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tv   Campaign 2022 Ohio Senate Republican Debate  CSPAN  March 26, 2022 5:52pm-6:55pm EDT

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empowered opportunities in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications support c-span as a public service along with these other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. next, five ohio republicans baited in cleveland. the winner of the primary will compete in the general election for the seat vacated by rob portman. debate is thank you for joinine from cleveland, ohio. i am wayne, and the studios of fox8. if you are watching this on-air or online from one of five next-door median stations. we are broadcasting live from cleveland to columbus, dayton, youngstown and stevensville, plus our partner station in cincinnati.
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you have met the five candidates, now let's meet the moderators. colleen marshall and joe from fox here in cleveland. >> here is a quick rundown of the rules for our debate. >> each candidate will get 60 seconds to answer a question. if there is a follow-up or rebuttal, the candidate will have 30 seconds to answer that and 15 seconds for clarification if needed. >> we will be reminding the candidates throughout the night of those times. the sound of the bell will ring when their time is up. joe: before we get to anything else we need to address what , happened friday night at a candidate forum. colleen: if you missed it, here is what happened. [crosstalk] >> don't tell me i haven't worked. >> you don't know squat. you don't know squat. >> two tours in iraq, don't tell me i haven't worked. >> you don't know squat.
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you don't know squat. >> [indiscernible] colleen: this event involved josh mandel and mike gibbons, and that is who we want to hear from. josh mandel, can you explain to us in 30 seconds what happened that night? >> i am a fighter, a marine, and i will never back down from a fight. the problem in washington is we have all of these squishy rino republicans who have taken a need for the democrats and the media, and when i go to washington, i will be the worst nightmare of the radical left and the rino republicans as well. we can't afford to send soft republicans to washington. now is the time for fighters. i will fight like heck to defend you in the u.s. senate. colleen: mr. gibbons 30 seconds , for you as well if you would like to explain what happened friday night. mr. gibbons: we had a
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disagreement over what the private sector is. josh seems to think his military service -- and by the way, i have a son who is a navy pilot. we just visited him, he was leaving for deployment. i have nothing but respect for everybody who serves in the military. my point was that josh has never been in the private sector. the military is not the private sector. the private sector is what operates in this country and makes the economy we have. >> thank you. joe: candidates, we went to get to the issues tonight. mike gibbons, you are up first, polling determines the order. ohioans are struggling with gas prices and inflation. you are unanimous in saying president biden is at fault. what we would like to hear from you is a specific solution you would pursue that with lower gas prices for ohioans. you have 60 seconds. mr. gibbons when donald trump : left office, we were energy independent.
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from when he left office and where we are now, we are producing 400 million gallons less in the u.s. in oil. oil is a world market. when oil is no longer produced prices go up. , joe biden ran on the idea of eliminate the fossil fuel industry. when entrepreneurs and owners of fossil fuel companies hear the president wants them out of his -- out of business they don't , make the kind of investments, they don't take the kind of risks they would take normally and they stop producing. which you would do also. joe biden caused the increase in gasoline prices, which was happening well before vladimir putin put 190,000 people -- actually 190,000 soldiers on the ukrainian border.
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joe: a follow-up, if i make, a specific solution that could lower them? mr. gibbons let's start reducing : oil and gas again. joe: mr. vance, same question to you. mr. vance: i want to address what happened earlier, because what really annoyed me is josh is a former marine, i myself served in the marine corps, and i hate when people use the marine corps as a political football. i don't know why you use the marine corps every time you attack. it is ridiculous, let's talk about the issues. on the issue of energy, to ideas -- two ideas i have. you have to open up the keystone xl pipeline, that will mean more oil and gas coming into our country, from a country, canada, a friendly and environmentally conscious country, instead of iran, venezuela, the garbage countries though biden wants to -- that joe biden wants to go to for oil. we also need to make it illegal for corporate shareholders in this country to use their progressive social values and project them on the economy.
