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tv   House Intel GOP Members on FBI Search of Fmr. Pres. Trumps Home  CSPAN  August 12, 2022 6:33pm-7:17pm EDT

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>> at morning i am mike turner and the ranking member of the republican members of the intelligence committee i want to begin by stating that all of our members of this committee are in full support of the men and women every day work to keep her nation safe at the fbi in the department of justice and we condemn any actions of violence against any law enforcement personnel. having said that we have serious question we have serious questions taken e
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disclosure of this information to our committee and we are requesting to get backed up if they do not comply with our request by a subpoena from our committee. our committee is intended to work with classified information there is nothing that would be the subject matter of this that cannot be disclosed or committee and we also are the committee that deals with the issue of national security threats and we want to know what was this imminent national security
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threat upon which this was based. we are also very concerned about the disturbing reports that there was an informant or 70 undercover at mar-a-lago or around former president donald trump and today we are seeing a letter to director ray demanding more from that he disclose the process by which that that informant was utilized were placed, what is the relationship between the fbi and the person that is reportedly been utilizing this process. we have a number of members that are going to speak each of us, the backyard and national security of classified information this is an issue that requires oversight and we will continue to demand this oversight i would like to turn over to brian fitzpatrick. brian fitzpatrick from the devaney former fbi agent. i want to start by saying no matter what angle you are
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looking at this from this is a tough time in our country we have too much distrust into many institutions in our democracy and country cannot survive its income and upon all of us to do that all a couple of things i want to address how most of us are processing what it is right now, going forward number one looking at the legal justification. at some point possibly today and possibly in the days to follow you will see the release of the warrant all and you will see items to be seized and areas to be searched in a property receipt that the response team investigating agent would have filled out and returned and left a copy of the residence and return to the court.
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if it's redacted which i suspect it will be don't expect it to be too much other than 1924 and/or others. the real story will be with the release of the affidavit itself. which is not currently planned to be released it is filed. the prosecution has to go back to the court and ask that it remain under seal there is a baseline presumption that the document be released to the public in the interest of transparency, that's what's going to tell us what most of us want to know, second is the tactics that were used, there is a continuum available to any agency that is enforcing the law from noninvasive like the service of a subpoena for the production date into the most extreme which would be the execution of a search warrant. there's a lot of steps in between for example a subpoena
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where you would show up with a subpoena but the demand there but the bureau in the attorney general and the d.o.j. made a decision that this extreme measure was necessary we will wait the rationale as to why that extreme measure was justified and adolescent intrusive means the next thing is the parity in the enforcement we see many cases involving national security information, hillary clinton and the likes, the public needs to know the laws are being enforced equally what the circumstances dictate. something i am concerned about which is why we want to get to the bottom of this, the impact of this distrust is going to have in this case on a national security apparatus. as fbi and we cannot do her job without the support of the public that is a necessity to
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keeping our country safe and dea agents doing their job we have to be able to go to the public, recruit sources, have sources introduce undercover and knock on someone's door and when we show them their credential that they respected and they share information with us. that is how we kept our country safe, if we ever get to a point where we lose the faith of the public and impacts all of us international security it is in all of her interest to do it we love our law enforcement we would protect and defend them and we thank them for their service but when we have a brewing matter of distrust we have to get to the bottom of the and fix it not just for the sake of this individual instance but the sake of our counterterrorism and counter established security and all the federal law enforcement agencies are working on to keep us safe. with that we will let our
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conference chair speak. >> elise stefanik house representative from new york's 21st district member of house intel and house services committee, house republicans are committed to oversight and accountability in a wholesome investigation to provide transparency and answers to the american people regarding joe biden in his administration weaponization of the department of justice and fbi against joe biden political opponent. president donald trump is joe biden's most likely political opponent in 2024 and this is less than 100 days from critical midterm elections. the fbi raid is a complete abuse and overreach of its authority. as they make people know unfortunately this is the same agency leadership that protected hillary clinton, james comey and continues to protect him joe biden, the same agency leadership that perpetrated the false russia hoax four years and
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is not just the national issues that have led to historic distrust among the american people. if local issues as well like in my district the fbi's leadership overreach and politicized nation continues to occur. in the deadliest car crash in recent years where they mishandled a long time fbi informant. some of the national reporters may not know this issue for reporters in my district this is one of the most important fbi issues that we are facing in upstate new york. the american people are smart and they have had enough. it is unfortunately why there is a fundamental lack of trust in the american people deserve answers. house republican majority will leave no stone unturned when it comes to transparency and accountability into the brazen politicized nation of joe biden's d.o.j. targeting the political opponents. with that i yield to my colleague brad from ohio.
