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tv   Former President Trump Speaks at Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  February 27, 2022 12:02am-1:38am EST

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joint session of congress and the nation. the state of the union address live tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span,, or the c-span now video app. ♪ >> c-span now is a free mobile app featuring your unfiltered view of what is happening in washington. keep up with events, white house events, reports, campaigns, and more all at your fingertips. you can also stay current with the latest episodes of " washington journal" and find scheduling information for c-span's tv networks and c-span radio, plus a variety of compelling podcasts. c-span now is available in the apple store store and google play. c-span now -- your front row seat to washington any time, anywhere.
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>> more now from this week's conservative lyrical action conference taking place in orlando, florida. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 45th president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt
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i love this land god bless the usa ♪ ♪ from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee across the plains from sea to shining sea from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. where there's pride in every american heart and it's time we stand and say that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up
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next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today but there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa ♪ [cheers and applause]
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frm. pres. trump: thank you. wow. wow. thank you very much. audience: [chanting] frm. pres. trump: thank you very much. it is great to be back where it all started with the great patriots of cpac. thank you very much. [applause] standing before you today, i am thrilled to report that our incredible movement is a movement that nobody has ever seen anything quite like it. there has never been anything like it before. it is strong and growing stronger every single day. [cheers and applause] radical left is exposed. they are weak. they are pathetic. their policies have been out there long enough now that we do not want them. we will never take them. we are bringing back our country and we are bringing back our freedom. [cheers and applause] eft is exposed.
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they are weak. they are pathetic. their policies have been out there long enough now that we do not want socialists, globalists, marxists, communists who are attacking our civilization have no idea of the sleeping giant they have awoken. [applause] we are a sleeping giant. they cannot even begin to imagine the brave and righteous spirit they have unleashed in men and women, like all of you here today, and this is some crowd -- we broke the record again -- they cannot even begin to imagine the brave and righteous spirit they have unleashed in men and women, like all of you we broke the record again. [cheers and applause] but they are going to find out the hard way starting on november 8, and then again even more so on november 2024. [cheers and applause] they will find out like never
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before. ember 2024. [cheers and applause] they will find out like never before. we did it twice, and we will do it again. [cheers and applause] we are going to be doing it again a third time. 2022 will be the year that millions of everyday citizens stand up to the left wing fascists, and they will continue and we will all continue together to make america great again. [cheers and applause] he had it done. the election was rigged. they have undone some of it. not all of it. they will never to be able to do all of it, because will be acting before they can do it, if it was up to them, they would destroy our country, but we can
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build it back again quickly and even better than before because they have lost all credibility. they have proven during this. of time that their policies are a disaster in their policies don't work. we will get voter id. we will never defund the police. [cheers and applause] ridiculous counsel culture will be wiped out entirely. the wall will be quickly completed. [cheers and applause] we will build the wall, complete the wall in three weeks. it took two and a half years on the wall, two and a half years to win all of the litigation, over 11 lawsuits they threw at us, and we have just about finished, and i said, they can't be serious. they don't want to close up the little loops, but nobody ever had a border so secure as the border that we have. we will be sealed good and
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tight, except for people coming into our country legally. [cheers and applause] the drugs pouring in, the human trafficking. , and we -- human trafficking will stop, and we will save our country from destruction. [cheers and applause] i want to thank the american conservative union for putting on this incredible show, this great program that patriots, and in particular, thank you to matt and mercedes. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] we have some great republican leaders tonight. we have so many that i will leave some out. it is always a disaster when we do this because they will say sir -- and it takes me a year to
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make up -- it takes me a year, because it is a year before they sit before you again, but we will give it the best we can. i want to thank, and these are great people, patriots, senator rick scott. [cheers and applause] thank you,rick. senator bill hagerty. bill, tennessee, great state of tennessee. thank you, bill. and john kennedy. he is running. it will not be a close election. john, oh, he is popular. where is john. look at john. -- where is john? look at john. where is john? john, you are popular, john, wow. great student. you know who is a great student? it comes from an incredible state or the other senators not so good in that state. john kennedy is fantastic. went to oxford, did you know
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that? went to oxford. he was an incredible student is a brilliant guy, and he is with us all the way. also, representative madison cawthorn, where is madison? madison. [cheers and applause] they are doing everything they can to stop him. they are doing everything, but that will not be successful, will it? mark green. mark, thank you, mark, thank you, mark. thank you. a person who is very shy, doesn't like speaking her mind. [laughter] but she does it anyway. marjorie taylor greene. [cheers and applause] where is marjorie? [cheers and applause]
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a man that knows me almost better than any human being that she knows every inch of me -- [laughter] -- human being -- he knows every inch of me -- [applause] and he believes it is a beautiful sight, and that is why i like him. he was a white house doctor. [laughter] and also, for obama and for bush and i would love to ask him who is in the best shape. [laughter] [cheers and applause] e -- key was respected by everybody -- he was respected by everybody, a great admiral, a great doctor, a great admiral, and you know what, he is an incredible, loving, but tough politician from texas,
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congressman ronny jackson. thank you. [cheers and applause] we love, ronnie. -- we love ronnie. he said president trump is the healthiest president in history. if he did not eat junk food, he would live for 200 years. that got us into a lot of trouble, right ronnie? that got us into trouble, but that is ok. we all love you. great job. great job. a man who is terrific who really loves our country and is loved in the state of florida, matt gaetz. where is matt? [cheers and applause] where is matt? [cheers and applause] thank you, matt. good guy. former congressman and now happens to be working on a little project cold truth social -- called truth social which has been trending at the top all
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over the place and it is going to give our voice back, and he is tough as hell, former congressman, devin nunes. where is devon? devon? he is tough. [cheers and applause] and you know, i don't know, but i happen to see a star, i was serious, don't wrestle him. a man who every time he goes on television it is like a fight. he gets on and he has one point, the other point, the other point, and there's nobody like him, and if you ever saw him work out, the machine starts to burn, the treadmill goes on fire. he is still in great shape, but he is a tough cookie. all-american wrestler, and nobody like him. there is nobody like him. congressman jim jordan. [cheers and applause] congressman jim jordan. [cheers and applause]
