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tv   White House Press Secretary Holds Press Briefing  CSPAN  August 9, 2022 7:03pm-8:02pm EDT

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events with live proceedings from u.s. congress, white house events, the courts, campaigns and more rum the world of politics all at your fingertips. also stay current with the latest episodes of washington journal and find scheduling information for c-span's tv network and c-span radio, plus a variety of compelling podcasts. c-span now is available the apple store, google play, downloaded for free today. c-span now, your front row seat to washington, anytime, anywhere. >> c-span has unfiltered coverage of the house january 6 committee hearing investigating the attack on the capital. go to 6, our web resource page watch the latest videos of the hearings. briefings and all of our coverage on the attack and subsequent investigation since january 6, 2021 we will have
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reaction from members of congress and the white house as well as a journalist and author talking about the investigation. go to 6 for a fast and easy way to watch when you cannot see it live. >> next today's white house briefing with press secretary karine jean-pierre. among other topics she talks about president biden's knowledge of the fbi search of a former president trump's home in palm beach florida. this is just under an hour. karine: good afternoon everybody. hi, peter. [laughter] you feel like that kid in the class. i am expecting an apple, a nice, shiny red apple. ok.
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moments ago, the president signed the official protocols to nato for finland and sweden. before the signing the president spoke with swedish prime minister anderson and the finish president. to emphasize the united states strong support for their decisions to apply for nato membership and reiterate the united states will continue to work with our nato allies to quickly bring sweden and finland into the greatest defensive alliance in history. finland and sweden will make nato stronger and deepen the transatlantic partnership at a time when putin's invasion of ukraine has shattered peace and security in europe. and fundamentally disrupted the rules based international order. as president said, this is a watershed moment for our alliance and for the greater security of stability of the
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world. as you also this morning, today the president signed the chips and science act which will supercharge our efforts to make semi conductors in america, which power everything from our smartphones to dishwashers to automobiles. you have heard of talk about the economic and national security benefit of this bill for months. i wanted to lift up new -- one is story we heard from the president today and from the founder and ceo of spark charge. we know this bill is going to help major companies, like macron, intel, general motors, ford and many more. when joshua introduced the president today, we heard how the chips and science act will help young, diverse, and self starting entrepreneurs as well. joshua's company, spark charge,
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is the first mobile ultrafast charger for electric yokels. -- vehicles. he started currently which delivers a charge directly to ev owners on the road. he manufactures all the products his company needs at their factory in buffalo, new york. the chips and science bill will help joshua build and grow his business. as the president said today, this is a once in a generation law that invests in america itself, a law that the american people should be proud of. also, as you may have seen yesterday, the secretary blinken was not in south africa, he announced the new u.s. strategy for sub-saharan africa. the strategy articulates a new vision for a 21st century u.s./africa ship. it recognizes the tremendous opportunity that exists to
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advance shared interest along our african partners. it recognizes africa's importance to u.s. national security interests. the strategy also parallels many of the themes we look forward to, dressing in december, at the u.s./africa leaders summit in washington dc we encourage you to review the strategy on the white house website. lastly, the average national gas price. you guys love us talking about gas prices going down. dropped below four dollars per gallon, according to a leading market analyst. that is delivering over $100 a month and lay relief to american families with two cars. this is the fastest decline in gas prices and a decade. nearly a dollar dropped in 56 days, with gas prices dropping every single day this summer. the most common price at gas
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stations today is $3.79. drivers in five states can find gas below $2.99 per gallon from at least one gas station. president promised he would address putin's price hike at the pump. he has. he is releasing one billion barrels of oil a day from the strategic petroleum reserve. he is rallying international partners to release an precedented amount of oil and under president biden's leadership, u.s. oil production is up and on track to reach a record high. more work remains, but prices are coming down. for president will continue to call on domestic and international oil producers to increase output so they can continue to come down. with that, thank you. >> briefly, at the signing, the
