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tv   House Speaker Pelosi Holds Briefing  CSPAN  April 29, 2022 10:50am-11:17am EDT

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buying. we should choke, you know, putin's line of funding this war. we should stop the oil. president trump has warned them before that we are beholden to russia because of their oil. find another way. now russia is going to belarus and poland of their oil there. so we were oil independent. we could have sold them, you know, our energy to them. but then this president really cut off, you know, the keystone pipeline. and that's -- we should take care of our border. i was watching, you know, the -- mayorkas yesterday. and now they are, you know -- speaker pelosi: good morning. well, as you know yesterday, the
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president of the united states put forth a formidable package to help the ukrainians fight for democracy. their democracy, our democracy. it is strong in terms of what it will do, in terms of assisting with security there. it is strong in terms of what it will do to help the economy as well as the humanitarian assistance. i'm very proud of the president. this is such a moment for him where he has brought people together, mobilized nato in a strong way, working at a pace where we're all moving together on so many initiatives. recognizing the courage of the ukrainian people. they have said to me when they're here, they may have more troops, we have more motivation. our troops have more motivation. this is historic. i thank the president for the
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careful consideration he gave to what would be in the package. our country and democracy is well served by this president who has for so many years on the foreign affairs committee so he knows the territory, knows the personalities, he knows the possibilities for -- again as vice president of the united states and now as president, he brings his knowledge of, again, the issues, the intelligence, the personalities, the possibilities. this is really something very, very important that he has done for democracy, recognizing that -- part of russia's goal is to diminish democracy. it's the debate between autocracy and democracy or, more specifically, dictatorship and freedom. so, again, what we hope to do -- we were ready with our
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appropriations committee to start writing as soon as we got the numbers from the office of management and budget and the president's announcement made public and we hope to as soon as possible pass that legislation. as some of you were here yesterday when we talked about lower costs at the pump and so we are proceeding with our legislation in terms of stopping the exploitation of the consumer, price gouging and rest, and madam chair maria cantwell to have her legislation to do -- stabilization in terms of prices and the rest. the food prices are affected by the cost of fertilizer, cost of fuel and the rest, so all of this is about lowering prices, lower prices at the pump --
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lowering prices at the pump, lowering prices at the grocery store and putting a very strong watchful eye on the corporate america who has a business plan, in some instances, that is about profits at the expense of america's working families. and also about lower prices. lower wages as they raise prices, increase their profits. so much of what is challenging us now and our economy relates to supply chain. when you have lower supply you have higher cost. and we are so excited about the competes act and how we are moving on that. yesterday, i met with some of the chairs of the committee to be ready because next week, the distinguished leader in the senate has said that they will be hopefully finishing the motions to instruct next week in the senate, which will enable us
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to go to conference. and we hope to do that as soon as possible. this competes act is so important because of chips, chips, chips, chips, and semiconductors. you all know that. it takes 1,000 chips to make a car. 2,000 to make an electric car. for example, many other products are dependent on the use of chips, and we have to be making them at home. supply chain -- that's $52 billion. in our bill, $40 billion for supply chain issues and how we support manufacturing here at home, bring it home, make it in america, and do so in a way that gives us independence, self-sufficiency for our country so that we have our preeminence in the world in terms of manufacturing. and, therefore, lowering costs. the third part of that is education and research and
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apprenticeships that many more people can participate in how we go forward in this new independent, self-sufficient way for america, where we're not depending on the factors of production from other countries, which can be held up. whether we're talking covid holding it up or you're talking ukraine holding it up. for whatever reason we can't be dependent. so this legislation is really transformative. our goal is always to make sure people can survive, but we have to do better than that. we want them to succeed. in order for that to happen, we have to be transformative and how we have our public policy in order to work with the private sector, with the nonprofit sector, with the academic world and the rest to adopt many more people in our industrial base
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and, again, in our education to get us to the place where we were preeminent decades ago. other countries copied our model of research and academic excellence. and then our jobs went offshore because it was cheaper. and now we're knowing that was very costly to go offshore. we need to come home. so with that, we have quite a full plate. ukraine, price at the pump, all part of lowering costs and, again, competes to take us to a different place. any questions? reporter: madam speaker, quick question. what do you make of the recent report that shows that majority leader mccarthy knew his members were a danger because since then he has not wanted to punish, from paul gosar -- [indiscernible] pose a threat? speaker pelosi: you know, we're here largely as legislators.
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that's what i love about this place, because we legislate to make law, listen to the people, make laws that meet their needs, to improve their lives. what you're talking lives. what you're talking about i'm not going to comment on except to say this. it was interesting to me that the leader talked about the concern that he had if in fact those were his words, which that's up to you to decide, that he was concerned about his members causing danger here. and at the same time complaining that we have magnetometers to keep guns off the floor of the house. now we saw a member take a gun into an airport. i thought you were arrested for that, try to take a gun on the plane. i guess his member was treated differently. reporter: madam speaker, on that point -- speaker pelosi: i'm not going to spend this meeting talking about
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kevin mccarthy's inconsistencies with his caucus. talk about that competition and the world so america is number one, if you want to talk about protecting democracy from dictatorship, if you want to talk about lowering costs for the american people. i said what i'm going to say. it's up to them. people have to make a judgment how the republicans in congress make a -- hold their members accountable. and they can't say on one breath i'm afraid they're going to cause danger to other members and at the same time complains about my having magnetometers on the floor of the house. reporter: madam speaker, just on h.r. 40, i was curious, why -- on h.r. 40, why hasn't the house brought up the bill to set up a commission on reparations yet? and do you plan to -- speaker pelosi: h.r. -- reporter: h.r. 40. speaker pelosi: what's your second -- reporter: why hasn't the house brought up that bill?