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>> thank you elyse. being from the cincinnati area i want to take a moment to condemn the attack on the fbi headquarters. that we saw yesterday. i tell you as a group impersonally we condemn all types of violence whether something like this, violence that occurred in our cities a couple of summers ago, violence at the capital and violence at the baseball field five years ago. i will be putting a call into my friends at the fbi headquarters in cincinnati and check in on them. we support them we know that we have thousands of dedicated patriots working within our agency to try to do the right thing. i am a physician iraq veteran, i
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grew up watching a tv show on sunday nights called fbi. i love the fbi. i have such respect for the fbi. but we have concerns today. we have concerns primarily in the leadership. i would like to say that those concerns are not the feeling of every american majority of americans. i am hearing it from both sides of the aisle. they are worried about the weaponization, the politicization, the d.o.j. and fbi warning. this rate is unprecedented all we want answers and we deserve answers. we are the government of the people and where the representatives of the people. on behalf of our citizens, we are here to have oversight no agency in our government is its
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own standalone government. accountability must be there transparency must be there. i want to frame a scenario that is consistent with so much of what we are dealing with and what happened at the baseball june 14, 2017 a heavily armed assassin clearly by social media and other things he wrote was motivated politically, he hated donald trump, he wanted to kill republicans. he had named the republicans in his pocket he was outside of the baseball field for two months watching us. before he launched his attack he asked two members of congress that were leaving early whether this was republicans or democrat. 136 rounds were fired that day.
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steve scalise took a bullet for all of us. if he was not there the capitol police would not have been there to defend us. that day. they were unmarked vehicles in unmarked clothing. five people were hit including capital police. it's by the grace of god that we survived. without them being there you have a situation where this man seems he could've killed 20 to 30 members of congress and staff commenting to the balance of power in the united states and the house of representatives. that is an insurrection and it was a clear assassination attempt, he came heavily armed
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he had his hit list, he knew what he was doing this by all these facts on november 16, 2015, fbi personnel came to those of us that were there and told us that we just surmise that this guy wanted to commit suicide by cop. if your job does not drop without assessment from the fbi it should. and as we said that day if you want suicide by cop, pulled gone on a cop takes one bullet 136 rounds were fired. i think it's important that you also no the scenario and noticed that the fbi did not call any of the republican members, those of us that the man tried to assassinate in making its determination. not one of us were questioned by the fbi in the body of the
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united states of america. you want to know why american people don't trust her institutions, it is things like this because the decisions that they make defies logic. fortunately, this committee finally had a chance to address christopher bray he was not the director of the fbi at that time on june 14, 2017. it was andrew mccabe, you all know who andrew mccabe is, his association with the russian collision hoax. we finally had christopher wray after four years painted the scenario and asked him how the fbi could come to that conclusion. to his credit he reviewed the case and change the narrative to domestic violent extremism. what it does not end there.