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president had several coughing episodes. will we get an update on his condition about his status after his recovery from covid? karine: we shared his negative test today. he has tested negative saturday, sunday and monday and now today. we have also said many times, during the briefing when we were talking about his covid case, that he experiences coughs time to time, independent of getting covid. what he is experiencing now is the lingering effects of covid, which is something i'm sure many of us who have had covid have endured or have to deal with. that is what you are seeing. there is no update needed. we have said this was a possibility. we have been clear about that. we shared he has an inhaler that he uses from time to time because he has experienced
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coughs, as you heard from even before covid, that he is dealt with. what you are seeing now is the lingering effects of that. we have spoken to the doctor about this. that is what he relayed to us. >> different topic. the fbi has a search warrant on the former president's residence in florida. anyone at the white house, are they aware of the search warrants? has a president been briefed in the aftermath of the search warrant? karine: the president was not briefed and was not aware of it. no one at the white house was given a heads up. no, that did not happen. >> is the white house concerned, given the domestic to the rest of the world that the department of justice carried out this operation on a former president decorated the appearance -- that the appearance --
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karine: you've heard the president say this. the justice department conducts investigations independently. we leave any law enforcement matters to them. it would not be appropriate for us to comment on any ongoing investigations. i can say president biden has been unequivocal since the campaign. he believes in the rule of law. in the independence of the justice department investigation. those investigation should be free from political influence. he has held that commitment as president. i want to also remind you all of what he said on january 7, 2021, when he nominated merrick garland to be the attorney general. he -- we need to restore the honor and integrity of the dependence of the department of justice in this nation that have been so badly damaged. so many former leaders of that department in both parties have so testified and stated that.
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i want to be clear to those who leave the department -- lead the department, who you will serve, you will not work for me, you not the president or vice president's lawyer. your loyalty is not to me. it is to the law, the constitution, the people of this nation, to guarantee justice. i would refer you to the department of justice. >> when it be helpful domestically, where the department of justice to be more open about the reasons for that search warrant? karine: this is not something i am going to comment on. this goes to the department of justice. >> thank you. the president stressed that the chips act will create jobs and grow the economy. when will americans feel the impact of this legislation? when will it impact supply chains and one will prices go down? karine: the secretary spoke to this.
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the department is taking steps to set up the office that will implement the bill. so, we will have more details on that soon. we are working hand-in-hand with private companies who are already announcing new investments here at home, because we passed this bill. we are set for many months we needed to send the signal for companies who are making decisions by the end of the summer. by passing this, now the president signing this, we have sent the signal. see companies working on that. intel is going to break ground on next gen semi conductor factories in central ohio in fall. that is a step forward. macron is announcing a $40 billion investment in memory chip manufacturing, which will create 40,000 new jobs. qualcomm and global foundries are announcing a new partnership, including 42 -- 4.2 billion in chips and
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manufacturing. it will increase chip manufacturing in the u.s. we will have more specifics on when we will see a direct effect. >> i understand, the independence of the justice department. politically and in terms of the optics of this, are you concerned about how it looks for the justice department to be investigating and raiding the home of the former president who may very well be the current president's rival in 2024. karine: we're not going to comment on any ongoing investigations from here. >> karine: i will say this. the president and the white house learned about this fbi search from public reports. we learn just like the american public did yesterday. we did not have advanced notice of this activity. president biden has been clear from before he was elected president and throughout his time in office that the justice department conducts its investigation independently.
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he believes in the rule of law and we are a nation of law. again, we differ any -- differ any -- defer to the department of justice. >> republicans have said they will throw this if they take this to the house or senate. what is the white house's reaction to that? karine: i'm not going to comment on any reaction to what happened yesterday. we are going to refer this to the department of justice. >> this is not really about the doj, it's more about what is coming your way of the election does not go your way. karine: that's a hypothetical i will not entertain. >> the house's meeting on friday, about the inflation reductions act, to they go ahead and pass the bill or the president planning on signing?
