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tv   Campaign 2022 Nikki Haley Campaigns for GA U.S. Senate Candidate Herschel...  CSPAN  October 2, 2022 9:53pm-10:24pm EDT

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-- broadband supports c-span along with these other television providers, giving a front seat to democracy. >> former u.n. ambassador nikki haley joined u.s. senate candidate herschel walker for a campaign event in northeast atlanta. former nfl player is challenging the incumbent, rafale and warlock -- rafael warnock. the race is considered a tossup according to the cook political report. ♪ >> is everybody ready to get this party started? let's give it up. for those who do not know me, it is an honor to have all of you here today.
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what an amazing day. the rain held off just for this event, to make it happen. on behalf of the 150,000 americans that call georgia home, we thank all of you and thank the republican party. we thank jim parshall and the gop for making this possible. the republican party loves the indian american community and indian american community loves the republican party. we have a lot of folks that are here today that need to be recognized. forgive me if i forget anybody. but there are some key people that i want you to know are here, are in support. you heard from him earlier, the attorney general. bruce thompson, who is candidate for labor commissioner.
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dr. rachel mccormick, our candidate for u.s. congress. mark gonzalez for u.s. congress from the seventh district. state house candidates dylan morey, matt reeves, johnny kryst, miranda ready, ray martinez, and scott hilton. we have also got a state senate candidate, and that is sean still. let's give it up for sean still. folks, there's some folks i need to recognize. those people are the backbone for the event. they are the ones that worked tirelessly to make this event
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and all republican events possible. these are guys behind the scenes. they are the guys who make things happen. i want to recognize a couple of them here today. i want to recognize contee brunt. come and say hello. i want to recognize suneal from the indian american community. folks you're not here to hear , me. you are here to hear from nikki haley. [applause] it is my honor, my privilege, to bring to you our very own indian american rockstar. please give it up for the amazing nikki haley! [applause] ♪
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nikki: it it is great to be back in georgia. thank you for coming out for herschel walker. it's interesting times. we are campaigning all over the country. we're here for herschel and we will provide for him. as we go across the country, everybody is realizing they do not have the luxury of politics. because things are tough right now. they go to the gas station and it costs more and how they get to the work. they go to the grocery store and it is more expensive and that is how they feed their families. we are seeing utility prices go -- have gone up. one out of every six americans cannot pay their utility bills. america is $30 trillion in debt. we are having to borrow money to make our interest payments. and what is happening in washington?
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washington continues to spend. their answer to inflation is to raise your taxes. and they continue to do it without understanding sacrifices you are making. do you know what they spent this past year that rafael warnock supported? $2.5 million for bike trails for vermont. $12 million for a football stadium in new york. $15 million to get the world cup in new jersey. $6.5 million for golf courses in colorado. think about that. want to get more mad? $1 billion went to federal inmates. $20 billion went to illegal immigrants. and if it wasn't so sad,
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value of a dollar, and we continue to see it. they are taking from people who did not go to college and saying you have to pay for those who did. they give tax credits to buy electric vehicles, for $7,500. when people cannot afford electrical vehicles. then, their answer, which rafael warnock supported, we love playing your georgia teams. they just now hired enough irs agents that would fill that valley. 87,000 irs agents. think about that. they are coming after you. to pay for the tax hikes they just passed. warnock did that. you look at crime, i do not need to tell you about crime in atlanta. you are not alone. we are seeing that all over the country. you have got people like warnock
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who are glorifying inmates. glorifying felons. inmates. glorifying felons. they're trying to remove anything that would allow law enforcement to protect themselves and you. we are seeing the highest crime we have seen in decades. something has to give. you look at the board, and i see many indian american people who i know and love and glad you came. my husband i take care of my parents, they are 85 into 89, they live with us. he came from india and legally. they put in the time and price like all of these people did. my mom, every night at dinner, is so offended at the illegal immigration that continues to cross. and they knew what it was like to do it the right way. they do not want to see someone given a pass. you look at legal immigrants,
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they are more patriotic than any of the liberals. they love america. and they came here and are working to -- willing to work for what they need. if you look at warnock and he believes since sanctuaries cities, amnesty and getting rid of the rule of law. we cannot keep having that. enough illegal immigrants have crossed the border since biden has been in office would create the seventh largest city in america? think about that. we know 50 terrorists who were caught. how many were not? we look at what is happening in education. everybody sing our kids are having a hard time because of covid. we had a problem in education before covid. did you know pre-covid, 65% of fourth graders were not proficient in reading? 66% of eighth graders were not
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proficient in reading or math. you go and bring to covid. think about a childlike in rural south carolina. they are on a screen they never used, using a hotspot in a school bus down the street. let's assume that child is in third grade. what is he learning? fractions? reading? history? do you think the teachers unions will tell him -- the parents to hold him back? we know if the child cannot read by that by third grade there are four times less likely to graduate. we think we have labor problems now, wait until five years from now we have kids that can't graduate. we are failing our kids, not because of covid, but we lost sight of what we need to make sure they can be successful. every generation once the kids to be better than before. we started to go backwards on that.