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alexander et cetera were very clear on what this man did. none of them considered it suicide by cop, not one agency, just the fbi. from the top. one situation now where we in this committee have oversight, we are the entity and as taxpayers you are all the ones that fund this agency, we are the ones who created this agency, we have a responsibility tab oversight over this agency. in review we have said we want some lessons learned how did you get is around why did you get it so wrong. did it come from the acting director? we want to know how, why and by whom these mistakes were made. we need access to the case file
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to answer these questions in the fbi has been unwilling to share this file with us which we have every right to see. these agencies serve as the people not just us here but all of those we represent across this country is this not the other way around and we cannot be denied oversight by the very agencies that we created, that we fund and that we want to trust we want to american people to trust her agencies. so we are here to provide oversight and accountability, we need the fbi. this country needs and fbi. it is part of truth, justice and the american way but not when it's in the cover of darkness and not when we don't sense honesty and transparency. we created fbi for a reason, we want them to do their job for the reason that it was created and to work with us. with that if i turn over to my
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colleague frank kelly. >> thank you i am trent kelly i represent mississippi's first district i am a member of the intelligence and on services committee and agriculture committee. i just want to say that the scales of justice should be balanced in the eyes of justice should be blind as to who you are politically. i want to be very clear, the rank-and-file members of the fbi and the department of justice, they are brave men and women who do their job every single day. i think the doing an incredible job. however, the seventh floor the leadership of the fbi and the department of justice have been politicized in the eyes of most americans. i want to say perception is reality it does not matter if you doing right people perceive that you are doing wrong and the only way to change that perception is through transparency and allowing people
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to know that what you are doing is right in the eyes of justice in the scale of justice is balanced. as with the baseball shooting, over five years ago. i was there. the perpetrator is dead, however, to this day the fbi continues to use cover-up and hiding will not disclose the files even though the perpetrator is dead. we have many request as a victim and a member of the intelligence committee who oversees that, we have the right to see that investigation but we have been denied that request after request after request. i don't need to know what happened that day. i was there i want to know who came to these decisions who signed off on all these things. there is no transparency at the senate floor of the fbi and no transparency at the high levels of the department of justice. the seventh floor is reduced to
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be transparent with the victims in the public. even after five years. i want to know the underlying facts of this. the public trust will continue to be a rodent for federal law enforcement until they are transparent at the highest levels of the fbi. i think as a holy and make it public trust our everyday rank-and-file fbi members and every day the department of justice. i am a former prosecutor, former district attorney. i work with federal law enforcement officials day and in day out. i trusted the men and women that i work with on a daily basis. i do not trust the level of leadership that has politicized these great organizations of an american justice. i call for full and complete transparency on this matter from the senate floor in the highest levels of the department of justice. the american public demands transparency and accountability. no one is above the law. i heard that yesterday.
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no one is above the law and that includes the attorney general in the seventh floor of the fbi. thank you and i will be followed by mark wayne's from oklahoma. >> thank you. as stated i am markwayne mullin from oklahoma. i want to focus in on remarks that attorney general garland said yesterday trying to convince the american people that we should trust them. which he did brag about his guys in the field and i do believe we should brag about the guys in the field. when we talk about his level and director raise level where is the trust come from what has caused him to think the american people should trust him. is it the way that they handled hillary clinton's case with her e-mails. is it the russian collision that the fbi handed the american
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people, is it the way that they have targeted trump, president trump from day one, where is the leadership of the attorney general garland getting the theme or get people to trust them. where is it the director ray thinks the 74 has earned the trust of the american people. american people know that president trump has been targeting from day one of his presidency by the fbi. where is it that they were in that trust. attorney garland goes out and says no one is above the law. i agree with that statement, no one is. that includes you attorney
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general garland. that includes you director ray. i am here to tell you, if the democrats do not hold you accountable for your actions, the republican party will. with that i will go to rick crawford. >> i represent first district of arkansas former military of architect and i serve on the intelligence committee. i want to associate myself with the comments of the colleagues. this committee you see a diverse puckered of experience, the one thing that we all have in common we were hired by the people that we represent to provide oversight and transparency for the agency of the federal government. as was indicated earlier this is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. whatever agency they work and they work for the people that hired us, it is our job to