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the reason we have an oil and gas shortage is a lot of investors will not put money into oil and gas, which create a lot of good jobs and make gas prices go down because they have imported progressive politics. we have to stop that from happening. we will not just lose the oil and gas issue, we will lose the modern capitalist economy that produces a lot of prosperity. joe: mr. dolan, same question to you. mr. dolan i'm not surprised this : is the first question tonight. everywhere i go in ohio, people are frustrated about gas prices, the cost of goods and groceries. this started day one of the biden administration, he doesn't understand demand and supply. day one, he reduced the supply of gas and oil coming from america. not only did that because gas -- because gas prices to go up, it also lost american jobs and now we have to go to our enemies venezuela, iran, opec, to get , our gas. how you change that is to get the supply side and people back working. you don't have federal
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government that this incentivizes people to stay home. you make sure american jobs are back and working. you don't provide checks to people to stay home. when you get the supply chains moving again, when you get people back to work, that creates a downward pressure that will help ohioans with lower prices for gas and groceries. joe: jane timken, in question to you. ms. timken i would like to : address the embarrassment of friday evening. josh mandel and mike gibbons acted like children. and if i had been their mother, i would've grounded them. i am a mom on a mission to take the country back. you talked about gas prices. i was in the trenches fighting for president trump's america first agenda, when we were energy independent. no longer because of joe biden's field policy. they want to eliminate the fossil fuel industry in this country.
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we have 250,000 jobs right here in ohio tied to the oil and gas industry. there is no reason our country should be begging other countries for oil and gas. as a mom, i know what is like to fill up your gas tank, to buy groceries. this is harming those who can least afford it. it will be a priority of mine in the u.s. senate to get us back to energy independent and stop the democrats's attack on the oil and gas industry. joe: josh mandel, same to 60 seconds. mr. mandel: part of the problem is the democrats, when they think of oil and gas and energy, they think in terms of spreadsheets and bar charts. in reality, these are policies impacting people's lives. i talked to senior citizens on fixed income across the state. i talked to sally the other day and i have she is having trouble , affording filling up her gas tank. i ran into a veteran who was a truck driver in cleveland, telling me the same thing.
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what can we do about it? we should be drilling for all the oil and gas we can in america. if you took the state of ohio, west virginia, and pennsylvania, our three states and combine them into a region, it be the third-largest producer of natural gas in the world. instead of depending on radical muslim countries like saudi arabia, instead of depending on thugs like putin and russia, we should depend on ourselves, drill for oil and gas here to bring down the cost for senior citizens on fixed incomes and families in our state. joe: thank you. colleen: candidates, we are going to talk about ukraine. all of you have criticized president biden and his handling of the situation. the question is, what are we going to do about it? mr. mandel, you are up. ohio is home to one of the largest populations of americans of ukrainian descent. you said president biden was too late.
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in his response. at this juncture what role , should the u.s. play? you have 60 seconds. mr. mandel: there is a small sliver of the republican party that says who cares about ukraine. i think they are out of touch and they are wrong, it is that public policy. -- bad public policy. we should care because vladimir putin is a thug, a leader in authoritarianism, and all he wants to do is focus on the rise of russia, the rise of communist china, and the downfall of america. what can we do about it? we should be sending avengers, patriots, defense systems, tactical radio systems. it is embarrassing how kamala harris and joe biden screwed up the deal with the migs. we should be doing everything we can to ensure ukrainians can defend themselves. i have served in war, in the marines i have done my small , part. many of your sons and daughters have as well. we should not be sending our boys and girls over there. we should be sending our defense
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systems so innocent men and women and families can defend themselves. colleen: i do have a quick follow-up. the ukrainians have asked for a no-fly zone. president zelenskyy says he is desperate for one. 15 seconds, yes or no, would you support it? mr. mandel: if the europeans can create a no-fly zone, but i don't think we should put american boys and girls in the air, because if that happens, they have to be prepared to have air fights with russians. we don't want to put our boys and girls in the air in firefights with russian fighters. colleen: thank you. mr. gibbons, you grew up in parma, the largest ukrainian population in ohio. i imagine you must have built strong relationships there over the years. how will that impact what you think it should be the next step for us in ukraine? 60 seconds. mr. gibbons: i think, much as
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josh said, and as you said, i did grow up in parma and it is heartbreaking talking to my friends of ukrainian descent. a lot of them have relatives in ukraine and you can see, any news report shows people dying. it is very much like world war ii. i think we dithered while ukraine was under potential invasion. you don't send 190,000 troops around a border and think they are there for summer camp. we should have sent armaments. i think we should arm them to the teeth, as josh said. they need patriots they've got , to be able to shoot the missiles down causing the most damage. we need to support them. i don't want to see american soldiers boots on the ground in ukraine. as i said, it is personal. i don't want my son flying
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around ukraine. colleen: a 15 second follow-up. would you support the no-fly zone? mr. gibbons if the europeans do : it, but it cannot be american pilots. colleen: thank you. mr. vance, what is your view? what should the next steps for the u.s. be in this crisis? mr. vance: first of all, a we should not support a no-fly zone. it sounds nice, we asked the russians not to fight over ukraine but what it means in , practice is american marine corps pilots getting an dogfights with russian jets. the problem with that is it is not in our vital national interests. i am in the minority appear -- appear because at the end of the day, we can accept as individuals it is tragic and terrible what vladimir putin did, it was wrong invading a sovereign country on his border, but we have our own problems to focus on. i am very distressed that for four years, congressional republicans refused to give donald trump $4 billion for a border wall.
