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washington journal daily at 7:00 eastern. and weekdays at 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 eastern. a fast pace was -- report. listen to c-span any time just tell your smart speaker play c-span radio. c-span, powered by cable. >> washington journal continues. >> host: we are back in open forum and we want to hear your calls and about any topic of the day about politics or whatever is on your mind. republicans, your number is 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. first we want to get to a few headlines of the day and it comes to the russian invasion of the ukraine, of the new york times on the front page this
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morning has a couple of articles , one article talks about food and claiming an area in the ukraine and the ukrainian army taking a day prior. there's also an article that has the headline nuclear talk revival of cold war. and same for the first time since the cuban missile crisis in october 1962 top government leaders in moscow are making explicit nuclear threats and officials in washington are gaining out scenarios since president boudin decided to use a tactical nuclear weapon to make up for the facts of russian troops in ukraine. that in the new york times. we also know coming up, the u.s. supreme court is going to resume, they have a session that begins on monday. we have the new justice ketanji
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brown jackson who will be joining the court and there are a lot of high-profile issues. this is from this morning's washington post newspaper with the headline supreme court set to resume as approval takes a beating. the article says this version of the court seems steadfast on allowing more restrictions on abortion, fewer on guns, and raining in governmental agencies. again that's referring to the current 6-3 conservative majority on the u.s. supreme court as they plan to begin a new session of deliberation and of course the big news this week has been hurricane ian and the death toll right now is at least 66 people have died because of that storm that passed through florida and also made a second landfall in south carolina.
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let's listen now to some comments for florida governor ron desantis yesterday. [video clip] >> we were at one of the bridges that got knocked out and we met with folks. as i'm driving through one of the communities, publix was opened yesterday morning. you have these gas stations open and there was trying to think when has there been a category five hurricane that has hit and in less than 48 hours later you have the supermarket opened in one of the areas that was the most hardest hit? i think that's what happened -- what's happened in florida as you had great state and local coordination but then over the years the utilities have now pre-staged for the storm. i was just a waffle house in charlotte. avon emergency management plan and disaster response plan that they execute because when the waffle house is open again the
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means life may be getting back to normal. they are feeding first responders and the fact publix was doing that. i think there are some in southwest florida that have not yet opened but the vast majority have opened. that is a huge thing and so we are really proud of the whole effort, and not just government but in the private sector as well. >> that was florida governor ron desantis talking about the efforts to reopen. we want to hear your calls paid it is open forum. the news of the day, whatever topics are on your mind. republicans 202-748-8001. democrats 202-748-8000. independents 202-748-8002. let's go now to the phone lines. our first caller is marion las vegas. mary is calling on the democratic line. what do you want to talk about?
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caller: i have a few things. desantis is a disaster. he misappropriates $12 million of state money to pull some stunt on immigration which has been a problem my entire voting life. they have a problem with immigration how about parking their spots in a chair and putting some legislation and bringing it up for a vote in the senate. and now he doesn't like mickey mouse, they are banding -- over 800 books are being banned. it's called the dumbing down of america. we only want kids to learn what we want them to know. and then let's go to the supreme court. leonard leo put about a quarter of a billion dollars to put these extreme right-wing justices on the supreme court that had to go back 400 years to
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overturn saddled law. 50 years of settled law and they are not stopping there. when you corrupt the supreme court, all is lost. there is an autocratic agenda going on in the conservative -- in the so-called republican party. they have two fascists. at their cpac hearing for three days prayed where he think we are headed? they are taking our freedoms and rights away. and then social security, medicare, medicaid, it's all on the chopping block. listen to ron johnson, senator scott from florida who was part of the largest medicare fraud in u.s. history. they want to get their hands on our little trust fund. they do not give a dang about us. ask steve bannon for the money
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he pocketed for the wall. listen to historians and get off fox news because i feel like i'm watching russian tv when i put that channel on. host: that is marion las vegas prayed our next caller is dorothy in minnesota. dorothy, your calling as an independent. what would you like to talk about this morning? caller: i think there's too much emphasis on abortion. we have a lot more problems. and i -- and also -- [indiscernible] a couple weeks. a couple of days before the election.