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in the poly -- and polly. holly produced one all-american or two? she said two all-american wrestlers. i said are you better than your father was? he said no, sir, nobody is better than my father. only a son could say that, right? jim, thank you for being here. great people. and governor kevin step -- governor step. he is here someplace. governor stem? by the way, i noticed a patriot in our midst, mike lindo. will you stand up? -- mike and lindel. will you stand up? he is a patriot. he is a patriot. [cheers and applause] he is a great guy, too. he spent his life, over two
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years, he spent his whole life. i want to use what he does, what he goes through, what he believes. thank you, mike. another great patriot doing incredibly well in arizona. she was the anchor, she was the anchor for 22 years. i hate to say that long, was that about right? 22 years, and people loved her. she is beautiful inside and out. you are not allowed to say that anymore. politically incorrect, but it is true. she is beautiful inside and out and she is an incredible woman. terry lake everybody. [cheers and applause] -- carrie lake, everybody. [cheers and applause] she is leading big i just looked at a pole, carrie p, you never know. just keep working. just keep working. but you are leading big and doing a fantastic job. thank you. there are so many other people here. if you see them and you don't
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mind, just bring them out. this way it saves me a lot of problems for the rest of the year or they will vote against me at some point because i did not mention them. they are politicians. they are vicious people. [laughter] somebody said, sir, you have been in business, entertainment, and you been in politics. who are the toughest? who are the worst? i said the worst of the politicians. the toughest of the politicians. the meanest of the politicians. and the biggest lying scum are the politicians. [laughter] like, like adam schiff the shift . where do you meet people like this? [booing] he actually made up a story about my phone call with the president of ukraine, who by the way is a brave man. he is hanging in. he is a brave man. [cheers and applause] and i like him because during
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that ridiculous impeachment waste of time in the republicans stood by us, we were 196-0. when did republicans do that? but this was truly a scam. the president of ukraine said he did nothing wrong. he could've said he did something wrong and thought, well, i wasn't appropriate, right? he said he did, i called him to congratulate him on his victory, and he said did nothing, absolutely nothing wrong. i am glad the tape, that tape was going with those transcribers were writing during the call, because otherwise it could've been, but this is what we are dealing with the we are dealing with some people that are truly evil. truly bad people. let me also express my and norman's gratitude to every single one of you here today in the audience -- my enormous gratitude to every single one of you here in the audience today. it is a great crowd. it is a lot people.
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that is a lot of fake news. look at all those cameras up there. wow. [booing] wow. [booing] that is a lot of people. and my friends from north carolina. they have come to 92, our beautiful friends, they have come to 92, i think it is 92 rallies in cpac and other things. thank you all very much. thank you. i don't know, if their husbands are happy about it, but they are beautiful people, great people, thank you very much. thank you for your dedication. you know what, the bottom line, they love her country. they love our country. thank you. appreciate it. we have been together from the very beginning of this journey, and we are a long way from being done, because we had something very bad happened, and we have to keep it going or were not can have a country left. an amazing 48 years, cpac has
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helped to conserve, protect, and defend our magnificent american heritage, and this year we are being vividly reminded how fragile and precious that is. i never knew how important being president was. i was president for four years. i think we did a great job. i think we did things that nobody else did. [cheers and applause] but -- [cheers and applause] audience: [chanting] four more years. frm. pres. trump: thank you. thank you. thank you. audience: [chanting] the importance of the president when i look at what is happening to our country today, the
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president is such an important representative -- we obviously know that -- but just the wrong word or a yawn were going to sleep early, like 4:00 -- [laughter] you can't, it is so important, psychologically so important for a country. i never realized to that extent. i knew it was important and i assume we would be doing certain things to rebuild our economy, energy independence, and all of those things, but we also have to portray a strength to the outside world, otherwise they will walk all over you. and that is what they are doing right now. [applause] you could take the five worst presidents in american history and put them together and they would not have done the damage that joe biden and his administration has done in just a very short 13 months. [applause]
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and no matter how you look at it, our country has totally lost its self-confidence, lost its self-confidence, we have a country have no confidence anymore, but we will get it back and we will get it back stronger than ever before. [cheers and applause] when you see the way we withdrew, the stupidity of the open border concept, who once this? prisons being emptied out into our country. over one year ago, we had the most secure border in u.s. history. record low gas prices. energy independence, the fastest economic recovery in the history of our country. fastest economic recovery and unrivaled military -- we rebuilt the military and added space force on top of that. and peace and quiet.
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that was the goal around the world. now inflation is highest in 40 years. economists are talking about 5, 6, seven and even eight dollars a gallon gasoline. supply chains are strong -- are crippling. -- crumbling. store shelves are empty. illegal aliens are rushing our borders. murders are setting records in our cities. the streets of our democrat run cities are drenched in blood. the radical left zealots -- a nickel left zealot has been nominated to the supreme court of the united states. [booing] frm. pres. trump: china is threatening taiwan, russia is decimating ukraine. iran is on the cusp of a nuclear bomb. we ended the worst and most dangerous deal i ever have seen and nothing to go back to the --
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that is when it was, a surrender for no reason whatsoever. we wanted to get out but we had to get out with strength and dignity. and a major war in europe may very well erupt. that is how they start. exactly what is happening today. this is how they start. joe biden has turned to into chaos, competence into incompetence, stability into anarchy and security into catastrophe. the russian attack on ukraine is appalling. it is an outrage and an atrocity that should never have been allowed to occur. it never would have occurred. we are praying for the proud people of ukraine, god bless them all. [cheers and applause]
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frm. pres. trump: thank you. they are indeed brave. as everyone understands this horrific disaster would never happened if our election was not raked. and if i was the president. very simply it would not of happened. under bush, russia invaded georgia. under obama, russia took crimea. under biden, russia invaded ukraine. i stand as the only president of the 21st century on whose watch russia did not invade another country. [cheers and applause]
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[chanting usa] frm. pres. trump: thank you. i gave ukraine the javelins everyone is now talking about, and millions of dollars of other military equipment. the obama administration gave them blankets. they said we need more than blankets. no, we give you blankets. they sent them blankets, thank you very much. under our leadership, the world was a peaceful place because america was strong and the perception of our country was perhaps like it had never been before. powerful, cunning and smart. we were a smart country.