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karine: there is an enrollment process that takes some time before the bill can get signed. i have nothing to share on what that looks like. we're looking forward, we are grateful for what the senate was able to do a couple of days ago. we are looking forward to the house passing it, so that we can deliver for the american people. >> just a follow-up on the republican criticism of the search warrant that was executed, does the president believe the justice department acted accordingly? karine: that is not -- i will say this again, that is up for the department of justice to decide. when it comes to the criminal investigation, is independent. they make that decision. >> has the white house been told whether attorney general garland signed off on the search warrant? karine: we learned about this just like you all did, through
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the public reports. we learned about this like the american people that. >> you don't know whether or not garland signed off on it? karine: i don't have anything more to share. we did not know about this and have not been briefed on this. we learned about this, just as you all were reporting it through the public reports. >> how does he plan to use the slightly to turn it in -- to help democrats in the midterm election? karine: what we have seen, this past week. i would argue that the past 18 months has been a president who has legislative success than any other modern president, think about the american rescue plan and the bipartisan infrastructure law, and what is going on with chips, what is happening with the inflation
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reduction act that we are grateful for and it looks like it is going to be passing out of the house and a couple of days. and so much more. burn pits. all of the successes is what the president has talked about for many years. if you look at the inflation reduction act and those components that are incredibly popular when you think about how the american people feel about lowering costs, energy costs. lowering health care premiums, these are all things, especially the medicare to be able to negotiate these are things democrats have been fighting for four years. special interest groups have said no and have allowed congressional members to work really hard and pass bills to lower those costs for american people. what we have seen this week is a win for the american public. so the president the vice
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president, cabinet secretaries and congressional members are going to be out there talking to the american people, talking about these wins for them that we were able to work together on , so that is what you will see in the upcoming weeks. you have congressional democrats in their districts talking about this particular bill and others chips as well in their district and talking about how they were able to deliver. >> does the president think they will get a boost from this? karine: our focus is always on delivering for the american people. this is a president was been in office for some time. a lot of the components we have seen delivered are things he has fought for since he was a senator when he think about lowering prescription drugs, that is something personal to him. that is what is important in matters. what matters is the work we're doing. the components to legislation are popular with the american
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public and that is going to be our focus. >> to the letter in the justice department, it was taken from this building down to mar-a-lago in florida, what is the president's reaction to that general notion. karine: i will not comment further from what i said. this is a criminal investigation the department is running really >> the president is the original class authority, all of it stems from him personally. he has no reaction to the way this criminal investigation --the customer that? karine: this is an investigation the department of justice is running. >> once more on the general election what is happening. does the fbi feel be way -- feel the way this is handled? karine: i read his quote from generous seventh in 2021 when he nominated merrick garland and
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how he felt, the importance of not politicizing the department of justice, the department of having that independent -- and dependence. i leave that quote that i read all of you. >> does he know the speaker of the house, did they discuss the decision to taiwan. karine: i'm not seen the president since the event so i cannot speak to that time. >> do consider donald trump to be a political rival of president biden? karine: i will not speak to that. >> do consider him to be -- karine: i don't talk about trunk all the time. >> you are criticizing his handling of covid last week. can you say -- i didn't say anything about -- i asked if you will consider -- karine: i say from here i will not comment on that. >> does the president still
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think he would be fortunate to run against trump in 2024, like he has had before? karine: i will not comment. >> in the next election, does he still -- karine: all i can tell you is the president intends to run in 20 34. >> is our concern if you don't say more these republicans who are accusing this white house of weaponizing the justice department and fbi, that that will become the public sentiment if you don't say once and for all, we are not doing this? karine: first of all, we are just not going to comment on the department of justice's investigation. >> is this white house weaponizing the justice department and the fbi against political opponents? karine: the president has been clear from before he was elected, very clear on this.
