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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  April 25, 2022 1:53pm-2:46pm EDT

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out in big numbers. if the other side won the last election, you hate it. you want revenge. you want to get back in power. you hate everything the other side is doing, so you are hyper motivated. that little slice, about 10% in the middle who are independent and do not lean either way tend to be fickle and get buyers remorse. they vote against the party in power almost invariably. that is why midterm elections are the way they are. it is, what is it, 37 out of 39 midterm elections since the civil war. 19 out of the last 25 midterm elections in the senate. even down to state legislatures, it is that way. host: the democrats hold the white house, the senate and the house. the white house isn't for
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elections. the senate and the house pedal let's start with the senate. what does it look like for the democrats and the senate? elin >> they cannot afford to lose everything -- anything. the over under, it is a 50% chance it'll be worse for democrats that flows -- lose two or three. two or three is the most sort of the median point in the sentiment -- senate. in the house, the net loss of 20 seats would be the over under in the house. five will tip it over. it is looking pretty tough for democrats. host: you can see that full program on our website or our app. if you want to call in and let us know what your party should be doing to ensure their chance of victory in november, here is how you can do that. republicans, (202) 748-8001.
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democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. you can text as set (202) 748-8003 -- you can text us at (202) 748-8003. pew research did a poll taking a look at the topic of the midterms, attitudes towards it. they write, "in contrast with 2018, republican registered voters are more likely than democratic voters to say which party control really matters." 67% of democrats, -- that remained the case through the 2018 campaign. this says that the new survey finds that equal shares of registered voters say if the elections were held today, they would support the republican or
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democrat candidate 43%. 4% said they would vote for other candidates. pick the party that best represents you. tell us what that party should be doing to ensure victory in november. you can let us know during the course of the hour this morning. in new york city, we hear first up from rob. live for democrats. what should the party be doing? caller: as usual, you are doing an excellent job. thank you for c-span and thank you for that. you know, the democratic leadership, especially the people who are regularly on television need to -- and everybody, really, need to speak plain english. when they use a word, i am not the sharpest tool in the shed myself, i am no dummy and i have a good vocabulary.
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when they use a word that i do not get, that i have to think, what is that word? in context to the sentence or paragraph that they are in the midst of, when i have to stop and think, i do not understand that word, it bothers me so. i can figure out the word within the context of what they are talking about, but so many democrats are not talking plain english. plain language using, i do not know if it is called secondary process type words. host: what should they be talking about in this plainly which? -- this plane language? caller: the thing about on television, trump was a television guy. when the right looks at members of congress, democratic members like aoc and the mod squad, i do
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not know the others that are unfairly criticized. they are stigmatized. they are focused on. the right looks at those progressive members like the way the left looks let -- looks at marjorie taylor greene. host: wake -- mike in florida, same question. caller: i will start with where that stupid ass democrat left off. we should put archery taylor green in charge. that is what we should be doing. as far as the party overall, in november, what should they be doing? we need to get rid of pieces of trash like mccarthy and mcconnell. host: ok. we will go to alyssa in cleveland, tennessee. live for kratz. -- live for democrats.
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caller: i think we keep hearing a lot of the democratic officials saying we should talk more about accomplishments. i completely disagree. i think they need to go completely negative. we, unfortunately, have led to new issue votes. i think what the democratic party's to be is show pictures of the riot. quote marjorie taylor green and her advocating the high ranking democratic officials need to be put in jail and executed. intersperse those pictures of donald trump. it will get the message that, if you vote for a republican, you are voting against democracy at this point.
