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tv   Pres. Biden on Finland Swedens Bid to Join NATO  CSPAN  August 9, 2022 2:18pm-2:33pm EDT

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department and the fbi decided to do this presumably in order to preserve any records for fear that maybe they would be destroyed or something could happen to them. donald trump's statement is unfortunately not something that i put a ton of weight in when it comes to the levels of independent oversight that had to happen for yesterday's historic event to occur. host: you mentioned the presidential records act. what questions do you think the judge was asking when the fbi went to him or her to get this warrant granted? >> this is very high-level. the fact that it is a former president means the judge -- ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. pres. biden: thank you. it has never played that long. [laughter] thank you all very much and good
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afternoon. vice president harris and first gentleman. actually the second gentleman but you are my first gentleman. ambassadors, members of congress, thank you for being here today. it is a big day. just a few months ago i welcomed the president of finland and the prime minister of sweden to the white house to demonstrate the strong support united states have for finland and sweden's decision to apply for membership in nato. two proud and independent countries, each with a long tradition of nonalignment, exercising their sovereign right to make their own decisions about their own security and responding to the will of their citizens, following the democratic processes they had, choosing to join nato.
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it was and is a watershed moment in the alliance and for the greater security and stability not only of europe and the united states, but the world. today we take another important step toward bringing sweden and finland in nato. in a few minutes i will sign the u.s. ratification making the united states the 23rd ally to approve sweden and phillips membership to the most powerful alliance in the history of the world. i had just gotten off the phone with both the president and the prime minister. they send their best. i offer my congratulations on your numbers progress. together we committed to continue to remain vigilant against any threats to our shared security and to deter any confrontation and confront any aggression or threat of aggression that might come up. i urge the remaining allies to complete their own ratification
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process as quickly as possible. for more than seven decades, nato has been the foundation of america's security. not just in europe, but the basis of security around the world. it is how we have let the world together with those nations that share our vision and even more importantly, our values. it is critical now to deter threats before they harm our people or allies and interests. it is how we address instability and aggression, with allies that are amplifying the capacity to respond effectively. sweden and finland have strong democratic institutions, strong military, and strong and transparent economies. they will meet every nato requirement, we are confident of that and we will make our alliance stronger and make american people safer in the
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process. that is why the united states gave consensus to the membership with overwhelming support, 95 votes in favor, a near record pace. this year we are celebrating significant bipartisan steps that can make our country stronger and enhance our ability to lead the world. we are showing the world the united states can still do big things. this nearly unanimous bipartisan ratification sends another important message. the united states is committed to the transatlantic alliance. together with our allies and partners we will write the future we want to see and in the moment when putin's russia is shattered to pieces in europe, when autocrats ar questioning the basis, america's
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commitment to nato is more important than it has ever been. that is why at a pivotal nato summit all 30 nations came together to invite finland and sweden to apply. it was a display of allied unity, strength, and allied resolve. proof that nato's door remains open to countries in europe that share our values and that meet the high standards of our alliance. putin thought he could break us apart when this all started. he believed he could break us apart, weaken our resolve. instead he has been getting exactly what he did not want, he wanted the finland-ization of nato but he is getting the nato-ization of finland. finland and sweden are making a sacred commitment in the attack
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against one is an attack against all. article five of the washington treaty and the very core of our alliance and our allies committed and it is stronger than ever, that commitment. the only time the article five has been in was on 9/11 when the united states was attacked and all of our allies rallied to our side. the united states will never forget that and we will never fail in our pledge to defend every inch of nato. that is why together with our allies we are taking steps to strengthen our deterrence against any threats of aggression toward the alliance. we will be better able to meet the new challenges of a change european security environment with two strong, reliable, highly capable new allies in the high north.
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nato was formed out of the wreckage of world war ii, where -- let's be straight about it, wars have repeatedly engulfed the world in conflicts and there is no way to avoid that if we are not together. nato laid a new foundation for lasting peace and security and through more than seven decades, nato has proved the indispensable alliance committed to europe whole, free, and at peace. today we see all too clearly that nato remains an indispensable reliance for the world of today and the world of tomorrow. our alliance is closer than ever. it is more united than ever and when finland and sweden bring the number of allies to 32,
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we will be stronger than ever. [applause] this will benefit all of our people. i will go over to that table and sign the ratification. communicating that it is important for membership of nato and thank you all for being here and i want to ask the ambassadors if they are willing to come up and stand with me while i sign. thank you. [applause]
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[applause] ♪ >> do you approve of the trump parade, mr. biden -- the trump raid, mr. biden?
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pres. biden: thank you all. [applause]
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>> this afternoon the white house monkeypox response team and health officials brief reporters on the response efforts. watch at 3:30 eastern. at 5:00 a conversation with gregory meeks speaking with "the washington post" about economic and military relations in the end of pacific region and potential threats from china. he was part of the delegation with speaker pelosi who recently traveled to taiwan. watch these events on c-span, the free video app, or online at >> c-span brings you an
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