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tv   Campaign 2024 Sen. Ted Cruz R-TX Speaks at 2022 Basque Fry in Nevada  CSPAN  August 16, 2022 10:27am-11:00am EDT

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have done to help with politics in the past, do more. we need you now more than ever. don't take anything for granted. and we can beat all the commercials with live nevadans speaking to fellow nevadans, right? [applause] >> i want to thank you all so much for always coming out in this incredible sense and i just want to say this is going to be our year. we are going to experience the red wave. we only have 80 days left to save our state. i am going to count on you all to save nevada and save america. thank you, god bless. [applause] thank you. let's get it done. [applause]
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♪ ["eye of the tiger" plays] >> god bless the great state of nevada. this is awesome. i was in the very first bass fry seven years ago standing here as men and women who love freedom stood up and fought to take our country back. i am here today seven years later with a word of hope, a word of encouragement, as got two simple points to make today. number one, america is in
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crisis. look, we all know this. we have a president of the united states who shakes hands with the empty air. what the hell is that? we have a president of the united states who talks to the easter bunny? and what is happening in washington, it has never been this bad. you've got biden and harris and schumer and pelosi and they have gone to crazy town. every policy they put in place is an absolute disaster. it is actually remarkable that they've managed to get everything wrong. if they rolled dice, if they
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threw darts at a wall, they would accidentally get some policy right. but everything they touch turns to garbage. you've got inflation skyrocketing. cost of homes going through the roof. the cost of electricity, the cost of food, the cost of health care, the cost of gas. nevada has the second-highest inflation of any state in the union. it is so bad, antifa can't afford bricks. it is so bad that eric swalwell can't afford chinese dinners. it is so bad that aoc can't afford fake handcuffs.
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it is bad. we've got crime skyrocketing across this country, murder rates are up, carjacking rates are up. we've got chaos in our southern border. the worst illegal immigration in 62 years. i will say my state of texas has begun putting illegal immigrants on buses. [applause] >> and sending them to washington, d.c. and new york city. [applause] >> and the democratic mayors in d.c. and new york, we sent 6000 illegal immigrants to d.c. the democrat mayor said this is a crisis.
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well, no kidding. if you think 6000 is bad, try 3.5 million. and look, if the mayor doesn't like 6000, i will tell you what texas ought to do. we ought to center 600,000. and by the way, i introduced legislation. shouldn't just send them d.c. and new york. we ought to send them to martha's vineyard. and to nantucket. and to rehobeth beach, delaware. and to the hamptons. and to cupertino, california. all the places that are, hypocritical liberals drink chardonnay with their pinkies in the air. we need to start unloading truck
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after truckload of illegal immigrants saying if you are willing to destroy the rest of the country, you need to look in the eyes of the people who are feeling the pain for what you are doing. [applause] and by the way, as bad as the domestic policy has been, as bad as the economic policy has in, the foreign policy been even worse. every region of the world has gotten worse. biden surrendered in afghanistan to the taliban, left americans behind. lost 13 servicemen and women. it was weakness, it was appeasement, and every enemy of america has gotten stronger as a result of joe biden's weakness. we saw just last week the culmination of obama and biden politicization of the department of justice and the fbi and 40
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fbi agent came in and raided president donald trump's home in florida. now, let me be very clear. this was corrupt, it was wrong, it was an abuse of power, it was democrats desperately trying to change the subtext from the failure of their policies. and i want to speak for a moment for the thousands of honorable fbi agents and prosecutors at the doj who are furious that these political nitwits at the top of the agency have left those honored institutions be turned into the jackbooted thugs of the dnc. integrity matters. and by the way, apparently merrick garland has lots of time to send agents down to
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mar-a-lago. remind me, how many agents raided hillary clinton? how many agents raided hunter biden? hunter biden put on tv videos of himself with crack cocaine naked with a prostitute waving a gun. like, holy crap. like this is a law school exam. how many felonies can you pack into one video? now, let me give a bit of advice for anyone here who is planning to have a fit of a wild party later tonight. if you're thinking of crack cocaine and naked prostitutes and waving a gun, don't. and at a very minimum, don't
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film it and put it online because if you do, you are going to get a knock on the door from the popo. hunter biden gets on air force one and flies with daddy to vacation. you want to talk about corruption? they've got 40 fbi agent's to go to mar-a-lago. where are the fbi agent's going and beating down the door of the clients of jeffrey epstein? let me be real clear. everyone in his black book ought to have an fbi agent kicking down their door and they want to do some real jail time. -- ought to do some real jail time. but why hasn't it happen? because epstein was a friend of the. -- bill.