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it is nice to talk about great accomplishments, but that does not get you anywhere. in times where the democrats should start playing the republicans at their own game. host: melissa in cleveland, tennessee. ken from san diego, hi. caller: one reason most of us are independents, we have two choices. we have multiple issues. neither are being solved by either party. president biden, no disrespect, gave a -- you are not black unless you vote democrat? what kind of ridiculous knowledge is that. that is beyond belief. host: as far as the midterms,
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how do you choose a candidate, and what should that party be doing to ensure victory? caller: i'm voting my wallet. number one, during covid and inflation and the fed raising interest rates, i am voting my wallet. i'm voting with the candidate or party, if you want to call it a party, or person who is going to put more money in my wallet for disposable income. that is the way we should all vote. both debt -- vote your interests. host: is there a specific candidate in your mind? caller: no. i do not see a specific candidate that is for sameness. as soon as i hear a candidate that says, i am here to put more money in your pocket and more control and how you live your life, that is probably the candidate i will vote for. host: ken in san diego, when he
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looks at issues, he looks at his wallet. what would you advise your party to do come november to ensure victory? the phone lines, republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. you can text us at (202) 748-8003. a recent story in axios takes a look at what happens regardless in the house come november, what they identify as a squad could see begich -- big gains. the squad is poised for big gains this november. the squad plus would be positioned to push the ranks of its rivals into the back of some of its agenda, impacting the 2020 for race. as many as six progressive candidates have chances to win house seats this cycle.
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the most notable is greg sizer. another texan, progressive or -- progressive jessica size los and gregory kwei, primary set for may 24. in pennsylvania, summer lee is leading her nearest opponent by 25 points. it cites erica smith and north carolina and three other progressives with shots at winning. when it comes to that advice, what would you tell your party? republican line, joseph, missouri. hello. caller: the republicans, i do not know if it is even possible. the democratic party is owing to
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cheat again. -- the democratic party is going to cheat again. they are going to plan out how to do it. the republicans, they need to take the cover off the mechanism and get inside the clock works and clean it out. host: why focus on the can accept the election, versus the issues? caller: everybody knows the issues. i think republicans won a clean election. they gummed up the works. democrats gummed up the works and stole the election. now, it is going to happen again. unless, the republicans can get in. it starts in these big cities who have been cheating for years upon decades.
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chicago, new york, all these big towns. st. louis. host: ok. memphis, tennessee. democrats line. caller: this is joshua from memphis. i hear obama last week. he a year late. another thing, watch out for the young folks. they are not polling how they think they do. they live a different life than the republican party thinks they think about. we want to be divided. the young folks, they come out and vote. get the people out of control, of our government so everybody can live. i would like to know, what has
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the republican party ever done for working-class people? host: what issue should the democrats be talking about leading up to the democrat -- leading up to the elections? caller: democracy should be preserved. if they do not get out of the mouth, democracy will be destroyed. a prime example of it in florida. host: a person sharing similar sentiments, elizabeth warren gave her perspective on how she thinks democrats will do come november. here is what she said from yesterday. >> we've got less than 200 days from the election. american families are hurting. our job is to deliver on behalf of those families. that means making government work for them. there is so much we can do, and
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so much that is popular across the country among democrats, republicans and independents. we can, for example, stop the price gouging p let's authorize the ftc to investigate and prosecute on price gouging. that will bring down prices p let's attack corruption in washington head-on so we are saying members of congress cannot trade in stocks. let's cancel student loan debt. the president has the power to do that by himself, it would touch the lives of millions of people across this country. there is so much we can do. if we do it over the next 200 days, we are going to be in fine shape. this is what the mocker see is about. take it to the people. we need to get the work done. >> if we don't, we lose control of congress? >> we will be in real trouble if
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we do not liver what -- we do not deliver what i believe the democrats will lose. host: some of you texting us, tweeting us. the from twitter saying, democrats are in self-destruct mode. they act like they want to lose. from twitter, the democrats must emphasize how the republicans have nothing to offer. we cannot afford to have congress do nothing for the next two years. what is their plan to deal with putin, inflation or covid? some of those thoughts, you can express on twitter. some of you texting us this morning at (202) 748-8003. pick the party that best represents you, if you called within the last 30 days, we ask you to hold off today. james in lancaster, virginia. republican line, you are next. caller: good morning.