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throughout his time in office. >> i heard the quote. we will be playing it at 6:00. is this administration weaponizing the justice department and the fbi against political opponents? karine: peter, the president believes in the rule of law. the president believes and the independence of the department of justice. no, it is a no for you. i'm answering the question. you may not like it. i'm answering the question. i'm telling you, we are not going to comment on a criminal investigation. the president has been very clear. i laid out what his thoughts are, back in january 7 in 2021, about how he saw the department of justice. i'm going to leave it there. we are not going to comment from here, from this white house on a criminal investigation that is currently happening. >> one more about the inflation reduction act.
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who decided americans were crying out for more interaction with the irs? karine: i don't understand your question. >> do think it will be popular when the 87,000 new employees hired by the area rest go around and start auditing people -- irs go around and start auditing people? karine: the irs commissioner was clear on this. he said on the record that this will only apply to those earnings over $400,000. the commissioner said, these resources are absolutely not about increasing audit scrutiny on small businesses or middle come americans as we have been planning our investment of these enforcement resources and it is designed around treasury directives that audit rates will not rise, relative to recent years for households making under $400,000. this is focused on those who are corporate, wealthy tax achieves,
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that republican -- cheifs -- chiefs that republicans wanted to defend. they wanted to defend those corporate tax chiefs. this is not about folks who make less than $40,000. >> no new audits on those making under $400,000? karine: no. >> former price -- vice president pentz called on the attorney general to provide a full accounting of the fbi search at mar-a-lago. is that something the white house is for? karine: i am not going to comment on this. >> has the president focus -- spoken to the attorney general today? karine: i'm not going to speak further on any conversations. there's no calls for me to preview. again, just not going to comment on any ongoing criminal investigations. >> when it comes to student loans and the current pause on the payments, that are set to expire thin of the month.
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a lot of followers told us they feel they have been left in limbo, meaning it is difficult to plan financially. is there any update on that? when can they expect that and will it just be another extension or what is on the table? karine: the president spoke to this two weeks ago about the student loan and his decision. he said by the end of august. we are still at the beginning, getting into the middle of august. when he is ready to make that decision we will let you know. >> oh would you say to the borrowers -- what would you say to the borrowers? karine: we have been clear on this. the president understands how student loans could affect the family. and how the pressure of that can really be a lot and put a lot of weight on a family's economic situation. so we understand that. he is going to make his decision on this and when he has something to say we will share that. >> on ukraine, what is the white
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house understanding of the situation of the nuclear power plant? karine: which powerplant? i spoke to this yesterday during the gaggle. basically, what was said then is what i said yesterday. we continue to move -- monitor the situation. the department of energy and the national nuclear security administration report the radiation sensors are continuing to provide data and thankfully we have seen no indication of increased or abnormal radiation levels. we also are aware of reports of mistreatment of the staff and applaud the ukrainian authorities and operators for their commitment to nuclear safety and security under trying circumstances, fighting near a nuclear plant is dangerous. we continue to call on russia to seize all military operations at or near ukrainian nuclear
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facilities and return full control to ukraine for our part. we will continue to support the efforts of the international atomic energy agency to fulfill its technical safeguards mandate to assist ukraine with nuclear safety and security measures for -- crosses nuclear facility. >> president biden is scheduled to leave for south carolina tomorrow can you give us details on how long he will be away on vacation? karine: i don't have more to share on that. as the days goes by we will share more on what the time he will be. >> what he come back from that to sign reconciliation bills? karine: we're going to work closely with the house to get that past. once we have more to share we will share the schedule. >> can you talk to us about the cpi data tomorrow and the expectations? karine: as you know the
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president's priority is -- that's what we've been saying as it relates to inflation we have laid out our plan on what that would look like. we are not seen the data yet for tomorrow. we know that gas prices have fallen. i listed that for 56 days straight to below four dollars nationwide we hope those gas price declines will factor in to the cpi inflation data. because of the work the president has done these past several months as i mentioned earlier we have seen a decline that we have not seen in more than a decade, saving families about 100 bucks a month. again we have not seen those numbers yet. so we will see tomorrow. >> thank you. the question about the affordable care act. does the white house try to
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respond anyway to the lawsuit in texas, with threats around preventive care? karine: i will not respond to any lawsuits from here. >> i know that you've spoken about conversations -- or not competitions with the department of justice. what the white house or rule out any briefings moving forward as this investigation continues, given the accusations around any sort of partisanship impacting the investigation? the question being, moving forward, will the president or anyone from the white house be engaged in any briefings with the department of justice over the searcher investigation? karine: when it comes to criminal investigations, that is the department of justice to investigate and deal with. we give them their independence on that.
