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tv   Former VP Pence at Young Americas Foundation  CSPAN  July 26, 2022 11:39pm-12:31am EDT

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happening in washington. subscribe today using the qr code. c-span is her unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies and more including sparklight. the greatest town on earth is a place you call home. it is our home too. right now we are all facing our greatest challenge that his wife sparklight is working around the clock to keep you connected. sparklight supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> former vice president mike pence spoke at the young america's foundation conservative student conference he asked how his views of the conservative movement differ from warmer president donald
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trump. -- former president donald trump. >> good morning. good morning. there. i saw you all last night with senator ted cruz. i hope you had a good time checking out the monument. did you have a good evening to kick things off? in a moment wielder from our -- we will hear from a special guest. we have got betsy devos, ben carson, later jim jordan, my friend mike gallagher used to work for me as a member of congress. with a star-studded lineup of some of the best names in the conservative movement but most
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importantly we are here for you. it is about training the next generation of the leaders in the fight for freedom and that's what all of you are here for and that's what we're excited about. all of these speakers are great bikes the best part is hearing from people who said i did not realize there are so many young people that think like we think. we are pumped up to get you motivated this week but when you go back to your campuses and schools and communities. our special guest as i mentioned was the 40th vice president of the united states, did a fabulous job along with president trump. in fact, when donald trump was a candidate i remember back in 2016 a lot of people didn't know because president trump never served in office before, what kind of a leader, what kind of a candidate . that worked out pretty well not only on the u.s. supreme court
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but all the federal bench. and then in the summer right for the national convention apec -- he picked mike pence. wow, he puts a conservative like mike pence on the ticket. this is someone serious about getting the job done. he was a great governor in indiana, a great member of congress leading the congress -- conference, a precursor to the conservative movement. even before all that before serving in public life, mike pence was a radio show host. i remember i was filling in for a guy on news talk 1130 and i asked the vice president if you would be on. he said you have to have a hook. rush limbaugh is the best ever
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at this. you have to have a hook when you go to commercial. now he has a podcast if you have not had a chance to listen to you should. one of my favorites and most compelling one i've heard is when he talks on 9/11, the two students, to young people who lost their father, when in the twin towers. mike pence does an incredible job of bringing their stories to light and talking about how we can never forget what happened more than two decades ago when radical islamic terrorist took our freedoms not only here but in virginia and pennsylvania. the other part was about 17 just . karen pence former second lady of the united states is with us today. let's give her a big round of applause as well. [applause]
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about 17 years ago the pence's, mrs. pence, congressman mike pence of their three children now whom are grown adults, one is a united states marine, one is a writer and one just not too long ago became a member of the bar, a lawyer as well. each of them are doing well. they came to the reagan ranch for the first time and brush their family to the ranch. ronald reagan was a transformational figure in the life of our guest speaker today. as he was for so many of us. he has had the honor of going to the university of iowa, university of virginia where the student newspaper said he should not be able to speak there. imagine that. saying someone to not be able to speak because of their conservative values.
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that is why we love having him here today. he is a fighter, a midwesterner and our spencer -- special guest speaker today. let's give it up for, mike pence. [applause] usa. usa. ♪ mr. pence: hello, young
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americas foundation. [cheering] welcome to our nation's capitol. thank you for that wonderful introduction. governor scott walker is my friend, he is one of the premier conservative leaders in america but he knows me well enough to know the introduction i prefer is a bit shorter. and a christian, a conservative and a republican in that order and it's my honor to be at the 44th annual national conservative student conference. thank you all. [applause] you know, for nearly 50 years it and has been the premier organization inspiring young people across this country and i'm just honored to be with you and it's a particular joy as governor walker mentioned that -- to be here. with my wife of 37 years, a
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christian school teacher and best lady the united states of america has ever had. would you join me in thanking my wife, karen pence one more time? [applause] you know, speaking of home our lives have changed a lot since the last time we were together. we moved back to indiana and bought five acres and a pond. i got a riding mower, john deere, zero turn radius, 15 inch -- 54 inch deck. the good part about no longer being vice president is you get to drive your own car. the bad part is you get to pay for your own gas. karen and i can confirm now with personal experience a governor you can actually be a congressman from your home state for 12 years. you can be the governor of your home state for 4, even the vice
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president of the united states of america but you're still going to wait 25 minutes for a table at olive garden on saturday night at 7:00. my daughter writes for the daily wire and when i told her we waited 25 minutes she said that america, dad, and you know, she's right. only in america everybody. [applause] it's about we the people. but it's good to be with you all. and i came today with the intention of speaking to you about a broad range of topics. but the weather had different plans for me yesterday so today i am going to take the opportunity to speak about an agenda for the future. it's all about freedom. you know, the uniquely american idea that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights of life and liberty , pursuit of happiness is the
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essence of american freedom. and that idea of american freedom has created the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. we have astounded the world now for centuries with our innovation, our creativity and our generosity. and it's all been driven as people here at yaf con know by our commitment to freedom. but as we gather here today american freedom is under attack. big tech, big media, big government, even big business have locked arms to advance a pernicious woke agenda designed to control the american people and destroy the american dream. the ruling elites here in washington and all across this
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country have never been more out of touch with the values of everyday americans but never more intent on imposing their agenda on each and every one of us. i hardly need to tell those of you that have been standing up as conservatives on campus about the cancel culture in which we live today. and what i like to call the intolerance of tolerance in 2022. over many decades liberal policies have created one disaster after another. as we gather today our borders are under siege. our currency has been devalued. our energy independence has been squandered. and our great and booming economy is being brought to a screeching halt by big government socialism. make no mistake about it.