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i think republicans need to push structure. our structure has collapsed. you see the crime rate, our government to not enforce laws. if you do not enforce laws, you encourage chaos. you cannot have a democracy with chaos. elizabeth warren said, let's give away free college. i sign a document, i will pay back this after i graduate college. she says, give it away for free. we cannot give -- live in a free, chaos society. republicans need to bring back structure. host: you say structure, as far as specifics, anything the republicans have a plan for these structural issues you talk about? caller: if you go back under
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putin and trump, everybody says president trump did this and that. president trump in pass laws. he enforced the current laws we have across the board from immigration to crime. the only thing he pushed was the bill that made sense. as far as laws, that is why crime and immigration went down, jobs were up. he pushed and enforced the laws we have. we do that, we bring back a strong country. host: let's hear from diane in barberton, ohio. democrats line. caller: first of all, i think what we need to do is start looking at the facts. number one, senior citizens on social security, republicans are trying to get rid of your social security. democrats just gave you a raise.
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think about what you are doing. number two, the written house case. -- the rittenhouse case. they were there to start trouble. people followed through. host: how did that influence november's election? caller: right now, the republicans are ran by white supremacists. they are the ones that are bringing in the drugs from the border, they are the ones that are bringing in the guns. ok. that one attorney that was on earlier part of the month, was saying that migrants are bringing over drugs. there coming in by cars and trucks. that is how they do that, i
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can't think of what they are called. the ones that are doing the stuff down in the southern border. host: the country calls on our line for democrats, what should the democrats be focused on leading up to november? caller: emphasizing the facts of what they have done for the united states people, not so much concentrating on what is being bad. no matter what, i would love to hear what is going on in washington with the january 6, i want to know what is going on. these people that are republicans do not care. all they care about is having somebody like trump in office. host: the economy is one of those issues that could influence heavily the results of this november. a recent story in the health saying an economy that seeing
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searching growth and debilitating inflation, democrats and republicans are telling different stories. for republicans, inflation, inflation, inflation. consumer prices have risen 8.5 percent since last year, with wholesale prices climbing 11%. democrats are hammering the term home. they have mentioned an average of 100 times in statements since january, the top 10 democratic have inch and it only 32 times. democrats are focused on the red hot rebound of the economy which has led to an increase in nominal wages and some of the highest levels of employment from the 1960's. march marking the 11th straight jump with 400 jumps added back. that was richard neal saying that. the economy may be something you look at when you want to advise
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her party on what they should be doing, and tuck about leading up to -- and talk about leading up to it. you can text us at (202) 748-8003. you can post on social media. nancy and ohio, independent line. good morning. caller: how are you? host: well, how about yourself? caller: the gal said -- she was so misinformed. i feel terrible. she doesn't know the good things the republicans are doing and what trump has done. host: what would you advise the party to focus on leading up to november? caller: focus on, for now, where the democrats are kicking us, whether they like it or not, is
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down a rabbit hole. this administration is definitely beholding. the deep state is involved in this. i know you know who that is, the government actors. they are in between a rock and a hard place. they are going to cling to this election. there will be more election fraud than ever this time. they are so desperate. host: as far as issues, what should your party of choice be focusing on? caller: they need to be investigating, watching conservative news. they need to look at the real pictures of what is going on at the border, what is going on with these democrat cities with the fires, the statues tore down. no accountability for the destruction. all this world culture, it is so un-american. the fact that the funding the
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police, this is not america. this is not what we stand for. host: let's hear from roberto in fairfax, genia. republican line. caller: you are on -- hi. i think the republican party has to do a few things. first, stay on the principled message of individual spots abilities and limited government. the democrats will always have a solution in terms of a plan to fix something or make things better or give something back, in terms of the forgiveness of student loans. they are not solutions to anything. the government has to be limited. it cannot have all the answers. i think the republican party gets caught in this trap of trying to match the democratic party in providing for free
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stuff to try and win. i think that it's wrong. the second point the republican party needs to do is distance themselves from the military industrial complex and walk away from the drumbeat of going to another needless war. i am an active duty military member. i'm not speaking on behalf of the government in any way, shape or form. i can see the influence of the raise eons, the northern kremlin. we may -- we need to make sure we have the united states best interest, focus on the united states. not foreign countries halfway across the world. host: that is roberto in virginia. the washington post takes a breakdown of the primary races to watch as we head to november. this is by amber phillips, she