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now we are as stupid country. we always very simply put america first. that was the answer. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: with the abraham accords we had peace in the middle east. we had peace in europe. china knew it could no longer take advantage of the united states. and i was proud to be the first president in decades who did not get our country into any wars. i got you out of wars. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: thank you. thank you. under our administration, russia respected america just like every other country respected america. and they really respected us a
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lot. but now joe biden has seen dutch is seen as a week and i hate to say it, because i want him to do a great job, i really want him to, politically i don't care. i would much rather have him do a great job that a poor job, but nobody could ever believe how bad and weak and grossly incompetent it has been. and a president who is not respected by other nations, have a chaotic world. the world has not been this chaotic since world war ii, i think we can say that. we can say that very strongly. i have no doubt that president putin made his decision to ruthlessly attack ukraine only after watching the pathetic withdrawal from afghanistan where the military was taken out first, soldiers were killed and american hostages most billions
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of dollars worth of the finest equipment left in the world live behind. yesterday reporters asked me if i thought president putin was smart. i said of course he is smart, to which i was greeted with that is such a terrible thing to say. i would like to tell that yes, he is smart. the nato nations and indeed the world, as he looks over what is happening strategically with no repercussions or threats whatsoever, they are not so smart. they are looking the opposite of smart. if you take over ukraine, we are going to sanction you. they say. sanction? that is a weak statement. couldn't says they have sanction me for the last 25 years, i can take over a whole country and they're going to sanction me? they're not going to blow us to pieces at least psychologically?
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the problem is not that putin is smart, which of course he is smart, but the real problem is that our leaders are dumb. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: so dumb. they so far allowed him to get away with this travesty and assault on humanity. that's what it is. and assault on humanity. so sad. prudent -- putin is playing biden like a drum and it is not a pretty thing is somebody that loves our country to watch. it is not a pretty thing to watch. i was with putin a lot, i got along with him, i got along with president xi jinping, i got along with kim jong-un. it is a good thing to get along with people. you can be very tough and get along.
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i am the one that ended his pipeline. he said you are killing me with the pipeline. nobody else ended his pipeline. biden came in and he approved it. i did a lot of things that were very tough on russia. no precedent was ever as tough on russia as i was and the fake news would say trump loves russia, we had the russia hoax which is now with durham and muller and the rest, a total hoax, fictional story. but with respect to what is going on now, it would have been so easy for me to stop this travesty from happening. he understood me and he understood that i did not play games. this would not have happened. someday i will tell you exactly what we talked about. but we talked about it and he did have an affinity, there is no question about it, for ukraine. i said never let it happen. you better not let it happen. the only attack in history where
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the further he goes in the bigger it gets and the worse it gets, the more money he gets because oil prices keep climbing higher. there has never been anything like that where a warring nation , the more he makes it difficult to get oil, the more expensive it gets and the more money he makes. and all of those tanks roaming around are very expensive but they are peanuts compared to the kind of money he is making because of the tremendous increase in oil. when i left, and during my torn -- term, oil was at $36. now it hit 100 anything it's going to $150. so the middle east and saudi arabia, they are making more money than they ever dreamt possible. the cost of the war is very small compared to the kind of money they are taking in. there has never been a situation like that. it is horrible to watch.
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it is horrible because it is a disincentive for him to disengage. joann hunter biden got $3.5 million from the mayor of moscow's wife and were never allowed to explain in the debate. a member we had the debate and i said what you do with the $3.5 million he got from the mayor of moscow's wife and chris wallace, who i assume it was fired from fox, which is good -- [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: he said that is not an appropriate question. that turned out to be another one trump was right. another very appropriate question. he got $3.5 million from the mayor of moscow's wife, a very rich family i will tell you that. this is a conflict of interest, but at the same time, joe biden bragged unknowingly on tape, can you imagine if i said it? about getting rid of a ukrainian prosecutor or he would not allow $1 billion in taxpayer money to be given to ukraine.
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they kept saying where's the money? they said you've got to get rid of that prosecutor, you're getting too close. can you imagine if i do that? and he was on tape. in the fake news media, those people refused to report it. [booing] frm. pres. trump: that is without mentioning the fact that china gave them $1.5 billion to manage and he never managed money before other than the money that got, probably. plenty of conflicts there. have to think about it and the fake news did not want to mention anything, they did not want to talk about it. it was bad for the election, it was bad for the country but they probably knew talking about it would have been good. we can never really get our country back unless we get an honest media, because they are like the policing agents. they refuse to air scandal.
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it will be interesting to see what is going to happen over the next three weeks or four weeks as one of the worst scandals ever, i call it the crime of the century. ballot harvesting is released and it is all on tape. enter truth to vote, i want to think there's a credible women for the job, catherine and all of them for the job they have done. that will be released first. everything is on tape, even the pictures of them stuffing the ballot boxes. because without the pictures they don't get paid. we are talking about hundreds of thousands of votes in each swing state. the focus on the swing states and they probably did others, too. but the swing state was the focus. over the past year we have seen weakness, self-loathing and self-destruction on a scale previously unthinkable. a military obsessed with equity
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to all and only being politically correct. i said let me ask you, is a general, a good, strong general, general patton, how do you think you would like this military? general macarthur, general patton be allowed to shout at a private who was doing a horrible thing? we don't -- >> we don't think that's " we think outside appropriate." that would not work out too well. the department of homeland security actively aiding illegal immigration and in many cases criminals coming in. absolute criminals. the dependent of energy and interior forcing us to be reliant on foreign energy at a cost that is not acceptable to our nation, and not sustainable. the department of justice waging war on an opposing party and patriotic parents.