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and do you plan on bringing it up later this year? speaker pelosi: it's a bill that will have a study. it's up to the committees to have their hearing on that. i think people welcome that conversation. congresswoman jackson lee has been a champion on that. yes, madam. reporter: following up speaker pelosi: i'm note making any comments. you have a concern about the behaeubor of the republican -- behavior of the republican conference. i have a concern that they are not here for meeting the kitchen table needs of the american people. my concern about their ethics and their behavior is something the american people and their constituents have to make a judgment about. if you want to know what keeps me up about them? is that they are just opposed to all of the initiatives that we have to expand medicaid so many
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more poor children especially can have access. that they oppose initiatives about pensions to ensure that families of these children have security, their grandparents and the rest. they can have kitchen table concerns about the cost of food. my concern is that they are in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry and are in denial about the climate crisis. my concern is that they are in the pocket of the gun industry. so they will not vote for initiatives that prevent gun violence in our communities. my concern is that it's very hard to get something to lower the cost of prescription drugs. you want to hear something about them? we had a bill that would contain the cost of insulin. $35 cap on the cost of deductible on the cost of
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insulin. the industry was charging 10 times that. we are talking about $30 to $35. they are talking about $300 to $600. do you know how many republicans voted to reduce the cost of insulin which affects many families in our country? 12. 12 republicans. what matters to me is what matters to the american people. we have a responsibility to have a ethical standard here. they have to take care of their own house. if not there will be ethics complaints. i'm not spending my time on them in this meeting. we are fighting for america's working families. we are fighting for the kitchen table concerns. we are not here to talk about books that were written -- what would you say the word, just total inconsistencies about what was -- who was responsible for january 6. the president of the united
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states incited an insurrection against the constitution, against the congress, against this capitol. they had their mixed reviews about it. now they have to deal with their inconsistencies about it. but the fact is they are, many of them, as the leader has indicated, could be a danger, as he said. that's why we are protecting the members of congress. reporter: democrats are siding with republicans and calling for a vote on title 42. why not split the vote? speaker pelosi: we haven't made a decision how we go forward. let me say title 42 president biden did the right thing to substitute something that is more effective at the border to protect our border and to respect our responsibility to welcome refugees or asylum seekers to our country.
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that we need a better plan that the -- the trump administration had in effect. i always like to quote two people, one is the person who represented the evangelical community, the association of evangelicals, when he said the united states' program of refugee resettlement is the crown jewel of american humanitarianism. that's what we have to get back to. a place like that. 42 is not in furtherance of that. but we have to have something else that the president's taking that away and his administration is putting forth a better way to go. the other one that i like to quote, you have heard me time and time again is ropbd reagan. ronald reagan. read his last speech to the country. the last speech i will make as president of the united states and i want to communicate a message to the country i love. he talked about immigration.
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in such a beautiful way. i don't want to do -- i won't do it justice in quoting the great communicator ronald reagan. you should google it. reporter: on ukraine bill. object -- obviously there is talk about covid money. speaker pelosi: i think it's important we have emergencies here. we need to have the covid money. we need -- time is of the essence because we need the ukraine money, covid money. i would hope that we can do that. this is called legislation and we are legislating and we'll have to come to terms on how we do that. >> a. reporter: the president reeut rated the call for $22.5 billion. there was a deal between senator romney and schumer, a lower figure. do you see that coming back up? speaker pelosi: i would hope it would come up to 22.5. this is a senate negotiation. we'll see what they come up with because it will be what can pass
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the senate. it would be paid for. reporter: title 42, is it a vote on that? speaker pelosi: my understanding is that the senate is working o. but my understanding is that the senate is working on other language that serves the purpose at the border but it's not title 42. reporter: madam speaker, an issue that a lot of american people are dealing with is the economy. we just got the latest numbers showing that -- is this going to have any effect on the 2022 election come november? speaker pelosi: i think this is an aberration. there are plenty other statistics and analysis that have said this is an aberration and there are many other factors that show that we have growth in our near future. but what we are worried about is what it means to the kitchen
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table. again, not to the election but to the kitchen table of america's working families. this is a president that has -- under his leadership, eight million jobs. eight million jobs in one year. again a large part that have comes from the private sector. we respect that. public, private, nonprofit. public and private initiative, individual initiative. but public policy on the part of democrats in the congress as well as the president of the united states, eight million jobs. cutting unemployment in half. raising wages. and again, when that happens, inflation goes up when you have unemployment going down as we have said. when you have supply chain issues. cost goes up because supply goes down. we have to deal with it. i do think that a few -- if you read some of the other analysis that has surrounded that, and we want to -- this is deadly
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objective. these are numbers. we think that one of the reasons for that is that our exports are out of bounds. there is so much more being imported than exported. one of the reasons how we go down a path to improve that situation is to pass the competes act. bring it on home and have our balance of trade be much more favorable to our country. that is another aspect of that figure. 1.5%. i saw that. but i also constantly read about this, including this morning, as to those who have said don't read so much into that. that's for them. but we will do better. we will have growth. and again this competes hopefully will be overwhelmingly bipartisan. it certainly was bipartisan in the committees where it was written in the house and senate.
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although the republicans didn't want to give us a vote on the floor. we got one republican vote. nonetheless, strong support in the committees where the legislation was coming out of. science, space, and technology and the rest. i think a disagreement about whether we need chips perhaps in one of the committees. i think everybody knows that we need chips. we have to -- we can't ignore any of it. we can't ignore inflation. we have to pay attention to -- we watch those numbers and see what is in it. is it the trade issue? supply chain? how do we address that. chips is an answer to a number of those. thank you all very much. have a good weekend. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy visit]
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before the house agriculture committee. later, the c.e.o.'s of meatpacking talk about their business operations. this hearing is about six hours
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