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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  February 2, 2022 3:59pm-8:09pm EST

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speaker, i yield five minutes to the gentleman from arkansas, the republican leader of the natural resources committee, mr. westerman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from arkansas is recognized for five minutes. mr. westerman: thank you, mr. speaker. today, i think about when my four children were young. they're two years apart. they used to have competitions in the backyard. they would race from the patio to the elm tree and back. and i would stagger the starting time. let the youngest one go first. then the next to the youngest and so on. and by the time they touched the tree and came back it turned into a real competition. a photo finish a lot of times. we've all competed in games whose outcome has little significance in life. but mr. speaker, we're not facing an insignificant competition in our future. we are in a race of ideologies. the stakes are as high as they think be. -- they can be. we are in the struggle for future western civilization, of democracy, of representative
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government, of human rights and freedom. mr. speaker, this isn't a matter of competing. it's a must-win scenario. and quite frankly, i'm aghast that this majority thinks we only need to compete. losing is not an option. our attitude must be to win. if we lose, humanity loses. i believe freedom-loving republicans, democrats, independents, and people all across the world want america to win. i'm disappointed that the speaker and this majority have once again dropped a massive bill that could and should be bipartisan but instead is a cloak for failed build back better policies that lie dead in the senate. mr. speaker, you and i have a rendezvous for destiny. we will have the last best hope on earth or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. if we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us, we we
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justified our brief moment here. we did all we could be done. these are words from ronald reagan in the 1960's. but they are not true more than today. how serious are the issues we face? take a look at these charts from the economists. this first one is in 2000. the blue is the u.s. and its trading partners. the red is china and its trading partners. look what's happened in a short 20-year span as we look at this same map from 2022. .we see a massive decrease of blue on this map. what do provisions of this have to do with china? it does the opposite by killing american jobs. restoring coral reefs off the coast is a commendable goal but spending $292 million on coral reef restoration have with us winning against china? this gives supreme unilateral authority to the u.s. fish and wildlife service to determine
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which species can be imported into the u.s. this is virtually impossible to implement and will shut down aqua culture and similar industries who need trade to conduct business. the weaponnization of the lacey act will only empower bureaucrats and ignores the current state-based approach on species imports. it's legislative laziness and since there have been no hearings on this bill. what in the world does that have to do with winning against china? the bill requires new heavyhanded regulations designed to kill american mineral development. how can this majority propose this bill follows the democratic administration continues to illustrate incompetency by killing american energy and jobs and eep pulling mining leases in minnesota? they can create jobs and supply resources for the very policies on electrification the administration support. this only shifts wealth and jobs to china. how does that help us win? it reminds me of my kids' races
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where the majority is trying to handicap america and give china a head start. what we should be doing to have a winning strategy, we should be working together on this -- on real issues to ensure that america wins. we should be strengthening diplomacy and trade with our allies and create a solid western hemisphere alliance to ensure america wins. we should be developing our resources and jobs to help america win. we should be part of the solution and not the problem. americans and freedom will win if we let them. as i close, i want to remind you of a fabel by esop, the eagle and the arrow. the eagle was struck by an arrow and as he lied on the ground he looked back at it and he said, alas, i have been wounded by an arrow that was feathered with my own plume. mr. speaker, we cannot afford to put more fleums on china's ar -- plumes on china's arrows.
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he i oppose this bill and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida reserves. the gentlelady from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield three minutes to the distinguished gentleman from massachusetts, mr. neal. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized for three minutes. mr. neal: thank you. i rise in support of this act. this will strengthen supply chains, advanced manufacturing and create millions of jocks. ways and means members asiferlt made their contributions to this package. including a strong provision for trade adjustment assistance. and to the previous speaker, i know he was sincere when he said there will be a final package, it will be bicameral in nature, bipartisan in nature, it's just too important to get done. the rhythms of legislative life will dictate that outcome. this is a full effort of the house. and to say that there are no provisions in here that republicans don't favor simply aren't true. the trade subcommittee chairman
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earl blumenauer has been a very important leader in developing this legislation and along with our colleague, tim ryan, who has not stopped telling me just how important this is to ohio, to fund the nation's newest semiconductor factory. this is a good, bold proposal and i am going to remain standing, madam speaker so, that i might yield the balance of my time to the trade subcommittee chair, mr. blumenauer. mr. blumenauer: a careful examination of this bill shows many bipartisan proposals. one area of bipartisan agreement is that for too long america has been too weak in its engagement with china. the chinese government is strengthening its economic power while doubling down on religious persecution and forced labor. those practices undercut the competitiveness of american workers and businesses. congress must step up and confront china head-on. our trade title does just that. those damaged by trade, weather worker, business or farmers, will benefit from a dramatically improved trade adjustment assistance program. which expired in june and
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completely phases out in july. our provisions modernizing and re-authorizing g.s.b. and m.t.b. will improve american competitiveness and labor standards around the globe and we get tough on china by closing the loophole that allows $800 per day per person for products undoubtedly including forced labor, intellectual property theft and illegal good. china doesn't give us reciprocity, their threshold is less than $8. they're not about to subject their companies to duty-free unregulated american competition. allowing items like air conditioners, microwaves and suitcases doesn't help american manufacturing, it undercuts it and directly undermines congress' goal of rebuilding domestic capacity. our changes restore the programs back to their original attempt, supporting the american workers and domestic manufacturing, not undercutting american suppliers. at its simplicity, this ledge
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jaition -- legislation meets our capacity to compete. if you want to support the american worker, and get tough on china, you have a chance to do so with this bill. i urge everyone to vote in the affirmative. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from florida reserves. the gentleman from florida is recognized. >> madam speaker, i yield one 911 the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. meuser. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. meuser: thank you, madam speaker. i thank the gentleman from florida. madam speaker, we have far too many domestic and international crises facing us right now to name them here. from the southern boarder to ukraine, afghanistan to the crime on philadelphia streets, the soaring gasoline prices and supply chain bottle necks, an opportunity here to make the u.s. economy more competitive. we can do that with the right
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bill. particularly against our number one competitor and often adversary, china. rather than lower the costs for america's large and small billses and creating a more competitive business environment this so-called america compete acts places burdens on the american economy in the form of debt and regulations is filled with special interest subsidies, nobody can deny that. and has a whopping $325 billion price tag to go along with our escalating deficit and debt. meanwhile, the only part of the $325 billion that i agree with, and i believe my constituents agree with, would be the chips u.s.a. act and some of the -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. meuser: rural broadband. >> i yield 30 seconds, madam speaker. mr. meuser: thank you. this bill is a plethora of new government programs which will not advance the u.s. economy. madam speaker, this bill will likely get the vote of china but
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would not get the vote of american small business. c.c.b. is very serious about economic growth with little regard for how to get this. we better wake up or we will be responsible for letting them. i yield back. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: madam speaker, how much time do we have remaining? the speaker pro tempore: 33 minutes. ms. johnson: thank you very much. i yield one minute to the gentlelady from pennsylvania, ms. wild. ms. wild: thank you, madam chairwoman, and thank you, madam speaker. i am proud to rise in support of the competes act. this legislation incorporates two bills that my office introduced. the supply chain security and resilience act and the regional innovation act. at a time when the need to finally secure our supply chains and rebuild a made in america economy could not be clearer, my provisions of the bill from the supply chain security and resilience act will put us on
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the path to doing just that. by creating a new office within the commerce department to promote u.s. leadership of critical industries and supply chains that are essential to our national and economic security, we will join businesses and government in common national effort. the regional innovation act would establish a regional technology and innovation hub program at the department of commerce to support regional economic development and innovation hubs nationwide. we can ensure that workers and businesses from all corners of our country, not just the coasts, benefit from investment. my community, pennsylvania's greater lehigh valley, is full of workers and businesses who have the vision, the talent and the grit to reach global economic heights. they deserve the exposure to get their products to market. our country has extraordinary promise. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. ms. wild: thank you, madam speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida is
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recognized. >> madam speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from north carolina, mr. murphy. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. murphy: madam speaker, this so-called competition bill proves just how effectless democrats are about -- feckless democrats are about confronting the chinese communist party. why is this president so afraid to call out china? they are our greatest generational threat to democracy, human rights and the american way of life. china will stop at nothing until they have world domination. confronting communist china should be a clear bipartisan priority. as secretary pompeo recently said, the chinese have infull traited our schools, businesses and politics and will stop at nothing until they have world domination. we should be coming together on a strong consensus framework that holds china accountable and strengthens our national security. instead, speaker pelosi offers more poison pills that will be dead on arrival in the senate. let us stop the nonsensical leftist progressive messaging
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and be serious about our jobs. democrats have steam rolled congress with yet another multibillion dollar package, thousands of pages long, without proper analysis. our nation now hit a $30 trillion debt mark this week. i refuse support another package that sends hard-earned taxpayer dollars to the chinese communist party. i urge my colleagues to vote no on the america concedes to china act. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: madam speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from michigan, mr. kildee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. kildee: thank you, madam speaker. i rise in support of the america competes act. with this legislation we have an opportunity to strengthen domestic supply chains, to invest in american mothering and to lower costs for small businesses, for families, for seniors.
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this bill will help fix our broken supply chains so we can build more critical components here in america, not overseas in china where the government exploits its own people. for michigan auto workers this includes addressing the semiconductor chip shortage which has shuttered auto plants and forced thousands of auto workers to temporarily be laid off. this bill will invest billions to bring chip manufacturing back to the united states. and also this legislation includes my legislation, to create a new trade adjustment assistance for communities program. it will help many older industrial communities that have been negatively impacted by trade, communities like flint and saginaw, bay city. it will address the needs. i urge my colleague to support
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this legislation and i yield -- colleagues to support this legislation and i yield back. mr. walz: i yield one minute to the gentlewoman from georgia. mrs. greene: i rise in opposition of this bill. instead of focusing on a bill that's almost 3,000 pages, worth $325 billion estimated and spending, estimated, it doesn't really help america. it's going to give $8 billion to the u.n. climate fund and mentions coral reefs 383 times. what congress should be doing is working on a budget that will fund our government, since we're running out of money in just a few weeks. what congress should be doing is doing something about the fentanyl that's coming from china, that's killing young people and is now the number one cause of death in americans from 18 to 45. not covid-19. what congress should be doing is funding a wall, building a wall, protecting our border and
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deporting illegal aliens who are stealing american jobs. that's what we should be doing to help the american worker. but instead we're debating a bill that's going to fund climate change, the green new deal and help the coral reefs. this isn't what americans care about. we all should be voting no and doing a better job. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is. ms. johnson: i request one minute of the gentlelady from new mexico. >> america competes act we will build it in america and we crit american jobs and it gives us the opportunity to discover, and make what we need everywhere in america, that's why i urge my colleagues to expand jobs.
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the workers that produce what america. the competes act could invest billions of dollars to conduct research in new mexico and other communities facing economic december pay. with my amendments, this bill can create jobs for that diverse work force that powered our nation as we transition to clean energy, energy workers deserve economic opportunity in a changing world. and let's ensure we have the innovation, training and jobs for american workers everywhere as we power a prosperous future. thank you, i a yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida is recognized. >> i yield one minute to the the gentlewoman from missouri, mrs. hartzler. mrs.hartzler: i rise in
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opposition to the are so-called america competes act. china is one of the largest national security threats our nation tastees. addressing this threat will require a whole of nation approach to enable the united states to not only compete but beat china. this legislation fails to achieve that goal. the democrats have once again rushed a package with policies that enriches china rather than constraining them. the democrats blocked consideration of all my commonsense amendments which would have prevented known chinese spies from entering our nation and officials taking advantage of our higher education and forced abortions of uyghur women. if democrats are wanting to protect america, they should
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have protected america. i urge my colleagues to oppose this legislation and work on legislation that will empower the united states to beat china. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: i yield one minute to the gentleman from north carolina, mr. price. mr. price: i rise in strong support of the america competes act and the legislation to re-authorize title 6 of the higher education act sponsored by myself and representative young of alaska. this will help our nation develop a strong foundation and international education, research and languages that have a strategic interest. the bill will increase and expand these programs incorporating 200 languages and build international capacity at
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minority-serving institutions. it enhances the program at the national science foundation. doubling the authorization for a program that i helped initiate which has community and technical colleges and partnerships between businesses and schools to meet local work force needs. i urge adoption of the america competes act to better equip our citizens to succeed in an era in an interconnected world. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida is recognized. >> i yield one minute to the gentleman from texas. >> i thank the gentleman from florida. i any this is a repeat of the political ruse and wrap a flag and give a great name. it has little to do with the threat that china poses to the
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united states and the world. there physician plenty of common ground to work on that big challenge, a huge threat, but instead, this is a misleading piece of legislation. it is another legislative wagon loaded with the same tired old progressive, union give-aways and subsidies and unhinged policies and experimentation like training our armed forces not to fight and win wars, but to combat climate change, naming a chief diversity officer and that should make us sleep better at night. the democrat party has been hijacked by the left and willing to sacrifice our prosperity and security and global leadership on climate apocalypse now. i don't get it. thank you for the time. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is
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recognized. ms. johnson: i yield one minute to the gentlelady from alabama, ms. sewell. ms. sewell: i rice in strong support and my legislation h. r. 6121, the leveling the playing field act 2.0 was included in this bill. this bipartisan legislation sponsored by myself and my republican colleague bill johnson will modernize our outdated trade remedy laws to push back against many of china's most aggressive anti-free-market practices. for years, a number of american industries have faced repeated dumping and subsidized imports to the u.s. market. in 2000, china produced 18% of the world's steel. today it produces 50%. this overcapacity has undermined
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u.s. manufacturing and put our workers like those in my district, u.s. steel at a big disang. at the end of the day, this bill will promote global competitiveness and when america competes fairly, american workers and america businesses win. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida. >> i yield one minute to the gentleman from wisconsin, mr. tiffany. mr. tiffany: let's read something that was slipped into this bill. no prohibition no offer for sale or purchase any american mink. what a a attack on people who attack jobs and create goods for america. these people are good stewards, good stewards of the land and they are terrific at animal hub
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dry and this is a neck astack. when is the hostility to the producers of america, the people that grow our food and clothe our people and produce our energy going to end by the other side of the aisle? i yield back. felons p. ms. johnson: i yield one minute to the gentleman from michigan -- the gentlelady from michigan, mrs. dingell. mrs.dingell: i rise today in strong support of h. r. 54 -- 4521, the america achieves act. we stand at a defining moment in american manufacturing and global competitiveness. if we fail to act we put our economic security at risk. this package which includes
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several of my several bipartisan bills will create good paying jobs to boost american manufacturing and bring supply chain home and keep america at the forefront and includes $52 billion in funding including for ought auto chips which will help the auto industry. andrew: critical medicines and p.p.e. and in michigan across the nation too many americans have been impacted and are counting on us bypassing this bill we will strengthen our work force here at home. i urge my colleagues to support this bill and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida is recognized. >> i yield one minute to the the
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gentlewoman from west virginia. mrs. miller: president biden's administration undermines leadership and a dangerous opportunity to get ahead. china is seizing this moment to advance in the independento-pacific. i joined with my colleagues in lahood to introduce the trade leadership. our bill will require president biden to act and report on a trade strategy in the independento-pacific and with china. once again, democrats didn't allow any bipartisan input in their legislation. there has been zero guidance by president biden on a trade plan with china. we continue on a useless wait and see approach. the competition between the u.s. and china demands strong
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leadership. democrats must wake up and take did he sees i have action. i urge my colleagues to support this bill and ensure america's lasting trade leadership. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman of texas is recognized. ms. johnson: i yield three minutes to the gentleman from new york, chairman of the foreign affairs committee, mr. meeks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. meeks: thank you, madam speaker. i rise in strong support of this bill. we find ourselves in a strategic competition with increasingly assertive peoples' republic of china. they are trying to alter the economic, political and security underpinnings of the rules-based international order, an order that has broken peace, prosperity and stability for many. and has grown -- it has grown in
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wealth and power. we have seen the p.r.c. bend international rules and laws to meet their interests and bully nations over marry time and water dispute and grow more close to author tarn yism at home. it is leveraging its military economic and technological health to compete with us globally. and that is happening whether we like it or not. so we must reckon with the stark new reality by positioning america to win this competition and h. r. 4521, the american competes act does just that. it powers the engine of the american economy through investments and science innovation, science and technology and raises the flag
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of diplomacy and leadership to reassure the world that america is indeed back at the table. and ready to counter china's efforts to manipulate the international system and strengthen our allies and partnerships. centering on diplomacy and america's global leadership and engagement are in my act which would eagle act bolsters our diplomacy bilaterally at regional organizations and groupings like the quad to bring our partners and allies to prevent the p.r.c. it demonstrates america is exaibled and willing to tackle the world's biggest problems and share challenges like the current pandemic and ensures
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that the united states will stand up to international law and human rights. in many respects this legislation goes further than the senate's bill in terms of responding to the p.r.c. human rights abuses. in response to the genocide, the eagle act has protection for the uighurs and calls for a special enjoy voi. i can say with confidence when it comes to standing up for our values, america compete is bold and principled. i urge my colleagues to pass this bill. >> i ask unanimous consent that the gentleman from texas be allowed to control the remaining the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is
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recognized. >> i would like to yield two minutes to the gentleman from utah, mr. moore. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. ms. moore: -- mr. moore: i won't let my constituents to be fooled. while this bill plays a role in providing a necessary discussion and there is large bipartisan support on what we need to do here to address the effects of a great power competition on the american economy this is a partisan effort that will not confront china and will make america work. the chinese communist party can be a trusted party and they will take any accountability with their
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enhancement to the domestic manufacturing that support american workers and increase global competitiveness are long overdue but sadly it will continue to go unaddressed by this bill. because, simply, this legislation does not require these organizations to re-examine their relationship with the c.c.p. in addition, it's another attempt to create a big, large piece of legislation where you can add in a whole bunch of climate change priorities and the american people, as i talk to my constituents, they want to us address the issue at hand. not just lumpe a bunch of things in together. again, that's what we're doing here by making it a china bill. there is an appetite and desire among many of my colleagues to send a clear message to the communist party in beijing, my constituents want a china bill that confronts intellectual property theft, the genocide of religious minorities, c.c.p. influence in civil society, the antagonism of our allies, and a bill that finally holds the c.c.p. accountable for their
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covering up of covid-19. despite the grave threat our nation faces from the c.c.p., american assent densy can be maintained only if we remain the preferred partner across the world and the primary destination of innovators and job creators. congress can and must do better. let's get back to work. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentleman from illinois, mr. casten. mr. casten: thank you, madam speaker. i rise today in support of the competes act and i'm particularly proud of the house science legislation in this bill, designed to ensure that the department of energy, office of science, the national science foundation and nist are well equipped to succeed in the 21st century. it also invests in the stem work force for the future ensure we have the talents to bring on the semiconductor climate manufacturing jobs back home where they belong. and if i can share a personal story. 13 years ago i was building a tree house in my backyard ands as i was starting, a 6-year-old
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neighborhood hood came up behind me with a tool belt and said, i'm here to help. my 2009 summer intern, as it were, is now a sophomore at the university of illinois studying nuclear engineer. his opportunity was made possible in part by investments that were made decades ago in nuclear technology and a test reactor on that university of illinois campus. that reactor has been shut down and there are few other states who have those kinds of opportunities. that's why i look forward to the consideration of my national nuclear university research ref investment act. it will enhance the research capabilities of nuclear science and engineering programs, meet the work force needs of the u.s. nuclear industry and accelerate the deployment of advanced nuclear technologies across the country. i hope my whreegs will join me in supporting this bill. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from texas is recognized. >> yes, ma'am. madam speaker, i yield two minutes at this time to the gentlewoman from florida, ms. kay mack.