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oversee these agencies. and when we make a request repeatedly of agencies to bring forth documents that we are entitled to see on behalf of the people that hired us to be here it is a slap in the face to the american people. this is why you see the erosion of trust. to the point that they have made will have an occasion to interact with fbi field offices whether that be in little rock arkansas, jackson miccosukee, salt lake city, pulse oklahoma, we all interact with these federal agencies in some more than others have interacted with fbi. to those individuals that work in the field office, god bless you every day you are involved in exercising on behalf of the american people, that degree of fidelity, bravery and integrity, the problem is not with you the problem as indicated the seventh floor of the hoover building, your leadership is feeling you
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and feeling the american people, it's brought us to this point now where we see our phones have been blown up by our constituents likening what we're seeing today to what is seen in third world countries. and this is not something we can allowed to stand, i'm pleased to introduce my colleague from utah chris stewart. >> chris stewart from utah. it's necessary to be said is already said in a couple of observations of former air force pilot i spent a lot of time around the world. i believe the united states is a truly unique and truly extraordinary responsibility to the rest of the world whether we like it or not they look to us as an example of how they want to be able to live their lives in a big part of that is this idea that people in the united states are treated equally, the
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people around the world want to live under an american fbi and their leadership, not an american kgb or some of the nefarious living under an organization or a government that treats people differently. but the perception is now that that happens. the department of justice and the fbi has chosen a team in their working for that team now against the interest of other americans and christopher bray, i would say to you personally you are in the middle of a crisis of leadership. you have to assure the theme a people you are working not just for some of us, you took an extraordinary step yesterday. something to my knowledge that is never happened in history if
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that was essential then you have to tell the american people and you can't hide behind the explanation of the ongoing and what you did there is a necessity, then tell the american people why. they deserve to know and then tell you do that, then you have to recognize that the crisis of faith is going to continue under your leadership. and under the leadership of the attorney general that is why we are here, we just want the american people to know, tell us why you did this. with that idea back to our ranking member.
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>> if anybody have concerns with unsecured classified information potentially being in a storage area and florida, does anybody have a concern with that. >> the issue of the handling of classified information is an issue that our committee deals with and they were very concerned with. however, the issue of classified information in the tactics that are used in this instance are the ones that we are very concerned about there were a number of options that were available to the attorney general and the director of the fbi besides rating on mar-a-lago the former president home and spending nine hours there including going to court and requesting the original subpoena be enforced, there are a number of court actions and steps that could've been done that not of resulted in agents being in mar-a-lago for nine hours. the one thing that we all know donald trump has more classified information in his head then he does in his desk but yet the
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immediate need to enter his residence and our committee deals with intelligence and national security so we are demanding more from what was the national security basis within a pair immediate threat requiring this action opposed all the other actions that they could've taken. >> if there were a nuclear document is unjustified and also you say donald trump is more classified information in the public club being in that space written down -- >> this is a great question i'm glad that you asked. i have served on the strategic forces some arm surface 20 years including being the chair in the ranking member. it depends on what the nuclear information is, you can say nuclear weapons, there are things that are highly highly
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classified, there's things not extreme the classified there are nonetheless classified the other aspect with respect to access we don't know what those documents are, i'm asking the same question, attorney general garvin, director ray if they rise to the level of national security threats with an immediate need to enter the residence of a former presidente candidate president that the person who has run against garland boss, that should have a higher level of scrutiny . . . so before you jump to conclusions and just accept
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information from sources or not the attorney general, who are not the director of the fbi, let's see what the facts are. that's why transparency is key here but many of you were the same reporters that asked this question russian pollution. look out that fell apart. [inaudible] >> where calling for the facts. let me answer -- >> republicans -- [inaudible] simply political. they planted information to all sorts of -- >> and book what our house republican leader said. preserve your documents. that's about finding the facts. each of us if we want answers and transparency, and the american people whether you're republican or democrat and i call on the house democrat colleagues we deserve answers. we have oversight over these agencies on behalf of the american people. that is what we are calling for today. so before you jump to conclusions we are asking for the -- [inaudible] >> i think it's naïve to assume that the american people would