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there's a cure for what ails america and that is leadership committed to american freedom. [applause] now more than ever, we need to lead america with a freedom agenda. focused on the future. and as i said i had planned to unveil this agenda at the heritage foundation last night, but my plane was diverted against that terrible storm you all witnessed and i just figured with karen at my side that god must have had different plans for today. in fact he must have decided that i talk about the future, i talk about an agenda for the future should be given to the rising generation. a talk about the freedom agenda should be given to the freedom generation and i'm honored to be here. [applause]
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you know, the conservative movement has always been built on the notion that ideas have consequences. conservatism is bigger than any one moment, any one collection -- election or one person. it's always been about ideas. yaf has been there every step of the way for half a century inspiring americans who cherish those ideals of freedom and i know you will continue to do just that. and i'm proud to say under the trump pence administration it was those ideas that drove our policies every day. we achieved the lowest unemployment, highest household income, the most pro-trade american deals, the most secure border and the most powerful military history has ever known. we did it all. [applause] now, all those accomplishments
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were possible because of your support and the support of conservatives of every age and background in this country but as i said i came today not to look backwards, but to look forward. truth of the matter is now more than ever, conservatives need to be focused on the challenges americans are facing today can offer a bold and positive agenda of solutions for the future. the bible tells us where there is no vision the people perish. and as the american people witness the consequences of the american left abandoning our most cherished ideals and values every day. those words ring more true. with the worst border crisis in history and inflation at a 40 year high, gasoline rises through the roof and our foreign adversaries like russia and
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china emboldened by american weakness. future generations being saddled with trillions in debt. now more than ever we need leadership and vision . but in 2022 the good news is we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save america from decline and decay brought on by those progressive policies to build a governing majority that will last for generations. [applause] but in order to win, conservatives need to do more than criticize and complain. we must unite our movement behind a bold, optimistic agenda that offers a clear and compelling choice to the american people. and that's exactly what the organization i founded called advancing american freedom out -- set out to do. with the help of more than 50 of the brightest stars of the conservative movement including
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newt gingrich and rick santorum and betsy devos, i posed the question to that team. describe for us the ideas that have animated the movement. the conservative movement all across this country from reagan to trump and put them all in one place. that was how our freedom agenda was born. there are solutions that are designed to be implemented at all levels of government. but you know, congress can't solve every problem facing our country and it shouldn't try. a careful study of congress shows that throughout our history congress has done two things well. nothing and overreact. and so our freedom agenda is about equipping americans just like you to be able to make the case for freedom with your neighbors and friends and families and coworkers. you can follow along with the
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freedom agenda if you want to go to but we focus on advancing american culture. why is that? politics is downstream from culture. if we allow the radical left to continue dumping toxic waste into the headwaters of our culture, our politics will get more poisonous than ever. the american people are proud of our culture. we believe it's worth protecting for future generations . as americans we believe in those timeless ideas of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness so where we begin with the freedom agenda is a very simple commitment. to secure the sanctity of life at the center of american law once again. [applause]
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i stand before you today with a grateful heart . but after nearly 50 years of lives of incalculable value lost to our nation, 50 years of heart rate, -- heartbreak, 50 years of praying and fasting and working and volunteering and caring. last month at long last with the support of three supreme court justices appointed during the trump, pence administration we sent roe v. wade to the ash he ap of history where it belongs. [applause] but in a very real sense we only come to the end of the beginning
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as my fellow conservatives know i take the case for life to every state and every state house in america . our freedom agenda calls for advancing pro-life protections in every state in the union. every single one. we call for expanding support for women in crisis pregnancies to support the unborn and support the newborn. with equal american generosity. we call for reforming adoption laws so more forever family can be formed because you can't be pro-life if you're not pro-adoption. [applause] and we call for the end of all taxpayer funding of abortion and defunding planned parenthood once and for all.