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-- mrs. cammack. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. mrs. cammack: thank you, madam speaker. thank you to my colleague from the great state of texas. i rise in strong opposition to this bill which would be more appropriately named the america concedes act. heck, we could go so far as to say that this is the american corruption act. this bill has nothing to do with countering china or holding them accountable. it's 2,900 pages. have any of my colleagues supporting this bill actually read the bill? i would venture no. i would say, no, they probably haven't. because if they had, they would know what was in it and they would recognize that it's selling us out to china. i, however, have read this bill. i have spent the last couple days pouring through the language and have found egregious provision after egregious provision. quite frankly, it's infuriating. one example is the fact that under section 61008, covid pandemic measures could be extended until december 31, 2025. what better way to make americans dependent on china for
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critical supplies like p.p.e. than to mandate that we get it from them and make sure that covid provisions stay in place? another example is the $8 billion, with barvetion, authorization -- b, authorization for the green climate fund which would incentivizing developing countries to participate in the paris climate agreement in practice this u.n. fund has done nothing more but distort global energy markets and even encourages corruption. i have an amendment to this bill that would strike the funding and i urge my colleagues to support that amendment. however, we know that this is more about politics than it is about good policy. so i'm not particularly optimistic. however, i still would encourage my colleagues to support that amendment. madam speaker, this bill is misguided. we should stand as americans and counter china, support true american innovation. i encourage my colleagues to oppose this bill. it's dangerous and misguided.
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with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentlelady from georgia, ms. bourdeaux. ms. bourdeaux: thank you. i rise in strong support of this act, a bill that would bolster american leadership in critical economic sectors for decades to come. in addition to necessary provisions to spur american production of semiconductors, the america competes act would take action to address supply chain disruptions and shortages. my bill, the supply chain act, is included in this package and would ensure the newly created office of supply chain resiliency and crisis response at the department of commerce has the tools it needs to map and monitor critical supply chains, as well as prepare for and respond to supply chain shocks and disruptions. i heard from families and small businesses and manufacturers in georgia's seventh district the
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challenges presented by supply chain disruptions, especially amidst the pandemic. this package of supply chain resiliency measures will help us to identify and mitigate these disruptions moving forward. in closing, i would like to commend my colleagues for their hard work in assembling this critical legislation. i urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support the america competes act and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. >> madam speaker, i stand in strong opposition to what should be called the concedes act. once again we're voting on a bill that was forced through this chamber in a partisan fashion and one that lacks the policies needed to bolster our competitiveness and combat the threats from our foreign adversaries. the hard work and the bipartisan collaboration of the space, science and technology committee has once again been obliterated so that the left can pass partisan policies.
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once again, in a sincere and goodwill attempt to work across the aisle on important policy, i introduced an amendment that would have re-authorized nasa's enhanced use leasing program for one year. mr. babin: a timeline supported by both parties. but to no surprise, the democrats put messaging over good governance and refused to make this noncontroversial amendment in order. and just a few weeks ago we had a bipartisan e.u.l. bill that had already passed this house and was stolen from us, gutted and turned into a federal election takeover bill. instead of focusing on commonsense solutions to our china problems, h.r. 4521 hurts the american people. it lets china off the hook for failing to contain covid-19. it fails to ban funding to
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c.c.p.-tied organizations. it fails to punish the c.c.p. for its blatant human rights abuses and it fails to stop china's theft of america's intellectual property. today we had another opportunity to pass important legislation to support american technology and to hold foreign adversaries accountable. instead, we are once again wasting the american people's time and i urge every single one of my colleagues to vote no. and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentleman from texas, mr. green. mr. green: thank you, madam speaker. and thank the chairwoman, ms. johnson, for the time. madam speaker, dr. king was imminently correct when he reminded us that life is an
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inescapable network of mutuality tied to a single garden of destiny. for what impacts one directly impacts all indirectly this became clear to us when we had a shortage of p.p.e. in this country. we have a strategic petroleum stockpile in the sense that we have oil parol that is on reserve -- petroleum that is on reserve for emergencies when we pass this bill, we'll have a strategic medical supply stockpile, something that is desperately needed, something that this bill will provide, something that i will vote for and i encourage my colleagues to do so as well. pass the bill. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: we reserve our time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentlelady from illinois, ms. kelly. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. kelly: thank you, madam speaker. i want to thank chairwoman eddie bernice johnson and her committee for all of their hard
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work. passing the america competes act will help small businesses and ensure the u.s. remains a leader in scientific development. this bill funds stem programs that develop the next generation of diverse scientists and ininvestors and -- inventors and funds the chips act to bring back semiconductor manufacturing to u.s. shores. companies large and small across industries are confronting new supply chain challenges. in my district i visited companies that are doing their best to produce delicious mustards, despite current production challenges. the bipartisan supply chain act included in this bill will create an office of supply chain resiliency and crisis response within the department of commerce to monitor supply chains of critical goods and materials to mitigate future challenges. i hope my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will support this bill and bring it to small
4:42 pm
businesses across the country. i yield -- relief to small businesses across the country. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentleman from new jersey, mr. pascrell. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. pascrell: madam chair, thank you for bringing this forward. it's going to effect the weaknesses that we have found in our trade deal. so i rise in support of the american competes act. this includes my bipartisan, bicameral bill, the national critical capabilities defense act. our bill will enstrengen trade supply -- will strengthen trade supply chains, it will stop the bleeding of our industrial might being shipped to foreign
4:43 pm
adversaries. the chinese communist party government climbed our back to economic power. they're abusing that power to commit genocide, crush democratic norms and undermine our workers. we must stop our adversaries from leaching off america's economic might to tsao discord. we -- sew discord. we must empower trade that does not undermine american competitiveness. i want to thank representatives fitzpatrick for working on this legislation. i ask unanimous consent that the statements of support for the bill from the afl-cio, communication workers of america, united steel workers and the alliance for american manufacturing be centered into the record -- be entered into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. pascrell: thank you. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized.
4:44 pm
mr. babin: i wish to reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentleman from indiana, ms. mrvan. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. mrvan: i thank chairwoman johnson for allowing me to speak on this. congress must advance this legislation to ensure american technology and manufacturing has the innovation advantage to continue to grow our economy, strengthen our national security and tackle our supply chain issues. indiana's first congressional district is home to an incredible manufacturing, steel and industrial complex. and i want to recognize that my senate colleague from indiana, senator todd young, for his initiative on the senate companion legislation, the endless frontiers act. our nation has been faced with technology challenges in the past. today we have the opportunity to
4:45 pm
legislate together with our collective interests in mind to protect our workers and lead the world in innovation. thank you and, again, chairwoman johnson, for the time, and i encourage all my house colleagues to support the america competes act. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: i yield one minute to the gentlewoman from california, ms. eshoo. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. eshoo: thank you, madam speaker, thank you to the chair woman, who has done so much extraordinary work in leading the science committee and bringing this forward. so, madam speaker, i rise in great enthusiasm in support of
4:46 pm
this legislation, because it is so highly consequential for our country. if anyone -- and we are are concerned about supply chains, this legislation is for you. if we are concerned about inflation as a result of supply chain issues, we have a policies in this that are going to speak to it. i'm proud four of my bills were included in the underlying bill. and deal with chip material and equipment production to the a.p.i. that is used for drugs that are manufactured overseas and we need to bring back to the united states to creating a comprehensive study so we can study wireless network security and educate the public ole cybersecurity and i urge my colleagues. this is really nonpartisan
4:47 pm
legislation. it is all about keeping america competitive, moving our greatness ahead, making sure we address where we are lagging. it will be good for our environs entire country, its workers and our economy. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: i reserve. ms. johnson: how much time remains. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas has 17 minutes. 167 minutes. -- 17 minutes. >> i recognize the the gentleman
4:48 pm
from georgia for two minutes. mr. johnson: i have an amendment at the desk. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for general debate. mr. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. my amendment would help strengthen cybersecurity, improve american competitiveness and contribute to a more diverse workplace by create the day that cybersecurity grant program which gives the national institutes of standards and technology known -- the authority to make grants to historically black colleges and universities and minority-serving institutions. in schools receiving pell grants, it would help them promote cyber education and research. we must include more women and
4:49 pm
minorities so we are maximizing all the textiles our country has to offer. we are engaged in a cyber war and need all-hands-on-deck. hcbu's are doing the most advanced work in our nation and we should tap into and fully support those institutions to help us within this cyber war and i urge my colleagues to support my amendment when it comes up. i would also recognize the fact that as i had listened to the debate today on this very important topic from my friends on the other side of the aisle, i have heard a lot of asian bashing and it is quite dangerous, madam chair, for us to go down that path, stoking the passions of people against
4:50 pm
other people. this is not about other people. this is about what america can do to put itself in position to protect its supply chains and to make things in america and restore the greatness that this country has. and so i would urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to refrain from the constant bashing of asian people because it translates into real-time. it has a real detrimental effect to our brothers and sisters who may not look like some, but they are people, too. and they are americans as well. and so we should not demonize an entire people just to score cheap political points. and with that, madam chair, i
4:51 pm
yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: i take great offense of what we heard that we are supposedly asian bashing. this is politics and identity politics, i should say this. we have never bashed anybody for their heritage whatsoever. this is a counter -- our argument is total 100% countering the chinese communist party and has nothing to do with the heritage of people whatsoever. chinese communist party is the chinese communist party and if we can't push back without being accused of racial accusations and racism which is so typical of this other side, i feel like
4:52 pm
this country is not being well served at all. and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: i yield one minute to the gentleman from indiana. >> i want to reiterate a story about my district. one of the top-producing steel producers in the nation and car producers and we are talking about the enhancing to produce automobiles because it takes semiconductors and when we don't have them, people stop working. and then my district is impacted. today is vital for the creation of jobs and to protect our nation and to be able to correct the supply chain and to be able to produce semiconductors here in the united states.
4:53 pm
the vitality of that is is the example of the plant in columbus, ohio and the investments made in technology jobs so the next generation will have an opportunity to participate in our economy. and with that, i conclude and i thank the chair woman for this opportunity and i encourage the house to pass this piece of legislation. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: i yield one minute to the gentlelady from california, speaker pelosi. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. the speaker: i thank the chair
4:54 pm
woman. this legislation, the america competes act is something that has come to the floor largely because of the investments that she has made over the years in science and technology, keeping america competitive, now as the chairman of the science and technology chair. thank you for the intellect you have brought to us and the reputation you have enjoyed in that community in support of your legislative initiatives and this bill being the highlight of it all. america has long been a beacon of excellence in science and engineering and the world and being transformative for workers, businesses and economy. by investing in education and
4:55 pm
research, we have been preeminent in the world arena. but a number of years ago, other countries followed our blueprint. they followed our lead. they invested in education in recognizing the value of investment in research and new technologies and now they threaten our position as world leader in science and innovation. we have been seeing that overtime. the technologies that we rely on each day and those that will take us into the future, must be made. ms. herrera beutler: in america, or else we will be at the mercy of those other countries driving up costs for american families and eroding our global competitiveness. this situation is a challenges to the economic security of our country and financial security of our families and the national security of our nation. and it must be met head on with
4:56 pm
full strategic action that seizees the opportunities for progress. today, the house is seizing that opportunity in passing legislation that meets the moment by securing the preeminence of american innovation and economic strength in the america competes act. to be preeminent in technology innovation is essential that america becomes self-sufficient in the manufacture of competitive goods and will transport our nation into the nation by supercharging our see him yil conductors from defense systems from computers to cars to your personal phones. electric cars contain hundreds of chips. and chips are the lifeblood of
4:57 pm
modern technology. but over the past 30 years, america's global share of manufacturing semiconductors has been outpaced leading us dependent on those countries and vulnerable to their supply chain which drive up costs at home and for america. competes directs $52 billion for chips for america act. and that's contained in this bill, which will address supply chain disruptions and push up costs to families. bring back chip production to america and ensure sure that u.s. leads the way. specifically, the bill provides financial to facility and equipment for semi-conductor fabrication assembly ibly.
4:58 pm
testing advanced packaging and research and development. this is very specific and very well thought out. there are advances in manufacturing at home in our country and strengthens our supply chain. the pandemic has exposed this vulnerable of the global supply chain. we need to be making goods in america. the america competes act authorizes $45 billion to support the manufacture and acquisition of critical goods for equipment that is essential including component and products for public health and biological preparedness. very important. information and communication technology. energy and transportation
4:59 pm
sectors' industrial base and agriculture and food products' supply chains. that affects everyone in our country. competes reduces our reliance on critical goods from countries of concern, countries of concern and encourages the relocation of manufacturing facilities out of those countries and supports the creation of jobs with competitive wages including by pri serving collective bargaining agreements. third, one and two were about supercharging and strengthening. three, competes scientific research to ensure that we lead the technology of the future. it includes a suite of research
5:00 pm
and technology bills to turbo charge innovation focused on solution and results. i reiterate, a suite of bills that had been bipartisan in committee and on the floor of the house and it maximizes the american talent pool by diversifying our nation's stem work force. this is very important because we want many more people, women and people of color, people that were in underrepresented communities to be part of that. and fourth, promotes global leadership ensuring that the 21st century and the values of the united states to win on the world stage. and there are a strong action taken to hold the p.r.c. accountable which
5:01 pm
hurts u.s. workers and for its human rights violations, including its genocide against the uighurs. people have to understand the connection between human rights violations and fairness to american workers. actually, what is happening in china with the uighurs is beyond -- it's genocide. to the nth degree. this use of forced labor which they're doing with the uighurs is immore and horrific, yes -- immoral and horrific, yes. and hurts american workers who have to compete with slave labor. so understand human rights and fairness to our workers, human rights there and fair tons our workers here, -- fairness to our workers here, are connected. the house bill reflected rigorous comprehensive process of listening to the experts and crafting legislation that will truly rise to this challenge and i thank, madam chair, for your doing that. you and 11 committees have fed
5:02 pm
into this legislation so i know that we've heard from many of the chairs today. we'll hear from many more members as we go into the amendment process. but i want to congratulate you, madam chair. well over 100 research and scientific institutions have already endorsed this bill. for its key components. from academic institutions including the association of american universities, and dozens of top research universities, including the ivy league and -- including the university of california system. leading scientific groups such as american association for advancement of science, american nuclear society, american mathematical society, american society for engineer. top innovation firms and business groups, the chamber of commerce, semiconductor industry association, the national association of manufacturers and
5:03 pm
companies like intel who invest in these chips, groups representing american workers, and this is very important, groups representing american workers led by the afl-cio, and i mentioned the teamsters who write, on behalf of america's supply chain union, they call themselves, i applaud house democratic leadership for moving forward with their own legislation that addresses the critical issues of competing with china in a way that benefits u.s. working families for many years to come. i agree with president biden, their statement says, that america competes, will bring manufacturing jobs back home to this country, and make america's supply chains more resilient. competes is built on bipartisan bills, many of which have already passed the house. with overwhelming, bipartisan margins, my colleagues, overwhelming bipartisan margins. and that includes the national
5:04 pm
science foundation for the future act. the department of energy science for the future act. rural stem education act. open ran outreach pact, future network act. strengthening america's strategic national stockpile act, and many more. in closing i just want to say the america competes act recognizes that meets the challenges of the twerchg, en-- 21st century, ensuring that america cannot just compete but must win in the global landscape. we were in the lead. we've set a good example for the world, others followed our lead, and they became competitive with us. so a vote for this bill would be a vote for making more american goods here in america with american workers. a vote for this bill would strengthen our supply chains and lower costs for families.
