism that tomorrow can and will be better than today. for ourselves and for our neighbors. in the last three years, this legislature and this administration have gotten a lot done. we waived the minute -- raise the minimum wage for the first time in a decade. we guaranteed paid sick leave turnover worker in the state. we made early education a key priority and have invested hundreds of millions into the future of our earliest learners. we've invested in new economic sectors and we've sent thousands more new mexicans of every age and background to college for free. no strings attached. and i could go on. i could talk for a long time about the good work of the last
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few years. but we need to talk instead about what people are really feeling. the needs of this moment remain great. the grief, the loss, the volatility brought brawt on by -- brought on by this hideous pandemic has wreaked human trafficking on to -- havoc on the lives of every family, every american, every human being around the planet. and on top of that, inflation, the supply chain crisis, gridlock in washington. it's all making it harder for everybody and especially regular working people to feel safe, to feel comfortable, to feel optimistic. and we all feel it. my family and i, my daughters, my fiance, my grandkids, all of us. there are no exceptions. new mexicans are calling out for safety and stability, for more and more equal opportunity, for an open and fair and free democracy that work and works for them.
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over these next 30 days, we can and we will answer that call together. once again, this incredible state, our home, is on the precipice of momentous positive change. i said that three years ago when i first swore an oath to carry out the duties of this office to the best of my ability. it's been true every day since then. if anything, the opportunity has grown and has multiplied exponentially. the sun is rising on a pivotal day and i believe everything and anything is truly possible. we have right now unimaginable financial resources at our disposal. i believe we can fulfill once and for all, after 110 years of statehood, the destiny of new mexico is a genuine homestead of the american dream. a place where people can grow and thrive and live in peace and prosperity, where people have the resources they need to support themselves and their
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families. when we do -- what we do here now, what we do in the coming weeks will set the stage. dating back decades, a timid mindset has afflicted people in this capital building. a pessimism that can be self-fulfilling. thinking small is a curse. big and meaningful changes are possible. but the biggest change may be our attitude, our perspective. at a moment in time when we have the money to do it all, let's not limit ourselves, let's not be unnecessarily incremental. can new mexico be a state, can't we be the state where everything, anything is possible? so on that note, let's give every single educator in this state a 7% raise this year minimum. that would be the biggest pay bump in recent memory and it would put us first in the region for average educator pay. they deserve it. and we can afford it.
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and it's the right thing to do. let's also raise the starting salaries for every tier of educator, which means some teachers will see a 20% raise this year. and let me be clear. this kind of progress pays for itself. when we support educators when we retain high-quality teachers and keep our schools brimming with talented professionals, our other strategic investments in new mexico children, and in public education are supported and sustained. our graduation rates will continue to rise. our literacy rates will continue to improve. especially with the targeted new phonex problem that we have initiated and that the legislature must continue to support. we get more kids into high-quality apprenticeship programs at institutions of higher learning that would help them build fulfilling careers and lives. it all starts with demonstrating support and respect for our educators. day one i said we would to that
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and we're getting it done. and we're going to keep going. let's cut taxes for every single person in new mexico. we haven't cut the sales tax in this state in 40 years. it's only gone up and up and up for decades. burdening new mexico households and making it harder for our small businesses to be competitive. but under my tax cut proposal, new mexicans would save more than $170 million every year. as my colleagues from across the aisle have pointed out in years past, correctly, money doesn't belong in government accounts. it belongs in the pockets of hardworking new mexicans. i agree and i expect the legislature to prioritize this leaf. i feel the same way about the taxes that are taken out of social security benefits. new mexico is only one of a few
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states that taxes social security. i'm calling today for that taxation end to. we must unburden the new mexicans who rely on social security benefits by cutting their taxes. this is good government, serving the people who have asked us to serve them. new mexicans deserve it. because i believe we have an obligation to find ways to make life easier for the people of new mexico and i will keep looking for ways to do exactly that. and there are more tax cuts on the horizon. our expansion of the working families tax credit last year has already saved hundreds of dollars each for about a quarter of a million new mexicans. the new mexicans who need those savings the most, every dollar counts when we're trying to support the middle class, when we're trying to help workers build careers and help families build stability. next year a half a million more new mexico taxpayers will benefit from these expanded
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credits. this has been the most significant and progressive reform of our tax code in a generation. this is real and meaningful change that helps families keep the lights on and keep food on the table. this is the money that is going right back into the pockets of the single mom, the small business owner, the veteran who served our countryar and our state. day one i said we were going to make this economy work for the everyday new mexican. and we're getting it done. so let's keep going. in the next 12 months, your government is going to deliver an additional $230 million in rent and utility assistance to the new mexicans who need it most. your state government will continue to help keep the heat on in hundreds of thousands of households across our state. we will not leave families behind and if the legislature provides the resources, your state government will do more than just help families stay
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afloat. we can and we will generally invest in new mexican families and lift them up. because families don't need to be worrying about a surprise medical bill or car repairs. they don't need to worry about hunger either. in the first two years of this administration, new mexico reduced food insecurity at the second best rate of any state in the country. we all know there's more to do. but that's the kind of progress you can build on it. should inspire us to keep going. reducing poverty and shielding more families from its effects is the most important work any government, any worker anywhere, can do. in the last year we were 11th best for job growth in the country overall. in three years we have created over 10,000 jobs in every corner of our state and those jobs now have an average salary better than $90,000 a year.