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>> but not clarifying whether or not there would be any sort of briefing, whether any briefings would be made between the justice department and the white house and whether they would be made public? karine: no. again, they are independent. we are not involved in the criminal investigation. that is not something we do here. we give them their independence when it comes to that. so, we leave it to the department of justice. any specifics on what they will do next or anything into that fashion i would refer you to the department of justice. >> student loans just one more time. previously in recordings, around cancellation and possible extensions when it comes to decisions being made before august, the president has said that, decision would be made before august. is it possible the decision is limited to whether or not there is an extension or not?
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cancellations and any relief is left for another time? karine: when it comes to the pause, i know there is opossum cancellation, we have not made a decision. i will go to the pause. the department of education will communicate directly about the payment all laws -- payment pause when the decision is made. when it comes to cancellation, the president understands the burden that the student loan has on families. we are just going to continue to assess our options for cancellations no decisions have been made on that yesterday. the president has made clear he will have something before august 31 read >> -- i'm not going to get into any specifics. >> homeland security announced yesterday that it is ending the
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mexico policy. it i wanted to see if the white house has any reaction to that. i'm wondering too if you can talk a little bit about the timing of this decision. it was a supreme -- the supreme court ruled in late june that the administration had the authority to eliminate the program. i'm just wondering what took so long? karine: the micro protection protocol under the prior administration was flawed. it was inhumane and ineffective. now that the lower court ordered us to continue the policy has been lifted, yesterday the department of homeland security has restarted efforts to terminate it. we were waiting for the lower court and it made that decision yesterday. any further detail i would refer you to them. >> to inflation, you pointed out
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the gas prices are falling. the government spending will not affect the inflation going forward. have the american people seen inflation peak and is a coming back down? karine: what i can tell you is i explained cpi we have not seen the number yet. you've seen the gas prices come down in the past 56 days. which is because of the work this president has done. we hope to see that reflected in cpi. we will see what that looks like tomorrow. as it relates to inflation as a whole, what i can speak to is the work we have been doing and what we have -- the plan we have put forth including making sure the federal reserve has their independence to make sure that they can do the work that they are doing and have the strongest monetary policy to work on those things. it matters that the inflation
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reduction act is going to -- it looks like it is going to pass. in matters because we have 126 economists on the right and d side who have said it is going to help fight inflation. that is important, including the treasury secretary's, also democrats and republicans that is going to be incredibly important. we're going to continue to do the work. gas prices came down by dollar per gallon but we understand there is more work to do and we are going to continue to do that. we will see how that -- >> the intel cfo does not expect to see the money until the end of 2023. so then the jobs the president is promising, will they have to wait until 2024? karine: i was kind of clear on this and we have been for the
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past several months. i said this moments ago. one of the things about passing the chips act and signing it into law as we saw the president do today was sending that signal to private companies that we were going to take action to make sure that investments were happening here. to make sure manufacturers were staying in america and we were able to make sure we were doing the work that our country needed to do to make sure we were leading across the globe. that sends a signal to private companies and that is why i was able to lay out what intel was going to do an qualcomm and global foundries. we will have more to share. this is the question i have gotten. when are the american people going to feel the impact? we will have details on that soon. in the meantime we are setting up steps to get this done as
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quickly as possible. what is important is that this commitment that we have made, chips, bipartisan very important , both republicans and democrats came together to get this done, shows a very loud message to private companies that we want to make sure that we are investing in america and can compete across the globe. >> i'm not asking you to comment on the justice department. but politically, the president is the country's leader. is he confident he has a plan to address the way a lot of americans are being told and may now believe that donald trump is being persecuted, that the irs and fbi are corrupt, a lot of people really believe.