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[applause] let me say it from my heart to each and every one of the in this rising generation. i believe the destiny of our nation is inextricably linked to restoring the inalienable right to life for every american born and unborn. we must not rest, we must not tire until we restore the entity of life to the center of american law in every state in the nation. we will save the babies. we will save america. [applause] our cultural agenda begins with the sanctity of life. it also involves securing liberty. that means defending religious
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liberty and the freedom of speech from the censorship coercion of cancel culture. it means supporting our border and supporting law enforcement. it means giving the men and women of law enforcement deserve every single day -- law enforcement the support they deserve every single day. critical race theory is nothing more than state sanctioned racism and it should be rejected in every school in the nation. we need to purge our schools of critical race theory and restore patriotic education in every classroom in america. [applause] and the time has come to allow every family to choose where
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their children go to school, regardless of their income or area code. school choice, and the time has come. [applause] and with president joe biden in his state of the union address pledging to protect the god-given right of men to compete in women's sports, we need to end the assault on women's sports by the radical gender left and defend the opportunities for women athletics for generations. [applause] and lastly, we need to defend the right of every law-abiding citizen to keep and bear arms under the second amendment of the united states. [applause] that includes our proposal to enact right to carry laws.
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just like we did in the state of indiana this summer. [applause] there was a lot of debate about the constitutional carry bill when we moved it in indiana, but things got quiet week ago when a young man took his girlfriend to the local mall and had a sidearm with him, which he was able to carry. that murderous gunman showed up with enough firepower to claim hundreds of lives. july 19, there is in the food court at the greenwood park mall, a young man named alicia dickens -- liza dicken, he took
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that gunman down in minutes. [applause] firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens makes our communities more safe, not less state -- safe. we need to stand for the second amendment. [applause] next on our freedom agenda is american opportunity. restoring the vitality of our economy through free-market principles. the american free enterprise system is the most powerful economic engine in the history of mankind. no other system has lifted more people out of poverty or improved the quality of life for more people to a greater degree. the free market must be unleashed from the shackle of
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high taxes, overregulation, and big government socialism. what i need to tell all of you, with inflation enraging -- raging all across the country and the treasury secretary saying this past weekend that we may well be headed to recession in this economy. now more than ever, we need to go back to what we know works. freedom works. under the trump-pence administration, we knew how to fix the economy. in the eight years that preceded us, we have seen the slowest recovery since the great depression. with the policies we implemented , unemployment plummeted to the lowest rate in 15 years. the unemployment rate for african americans and hispanic americans reached the lowest level ever recorded. household income sword --
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soared. under our freedom agenda, we call for the same policies again. we call on our leaders in washington and renewed leadership to do what we did in our successful playbook. number one, we need to permanently extend the trump-pence tax cuts for the american people. [applause] we need to eliminate special interest tax breaks and lower tax rates for working americans and businesses. we need to support reciprocal trade deals and put american jobs and workers first. with gasoline prices soaring, i filled up my son in law's truck a few days ago in california. $6.50 a gallon.