5:05 pm
and forceful action -- it would bring forceful action to assure ma america, not the people's republican of china, but america writes of rules of the road for the 21st century. with that, i urge a strong bipartisan vote for the america competes act and for ensuring the global preeminence of america's manufacturing, for america's workers and the american economy and our security now and for years to come. again, congratulations to chairwoman eddie bernice johnson and other chairs who worked so hard to bring this very important legislation to the floor and to the floor. with that, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam chair. i yield two minutes to the gentlelady from texas, ms. jackson lee.
5:06 pm
the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. jackson lee: let me thank the gentlelady and, first of all, i think it is important to say how great it is to have an opportunity to create jobs at the same time that promotes human rights, while respecting our fellow americans, asian-pacific. i think it is important that we make that statement. that as we promote this very important legislation, asian-pacific islanders and others will also have the respect of this nation because we do believe in human rights. but i want to pause for a moment to be able to thank my friend, my colleague, the honorable eddie bernice johnson, for sticking to her higher values, her commitment to science, for more than two decades, going on three decades. as i watched her on the science committee, first as a member
5:07 pm
myself, and then as she proceeded to take the leadership reins, look where we are today, with an outstanding competes act, that builds on previous legislation, brings together 11 jurisdictional committees and comes down on the side of creating jobs. we oher a great debt of -- owe her a great deft gratitude and i'm -- debt of gratitude and i'm grateful to call her a member of the united states congress and a fellow texan. this legislation will answer the questions of those who are complaining about the supply chain. because $45 billion will improve our nation's supply chains and strengthen our economy and national security by preventing shortages of critical goods. there is an outcry of inflation, there's an outcry of empty shelves. but i will tell you that the immediate signing of this bill will turn the corner for all americans. i'm grateful would be be advancing -- we'll be advancing the innovation.
5:08 pm
just yesterday i was at the icon center and looking at a number of technology companies in my 18th congressional district. i was glad to talk to a former truck driver who was there in programs or a program that dealt with training at-risk persons or persons who are changing careers. he was saying he could not do trucking anymore but how glad he was to do this. i'm also very glad that legislation that i had is in this bill regarding stem and also k-12 students by creating state and regional workshops to create jobs. this is a bill that will continue to create jobs and working with the national science foundation to ensure diversity in stem. i thank you for allowing me this time, but i will it continue to work on these issues and create jobs. compete act creates jobs. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. bob wenzel reserve the balance of my time. mr. babin: reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from texas is
5:09 pm
recognized. ms. johnson: thank you. i yield one minute to the gentleman from illinois. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. >> thank you, madam speaker. and thank you, chairwoman johnson. i rise today in support of the america competes act. look, we've heard a lot about competing with china on the global stage. mr. garcia: and i strongly agree that we have to invest in american innovation. but what does innovation mean if the technological development and economic growth leave everyday people behind? to truly compete we must take a hard look inward. our economy is built on the backs of many low-wage workers, many of them being latino, black and immigrant, like my neighbors in chicago.
5:10 pm
how can we compete globally and inequality rises, our health care system crumbles and the middle class remains out of reach for millions. i support the america competes act because it puts a focus on where it needs to be, on investing in communities. the bill strengthens our supply chains, builds sustainable technologies, includes people from diverse backgrounds and in the stem field and protects and expands living wage jobs. it's about real access to opportunity so more americans can share in our country's wealth, because our people are our strength. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: wish to reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: madam speaker, how much time do we have? the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman has 10 minutes left. ms. johnson: thank you. i yield one minute to the
5:11 pm
gentlelady from california, ms. speier. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. speier speier madam speaker, thank you -- ms. speier: madam speaker, thank you. to the chairwoman of the committee, thank you for this bold legislation. and thank you for your legacy of service. members, we cannot rest, we cannot be asleep at the switch. the countries that innovate and commercialize new technologies the fastest will be able to set the political, military and economic agenda for the 21st century. we must prevail. the global microchip shortage is only a symptom of a broader challenge which is that the united states' share of global semiconductor production has fallen from 37% to just 12% over the last 30 years. president putin recently said the country that becomes the leader in a.i. will reign the world. think about that. it's all about artificial intelligence.
5:12 pm
in the field of a.i., china now surpasses the united states in the global share of research papers, and consistently files more a.i. patents than any other country. the america competes act will reset our focus. we need to invest in research, we need to invest in applications and we need to research -- we need to invest in talent. the decline in american technology innovation and competitiveness is a national security challenge we must avoid. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: wish to reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentlelady from ohio, ms. kaptur. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. kaptur: mary, i thank the chairwoman for yielding and thank her for her dutiful service to our country. what a legacy to leave for the
5:13 pm
american people. congratulations. i rise today to highlight two amendments i have offered to the america competes act. the first ensuring that innovative startups in our great lakes region, our freshwater industrial heartland, are prioritized when federal support is awarded to accelerate the commercialization of clean energy technology. the second will allow economic plea distress -- economic ladies dressed communities to -- economic ladies dressed communities to receive solar facilities. china constantly hacks our technology and takes outsourced jobs, paying penny wages to their workers. the competes act offers a remarkable opportunity to stimulate 21st century growth in america. we must make sure these investments reach down to the communities that have been outsourced of jobs and not always receive their fair share in compensation. my amendments will allow great lakes communities to receive the resources they deserve as they
5:14 pm
labor to make, build and grow that which makes, builds and grows america. i ask for support of these amendments and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: wish to reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: madam speaker, what time do we have left? the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman has eight minutes left. ms. johnson: we have no further requests for time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: thank you, madam speaker. i yield myself as much time as i may consume. during the past two hours of debate, you've heard my colleagues mention dozens and dozens of flaws in this bill. and they haven't even covered
5:15 pm
all of them. there's an excessive transfer of taxpayer dollars to international climate slush funds, with no guard rails preventing that money from going to china, our greatest adversary today. there's a dramatic expansion of the treasury's authority, giving them unchecked power to block americans' digital currency payments worldwide. there's the permanent extension of the health care tax credit for trade adjustment assistance beneficiaries, with no justification. there are so lind are a-style loan guarantees. it seems like this bill has everything in it except for the one thing that it desperately needs. a focus on countering the growing danger we face from the chinese communist party there is no question in my mind that the chinese communist party is the greatest threat we face as a nation today. i was very proud to work on
5:16 pm
bipartisan house science committee legislation to make america more competitive and more secure. i had high hopes that we can take our proposals, which passed the house with broad bipartisan support, and conference them with the senate to create a strong strategic approach for america's continued technological growth and global competitiveness. unfortunately, the speaker had other priorities. and instead of moving forward on a true china bill, she created a massive christmas tree with unrelated liberal priorities hung from every branch, like ornaments. we cannot afford this partisan gamesmanship. the threat is too real for the american people and our national security. i urge my colleagues to oppose this bill, and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back.
5:17 pm
the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you very much, madam speaker. i have no further requests for time, and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: madam speaker -- excuse me. the speaker pro tempore: all time for debate has expired. each further amendment printed in part d of house report 117-241 not earlier considered as part of amendments en bloc pursuant to section 8 of house resolution 900 shall be considered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a member designated in the report, shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for the time specified in the report equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opponent, may be withdrawn by the proponent at any any time before the question is put thereon, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question. it shall be in order at any time for the chair of the committee
5:18 pm
on science, space, and technology or her designee to offer amendments en bloc consisting of further amendments printed in part d of house report 117-241 not earlier disposed of. amendments en bloc shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for 20 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the committee on science, space, and technology, or their respective designees, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for a division of the question. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from texas seek recognition? ms. johnson: madam speaker, pursuant to the house resolution 900, i have only the amendments en bloc. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will designate the amendments en bloc. the clerk: en bloc number 1 consisting ever amendments numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10,
5:19 pm
11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 224, 31, 32, 33, 34, 45, 46 -- 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 41, 46, 48, 49, 50, 58, 61, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 77, 84, 85, 86, 87, 90, 91, 93, 97, 98, 99, 102, 103, 104, 105, 108 hshgs 109, 112, 113, 115, 122, 123, 125,
5:20 pm
126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 132, 133, 134, 136, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 1478, 149, 150, 154, 156, 158, 159, 160, 161, 163, 166, 167, 167, 169, 170, 172, 173, 175, 176, 177, 189, 190, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 200, 201, 205, 207, 208, 209, 210,
5:21 pm
213, 214, 215, 216, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 231, 232, 233, 234, 236, 241, 242, 243, 245, 246, 247, 248, 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 257, 259 printed in part d printed in house report 117-41 offered by ms. -- 117-241 offered by ms. johnson from texas. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentlewoman from texas, ms. johnson, and the gentleman from texas, mr. babin, each will control 10 minutes.
5:22 pm
ms. johnson: madam speaker, we have examined all of the amendments. we support them all. and i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. babin: thank you, madam speaker. this bloc of amendments includes every single democrat amendment that was made in order by the rules committee. i can't pretend to know why these particular amendments were made in order because that decision was made behind closed doors rather than in a bipartisan manner. i will say that the sheer number of amendments being considered en bloc shows that even members of the speaker's own party didn't have the chance to contribute to the underlying bill until now. i will also say that unfortunately most of these provisions take a bad bill and simply make it worse. these amendments adds studies on declining salmon populations, directs usda to research fake meat and establishes an entirely
5:23 pm
new institute to focus on zero emission locomotives. whether or not any of these are worthy policies, i think we can all agree that they do not belong in a legislative package meant to address the threat of the chinese communist party and to make america more competitive globally. america's economic success for generations has been driven by our investment in transformational basic research. the chinese communist party wants to copy that success and take over as the global leader in science and technology. they're investing more money in r&d than we are, and graduating many more stem professionals than we are as well. they have a laser focus on surpassing the united states in reaping the economic and national defense benefits that come with technological superiority. they aren't wasting time on fake meat and trains, and we should
5:24 pm
not be either. i urge my colleagues to oppose these amendments. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas. does the gentleman reserve? mr. babin: the gentleman reserves. the speaker pro tempore: thank you. the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: we reserve. ms. johnson: we have no more requests for time. i move passage. the speaker pro tempore: thank you. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: we have no requests for time either. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized to close. mr. babin: i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized to close. ms. johnson: i yield back.
5:25 pm
the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to house resolution 900, the previous question is ordered on the amendments en bloc offered by the gentlewoman from texas. the question is on the amendments en bloc. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the en bloc amendments are agreed to. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. mr. babin: i request a recorded vote. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas has requested a vote. pursuant to section 3-s of house resolution 8, the yeas and nays are ordered. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings are postponed.
5:26 pm
5:27 pm
the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from oregon seek recognition? >> madam speaker, as the designee of chairwoman johnson, pursuant to house resolution 900, i offer amendments en bloc. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will designate the amendment the amendments en bloc. the clerk: en bloc number 2 consisting of amendments number 8, 15, 18, 25, 44, 47, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 57, 59, 60, 62, 76, 78, 81, 82, 83, 88, 95, 100, 101, 107, 111, 114, 117, 118, 119, 120, 135, 137, 162, 174, 178, 187, 197, 202, 203, 204, 206, 2111, 212, 229, 230, 235,
5:28 pm
237, 238, 249, 255, 256, and 258, printed in part d of house report 117-241 offered by ms. bonamici of oregon. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to house resolution 900, the gentlewoman from oregon, ms. bonamici, and the gentleman from texas, mr. babin, each will control 10 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from oregon. bonnie watson coleman thank you, madam -- ms. bonamici: thank you, madam speaker. i yield myself one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. bonamici: this package is bipartisan. it includes the amendment i co-sponsored for the ocean acidification and monitoring act, which is important to address ocean acidification and the amendment i offered with mr. posey to create an inner
5:29 pm
agency for blue carbon with noaa. this will improve the very important competes act, and i urge passage. i yield back -- excuse me -- i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: thank you, madam speaker. i yield myself as much time as i may consume. this bloc of amendments we are now considering includes 51 bipartisan provisions that were hand picked by the rules committee and democrat leadership out of more than 600 amendments that members submitted for consideration. i appreciate these members taking a page out of the science committee's playbook and working across the aisle to try to move these provisions forward. if the entire bill had been done in this way, we'd certainly have a more focused and effective legislation that could have garnered bipartisan support. this bloc of amendments includes several provisions that have
5:30 pm
gone through the proper channels of being marked up and reported out of the committee. unfortunately, it also includes provisions that have not gone through regular order. members weren't given the opportunity to review, improve, and vote on these policies in committee. having a democrat and republican co-sponsor on an amendment does not mean that they are fully vetted or bipartisan either. . by tossing together a bipartisan package, the speaker has limited member input and so members feel the need to take advantage of any opportunity to the move their priorities. . even if they have nothing to do with competitiveness against china. much like the expansive jurisdictional reach of this legislation, this block of amendments is simply a board of policies and they would best be considered individually rather
5:31 pm
than en bloc. i'll leave it to the amendment responsers to explain why members should support this en bloc. i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from oregon is recognized. ms. bonamici: continue to reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: continue to reserve. we have no further speakers. ms. bonamici: we have no further speakers but i want to address the package of en bloc amendments. these amendments will improve the competes act which is so important for united states leadership and to incentivize and ramp up u.s. manufacturing. it's a very important bill, strengthened by this en bloc amendment. and i urge passage and i have no further speakers and am prepared to close. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentlewoman reserve? ms. bonamici: i reserve. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: i yield back.
5:32 pm
the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. ms. bonamici: i will yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to house resolution 900, the previous question is ordered on the amendments en bloc offered by the gentlewoman from oregon. the question is on the amendments en bloc. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the en bloc amendments are agreed to. mr. babin: i request a recorded vote. >> madam speaker, i request the yeas and nays. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 3-s of house resolution 8, the yeas and nays are ordered. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings are postponed.
5:33 pm
for what purpose does the gentlewoman from california seek recognition? >> madam speaker, as the designee of chairwoman johnson, pursuant to house resolution 900, i offer amendments en bloc. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will designate the amendments en bloc. the clerk: en bloc number 3 consisting of amendments number 6, 7, 13, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 37, 45, 79, 80, 92, 94, 96, 106, 110, 116, 121, 155, 164, 165, 180, 181, 182, 183, 185, 186,
5:34 pm
188, 198, 199, 217, 240, 244 and 261 printed in part d of house report 117-241 offered by ms. lofgren of california. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to house resolution 900, the gentlewoman from california and the gentleman from texas each will control 10 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from california. ms. lofgren: madam speaker, i yield myself one minute. the speaker pro tempore: so granted. ms. lofgren: madam speaker, these amendments, although i'm sure offered in good faith, diminish the value in the underlying bill. not only the underlying bill, but the bipartisan amendments just adopted or that we will adopt tomorrow or friday. i urge my colleagues to oppose these amendments and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman reserves the balance of her time. the gentleman from texas is
5:35 pm
recognized. mr. babin: thank you, madam speaker. this block of amendments includes nearly every single republican amendment that was made in order by the rules committee. out of more than 600 amendments submitted to rules, only 37 republican amendments were made in order. there's no rhyme or reason to which amendments were accepted. and which were rejected. i want to be very, very clear. that i do not support the underlying legislation here. with that said, the amendments being considered in this block were the only chance that most republican members have had to have any impact at all on this massive nearly 3,000-page bill. because so few committees held markups or bipartisan discussions this anywhere -- in their provisions in this bill there have been very few opportunities to review or revise this legislation. among this block of amendments were safeguards, improvements and cost saving measures. my colleagues, representatives garcia and burgess, authored an
5:36 pm
amendment that would have -- that would prohibit the massive climate change provisions in this bill from taking effect until the secretary of energy can certify that they will not reduce our energy independence. representative grothman's amendment that would strike the $8 billion in taxpayer funds from being given to a u.n. climate fund, a slush fund, if you will, the same fund that has given the chinese communist party already $100 million. and representative buys' amendment would demand account frbility the administration before allocate neglect funding to this fund. and representatives jimenez and burgess would require the secretary of energy to ensure no provisions in this bill will raise energy costs for americans. unfortunately, madam chair, madam speaker, these amendments improve on the underlying legislation but cannot ultimately fix this legislation.