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when fentanyl was killing our citizens by the tens of thousands. in one week, they give joe biden $14 billion for ukrainian aid. what i would do in this moment is condition further ukrainian aid on support for our border and our problems. people always say we can walk and chew gum at the same time. let's actually do it. colleen: on to you, mr. dolan. you have called vladimir putin's actions in ukraine disgusting. you say america needs to be stronger. what more would you like to see the united states due in -- due in ukraine? mr. dolan to be clear, i'm the : only one that said donald trump's statement about calling putin a genius was discussing. no one else on this stage had the guts to stand up to that. we need to make sure ukraine has the humanitarian and military aid they needed to defend themselves. what i will never do is except
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-- accept that anyone on this stage is going to say to the ukrainian people we don't care , about you. we are standing 12 miles from where my wife and i prayed and rallied with ukrainians, because they were fighting for liberty in their lives. imagine how putin must feel when a candidate for u.s. senate is saying, i don't care that you invade a country. i don't care that you are committing war crimes. jd, i think you have the opportunity to apologize to the ohio ukrainians, because you have caused them additional pain and sorrow at a time when it is very difficult for them. we must stand up for ukraine and i will never, ever say -- we can do two things at once and i would never leave people behind. colleen: mr. dolan, thank you i do want to give you 15 seconds mr. vance, to reply to that. ,mr. vance: i shouldn't hear a lecture on strength from a guy who changed the name of the cleveland indians to the cleveland guardians. which was a joke.
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i never said i don't care, i said the matter of what happens to ukraine is not our vital national interest. it is statesmanship to separate your emotions from what we should do as public policy. >> when you parachute back into ohio, you don't understand there are tens of thousands of ukrainian people whose families and relatives are being killed. as a u.s. senator, i will stand up for them and also make sure america can do two things at once. >> thank you, we are going to move on. you've had your time. ms. temkin -- ms. tim can, you said americans are less safe because of joe biden. where should the u.s. go from here when it comes to ukraine? ms. temkin as a mother, watching , vladimir putin bomb eight maternity ward and children dying in the streets of ukraine, my heart breaks. i am a mom on a mission to take our country back. as your u.s. senator, my priority is the safety and security of american families.
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joe biden's weakness has invited putin's aggression look, we should have been putting sanctions on russia not long before the invasion. joe biden did not do that. ukrainians were asking for weapons, we were not providing them. it is bidens diplomacy leading to this aggression. we need people who understand we can do both. donald trump did it. i was his ohio chairman, fighting for american first policies. vladimir putin did not invade ukraine under pres. trump. he said i don't care one way or another what happens in ukraine. >> would you support the no-fly zone? 15 seconds, yes or no. >> we should not have american pilots flying in ukraine. what we should be doing is providing the mix from poland
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--migs from poland that present zelenskyy required. that is peace through strength. we need to make sure they have the weapons they need to defend ukraine. colleen: we are sticking with ukraine. i have a 32nd follow-up for you, mr. mandel. you are endorsed by congressman hawthorne who called ukrainian , president zelenskyy a thug. do you agree? >> i fundamentally disagree. i think the thug is vladimir putin. people forget he was the kgb station chief in east germany when the wall fell. the kgb station was surrounded and he was embarrassed for his life and mother russia, and he hated president reagan and hated us. everyone watching at home, and us putin hates us and america , and he is the enemy. >> mr. gibbons, jd vance has said your response to ukraine and the situation there would be
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america last. why is he wrong? he wrong? >> i think you look at the history of invasions over the last several hundred years, it is obvious, you listen to what vladimir putin says, and we better start listening to what vladimir putin says. this isn't his first invasion. we have to support the ukraine. we have to make sure the ukraine wins this war. we cannot have vladimir putin enthusiastic about what he did in the ukraine and move on to poland or the baltic states. >> thank you. mr. vance, some of this has been brought up already, but you have said, and i am quoting, i don't really care what happens to ukraine one way or another. but isn't it the job of a united states senator the care about our allies and foreign policy? >> look, to be clear again, i
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said i don't care about it relative to other interests that are our national security interest. our southern border crisis, inflation crisis. these are much bigger problems for the leaders of this country. look, we have to be statesman about this. what is happening is of course a tragedy. how does it affect the vital national interests of this country? all of these guys have said in some variety we should be doing something. does that mean getting ourselves involved in a war in ukraine? because the nonstop escalation will lead there if we are not smart about it. >> thank you. mr. dolan, president biden has committed to put -- protecting nato allies. they've been fighting within 15 miles of the bowler -- the border was poland. at what point would you support sending american troops into the conflict? >> first of all, on the no-fly zone, i am not for it now, but as a u.s. senator, you engage
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with your generals and intelligence to find out if it would actually work. you run the risk of a hot war with russia. our responsibility, tragic as it is, is to keep that conflict contained. if it ebbs into nato allies, we have a responsibility to defend them. that's why i am forgiving ukrainians the aid they need to defend themselves. >> ms. temkin, the current senator rob portman has endorsed year. he went to poland and he said what ukrainians want is fighter jets. is that something you would support? >> absolutely i would support it. the reason this is in our national security interest is because xi jinping is watching the americans response to vladimir putin's aggression. as i said, joe biden's weakness incited putin into ukraine.