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as rave as the dangers are abroad, it is within that's tells our duma. -- spells our doom. our most dangerous people are people from within. they are people that must hate our country. they make us weak and they make our country unsustainable as the nation itself. unbelievably, biden is now claiming that you must sacrifice through higher energy prices to foot the cost of his failed foreign policy in europe. i saw john kerry on television talking about energy, we need oil, we need gas, we need everything. no, no, no. no, global warming. global warming. we have a world that is ready to blow up and disintegrate over energy and he is talking about global warming, the oceans may
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rise over the next 300 years one 100th of an inch. giving you slightly more seafront property. and this is his problem. he is not thinking about the nuclear warming, he is thinking about other types of warming. these people are not living in a world of reality. the reason we have got soaring gas prices is that biden shut down american energy, canceled our oriole and gas leases just two -- our oil and gas leases just two days ago. they canceled many oil and gas leases because of the environment just two days ago. they canceled the keystone xl pipeline that i approved, while they enriched putin by approving the russian pipeline, which has been at the core of much of the problem we have right now. and i fought angela merkel, i
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said here is a white flag, a white napkin that was on my desk, i said angela, you can have it. she said but why? i said because you are getting 75%, i think it is higher than that, 75% of your energy from russia. as you probably know through history, you had some roger dust rather major conflict with russia. -- rather major conflicts with russia. if you ever have a conflict with russia you will be able to waive the flag and surrendered because they supply your energy. i knew that would happen. i just never had any idea it would happen so fast. pleading with opec and begging iran to rejoin the disastrous nuclear deal. [booing] frm. pres. trump: with biden you get a war in europe and a war on american energy. with republicans you get energy independence and energy dominance.
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[cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: we will reclaim our status as the number one energy superpower on the face of the earth. something i had achieved for the first time in 72 years. i was very proud of that. they ended it almost immediately. we would have been stronger than russia and saudi arabia combined times two in one year. we were already bigger, we were doing things we had never done before. and we should not be buying russian energy, but rather allow the people of our country to start producing likely did just one year ago. that's what we have to do. this will drive prices down, drive inflation down.
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you want to get rid of inflation or bring it way down, reduce the cost of energy. that is the single biggest factor having to do with inflation. and what has happened in ukraine is a catastrophic disaster, but it isn't really that interesting that so many democrats in washington seem to be rushing to microphones to declare that ukraine's borders are sacred. they want to say there borders are sacred and we feel for ukraine in so many ways, but ukraine's sovereignty must be defended at all costs, they say. even while they are destroying our own borders and surrendering our own sovereignty. we have a border that is a catastrophe. we have people coming into our country that we don't want. they will not be good for our country. you will be paying a price for
12:43 am
many years to come. we have terrorists that came out of afghanistan with the plan. they said the planes are coming in. the people that rush the planes are very energetic people. those are people that you will be paying a big price for in years to come. the most important duty of every elected lawmaker is to protect and defend america and that begins with protecting and defending our borders. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: under joe biden we are losing our country no different than if we had lost it in a war. no different. no different. millions of people are pouring in, descending on our communities, camping, depleting
12:44 am
our resources, flouting our laws and bringing crime, drugs and death to the streets of our cities and communities. and they are not only coming from central and south america, they are coming from all over the world, over 160 countries. in many countries from jails that are being emptied into our country as though we are a dumping ground. we are not the united states, we are considered a dumping ground for criminals. the biden administration has spent months obsessing over how to stop an invasion of a foreign country thousands of miles away. i believe americans deserve a president who will stop the invasion of our country also. and we had it stopped. we had it stopped. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: we had it stopped one year ago.
12:45 am
you can't defend western civilization if you would not be able to defend your own civilization, and that means we need borders that work, elections that are fair and free and not raked and crime that must be immediately stopped in our cities. and we must immediately stop the influx of illegal aliens. it has to stop medially. our country is being poisoned from within. the biden administration cares more about helping citizens of a distant foreign nation than it does about our own citizens, because our country is a mess. our country is a dangerous place. edit is getting worse and worse every day. and when you hear 3 million people this year, it's not 3 million. it's probably three to four times that number. it's probably 10 million, 11
12:46 am
million or 12 million. but the real truth is they have no idea what it is. yet if the radical democrats truly want to fight for democracy, if they want to look abroad and fight for what they want to fight for, which i don't think they do, they should start with the democracy that is under threat right next-door. a place called canada. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: where, by the way, we got rid of nafta. we have the usmca, expo in canada. and greatest deals you've ever made and it's great because they want to renegotiate the deal. that was a horrible deal. nafta was the worst deal ever made and now we have probably the best trade deal ever made. they want to negotiate and they probably will do it. this administration, sure, they are not putting america first.
