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tv   Rep. Matt Gaetz Speaks About Dr. Anthony Fauci at Conservative Political...  CSPAN  February 26, 2022 6:42pm-7:11pm EST

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c-span, former president donald trump addresses the the packed conference. live coverage here on c-span, online, or coverage on a free video app, c-span now. ♪ announcer: he spans washington journal, every day taking your calls live on the air on the news of the day, discussing policy issues that impact you. sunday morning, russia's use of cyber attacks on ukraine, with georgetown university and columbia university, talking about the impact the invasion of ukraine could have on energy supplies. watch live on c-span or on c-span now, our free mobile app. join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments,
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text messages and tweets. ♪ announcer: for now from this week's cpac conference in florida. you will hear from representative matt gaetz, sebastian gorka, and speaking but covid related restrictions and dr. anthony fauci he. >> my preferred pronouns are fried chicken and collard greens. the mayor of new york city calls me a cracker, but i prefer the term saltine american. [laughter] [applause] and what an honor it is to be surrounded by so many gun toting , buyable-cleaning, flag-waving americans. [cheers and applause] al in addition to hosting a national radio show, i am the proud owner of the news talk
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radio station and -- in memphis, tennessee, and we are proud to say that our radio station led the fight to stop anthony fauci's mask mandates. al today, for the next few moments, we are here united under a single cause, to sin dr. anthony fauci to the unemployment line, but what he really needs to be is doing 15 to 20 at a federal penitentiary. [cheers and applause] now this man brought a great people to our nation, a patron saint, a godless, heathen religion upon our nation, where salvation only comes through
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bending over to the federal government and taking a jab up her backside. -- her backside. during the early days of the pandemic, i was living in new york city and it just left fox news, and i saw firsthand the lies and the distortions coming from the mainstream media. they said our hospitals were filled to over flowing, the people were waiting in line in the snow to get a vaccine checkup. so i took my video camera out and went to my local hospital in brooklyn new york. there was nary a soul standing in line. there was no filled to overflowing. as a matter fact, the hospital said there were plenty of rooms available, and i shared that information on facebook. fake news. but as we now know, found she use that propaganda --fauci use that propaganda to shut down our
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schools, church houses, businesses, and punished anyone who dared defy the teachings of the cdc. they told us that we had to surrender our civil liberties in order to survive. honestly, my greatest fear was never the china virus, it was how quickly my fellow countrymen were willing to surrender their civil liberties. [applause] what is it they told us? two weeks to flatten the curve. it turned into two years of misery. fauci turned brother against brother, border against border, state against state. he tried to divide our nation, and shame on him, and shame on us for allowing it to happen. [applause] but over the past year or so
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something rather momentous happen. we the people woke up, and freedom loving patriots, border to border, coast-to-coast, across the fruited plain rose up with a mighty voice and said, no more. and today, we are fighting to take back our great nation and i have some great news for you. breaker breaker, good buddy, because at this moment, we have thousands of trucks eastbound and down, big rigs keep on trucking, and they are heading to our nation's capital, my friends, and they will be circling the big beltway, and oh, what a mighty site that will be, but in the meantime, i want to leave you with this word of encouragement. the fight continues, my friends. the fight goes on. and when dr. fauci's goons show up at your front door demanding
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to see your vaccine papers, you show him a copy of the united states constitution and tell dr. fauci to stick those vaccines where the sun don't shine. [cheers and applause] god bless you all. god bless america. and let's fight found she --fauci. ♪ announcer: ladies and gentlemen, dr. peter mccullough, cardiologist. dr. peter mccullough: thank you. thank you. [indiscernible]
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and i am not alone. and i am not alone. we have had two years of this. i can tell you as a citizen and as a doctor i have been disappointed, very disappointed. doctors in my circles have been disappointed. i have learned five things about this infection and this pandemic crisis that have been burned by all doctors who are caring for covid patients. first, this virus is spread from asymptomatic person to a susceptible person only. there is negligible asymptomatic spread. that means number two, there should never have been any asymptomatic testing of large groups of people done on a routine basis. that means students, employees,
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people traveling, were unnecessarily tested. [applause] the fda does not clear end of the tests for this. the world health organization says don't do it, and none of the regulatory bodies in dorset. testing is reserved for only acutely symptomatic individuals. that is it. we have to follow the clearance of these testing products for that reason. the third point, the third point. once someone gets through the illness that they have a degree of protection, a degree of immunity, natural immunity. [applause] at gives them robust and durable protection from the serious outcomes of an infection which can occur with the omicron variant the broker natural immunity. this is important.