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cost $102. he is worth it. [laughter] men and women, we need to unleash american energy and lower the costs of gasoline at the pump with freedom. we need to roll back the regulatory state. we reduced more federal redtape in our administration than any in history. we need to expand savings accounts, offer free market solutions in health care. and as i stand before this rising generation, we need to renew our commitment to fiscal discipline and demand a balanced federal budget in the next five years. [applause] finally, while we begin with culture and economic opportunity, lastly now, we turn
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to american leadership. restoring american strength by supporting a strong national defense. to provide for the common defense is the first obligation in the preamble of the constitution. the truth is, american freedom means peace at home and stability abroad. president john quincy adams said it well when he said that america must never, quote, go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. but we must promote freedom through the power of our example and stand faithfully with our allies in defense of our common values and interests. only a strong america could lead. that is why after years of reckless budget cuts, our
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administration rebuilt our military. we saw the largest increase in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. $3 trillion in investments. just as importantly, we got our nato allies to contribute $400 billion more to our common defense. [applause] we not only invested in our military, we modernized our military and created the first new branch of our armed forces in 75 years, the united states space force. [applause] america is the leader of the free world. but today, american leadership is hampered by this administration's flagging commitment to our national defense. flatlining investments in our national defense, and the
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disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan. president biden's withdrawal from afghanistan was a disgrace and it dishonored the service and sacrifice of every american who served in that nation to defend our country over the past 20 years. me say to -- let me say to all those who served and families of our fallen, nothing of that disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan will ever diminish the gratitude of the american people for your service in that nation, defending our freedom. [applause] the truth is, weakness arouses people. the trump-pence administration
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was the only administration in the 21st century where russia did not seek to redraw international lines by force, and there is a reason. the truth is, president biden has squandered much of the deterrents we had set in place in our administration. but only the withdrawal from afghanistan but capitulating on nord stream 2 before war broke out in eastern europe and the nuclear branch treaty that we had withdrawn from because of russia's actions. as russia continues its unconscionable or of aggression in ukraine -- war of aggression in ukraine, we have made it clear that putin must stop or put an must pay -- putin must p
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ay. our freedom agenda calls for continued marshal support for freedom fighters in ukraine. we need to continue to isolate russia until peace is restored for the good people of ukraine. [applause] i have stood toe to toe with vladimir putin. i have looked him in the eye and told him things he did not want to hear. i can tell you this much. putin only understands strength, and we must meet his grandiose ambitions with american strength for the sake of our allies and the free world. so too must we meet communist china's ambitions in the asia-pacific. the trump-pence administration changed the national consensus on china.
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the american people are more awake today to the human rights abuses, all of the actions that china has been perpetrating across the asia pacific with military aggression over the last 10 years. after the biden administration, china has grown more aggressive, trembling human rights, committing even more trade abuses, subjugating hong kong and menacing taiwan. peace and economic progress proceed from american strength. to our freedom agenda, we must see china as the greatest threat to our economy and liberty in the 21st century. we must continue to put economic
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pressure on china and hold china accountable for trade abuses and speak out on human rights. america must be prepared for the great power competition with the chinese communist party and a resurgent russia. this means funding our military and making sure our servicemen and women have the resources and support they need to accomplish their mission and come home safe. [applause] our goal must be nothing short of ensuring american dominance on land and sea and air and space. we should treat our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, guardians, like they were our own family, because they are. i am proud to say i am the father of a captain in the united states marine corps and
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the father-in-law of a lieutenant in the united states navy. [applause] and our all volunteer military are the best of us. we need to give the american military servicemen and women are best, america. -- our best, america. that means focusing on the threats of today and tomorrow. it means expanding the space force and space command. under our freedom agenda, it also means ending the social experiments that began during obama and are continuing dozen -- during president biden. we have to end the woke culture in the military of the united states of america.