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that's a record high. and it's a big bright signal to other businesses, like the hundreds of businesses that have relocated here in the last three years, showing them how successful our public-private partnerships can be and how business-friendly new mexico is. we're cutting red tape and it is making a real difference for new mexico business owners. i'm thinking of marie who was seeing business evaporate into colorado before we made changes. he was the first new mexican to receive a new liquor license under the long overdue reform we enacted. that kind of aggressive, go-get-it attitude, supported by proactive state government, that wants to actively support businesses will not only keep more patrons in maurice's restaurant, but help entrepreneurs throughout our state.
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people see the economic potential of new mexico now. we're creating a real pipeline of jobs and opportunity. we are the front tier of economic growth. unlike in the aftermath of the great recession, we're not going to let the pandemic stall us and take away years of growth. we will not have lost another decade. in fact, despite the challenges of the last two years, we've hardly lost a step. the fact is unemployment has gone down every month for so straight months -- for 10 straight months. the number of unemployed new mexicans dropped by 5% in november alone. we're expanding our economic footprint into every single community. legal cannabis is going to create thousands of jobs and serious tax revenue for local
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governments to support local services in every corner of our state. almost 40,000 more students receiving high-quality education for free under my opportunity scholarship program means more skilled workers building 21st century careers right here in are as well, espanola, rio rancho and so many more. the intellectual infrastructure of a nationally competitive state economy is being built right here, right now, on campuses and in communities throughout our state. and clean hydrogen will support thousands of jobs, especially in rural new mexico, while helping us sprint toward our net zero carbon deadlines and decarbize the transportation sector. but if we want to keep up our economic momentum, and we have to, we have to get crime under
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control. i don't accept the argument that this is an issue in only one part of our state. i don't accept that any decision maker in this building would say that somehow this isn't their problem. we all have a role to play in keeping new mexico safe. public safety doesn't just exist on its own. we have to create it. and support it. and own it. so we need tougher penalties for the worst of the worst. the repeat offenders and those who have proven themselves to be a danger to our communities. i support rehabilitation and this administration has done a lot of innovative good work in that area. but at the end of the day, i stand with the families and communities who have been victimized unnecessarily by the violent criminals that this system needs to secure. the worst offenders, the most serious and dangerous criminals in our state need to be behind
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bars, simple as that. and we are going to pass a law this session that will keep violent criminals behind bars until justice can be done. we will put a wedge in a revolving door of violent crime in new mexico. the safety of our communities cannot be up for debate. a smart on-crime approach can work. in fact, it has worked. in my first year in office, violent crime went down for the first time in six years. we can regain that momentum when we make sure our local communities and public safety officers have the resources and support they need. so i'm asking the legislature for a 19% increase in the budget of the department of public safety to fund innovative, new crime-fighting strategies and hundreds of new positions, including a 19% raise for our state police officers. and i am asking for $100 million to support hiring and retention
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efforts to get 1,000 more officers in place statewide as quickly as we can. and i'm asking for those things because new mexicans are asking for them. new mexico is the state that respects and supports law enforcement officers. i reject the rhetoric from washington and elsewhere that has made public safety a political battlele ground. this isn't about politics. it's about basic human respect for one another. respect from officers to the people they serve, and respect for officers from the communities they protect. if we have that, we can move forward unified in our desire to clean up the streets of the state, to keep violent criminals behind bars, and to assure every day that justice is done equally under the law. we all want safe communities and we all want healthy communities. this administration has made important strides. we have capped costs on
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life-saving medications. we've protected safeguards for those with pre-existing conditions. we've invested in affordable care for thousands of low-income families. we elimb nated koh -- eliminated koh pates for -- coh pays -- co-pays for health services. too many people, especially rural people, don't have timely access to the health care they need or access at all. every community deserves high-quality care. i propose a new rural health care delivery fund that will provide bridge financing to communities that have been waiting for assistance to kick-start construction without massive upfront costs. state government can help fill these gaps with interventions like these, communities like those in valencia county are moving toward securing a brand new hospital after years of delays. and with investments like those i've proposed in my executive
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budget, we'll put tens of millions of dollars into new behavioral health services, expanding access to treatment for substance abuse, suicide interventions, and more. new mexicans call me about this issue more than almost any other and we will answer that call. we can and must ensure that kind of service delivery is available throughout the entire state. we have the resources to do so. that means, endowing our medical school with $10 million, ensuring that we keep our best and brightest here to provide care for new mexicans after they graduate. that also means endowing our nursing school with the power of the state, ensuring more highly skilled professionals answer this all-important field -- enter this all-important field. and it means once and for all delivering the health care families in the rural parts of our state still desperately need. when i visited clayton last year, i met he will weise, a --
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eloise, a 92 years young whoarks family cares for her 24/7. it's not easy. thousands of new mexicans are living the same story, unable to pay for outside help. because it's too expensive. and it's not covered. as a caregiver myself, i know the strength and resilience it takes. i know it can be physically and mentally exhausting. i think it's time we start saying thank you and i propose a dramatic expansion of the state program that directly supports care givers. what that means is we are going to pay families who are doing the work of taking care of their elderly loved ones, regardless of medicaid eligibility. let's call it newmexicare and make it a model program for the rest of the country. this is an investment this in people that goes well beyond politics or any one politician. this is the kind of investment that can be and should be a lasting service. one that reflects our shared values as a state.