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he is the leader of the country. does he have a handle on this? karine: your question is still asking me to comment on what is happening. by me answering it is me answering and commenting on it. i'm going to speak to what i've been saying. this is a criminal investigation that is independent of the doj. we leave any inquiries, any questions about what is happening to the department of justice. >> thank you. one on nato and one on ukraine. the president urged the remaining nato members for the process for finland as quickly as possible. what is the desired timeframe when he wants other leaders to complete the process, by the winter, by the end of the year, and what is his message to those leaders of those seven countries, including turkey? karine: we don't have a timeline
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to share. what you are hearing from the president is his strong support from not just him by congress from americans about how we support this expansion, this ratification we saw today with sweden and finland. as have i -- as i have laid out he spoke to both of them. we hopefully have put out a read out by now. so you'll hear directly from us on how that those conversations i came have went. so were going to continue to work with our allies and partners to strengthen that defense alliance. it is one of the strongest we have seen in modern times. that's a lot -- that's because of this presidents leadership. we're going to continue to make sure that we make our voice clear. but i don't have a timeline to share. the president speaks to the nato
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members very regularly as we read out all of you. this is an important day. we think this is an important day for nato as we continue. >> ukraine, there has been a series of explosions, the russian air force spaces and crimea. it is not clear what happened but i am wondering if you consider crimea a legitimate target for ukraine when the use u.s. provided weapons? karine: we are supportive of ukraine's efforts to defend its sovereignty and territory integrity. as we have said many times from here, the fight has been in the east and southwest of the country and it is far from over. we have warned this could be a long and protracted war. we will continue to ensure that ukraine can push back against russia's unprovoked aggression and that is going to be our focus. >> -- say that one more time.
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>> is the crimea a legitimate target for ukraine when the use u.s. provided weapons? because in the past, the pentagon seems to convince ukraine not to use u.s. provided weapons to attack russia and russian territory. karine: i don't have anything else for you on this. we're going to continue to support ukraine and their fighting for their freedom, as their fighting for their sovereignty. against a brutal attack from russia. >> he said you haven't seen the president signing and it nancy pelosi in her taiwan trip. tomorrow there is another signing but you have talked to him about the trip, does he want
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to have a conversation with speaker pelosi about what she has heard on the ground and what the taiwanese government wants to see from the u.s. government? karine: they talk he regularly. they have a friendship they have a relationship. i don't have anything specific to read out about recent conversations on her trip. what i can say is reiterate about what the president has said yesterday when he was asked about the speaker going. he said it was her right to go. again we are going to reiterate this. it was her right to go there was precedents for this. we know the speaker went a generation ago again, it does not change our policy, our one china policy. it does not change any of that. so i will leave it to the speaker. she spoke to this earlier today,
7:44 pm
on one of your colleagues that works talking about her trip. >> you just mentioned about appearances this morning, that president she is a bully -- president xi is a bully. karine: i actually did not watch the interview. i know she was on -- she is going to speak for herself. it is up to her to make decisions on where she will travel, it is up to members of congress to make that decision on where they will travel, what we provide, is a briefing on what the geopolitics looks like in the region, and that country, the national security components of their particular specific trip. you have heard us say this, it is a coequal branch of government but also separation of powers she has her right to make the trip.
