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tv   U.S. Senate Supreme Court Confirmation Vote Part 1 2  CSPAN  April 8, 2022 6:38am-6:53am EDT

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bold, and important step on the well trodden path to fulfilling our countries founding promises. this is a great moment for judge jackson but it is even -- and even greater moment for america as we rise to a more perfect union. i think my colleagues that yield the floor. >> under the previous order, all post time has expired. the question occurs on the nomination of ketanji brown jackson of the district of columbia to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states. >> i ask for the a's and nays. >> [laughter]
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is there a sufficient second? there is an certainly appears to be a sufficient second. the clerk will call the role. >> ms. baldwin? >> ay. >> mr. barrasso? >> no. >> mr. bennet? >> mr. bennet, ay. >> mr. blunt? >> no. >> mr. blunt, no. mr. booker? >> yes. >> mr. boozman? >> no. >> mr. brown? >> no. >> ms. cantwell? >> ay. >> this is l?
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>> ay. >> mr. casey? >> a wine. >> mr. cassidy? >> ay. >> mr. coons? >> ay. >> mr. cornyn? >> no. >> mr. kotten? >> no. >> mr. crapo? >> no. >> mr. cruz? >> no. >> mr. daines? >> no. >> mr. duckworth? >> ay. >> mr. durbin? >> a.
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y >> with this feinstein? >> ay. >> misses julie brand? >> ay. >> senator grassley? >> no. >> senator hagerty? >> no. >> mr. hawley? >> no. >> senator heinrichs? >> no. >> senator hickenlooper? >> ay. >> senator hirono? >> ay. >> senator highsmith?
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-- senator johnson? >> no. >> senator kaine? >> ay. >> senator kennedy? >> no. >> senator kennedy? -- senator king? >> no. senator lankford? >> no. >> centre leh keen? >> no. >> senator lee? >> no. >> senator loomis? >> no. >> senator manchin? >> ay. >> senator markey?
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>> centre o'connell? -- senator mcconnell? >> no. >> senator menendez? >> ay. >> senator merkley? senator moran voted in the negative. >> senator murkowski? >> ay. >> senator murray? >> ay. >> center asked self? senator padilla? >> ay. >> senator paul? senator peters? >> ay. >> mr. reed?
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>> ay. >> mr. rich? no. mr. romney? mr. romney, no. mr. rounds? mr. rounds, no. mr. rubio? mr. rubio, no. mr. sanders? mr. sanders, ay. mr. schatz? mr. schatz, ay. mr. schumer? mr. schumer, ay. mr. scott of florida? no. mr. scott of south carolina? no. mr. shaheen? ay. mr. shelby? mr. shelby, no.
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mr. cinema -- ms. sinema? ay. misstep now? ms. stabenow, ay. mr. chester? mr. thune? no. mr. tillis? mr. tillis, no. mr. toomey? mr. toomey, no. mr. van hollen? >> ay. >> mr. warner? mr. warner, i. -- ay. ms. warren? ms. warren, i. mr. wicker?
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no. mr. wyden? mr. wyden, ay. wister young? mr. young, no. minister graham? no. >> having secured the majority for confirmation, the senate volunteered for about 15 minutes to allow senator rand paul to register his vote. >> mr. paul?
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mr. paul, no. >> on this boat, -- vote, the
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ays are 53, the nace are 47. this nomination is confirmed. >> [applause] >> under the previous order, the
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motion to reconsider is considered made and laid upon the table and the president will immediately be notified of the senate's actions. >> madam president, very happily, i note the absence of a core of. >> [laughter] >> [no audio] -- [applause] >> the senate has confirmed ketanji brown jackson to be the first african-american woman to sit on the u.s. supreme court. here's a tweet from the white house showing the nominee and president biden watching the senate bill on c-span two. it reads "judge jackson's confirmation was a historic moment for our nation. we have taken another step forward. she will be an incredible justice and i was honored to share this moment with her." president biden, vice president
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harris, and judge ketanji brown jackson will mark the historic nomination from the south lawn of the white house. live coverage begins this afternoon at 12:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> american history tv. saturdays on c-span2, exploring the people and events that tell the american story. at 11:00 a.m. eastern, university professor benjamin wessel on the life and political career of theodore roosevelt. his right to your politics, his presidency and his first presidency international expiration. at 2:00 p.m. eastern, onto the presidency. part six of our eight part series, first ladies in their own words. we'll look at the role of the first lady, their time in the white house, and the issues important to them. this week we feature laura bush. >> sometimes first ladies are trivialized.
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in fact, our contributions to the u.s. as first ladies are in many many cases much more profound. >> exploring the american story. what american history td on saturdays at c-span2. or watch online anytime at >> book tv every sunday on c-span2 features office discussing their latest nonfiction books. at 2:00 p.m. eastern from the new orleans book festival, authoring a historian discussion. including historians walter isaacson, john berry, eddie goc and john meacham. authors on race and history with jarvis, clint smith, and mental answers. at 10:00 p.m. eastern, former
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australian prime minister and -- talks about his book the avoidable war and his thoughts on how the u.s. and china can coexist and avoid a war in the future. he is interviewed by a united states expert on china. watch book tv every sunday on c-span2 and find a full schedule on your program guide or watch online anytime at book >> middle and high school students participated in c-span student documentary competition. we asked the question how does the federal government impact your life? all month, we are featuring entries. our second prize winner is a 12th grader from a high school in cleveland, ohio where c-span is available through spectra. there when the -- winning entry is titled, "dream of clean


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