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republicans want to get rid of -- but i think it's very -- your call is -- host: we are you -- we are losing you a little bit. give us a call back when you have a little bit better phone line for us prayed let's bring henry in georgia. henry on the republican line, good morning. caller: how are yawl today? host: doing great. caller: i think the bickering and fussing between all parties they all do to be slowed down some. that's all they do for the last 10 or 12 years. congress hasn't done nothing. just a back-and-forth all the time. that's my comment for today. host: richard is calling from
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missouri on the democratic line. what are your comments? caller: that lady talking about the youth vote. i was raised in a republican family just like some people are raised in a catholic family. your brainwashed when you're young. when you grow up you all the tendencies till you die. if you really look at the but different party stand for, that has to change. my parties become the old southern democrat party. i'm a democrat now. i could change back of things happen. but the supreme court, i am afraid -- the pope tells us we can have to eat meat on fridays the supreme court, tell us we can eat meat on friday. that's about the way they
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operate. mary was right, she told her just like it was. thank you. host: our next caller's marshal in florida on the independent line. let us know how you are doing this morning and share whatever else you would like to talk about. caller: i'm doing fine, the weather up here is great. i'm not down with the storm hits. i feel bad for all the people down south, it's truly devastating down there. they need all the help they can get. what i'm calling about is about biden giving kootenay warning about the united nations, warning him working with them. right now we don't have the troops like we should have in the military. now they took the tanks out of the marine corps. i don't know why they did that but i think it's a bad thing for
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our troops if we had to go to war, the united states is going to be in trouble because everybody i talked to tells me that the military is so far understaffed that it's unbelievable. there's people getting out right and left. they are letting people go because they didn't get the covid shot. it's a sad thing that america is going this way. and as far as the hurricane goes, i hope and pray for everybody down south. we have some people down south that we know very well. they are having trouble getting in and out. on praying for everybody to be ok. very devastating down there. host: thank you, marshall. we wish of course everyone in
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florida all the best. let's speak now to carol in pennsylvania, calling on the republican line. caller: high there. i would like to let your viewers know if they don't already know about eric which is an organization called electronic registration information center. they partner with over 30 states and they are paid to clean up the voter rolls and am noticing mainstream media hasn't covered this, but louisiana is the first to terminate their relationship with eric because of the actually dirty voter rolls that are appearing on our voter rolls and i happen to be a committee person and i'm finding their people who died as long ago as 2015 and there are thousands of people who moved out of state still on our voter rolls.
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this has to be addressed, it is an emergency and needs attention soon. and you need to deep dive because it isn't in the google results, it isn't on the mainstream but you really need to deep dive. do research because there are many lies that are still hovering in our country today. host: our next caller is nina in florida. nina is calling a democratic line. were you in the line of the storm, let us know how you are doing. caller: no. we were north and actually our water got sent down to south florida. people were walking out on our bay because the water got receded because of the power of the storm. so my prayers are with all of those down there. i had two comments. one on the youth vote. i don't think the youth have
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anybody to choose from anymore. it's just the same families, the same older people. i'm old as well but i've seen in my whole life. there's nobody that excites the youth anymore and we need some more young up-and-coming, not too far right or left, just wanting our lives and being americans. i second comment was mary, she needs to stay in las vegas, that's all i have to say and she needs to mind her own business about us down here in florida. thank you and have a wonderful rest of the weekend. host: let's talk to bob in milwaukee. bob you are calling on the republican line. with morning and what do you want to share with us? caller: hello. republicans are about strengthening social security, medicare and medicaid. all you are getting now is
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democrat midterm propaganda, that's all your calls from now until election day will be. nobody cares but rick scott or any single other republicans that brought up the issue. republicans have many chances for the house and senate if they had any desire or education that they would do anything about that. i'm getting tired of this constant day after day of democrats and their midterm propaganda and fear mongering. host: all right. that's bob in milwaukee. our next caller is josh in gresham, oregon. you are on the democratic line, good morning. caller: good morning.
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i was thinking about just as the entire nation is becoming privatized in the money is becoming two -- two separate. our economy is shrinking. we no longer manufacture things other than debt. i really miss having good social security, being secure about it. i'm 59 and i feel like by the time i retire, social security, it is so precarious. it seems like year after year there's nothing secure about it anymore. when i was a kid, my mom collected welfare and we were able to make rent in santa monica and i look at the old place we lived data and there's a mansion there now. and there's just no -- i live in my car and i work 40 hours a week and there's just -- i've
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given up even looking for rent. there's just no affordability anymore. and now they're raising the interest rates to get everybody -- the interest rate is being raised so there will be a higher unemployment so that people can even start to demand higher wages to fight against the rising inflation. i mean, used to make $36 an hour and that was because it's not like we were making outrageous money. we were getting a 3% of your cost-of-living adjustment. everybody should be making something in that realm and they are not. that's it. >> let's go now to marietta, california. on the independent line, what are your thoughts this morning?