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we are putting america first. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: they have been ripping us off for 30 years and it's time for us to do well. the tyranny in canada in recent weeks should shock and dismay people all over the world. in an advanced western democracy, the peaceful movement of patriotic truckers, workers and families protesting for their most basic rights and liberties has been voted down. their assets and life savings have been frozen. they have been slandered as nazis, racist and terrorists. these are names they have been called. they have been arrested and charged with phony crimes. they have been falsely accused of loyalty to foreign powers. i watched them. i saw the maple leafs all over
12:48 am
the flags, their love for their country. plenty of americans were there too and they love our country. they are being hunted down like enemies of their own government, treated worse than drug dealers and murderers or rapists. a ryan that shane line has been crossed. her with the peaceful -- a line has been crossed. you are with the peaceful truckers or the left-wing fascists and it is a long line. we stand with the truckers and the canadian people in their noble quest to reclaim their freedom. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. thank you very much and thank you linda. right here in our own nation, it is also far past time to declare
12:49 am
independence from every last mandate. it is time. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: and as early as when it first happened, the governors made that decision and we had some governors that did a great job and some governors that did not do a very good job. but i can tell you that the republican governors did quite well, thank you. quite well. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: and a big difference also on crime. you look at where the crime is and you don't see the word republican very much if at all. with one voice americans must insist that the emergency is over and we will submit to this left-wing tyranny no longer. we will not do it any longer. because they are causing so much damage to people and our children.
12:50 am
the people who are masking our children may plan to miss -- with those maydays right before the election thinking they will get some votes, that we will never forget what they did to our children. we will hold them accountable at the ballot box this november. [cheers and applause] frm. pres. trump: as everyone here understands the covid mandates are just one part of a much larger crisis. the radical left is trying to replace american democracy with woke tyranny. they want to do the same thing to america that trudeau has been doing to canada. what, much worse. -- but much, much worse. [booing] frm. pres. trump: our mission in
12:51 am
2022 and 2024 is to take on the power-hungry ruling class and deliver them in electoral defeat so resounding that they are exiled into political oblivion, never ever to return again. [cheers and applause] [chanting usa] frm. pres. trump: joe biden, chuck schumer and crazy nancy pelosi are the sinister faces of this corrupt and lawless political establishment. they enrich their families in ukraine, china, russia while they shudder your small businesses right here at home. they send young americans to fight and die for the borders of distant foreign nations while they throw our borders open to any legal foreign invasion which
12:52 am
is what is happening. they set violent criminals lose without charges while prosecuting their political opponents for fabricated crimes. they legalize mass robberies and cheer for blm and antifa rioters, ransacking our cities while they hold nonviolent protesters without trial and destroy their lives. they sanction and destroy our own citizens. they try to silence voices like joe rogan for alleged misinformation while they perpetuate the most flagrant hoaxes and monstrous lies like the russia russia russia hoechst. -- hoax. for three years we had to put up with the hoax. it was a total hoax. they indoctrinate your children to henny -- hate their parents while calling you a hateful
12:53 am
racist. they stick the fbi on mothers at school board meetings while they teach four-year-olds to pick their own genders. would you like to change your gender? [booing] frm. pres. trump: and they say it is absolutely they say it is absolutely fine for a boy or man to participate in women's sports. i don't think so. they use big tech to censor you, they use the deep state to spy on you, they use intelligence agencies to frame you, they use the media to slander you, they use the legal system to persecute you. they rig elections to disenfranchise you and destroy you and ruin your lives. i have seen the anger and the hatred and the horror at the 2020 election. all while they claim they are
12:54 am
the ones defending democracy. they say they are the ones that will defend your democracy and justice. it is a lot of bull--, that is what it is. [cheers and applause] when we win, we will defeat this corrupt political establishment, we will save our republic and we will restore constitutional government of, by and for the people. [cheers and applause] the washington swamp knows we are coming to break their grip on power forever. that is why they are so desperate to stop us. they will go to any lengths.
12:55 am
that is why the corrupt democrat prosecutors and unconstitutional, unselect committee -- can you imagine a committee made of these thugs? they hate us all. has there ever been a committee like this? the unselect committee, i think that is my term, i think i came up with it first, i am very proud. they are continuing their evil and demented persecution of me, my family, my staff, my supporters, and you. it is the same witchhunt that has been going on since day one, since the day i came down the escalator with our great future first lady. [cheers and applause]
12:56 am
now we know that crooked hillary not only spied on my campaign, she spied on the white house. [booing] [crowd chanting] do you remember when i said years ago, i think they spied on my campaign? and everybody said on the others, how dare he say that. it turned out to be true. i want to thank john durham for figuring that out. [cheers and applause] i believe that is just the foundation on which a lot of very bad things will be learned about what took place. everything they are doing to me
12:57 am
is about preserving their power and control over the american people. if i renounce my beliefs, if i agree to stay silent, if i stayed at home -- i said i am not going to run. the persecution would stop immediately. they would go on to the next victim. who is next? but they will never, ever do what they did to me, and nobody else would be able to take it if they did. i have had that a lot. [cheers and applause] i have had great people come up to me and tell me, sir, can i ask you a question? what would you like to know? sir, how did you take it? how did you take it? how did you take what they did to you? in many ways, i cannot answer that question, but there has never been anything like this ever done to an american
12:58 am
president before. but i can't do any of those things because i love this country. we love this country and we are going to bring this country back and it will be bigger and better and stronger than ever before. [cheers and applause] but remember, they are coming after me because i am standing up for you. that is it, i am standing up for you. in 2022, we are taking on this wretched and corrupt political establishment like never before, and we have learned a lot over the last four years. we have learned how corrupt they are, nobody could believe it. if you wrote a book or novel and it was printed out like this with crooked hillary, with the mueller report -- which was ok,
12:59 am
we like it, they found no collusion. but with all of the things you have seen, the horrible things you have seen, the corruption, the spying -- it was spying, probably worse than spying, it is treason. if anybody ever wrote a novel, the great james patterson, if he wrote a novel like this, it would night cell -- it would not sell because people would say it is not believable. it is worse, they are finding out things they did not think were possible. we are going to end nancy pelosi's political career once and for all. [cheers and applause] and then we are going to kick the biden crime family out of the white house. [cheers and applause]
1:00 am
but even our supreme court justices, and it is sad to say this, are afraid to do what has to be done to save our country. they are trying so desperately to be politically correct and to be loved by all. these are the justices of the united states supreme court. they are terrified of the radical left. they are afraid of packing the court so that they are only one of 15, 19 or even 25 justices, and they don't want to be impeached -- please don't impeach me, i am a supreme court judge, please don't impeach me, i am a justice of the supreme court, please don't impeach me for being a woman i have never heard of before. [laughter] women he did not know, women at particular justice cavanaugh --