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with that renewed american strength, we should stand with our allies and stand up to our enemies as never before. our freedom agenda calls for countering iranian aggression. we need to put a stake in the heart of the iran nuclear deal once and for all. we need to fortify alliances in our western hemisphere. we need to make it clear that in the western hemisphere, libertad is the order of the day. let us stand with freedom loving people in venezuela, nicaragua, cuba. [applause] and finally, if the world knows nothing else, let the world know this. america stands with israel. we need to renew our commitment on the promise of the abraham
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accords. there it is, my young americans. the freedom agenda. renewing our culture, renewing opportunity for every american, renewing american strength. i believe this freedom agenda provides a clear roadmap for conservative leaders like all of you to connect deeply with the american people on their top priorities. we want american leadership in the world and that we cherish our culture. on these ideas, i believe we can unite this conservative movement, which has maybe been more important than ever before. the need has never been greater for unified conservative action. when you see the aggressive
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liberalism of this administration and their allies in congress. 2022 may be the best chance we ever have to build a lasting majority, to invigorate the conservative movement to fulfill conservatism's purpose and save our nation from the left-wing tierney socialist decline -- tyranny socialist decline. some people may choose to focus on the past, but elections are about the future. i believe conservatives must focus on the future to win back america. [applause] we cannot afford to take our eyes off the road in front of us because what is at stake is the very survival of our way of life. in 2022, the american people will decide with her their children and grandchildren will stand tall as the citizens of the freest nation on earth, whether they will be forced to
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live in the economic and spiritual decline of socialism. we will not just win the next election. we will change the course of american history for generations. [applause] i thank you for your attention and i look forward to your questions. let me say this. we have all been through a lot the fee last -- the last few years. the global pandemic and unrest, a divisive election, a tragic day on our nation's capitol. democratic administration seemingly intent on weakening america at home and abroad. i remain incredibly optimistic because i know the future lungs to freedom -- belongs to freedom and i know the character of the
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american people. traveling all across this country as you're vice president, 20 years in public office active in the conservative movement, i can attest firsthand. the american people always rise to the challenge. we always raise the ship when the administration veers off course. i hope we can be a beacon to navigate america to a future of freedom. let's keep fighting the good fight. let's finish the race. and most of all, let's keep the faith. let's keep faith with our heritage of freedom enshrined in that declaration of independence and constitution. let's keep faith with millions of americans who know in their heart of hearts that the sun is
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not set on the lack -- land of the free. most of all, let's never forget that where the spirit of the lord is, there is freedom. if we will buy to our faith in him -- but to renew our faith in him, the greatest days for the greatest nation on earth are yet to come. thank you. god bless you. god bless america. [applause]
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[cheering] >> thank you, vice president mike pence. we have time for questions. state your name, school, and your question. >> thank you for being here. my name is andrew and i go to gettysburg college. my question is, president trump and yourself are both speaking in easy and there seems to be a divide between the two of you on what the outlook of the conservative movement might be, so do you think this extends to the general public? what can we do to alleviate it? fmr. v.p. pence: i could not be more proud of the record of the trump-pentz administration. for four years, we advanced policies that i just described to promote a growing economy, to secure our border. we appointed where than 300
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conservatives to our federal courts at every level, including three supreme court justices. i will always be grateful for the opportunity to serve as vice president. i don't know that our movement is that divided. i don't know that the president and i differ on issues. but we may differ on focus. i truly do believe that elections are about the future and it is absolutely essential at a time when so many americans are hurting, so many families are struggling, that we don't give way to the temptation to look back. i think the time has come for all of us to offer a bold, positive agenda to bring america back. i will continue to carry that message all across this nation. [applause] thank you.
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>> we have got time for one more question. >> good morning, mr. vice president. i am wyatt phillips from the university of iowa. you once said to our school that we were a small but mighty chapter, and any of us feel the same way about the will of the people in taiwan. what is an effective way or the first few steps that we can secure their freedom? fmr. v.p. pence: first and foremost, thank you for the warm welcome when i visited the university of iowa. if you look at our freedom agenda, we speak very plainly about china. i am proud of the fact that the trump-pence administration changed the national consensus on china. for 20 years, there was the hope
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that if we increased economic exchange and trade with china, that we would strengthen private property rights and individual freedom. the truth is, what we have realized is that the opposite has happened. the more that the economy of china has grown, the more their trade abuses have increased. the more they have invested in a military that demonstrates aggression in the south china sea and the taiwan straits. and the more their military has grown, the more they have increased in human rights abuses. some business leaders in hong kong are in jail right now, a man of christian faith whose
12:25 am
only offense is that he believes in freedom for the faith -- for the people of hong kong. there is no question of what we need to do to you to defend the interest of freedom in the asia-pacific, and that is that we need to invest in the strongest military in the history of the world and make it stronger still. we need to defend our treaty allies all across the asia-pacific. we answer that moment with china, continuing tariffs that we placed on china to hold them accountable for their trade abuses. we call them out on the espionage and intellectual property theft we see them engaged in in extraordinary numbers in recent years. more than anything else, the way we can look after our friends and allies in taiwan, the way we can look after all of the freedom loving nations in the asia-pacific is renew our commitment to having strongest
12:26 am
military in the world and to preserve a free and open in the pacific american strength -- indo-pacific with american strength. [applause] we all have a great day ahead of you with betsy devos and ben carson, but thank you again. on behalf of my wife and everyone in this movement, thank you for stepping forward to lead. i am looking at a generation that will lead this country, the generation that will turn this country around. just do everything in your heart of hearts to be the freedom generation because the best is yet to come. thank you god bless you. [applause] ♪
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