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highlights some states. when she looks at ohio, she writes, this might be the years most contentious primary. republicans can grab a senate seat. the former president state out of the primary and watched as candidates tried to out trump each other. he endorsed hillbilly elegy author jamie vance, even though his own advisors wanted him to choose jane temkin or josh mandel. looking at enzo weiner, she writes, amber phillips saying pennsylvania as a swing state could determine which party controls the senate next year. president trump made another endorsement unpopular and he backed ed haas. alaska, she highlights the fact that sarah palin is running for alaska's congressional seat. she is one of the best-known
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politicians in the country, and has trump's endorsement. it is not a given she will win. some of the primaries to watch as we go forward to november. independent line, carolyn is next. caller: hi. as an independent. i feel both ways. i think the republican party needs to get integrity. if you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. unfortunately, it is very hard because -- the dems, if they stole the election, why didn't they keep the senate and house? they should've got the whole thing if they stole it. the dems need to start -- stop giving away everything. they have no message. they need to get a message. not only what they can give people, but what they have done and what the other party is not
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doing for their constituents. that is my message. host: carolyn in minnesota, speaking of democratic primaries, amber phillips highlighting pennsylvania saying it is a marquee senate race. john federman is running for the party's nomination with its distinctive style, he is tall, bald, campaigns in a hoodie and gym shorts. she highlights the wisconsin senate, saying democrats would love to unseat senator ron johnson, who has embraced trump in claims and is running for reelection in a state that nearly voted for biden. it is a crowded primary. the top list is senator nanda labarre and, alan class lee, tom nelson. that primary set for august the
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ninth. giving his own assessment of where the democratic -- republicans stand, it was mike mccall when asked about where things will end up in november. here is some of that from yesterday. historically as well as the party in the white house will pick up seats, all we need is five. i predict at least 40 seats. as of the president so unpopular, when it comes to inflation, gas prices, foreign policy mistakes, seems as a week president. host: you can give your thoughts on what your party of choice should be doing when it comes to the november campaign 2022.
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democrats (202) 748-8000. ron in illinois. hello. we will try one more time for ron. you are on. go ahead. caller: good morning. i think the democrats should concentrate on showing what republicans are. all they do is instill fear and hate as well as racism. stand on it. show the republicans exactly what they are.
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it can be a teaching tool to show what each party stands for. i think the doj needs to get some backbone and prosecute these people. should democrats should be focusing on certain things, other than what you have mentioned? caller: you know, other programs are working. the republicans do not have a message, they do not do anything for the people but instill fear. all they do is cry about the border.
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host: let's hear from the republicans. catherine, you're on. caller: i think the republicans have to enlighten what has been going on. what about the higher grocery prices, especially when it comes to eggs and it milk and so forth. the afghanistan war was a faste. disaster. what is going on in the southern borders is a disaster. i think the republicans need to punch that out of all of the things that have gone wrong. as far as all of the things that they can say that they can do right, school public --.
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also the last comment, in florida, we love our governor. he has done a fantastic job since he has been in office. i think any person who is running under the republican ticket, whether it is for governor, senator, congressman, should look at him and see what he is doing right in florida and take a page out of his book. host: ok. catherine in florida giving her thoughts on november and the issues on which republicans can be focused on aside from domestic politics. particularly, when it comes to presidential election. cnn reporting that the man emmanuel macron has won
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the election. he took 50.5% on sunday's vote, making him the first french leader to be elected in 20 years. the contest was a rematch of the 2017 ranch residential -- 2017 presidential run up. again, those are coming in from yesterday. we are talking about domestic policies in the united states when it comes to issues and the votes coming up to this november and what your party should be doing. you have heard people over the last 35 minutes. you are welcome to add your thoughts to the mix over the next 25 minutes on our independent line, this is rob from michigan.
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hello. caller: hello. i think some of your earlier callers have created a gap the average american, that may be for the first time we have an opportunity for a third-party candidate. a common ground candidate. condoleezza rice is the obvious choice. andrew yang, his observation is if she ran she would easily win with 50% of the vote. they have to return working with one another. i think condoleezza rice is the
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obvious choice to bring this together. host: that is looking ahead to 2024. in the short-term, what you think about the politics playing out as far as the power in the house and the senate russian ? caller: i think do not believe what he says, believe wh sylvia and alexandria, virginia. democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. can you hear me ok? host: i can. go right ahead. caller: first of all, i want to say all of the democratic callers, especially the one from minnesota was very good. she really talked about some of the things that would help.