1:01 am
justice kavanaugh had never heard of. i believe he is afraid, i really do. you know the expression, they played the ref. they said not so long ago, we are going to impeach him, the woman said he never did anything wrong and they said we are going to impeach him anyway. these are vicious people, these are vicious people. we cannot let this go on. they have to gain strength, they have to gain new courage and stand up for freedom and what is right. [cheers and applause] they can no longer be afraid of the radical left, our supreme court, and our judges generally. the work of making america great again is only just beginning. the republicans have a big and bold agenda they are going to put into action, under a
1:02 am
republican congress, and we have a chance of setting records. but i don't want to say that! i don't want to say we could win 65 seats because if we win 64 they will say it was a terrible night for trump. he wanted 65. we will bring joe biden's inflation causing socialist spending spree to a screeching halt. we will immediately begin a full audit of the $6 trillion of radical democrats -- the money has been flushed down the drain and they are trying to get more. they want to get to a number nobody can believe, and it looks like maybe people will not allow that to happen because they don't want our country to be destroyed. they should have never, ever in the senate given that two-month stay. you had them on the ropes, you were going to win, and then
1:03 am
mitch mcconnell gave them a two-month stay. [booing] i call it the two months in which they can get their act together. then they voted for the -- i call it the uninfrastructure bill. there was very little infrastructure. most of it is throwing the money out of the window. they voted we had some republicans, headed by mitch mcconnell, he is so bad for our country. the american people deserve to know where did all of the money go? we must take immediate action to fight the violent crime wave that is devastating our citizens in democrat run cities. you look at what is going on in chicago. so sad. and afghanistan. i had a meeting with abdul, the leader of the taliban. i said abdul, you better not kill our soldiers anymore.
1:04 am
i was much tougher than that -- i want to be nice. [laughter] even jim jordan would have been concerned if he had heard. [laughter] i said abdul, you are killing our soldiers, you better not kill our soldiers. [laughter] if you do, you will be hit like no country has ever been hit, you will be hit harder than anybody has ever been. [cheers and applause] he said mr. president -- he actually called me your excellency. [laughter] do you think he calls biden your excellency? but why, your excellency mr. president? you send me a picture of your house.
1:05 am
i said i would rather not answer that question. see? i am being diplomatic. [cheers and applause] and do you know, we did not have one soldier killed in 18 months in afghanistan. we had them -- we had them, the taliban. we could have pulled out with strength and dignity. and then you look at what is happening in new york and chicago and los angeles, and these democrat run cities. you have seven people killed in one weekend and 80 shot. republican should pass legislation making it clear that when left-wing district attorneys and attorney generals refused to prosecute dangerous criminals, the da's and attorney
1:06 am
generals can be charged with violations of the civil rights law. [cheers and applause] i mean, look at los angeles, what is going on. look at philadelphia. people have been killed and violent criminals are being immediately allowed out of jail without bond. as we defend america's safety we must also defend america's values. as president i was proud to issue the first ban on critical race theory in september 2021. it was over, we ended it. [cheers and applause] then biden, with the help of mitch mcconnell, came into office -- remember he signed 17 executive orders, and one of them unended it. i also created the 1776
1:07 am
commission, you people would love the 1776 -- so young americans would learn to love this country as much as we in this room do. on his first day in office, biden abolished the 1776 commission and proceeded to impose woke left-wing racism on our military. with a republican congress, we will one sent for all and critical race theory from our schools, we will ban it from our military, we will ban it from every institution that accepts a single penny from the federal government. [cheers and applause] america's history will be taught fully and truthfully to america's beautiful children. in addition, we must defend parents's rights. something new, something new.
1:08 am
that is right. something new that came up, parents's rights. whoever thought of parents's rights? now we have to defend parents's rights against lunatics. america's moms and dads should get a veto over anyone teaching gender ideologies to their children without parental consent. [cheers and applause] and any parent who objects to the radical indoctrination in their children's classrooms should be able to take their share of taxpayer dollars and spend it at the public, private, charter or religious school of their choice. [cheers and applause] another top priority to save american democracy must be to break up the big tech giants and
1:09 am
restore free speech in america. [cheers and applause] and we will be fighting that very hard by opening truths social. -- truth social. the days of big tech censoring the voices of the american people are numbered. the left is also trying to take away the rights and dignity of oan news, these are great people and they are patriots. they want to take away their voice and to shut them down. who listens to oan? i do. they want to take away their voice. can't let it happen. they've got millions of viewers, and those viewers and that network should be allowed to go forward.
1:10 am
while we are at it, a republican congress should launch a select committee, as opposed to an unselect committee, to get to the bottom of attack's -- of big tech's 2020 election interference. let's find out who made the decision to censor. who made the decision to censor the joe and hunter biden corruption bombshell which the posters said amounted to about 15 points. the largest illegal campaign contribution in american history. let's do a full forensic audit of the $417 million given by mark zuckerberg, who used to come to the white house and kiss my -- [cheers and applause] that they spent to take over local election offices in key
1:11 am
democrat counties, and i believe you will be hearing a lot of it. if you are a person that wants to make a contribution, you are allowed to give less than $6,000, otherwise they put you in jail. he gave $417 million. what is going on? what are we doing? $6,000 and you go to jail. $417 million spread all over the place. it is something that obviously is going to have to be looked at, it is so horrible what is happening to our country. we need a full accounting of all of the illegitimate turn out efforts, illegal drop boxes and ballot harvesting that has taken place. [cheers and applause] you know, we had drop boxes -- 97% for joe biden, because he campaigned so hard from his
1:12 am
basement. [laughter] 3% for trump. 3%. at least they gave me something, because i think they had a couple where i got 100%. he got 4000, i got nothing. nah, that was a horrible thing. we need fair elections. you need those borders and those elections. the world is already waiting to see the explosive information out of gorgeous -- georgia where they have uncovered a massive illegal balloting scheme, where ballot stuffers, or as they call them, mules, these are people and they call them mules. they were trafficked and sold on an unprecedented scale. and the brutality was incredible, what took place. we have it all on tape and it is coming out over the next three
1:13 am
weeks. [cheers and applause] they've got them at the machine standing here, here they are. that is the way they got paid. they had to take a picture of them. what a job they have done. you know the saddest part? the hardest thing to do isn't to have caught them, it is to get those people to write anything about them. without the fake news, you don't have a scandal. [booing] the rinos and certain weak republican politicians want to ignore election integrity, but we cannot ignore and we have to fix it. make no mistake, they will try to do it again in 22 and 24 and we cannot let them do that. the way you do it is to come to a very powerful conclusion as to what happened in 2020.