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what happens? you got warnock who is supported mandates, supported closing schools and does not want to go anywhere against the unions and supports the teachers trying to do this. and that is the problem we continue to see. we have foreign policy disasters. no one usually pays attention to foreign policy, but everybody can tell we got different threats around the world. let me tell you, we would never have a war in ukraine, if we not have had that blunder in afghanistan. i am the wife of combat veteran. let me tell you, the idea we left the air force base in the look -- middle of the night without telling our allies who stood with us for decades because we asked them to be there. think about what it told our friends. think about what it told our enemies.
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you remember the food processing plants in the pipeline that was hacked? russia was not doing that to destabilize. there were seeing how we would react. you know did? nothing. you have biting trying to get back in the iran deal which warnock supports. from terrorists who say debt to american -- america every day. and leaving because were not allowed in the negotiating room. do you know who it is? russia. we are counting on 1 -- enemy to negotiate for us. rafael warnock supports that. of all the threats we have, the biggest threat i see facing america is what is happening within. this national self-loathing. the idea america is bad and america is racist.
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let me tell you, my parents came from it -- and here with eight dollars. the same story many of you have. they worked hard, they put in all the efforts so their children can have a better life. their daughter became the first minority governor in america. [applause] america is not a racist country. america is a country where i saw and talk to the masters at the run, and today love the fact we had freedom of speech, religion and to do be -- and be anything we wanted to be without government getting in the way. you have a distinct difference in herschel walker and rafael warnock. i want to say that, especially to the indian american community that came out. it warms my heart you came. [applause] we have seen the indian
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community, vote democrat for a long time. not because they are democrats. my parents voted democrat until reagan. you know why? republicans never talk to them. herschel walker wanted to talk to you. herschel walker said he wanted indian american community to know he will fight for them. that is what this is about. for you, to give you a little bit of the indian american community. did you know the indian american community as a minority that is the most educated? it is the minority that has the highest income per capita in america. it is the minority that is the least dependent on government assistance. [applause] the one i left the most, the indian american minority is the minority that is the most philanthropic of any minority in the country. [applause]
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they believe in giving back. now is the time everybody needs to step up. you can go to rafael warnock, and he has a voting record. he has been for increasing taxes and been for regulating and mandating businesses, he has been for taking money from one group and giving it to another. he has been soft on crime. he has been taking government money and spending it like it is not taxpayers, but it is like money that can be had. he started earmark support again. if you're comfortable with that, vote for rafael moore -- warnock. if you want something better, not all is herschel walker of great football player, wait until you see the moves he does in congress. he absolutely understands the value of the dollar, because he had to work and earn it.
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he will not ever support a tax hike, because he knows what it does to georgia families. he will take care of your kids and fight to make sure that parents can see what is happening in classrooms and not behind their backs. it was support that we should not have biological males playing in girl sports. [applause] he is against critical race theory, or if you have a category -- kindergartner and five-year-old they tell her if she is white they tell she is bad, and issues brown she will always be a victim. he will not have anything that will died of -- divide america. he will try to push for what unites america. he got this you not georgia tour , because he is tired of the divisions that we are seeing. he is tired of government working against the people. and i tell you we all need to get out and go, we need to get
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everybody registered to vote, this is a dead heat. warnock never knew that was going to happen. he could win this, and all eyes are on georgia. [applause] if you want to win this, if you want to a fighter, and if you want a freedom fighter of the patriot. someone who will walk for -- watch out for your money and kids, you will elect a senator who will never stop having your back. give it up for herschel walker. [applause] >> herschel walker. herschel walker: how are you doing? another day to be glad in it. i give lord to my father jesus, if you do not acknowledge him he will not acknowledge you. i came knocking a let me in. i want to acknowledge my wife, because i am in this fight. she's in this fight with me. i want to thank haley for her
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words and a great example of how american indian community. she is a great example. [applause] i will talk about leadership. we are on the unity tour. my opponent raphael warnock, i remember hearing him say that america needs to apologize for its whiteness. i am like that is not in the bible i read. if you look at it. our father apologized for his whiteness. if you read the constitution, it talks about everyman being treated fair. what we have done is put the wrong person at the table to do the negotiation for you. rev. warnock went to washington, and got rich. he went to washington and forgot about the people that voted him in. i am here to let him know it is
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time for him to go. it is time for herschel walker to represent the people of georgia. i am here for the people of georgia and not just for one set. all of you family. i do not care what color you are. all of you are my family. and i will take care of my family that is what i will do. i decided to run, you can see i'm not a politician. i do not look like one or act like one. i am a warrior for god. what i see going on is not right in this country. inflation is going off the roof. is it not? inflation. they do not want to talk about it. they do not want to talk about inflation. they do not want to talk about crime. jeanette want to talk about the war. they have nothing to say. that is the reason we are in this problem. if you want that, you will get
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more of that. they have no solution. all they want to do is spend money. they have a problem, they throw money at it. that is not how you solve a problem. need to get your hands dirty. they do not want to do that. they're good at calling names. they're calling you names. and they are goaded at calling you the names. i've been called all types of names. and do not know herschel walker. [laughter] name-calling does not bother me. what bothers me is crime i seen atlanta. what bothers me is families cannot afford me -- food. that families cannot five school supplies. because rev. warnock. for the things he has been saying to separate my people. let me tell you what, you're my family. you will not get separated. i will tell you something you may not know. 23 and me screwed us up.