7:45 pm
i will let her speak to it and how she feels about it. >> one more on russia. colleagues reported that a merchant ship carry military equipment past turkeys bosporus strait on the way from syria to russia. i'm wondering if you can give us an update on, you know, how concerned the u.s. is about this but also was there anything from turkish officials? karine: we don't have anything to share at this time. >> -- i'm going to go to phil. >> the president campaigned on binding up the wounds of the country and restoring norms. i'm wondering, two years in does the president believe he has made progress in restoring the american public's faith in federal institutions? karine: one of the things we and the president understands, i've been asked this question in different variations. it is the same.
7:46 pm
when he ran, he understood that we were in a politically polarized environment. he understands that it was going to be a lot of work to bring people together and the work continues. even in his first 18 months there still a lot of work to be done. but he has been able to do some things that people said he couldn't do. the bipartisan infrastructure law, brought the right and at the republicans and democrats together and that was because of this president's leadership. that he was able to deliver an infrastructure investment that was historical he was able -- we were able to do that with the chips and science act, bring the two sides together to get something done to make sure we are leaders across the world when it comes to manufacturing.
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there's things this president has done because of this leadership. someone was asking me about nato. that is important as well. nato is the strongest it has been in modern times because of the leadership abroad. there still more work to be done. it is not like turning the light switch on. we will continue to do the work. there is no yes or no answer. are to continue to work towards that. >> he said repeatedly the president learned of the news of the fbi visit tomorrow through news reports, can you tell us anything more? was he watching the news, was he scrolling twitter? was someone in staff inform him? karine: he was not aware of the mar-a-lago raid, i don't know what you guys are calling it before it happened. i can tell you he did not know.
7:48 pm
he learned about it, like all of us did. i'm sure someone on his team flagged it for him but he was unaware. i can tell you definitively, he was unaware of this. nobody. in the white house was we were not given a heads up. we did not know about what happened yesterday. >> one question. karine: i'm going to come back guys. >> africans are in inflation as well. karine: no update on his schedule in any meeting at this time. we have said we are keeping the line of communications open with beijing. the president spoke with president xi not too long ago. it was more than a two hour conversation. that was his fifth conversation with the president and on staff
7:49 pm
level, there is an open dialogue that we are going to keep. >> -- i will take a couple of more questions. go ahead. give me a second. >> even one you give questions -- we deserve to have a question. >> last year -- karine: can you start again, someone was yelling over you? >> jake sullivan said last year there was going to be a tough extension review. there was some reporting today that that is not going to be ready for the one-year mark. the question is, why is the process taking so long? karine: i know you are talking
7:50 pm
about hot washer specifically. the update i can give you is the departments and agencies have begun their independent after action reviews of the operations at the end of the u.s. military mission in afghanistan. again once those internal reviews are done we will have the opportunity to look at the full picture when they're done we will give you -- we will have the full picture in a way that will help inform future operations, department and agencies will share the lessons and learn consistent operational classification security. once we have that, we will share that. >> you have -- the white house has not received karine: what i understand it is the department agency level. go ahead. >> can i have a question? >> to the news of the day from yesterday, since the news of the
7:51 pm
search of president trump's home went public, there has been a lot of reporting on extremists online about the possibility of violence, people talking about civil war too, etc. the president put out a domestic extremist strategy last year. is the white house in contact with the justice department, dhs, or other departments about preparing for possible violence, as a result of this? karine: we have been very clear. our messages this, the president and this white house, there's a place for political violence in this country. people have the right to raise their voices peacefully. but we would strongly condemn, as we have many times from here, the president has condemned any efforts to plan violent behavior of any kind. so we would ask americans to
7:52 pm
remain peaceful in this time. this is something that we condemn. i don't have anything more to share about the particular policy you are asking about. right behind you. >> can you speak to the importance of the inflation reduction act for black and brown communities, which make up a big portion of poverty rates? to what extent will the administration ensure it will be implement it? karine: we have to get this past. we will work very closely, as we have been, with congress to get this done. this is incredibly important. we want to make sure we deliver this for the american people. if you look at how prescription drugs are going to go down because medicare will be able to negotiate with companies, that is going to be incredibly important. when you think about brown and
7:53 pm
black communities -- not just them, but americans across the board that are spending so much money, seniors, just to get that vital drug they need just to live their everyday lives. that is going to have an impact on black and brown communities, we believe. when you think about utility bills coming down because of the investment that is going to make in lowering energy costs. those things are going to make a difference. we think about the aca premiums. that is going to keep our lower cost on health care. that is going to make a difference in communities, as well. when you think about the president's economic plan more broadly, it has always been about making sure that it is economically fair, that we don't leave anyone behind. we talk about building it from the bottom up in the middle out.