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last week, the secretary of the state, i don't member her name, from michigan, when she stood up to the republican lady who slandered her and her bid to get money, and how she explained it so clearly what democrats are fighting for, and i think that is so important. that is what we have to do. we have to stand up, we have to clearly state what we are fighting for -- host: you don't think democrats are doing that enough? that's what i'm reading into it. caller: exactly. exactly. we are not doing enough. we kind of take a step back instead of going forward. not everybody is as eloquent as that lady. i don't feel very eloquent right now. [laughter]
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we need to really state what we are for. host: do you think president biden has to do more of that? caller: you know, he has got a lot on his plate right now. this war with ukraine and russia, that is probably taking a lot of his time. yes, it would be great. he is trying to get out, he is trying to do things because he went to seattle, washington last week and he is trying to do things, but it doesn't seem -- you are right. more has to be done from the white house. a lot more. also, they have to stress the scott bill that they want to put out about changing medicare and social security for the elderly, and taxing people. some people aren't text right now because they make so very little.
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how can you tax them more? host: that was sylvia there. let's hear from dana in new york, republican line. i hope i'm saying it right when i say dana. but go ahead. caller: you are right. you got it 100% right. [indiscernible] i think as far as the republican party goes, there are local issues that affect us all. right now, as the economy. inflation is because the government spends more money. we learned this in civics class in high school, junior high school. we learned these, we learned what happened with economics and how that affects us. that is one issue.
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another is immigration. great. come here legally. what is going on to the border, what is going to happen if they end title 42, is really going to hurt us. i moved to new york from ohio. i saw a lot of the drug addiction and i watched people die. i have watched people overdose on fentanyl laced heroin. there's nothing i could do about it. i was working in the sector with homeless people. narcan was not available for everybody. people died. there are certain issues, like what's going on in the schools. i am a father, i have four kids. these basic issues -- they call this florida bill the "don't say gay bill." i'm like, we don't want you to
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teach our children about sex in the third grade. third grade kids don't think about that. host: how do you think november is going to shake out as far as the election is concerned? caller: i think the democrats are going to get slammed. i think it is going to be back on the republicans. i think one thing the republicans will do if they get the power back -- i don't know who is running the white house. i don't think it is joe biden. host: that is a dana like new york. when it comes to matters of immigration, two bits of news to share with you. headlines on the hill if you , want to see it there, and other places reporting. the house of minority leader leading a delegation for the southern border with several republicans to talk about issues of immigration. look out for stories to come from that. also, the department of homeland security set to testify the house side when it comes to
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issues of immigration and issue title 42. see that later on this week. look to c-span with more information on those issues as , well as information on the upcoming elections. several segments that we feature talk about specific races. if you want to see that again, want to see more about what mr. cook has to say, you can go to our c-span now app. you can also take a look at our website,, where we keep all of those programs and others taking a look at these issues. north carolina, independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i was a democrat and now i am independent. do you remember back in the democratic caucus in charlotte, north carolina when the
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democrats took god out of the platform? the democratic party has left god. it is sad. people need to understand you cannot murder children in the wombs. that is a sin. you cannot execute people for stuff in prison. that is a sin. you know they put down as a cause of death, when you get death in prison? legal murder. does that sound fair to you? just remember this, people, we are not a democracy. we are not. you keep hearing that, but we are not a democracy. we are a republic. learn your civics, america. the democratic party has lost its way. the nine -- the uneducated. host: that was joe in north carolina. if you are interested in the date of the u.s. senate race, tonight at 7:00, you can see that. you can watch that debate among democratic candidates running for senate.
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it will be live coverage and it starts at 7:00 tonight on c-span. again, other places you can watch it, and our c-span now cap. don in silver spring, maryland. democrats line. caller: hey, that is me. long time listener, first time caller. i think the democratic party should focus on his success for the national election coming up are three things. first of all, we should talk about the war in ukraine and how that would have been going if every single national republican had actually had their way and gotten prudence public -- putin's puppet reelected. secondly, there is an awful lot of broadly popular, widely supported things that we could
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do that are very much opposed by elected republicans, but not the american people, which is about one third of all republicans. things like forgiving student loans or supporting medicaid. the third thing we should do -- i'm sorry, the second thing. we should focus on populist things. things like supporting children, old people, forgiving student loans, helping young people get started in life. those are shared in popularity across the board. the third thing we should focus on is really just being aggressive. we need to bring the argument to the gop and not respond to their argument. host: ok. that's don in maryland.
