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tv   Campaign 2024 Rep. Madison Cawthorn R-NC Speaks at Trump Rally in North...  CSPAN  April 11, 2022 10:01am-10:12am EDT

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he criticized leadership in capitol hill and the biden administration stop this is about 10 minutes. [applause] >> there is no better place to rally for the 45th and 47th president of the united states, donald trump. [applause] i am from the mountains of west
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carolina and i'm great to come out to this congressional district. i come from the mountains where my ancestors settled about 270 years ago and they fought the revolutionary war. it's the greatest honor of my life. we are all individualistic and love our independence and want the government to stay out of our lives. the low of power in washington, d.c. are controlled by dark forces stop the halls of congress is being shuffled by cowards. it's going on in her country is -- it's hard. we are facing dark times and i know many of you recognize we are facing dark times but you also realize that america's greatest comeback happened when things seem to the hardest.
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the american spirit, when it is pushed against, is when we come out and fight the hardest. when i started seeing what's going on in our nation, when i see how quickly our country has changed, the adage that best describes this time in history is that hard times creates strong men. and strong men good times. the good times create weakness and we've -- and weak men create hard times. you see was going on in our nation when we have weak leadership, how quickly things have changed. i know how quickly things can change. eight years ago, i was in a car with my best friend driving in loretto. he fell asleep behind the wheel and we ran into a concrete wall at 70 miles per hour. at that point, i had less than a 1% chance to be able to live. i was destined to never stand
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again. i know how quickly things can change. we are now seeing our energy independence ripped away from us. we are seeing how bad our country can be, we are seeing gas up to seven dollars per gallon. this country can change it. it may seem impossible and people tell me it's impossible to change the direction of the country and it's impossible to root out the corruption in our government. [applause] >> god has given me the strength to stand before you today not to
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lecture on what is impossible. [applause] my fellow patriots, americans are used to doing the impossible. with god, all things are possible. if any of you are tired, used to -- you are used to a government that works only for the elite and the other side stop we have so many in the national parties of our country that believe the key to saving our nation is cheapening our platform and going after nonexistent middleground voters. there is no middle ground with marxism. the key to saving our nation is not going after the voters that don't exist but going after the disenfranchised man or woman in our country. the people to don't bother to vote because been proven that the government will never work on their behalf. these are the pipefitters, the people who make our economy run.
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what do they care about? what do we care about? we care about dining room politics. what affects your family as you gather together around the kitchen table. these people care about raising their families to peace and prosperity. and on an economy that so strong you can do it on a single income. [applause] they want high paying, steady jobs. they don't want to send their sons and daughters to fight in a foreign war and they don't want our borders to be porous and open. the elites in our country and i've seen it in washington, they are afraid of their acting desperate which is why you see crazy things coming out of washington. they try to make you submit and bend your knee. it's through fear. it called mothers who didn't speak of school boards domestic
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terrorists.but when they started coming from our children, they started coming for our freedoms stop that's when the americans leaned in stop that's when we said we will get even louder and fight even harder because this nation is worth saving. when the people forsook the establishment candidate and they elected donald j trump as the 46th president of the united states, we showed how united this country can be. a quote that i think is powerful is by mark twain. in the beginning change, the patriot is a scarce man and he is raven he is scorned. after his mission is successful, then the timid join him because then it costs nothing to be a patriot. we are in the beginning of a change. right now, we can make the decision. if we are going to bury our heads in the sand, i don't blame
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you or we can decide that god chose us to live in that time and like queen esther, we were shown to live in a time like this. [applause] we were not cursed to live in on interesting times, if you put america first and washington, d.c. and we put donald trump back in command in the white house, we will embrace the spirit of our founding fathers and they get -- and investigate anthony faucher for lying to congress. [applause] we will restore the second amendment and secure our borders and finally, we will impeach joe biden for his dereliction of duty. [applause] thank you all so much. [applause] my friends, may god bless you, donald trump and the usa.
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[applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> thank you all. [applause] >> tonight, look at wildfire and forest management, the need for increased personnel to fight fires, mitigation efforts and climate change. we will have officials from the interior department and the forest service tonight at nine eastern on c-span, online at or watchful coverage of our free video app,
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