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tv   AXIOM-1 Farewell Ceremony from Internatl Space Station  CSPAN  April 19, 2022 1:25pm-1:36pm EDT

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>> the axiom-1 crew took part in a farewell ceremony before leaving the international space station. >> thank you very much. it is the end of a 10 day mission. it is been super busy for everyone. we are honored to be a of this mission, in which our crewmates brought up an enormous number of experiments, and the camaraderie. the science has been amazing. would like to thank gmc for their training, all the centers that have ramped up, talk to
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more crew members and get a handle on this workload. we had a good time. thanks to the training and their fortitude and bravery in coming up here. we've accomplished a lot appear. just a few -- a lot up here. the axiom-1 crew is opening the door, we hope future private astronaut missions will continue to open the door to more spaceflights. getting more people into space, mark signs on the space station, and i feel like this is going to be the way things are for decades to come. really looking forward to it. things everyone on the grounds of over to you, mike. >> just a couple reflections, first of all from accrued perspective, at least personally, i think i can speak for all of us. it has been an amazing experience. if you'd adjectives, unique,
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magnificent, and humbling. more than anything, very rewarding. we talked a lot about how much science has accomplished, how hard we were working. i think -- send thanks to the team in houston and huntsville and the other centers around the world. it was a busy time for us, we hit the ground running, i feel like we just about got to the finish and started to slow down after that spring. -- sprint. it's been not only very rewarding for us as a group, this begins a new era of human spaceflight, or people other than government astronauts, who are professionally trained and prepared can come up with less training, but still able to function in this unique and sometimes challenging environment. i think that is a first step toward a real democratization of
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this experience. it is going to take a while, the prices are quite high now. we think that in the future, this will be something that we can share with more and more humanity. and it will make humankind all the better for it. i will pass it to larry. >> first, thanks to crew three. without their help, support, coaching, mentorship, there is no way we would have been able to accomplish this wide range of experiments over the last eight days. it was an aggressive schedule. fortunately, we were able to accomplish our objectives. hopefully it will lead to some
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great groundbreaking research. also, we conducted as a team, over 15 educational outreach to youth across the world, not just in the united states. hopefully, that will make a positive impact on the next generation. if you ask me, what is the experience been like? exhilarating and unique. lastly, thanks to nasa, all the folks at huntsville, for supporting us. again, without their key involvement, coaching, direction , this would not be possible. i'm going to turn it over to mark. >> mark, your mike is on.
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>> sorry, i sound like a broken record, repeating the same things. what an amazing, incredible 10 days it has been. it has been eye-opening in so many ways. we will -- it will have a lasting impact on my life, i think the lives of everybody around me. the iss crew was instrumental in helping us to achieve all of our scientific objectives, not to mention contributing to the depth of our personal experiences. thanks to all of you for that. i also want to make a shout out to the folks at nasa in huntsville for dealing with the massive increase in activity. and dealing with us with patients and professionalism in
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getting us through this. thanks a lot. with that, i handed over to --. >> a few words in hebrew. [speaking hebrew] >> in english? >> i didn't press the buttons.
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>> i just want to echo what everybody said about how gracious and patient they've been with us. they shared our times of their foods, their for stories. especially the first couple days that we would not have gotten through it without them bailing us out on more than one occasion. it has been a steady and gentle hand guiding us through these 10 days. we are grateful to you. thank you. >> thanks, mike. we wish the acting troupe godspeed. thank you for your leadership as commander of the axiom-1 mission. it's great to see you back here again, hope to see more missions of the future. safe travels, hope you have a soft splashdown. thanks also to our russian crewmates, we pulled off a
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complex, long, arduous space yesterday. didn't miss a beat, with all the other activity over here. >> thank you. >> to date, on c-span, a look at the military budget and potential security threats with air force secretary frank kendall supply from the national press plot at 2:00 eastern. later in the day, house democrats caucus sure talks about strengthening democracy here and abroad in a conversation hosted by american university live at 7:00 eastern. all of our coverage is available to watch at or free video up, c-span now. >> c-span brings you an unfiltered view of government. our newsletter, word for word recaps the day for you from that
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