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tv   NASA Launches AXIOM-1 Mission to International Space Station  CSPAN  April 9, 2022 12:42am-12:56am EDT

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>> d- 15 seconds. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. ignition. go dragon, godspeed. [applause] >> together, a new chapter begins. godspeed a x1. >> 81 proposing is nominal.
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>> t +38 seconds. on board dragon and falcon falcon nine. >> stage one throttle bound. >> throttling down in preparation for mass dynamic pressure . >> falcon nine is supersonic. >> execute stage one throttle up. >> engines coming back up to
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power. crew calling out one bravo showed a situation arise until the computer went profile to fly using super great draco engines but everything is looking good . we're getting nominal call outs from all the engineers and a great view from the ground camera and onboard camera . >> getting to chill in the second stage trouble pump in ignition in just over half a minute from now . coming up on about 3 and a half jesus elevation for crew will begin throttling down the maryland engines to hold that level of acceleration . next event coming up, were going to get cut off.
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we've got stage separation and ignition of the second stage engine. you further throttle down callouts, 3 and a half jesus for the crew . >> and micco. separation stage. [applause] >> successful stage separation ignition of the second stage engine. on the left the titanium bread beginning to slowly deploy. great views from the first stage camera. first phase now begins a slow flip maneuver. you can see the nitrogen gas
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flow as we reorient for an entry back to the earth's atmosphere a little bit later in the pluscounts. second stage we see the engine going red . everything continuing to look good on the second stage. should be hearing callouts coming up to the clue crew on how the trajectory is doing. >> trajectory nominal. >> and aos formula acquisition signal, tracking station nowgetting telemetry from the second stage of the falcon nine with the dragon on top .four minutes 10 seconds, everything continues to benominal . first it will come back down for a landing on the ship.
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second stage part way through its lengthy burn toget the crew into orbit . so far and a half minutes there.everything continues to lookgood . >> what a picture-perfect left off. we've got a live view of the crew inside dragon endeavor. looks like everyone is still pretty comfy. as john said earlier, good call out there. trajectory nominal. as john mentioned we got to about 3 and a half jesus. on the left-hand side of your screen you can see the first stage as it's making its way back off the earth targeting a landing and a short pull of gravitas.
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a couple miles off the coast of florida in the atlantic ocean . second stage on the right-hand side, everything continues to be nominal there as the engine is powering the second stage and dragon endeavor to its targeted drop-off orbit. absolutely beautiful view of both the first and second stages. so coming up in a minute and a half the first stage will execute the first of two birds. t minutes seven seconds you will see that energy burn. that's where the first stage will unite the center engine first and ignite two more
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engines. 29 seconds, that entry burn slows the vehicle down significantly as it reenters back into the earth atmosphere . the first stage sees high drag which is roughly 70 percent of thatvelocity by the time the landing begins . stunning view where you can see the curvature of the earth at the left-hand side. >> trajectory nominal. >> there you can see the nitrogen gas thruster. that's the cost of gas you see there occasionally. we also utilize those grid fins around the booster and
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also helps steer for a precise landing. >> stage ii. >> there we can see the entry burn has done. we are targeting a landing on a shortfall shipped today. everything continuing to look nominal with trajectories and performance there for our second stage on theright-hand side . so we are conducting the entry burn, previously the booster. that entry burn helps load of mister down. it was going about 25 times the amount. so we slow it down as it reenters the best part of the earth's atmosphere.
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the next event is second engine cut off for pico 1. that's where we shut down the engine for second cutoff. >> copy, shannon. >> stage one transonic. note that our landing burn and six engine cutoff will occur about the same time. all right, we've got a live view of the crew inside dragon endeavor on the right-hand side of your screen . >> stage 1 landing burn. >> landing burn has begun. >> nominal orbit insertion. >> great news there. dragon and never nominal orbit insertion.
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>> space x endeavor, it's great to be here. 0g weapply . >> stage i landing deploy. [applause] >> as you can see this falcon 9 has landed for the sixth time. all the while great commentary there. >> at least sis
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