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we had peace through strength under president trump, and as you know, he endorsed me to be chair of the ohio republican party. i put 150,000 miles on my car fighting for the america first agenda. you know who i did not see? the men up here. >> looming large in the race is the role of former president donald trump. in our latest poll, nearly 62% of ohio's republican primary voters say in endorsement from the former president would make them more likely to vote for one of you. he shows up in many of your ads, many of you have invoked his name already tonight. we will ask each of you about your views on former president trump and mr. vance, we begin with you. you admitted you changed your mind on donald trump but in the past you have said, i am a never trump guy. my god, what an idiot. god wants better of us. all statement you have said or tweeted about donald trump at some point. why should trump supporters vote
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for you? >> all of us say stupid things and i happen to say stupid things very publicly. i've been very public about the fact i voted for the president in 2020, that i was wrong about the president in 2015 and 2016, and he's been the greatest president of our lifetime for the simple reason that he revealed the corruption in washington, d.c. who would have believed five or six years ago that the fbi would investigate an illegal wiretap on a sitting u.s. presidential candidate? one thing i pointed out, i was just north of 30 years old when i said a lot of those things and a lot has changed for rv engaged in my faith -- changed. i reengaged in my faith and i got baptized. donald trump was a great president and i think at the end of the day, one of the things this race presents is opportunity.
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who agrees with trump on immigration and trade? that is clearly me. >> mr. dolan, you are the only candidate in the race donald trump has weighed in on and said he will not be endorsing. the question, can you win an ohio republican primary without his support? >> of course i can win. i'm sure the president is too busy to look at my record. since i've been in this race, i've made it all about ohio, making sure ohio and america is strong. the irony is i'm the only one on the stage who has implemented republican trump ideas paired i have reduced -- ideas. i've reduced your taxes and regulations, expanded school choice so parents can decide how and where their child gets educated. i have supported the police, i have invested in mental health, i have invested in our water for economic development. these are all things republicans want to see happen into donald trump's all and we were
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successful. when you run a campaign, it's about you. i'm going to washington to fight for you. i'm going to washington to fight for you national security, your community security, and financial security. president trump wants to join someone who has put his policies in place, i am happy to have him, but i know ohio ones at the end of the day will support some buddy who can execute on republican ideas. >> ms. temkin, the next question for you. this time around, donald trump has weighed in on ohio congressional races and senate races across the country and is yet to weigh in on this race why have you not gotten an endorsement? >> i would welcome president trump's endorsement, as you said, he endorsed me to be chair of the republican party. a lot of people are all talk in this race. a lot of show horses. i am a workhorse. i have the grit and grace to get things done. as chair of the republican party, there was no one else
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championing president trump's america first more than me. i was putting 150,000 miles on my car, talking to the media about america first policies that were working for ohio families. border security, american jobs, energy independence. those are things of spent the last five years talking about. i would welcome president trump's endorsement but i am working every day to earn the support of the ohio republican voters. i have been in the trenches fighting for ohio families. no one has spent more time with those ohio families, farmers, businesses and communities. who do you trust to go to washington, d.c. and fight for you? we have seen people get on the stage and fight for themselves. >> mr. mandel, trump has said he likes to pick winners and he has not picked anyone in this race yet. >> i'm doing every thing i can turn his support. i would be honored to earn his support.