1:14 am
[cheers and applause] to stand down, to stop talking about it, to stop making americans aware of the cheating and corruption that went on, that is really saying it is ok, you can do it again. we cannot let that happen. in addition to securing our elections, here are some of the other things we must do with republicans back in charge. we must pass critical reforms making every executive branch employee fireable by the presidents. the deep state must and will be brought to heel. we will stop the radical democrats from packing the supreme court with far left justices. [applause] although the way the supreme
1:15 am
court is behaving, perhaps the republicans should pack the supreme court. they are behaving not the way we think is appropriate for our country. as a lot of people have suggested. but i don't think we will do it. and we will defend the constitution, the right to life, and the right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] we will end sanctuary, we will end tax and relief, and we will end the -- and catch and release, and we will finish building the wall. we will charge china for releasing the virus upon the world. we will place tariffs on other countries. we will do the tariffing thing, we have no choice.
1:16 am
in china, for years they ripped off our country, we paid hundreds of billions of dollars and they never paid $.10. we made a trade deal and it was an incredible deal for our farmers and manufacturers, that is why our farmers are doing so well -- once i am out, china would not adhere to the deal. the farmers did fantastically well. we made incredible deals with china. we saved our steel industry because they were dumping steel all over our country and our steel industry was going down the tubes. i've had so many people in the steel industry thanked me for the job they did -- we did. we put massive tariffs on steel. we took in hundreds of millions of dollars from china and nobody took in $.10. i am proud of it, china
1:17 am
respected us, and when the china virus came in, we did something nobody else could have done. i want to thank certain republican governors who did a very good job. i cannot think of any democrat governor that did a good job, they were in lockstep. let's lock up your cities, lock up your towns, lock up your state, harm your children, take their social lives away at a young age. we will place tariffs on other countries to restore the glory of american manufacturing and we will ensure our future is made right here. we will manufacture -- we started it big time -- right here in the usa. [cheers and applause] these are just a few of the steps we have to take to save the nation that we love. the rest of them you know, the rest of them we have discussed today.
1:18 am
if we fail in our mission, we already know what the fate of america will be. the radical left is trying to extinguish our very identity as americans so that when they try to take our freedom, we do not even think to resist. they don't resist. they got to resist, they've got to fight. we've got no choice, we've got to fight like hell, we cannot let them destroy our country. [cheers and applause] but our opponents have made a very big mistake, they have done the one thing you must never do if you seek to harm america -- they have grossly underestimated the strength and brilliance and pride of the american people. they will not stand for it, they will not take it. the crackdown, censorship, and cancel culture are not an expression of confidence, they are an expression of cowardice and fear. and they are afraid.
1:19 am
they reveal not the dominance of the radical left but their desperation and despair. they are losing, we are winning, they know it. that's why they are going so far. that's why they are doing some of the crazy things they are doing. they are acting as though they were lunatics, maniacs, and the people get it. and we have to stop it, and we have to stop it now. my fellow americans, this nation does not belong to the radicals and it does not belong to the corrupt establishment in washington that have -- that i have gotten to know very well. this nation belongs to you. it belongs to you. [cheers and applause] it was patriots like you that built this country, and it is
1:20 am
patriots like you that are going to save our country. so to all of those who think they can coerce andgate the citizens of this land, hear these words from me tonight -- the people of america will not surrender our borders, we will not surrender our culture, we will not surrender our faith, we will not surrender our values, we will not surrender our history, we will not surrender our liberty, and above all, we will not surrender our children to this small band of bullies and extremists who want to tell everyone else what to do. [cheers and applause] we are done with the fascists and communists and socialists
1:21 am
and we are done with their distorted visions for america. it is time to start talking about greatness for our country again. we want our country to be great again. we want our country to be respected again. we are a laughingstock all over the world today. one year ago, we were respected like never before. we are a laughingstock. in summation and in closing as your president -- [cheers and applause] i instituted the largest tax cut in american history by far, and
1:22 am
our economy thrived like never before. as your president, i eliminated more burdensome regulations than any other president in history by far. as your president, i proudly protected our constitution and the first and second amendment. as your president, i secured our southern border, upheld the laws of this land, and stopped the influx of illegal immigrants into america. very dangerous illegal immigrants. i instituted the "remain in mexico" policy -- we don't want you here, you have to remain in mexico, and mexico agreed with us. someday i will tell you that story. [laughter] built over 500 miles of order wall and ended the insanity of catch and release. as your president, i made america energy independent for
1:23 am
the first time in 72 years. when i left office, america was a net exporter of energy for the first time in our country's history. as it your president, i negotiated free and fair trade deals with canada, mexico, japan, all over europe, and china. we had the worst trade deals ever and we turned them into some of the greatest trade deals ever made. i am the only president in history to stand up to china and their unfair trade practices, and i tax to them and tariffed them beyond any levels anybody thought was possible. and you know, president xi liked me and respected me, and i liked and respected him and we got along great. until covid came and it was a different ballgame.