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not wonder is this political. of course they're going to wonder that. look what's happened over the last five years and look at the premise of most of your questions. was it nuclear? was it -- heck, maybe it was aliens. that's the point. we don't know. we are asking them to tell us. and until they tell us then we're going to questions like this, and the presumption is going to be that it is political. there is a way to be depoliticize this. give us information. and when you asked the question, you're asking the question based on things that you've seen reported. and let's go back to the russian collusion narrative and how that was carried out, fusion gps, et cetera. if we can get one media outlet to make a statement and an accusation, whether that's true or false, in that case false, then every other media outlet started running with it. maybe not every other but started running with it as has
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been reported, and that's what america sees, and that's the problem. and that's why we are standing here today not accusing anyone of anything but wanting answers, wanting answers same questions you have. but keep in mind how they of proven the narrative in the way they like to work things. >> i want to point out the double standard here, too. we saw that this media frenzy about supposedly classified information, where's the same media frenzy when there's 33,000 classified emails on a server in server in a bathroom with hillary clinton? why didn't they raid that bathroom? why did they work with her to find out a time, a date, and what documents they could and couldn't see? did they do the same thing here with trump, with president trump? all we are saying is was a treated the same? was a scrutiny level the same?
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right now it doesn't appear that it was. as ranking member turner said, what was your options? did you eliminate all your options because you sure gave hillary clinton offer options when it came to classified information on an e-mail. if it's everybody is treated equal, then good on you. if not, then you have a lot of answers to ask, to answer for, or a lot of questions to answer. >> we know it's a question the attorney general ordered this rate upon president biden political rival and that certainly rises to ohio doctor at higher level of scrutiny, certainly the need for oversight. >> some of your calling has been to attack law enforcement and calling 2-d store or defund the fbi in order for you guys to condemn the rhetoric -- [inaudible] >> we support our men and women in uniform and we request that anybody who is made outrageous statements like that that your question didn't and not as because of you it appears made
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substantive conversations. >> given that we don't know anything we are all asking similar questions here, but you spent a lot of time around classified information, highly classified information. if their situation at all in any universe that would warrant the fbi going into trump's residence to obtain records. >> you are correct. i've dealt with classified information in my several decades of being here including nuclear issues, classified information to i've been in the oval office talking to president trump about issues that were nuclear related. it would be very, very narrow of anything that just has the umbrella of nuclear weapons in it that would rise to the level of an immediate national security threat. >> just kind of broadly speaking, is there any -- >> there are a number of things that they could show us, added to want to speculate on what
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those would be. that obvious would rise to the level of maybe you didn't have any options that i would be very, very surprised is what those are considering the breadth of what the could of done besides this, colluding going to court, trying to enforce the subpoena, demanding that the document be produced in court, besides going at his residence and spending nine hours, it would be, and again also knowing that the president's deal except in the situation room party with policy issues and would be highly unusual for a president of anything even in the oval office that rises to the level of eminent national security threat. >> on the affidavit i know that's a part of what is expected to be released, is that something that you would want to be publicly released orgy what the committee -- >> it should be released to us. it should be released to congress. it depends on what's in it that we demand it be released to us and there are other committees have joint jurisdiction that it should be released to also. last question. last question.
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>> can you think of a reason that former president question were any pass president we need to keep classified information like that about possible nuclear weapons. >> was well again we don't know that it's true that he has classified information or what it is or that it was about nuclear weapons. i can tell if there are a number of things that are classified in the fall under the umbrella of nuclear weapons but that are not necessarily things that are truly classified. and many of them you can find on your own phone as we stand here. if they fall within that category they are not an eminent national security threat that would rise to the level of you have to raid donald trump saw him and spent nine hours there. i'm going to close with asking if there's anyone else want closing comments or any additional statements? great. thank you very much.
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over the past we must a january 6 committee had hearings. all week on c-span as we look back at the committee's hearing featuring never before seen evidence that witness testimony into the attack on u.s. capitol. monday 8:00 eastern u.s. capitol
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