5:37 pm
so while i urge my colleagues to vote for these amendments, i remain opposed to this spralling partisan -- sprawling partisan bill. and i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from california is recognized. ms. lofgren: i would reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman reserves the balance of her time. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. babin: we have no further speakers. yeah. so. we'll reserve. ms. lofgren: we have no further speakers either. if the gentleman is prepared to yield back we can close this out. mr. babin: ok. yield back. ms. lofgren: madam speaker, once again i urge opposition to then block amendment and yield back. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to house resolution 900, the previous question is ordered on the amendments en bloc offered by the gentlewoman from california. the question is on the amendments en bloc. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the
5:38 pm
noes have it the en bloc amendments are not agreed to. the gentleman from georgia is recognized. >> i request the yeas and nays. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 3-s of house resolution 8, the yeas and nays are ordered. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings are postponed. pursuant to clause 1-c of rule 19, further consideration of h.r. 4521 is postponed.
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the gentleman from louisiana, mr. johnson, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. mr. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative
5:43 pm
days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the subject of my special order. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. once again, an opportunity for bipartisan work on behalf of the american people has been blocked by the house democrat leadership. madam speaker, you might have seen last year, the senate passed a bipartisan bill to help counter the rise of china and we all recognize that this is the existential threat of our generation. the rise of china is something that should keep all of us up at night and we ought to be acting upon it. and you might have also seen this year that the house was negotiated in good faith a companion bill to that senate bill that passed in bipartisan fashion last year. but that was all before the rug was pulled out from underneath all of us by the house democrat leadership just a few days ago. and it's as if the democrat leadership here has forgotten
5:44 pm
how a bill becomes a law. now, look, these are the facts. there is not a mandate for radical legislation here. in the election cycle of 2020, what we got was a divided house. we got a divided senate. the senate is 50-50. the house, the democrat majority in the house has the slimmest margin since world war ii. but they seem to have forgotten that and so they're trying to act unilaterally. they're trying to bypass regular procedure, they're trying to skip over the regular committee process, to have amendment and debate to legislation. and they're defying the opportunity for republicans to work with our colleagues to address these great crises. and so we're here to remind the american people tonight, my colleagues will be speaking over this hour, that there is a failure going on here and there are huge consequences to that for the american people. and of course the failures are
5:45 pm
not limited to what's happening in this chamber. it's the biden administration itself. so we'll be talking about these crises tonight. my colleagues will come up one by one representing people from all across the country to talk about these great dilemmas that we're facing. unprecedented crises because of the policy choices and the actions of the white house and the democrat leadership in congress. one of those that we'll be talking about tonight is the passivity we've seen in addressing the border crisis. madam speaker, i was in my office for last couple of hours, got multiple calls from constituents back home who are deeply concerned about what they're watching play out on the television, on news, every nye. they are seeing the -- every night. they're seeing the border completely overrun. they're seeing the number of illegal crossings at the border which has risen at a faster rate under president biden than at any time in recent history and the result is truly catastrophic for the country.
5:46 pm
we have an we have illegal drugs coming across the border. this affects every american. today, fentanyl overdoses -- listen, fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death for americans aged 18 to 45. the leading cause of death. and what are the democrats doing to address this? nothing. they're not allowing us to do anything about it because we can't move our legislation. and so we are here to talk about this issue, to raise the alarm, to let the american people know what it is we're facing. the biden administration is asleep at the wheel when it comes to the number one job, the first job is to keep this country safe, to secure our borders, to maintain our sovereignty, to protect the american people. and listen, if you're an independent voter, it's becoming very clear these democrats cannot be trusted to fulfill even the most basic functions of government at any level. many public schools remain
5:47 pm
closed or they're operating part time. defunding and demonizing police is leading to crime in our streets. and many americans can't get their own tax returns or social security checks or veterans' benefits because the biden administration's federal government staffing policies. democrats like to call themselves the party of competent government, but it's obviously clear to everyone who's paying attention that the last 12 months have shown us that unified democrat control is just incompetent. it is -- if you put this simply, the democrats have failed to do their job. and i believe, we believe, we're certain there's going to be a reckoning for this in the election cycle before us. i thank all my colleagues being here tonight to discuss this disastrous house democrat agenda and the biden administration's shameful management of our government. madam speaker, i look for my staff very quickly. for the next hour you'll hear about a number of crises.
5:48 pm
you have the speakers. thank you. madam speaker, i'm going to yield first -- we'll try to keep the order going here. yield to mr. clyde for two minutes? does that work? mr. clyde: that works. thank you, vice chairman johnson. madam speaker, since president biden stepped foot in the house, over two million migrants invaded our southern border, making this an all-time record high. even d.h.s. secretary mayorkas recently admitted that the border is, and i quote, worse now than it, frankly, has been in at least 20 years, if not ever. well, that, if not ever part is certainly the truth, i couldn't agree with him more. but the difference is that my republican colleagues and i actually want to bring an end to this nonsense. not gaslight the u.s. customs and border protection agents who are tirelessly working around
5:49 pm
the clock to keep americans safe. unfortunately, the reach of biden's self-inflicted border crisis extends far beyond our southern border. illegal migrants, including those with criminal records, are being transported all across the country. you know, i'm sure you have seen the videos from this past week of illegals being released with g.p.s. ankle bracelets. you don't put a g.p.s. ankle bracelet on anyone but a criminal. in fact, t.s.a. is also allowing illegal migrants to use arrest warrants as an alternative form of i.d. to board airplanes. this negligent policy defies logic by allowing criminals to fly across the country at a time when illegal migration is out of control and crime is surging throughout most major cities. we must stop this insanity. shame on the biden administration for putting illegal migrants, human traffickers, drug smugglers, dangerous criminals, and
5:50 pm
terrorists above the american people. it's long past time we put an end to this i could os and lawlessness. -- chaos and lawlessness. mr. president, what will it take to shut down the illegal border crossings? america is waiting for your answer, sir. thank you and i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank my good friend from georgia. and you're right, the american people are still waiting, and it appears they will have to wait much longer if we're relying upon this white house. madam speaker, i'm delighted to yield two minutes, next, to the gentleman from texas, dr. babin. mr. babin: i sincerely thank my friend and neighbor from louisiana, mr. johnson. my democrat colleagues have made it absolutely crystal clear they have no intention of holding communist china for anything. whether it's stealing our intellectual property, flooding our colleges with communist propaganda, committing academic espionage, or unleashing
5:51 pm
covid-19 onto the world, this malicious regime does whatever it wants to and with zero consequences. most shocking of all is that much of their treacherous behavior is being covered up by the democrat party who are more interested in beijing's success than our very own american success. let's be clear, the american competes act is not about contending with china. it's about surrendering to the chinese communist party. while our country deteriorates from skyrocketing inflation, raging crime, open borders, crumbling supply chains, over 100,000 american deaths from overdoses on chinese fentanyl, the democrats spend their time empowering our adversaries with bad policies and american tax dollars. democrats claim to care about human rights.
5:52 pm
they will not make the chinese communist party answer for its atrocities against the uighurs. democrats prioritize climate change above everything else, but make no effort to call out china, the world's biggest polluter. democrats fight to keep the covid-19 in the spotlight but refuse to hold a single hearing about the virus' origins. shameful. the list goes on and on. americans can see this hypocrisy. as my friend from louisiana said, there will be a reckoning this coming november. and they deserve, the american people deserve better from those that they elect to keep them safe. and with that i yield back. mr. johnson: grateful for your recognition. the madness of this bill, my friend, and you're right. it's a climate change bill that's masquerading as a china bill, right? it mentions coral reefs more times in the bill than the word
5:53 pm
china. doesn't that say enough? thank you for those comments, my friend. madam speaker, i am happy to yield next to the gentlelady from tennessee, ms. harsh berger. -- mrs. harshbarger. mrs. harshbarger: thank you, mr. speaker. 275 americans are dying every day. that's the highest level ever. my home state of tennessee experience some 3,400 fatal drug overdoses which is a 49% rise from the previous year. having served as a community pharmacist for over 30 years in east tennessee, this is personal for me. every one of those people are someone's parents or someone's children. the main driver of this increasing death toll is illegal synthetic fentanyl, which is inexpensive to manufacture, can be 50 times stronger than heroin, and people can die from
5:54 pm
doses equal to only a few grains of sand. most illegal counterfeit fentanyl is developed in china and trafficked into the u.s. across the border with mexico by drug cartels and other criminals. as a member of the homeland security committee, i've been to the border to see things firsthand. customs and border protection officials outrightly admit that increasing amounts of illegal fentanyl being smuggled, infecting our communities and fueling overdoses is largely due to the biden administration's chaotic open border policies. when you have drug totals up higher than the cost is, you can get a dose for $20 on the street, which is unbelievable right now. these open border policies are effectively a green light to mexican drug cartels looking to exploit an increasingly overloaded immigration system. to trafficking alarming amounts of counterfeit fentanyl across
5:55 pm
the bored are, president biden must take immediate action to reverse the border policies, reeking havoc -- wreaking havoc on our communities. i thank you and i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank you for your expertise, especially in pharmacology. this is what everyone needs to recognize. this fentanyl problem is a problem that's avoidable. i said in the opening, it's the leading cause of death for americans aged 18 to 45. we could stop this. this is a policy choice that is perpetuating this crisis, and it's absolutely outrageous that the white house and the democratic leadership in this house will not address this issue. madam speaker, i'm delighted to yield to the gentleman from ohio, mr. latta. mr. latta: well, i thank the gentleman for yielding and also for hosting this special order. it's so important. madam speaker, i rise to bring needed attention to the ongoing overdose crisis in our country that is ruthlessly taking lives. i can't speak on this without
5:56 pm
focusing on a major culprit -- fentanyl. the c.d.c. recently announced 101,263, again, 101, 263 americans died of drug overdoses during a 12-month period ending june, 2021. the number of deaths is going up, not down. the vast majority of these preventable deaths were caused by fentanyl and illicit fentanyl analogues that's 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. c.b.p. seized 11,201 pounds of fentanyl, which can kill the u.s. population seven times over. this is what they were able to interdict. we don't know how much more they got into the country. fentanyl is a scheduled 1 drug
5:57 pm
but that's set to expire in just a few weeks on february 18. congress must act to provide a permanent solution. that is why i'm co-leading legislation with my friend, the gentleman from the ninth district of virginia, our bill, the halt fentanyl act, would permanently schedule fentanyl 1 -- fentanyl related substances as a schedule 1 and cut red tape, enabling researchers to continue to study schedule 1 substances for the purpose of identifying medical benefits. let's put politics aside and do what's right. i ask my colleagues to co-sponsor this legislation and help provide immediate assistance to those in need. i thank the gentleman and thank him for hosting tonight, and i yield back the balance of my time. mr. johnson: thank you, my friend. those stigsics are -- statistics are shocking indeed. the fact that we had over 101,000 overdoses in a 12-month period and we hear nothing from
5:58 pm
the white house about this, it's just unforgiveable. madam speaker, happy to yield two minutes to the gentleman from tennessee, mr. burchett. mr. burchett: thank you, mr. chairman. i appreciate you heading up this effort. thank you, madam speaker, for your attention tonight. when we come to the floor to talk about the border crisis, it's a lot like the film "groundhog day." if you lustin closely -- listen closely, i think you can hear "i got you, baby" by sonny and cher. it's probably echoing throughout this chamber, mr. chairman. we expect president biden to do something about this disaster, madam chairman, but he does the same thing every day, absolutely nothing. 2,035, 010, that's the number of migrants our border agents apprehended those at the border since president biden took over. over two million people.
5:59 pm
hiding among them are smugglers working for drug cartels. they're smuggling in children for all kinds of deviant things. in 2021, over 860,000 pounds of drugs were confiscated from smugglers. more concerning are the smugglers who are not caught. fentanyl is among the drugs flooding through the gaps in our southern border. just a tiny amount of this drug, as small as a pen head, is enough to kill everyone in this chamber right now. opioid-related deaths in the united states topped over 100,000 for the first time last year. 100,000 souls lost. and experts believe fentanyl is responsible for this tragic milestone. there should be severe punishments for fentanyl trafficking smuggling this stuff across our borders. the fentanyl trafficker elimination act, legislation i recently introduced, oddly enough, sends a message to these dirt bag cartel thugs.
6:00 pm
if convicted, they will be locked up in american prisons for the rest of their lives. more americans overdosed and die from fentanyl. and our vice president, the so-called border czar, is frankly a joke. time is not on our side. president biden cannot waste another day ignoring the border cry sirs. -- crisis. thank you and i yield the remainder of my time, mr. chair. thank you for your lackluster attempt at governing. mr. johnson: thank you, my friend, for keeping me humble. madam speaker, i'm delighted to yield next to a distinguished gentleman from pennsylvania, the republican leader of the house agriculture committee, mr. thompson. . mr. thompson: i thank the gentleman for leading this special order and for yielding. president bide season devastating pennsylvania families. one year into his presidency, pennsylvania voters are concerned about the highest inflation in over 39 year decreasing real wages and a supply chain in crisis.
6:01 pm
rising prices are causing families in pennsylvania to shell out an average of $3,500 extra a year just to maintain their same standard of living. inflation tax that disproportionately hurts lower income households. the supply chain issue fueled by joe biden's inaction is affecting pennsylvanians in every corner of the state. even vice president kamala harris admitted these crises are, quote, a big issue for pennsylvania, throughout the nation and actually a global issue, end quote. madam speaker, joe biden and pennsylvania governor tom wolfe, they're policies are wreaking havoc on pennsylvania families and on families across the country. their authoritarian mandates have created a lay pour shortage wreaking havoc on pennsylvania's economy. pennsylvania is in the bottom half of states in the percentage of lost jobs rekoverd in the
6:02 pm
coronavirus pandemic. as of the latest state unemployment report, released by the bureau of labor stay diction, pennsylvania's unemployment rate was 5.4%. 40 states have an unemployment rate equal to or lower than pennsylvania. december's consumer price index rose by 7% compared to last year. the largest annual increase in over 39 years. in the mid atlantic region, prices rose by 5. #% and pennsylvania families and workers are feeling the squeeze of inflation. madam speaker, pennsylvania families and families of this great nation deserve better. it's not like better is out of reach. what we're seeing the results, what i just shared with you, the statistics, provided by the government's own government agencies is just an honest evaluation of the failed policy of the democrat members of the congress and president joe biden. and wubs again, american families and pennsylvania's
6:03 pm
families deserve better. i thank the gentleman and i yield back. mr. johnson: you've been in congress a while, yao seen a lot of leadership come and go. but i tell you what we're having right now is causing these crises. again, these crises are created and perpetuated by bad policy choices. and it is hurting the american people. madam speaker, i am delighted to yield to another gentleman with a lot of seniority in congress, the gentleman from west virginia, mr. mckinley. mr. mckinley: thank you. and thank you, madam speaker. my question is why hasn't speaker pelosi called for a vote on the halt fentanyl act which would make the dangerous fentanyl derivatives illegal and permanent. look, drug overdoses from fentanyl and derivatives have skyrocketed hitting a tragically high level, 100,000 people died in america last year. law enforcement officials in
6:04 pm
west virginia are frustrated from clarksburg, parkersburg, martinsburg, they're all saying the same thing. enough is enough. a slap on the wrist and these fentanyl dealers are back on the street pushing their deadly poison into the hands of our children. what is speaker pelosi waiting for? close the border. put traffickers in jail. increase sentences for dealers. keep them out of our neighborhoods. madam speaker, enough is enough. children are losing their mother, wiveses are losing their husbands, parents are losing their children. how many more people will lose their lives from fentanyl derivatives before congress, the democrats, take action on this legislation? i'll say it one last time. enough is enough. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: thank you for that --
6:05 pm
mr. johnson: thank you for that, mr. mckinley. west virginia is a long way from the southern border but these drugs make it across the country and it affects us all in one way oar another -- or another. madam speaker, we go from west virginia to the other side of the country, to california, i'm delighted to yield to the distinguished gentleman who served his country so valiantly, mr. garcia mr. garcia: thank you. madam speaker, the chinese communist resiem under chairman xi is our greatest opponent. chairman xi's vision is to eliminate the united states by 2050 and his investments are aimed toward this end. we should not encourage competition from china as the white house state nsmed many demands they're outpacing us, in hypersonic weapons development, in the nuclear icbm's, in the space domain, in the cyber domain, in shipbuilding, they are currently building two ships
6:06 pm
per month. in the construction and networking of u.a.v.'s or unmanned aerial vehicles, in the advancement of low observable fighter jets in terms of capacity as well as capability. china certainly is our greatest threat. they are not on our team. and their progress and advantages are designed to be used against us a -- in a coordinated fashion in all those domains. but the single biggest threat to our nation is not china alone but our own weaknesses within, weaknesses from people who are supposed to be on our team. weaknesses from those who seek to cooperate and profit from the c.c.p.'s behavior that ultimately enables the c.c.p. and their as toties. those who may chastise the c.c.p. with twitter posts but in the same day enable them with joint ventures. small words compared to large supporting investments or bills such as the ones brought to the floor this week. this is exactly what chairman xi wants, big carrots and small sticks.