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on this stage, there are a lot of good people up here. i will tell you this, my friends on stage are deal cutters. they will cut deals with democrats in washington, with the media in washington, with rino republicans like donald trump, i will not. i am a fighter. the republican party bosses in columbus in washington criticize me and save josh mandel is too hard right, too america first. i don't think there is such a thing. think there is a fork in the road right now in the republican party. down one fork goes the rino establishment republicans, mitt romney, liz cheney. we need to eradicate them from the republican party. i'm taking a different path, i'm going to washington to be reinforcement for fighters like ted cruz, jim jordan and donald trump. i'm going to washington to fight for you and your family. no one will push me around. >> mr. givens, next question for
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you. last year, you said i am a trump supporter but not into the cult of personality. the question, what do you mean by that and do you believe donald trump supporters are an occult? -- in a cult? >> first of all, i supported donald trump in 2016 and 2020. i was his finance co-chair in 2016 and raised a good deal of money for him. between the elections, i formed a and gave speeches all over this state in support of him. talked to him in front of women's groups. i worked without pay. jane was paid a couple of hundred thousand dollars for gas money to travel around the state and that gave her the opportunity to run for this
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office right now. when i said that it was out of context. the context was, if donald trump doesn't run, we can't be left in the lurch without another candidate. >> i'd like to respond to mike gibbons. >> 15 seconds to respond. >> i never saw you. i only saw you at fundraisers and i spent the first six months of working at the ohio republican party for no pay. it's because i believe in donald trump. i was in the trenches fighting for the america-first agenda and that's what i'm going to go in the united states senate. >> we're going to have more questions but first, a raise your hand question. the question is, do you think, as some high-level republicans have suggested, that for the betterment of the republican party, it's time for donald trump to stop talking to be 2020 election and move on. if yes, you think he should move on, raise your hand.
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mr. dolan is the ronald one who has not raised his hands. mr. vance, why did not -- you not raise your hand? >> we have to get to the bottom of this. two particular things that happened in 2020. the first is ma mark zuckerberg, the founder of facebook spent 220 impact to buy boards of election. that could be illegal and number two, they've have censored reports about the computer of hunter biden. >> why did you raise your hand? >> because elections are a staged issue. in ohio we have very secure election. two studies have shown there are no problems.
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as a republican, we have to take on the biden administration. we've talked about gas prices, inflation and weakness in the world. we have to make sure we stop the biden agenda but also set the agenda for what we as republicans stand for. getting your jocks back, lowing -- lowering your taxes. defending our allies all over a the world. >> mrs. timken, you did not raise your hand, right? >> horn democracy is at stake. i worked for the trump campaign and recruited over 320 poll observers to be on the ground during the election. in fact, i caught a democrat pushing ballot hah are hair and referred it to the attorney general. no doubt the democrats are threatening our democracy with their lot harvesting and attempt
6:25 pm
to grab more power for their pear. >> every time i say this, the liberal media gets triggered. but i believe in election was stolen from donald j. trump. it was stolen from you and from me. they stole the election. we cannot move on from 2020 until we fully investigate and prosecute all the vote theft and cheating from the democrats in the 2020 election. >> thank you, mr. mandel. mike gibbons you also did not raise your hand, why not? >> there were five million more people that voted in this last election that were registered to vote and that's through the u.s. census bureau. there's a problem. the democrats claim that anytime you attack elections as being fraudulent that you don't
6:26 pm
believe in democracy or are hurting democracy. 50% of this country doesn't believe the election was fair. when i get to washington, i'll fully investigate it. >> through -- thank you, and candidates, we would like you now to look at the monitor. we've been in touch with our sister stations all over the state. wayne? >> thanks, our next question comes from our sister station in dayton. >> this question has to do with transgender women competing in women's sports. over the weekend hover swimmers were among the many women who lost to transgender swimmer lia thompson in the championship. lia complied with all transgender combination. are they violating federal civil rights law by allowing her to compete as a woman? >> bottom line, did the ncaa
6:27 pm