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how many of you have been through covid-19? let's see a show of hands. 70%. 70%. you can be assured that you are safe. you are secure. you are free to go about and live your life with no restrictions, with no mandates, with no encumbrances. [applause] review -- for you, this pandemic is effectively over with. it is over with. [cheers and applause] and because there are so many of you, and so many of us have been through the illness, the emergency phase of this pandemic is over with. it is over with. [applause] the emergency is gone. the crisis is resolved. there will be some residual cases and still doctors will be
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able to handle these cases with an array of effective therapeutics that we have at our disposal. i can tell you that point number four is covid-19, the illness, sars-cov-2, the virus, has always been treatable. it has always been treatable. [applause] and the best doctors using the best drugs at hand in combination have found ways of helping people through the illness to avoid two bad outcomes, hospitalization and death. and we needed leadership in washington to say that, to say that there are two bad outcomes, hospitalization and death, and we will bring the best and brightest doctors into washington who are learning how to treat the illness and put together programs, protocols,
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and approaches to help our population get through the illness, particularly our seniors, our seniors are the one who have suffered with covid-19. and what we saw out of washington was completely unacceptable. we saw a chill on any attempts to treat the virus early. we had headwinds trying to use drugs in combination. we have even had difficulty getting access to emergency authorized approved agents that are safe and effective in helping people to get through the illness, importantly the monoclonal antibodies, which i have used in my practice for your, and they are safe and effective, and they have been a great product of operation warp speed. [applause] the fifth and final point, the fifth and final point, is that the covid-19 vaccines as they exist today, pfizer, moderna, johnson & johnson, outside the u.s., astrazeneca, we have more coming.
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but the ones that we have in the united states today are not sufficiently safe enough, nor are they effective enough to have mandated upon us in our lives. [cheers and applause] and importantly, importantly, because people have it in fact, reported, and the cdc is holding over one million of these reports, sadly, over one million americans have been injured as a result of covid-19 vaccination, and sadly, thousands have died afterwards. we deserve and have always deserved a full, fair, and thorough external safety review of the vaccines. [applause] we have not had it. and the stakeholders in washington who have had governance over our pandemic response and have failed miserably in vaccine safety and efficacy and the path forward,
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but the virus has mutated all of the reaches of the vaccines, and in many ways, the virus has been in charge the entire time. thankfully we are down off the backend of the omicron curve, and i believe at this time we can manage our way out of it. final thought, you have a circle of medical freedom that you control, and that is linked to your circle of social freedom in your circle of economic freedom. don't let the circle of medical freedom get broken or fractured. everything else will fracture. you cannot have something forced into your body against your will weather be a pill or injection or any other medical procedure. [cheers and applause] the decision is in your hands. it is in your hands. take it. and together, let's close out this crisis. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪
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announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome sebastian gorka. sebastian gorka: let's hear it for the amazing warriors like dr. mccullough and dr. malone. [cheers and applause] ok, so, you are here to have fun , celebrate, take back america, but you did not know there was going to be an exam, did you? [laughter] ok, there is going to be a test. i want to tell you a story, and while i am telling you this story, i want you to tell me and think about one question.
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what is the major, the biggest, most significant problem america faces? no, no, behave. [laughter] think about it. what is the number one threat we face? ah, you quiet. pay attention. [laughter] and while you are thinking about it, i am going to tell you a story. in the years since i came to america as a legal citizen -- [cheers and applause] because it is the greatest nation on gods green earth -- [cheers and applause] i have often been asked, why do you do what you do? what motivates you? why do you fight the swamp? why do you go up there and embarrass chris cuomo and don
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lemon? it is very easy. it is a moment in my life or my life changed forever. sometimes you can identify a minute where you are at a crossroads and you have to pick a path and everything changes. for me, i was about eight years old and i was on vacation at the beach, and my dad was a massive athlete. he was a national rower. huge bear of a man. he loved the slim. i am playing on the sand with my g.i. joe's, and he comes out of the water after a swim, and i look at my dad and i see something i had not recognized before. and like a stupid little child i said hey dad, what are those lines on her wrists? because he was too young to be wrinkled. without skipping a beat, with no
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emotion, he looked me in the eye, age eight, and he said son, that was when the communist secret police found my hands behind my back with wire so they could hanby over to the torture chamber? my father foot for liberty in hungary. he suffered as a child under nazi occupation. at the age of 18, he decided to resist the communist occupation. he was betrayed by kim filby, one of the greatest traders in the world. arrested, tortured back, and given a life sentence at the age of 20. six years later, after two years in a prison coal mine, two years in solitary, he was liberated by the freedom fighters of 1956. [cheers and applause] and that is why i am a free man. right now.
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we are seeing the same images from 1956 on the streets of kyiv , unarmed civilians with molotov cocktails fighting the russian armored personnel carriers. [cheers and applause] and that fight is like our fight in 1776. do not be mistaken. they are fighting for their liberty, because they too are made in the image of our creator, and they too have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. [cheers and applause] god bless the ukrainian people. [cheers and applause] may they make those russian invaders bleed and die! [cheers and applause] though, what does this have to
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do with that diminutive, fascist fauci, because that is a topic of our speech today. this, you have worked out with the greatest threat is? ok. i will tell you. you are all rolling. i don't care what your answer is. the open border, fasters and in canada, -- fascism in canada, drug abuse, cancel culture. you are all wrong. the only threat we face in america is the lack of courage! [cheers and applause] for two years, unelected bureaucrats shut down the economy, unemployment for 44 million americans, put masks on our children, and we just let them. [cheers and applause] why is it that one restaurant only in california refuses?