1:24 am
but we had a very good relationship. as your president, i kept my promise and chose supreme court justices on the list i gave to the country before the 2016 election, i gave a list of great, brilliant, conservative justices. as your president, i insisted nato nations start paying their fair share and they did. hundreds of ilion of dollars started flowing in -- hundreds of billions of dollars started flowing in. and the secretary-general was my biggest fan, he said i never believed it, president obama would go to nato, make a speech, talk about the weather, the son, how lovely everyone looks, and others would too, including president bush. and i went and said you are delinquent, you have to pay up. [laughter] they said, does that mean you
1:25 am
won't protect us if we don't pay? i said that is what it means, and they said get out the checkbook. billions and billions of dollars flowed in. these are the stories the fake news don't want to talk about. i also warned nato about the danger of russia, and look at the consequences. on foreign policy, the world rightly had a healthy fear that as president, i would stand strong for american priorities. you remember when so many people in the democratic party and during the debates said he is going to get us into the third world war? i am the one that did not have any wars, i am the one that got us out of wars. look at iraq, look at syria. i am the one that brought us way down in afghanistan, down to 2000 soldiers. the easy part was getting out. i brought it down from 20,000 soldiers to 2000 soldiers.
1:26 am
the easy part was for biden to get them out, let the remaining soldiers stay and take care of everything. it is called soldiers out last -- i went to a child who is five years old and i said let me ask you a question, i gave him the story. would you take the soldiers out first or last? i would take them out last! he was five and he understood. [cheers and applause] they understood any hostile actions would be met with swift and severe consequences. the world is always safer when america has a strong president. america has to be strong and it needs strong leadership. you see what happens when you have bad, weak, or incompetent leadership you it is a travesty like no one believed could
1:27 am
happen. the world is always in danger with a weak american president eared this coming -- president. this coming midterm is more important than ever before. i'm asking you to fight hard to elect candidates that believe in the principles and policies we hold so dear. this is a tipping point for the country, and the stakes could not be higher. losing is not an option. we must win in 2022. we must win in 2024. we all know what happens when you get a rigged election like in 2020. it will never happen again. we all know laws were not followed, alan harvesting was rampant, we all know -- ballot harvesting was rampant, we know state constitutions were ignored
1:28 am
all around our country, the only ones who can make the changes with the state legislatures in they did not make the changes. we must agree this can never happen again in this country, every state must adopt election integrity measures. signature verification. illegal immigrants -- [cheers and applause] illegal immigrants cannot be allowed to vote like they are currently allowed in new york city. you can walk in and vote in new york. my beautiful new york, what has happened? republicans need to watch the vote counting up close from start to finish. we cannot allow thugs to throw our people out -- that is what happened. mail-in ballots need to be in secure rooms with cameras so there can be no tampering. voter rolls must be updated and they must be accurate.
1:29 am
not changed after the election takes place. we must seek a goal of voter id -- this is a goal we have to seek, this is what we should have. voter id. same-day voting like we have always done. no mail-in ballots except for our military and people who are truly sick. and you know what would be really wonderful, too? it is asking a lot. a thing called, very simply, paper ballots. [cheers and applause] i have a young son, barron, and he can make his computer sing. i turn it off and lock it. two minutes later, hey dad, how are you doing?
1:30 am
i know how to get it open. very bad things happen with the vote. by the way, canada goes to paper ballots, you know that? paper ballots. america is the greatest country and we must insist on integrity in the process so we are confident of the results. what we have now is you have 80% of the party thinking the vote was a horrible vote, and i believe that to be the case. certainly, i feel certain it was. you cannot have a great democracy with anything like that happening. you must get your state legislatures to act now before november, they have to move, the have to ask, with the help of everyone here today, and with the commitment of hard-working, freedom loving patriots across our country. we will make america powerful again. we will make america wealthy
1:31 am
again. [cheers and applause] we will make america strong again. [cheers and applause] we will make america proud again -- we want to be proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much. thank you, god bless you all. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ♪ don't you ever feel sad
1:32 am
lean on me when times are bad when the day comes and you are down in a river of trouble and about to drown just hold on, i'm coming hold on, i'm coming i'm going my way, your lover if you get a cold, i will be your cover don't have to worry, because i'm here no need to suffer, baby because i'm here just hold on, i'm coming hold on, i'm coming hold on, i'm coming hold on, i'm coming look here reach out to me for satisfaction, yeah call my name for quick reaction yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪
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[musical breakdown] ♪ don't you ever feel sad lean on me when times are >> c-span's washington journal. every that we are taking her calls live on the air. we'll discuss policy issues that impact you. coming up on sunday morning, we get russia's use of cyber attacks on ukraine with someone from georgetown university.
1:34 am
and also someone from columbia university talking about how the invasion could affect energy supply and prices. watch washington journal live sunday morning on c-span or c-span now, people that. point in the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. >> tomorrow is the last day of the conservative conference being held in florida. donald trump junior is one of the speakers. live coverage begins on c-span, online or watch full coverage on c-span now. >> the security council meets on sunday. they will take up a measure within 24 hours to debate and vote on whether russia violated with the invasion of ukraine.
1:35 am
watch live on c-span, online or for coverage on c-span now on the free video app. >> america is on the move again. >> live on tuesday, the state of the union. president biden addresses congress and the nation, laying out his agenda for the year ahead. live coverage begins a 8:00 p.m. eastern. followed by the republican response will take your phone calls and mediate reactions. live tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, or on the now video app. >> c-span now is a free mobile app featuring was happening in
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cox, a public service along with your other providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> governor desantis spoke on the conservative political goal act -- political action conference. the governor put aside president trump's policies will talking about his own record in the sunshine state. this is just over 20 minutes. . [applause]


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