6:07 pm
we must disentangle all our interest from china but above all we must disentangle our corporate interest fls china. disentanglement takes courage which is not present in most boardrooms and is not present in our treasury department. mesh corporations and our treasury are trading their long-term security, our collective security, for the shoverm high of profits and business in a market that they're seeking for long-term gains. these corporate leaders think they're fishing in knee-high water in a trout farm but in reality that market space is filled with by ran has -- piranhaas, leeches and sharks. and our work is now exposed to intelligent predators. the chinese exaryt is not on our side and our own willingness to compromise our business ethics in order to profit from endeavors with china are indeed our greatest weakness, i would say our greatest threat we cannot afford to profit from
6:08 pm
selling the rope to china that will ultimately be used to hang us in 2050. i yield back. mr. johnson sprk harsh words about china and it is the number one threat. the policy we call the america concedes act, mentions climate change more than twice as often these these phrase national security in the bill. i think that says a lot, madam speaker. so happy to yield two minutes to the gentlelady from washington, mrs. mcmorris rodgers, our republican lead on energy and commerce. mrs. rodgers: i thank the gentleman for bringing us together to highlight such an important issue. the issue of fentanyl and fentanyl substances that are surging on our southern border. and we must take action. we have legislation to stop -- the stop fentanyl act. why is it not move tbargd is the question before us tonight. there's been over a million years of life lost because of teenagers and young adult who have died due to overdoses.
6:09 pm
a million years. i think about a 23-year-old young man from spokane, washington, carson, who lost his life. he had his entire life ahead of him. his mom, molly, told me all he wanted to do was make this a better place. when a dad passed away it was carson who helped maintain their home he lent a hand to those in need and did not expect anything in return. the day after thanksgiving, he took one pill from a drug dealer on snapchat that told him it was xanax but it was laced with ill list fentanyl and killed him instantly. his mom, molly, is pleading with us to stop fentanyl. stop these weapons-grade poisons so that other parent, other people, other family members all across the country do not have to feel her grief and pain she deserves justice. let's help end this crisis.
6:10 pm
save lives. and pass the halt fentanyl act. mr. johnson: so well said, such a tragic story. our prayers go out to carter's family. there are losses like that all over the country. fentanyl is weapons grade as mrs. mcmorris rodgers said. it's a weapon of mass destruction. madam speaker, as i yield next to the gentleman from georgia who has a deep background in pharmacology, mr. carter, he might enlighten us farther. mr. carter: i thank the gentleman for hosting tonight, this is extremely important as we all know. i rise to hold the administration accountable, for hold -- to hold them accountable for fueling a health crisis. and it's not covid-19. it's no secret we're dealing with a serious problem at our border. as apprehensions spiked, so has the availability of fentanyl which is largely coming from south and central america. fentanyl is an extremely potent and deadly chemical used to
6:11 pm
cheaply enhance the highs of other drugs. early reports indicated that 2021 was the deadliest year on record for overdoses in my home state of georgia. as of april of 2021, we experienced a 110% increase in opioid related deaths and that number is expected to climb in 2022. the neglect at our border has only enabled drug traffickers that wish to do our people harm and made every state a border state. the biden administration's refusal to act on this crisis has resulted in thousands of lives lost, including children. as a matter of fact, one of the only things to get cheaper during joe biden's term as president is fentanyl. i'm a proud supporter of the halt fentanyl act which will permanently schedule fentanyl and prevent future mothers, fathers, daughters and sons from murder at the hands of this lethal drug. the longer we wait, the more
6:12 pm
people will die from this poison. the time to act is now. we must commit to those americans whose families have been forever altered by this administration's unwillingness to even acknowledge the crisis at our border, that this is quickly becoming a public health crisis. thank you, madam speaker, and i yield back. mr. johnson: thank you for that insight, my friend. we're told, we heard this morning in a briefing, that there are more than 140 derivative drugs of this poisonous -- that this poisonous fentanyl is being used with. it is such a crisis. i'm happy to yield two minutes next to the gentleman from tennessee, mr. rose. mr. rose: i thank the gentleman for yielding time. democrats marketed the america competes act as a bill that would decrease our economic reliance on china, and wrap up our domestic production. however, as we've already heard a more appropriate title for this bill is the america
6:13 pm
concedes act. unfortunately, they employed -- the democrats emfloyd same strategy with this bill as the build back better act. they used it as a vehicle to ram all their far-left social policies through congress without any republican input. democrats claim this bill would crack down on the chinese communist party. but it does nothing to prevent them from growing their influence here in the united states and around the world, nor does it hold china accountable for their role in the covid-19 pandemic. the america concedes act does more to advance the democrat's radical social ayen da and further their massively expensive climate change schemes than it does to improve domestic production. why does this bill which authorizes or appropriates hundreds of billions of dollars, include $2 billion in foreign aid to combat climate change or $8 billion for the united nations green climate fund?
6:14 pm
these provisions along with many others have nothing to do with our economy but everything to do with democrat's obsession with furthering their left wing agenda. this bill is just another attempt to move forward, move toward changing our great nation into a mythical socialist utopia. madam speaker, i urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to stop thinking about their woke political agendas and start foe faux cussing on getting our economy back on track. thank you and i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank you for highlighting that. as mr. rose said, there's $10.3 billion for climate funding over the next two fiscal years but there's $2 billion for climate programming authorized every fiscal year with no sunsets. i know that upset misgood friend mr. grothman of wisconsin. i'm delighted to yield two minutes to him.
6:15 pm
mr. grothman: i don't know why the public tolerates president biden's energy policy. i think it is predicated on the idea that we have some new or booming pollution problem in this country and that is not true. i ask young people to pull up pictures of pittsburgh, pennsylvania or los angeles, california, 50 years ago and you will see how much better things are than they were relatively short period of time ago. overall, the pollution has fallen 73%. meanwhile in the last 10 years, carbon dioxide has fallen 7% in the same time c.o.-2 emissions
6:16 pm
went 32% and in india, 56%. our european allies make it more expensive. steel plants are flooding to india and china and china isn't backing off and making 43 coal-fired power plants. what is the net result of energy-related jobs? it means the metal-producing foundries are headed to other countries with their jobs and u.s. and europe are weaker, those countries with the india
6:17 pm
and clean air and clean air and clean water get penalized. it is time to treat u.s. number one again for president biden to change his energy policies and get some of that. mr. good: pollution or almost-free pollution and not have the production done in china. thank you very much. mr. johnson: these energy policies from this white house are making fuel more expensive and put gasoline, it is harming the environment and american interests and i'm delighted to yield two minutes to the gentleman from from iowa. >> the american competes act he
6:18 pm
and will take strong action to combat the chinese government but includes zero measures for covid-19, and slavery is alive and well today. this bill provides has no resources and it omits provisions on security assistance to our allies and fails to curtail the modernization and weapons development. if there was ever a bipartisan issue, this should be it. this $325 billion do-nothing bill failed in multiple ways to protect america's interest. i call upon my colleagues to support legislation that will
6:19 pm
achieve laws and it should be called and this is a waste of taxpayer money. mr. johnson: you are exactly right. if the democrats were serious they would have worked across the aisle and sent our legislation to a committee but instead they are trying to jam this package of wish-list items that the american people and we aren't going to have any part of it. and i yield to the gentlemanfrom louisiana. >> i thank my good friend. the biden administration has created a crisis at our southern border and they are empowering it and they have been flying immigrants and across the united states on midnight express
6:20 pm
flights in the middle of the night. h.h.s. has conducted these flights in order to facilitate the administration's open-border policies. regarding these flights, i was told this is incredulous but i was told, it is a coincidence that they came in on the dark of night. i was born at night but not last night. i question that answer. and when questioned regarding these specifics. and thinks not right and the american people deserve better. i will be introducing the immigration notification act which will bring light to this process ensuring that the states have a say. this bill will require to notify the mple officials of the
6:21 pm
placement and transportation of illegals in their state before the process begins and grant governors the opportunity to question the placement of illegals and number three, ensure the safety from human trafficking by requiring agencies to require information about the sponsors where these young people are being placed to the governor and other relevant officials. it is time for congress and all of congress, republicans and democrats, to act. we must control the southern border and take control of the crisis that is deteriorating our country. i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank you. and that is big part all these illegals are brought to cities. my hometown of shreveport that dozens of people. and send me a notice.
6:22 pm
this legislation is important and everyone needs to know. i'm delighted to yield two minutes to the gentleman from kentucky, mr. guthrie. mr.guthrie: i rise today to address the rising number of and fentanyl is the main driver. the ban of class and if congress does not act, many of these illicit drugs would become street leg. for context, they have been four to five times more potent than fentanyl and it is 50 times stronger than hern. fentanyl was responsed for 70% of all drug overdosees and took the life of a two-year-old who
6:23 pm
inguessed opioids that he found in his mom's purse. a 13-year-old overdosed in connecticut and they found bags of fentanyl in his bedroom. and this is to save lives by reducing a criminal's incentives to republic new variations of fentanyl to evade law enforcement and we have see few fentanyl. and i'm working to pass the halt fept nil act and i'm disappointed that the democrats blocked consideration of the halt fentanyl act. now is not the time to scale back the fight against these deadly drugs. we need to stop these poisons where as 1,000 more american lives will be at stake. i thank for the gentleman for
6:24 pm
yielding. mr. johnson: i thank the gentleman. it is unimaginable and goes on every day. and i yield two minutes to the gentlewoman from iowa mrs. miller-meeks. mrs.miller-: meeks there is no question that our country has been ravaged. ourp cities and communities and we are no exception. myself and other health care providers predicted in the spring of 2020 our actions by shuttering jobs would lead to increased drug use and the iowa department of health estimated that deaths rose from 31% to 2016 to 80% in 2021.
6:25 pm
more than 100,000 americans died of drug overdosees and 64,000 were related to fentanyl up to 2,000 fentanyl deaths. and truly underscore the impact of the opioid impact. they have confiscated fentanyl and four times compared to 2019. 11, 201 pounds of fentanyl were seized in 2021 and kill the entire u.s. population over seven times. great that we are apprehending hem and border control is doing amazing work and they are coming across our borders. i have visited the border twice and spoken to law enforcement about what we can do to help them.
6:26 pm
the administration needs to address the border crisis and take it seriously. i have been working in a bipartisan manner to pass like my dump opioid act where we can agree where there is more act to be done. i look forward to make this country safer for the american people. i yield my time to the gentleman from louisiana. mr. johnson: i thank you. and i yield two minutes to the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. mr. keller: madam speaker, since the first day in office, president biden's to halt the border wall has had disastrous con see throws consequences. on top of the massive influkes of illegal aliens, the
6:27 pm
administration's has created a crisis of fentanyl in america. every community has been impacted. president biden's failed policies has turned every state into a border state and this requires the full force of the federal government. fentanyl seizures increased 134% in fiscal year 202 and not kill not one, but seven times. washington democrats tried to politicize it. now his policies have created a crisis and they are trying to ignore an issue and will worsen until the administration is forced to reimplement the trump
6:28 pm
policies that worked. thank you. and i yield back. mr. johnson: pennsylvania has so much wisdom and bring you a one-two punch and yield to another the gentleman from pennsylvania. >> i thank the gentleman from louisiana for his issue. right now, the clock is ticking. do you hear it? our communities are being destroyed by the illegal fentanyl that pours across our southern border and into the hands of many unknowing americans and two weeks from now, the emergency class-wide order that makes it illegal to possess this deadly drug to expire and many forms of fentanyl will become legal on american streets. if this happens, police officers will be powerless to stop this
6:29 pm
drug from wreaking havoc on our communities. we know the consequences of this drug. fept nil overdosees are the leading cause of death among 18-45-year-olds. just a half a mile, the fentanyl crisis claimed three more lives last week. in my district in pennsylvania, over 400 men, women and children lost their lives to opioid overdosees. this means taking responsibility. by not bringing this vote to the floor, liberals are failing their responsibility to the american people. our communities cannot wait any longer. madam speaker, now is the time to ban this deadly drug. now is the time to give law
6:30 pm
enforcement the tools that they need to keep our neighbors, our family and our communities safe. americans are counting on us. can you hear the clock ticking? now is the time to act. thank you, and i thank the gentleman for leading this special evening. mr. johnson: i thank you dr. joyce and this is a crisis.t their life to overdoses in a 12-month period and the white house are doing nothing about it, they are seemingly unconcerned. thank you so much for your voice. madam speaker, happy now to yield to the gentleman from north carolina, the youngest member of congress, maybe ever. is it ever? >> it's close. mr. johnson: my good friend, mr.
6:31 pm
mr. cawthorn: i thank my good friend, mike johnson. the sons and daughters are not foot soldiers for your jeer eatic despot. they are not pawns to be tossed carelessly around the world to god-forsaken caves and bloody sand boxes. they are americans, worthy of honor and dignity. the only salute from them joe biden deserves involves one finger. american blood is not the currency of the world. it cannot be borrowed, eexchanged or lent to any man or nation. its worth is immeasurable. american patriots in uniform signed a blank check to to their nation and already in afghanistan joe biden cashed it for 13 patriots through his reckless incompetence. the path to american national security does not lie in american international interventionism. it lies in securing our southern border noarkt russia-ukraine border ample greatness is forged in our resistance to interference. the war lobby has no ally in the america first republicans.
6:32 pm
we will preserve our strength through nationalism we will champion america first today and america first forever. we earned our greatness. let others earn theirs if joe biden hasn't prostituted our military to the military industrial complex by the time donald trump returns we will retain this shine stig on a hill. mr. johnson: thank you, mr. cawthorn, appreciate your insighs. what we have heard is members from across the country, adloses he the republican conference who represent americans all across this great land and they have expressed the people's deep concerns about the multiple crises that we face. and we have pointed out here and made the case and presented the evidence that these crises are the direct result of policy choices. by the white house and democrat leads for the congress. it's unconscionable. the american people recognize this for what it is from the fentanyl crisis to the border
6:33 pm
crisis to the energy crisis to this mockery of a bill that they're trying to jam through the congress this week. and as i conclude and the clock runs out on my air, madam speaker, i would just say, a couple of reminders about what we dahl the america concedes to china act. that is a 2,900 page bill. patched together in a back room somewhere with no regular order, no debate, no amendment process, no committee hearings, no input from the o'side of the aisle at all. the democrats went to the backroom, put together a 2,900 page bill, it's got a $325 billion price tag. and it is filled with unvetted policies, part san poison pills, provisions totally unrelated to china it doesn't do anything to address the threat from the chinese communist pear as advertised and does more harm than good. madam speaker, we could be here all night, we could be here for multiple hours highlighting all the crises. but you know, we don't have to.
6:34 pm
because the american people can see this for themselves. they see china as the greatest threat to our national security and sovereignty and everything else of our lifetime. they see the border, they see the energy, they see the covid crisis, everything this white house touches, has been a disaster. madam speaker, it's time for a change. i think the american people will let their voices be heard in the next election cycle this nall. and we are delighted that will happen we feel will say as i conclude here it cannot happen soon enough. madam speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to refeign from -- refrain from engaging in personalities toward the president. under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the gentleman from florida, mr. soto is recognized for # 0 minutes as the designee of the majority leader mr. soto: madam speaker, you're in luck. i heard a lot of complaints, no solutions. that's why my colleagues across
6:35 pm
the aisle lost the 2020 election miserably. we know what they're against. president biden said it best. what are the republicans for? what are they for? some of them joined us in some of the bills i'm about to outline but the rest of them, it's been nothing. meanwhile, democrats deliver. the american rescue plan. shots in arms. money in pockets. and we stopped another great recession. can you imagine how we'd be able to respond to delta or omicron without passing future relief? now unemployment is below 4%. we created over six, nearly seven million jobs last year. in my district we were devastated by the great recession. fore slow -- foreclosures devastated central florida. this time around foreclosures are down from 2020. americans in central florida lost their homes. last time around.