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one bar owner in new jersey refuses and they are stories? it should have been tens of thousands of americans who say no, fauci, go to hell! i am an american. i have a right to feed my children. you will not mask my children. go to hell! or even better, go to prison! [cheers and applause] now is the time to take back not only our nation, but our culture and our civilization. and if you are not politically engaged, if you are not running for office are helping somebody run for office, they would do it again. be part of the solution, because we are the last hope of
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humanity. god bless you, every single one of you. thank you for the american conservative union, and i think we have to have a little fail to to the boss, tell him you're ready for the speech. when you get up and say, let's go, brandon? let's go, brandon. let's go, brandon. let's go, brandon. god bless. 2024. ♪ announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome matt gaetz. representative matt gaetz: thank
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y'all so much for coming to hear me. [cheers and applause] my colleagues liz cheney and adam kinzinger are having a conference at the national press club in washington dc to talk about how real republicans should behave. [laughter] i am glad to be here with all of you in the free state of florida, this is donald trump's party, and i am a donald trump republican. [cheers and applause] the rent is too damn high. they told us that, then they were elected to office. the gas bill is high. the grocery bill is high. and yes, the rent is too high.
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the tender swindlers are treating them them better than others. when i ran for congress, i thought the doj, the fbi, the cdc, those were supposed to be the good guys. simpler days. i was extorted by that former doj official. the fbi saw one of their own lawyers change evidence to frame president trump. they are cheating more than the russian figure skating team. the cdc one of the powers of the cia to end up with the credibility of cnn. [laughter] now, joe biden and even some who have taken the stage tell us that defending freedom in ukraine has costs for americans. first of all, costs are going
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up, so that should be a red flag right there. also, what about freedom here in this country? what about our leaders actually standing up for freedom and liberty in america? why should americans have to pay the cost of freedom elsewhere when our own leaders stand up for our read him here? by the way, washington spent your money and took your freedom away anyway. that is why we have higher costs and fewer choices today but now you have to foot the bill for ukraine, endure more pain? we still have pain from afghanistan misadventures we still have to deal with. i am not for sending americans to ukraine. [applause] except maybe one. [laughter] if russia wanted to destabilize ukraine and maputo and did needed to invade. we could just have sent dr. fauci. [cheers and applause]
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my constituents fear dr. fauci more than some modern incarnation of dr. strangelove, and it is easy to see why. my parents did nuclear fallout drills in school over missiles that fort lee never arrived. -- fortunately never arrived. today, students are drilled the wear masks for a virus that threatens their overall health less than the mask itself. we are retarding social-emotional learning and empathy, and caring. we are raising a generation of little sociopaths who will act more like the menendez brothers. that is a greater fear than post-omicron covid. indeed, we should fire fauci, but the oversight should not stop there. my vision for republican control of congress is every committee gets an investigation to run. the services committee should be looking into the afghanistan
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withdrawal, the energy and commerce committee should break up big tech. the agricultural committee should stop big food from being consolidated under the power of a tiny coming's party. the judiciary committee should stop the doj from targeting political opponents, whether they are parents, falsely labeled as extremists, or whether they are lawmakers engaged in the oversight of the department of justice. [cheers and applause] the transportation committee should not be debating whether or not roads and bridges are racist. they should solve supply chain issues. why is it that americans can get their hair was delivered faster than a futon from ikea? [applause] the foreign affairs committee should stop us from having so
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many foreign affairs. they cost our nation too much in blood and treasure in the blood of our bravest patriots. we don't have to give countries money to hate us. they will probably do it for free. [applause] wouldn't it be nice if the natural resources committee cared about the development of national resources. i wish they were worried as much about it. homeland security is not enough to finish a wall. biden has let millions of people into our country illegally. we need internal enforcement of our immigration laws and deportation for people who did not come here with permission. [cheers and applause] we have to find every one of those that dropped off the illegal immigrants at our military bases and in our communities and attract those people down like they are the u.s. capitol on january 6. we should treat them the same,
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no bail, no taxpayer-funded lawyer, just a one-way ticket home. [cheers and applause] the health care committee should investigate suppressed information about vaccines, and we should vindicate brave whistleblowers. [applause] now i know people who would get the jab every year. they get it every month. they get it every day. i know people who would get the coronavirus vaccine while they were being tested for coronavirus, at the same time, if they could. and some of these people are in our families and friend groups and all of them are fellow americans. and we would never discriminate against them. we would never see him trampled by horse-mounted police. we would never see him arrested -- h we leav the program to take you live to a land of florida where donald trump will speak at the end of the cpac cre


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