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-- because he flew all over the world with bill clinton right next to him. and the biden doj, they do not investigate democrats. they target their enemies, they target us. it is bad. now, some of you might be thinking, ted, you said you were going to encourage us. you really suck at this. but i told you i had two points. here is the second one. revival is coming. all across nevada, all across this country, people's eyes are opening up and they realize things don't make any sense. politics has always had a
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pendulum sense to it. one party gets the power, they go too far one direction, the american people bullet back. every time i see some dumbass idea from joe biden or kamala harris or chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, part of me grieves a part of me quietly celebrates because the worse it gets, the more it accelerates the american people to win back and say we are not doing that anymore. this democratic party has gone extreme. you have a democrat senator who was on the ballot in november, catherine cortez. i will give $20 if anyone can tell me one positive thing she has done in her entire time in the senate. there's nothing to say. i felt confident i would keep my
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$20. that is ok, inflation is so bad it is only worth $10 anyway. let me give you a sense of cortez-master voting record. there used to be something like a moderate democrat. that used to exist. that species is extinct now. so cortez-master comes back and talks to reporters and says -- her voting record is exactly like elizabeth warren, exactly like chuck schumer. she got elected, she showed up in washington and handed her voting card to chuck schumer and said chuck, and has him decide what is good for nevada and bad for nevada. let me tell you about four amendments i offered and how your senator voted. last year i offered an moment when the democrats were sending stimulus checks across this country. i sit here is an amendment. let's not send federal taxpayer
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stimulus checks to every illegal alien in america. we voted on the senate floor and it failed by one vote. 50-50. the deciding vote was catherine cortez masto. had she voted yes, we would not have sent millions of dollars of taxpayer money to millions of illegal aliens, but she decided she works for the illegal aliens and not for the men and women of nevada. we had another amendment. that i introduced that said all right, let's not send stimulus checks to criminals. to criminals in jail. currently incarcerated criminals, we voted on the senate floor. the vote was 50-50, it failed by one vote. catherine cortez masto was the
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deciding vote behind sending millions of your taxpayer dollars to murderers, to rapists, to pedophiles. for democrats, i get that they have to take care of their base. but this is nuts. that was last year. how about last week? last week on this horrible bill the democrats just rammed through, they call it the inflation reduction act, a little bit like calling a can of gasoline the fire reduction tool. we got inflation because democrats spend billions of dollars and borrowed millions of dollars, what is the solution? let's spend billions of dollars more and borrow billions of dollars more. i introduced an amendment to strip the 87,000 new irs agents
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to descend on the men and women of nevada. every democrat voted no, it failed by one vote. catherine cortez masto is the deciding vote behind 87,000 irs agents descending on your small businesses and your families. i introduced another amendment. in d.c. the district of columbia school board just put in place a policy that kids cannot go to school unless they have received the covid vaccine. [booing] school is starting in a week. in d.c., 85% of school kids are vaccinated. 15% are not. the d.c. school board is saying 15% of kids, you are out of luck, get out of school. here is something more amazing. if you look at the demographics, there is a very large african-american population in the d.c. public schools.
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of the african-american students, 60% of them are vaccinated. that means 40% are not. the d.c. school board is saying to 40% of the african-american kids in their public schools, get out of school, you are not allowed to come to school. i introduced an amendment on the floor of the senate to block d.c. from throwing out of school 40% of the black kids in the d.c. public schools. every single democrat voted no. catherine cortez masto happily voted, throw those kids out. because she is not working for the kids. she is not working for the men and women of nevada. she is working for the campaign dollars from the corrupt lobbyists on the left.