6:36 pm
this time around we put a stop to it. house republicans voted no yet republican governors took the american rescue plan money and responded to our nation's crisis. that's what we should all be doing. next we go to the bipartisan infrastructure framework. there's huge support among all americans toup grade america. our roads and bridges. our ports and airports. our clean water. clean and resilient energy. rural broadband. i have urban, suburban and rural air dwhreefs district and everyone regardless of their party background in my district is excited about that infrastructure. we have had meet wings local officials across the area and they're looking to work with us to upgrade america. according to republican senator rob portman, it helps fix supply chains and is counterinflationary. that's why 22 senators from the republican side voted yes and 10 republican colleagues here in the house voted yes.
6:37 pm
we applaud these 32 republicans for joining all democrats in voting for the infrastructure bill. what did the radical house republicans do? they attacked their own. over infrastructure. what a sad, sad legacy that is. it didn't stop a few of them from trying to take credit though. trying to take credit for projects despite voting no. but if you vote no and you try to take credit now, the message is clear. america will shame you. every day, every time. and now we turn to the competes act. madam speaker, 32 republicans joined with democrats to vote for the senate's version of this. boosting domestic microchip manufacturing. which we do in your district and i'm going to go more into that in a moment. improving supply chain for
6:38 pm
medical supplies like p.p.e. like vaccines. telecom. solar. all these critical issues. and yes, making us be able to compete against economic rivals like china, like russia, and others who don't share our values. so in the senate they're able to come together. the vast majority of them. and in the house, i hope we are. i hope we have a few of our colleagues. but then there's going to be a conference. we're going to conference this. make some deals between the house and the senate. and we're going to get something together. and that bill is going to come back. that's going to be the last shot. the last shot for both democrats and republicans to come together to ensure we can produce millions of new jobs in domestic manufacturing. i want to commend the america
6:39 pm
competes act, madam speaker, for including $52 billion to incentivize private sector investments and continued american leadership in semiconductor manufacturing and microchip manufacturing to help address supply chain disruptions and ensure more microchips are produced here at home. i heard from my local auto dealers. i heard from local manufacturers. we need to make these microchips at home and this bill helps us do that. within our district in central florida, we have the neatest city technology -- technological campus which is emerged as an emerging microchips, microeelect treasonnics manufacturing hub. we have already had made synergies with institutions of higher education across florida and key partnerships with the u.s. department of defense and u.s. department of commerce. under both the trump administration and now under the biden administration.
6:40 pm
new city is home to bridge, a not for profit public-private partnership specializing in domestic semiconductor research, development and manufacturing. a world renowned international research and development organization active in the semiconductor design and architecture space also has a presence there. s.u.s.s. microtech, a leading supplier of equipment and processing solutions for the industry are working there. and sky water technology, the only u.s. o-owned pure play trusted foundry that works on leading edge advanced technology for microchips and microelectronics. they are all working out in collaboration at the center of neovation at nio city, one of the most state of the art manufacturing facilities in the western hemisphere. as envisioned by this important legislation, the facility and experts at bridge, imec, suss
6:41 pm
microtech and sky water technology offer immediate capability to accelerate u.s. production of critical semiconductor chips, strengthen the domestic supply chain so chips are made right here in america, and turbocharge our research capacity. equally as important, neo city academy, a public magnet high school is training the leaders of tomorrow's science and technology work force. i am proud of the work being undertaken in our district to support nestic semiconductor manufacturing technology development as they work to address the spy chain. i look forward to working with the administration and the u.s. department of commerce on implementation of the american competes act and the chip for america fund. in this bill, we are able to get an amendment to clarify that chips funding also includes nonprofits. like places like neo city and we
6:42 pm
appreciate the house for supporting this. adding nonprofits to the definition of covered entities, expand the semiconductor incentive program to include nonprofit entities, clarifying that nonprofit entities like 501-c-3 facilities like neo city are eligible for funding under the semiconductor program. we're helping with aerospace there we're starting to work with commercial space like nasa. and space x and blue origin. the bill also includes my second amendment. with we know that we are boosting forward, madam speaker, on artificial intelligence. we need to make sure as we're doing that and seeing more autonomous vehicles and other artificial intelligence uses that we are training our labor force ahead of time for the jobs of today and tomorrow. that's why i'm proud the a.i. jobs act passed as an amendment
6:43 pm
and directs the department of lay pour to create a report analyzing the future of artificial intelligence and its impacts on the work force. specifically the report would collect data to analyze which industries are protected of the most growth through artificial intelligence and the demographics which makes variants expanded career opportunities through -- and those most vulnerable to job displacement. this is an inclusion of our stand alone bill h.r. 6553, the a.i. jobs act. thirdly we were able to include an amendment for the block chain and crypto currency specialists within the office of science and technology policy. the director of the office of science and technology policy is required to establish a block chain and crypto currencies advisory specialist position within the office to advise the
6:44 pm
president on matters realed to blockchain and crypto currencies. they advise the president and others within the executive office of the president of the sign isk, engineering and technological aspects of the economy, national security, homeland security, health, foreign relations and the environment. it is critical to create such a position within ostp to ensure there is a policy expert capable of advising the president and others within the executive office on these issues of growing national importance. but wait, there's more, madam speaker. because we got our restoring resilient reefs act which passed through our natural resources committee to re-authorize the coral reef conservation act, the crca, which expired nearly 15 years ago, it main -- it maintains the noaa coral reef program while also introducing
6:45 pm
overdue improvements to coral management and restoration efforts, and giving innovative new tools to partners close to this crisis. states, territories, tribes, communities, and universities. we know we know the great florida reeve is in danger and we are doing everything to restore it. this is critical to our recreation, clean water, to protect habitat, and to tourism. a few inclusions that passed bipartisan is a five-year authorization on restoration activity for natural disasters where it has degraded the ecosystem. this is funded at $32 million. it creates a block grant program where states and territories can
6:46 pm
receive federal management funds where the prior year and getting action plans in place will have increased investment. and we are helping partnerships that are key tore water sphrawrk upgrades and regrowing reeves and and ensures states continue to have a voice in u.s. coral reef management. public feedback is essential. establishing guidelines to implement the national strategy
6:47 pm
given the state and local authorities. these action plans will focus restoration efforts more effectively and allow for emergency grants and funds for coral disasters. this is critical for hurricane-prone areas like florida and will assist with oil spills and other major pollution events. we thank all house members who supported this for its inclusion along with these technological amendments and in this essential piece of legislation that allows us to compete in the 21st century and in the name and together we are going to get this done. in honor of black history month, i would like to recognize
6:48 pm
dr. fay bellamy and worked in the school districts. presently and works part-time as a professor at polk state college. she has countless hours organizing and implementing dropout prevention programs and training teachers and working to improve our local schools. she has a masters degree in education and specialist agree and doctorate in educational leadership until higher leadership. she has research to help students to obtain and worked many years toll improve the school system for plaque people and her focus has been changing seeking solutions for low
6:49 pm
academic performance and low test scores. dr. bellamy is director of chain of lakes and cola was designed to assist the schools and test scores and dr. haas worked with government officials to improve black neighborhoods and has been instrumental in bringing about changes that include installing sidewalks and speed bumps and creating programs and increasing upgrading housing and construction at restoration parks, assisting businesses and more. she has contributed to the community by providing housing and employment as an entrepreneur. dr. bellamy has served as a housing commissioner and affiliated with the hurst
6:50 pm
chapel, naacp and concerned citizens and received of the national coalition of 100 black women, the naac pmp, cola and jew it high school. she received the key to the winter haven. dr. bellamy, we honor you. in honor of black history month, i would like to recognize dr. eugenia agards. his has a desire to help communities and she provide services to alleviating debilitating conditions. she has a private practice. her treatment model is to treat
6:51 pm
the whole person. her area is treating patients from ptsd and co-occurring with depression. she is a great speaker and work shops to promote healthy living from the inside out. the doctor has health forums for the community and schools and providing topics focused on topics of hypertension, obesity, breadth cancer and bullying and more. she abates the stigma of health and signs and symptoms of mental health. dr. has been on the front line
6:52 pm
to provide counseling services during cries sees and world crises. during the pulse nightclub shooting she organized forums for everyone impacted by this is act of terrorism. dr. offered counseling services to front-line workers creating solutions for self-care, prevention of burnout and production techniques. the doctor created a forum, hugs healing hour for organizations to restore the sense of community. she provided therapeutic coping skills. she continues to educate the community creating forum explore
6:53 pm
fiction and fact. dr. serves in on boards and organizations and serves as health chair and health director of a nonprofit where she provides for this and more, dr. eugenia agard, we honor you. in honor of black history month, i recognize kimberly saunders. she is in her fourth year of the central florida chapter of the national nba a not for profit organization whose mission is to lead in educational, wealth-building for those and since 2015 and served in
6:54 pm
capacities as partnerships' chair, vice president of operations and a mentor for the leaders of tomorrow program in the areas of preparation and financial literacy and life skills. she has been developing securing grants and fundraising to provide the organization with resources to serve its members and community through the central florida region. her dedication and the mission will recognize in 2021 as she was one of two award yeses to for the organization which has 41 chapters. professionally, kimberly has spent the last 11 years in the financial. andrew: l.l.c., state of florida
6:55 pm
advisory company in her role as an investment advisory and certified she serves her clients' best interest by providing sound advice and serves as a for the golds borough porch council. she is also a member of the local chapter of the florida agricultural and mechanical university. and she earned her bachelor of administration. at the core are her faith and family and hopes to impact lives personally and professionally. for this and more, kimberly saunders, we honor you. in honor of black history month, i would like to recognize melody taylor. who is a board certified nurse.
6:56 pm
she has earned a masters of science in management and currently pursuing a doctoral degree in nursing. he is working at orlando health. she is recognized as an advocate having led to help families succeed. in 2007-2014, she engaged with the city of orlando office of community affairs to improve social determinants of health at-risk population and was a volunteer for the city of orlando. her leadership was the key driver in mobilizing low-income families along with the collaborations of nonprofit faith-based business and governmental entities. ms. taylor is a founding member
6:57 pm
and president of black nurses rock orlando. andrew: a member of the rock foundation where she has served for 23 chapters across the united states. ms. taylor was recognized as the black nurses rock leader of the year in 20818. community advocacy has been a priority for melody and will continue to empower top advance in the field of nursing and promote decreased health care disparties. she is the middle child of five children and mother to a handsome son named onand beautiful daughter and six beautiful grandchildren. melody will continue her volunteer service to build a
6:58 pm
better community living in central florida and across the globe. for this and more, melody taylor, we honor you. in honor of black history month, i would like to recognize officer carol bradley. officer bradley has served and protected the citizens of winter haven, florida for 30 years. officer bradley served in the u.s. army from 18980 to 1983. in 1986 she followed her dreams and followed her dream in law enforcement. she worked as a correction officer at polk correctional institution. after working with t.c.i., she decided to take her dream a step further. as the first african american-american female service officer for the city of winter haven. she served as the gmwill
6:59 pm
ambassador and bridging the gap between the city police and the citizens in the community. in 1993, she transitiononned from the civilian position to sworn officer position and promoted until october of 1997. she then was awarded the chief accommodation of outstanding in january of 2001. she enjoyed serving her community through church activities and optimismift club aword and received several letters of accommodation. she received the bureau of acome dpaition for the erm protection of residential and received the circle of love award for the ridge career center for contributions to single mothers and the homeless and promoted a
7:00 pm
master officer in may of 2017 mentoring the youth was a rewarding experience as well. making history once again, officer bradley was the first hod for the city of winter haven and that was very rewarding for her. from 2006 to 2018, she worked in winter haven's public schools as a school she also worked as a dare officer she spent 35 years as a law enforcement officer. she's married to her spouse, terry bradley, they have two daughter, one son and two granddaughters. for this and more, officer carol bradley, we honor you.
7:01 pm
in honor of black history month, i would like to recognize reg northward -- reg gnarled hardy. reginald hardy is the information technology leader for florida's turnpike enterprise and has more than 22 years of state government experience with a focus on strategic plan, budget, building and leading support and development teams in a public sector setting. he earned the bengie watts leader of the year for the authority in 2020. he currently serves as member of the board of directors for the osceola county council on age, the osceola historical society and a member they have city of kissimmee's fire pension board. he also serves the community as a member and officer of bethel a.m.e. church, naacp and alpha phi alpha fraternity. he's served on the board of
7:02 pm
directors for the utility authority. he was the first african-american to serve on the kua board. the kissimmee utility authority board of directors established an electrical line workers scholarship in the name of reginald hardy and rededicated its employee events building as the reginald hardy employee pavilion. he was also recognized by the diss mi city commission with a proclamation. -- proclamation he received the distinguished leadership and service award from osceola visionaries for positively impacting the community in the spirit of teaching and example of dr. martin luther king jr. he is also a recipient of the american public power association spence vannedder linden public official award. hardy is a native of kissimmee, tborn a mid wife of kissimmee's
7:03 pm
lake street. he's a veteran of the army reserve a university of florida alumnus and graduate of florida state university's public manager program. for this and more, mr. reginald hardy, we honor you. in honor of black history month, i would like to recognize tanisha nun gary a consummate business professional and accomplished attorney, taneshia nun gary is the president and c.e.o. of the african-american chamber of commerce of central florida, a leading advocate for business development and economic empowerment. as head of the established nonprofit she's responsible for cultivating strong relationships with key community leaders and corporate entities to enhance opportunities for members and engage partners on initiatives. she oversees all outreach efforts for the chamber which encompasses six counties and she
7:04 pm
executes strategic planning to ensure the chamber's choice is included in economic, education and community conversations that impact the region. the aacccf boasts a varied membership that revolves around four pillars -- advocacy, access to capital, contracts, and entrepreneur training and development. as a former business owner, taneshia is intiptly familiar with what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur and is uniquely qualified to lead the aacccf into its next chapter to have -- chapter of growth. prior to being named president of the aacccf, she was principal of a private law firm focused on all aspects of litigation from wrongful death days and medical negligence. her solo practice and early work as a senior associate for gary williams watson and gary landed
7:05 pm
multiple dollar settlements. in addition to her legal produce syces she served as director of the gary foundation where she identified major donor prospects to help provide scholarships to florida youth. she's an active member of several zivic and professional associations including the orange county mayor jerry demings dr. martin luther king jr. initiative, trust advisory board, orlando economic board, united arts board and florida association of chamber professionals. in 2021, she was named as one of the orlando business journal's krrmt e.o.'s of the year and a 50 central nay power player. additionally the orlando magic recognized her as a hometown hero and a social justice game changer. she's also a member of jack and jill of america incorporated, orlando chapter of the lynx incorporated a life member of
7:06 pm
alpha kappa alpha sorority incorporated as well a garage watt of spellman college and quinnipiac school of law she enjoys travel, read, baking and spending time with her is on. for this and more, taneshia nun gary rewe honor you. in honor of black history month i would like to recognize tony jenkins. tony jenkins is the florida blue market president for the central florida region where he provides strategic oversight and leads a team in developing business plans to increase and maintain -- retain membership, enhance brand visibility and coordinate employee engagement. tony was instrumental in establishing florida blues diversity program in 2001. prior to joining florida blue, jenkins served as the director of diversity for c.s.x. corporation, the largest rail network in the eastern united states. he also spent 18 years with the
7:07 pm
walt disney world company in various roles specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion. under tony's leadership in central florida, florida blue has been recognized as a best place to work andout standing diverse organization and corp. philanthropy honoree. she's an advocate for several causes, he's a past chair for united arts of central florida and florida commission on human relations he serves on the board of florida citrus sports and is a board of us from tees -- trustees at the stetson university. he's chair-elect for the orlando economic partnership board where he serves as chair for their d.e.i. task force engaging oral's business leaders across varied industries. tony has been recognized by the orlando business journal as one of central florida's top 10 businessmen to watch and c.e.o. of the year. most recently he received the
7:08 pm
publication's diversity in business lifetime achievement award. he's also a business leader of the year award recipient he holds a bachelor of arts in hospitality management from morris brown college in atlanta, georgia. for this and more, tony jenkins, we honor you. in honor of black history month, i would like to recognize marisa jefferson lyess. she's the daughter of wilber sr. and janie jefferson. her father's successful fruit contracting business brought the family to polk county, florida, where she embarked on an amazing journey of academic excellence. after graduating from effingham county high school in georgia, mari krirvetion a returned to florida and went to polk state college
7:09 pm
she receive an associate degree in liberal arts and matriculated to the almighty bethune cookman college now bethune cookman university, reseving a bachelor's degree in education. in the phrase can't stop, won't stop, was a person who would be the title holder of that mant rasm she continued her studies at the university of south florida receiving a master of education in organizational leadership scheffel took herringsal talents to the polk county school board where she spent 16 years as a certified educator holding various positions such as elementary teacher, reading coach, medical academy director and health science clinical nurse and instructor. her gift ofbeing an educator and nurturer aloud her to receive they are botch lohr's in nursing from polk state college she went to florida southern college and obtained her master's degree in nurse, specializing as a family nurse practitioner.