violate federal law. do transgender athletes require law changes? >> that question goes first to you, mr. dolan. you are up first. >> first, biological males should not be competing with biological meals females so the ncaa got that wrong. we have to make sure we protect women's sports and the way you do it, if a transgender cleat -- athlete has competed in family sports, that's where the transgender athlete should continue to compete. we cannot have biological males competing against biological females. the 10th amendment says if it's not ennewspaper rated in the constitution, it is a state issue. they want to federalize education and now they want to federal these issues. these are best left to the states. the ncaa got it wrong but i
6:28 pm
trust ohio and the states to make sure that they get these laws rights so that we have proper competition throughout our country. >> mr. dolan a quick follow-up. isn't this a federal title 9:00 -- title ix issue? >> the issue about whether a transgender athlete can compete in a women's sport, i would look to say -- i think the state should say, if you have competed prior in a male sport, you are still allowed to compete in sports but you're going to be a female competing in a male sport. >> thank you, mr. dolan. ms. timken, you have 60 seconds. >> as mom and a former collegiate athlete, this is fund mentally unfair to have biological men competing against women. i'm a mom on a mission to take our country back and this is a frontline issue for me. it is a freshman issue. it is exactly title nine that
6:29 pm
has been violated. this is to allow women to party in sports. this is going an example of the woke democrat policies. transagendaser should compete against transgender. women should have the ability to compete on a fair level playing field. this again is wrong and as a mom and former athlete i will stand up and fight back against it. >> is this something you would pursue as senator, title ix changes? >> absolutely. this is about fundamental ference and women's rights and as the aunt of an ncaa swimmer who is competing right now and has been competing, this is unfair and i will stand up and fight for ohio's women. >> mr. manziel, we have the -- mandel, we have the same question. you have one minute. >> the democrat party, they like tock lecture us. lecture all the conservatives watching on tv tonight. lecture all of us here about how
6:30 pm
good they are in science. i can see the democrats don't know anything about science because they think there are 52 agendaers. there are only two agendaers. boys are boys, girls are girls. that's it. we should never allow boys to compete in girls' sports. we should never allow boys to be in our daughters' high school locker rooms. that's insane and as a dad -- and i know there's a lot of moms and dads out there who are girl dads and girl moms and you have daughters. my daughter rosie is 8 years old. she dedicates. he's and trains to be a star in soccer. and 10 years from now, she's 18 and competing and all of a sudden some guy comes in who's 6'4", 20 onto the field. how is that fair to our daughters? ladies and gentlemen, we have to goin of offense against the radical left on this issue. >> would then advocate for federal law changes such title
6:31 pm
ix? >> of course i would. as a united states senators, we should do everything we can to fight for our daughters and females all over this country. >> same question for you. >> i have a daughter who was the expect of her d i soccer team and she married guy who played for the cleveland browns. i can't imagine them on the same field and my daughter was a heck of a soccer player. it's ridiculous and people are going to get hitter -- hurt. i don't mind if there's a transgender category and they feet against other transgenders, that's fine. yes, there needs to be a change. >> thank you, mr. gibbons and mr. vance, you're up with the final answer to this question and you have one minute. >> look, clearly there could be a federal change. it's ridiculous that biological males are competing with biological females in sports and i say this as the father of a
6:32 pm
baby girl and i think it's really sad to think that she would work her entire life and have woke agendas from the democratic party take away from her achievement and her sense that she's accomplished something. this also ill state an important issue. it's not just about title 9:00, it's about big tech that allows people go on their phones and google can a man become pregnant? the first response on google is yes, men can become pregnant, its happens more than you think. they've pursued a radical idea of male and female. they've tried to great a bunch of different genders and fried to destroy the basic understanding of men and women if and if we don't go after the tech companies, they're going to destroy our notion of what it is to be a human being in this country.
6:33 pm
we have to fight back against them too. >> thank you. all of you have made statements during this campaign season that much gotten the attention of voters. we wanted to give you a changes to clarify some of those meant many. -- comments. mr. vance, this question goes to you first. last month you wrote a column when you talked about restoring mutual trust and respect between our citizens and leaders. you called our country's leaders "idiots, scumbags and more." isn't that a critics? >> no, at the end of the day, a lot of our leaders are dumb and have made terrible decisions. it's not about us having more respect to the leaders destroying this country. it's about our leaders having respect for their citizens and our citizens having respect for one another. nothing illustrates this more than the nonstop mandate of vaccinings. you saw it from the big corporations and from the
6:34 pm
