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tv   Prime Minister on Breaking COVID-19 Lockdown Rules  CSPAN  April 20, 2022 2:30am-2:59am EDT

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i was fortunate enough to be
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frugal with my money. >> you can see the rest of this program if you go to our website life now to lawrence johnson -- prime minister boris johnson responding to breaking restrictions during covid-19 lot now. prime minister johnson: let me begin in all humility by saying on the 12th of april, i received a notice relating to the
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eviction -- i paid the fine immediately and offered the british people a fool apology. i take this opportunity on the first available sitting days to repeat my wholehearted apology. as soon as i received -- i acknowledged the hurt and the anger. i said people had a right -- and i repeat that mr. speaker, in the house now. not by way of mitigation or excuse, but purely because my previous words in this house, it
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did not occurred to me then or subsequently that a gap -- a gathering in the common -- in the room could result in breach of the rules. that was my mistake and i apologize for it unreservedly. i respect the outcome of the police investigation which is still underway. i can only say i will this -- respect their decision making and always take the appropriate steps. as you know, i have taken significant steps. it is precisely why so many people are angry and disappointed that i feel an even greater sense of obligation to deliver -- and to respond in the
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best against ukraine. all ukrainian friends are fighting for the life of their nation. the whole house shares my admiration for their courage. baths and carcasses of his tanks and city armor -- and the smoldering monuments. having pulverized the -- putin had been compelled to withdraw his forces from the entire region. our allies supplied to the
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weaponry but it was the ukrainian sacrifice which saved their capital. i traveled to kyiv myself on the ninth of april. and i spent four hours with president volodymyr zelenskyy. the leader of a nation fighting for survival that gives the roar of a lion heart people. shared across this house to join with our allies. when the president and i went through approaching central kyiv, we have a man who immediately shared his love for britain and the people. i will tell my children and grandchildren they must always
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remember that britain helped us. the urgency is even greater now because putin has relived his forces. we knew this danger would come. on the 17th of april, the following day, we discussed exactly how we could provide the arms that ukraine would desperately need. i put together a visit with biotin but how i would intensify. russia will never dare to invade again. just as our foreign policy was look, this mystic priorities and replace the economic aftershocks
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of the consequences of russian aggression impacting the intact of our family bills. we are helping families and to reduce costs. and to assure -- ensure the energy is cheaper, to make energy greener, more affordable and more secure. we will expand offshore wind and build a new reactor every year. this government is joining with our allies to face down putin's aggression while addressing the problems at home. make lusk bills safe to clear covid backlog. my job is to work every day to
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make the british people, safer, more secure and most prospers. i'd is what i will convey you to do. >> what a joke. even now as the latest mealymouthed apology stumbles out of one side of his mouth, a new side of deflections pour from the other. but the damage is already done. the public have made up their mind. they don't believe a word the prime minister says. they know what he is. with this prime minister, those close with him find themselves ruined.
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ministers forced to walk away from public services. for all those unfamiliar with this prime minister's career, this is not some flexible -- fixable glitch in the system. it is the whole point. it is a what he does, it is who he is. he knows he is dishonest and can -- incapable of changing. the more people deface themselves, -- >> order. i cannot hear what is being said because you are making too much --
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[inaudible] >> i will say, you said dishonest. i do not think that is an appropriate word. we do not want to talk about breaking rules. if you withdraw that, i am sure with the knowledge he has gained over many years, he can use appropriate words keeping with good tempered language of this house. >> mr. speaker, i respect that ruling from the chair. the prime minister knows what he is. and so he tracks everyone else down with me. the more he paints this absurd -- the more the public will think politicians are all the
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same. that suits this prime minister just fine. some are oblivious to the prime minister's game. some know what he is up to but our two weeks anger. a minister on the radio this morning saying, "it is the same as a speeding ticket pure coda know it is not. no one has ever broken down in tears because they couldn't drive faster than 20 miles per hour outside a school. don't insult the public with this nonsense. last week, we were treated to a
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grotesque special stash practical while the prime minister's loyal supporters in -- occluding teachers and noise are members of pursuit could associate because of the help -- if they want. but those of us who take pride in our nhs workers, our teachers and area to -- and every other -- plain tea did not degree with every rule the prime minister wrote, but they followed him every the list. if this comes true wu space -- we took the roof from that narrow set interest and we understand the rules apply to everyone. this morning i spoke to john roberson i want to tell you his
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story. when his wife got covid, he broke the rules of code. he did not see her in hospital, she did not held her hand when she died. because there were questions about police. they did not have a service in the church. don's son-in-law -- the -- state away. doesn't the prime minister realized john would have given the world to hold his dying wife's hand. even if it was just nine minutes. but he didn't because he followed the prime minister's rules. rules we now know the -- after
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months of insulting and skews, today's halfhearted apology will never be enough for john robinson. if the prime minister has any respect for john and the means he sacrificed to follow all the rules, he will resign. but he won't because he doesn't respect john. he doesn't respect the sacrifice of the bridge public. he is a man without shame. looking -- lit and the dog and cabinet. who do respect john robinson, who respect the british public. they know the things the prime
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minister is doing and they know they cannot go on the way they are. they know it is their responsibility to bring and in to this shameful behavior. i once again, -- put your conscience first, put john robinson first and remove the prime minister from office. bring decency, honesty and integrity back into our politics. prime minister johnson: i apologize once again profusely to john robinson who lost love ones and particularly during the pandemic.