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>> i was watching your voting thing earlier and i don't think the young kids nowadays know what it's like to live in the real world when there's kids up to 30 and beyond still living with their parents. they don't know what it's like to have mortgage or have to pay rent or pay the bills or buy food or buy gas. their parents are buying everything for them. or pay for their cell phone. if you don't know what it's like to live in the real world and you don't know what is behind the candidates your voting for, then, you know, what are you voting for. you see people on the right, people on the left constantly angry with each other and free
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speech seems to have gone out the window. if you say part of a sentence in your cut off and somebody will just shout you down. i'm just so distressed about the state of the way things are right now and i wish these politicians would wake up, maybe go to the grocery store, go to the gas station to find out what is actually like to live in the real world instead of the washington bubble. host: let's hear now from don in north carolina. don is calling on the democratic line. what are your thoughts? >> thank you for taking my call. i'm still -- and i wonder if this is an issue to a lot of people. i just noticed the national archives said it still missing some records from trump
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officials and if that's true, then i wonder what's happened to those documents and shouldn't we be investigating some more into why these documents are still missing. i thought trump officials said they had given back all the documents and that was the reason for the search. but there's document still missing. i was wondering if something if areas happen to those documents, maybe that's the reason trump is stalling and throwing up the smokescreens to keep the investigation at bay. thank you. >> don just mention the national archives did over the weekend, they did tell congress that some trump administration records are still unaccounted for, this is an article from axios about that. it says the national archives records administration told the
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house oversight committee saturday that some records had yet to be recovered. the disclosure comes as trump's legal team in the justice department weighs a protracted legal battle over the president's alleged breadth -- dr. into supposed to turn over to the archives upon leaving office. the archives didn't speak to whether the documents are in trump's possession citing the permit of justices probe into the matter. so again they are saying some documents are missing but they are not saying if they think the documents are still in former president trump's possession. let's take more of your calls now. we are an open forum. this is patrick in naples, florida. you are in the line of the storm, how are you and your loved ones doing this morning? caller: thank you for asking. we are doing ok, we are getting better.
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nothing compared to those up on the barrier islands and that's what i want to speak about. why do santos and his lieutenants here on the west coast didn't evacuate more people sooner. they dropped the ball. now they are saying how they are going to get the power on and everything but somebody needs to be held accountable about this. too many people died that did not have to. and as far as the guy talking about the democrats going after social security and all the commercials. you live in florida. if you listen to the news or watch tv, it's the democrats are the devil and to santos is some kind of little god. that's all i've got. thank you for taking my call. host: be well. i want to read. cnn wrote an article about
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florida governor ron desantis's response and he was asked whether lee county officials acted appropriately when they issued their first mandatory evacuation on tuesday less than 24 hours before hurricane ian made landfall on the state. in the day after several neighboring counties issued their orders. here is his response. you remember people were looking initially at the panhandle on sunday the governor told reporters in fort myers on saturday referring to where the storm was expected to hit. "then monday came and people thinking north of tampa bay. woman went monday night people were saying this is a direct hit on tampa bay worst-case scenario for the state as that shifted south of the computer models the next morning, they, referring to lee county leaders called for the evacuation. the open shelters and responded quickly to the data. fort myers enables on sunday 72
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hours out they weren't even in the call. they followed very closely. florida governor ron desantis. let's talk to john calling from oklahoma. on the republican line. go ahead. caller: thanks. first i just want to say i think it's pretty shameful the way people are politicizing and exploiting the crisis that's going on in florida right now. my heart goes out to the victims down there. never let a crisis go to waste. and it has nothing to do with politics let's try and leave it out of that. but to the question on lowering the voting age. as the saying goes, if you are
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not a socialist, a.k.a. democrat before your 25 you have no heart. if you're socialist after 25 you have no head. so when it comes to -- host: we've lost john and that will be our last caller today. this will do it for us on today's edition of washington journal. we will return tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.. again, enjoy your day and thank you for watching washington journal. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022]
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>> coming up monday morning, bloomberg laws supreme court reporter discusses the start of the 2022 term of the u.s. supreme court and the founder and editor of a news site talks about policy issues coming up across the country. craig discusses fema's role in disasters caused by the hurricane. this is on monday morning on c-span now.
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