government. what happened to accepting that different people were going to make decisions about what goes into their body? what happens to respecting your fellow citizens and know that they're going to do what's right by themselves, their family and by their community. we have to get back to a country where instead of big brother telling us everything, what we eat and drink, medical decisions, with -- where we just respect one another. you're going to have an ideas on a about an issue, i'm going to have another one but that respects gets go destroyed when leaders tell us what to do all the time. >> thank you. you talked about the reign of women and talked about the only woman in this race. >> jane temkin -- timken, best i know, before she became the chair of the party, barely worked. >> in that same interview you
6:35 pm
tweeted that women have never been oppressed. more than hatch the women in this state, more than half the voters are women. so what do you mean by those comments? you have 60 seconds. >> i'll start out by saying we've made a lot of progress. in fact in 2016. we got to vote for a woman for president. it's a different world. we made great progress in this country. i'm very proud of the fact my son is a navy pilot. his wife is an n.c.o. -- i'm sorry, an n.f.o. and an n.f.t. she's doing what men normally did in the past. i remember very proud of that. we've made a great deal of progress and i believe that there's a distinction between somebody putting money in a race where they make the money versus
6:36 pm
having it donated by somebody else. >> but do you believe that women in this country have never been oppressed? >> i think when they weren't allowed to vote but it was a different culture. tv's like judging george washington according to today's standards. my mother was the most honoreds person in our family. and if she wasn't, i had a problem with my father. same with my grandmother. i think women had a different role. there were not a lot of women that are in combat in worlds war i and world war ii. that was men's jobs at the time but women were not subjected to that. so were men oppresseds because they had to go to war? i don't know if oppressed is the right word. it was a different world, that's all. >> thank you. ms. timken, we're going to give you've 15 seconds to respond
6:37 pm
because he obviously called you out. >> exactly and this is an example of the arrogance of mike gibbons, someone out of touch who doesn't understand that i started working when i was in grade school delivering papers and cleaned thunderstorms in -- dorms in college. i was the first female chair and major strait of any political party in this statement. we need leaders like me who understand the plight of families who have been in the trenches fighting for the america-first agenda. mike gibbons is out of touch. >> ms. timken, a question directed to you. your campaign is playing an ad that attacks several of the mental whoer on this stage tonight. we're going to play a portion of that now. >> i'm jane timken. we all know guys who overcompensate for their inadequacies and that
6:38 pm
description fits the guys in the senate race to a t. well, i'm different. >> how is the message in that ad any different than mr. gibbons' comments about your agendaer? >> i was pointing out exactly what's going on in this race. you saw it on display on friday night. two candidates who are more concerned about themes and they're bloviating and bravado. i'm in this race for ohio yangs. this is a serious rails and it's a serious job and i sometimes any we are allowed to have a little levity but the points in this race is who can you trust to fight for the america-first agenda? who's been in the trenches fighting for president trump's american first, borders and. >> and energy insurance. i put 100,000 miles on hi car.
6:39 pm
i hid not see mike gibbons or mr. vance. >> thank you, you have a chance to response. >> i grew up in parma, ohio, and there were a lot of people that cleaned rooms and nobody could put $2 million into a race and i'm a little insulted. i would like to know when jane would do when every question asked to josh mande left hooks was turned on me and -- mandel was left to me and he continually spouted falsehoods and he attacked me. >> you mean her on the stage? just amount example of how out of touch you are. >> mr. mandel, on october 24, you tweeted "shut down government schools and put
6:40 pm
students? church and synagogues. you graduated from beachwood and ohio state. are those two schools you would like to shut down? >> let me first say, i've known jane for a long time. we don't agree on ewell the issues but she's a harvard-trained attorney. she graduated from harvard, worked at very challenging firms doing very difficult faces so for mike to say jane hands worked for a living is an insult to jane. our country was based on a freedom of religion, not a freedom from religion and our country grew strong on a bed rock of jue daya-christian values. not miss limb -- muslim.
6:41 pm
i don't think we should be watering down on those judeo-christian values. we should go the other way. doubling down, instill faith in the classroom, workplace and everywhere in society. >> you did tweet shut down government schools. do you want to shut down beachwood high school, ohio state? other government schools? >> of course not. but tax-supported schools, kids wants to pray, we should let them pray. we have to go on offense. for everyone watching at home, i know you're sick and tired of watching the media attack us as people of religion. we have to fight. >> you said you understand cancel culture more than me.