7:10 pm
she is currently matriculating her doctorate in the same college with a projected completion date of 2023. mrs. jefferson lyess truly lives the words divinely speaking life one breath at a time. notage has she achieved everything she set her mean to possess but she's also the epitome of a leader, advocate, nurturer and mentor. her compassion for people and help others stems from a generational line of educators and nurses including a great grandmother who was a nurse-mid wife. the same dedication she carries as a nurse and community leader allowed her to recognize the need for more nurses and nursing assistants she started a company that offers training and prep courses for nurses in the pandemic ince since that void needs to be filled for the community. she's the own over device essential medical academy l.l.c. as well as other business ventures.
7:11 pm
she is a blessed wife and mother and god mother, she's an inspiration to her family, friends and community. for that and more, we honor her. in honor of black history month, i would like to recognize valparisaj. baker, a native floridian who most recently served as chief diversity officer at polk state college. prior to her recent retiermt, ms. baker was employeed with the college since 1988, where she held multiple positions of advancement. she has a master's degree in higher education from the national lewis university, a bachelor's degree if the university of central florida, and an associate degree from polk state college. ms. baker has a strong commitment to her church, the new ant oklahoma missionary baptist church where she serves
7:12 pm
as an active first lady she serves as chairperson for the education scholarship ministry, adviser for the women intermediate ministry, pastors'ed aministry and immediate wra ministry. she is the newly appointed vice president for the minister's wives, ministersy dhoafs first south mission anywhere baptist of the southeast region. she's received numerous citations and awards from organizations. most recently she received the 2021 drum major for justice award presented by the hain city naacp, was the 2021 juneteenth on norree for the -- honore, as well as the degree being honored be the council for boy scouts. she's part of the black american affairs leadership program,
7:13 pm
florida chancellors leadership program, winter haven leadership, winter hain class x.x. and polk vision polk class 5. she's active in sisk groups and serves on numerous boards including the florenceville community development center, polk vision leadership council and the city of winter haven juneteenth steering committee. she has a strong passion for equity, diversity and inclusion. through her community involvement she continues her commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion for all. ms. baker enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. she and her husband of 34 years, reverend derek l. baker have two children, steven and markita and two grandsons, gavin and milaki. for this and more, ms. baker, we honor you. madam speaker, i thank you for your time and yield back.
7:14 pm
the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. perry, for 30 minutes. mr. perry: thank you, madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and submit
7:15 pm
extraneous materials. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. perry: madam speaker, ladies and gentlemen, yesterday the house freedom caucus held an offsite, unsanctioned hearing on the circumstances at the border. we did that because we can't have a hearing right here in the capitol. it's not allowed. the majority party won't allow us to talk about it. doesn't want to talk about it themselves. expecting the state of the union address from the president in about a month, and i suspect he won't talk about it then either. but the american people want to talk about it they want to know about it they deserve to know about it, it is happening in their country. madam speaker, article 2, section 3 of the constitution says that the president shall faithfully execute the laws. shall faithfully execute the laws. we have laws on the books. passed in this house, sent to the senate and ratified by a signature by the president of the united states. that are being violated.
7:16 pm
that are being violated, not just disregarded, but actively, actively violated by the president of the united states. actively violated. what does that mean? what is that? what would you call -- what would you call it when the chief executive officer, the president of the united states, who takes an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and the law of the land, not only disregards them but actively works to subvert that? them? what would you call that? i'll let you decide that. we learned a lot of things at the hearing. it was a great time. one of the things that you might not know, as the speaker's designee, as citizens, is that there's an organization, the international organization for migration, within the united nations. the united nations that your tax dollars go pay for, we don't know how much, but the i.o.m. is counseling people to come across
7:17 pm
our border illegally. counseling them so that they can subvert the laws that your duly elected legislature has passed, has been signed by the president, and should be enforced by the executive branch. and you're paying, your tax dollars are going to pay for people to break the law, to come into your country illegally. up to two million, probably over two million, right, two million, about two million that the border patrol has touched in the last year. has touched. who knows how many that they haven't even interacted with. and that's just one year. how long, madam speaker, how long will this go on? today is ground hog's day. i'm from pennsylvania. we have the chief prognosticator, punxsutawney phil, who is predicting another six weeks of winter, right? this is groundhog's day in america for every citizen because every day when they wake up, it's not another six weeks, the not another six minutes, it's not another six months.
7:18 pm
we hope to the good lord it's not going to be another six years that this keeps happening this keeps happening every single day. it is unacceptable. there was a movie made about it which was a comedy but this isn't a comedy. this is a tragedy. this is horrific for our country. it is undermining the very things that we stand for and we ask, we beseech our president to make it end. with that, i recognize the gentlelady from colorado, mrs. boebert. mrs. boebert: thank you to the gentleman from pennsylvania. and the chairman of the freedom caucus. thank you for leading on this issue and thank you for putting together a hearing yesterday so we could hear from people who are on the ground at the southern border. it was so difficult to look these border patrol agents in the eye and hear their frustration, to hear their hearts cry, to say that they feel useless in their capacity
7:19 pm
in their jobs. they said that they used to work all day and go home feeling like they had accomplished something. but since biden took office, that's no longer the case. since january 20, when the so-called president of the united states canceled construction of the border wall, since then these men and women have felt like they are not providing a service to the american people. when i was talking with these agents, one thing that they said was, this isn't a resource issue. we aren't here to ask for more money. we aren't here to ask for more personnel or more infrastructure. we just need policies. policy solves this. returning to the trump era policies solves this. canceling construction of a
7:20 pm
border wall and still continuing to pay out federal contracts, $5 million each day, is not solving this problem. nearly two million illegal aliens coming into our country, and that's not even counting the hundreds of thousands of got-aways that are not included in that number. and, madam speaker, i understand that this is a special order, but i think it would do you and your party a service if you would lift your head and pay attention to what's being said on the house floor of the united states of representatives. maybe that's too much trouble to ask of you, madam speaker. but we are here talking about real issues that are impacting america. and you still continue to sit and ignore what i'm saying. i think that's very reflective of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, who have ignored what's going on at the southern border, who have ignored the children who are
7:21 pm
being trafficked by cartels. who have enriched the cartels, who have smuggled in enough fentanyl to kill every american at least seven times over. madam speaker, this should concern you. as a mother of four boys, it certainly concerns me. and all we need to do simplement policy to concern -- is implement policy to secure the southern border. allow our border patrol agents to do their jobs. have someone in the white house who will faithfully execute the law and uphold it. we are here to hold people accountable who are not doing those things. and, madam speaker, let the record show that you still have not glanced up one time to acknowledge this humanitarian crisis that is taking place in our country. chairman perry, thank you so much for leading on this issue. i yield back to you. mr. perry: i thank the
7:22 pm
gentlelady. i now recognize the gentleman, mr. tiffany, a great member of our effort here. mr. tiffany: thank you, chairman perry. madam speaker, i'm assuming this mic is live, is that correct? it is, ok. thank you very much. and thank you for sitting in the chair tonight. we appreciate you being here during this period of time. and i think the person that just appeared before us said he does not know what republicans stand for. republicans stand for secure borders. we stand for a strong national security. we stand for an america that we represent americans first. and that is what we stand for here tonight. the biden administration has turned the united states government, our government, whether you're a republican, democrat, or any other
7:23 pm
affiliation, into the largest human trafficking operation in the history of the world. and it's so sad to see that happen. it doesn't have to be that way. let's go back to january 20, just a little over a year ago. what happened? remain in mexico was ended. border wall construction was ended. catch and release was initiated. and that's exactly what we have seen in our country now over the last year. i'm going to share my story, if i may, tonight. i've been here less than two years, mr. chairman. first trip that i took was down to the arizona border in june of 2020. i saw the successes down there. i saw local units of government working with state and federal government to control our borders, to make sure that those that chose to come into our country legally, they would get in line and they would go
7:24 pm
through the process. it was under control. i saw that border wall construction down in arizona. fast forward to a little less than a year ago, april of 2021. i go down to the rio grande. out of control. and from what i understand, it's even worse now than april of 2021. from there i went down to panama, at the behest of the border patrol saying, you should see that this is not just about mexico. this is not just about the northern triangle. there are people coming from all over the world. so i went down to the gap in panama, at the end of may of 2021. and what i saw was breath taking. people coming out of the jungle, having to be wheelbarrowed to the medical tent. hearing stories of the estimates that 10% of the people that tried to get through that
7:25 pm
jungle, some of the most dens jungle -- dense jungle you'll find on the face of the earth, 10% of the people were dying. as a result of the actions that a president took on january 20 of 2021. the border is open. that was the message to those people. and it has reaped havoc on people's lives that thought, if i can just make it to america. many of them have not done that. and as the chairman said, we've got an organization that is getting fully funded by the united nations, which, what, we put 25% of the money into the united nations? the international organization for migration, i.o.m., or sometimes it goes by o.i.m., i saw them at the rio grande. i saw them at the gap. i saw them at fort mccoy when
7:26 pm
the afghan evacuees came to our country. i.o.m. every step of the way giving people remittances, giving them debit cards, being funded by you and i, the american public. we are funding those people coming here to the united states of america. at the behest of an organization that believes in open borders and does not relieve -- believe in the sovereignty not just of the united states but of any country on the face of this earth. it is time for our judiciary committee, chairman nadler, to have hearings about what is this organization all about? now, i'm not going to hold my breath expecting that to happen. but that is what should happen. and if the american people want to know the truth, you are going to have to take action in this election year of 2022.
7:27 pm
if you want this to change. because it is evident by the secretary, as designated by president biden, he's going to do nothing about it. we heard it in the video that we saw recently when the border patrol agents proudly stood up and they said, you are the reason, secretary, for this problem, and you could stop it now. so here's what we stand for. to the gentleman that was here earlier. here's what we stand for. we stand for legal immigration. i think about members of my family. my extended family that came into this country recently, legally, did it the right way, paid the money. and they didn't pay the money to a cartel. they paid it to the united
7:28 pm
states government to do it the right way. that's what we stand for is legal immigration. we stand for stopping the flow of drugs that are killing americans in record numbers. we stand for respecting our borders. we stand with our border patrol and all those people that are in security that just want to make sure that people come into our country legally. i stand for an america that is great. i stand with america first. and if people of the united states of america want to bring this under control, this scourge that has hit our country as a result of the actions of a president on january 20, 2021, you need to stand with us in november of 2022.
7:29 pm
i yield back. mr. perry: i thank you, tom. so well said. look, we all want to help. all of us want to help. we joined -- we ran, earned this position to speak on the behalf of our constituents in our homes and our home districts. we all want to help, america's the most generous country on the planet and we know there are people that are wanting, that are hurting, that are seeking a better opportunity. we have a process here. if you ask the american people to obey the law, why is it too hard to ask people who aren't american citizens to obey the law? yet that's exactly what's happening. that's exactly what's happening. it is unacceptable. i'd like to recognize the great lady from georgia, ms. green. -- mrs. green. mrs. greene: thank you so much. maybe you can help me with some things. i'm new to congress. i'm a freshman member of congress. and i've been pretty shocked. i thought congress' role is to
7:30 pm
create a budget for the united states for our government, and we're about to run out of money in just a few weeks. the 117th congress hasn't produced a budget to keep the government open. it's appalling to me as a business own that are we're even in this situation. you know, private businesses go out of business when we are not able to produce a budget that makes a profit, to be able to pay our employees, to be able to buy our materials and continue. so that's something i'm struggling with. and i'm also struggling with this, mr. pery i heard the democrats present -- perry. i heard the democrats present a bill today that they're wanting to pascualed the competes act -- pass called the competes act. having to do with our american jobs and having to do with american jobs in relation to china here's the struggle for me, where i struggle, american jobs are so important. but yet our border is wide open. and being invaded every sipingle day. and i just can't comprehend
7:31 pm
while congress doesn't pass legislation and write into law that illegal aliens should be deported. because illegal ail generals are competing with american jobs and i find that to be a major problem, especially being in the construction industry where we have to employee legal -- where we have to employ legal americans to do these jobs. that doesn't seem to be the case. maybe you can help me out here. mr. perry: i don't know if i can help you with that, marjorie. i was also in business. we had had a mechanical contracting business. it's hard, heavy work. we too hired american citizens we had to have documentations for the folks that we hired. wouldn't it be great, you brought it up, the competes act, with china, they consider us the enemy. first of all the competes act doesn't do anything to secure america from an aggressive, bellicose china. shouldn't the competes act be about a come pet ty america?
7:32 pm
and what about the competition that american citizens are in in their own country for their own jobs with people that are here illegally. shouldn't the competes act be about making sure people don't come here illegally? and let's face it, some folks already talked a about -- talked about the policy, the border patrol said we need the policy. policy in place. laws are in place. article ii, section 3 says the president will faithfully execute, but if the president doesn't faithfully execute the laws that are in place, whether we call the competes act something against china or whether it's about american citizens who have to compete in their own country against foreigners, if no one is going to faithfully execute it, it's in the going to matter. mrs. greene: absolutely, mr. perry we learned yesterday that border patrol agents are completely demoralized. that they are not even capable of doing the job they were hired to do, that our united states government hired them to do. because their authorities are
7:33 pm
not allowing them to do it. so they're not able to deport illegal aliens. so that our american people can have jobs. no. our american people are having to compete with them. but even worse, what we learned, is about fentanyl. fentanyl coming from china. that's what bothered me when i was listening today to the democrats debate this bill with us. is that only in this competes act bill it mentioned fentanyl 10 times. only 10 times. but yet it's chinese fentanyl coming from communist china that is killing young people, it's the number one cause of death with americans age 18 to 45. that's a tragedy. yet we've been controlled by covid-19. children in school are forced to wear masks. people are told they have to take vaccines. it's totally out of control. but yet it's fentanyl from china and here's something else maybe you can help me out with this, mr. perry, since i'm new here, why doesn't the joe biden administration, why don't the
7:34 pm
democrats care about doing something about fentanyl, a horrible poison coming in from china, but yet they care more about coral reefs? mr. perry: i think that's a great question. over 100,000 dead fromover dose of fentanyl coming through our southern border. yet we're locked down, in the united states, the capital city, people from across the country can't come here and get a meal, can't even come into the capitol. i also like to recognize mr. cleveland from georgia. he should get in on this. maybe you can "antz" your colleague's question, i sure can't. mr. cleveland: i just think the democrats they don't know how to govern this city. that's a huge issue. we can see that with what's happening on the southern border. president biden's raging border
7:35 pm
crisis and the horm it inflicks on our great country, the daibltion catastrophes i cannot ignore. we're talking about over two million illegal crossings in a single year. thousands of pounds of fentanyl seized as we talked about and an unknown number of illegal my grants, some with criminal records, some on the terrorist watch list, released entia hundreds of communities across the nation, yet out of cowardice or complacency or both the democrats remain silent on record high levels of illegal migrant crossings and drug seases seizures at our southern border. mr. cleveland: -- mr. clyde: my republican colleagues and vie responded with legislation on what's really happening on biden's watch. the house caucus held a hearing on the biden administration's open border policies and inadequate border security just yesterday. during this hear, we heard numerous witnesses describe the
7:36 pm
fire of chaos at the border and the policies that have nailed flames. many americans know about the ongoing border crisis and its root causes, joe biden and his crisis-ridden failed administration with a 33% approval rating, yet i don't believe the american people are aware of the united nations involvement that aids migrants on their expedition to our southern border. according to one of the witnesses that parties payed in our hearing yesterday, todd bentzman, u.n. agencies such as the international office of migration and the united nations commissioner for refugees and their counterparts are providing assistance including financial assistance to help migrants on their journey. # where they will eventually attempt to illegally cross the united states border. this witness said they supply
7:37 pm
reusable cash cards worth hundreds of dollars each and cash-filled envote lopes to stloins my frant trail from south america to texas. this is unbelievable, illogical and just plain wrong. the united nations is actively subverting the safety of our southern border theism about that statement for a moment. just think about it. but guess again who is funding the bill. it's the american taxpayer. the united states contributes billions of dollars to the united nations every year meaning our citizen are paying for fraudulent u.n. programs that contribute to the very border crisis that is threatening their lives and livelihoods. it's also absolutely ludicrous that our clint is funding programs that -- and the u.n. simultaneously derails our national security, sovereignty and freedoms. as our national debt just hit $30 trillion, this senseless spending isn't just fiscally
7:38 pm
irresponsible it's also morally bankrupt. as it enables illegal migrants, human traffickers, drug smugglers, dangerous criminals and terrorists to take advantage of the biden administration's open border policies. enough is enough. we must defend, we must defund all these u.n. programs, not defund the police, but defund the u.n. programs that encourage foreigners to violate our laws, to breech our border, to jeopardize our nation and put americans last. thank you and i yield back. mr. perry: i thank the gentleman and inquire from the chair the time remaining. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman has five minutes remaining. mr. perry: five minutes, thank you, madam speaker. i'd like to recognize my great friend from texas, mr. chip roy, he's been on the front lines of the issue and when people say, i just want to add, i don't want to take from rainshower time but people say what would you cut?