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i introduced one additional amendment. we saw merrick garland sent a memo to the fbi, directed the fbi to target parents who speak up at school boards, who speak up about vertical race theory and about children being assaulted in schools. and biden's attorney general directed the fbi to go after those parents as domestic terrorists. in the month since that has happened the fbi has interviewed dozens of moms and dads who went to their school board and spoke up and suddenly, knock knock, the g men show up at their door because they dared exercise their first amendment right. i had an amendment, the fbi should not target moms and dads as domestic terrorists. we voted on it and you know the
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end. everything will democrat voted no, it failed by one vote, and catherine cortez masto was the deciding vote. voting in favor of the fbi targeting moms and dads. this is radical, it is extreme, and the american people get how bad it is. we have known. think of for a minute about covid rules. we saw idiotic shutdowns, we saw small businesses shut down, schools shut down. do you remember the mask rules? when you walk into a restaurant, you must wear a mask. because of science. until you sit down. and when you sit down, take the mask off. perfectly safe, no harm at all. why? because of science. i have a theory on this. which is that the covid virus
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reacts to altitude. at six feet it is utterly deadly. at three feet it is harmless and it is even a tonic for the skin. either way, that explains why fascia safe, he is only five feet tall. -- why fauci is safe, he is only five feet tall. peoples eyes are opening up, they recognize this is nonsense. we are going to seat in november not just a wave, but a red tsunami. we are going to retake the house and we are going to retake the senate. and nevada is at the battleground for both. i am here today because i supporting my friend.
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nevada is i believe the single best pickup opportunity for republicans in the senate in the entire country. adam is a smart, principled conservative. i have known him a decade. as attorney general he stood and fought for the men and women of nevada. he stood and fought to defend the constitution, he fought to defend the bill of rights. he will stand and fight with the people of nevada and by the way, when we went nevada, we will win a majority. and when we win a majority, we better use the majority. and a big part of the reason i am here is because i know adam and i know he has the guts to stand up to democrats, but also
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to stand up for the party bosses in the republican party and to say, i do not work for the lobbyists and party bosses in washington, d.c., i work for the men and women of the great state of nevada. we need courage, responding to -- i don't know if you saw this week. elizabeth warren told reporters that a guy came up to her and said, i would have voted for you, if only you had a penis. let me say two things about that. number one that story is alive. produce this fictional person because this human being does not exist, that is not even 1/10 24 true.
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but number two, in today's democrat party how do we know she doesn't? for democrats, how could you possibly know? my name is elizabeth, call me -- by the way, most americans know this is ridiculous. the craziness, people understand, it wakes them up, they realize what is happening. and so i want to say, nevada has been a purple state a long time. it is a battleground.
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that is why i'm here today. i want to ask everyone of you in november to come out and vote for adam laxalt 10 times. now look, we are not democrats. i see the reporters who pulled out their notepads. but let me tell you how we do this. if you come out and vote on election day and you pull out your phone book and you look through your contacts, you get nine people who would not have voted otherwise and you send them a text, give them a call, send them an email, call your sister, your dad, your next-door neighbor, your coworker, you say look, i'm fed up by what is going on in washington, it is hurting my family and i am asking you to come vote and if you get nine other people to
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vote who would not have voted otherwise, you just voted 10 times. i'm looking forward to walking alongside adam and we are going to bump into a little man carrying a screwdriver coming to change the sign on nancy pelosi's door. and nancy is going to get on her broom. that's not fair, that's not right. nancy is going to get on her
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private jet, the uss broom and she is going to fly back to san francisco. for her sake i hope her husband does not pick her up at the airport. and chuck schumer is going to get on a train back to manhattan. and then we are going to tell joe biden that it is 2025 and he will just one border -- just wander back to delaware. what is happening here is powerful. and the people of nevada are on the front lines. you all are saving the state of nevada, you are saving the country. you are saving the constitution. you are saving the bill of
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rights and you are saving it for your kids and for your children's kids. this is a fight for america and mark my words, this is a fight freedom will win. god bless you. >> there you go.
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>> we are going to do it this way. all right. ♪ >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> how are you doing? >> alright, 1, 2, 3.
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>> perfect, thank you. >> i like your shirt. >> senator, right here. >> are you getting ready to start? >> perfect, thank you. >> right here. >> thank you. >> good to see you. you do? >> we appreciate everything you do.
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>> thank you. >> thank you for standing up. ♪ >> thank you very much. thank you for being here. >> he went that way. >> right here, 1, 2, 3. ok.
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>> awesome. perfect, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> awesome, spectacular. >> thank you. >> absolutely, thank you.
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>> absolutely not, you guys are saving the whole state. thank you. >> look right here. >> thank you. >> thank you sir, i appreciate it. >> how are you doing? >> i want to get the photo. thank you. >> there needs to be accountability. >> i have your phone.
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>> all right. all three. perfect. >> how old are you? i have daughters who are 11 and 13. >> thank you for being here. >> absolutely. >> 1, 2, three. thank you. who else is in the photo? just you? look right here. thank you.


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