7:54 pm
we want to make sure that no community feels like they are left behind. that has always been part of the president's agenda. see that here with the inflation reduction act as well. >> thank you. i know you said you don't really want to comment on the ongoing investigation. but what did the president learn about the raid? karine: i don't have anything mortised -- more to share. i've said all that i can about the topic. >> he said the president lives in the rule of law. does he live in the rule of law -- karine: i'm not went to comment anymore on both of those topics you mentioned. the department of justice is independent with her criminal investigation. the president has been very clear on that i would refer you to the department of justice on those two topics. >> final question.
7:55 pm
the secretary in africa, -- he doesn't have any steps to show how the u.s. made contact with the russia or china in africa, why is that? karine: i can say this, we want to make sure that one of the things we made sure about this, our strategy, is have a different approach on how we are doing it. we speak to engage not just government leaders but a wide range of african and u.s. stakeholders, as you know there's going to be a summit here in december 15. that is something i want to make sure that is said, as we are headed to the summit in just a couple of months.
7:56 pm
our relationship, as it relates to africa, we believe it is important. i laid out what the president -- with the secretary talked about. we want to make sure we are reinvigorating and modernizing u.s. partnerships across the continent, building reciprocal partnerships with african governments, institutions on the principles of mutual respect, equality and other shared values, strengthened by our long-lasting historical and cultural connections. if you want to make sure our commitment is there. there will be many issues to talk about for the summit and as we lay out our african strategy, it is going to be about national security. we will talk about covid. we will talk about food security. and we will talk about other items as well that will be important to both global challenges and african nations and the u.s. we have to move on.
7:57 pm
no, no. way in the back. >> on the chips act assigning today. with semiconductors being manufacturers -- manufactured over in asia, what message does this send to china at a time intentions are high? karine: the president talked about this in his speech as well , being competitive and that competition. that is why the chips and signs act is so important. we are showing we are committed in investing in us, in made in america and committing to make sure we have manufacturing that is happening here. as you mentioned, even our national security, it is going to be important in chips, strengthening our supply chain is also going to be important as we look at chips. it does not stop us, even the escalation we are seeing and we
7:58 pm
are being very clear about on how we are communicating. we have to continue to do the work of the american people. we have to make sure we are delivering for the american people. that is what this shows. it will create jobs and it is going to create those important chips, when you think about the automobiles. when he think about the smartphones. all of those things are important in lowering costs for the market people. that is our message to the american people. we are going to make sure we deliver to them and lower cost and create jobs. >> on inflation, with numbers coming out. what is the white house prepared to do to prepare families on a fixed income or that are still struggling? karine: that is top of mind for the president. we talk about that pretty regularly, how lowering costs for americans is so important, how lowering cost for americans is critical. we understand what is happening
7:59 pm
around the kitchen table and the people are having about how they're going to put food on the table, how they're going to put gas in their cars. that is why one of the things we have been talking about in working on with gas prices coming down the last 56 days matters. it gives americans a bit more of breathing room. the president laid down what his inflation plan is. he knows there's still more work to do. but, again the inflation reduction act, once that gets passed, that will make a difference in people's lives. prescription drugs, utility bills -- we think about aca bringing down the premiums for folks, that is going to make a difference in people's lives. the chips act, that is going to make a difference in people's lives. so, that is the work we will continue to focus on and you're going to make sure that we deliver for the market people.
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