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it does not matter about your color. what matters is the content of your character. he said a church that a man's perfect. why are you worried that you need to be in that seat? i will tell you something else, i fell that thing about this. i got excited as i was getting on the bus, and when on the unity bus to bring people together. a house divided cannot stand. i do not think he read that either. that is in the bible. i house divided cannot stand. i want to come together because america is the greatest place in the world [applause] . [applause] we have to come together. i got a tweet from someone, who said, because the media will never be my friend. can you believe that? they do not like herschel walker. i just got a tweet that says he is going to debate me. october the 14th in savannah
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georgia. i saw he has one thing he wanted to put in. so you will see him, you tell him to show up. put his big man pants on instead of stand behind twitter and media saying i will debate him. i will say i will debate him. but i want an audience to see the differences between him and i. i believe in lower taxes. i do not believe men should be in women's sports. that is like saying you want herschel walker with your daughter. we do not want that. a man cannot get pregnant. a man cannot get pregnant. you need to know that. i will tell you this. i know what a woman is. we do not need to discuss that. what we need to discuss his get back to energy independence. what we need to discuss is to protect the board.
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it is ok to build a wall, it works. other countries have walls. their wills keep people in. people do not want to be there. it is ok for them to have our wall. we have to have a leader in immigration. they ran away from it. it seems like all they are doing is wrecking things as leaving a. it is time for them to fix something. that is why we need new people. that is why i decided to run. i'm tired of it. it is time for someone, as my father said no, i mean. we have to do that. when you say no, you me know. he said if you do not like the rules underneath my roof, leave my home. we are a country that has law & order. we just had two officers killed, and they were not talking about it. my opponent would've caught them name, bullies and thugs. i'm waiting for him to apologize. recruitment is down.
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morale is down. my opponent, also said you cannot serve in the military at the same time. does he not know the reason we are the greatest country is we have the greatest military. we have to support our military. maybe, maybe, at the debate i can tell him that. if he decides to show up. to quit running, but he does not know i can catch him. [laughter] when i saw him on one commercial he was running the wrong way. can you run the right way. that is what will happen you are running this country backwards. it's time to do the right way and the right thing. i want to thank you guys. thank you forgetting out here. to vote. what can i do? what you know what you can do? go tell your friends. tell them to go out and vote. and vote for herschel walker. tell them to tell their friends
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and. right now, they spent almost a $50 million against me already. can you believe it? $50 million. i told them give me the money. i make myself look bad. the race is either tied or i am in the lead. he may be in the lead by one. which means georgia people are talking they are ready for new leadership. they are ready for a change. and i want to say we are not a racist country. we are good people. and the way we come better is working together. we have to come together, we cannot let our president dividers. spt made a couple weeks ago, that was very mean. that was a terrible speech. i cannot believe anyone would say that. it was a powerful speech.
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that was a division. he divided people. i want to tell you, america, the united states of america, is the greatest country in the world today. it is time that we get leaders that know that. right now, i want to declare something i will put in place. you all will get a sound bite. i think for people to run for office in this country, first have to live america. they got to love america. they got to love the constitution of the united states. what i have seen, our officers give an oath before the go to office. if they do not hold a church of that oath they are held accountable. our men and women in service. take an oath. i will defend this country for an end domestic with their life.
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if they do not hold that true, be held accountable. when you go to office, you haven't to not only defend the constitution. what does everybody want to change it? they do not know better than our founders. it is time for him to look on that paper and hold this country true to it. thank you, god bless you. god bless. [applause] >> you heard from herschel, now's your chance to meet him. he will talk to the media. all he does that, if you would for -- formal line here. see carlsen, form a line right there. we will begin momentarily. thank you for coming out. ♪
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