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tv   Washington Journal Open Forum 2  CSPAN  August 31, 2022 11:50am-12:01pm EDT

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council discussion of how allies can support ukraine as russia continues its aggression in that country. you can watch all of these events live on our video app, c-span now. >> the national press from washington dc will hold its annual journalism awards dinner. you can watch it at 7 p.m. eastern on c-span mobile app. uc berkeley governmental scholar will be our guest to talk about leadership, ronald reagan's political career and the americans conservative movement. he is the author of several books. these scholars who changed the course of the conservative politics in america.
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join the conversation with tweets. live on c-span two. host: it is open forum until the end of the program. independents and others, (202) 748-8002. when the u.s. house returns from its august break, there will be one fewer democrat in the house. charlie crist has announced his resignation. charlie crist is resigning from congress to focus on his bed at two florida governor. the move is expected after his victory over nikki freed. the seat will remain vacant
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until the november election. a story we touched on earlier this morning from the washington's host. late filing from the justice department yesterday headlined, the justice department said trump team may have hidden, moved classified papers appeared former president trump and his advisers failed to turn over classified documents. a diligent search has been conducted, leading to a fbi raid of his florida home that has found more than 100 additional classified items. the filing traces the extraordinary saga of governmental officials related efforts to recover sensitive national security papers from trump's residence. prosecutors came to suspect that government records were likely concealed and removed, and the efforts were taken to obstruct
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the government's investigation. let's go first to our democrats line. to philadelphia. caller: i would like to say, the gentleman that was just on and he mentioned that policing is becoming a nonexisting job, he is right. it is starting right at the top from the white house with all of this mess with the trump stuff. anybody in their right mind know right from wrong and can see what is going on. that from the white house is trickling down two the whole nation. host: republican line. caller: i would like my comments to be focused at the democrats themselves. the democrats keep talking about trying to protect democracy. if you look in the two most important documents we have come of bill of rights and the
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constitution, democracy is not in any way in the constitution or the bill of rights. the democrats suffer from psychosis, a condition of the mind were you cannot tell what is real and what is not real. they keep suffering from it. we are not a democracy. we are a republic. thank you. host: richfield, wisconsin. republican line. go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. interesting guests you have up today. as a follow-up to the most recent guest, it seems to me there's a direct correlation, i am not a historian, there seems to be a correlation between out of wedlock births, and the welfare society that is prevalent among most of the country, not just the inter-cities, speaking of
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certain demographics, it is rampant across the country. i think in large part, this contributes to the crime. all you have to do is look at chicago, philadelphia, these big cities that have shootings daily. how can that be? what is the cause of it? i think it is the moral decay of the family. host: thank you. jenny in ohio is next on open forum. the morning. caller: good morning. i was watching trying to get through to the previous representative. ok. my son is a police officer. he has been a police officer -- i am going to try to make it as
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fast as i can. he has been a police for 17 years. he has never used his gun to shoot anyone. he said you can do it, but good things in the right way, think what you are doing. one of the main things right now is, we do not have enough police . which i believe. a lot of policemen are retiring. recently, he has never been hurt, he has never shot anyone. they guy that robbed a store -- the guy that robbed a store, he could have shot him in the back, he didn't, he chased him five blocks. my son's face had to be reconstructed because the guy had to -- in front of him where
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he could not see them. we generally have do have good police officers out there. host: where does your son serve? caller: he serves in cincinnati. cincinnati, ohio. host: how is he recovering from that? caller: he is still not well. it has been almost two months. he has to have a cat scan on the side of his face. i think he seen so much. they do not have enough police officers. it bothers him because of gangs killing gangs. he is biracial. he said the blacks are killing the blacks. he has had to save
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children's lives, but he will not take up the next day. he keeps saying i am fine. host: in massachusetts, amelia on the line. independents. caller: i wanted to talk about donald trump. the fact that everything he does, he is either lying or crying. that is what i noticed. i actually live with a trump supporter. i asked him a couple times what does donald trump do what is wrong. he cannot answer it. i just would love to know, could he actually murder someone on fifth avenue and not lose any support? that is what i see in my circle of friends and the person i live with. i just think he needs to be held accountable. all of the documents he had at mar-a-lago, he cannot say that
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he did not know someone else had it. the documents were in his desk. that is a threat to our national security. it does not matter if you are a republican, democrat, that should scare the heck out of everybody. i just wanted to know, what could he possibly do to lose support. host: the city of jackson is still without
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caller: the gentleman that was on before, we need the police. and all these people who are talking about how they look sure the police and whatnot. we called our police officer officer friendly. see, look at some of the officers look at their physique, their physical appearances. they can't run. that's why they draw the guns. common sense tells m


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