7:39 pm
you know what i'd cut? money going to the u.n., to pay for people to come to our country and cross our border illegally. how about cutting that. sorry. mr. roy: i agree with my friend from pennsylvania. i appreciate you having this time on the floor and appreciate my colleagues coming down. the state of texas is on the frontlines, under seenl, deal twheg scourge of open borders. the dangers that are provided by cartellance the illegal elements that come across the border on a daily basis and this body does nothing about it this week we're going to entertain legislation that will do nothing to combat china. nothing to stop china from continuing to run rampant around this world, violating human rights, undermining our national security, and we're going to put together a nonsense bill that's a green new deal agenda, you know, pacify and appease china bill when we should be saying what the woman from texas said to the coach of the miracle on ice hockey team, beat those comeie bastards. that's what we ought to be saying.
7:40 pm
that's what we ought to be doing. but no, no, no. here we sit. doing nothing. you know we are doing some sleeping while our boarder is wide open. s were than that, the biden administration, secretary mayorkas, are taking purposeful steps, purposeful steps to open our border, disregard the law and to fail to faithfully execute the luffs the united states. our country is in danger and americans are dying. americans are dying specifically because of the actions of the secretary of homeland security. that's what's actually occurring. we have fence rusting in fields in texas. we have contracts not being paid, in fact, we're paying people not to work, not to build the fences. we're not using migrant protection protocols. we're not using title 42, we're releasing people into the united states against federal law and we're not doing anything to secure the border and therefore the secretary of homeland security should be impeached for it. i make one final point.
7:41 pm
jen psaki, white house press secretary, stood at the podium and lafd, laughed, about our commentary about the borders being open and our streets being unsafe. and she lied. she lied about border patrol agents whipping migrants. it was purposeful. it was done to divide our nation by race. the same kind of division that has the president of the united states choosing the race and the sex of the supreme court justice, the same man who blocked janis rogers brown, blocked a black woman supreme court justice, blocked and hispanic, miguel estrada, because he's hispanic because he's not the right kind of hispanic. that's the truth. that's -- that's the truth of a president and administration that wants to divide our country by race. i they want to lie about our border patrol agents and don't want to do a dang thing ain't. i yield back. mr. perry: if you'll join me in a colloquy in the remaining two minute, my good friend from texas, mr. roy, sent a letter asking for the report, didn't
7:42 pm
we, on this -- these border patrol agents that had been suspended for allegedly whipping these haitian illegal crossers and of course it never happened even the reporter, the photographer that took the picture said it never happened. the only thing that was abused or whipped was the truth and the reputation of our fine border patrol agents. where does that stand right now? mr. roy: i'm glad the gentleman from pennsylvania asked the question. it stands nowhere. they're not giving us any report. they said it would be a couple of weeks away. i can you why, the report will demonstrate there was no whip, it was a lie. they owe an apology to the border patrol agents who are being abused on the frontlines, having gunfire shot at them, dealing with covid, no apology. mr. perry: what about to the american people for lying to the american people and creating this division? didn't our chief executive run and say that he was going to unite the country? didn't he say that? he was going to unite the country? isn't this an opportunity,
7:43 pm
release the report, look, none of us are perfecter we all fall short. i think we can agree, one thing we can aimre on. when you fall short, is there something wrong with apologizing for your failures? mr. roy: the president should apologize for that and the president should apologize to every parent of a dead american kid who takes xanax and dies because it's laced with fentanyl because of our open borders. mr. perry: and the secretary just went to the border. mr. roy: and the border patrol said we're doing nothing. but my colleagues on the other side of the aisle wouldn't know that because we never have hearings inviting those on the frontlines to talk and hold the secretary accountable. mr. perry: i thank my colleagues from the freedom caucus for coming and talking about the border. the left and the majority in this house refuse to do it, the president refuses to doyt, but we don't refuse to do it. our community is in peril, somebody has to say and do something about it
7:44 pm
with that, i yield the balance. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities toward the president and to direct their remarks to the chair and not to a perceived viewing audience. under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the chair recognizes the gentleman from wisconsin, mr. grothman, for 30 minutes. mr. grothman: thank you very much. joe biden -- president biden and the progressives frequently talk about equity and prejudice. and they think we have a lot of discrimination in this country and some people are treated better than others. i don't think that's a problem. i think it's -- his rashes are solely designed to tear down america and create resentments. i look at my own district of people, of noneuropean descent, whether i look at the mung from laos or sikhs from india, i see
7:45 pm
people who come here who grew up in lands in which their native tongue wasn't american, most of the religion wasn't christianty and they're thriving in america. but there is one group in the united states in general and joe biden in particular if you look at his build back better bill, seems to hate overtly and there's discrimination against this group. married couples with children. karl marks was against the neuroklee -- nuclear family because it was self-supported and perhaps educated the children in morals and values that may be different from what the government wants. he wanted the government to raise the children. black lives matter, which played a central role in retaining the majority for the democrats last november, had on its website that its goal was to get rid of the western prescribed nuclear family until it was taken down. by the way, that's one of the most dishonest statements ever.
7:46 pm
families with mom and dad and kids are from all around the world. from asia, from south america, from africa. the idea that an old-fashioned nuclear family is only european is preposterous. but nevertheless that's what they said. but i get it. there are people in this world who don't want the father supporting the family. now let's look at what is going on in the build back better bill. robert rect osks r of the heritage -- rector of the heritage foundation has been a fine analysis of build back better on nuclear families. frequently welfare programs disincentivize work and disincentivize marriage. ok? and how they do it is obvious. if you work harder you don't get those benefits. be it low income housing, be it snap, be it medicaid.
7:47 pm
the harder you work they begin to take away benefits. furthermore these programs discourage marriage because if a mother, usually the mother, if a mother marries a man who has a decent income, she's no longer considered in poverty and, again, all the programs, the daycare, the earned income tax credit, the snap, disappear. this is why i call what happens in the build back better bill a part of the war on marriage. this began with lyndon johnson, for my money the worst president this country has ever had. and not for the way he conducted the vietnam war. i was old enough to remember what he said about lyndon johnson, but what developed into a war on marriage.
7:48 pm
it's hard to believe but when they started the welfare system in the 1960's, only 7% of the children were born out of wedlock. that number's now 40%. it's stayed pretty static since the 1990's. but it's clear in the build back better bill that president biden is trying to push that number up above 40%. i recently heard of a young girl being advised by her mother to get pregnant. not to get pregnant and get married, but to get pregnant because it would open up a variety of government benefits. and mom felt this was the way to go through life. build back better, and it depends which benefits we're looking at, could increase the number of benefits when put on everything else up to $14,000 penalty for getting married. in other words, we do what we can to discourage marriage.
7:49 pm
snap, earned income tax credit, child care, low-income housing, as well as more narrowly tailored programs such as pell grants or tanf all carry marriage penalties with themselves. that's exactly what will happen if people come off of the waiting list for the generous increases in low-income housing, and take the benefit of that low-income housing together with an increase in the earned income tax credit and an increase in the snap. you can wind up getting $11,000 more for making this decision. just like karl marx wanted. get the man out of the household. i know so much of the focus of the build back better bill is just on the spending package and the effect it will have on inflation and that's true. and people like to focus on getting free college to illegal immigrants, which still amazes me and that's bad too.
7:50 pm
but i really think if the bill were to pass, what it will be remembered for is a big shot in the arm towards the type of people who do not want an old-fashioned nuclear family. and it's something that i haven't heard the press cover. robert rector's heritage foundation study is something that i think we made public within -- will be made public within the next two or three days and when it is made public i hope our press corps pays a little bit of attention to the shift that this bill will have toward making it more economically advantageous to not have two parents in the household. the next topic that i'd like to
7:51 pm
address concerns the issue in the news involving the ukraine. i am not personally the most hawkish member here regarding the ukraine. but what amazes me about this conflict is more is not written about it. i've talked to people in this building, i've talked to young people and they don't even know what it is. josef stalin, the communist dictator of the soviet union had, a problem in the ukraine -- union, had a problem in the ukraine. some of the people in the ukraine wanted to go back and be an independent country, which it was a few years before that. and some of the people in the ukraine, particularly the farmers, didn't like the idea of giving up their land and going to work for the government. and of course one of the reasons or one of the things that
7:52 pm
communists like is they want everybody working for the government because they want to have toe cal control over -- toe cal control over everybody -- total control over everybody. i'm sure the problem in the ukraine is similar to what we have in wisconsin. we have a lot of small dairy farmers. they own their own land and business. and they wouldn't take kindly to the idea of a marxist government coming over and saying, this is no longer your land, these are no longer your cows, you're working for us. the government. so the way josef stalin decided to deal with it is he decided to starve out the people in the ukraine. he decided to put troops around the ukraine so you couldn't escape and he decided to take the crops and take the produce and put soldiers guarding it and people began to starve to death. to this day we don't have an exact figure in the early 1930's of how many people starved to
7:53 pm
death in the ukraine because of decisions made by josef stalin. when you look online you come from numbers from about four million on the low side to 15 million on the high side. i'm no expert, i'll guess it's more like four or five million. but four or five million. four or five million people starving to death is something every american school child ought to be talking about. and when there's a possible conflict between russia and the ukraine, it's something that the history channel, that news stations ought to be talking about a whole lot. and instead when i walk around here and talk to staffers or talk to whoever, all the other people who help us around here, again and again i find people who don't even know that four or five million people ukrainians starved to death in the early 1930's. one of the interesting things about this is that efforts were made to hide this almost
7:54 pm
immediately. the soviet union itself banned discussion of all of the people who starved to death in the ukraine. ok. i guess we are -- kind of reminds me of certain people in the united states who don't like anything to appear online, likes to take things down so, things that are in-- down, so things that are inconvenient for people in charge are not publicized. one of the things everybody should know about, and i once talked to a "new york times" reporter who himself didn't know about it, is a guy by the name of walter durante who worked for "the new yorktimes," was given a pulitzer prize as he sat over there and knew very well that this starvation was going on but didn't report it. he probably didn't report it because the cool kids from the liberal media like to think wonderful things about the soviet union. in a private letter he said, suffering is inflicted with a noble purpose. so that's what the listeners of
7:55 pm
the "new york times" were getting back in the early 1930's and that man was given a pulitzer prize and i might be wrong but i don't think "the new yorktimes" has given it back. isn't it amazing that an american newspaper would be so horrible, that one of their reporters knew that millions of people were starving, there's a letter that he wrote at the time, i guess it could be as high as 10 million, millions of people were starving but because the soviet union was the darling of the leftist intellectuals, apparently, he didn't like to report it for the people back home. and so this day, i believe, -- to this day, i believe, "the new yorktimes" has dwret -- "the new york times" has yet to apologize. in any event, as long as ukraine is in the news, i would hope that american school teachers of social studies would begin to educate american people about the four or five or seven or 10
7:56 pm
million people who starved to death in the early 1930's. after all, unless you know about that, you don't know about the reason for the animosity or at least one of the reasons for the animosity between the ukrainians and the russians. you don't know why people should be concerned when a senator from kentucky goes off and attends an anniversary ser moeun for the u.s. -- ceremony for the u.s. communist party and is let off the hook. you don't know why people like me are a little bit concerned when the founders of black lives matter were avowed marxists. unless you know about what happened in ukraine and communism in general, you don't know why so many people fought and died in korea and in vietnam. and of course the holodomor is only one of the things that
7:57 pm
every american school child should know about. right? there were plenty of other mr. massa: kers from the soviet union -- mass massacres from the soviet union. there were a couple of massacres in red china. we have the horrible taking away of freedoms in cuba or venezuela. we talk about the one to two million people who were murdered in cambodia. things that every american school child should know because, like i said, right now we have people kind of in this building, kind of in academia in america, who i don't think really have a problem with marxism. they think it's kind of a cool thing to flirt with. so i do hope that our news stations and our educational institutions at least now do a little to educate the american public on the millions of people who died in ukraine.
7:58 pm
two other issues to deal with today. i will follow up a little bit on what my colleagues said before. because that is arguably the one area in which -- there are many areas -- but in which the biden administration is permanently damaging america. we recently got the numbers of people who came in this country in december. took a while to get them. the total, including what they call got-aways, is about 90,000 people who didn't go through appropriate channel, people who we would sometimes refer to as illegal immigrants. 90,000 in december. the december before, that was a little over 20,000. so we've gone up from 20,000 to 90,000 in one year. and i guess it's another thing that the press isn't really
7:59 pm
talking about like it should. i guess the covid and the inability to get monoclonal antibodies out to people, which they don't talk about enough either, but that's something else we talk about. we can talk about ukraine and meanwhile we aren't paying attention to just one more month in which the number of people coming here has shot up from 20,000 to 90,000. as my colleagues just pointed out, not only is that people coming across, when you have an open border, we recently hit an all-time record, 100,000 americans dying of illegal drug overdoses in one year. 100,000. when i got this job it was 45,000 and it was a scandal. everybody in this house was supposed to have a plan to deal with the 45,000 people who died every year of illegal drug overdoses. guess what, in seven years it's gone up to 100,000. the biggest problem is fentanyl. and the fentanyl, i'm told, 100%
8:00 pm
of it is coming across the southern border. but for some reason our comatose press corps is not asking politicians, including the president, do you care? i mentioned the vietnam war and the korean war a second ago. when we talk about 100,000 people dying in one year, that's about as many american troops who died in korea and vietnam together. every year people dying. and all the heartbreak that that causes, we don't care anymore or the press corps determines it. it was one of your loved ones who died, you would care. i beg the press corps to puebla size the fact that we are having 4.5 times people coming here as when joe biden took office and
8:01 pm
100,000 americans are dying largely fentanyl that is given to people hop don't even know they have it. >> one final issue that has president talked about the build back better bill. i beg the chair. the build back better was a bill and to be honest, whenever you pass one of these passive bills don't know all that is in it. it is impossible. and i have talked to people that about this provision and most people don't know what is in it.
8:02 pm
but in joe biden's bill, we are giving grants designed that are accepted to phase out 14c certificates. the listeners may not not be familiar with sheltered work shops where they did a lot of and people who have different abilities and sometimes paid to do minimum wage. and it is enjoyable for me to tour these facilities and you deal with people that i would think they have been dealt and have a job like their siblings where they go to work and their
8:03 pm
talents and making $5 $and $6:00 and they are proud to get a paycheck and buy clothes, it is all so wonderful and now under attack. there are two philosophical reasons for shutting down the work centers that people shouldn't work there. some people feel that no one should work under a minimum wage. if you don't like that. but again, these folks are getting other governmental benefits. what you do when you get 14-c certificatetive indicates and telling these folks that you won't work at all.
8:04 pm
secondly, there are people that don't like the feel that they are working in a segregated setting with people similar to themselves. it is my experience having taken dozens of tours and ask them as well, they are very happy to be working in this. there are many people working in these facilities who have abilities similar to people in other facilities. and the people who work in these facilities, i think like them so much because it is a chance to find life-long friends. there was a time where people had to stay at home and watch tv and get to know their family members. but these jobs allow people to have particularly the turnover is not that great -- they make
8:05 pm
friends. it breaks my heart that there are people who think we are going to shut these down because people will be so much better if they work in a facility with anybody without a different ability and will be so much better and must be taking advantage of these people if someone is making $5 an hour. i work with people that work in these and they aren't geting rich. but they have to put up with these radicals, telling them they are taking advantage of people and being paid $5. and i ask people whether you have a relative in this position, whether you have a
8:06 pm
child in this position, whether you yourself work in a work center, please contact your congressman and say don't shut down these facilities. it is what the life of so many of these folks is built around and it would be crushing if you would try to just send them home or maybe find a business that will tame them in, it would be crushing for these people if they lost the ability to work at the work centers. so i beg the majority party, you are in charge, if you are going to get it build back bill. i would like to thank you for staying late and listening to my additional analysis.
8:07 pm
the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman yield back? mr. grothman: i yield back. and somebody has to move to adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to refrain from re. the house stands adjourned until noon >> today and for the rest of the week the house is considering legislation at six to expand u.s. production of semi conductors. there is currently a shortage. resulting in higher prices for automobiles and electronics. next week, legislation on human rights violations based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity. when the houses back in session, you can find live coverage here
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