6:42 pm
you said that was giving in to the cancel culture by changing the name of the cleavage indians. >> my wife has a master's degree so i respect women but jane, you keep say you're fighting in the trenches. donald trump won in 2016 by the exacts same percentage that you keep claiming victory for this 2020 but under your watch, republicans lost three supreme court races and we're feeling the effects of that right now in ohio. i'm not sure what you actually did accomplish. look, this is a family decision my family made, i'm going to stand by it. the reality is that i say that because cancel culture right now is note changing anything. we're looking back to historical equity. we want to make sure that we create current and future opportunity for everyone and when everyone is just fighting to look backward -- not everyone. i mean democrats. are fighting to look backwards and say we neat to correct
6:43 pm
history. how is that helping young women and men today? how is it to say if you're in a poor school system, that's improving that school system. if you're out of work and untrained, how is that going to get you a trained job? the idea is that we have to focus on today and make sure we put programs into place that help people, help people get ahead. do not rely on social engineering. we want to rely on economic opportunity for everyone. >> and i did want to give you 15 seconds to respond. >> absolutely. this is another example of all talk, no action. matt dolan, you're a senator today because i fought for your election. i accomplished that. i also, when we had a blue wave coming in 2018, we swept our statewide election officials. we kept our congressional delegation, did the same in 2020 and i'm proud to say that i
6:44 pm
delivered ohio for president trump. >> in a pandemic election, six hours a day for six months. i never once saw you knock on any dark. >> we're going to move on. we're nearly out of time. we're going to do a rapid fire question for all of you to answer and -- in just 15 seconds. if you are elected to the united states senate, would you vote for mitch mcconnell as the senate republican leader? >> yes, i'm in this fight for the america-first policies. we need people to have the backbone to go to the united states senate and stand up for ohio's families. look, i will decide who is running for leadership. and i will vote for whoever i think will be best to fight for those america-first policies as i did to support president trump. >> all open us havagessed this question hundreds of time. we're not going to entertain hypothetical questions. this is an attack from the
6:45 pm
liberal media. who's his opponent? >> senator scott. >> this is what the liberal media does. they try to trap conservatives, pit conservatives against conservatives. don't fall for in. when donald trump said the fake news, he was right. george bush didn't call him out. his father didn't. the fake news is the fake news. do not fall for them. >> mr. gibbons, would you support mitch mcconnell as the leader in the senate? >> you tell me who he's running against, i'll give you an answer. i'll find somebody that reflects my values and vote for him. >> mitch mcconnell says he intends to be the republican leader. down know how you'll vote? >> we have an evil party in washington called the democrats and a stupid party called the republicans and every no you and
6:46 pm
then they get together and do something that's both stupid and evil and call it bipartisan. i want to elect a leader who's equals going to stand for our leadership. i want to know who's running. >> i want to vote for the leader who's there to say i'm going to fight for ohio. and if they expect anything else, they've got the wrong by. i also want to make sure we have process back in washington. no more late bills, we have to get back to budgets. >> thank you very much, mr. dolan. >> it has been a quick night. believe it or not, it is time for closing statements. >> we start with ms. timken. you have 30 seconds. >> thank you. i'm a mom on a mission to take our country back to fight for the america-first policies of energy independence, strong, secure border, peace through
6:47 pm
strengths. i've been in the trenches fighting for the america first policies. president trump trusted me, endorseeds me to become chair of the ohio republican party and i delivered. this is about who you trust and for me, this is football deliverying the american dream that is at risk because of the democrats' failed polys. do you want a show horse or a workhorse? someone with the grit and grace to get things done in washington, d.c. i ask for your vote. >> thank you. mr. dolan? >> i'm the only one that has your back at bent bridge. i've worked with the appalachian foundation because i know what it means for your economy, health care and education. all throughout this state i've been fighting for what's best for ohio. less taxing, less regulation. backing the politician. i want to bring that same conservative review to washington. because for too long we haven't
6:48 pm
gotten enough done. >> thank you. mr. vance? 30 seconds for your closing. >> elites in this country have gotten rich by plundering the greatest country in the world and accumulating more power for themes and if normal people dare complain about it they call us racist, deane phobic, bad people. we need to stop it. raise people who have built businesses here. i want to grow up in a country where my young sons are encouraged to become virtuous pen. -- men. we have to fight back for the sake of our kids. >> josh mandel, you have 30 seconds. >> i want to talk about an issue that i'm shocked did not come up tonight and something i'm so passionate about. stopping abortion. protecting life from concepcion to national death. when ill go to washington, the
6:49 pm
unborn, the dignity of life will have no more fierce fighter than me and when i go to washington to protect life, protect the unborn, our babies. i will fight and with two documents in hand. with the bible in one hand and the constitution in the other. >> thank you, mr. mandel? mr. gibbons, final comments? >> i'm a businessman, not a politician. i was born on west 77th street in cleveland, ohio. i started with nothing and i achieved the american dream. i want your children to be able to achieve that same american dream and i don't think we can entrust the future of this country to participant insiders. i believe in america first. i believe in the sanctity of human life. i believe in the right to keep and bear arms. >> thank you, mr. gibbons. >> and we thank all of you for parting tonight in this --
6:50 pm
participating tonight in this important political debate. >> and we encourage all of you to vote in the ohio primary. >> thank you very much for watching tonight. we made the same offer to the quaff qualified democratic candidates to detective. from your local election press quarters, good night from cleveland. ♪ >> if confirmed, ketanji brown jackson will be the first african-american woman to sit on the supreme court. the senate judiciary committee heard from the nominee this week. join us sunday for select portions of the hearing, including questions regarding her record as a public defender, federal judge, and member of the
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