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i am not trying to explain why to reform a better personal attacks on me, i understand why he does that. i think it would've been a good thing the impact of -- to address that, and get on with our jobs as a speaker. when he talks about morning dogs a nodding dog sat -- this
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government will get on with the difficult job of taking us through the aftershock of the pandemic. not just leading this country but the world. i renew my apologies to john robinson, families up and down the land. the best thing we can do now for this country, as politicians, is not to indulge in the personal and to get on with our jobs. >> thank you mr. speaker. having heard from, marks -- from remarks, may i put it to the house it is a work counter.
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lemonades -- in recent case, as the veteran and and -- i i am
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sorry for my mistake and i accept completely the position of the police. >> thank you mr. speaker. let us remind each other, on the eve of december last year the police have no flights prime minister. i know people deliberately and willfully led -- misled the house. the public have already made up their minds. you are calling for 75% which is probably 82 people in stock.
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the public knows the truth between the difference of the truth and lying. hard -- only apologize because he has been caught. she had broken his own laws prime minister, you cannot hide behind visors. we know, this is the first prime
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minister to be found of -- and prime minister is rooted in the law and remain in the and -- if he has any decency, he will not just apologize, he will resign. mr. speaker, the scale and the seriousness of the issues we are all now facing require of effective leadership from a prime minister who can be trusted. the war crimes being inflicted on the ukrainian people need to be our focus. the very least a public deserves is a prime minister who can tell
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the truth. for this prime minister, that trust is broken and that can never be fixed. the truth is, only the majority of the people who -- the real pleasure is diverse -- we need a prime minister who the public contrast the truth. prime minister johnson: i apologize profusely for my mistake and what i have done wrong. i repeat that. she writes whether this government is capable of providing effective leadership during the current crisis,
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instead of sending me out to russia. it is still a policy -- it is with this country needs right now. >> i welcome recognition of that and he is apology. does he agree that we face the greatest crisis in global security for a long time. it is essential we ran -- we remain focused on beating poussin and stopping the aggression against ukraine. we follow this discussion with todd president biden and others to ensure the --.
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prime minister johnson: on the state of the world in ukraine, it is in a perilous stage. it is right now we don't allow putin to gain as he will could. this him becoming artillery, more artillery and that is what we will be given, -- what we will be giving up mr. speaker. >> the parliament is anxious to move on to other issues. the question is, can he do that? one example, can he perhaps explained to me to the house, and to the country how he can justify one half of the vaccination with harry.
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when he faced allegations, on the other hand, refusing to resign when he is responsible of capturing -- i made everything a mistake and i apologize for that seriously. >> speaker, i strongly support the government's actions standing up to pollutants aggression and hope the ukraine defends itself and values. it is exact time like this that our country needs a prime minister that exemplifies those values. i regret to say we have a prime minister that broke the laws that he told the country they have to follow. hasn't been straightforward
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about it, he is now going to ask the decent winter i am very sorry to myself to say this, but i do not think he is worthy of the office he holds. prime minister johnson: i must state, i do believe it is the job of this government to get on. that is what we are going to do. >> a poll over the weekend asked 2000 people what they think of the prime minister. most common word they used, by
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far, was liar. it is important to understand how profoundly damaging it is to operate a country, to have a government led by man took partn
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a farewell ceremony before leaving the international space station. >>


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