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in this state, we provide for and care for our parents, our grandparents, our disabled loved ones. this state government under my leadership will help provide for that care unequivocally. care give something a full-time job. i know it firsthand. and we respect working people in new mexico. so let's invest in the dignity of our elders and of their families by helping care gives and those they care for stay in their homes with the financial support they need. on the same note, it is time that we build a new veterans home. a state-of-the-art, independent and assisted living facility program for those who sacrificed to protect our freedoms. the original building on the campus in t.r.c. was built in 1936. i think it's time for an upgrade. so i am calling for $60 million which we will leverage with an additional $60 million from the
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federal government to build the kind of modern facility our veterans and their families deserve. we're going to get it done. because when government has the right tools and the right people, problems are solved. we can dream big and make bold plans. doesn't matter. if we're not solving people's -- much if we're not solving people's problems every single day. and we are. just a few months ago a veterans service officer in carlsbad took a call from a veteran who needed some help taking a fresh look at an old benefits claim. a claim that had been denied for decades. the state employee at the department of veterans services did some digging and got to work, talking with the feds about what went wrong. turns out a lot went wrong. in the end, the officer helped the disabled veteran get full back pay dating back 20 years. recovering $738,000. a total that was owed to this individual, a person who served
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their state and their country. she helped this veteran get off food stamps and pay off their mom's mortgage. this is a government that is solving problems and here's why. because it is filled with new mexicans and new mexicans look out for their neighbors. we make the extra effort to do what's right. we get up when we're knocked down and we fight for each other. the state of our state is ready to move forward. ready to rise. we have all the tools we need. my vision is this. communities all across our state where families aren't worried about the next bill or their kids' future or a job market or a health care system that doesn't quite seem to work for them. my vision is a new mexico with the founding ideals of this great country, equal opportunity and justice for all are made real and meaningful. where the pursuit of happiness is more than a phrase from a dusty piece of paper. something tangible, something everyone can actually feel.
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we can do it all. we have the finances. we're going to fund an unprecedented new affordable housing programs at the state level. we're going to expand protections for voters because we believe in democracy and everyone's right to vote. i subscribe to an optimism that says big things are within our reach and blue skies are ahead. although in all seriousness, i would take some snow right about now. when my grandfather was a young man, he traveled across the state, across mesas and over mountains in a covered wagon. he never could have imagined that by the time he was an old man he would see the sandias from 30,000 feet in an airplane. he never could have imagined his granddaughter would watch a rocket blast off and literally reach space from new mexico. none of us can predict the future. it feels unsettled. especially these days. but what i know for a certainty
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is that we have the power to make it kind of a bold leap into the unknown beyond together. we have the power to envision a bright tomorrow and to execute that vision on behalf of the people. and we must recommit ourselves to that unifying purpose today. so for the next 30 days, let's be aggressive on behalf of the new mexicans we're all here to serve. let's remember who benefits from good public service. it's not about politics. it's about community. your community. our community. the families and workers and seniors and parents who just want to live in peace and with dignity, confident in the promise of tomorrow and the stability of today. we have made so much progress. let's make sure new mexicans feel it. let's go above and beyond and embrace the potential of this
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pick of toll moment in time -- pivotal moment in time. thank you. god bless new mexico. and now let's get ready to work. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] >> wednesday morning, the u.s. supreme court hears orel arguments in -- oral arguments in federal election commissions, a case on whether the senator's campaign can sue to challenge federal restrictions on repayment of personal loans. and whether these federal restrictions violate the first amendment. watch live beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3, online at, or watch full coverage in our new video app, c-span now. >> down load c-span's new mobile app. from live streements of the house and senate floor and key congressional hearings to white house events and supreme court oral arguments. even our live interactive morning program, "wa


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