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tv   STUDENTCAM 2022 WINNER - FEM As Impact on Our Lives in Southwest Louisiana  CSPAN  April 20, 2022 9:02pm-9:13pm EDT

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some bitter disagreement and make his life harder. that is a huge mistake that i think when we made mistakes any the bush administration, it was when we did not reflect the full depth of this agreement to the president -- depth of disagreement to the president . make it your job when you are in the oval office to sharpen the disagreement. provoke people to say what they said outside of the oval office to the president and make his job dam hard because that is the president's job, is to make the hard decisions and he should make them knowing what everyone thinks. >> unvarnished. kellyanne conway, we will give you the final word. >> don't overestimate how much
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you and your colleagues and a president can get done by this friday. underestimate how much he can get done in the next 1, 2, 3 months. i think there is always this rush to solve, to fix, to do, to make better, to check the box off the list. i think the longview is very important when it comes to policymaking and presidential power. from my own perspective, with the gravity and responsibility with these jobs must come a certain degree of humility. don't forget for whom you are working. the oath is not to the president. the oath is not to a political party. the oath is to the constitution. you are serving the people. that is very humbling to realize that a decision this way or that way affects so many people's
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lives. if you don't feel that way and you are in one of these jobs, you should think about moving on. there are other places and spaces where you belong and you will be compensated and appreciated. keeping the humility and remembering why you are there. but then also taking the long view. try to do that time and again. some of those best laid plans -- mac hit a nerve for me. if you'd asked me what one of the greatest regrets are, i would have said transition because we were all up in new york a little too long. this is where our transition was. this is where our jobs were going to be. it was much more efficient to keep the offices going there. many people from the campaign
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team were coming into the white house. i think it is really important to come here to the city and go through those paces. that is one thing -- i would give that advice saying don't delay that. don't take your family vacation two weeks before your sworn in. don't delay coming here from arkansas or new york. get here. as center pointed out, we had said it. there is not a ton of on the job training when it comes to these positions of great responsibility. i look at it as great responsibility. i did talk to other counselors, people who would have that title. people whose portfolio i was about to assume. the last advice i would give especially --
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two fold. your family and your friends. they are your rock. there is no term limit on them. i really don't care where you work. what do they care? it will love you most and best. they will be the most honest with you. get some friends or keep some friends or cultivate some friendships on the others of the aisle. i have many and it helped tremendously. it helped them too. and it helped me. that is -- i would say nonpartisan as it fundamentally should be. you have everybody's perspective. even if people don't agree with you, they will still love you and respect you and appreciate your company and your wisdom. that is incredibly important for anyone i think especially during these times. >> we are here in part -- he will head off this initiative.
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[applause] we have gone well over but thank you for a rich and wonderful conversation. to all of you, thank you for being with us. enjoy your evening. [applause]
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>> saturday night april 30, the daily show host trevor noah headlines the first white house correspondents association dinner since 2019. president biden is also expected to attend making this the first time since 2016 a sitting president has made an appearance. our television coverage begins 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. will have sights and sounds from inside the ballroom and highlights from past dinners ahead of the speaking program. coverage on and the c-span now video app begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern where you can watch celebrities, journalists and other guests walk the red carpet as they arrived for the dinner. the white house correspondents
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association dinner live saturday night april 30 on c-span. c-span radio, and the c-span now video app. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more including cox. >> cox is committed to providing eligible families access to affordable internet through the connectivity program. bridging the digital divide one connected student at a time. >> cox supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> up next on c-span, a look at the impact of medical debt on patients. that is followed by white house national cyber director talking
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about global threats and election security. later, white house press secretary jen psaki is asked about the recent court ruling that struck down mask mandates for public transit. next, a look at what congress can do about health care and medical debt. patient advocates and health care officials testify. this is about an hour and 20 minutes. >> committee on banking, housing and urban affairs will come to order. today's hearing is a hybrid .


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