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let's hear from santa barbara, california, republican line. caller: thank you very much. looking at the presidency since biden started, from day one, it seems that he is really interested in destroying what america is, whether it is opening borders, increasing inflation. other countries have done the same thing. there are blueprints for what this man is up to. it is the systematic destruction of what america is, from the morality and young children being involved in these horrible things, and the amount of money they are spending, inflation going up. immigration, gasoline, these are infected wounds. i believe his attempt is to get as many illegals in here as he can, so they can stay in a democratic position of power. host: what would you advise a
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party to do at this point? caller: i would finish the wall, stop the drugs. fenton all is killing tens of thousands of young people, and it is a crime. china knows what they are doing. china is not our friend. if anything, biden is becoming china's [bleep]. host: later in the program, associate director talking about the biden administration putting out there statement on drug policy. we will go through some of those statements and what it means as far specific drug control efforts in the united states. about 12 minutes left before our next guest joins us. one of the things we talked to earlier and showing you some of those senate races and endorsements of former president donald trump and the impact on
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who might win those races. that was one of the topics covered yesterday about the impact of those endorsements. here is a recording. [video clip] >> let's look at the governor races first. georgia, idaho, ohio, alabama. i think all four of them are going to their primaries over the course of the next six weeks to eight weeks. i do not know that it is anywhere near that. you've got republicans killing republicans there with a closer , growth who have been carrying in georgia is now working against him with the endorsement. it seems to come over a lot. i have known for a long time. the idea that he makes these decisions based upon political analysis is sophistry. this is all emotional decisions. and who he speaks to last. you saw it with jd van, and i
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think you saw with the endorsement of dr. laws. these are going to land all over the place. when we get to june, we are going to look back and say that most of the big endorsements he made, not the ones in deep red house districts, but the big endorsements he made are going to turn out to not have been right. host: again, that is support for the ojai race of jd vance being reported yesterday. former president donald trump asked jd vance, a venture capitalist. others there as well reporting that. in michigan, democrats line. don, you are next. don in michigan, hello? one more time for don. good morning? ok, let's hear from christina in cedar rapids, iowa, republican line. caller: hi there. i don't really know how to start
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this or anything, but i was a democrat and i recently switched. i never got into politics, but it is getting so important that we need [indiscernible] our kids, that is the first thing -- i'm talking to both parties, ok? our children need them. they need to be the examples that these children are going to be able to look up to and guide. we elected these people because of that, to protect us and to serve us. publicans, they need to squash whatever -- and democrats need to squash whatever. take this media, first of all. what i noticed out here is the people don't even know what is going on unless you research and do your own studying. host: let me start there, then,
2:44 pm
with you, because you are calling on republican line. what specific issue should republicans should be addressing before november? caller: i don't know if you can impeach the whole administration, but they need to. joe biden is sick. you can tell he is. he has good days and whatnot, but it is sad what is going on. host: ok, let's go to catherine in illinois, democrats line. hello. caller: good morning. this is catherine. i have my favorite candidates, both republican and democrat and independent. i think the biggest thing we need to do is to pray for all of the candidates. let's put their lives into god's hands and let god see god in them. then, when this bigger moment comes in november, it will be god who is really answering the
2:45 pm
call here. host: specifically, aside from god's involvement, what do you think democrats should be focused on specifically when it comes to november? caller: exactly. host: what do you think democrats should specifically be focusing on? caller: specifically, i think they should focus on caring for other people, treating other people like they would want to be treated. host: let's hear from robert. robert in dallas, texas, independent line. good morning. caller: how are you doing this morning? i would like to speak about the border and what is going on down here. can you hear me? host: yeah, you are on, go ahead. caller: first of all, 70% of the new jobs that are created in texas are hispanics who have come across the border who have been given theseob


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