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tv   U.N. General Assembly President Ukraine on Russian Annexation  CSPAN  October 11, 2022 1:47am-2:30am EDT

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empowerment. that's why charter has invested billions building infrastructure, upgrading technology, empowering opportunity in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> russia is facing global condemnation for recent missile attacks in ukraine that killed more than a dozen people and left nearly 100 injured. the u.n. general a sibling convened to discuss the attacks and russia's recent annexation of ukrainian territory. the attire a simile is possibly days away from adopting a resolution that would label the annexations as illegal and call for the immediate withdrawal of russian troops from ukraine. >> we were -- the war in ukraine
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should have been never started but it will end one day. guns will be silent, when? at what cost? how many people will have died? how many families separated? how much more suffering endured? what will ukraine look like when peace returns? and what will the world look like? >> many lives have been lost. so much has been destroyed. there will be no victors in this war. everyone will lose.
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the footprint is staggering. affecting communities throughout the world. >> i think the general for leading on the black sea initiative. >> mediated by the united nations, we have a commitment to liberating 6 million pounds at least of food, a quarter of which is delivered directly to low income countries. >> we shall act together to achieve the full implementation of this initiative.
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and it is imperative that we secure is renewable beyond mid-november. excellencies, as the horrors in ukraine were not enough, we are forced to live with a constant fear of nuclear disaster. i, on the work of an organization to ensure the safety of nuclear parents in the wars in -- plants in the war zone. they are, quote, "playing with fire up your code -- playing with fire." it is unacceptable. any threat of using nuclear weapons should be universally condemned.
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the u.n. charter is clear. the general assembly has been clear. the secretary-general has been clear. aggression is illegal. the resolution of 14 december 1974 defines aggression as the use of armed force by a state or any sovereignty, territory or integrity -- entity, part of another state, and this act is inconsistent with the charter. invading a neighbor is illegal. article four of the u.n. charter states that, i quote, "all members shall refrain in their international relations from this threat, or use of force
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against a territory or against the independence of any state." end of quote. annexing territories of others is illegal. the resolution of 24 october 1970 talked about international law concerning friendly relations and cooperation among states has reinforced that the territory of a state shall not be object of acquisition. write out the state is using -- resulting from a threat or use of force. it is incompatible with the person and principal of the charge. as the general pointed out, he in occupied regions, i quote,
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cannot be caught i'd like -- cannot be caught -- and of quote. you watch the destroying cities and scattered more, we lose our community. must find a political solution based on the u.n. charter and international law. we need to keep the door open for diplomacy. the fighting between russia and ukraine must stop. as the general assembly has decided, in its resolution adopted march 2 20 2022 -- march 2, 2022, i quote, troops of the russian federation must be
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-- within internationally recognized borders. what is the alternative? a world without shared rules. a world without peace. a world without future. we must be true to the values, principles and purposes of the charter. if we wanted to move forward as a global community we must provide answers. the world is looking to us. thank you.
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>> now i give the floor to the entity of ukraine to introduce draft resolution a/ef11/l5. >> good afternoon. it is going to be a very difficult task for me today for many reasons. it is barely 4:00 p.m. in new york, but my day has started almost 14 hours ago.
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we started 14 hours ago because my country was under attack, my immediate family was in a residential building under attack. i am able to go to a bomb shelter because there was no other place. because russia had already killed some of my family members, and we see no end to that cruelty. but let me start with" from a very respected gentleman in his country. from the president who is the first president ever directly elected his country in a democratic way, minister of foreign affairs of uruguay, at the meeting of the u.n.
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conference on international organizations in san francisco on may 1, 1945. and i quote. "a stable and sane peace cannot be attained if nothing is done for the democratization of the world and the rule of freedom. peace and democracy can't be viewed as complementary objectives. each is a guarantee and emotive for the fighter." in this regard in the proposed international organization, there should not be united nations progressing that dream of aggression and war, which are inclined to undermine or destroy the order of peace in the
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world." however, in order to be a member of international society, it is not enough to present the title of these loving nations, but it is also necessary to be a freedom of ignition -- loving nation. " end of quote. this is how our predecessors saw the way to save generations from the scourge of war at the dawn of our organization 77 years ago. unfortunately, you can hardly hope for a stable and sane peace as long as an unstable and insane dictatorship exists in your vicinity. a dictatorship that actively uses missile terror against the
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civilian population and infrastructure of another state. today, terrorists have shelled the capital city of kyiv and many other kenyan citizens. at least 84 missiles and 2000 you a -- uaes. residential buildings, schools and universities. museums and crossroads in city centers were among the targets but the russian defense ministry at later declared legitimate. the entire world has again seen the true face of the terrorist state that kills our people. suffering defeat on the battlefield, russia takes its power on the peaceful residents of ukraine.
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today's strike killed at least 14 civilians and 97 were wounded. deliberate targeting of civilians is a war crime. by launching missile attacks on civilians, splitting their homes or rushing to work, children going to school, russia has proven once again it is a terrorist state that must be deterred in the strongest forcible ways. we need to prevent atrocities and fuel our achievement in these organizations. the u.n. has survived many challenges. including blocks, confrontations and soviet threads. in these very dutch threats. in these -- threats. in these very halls, threats of
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the world and threats to the u.s. -- u.n. and the secretary-general. someone said in 1960, standing exactly where i am right now, and i quote, "yet almost through the birth, the soviet union has sought to destroy the unity nations, to hamper its liberation's, to block its decisions, to demean the reputation of the security council and the general assembly." end of quote. i signed on in 2022, stating exactly where the leader of jordan was 62 years ago. what we are witnessing now is an attempt for russia to revise
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this. it is interesting to soviet union could limit the principal of prohibition of the use of force. it is interesting in other states, where there is so a principal interest that was challenged. for these -- this with the u.n. charter was clear even with the soviet union. fan of the day, the ussr had to officially give it up. from president gorbachev. if it is evident, for example, that force and the threat for force could no longer be and should not be an agent of foreign policy -- politics, said to then soviet president, in this very home of december 1988,
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these words however mean nothing for russia who is occupying the ussr seat at the security council and that is allowed to block any action by the council to restore international peace and security. mr. president, russia now tries its best to bring us back to the 1930's. not even 1940's. when hitler's destroyed sovereign nations by invasion, referendums -- it is now a tipping point where the united nations will either restore its credibility or ultimately fall and failed. if that ever happens, we should blame nobody but ourselves. because it is our responsibility to defend the principles of the
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u.n. charter. a trail of blood is left behind the russian delegation when it enters the general assembly. and the hall is filled up with the smell of smoldering humanf flesh. what we have tolerated too long in syria, that what is happening in ukraine. seeing -- same dictator in the kremlin, same russian generals known for scorched-earth tactics in the wars in syria, chechnya and today in ukraine. since 23rd september, russia has been committing another crime against international law and principles. in an attempt to revise the
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world of the past. the integrity and reliability of borders were a privilege with limited access, not the right of every nation. the same referendums in four ukrainian regions followed by a local decision by the russian president and parliament set up this and post an existential threat to the united nations and this charter. ukrainians can tell you what our world will look like if this erosion of the u.n.'s credibility is not stopped. in disregard for the charter occupying the government seat in the security council, it beats -- meets any response but zero-tolerance. human suffering and destruction are immediate outcomes.
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as it was in the city of upper asia on the ninth -- in a city the night october when russians killed at least 13 and injured 16 civilians including six children. let me remind you, this is the main city of one of the four regions russia had claimed for in these referendums. most even included this city and its constitution. please forgive me in using the word constitution to describe that piece of paper. it is not impossible for a normal human being to comprehend the logic of putin and his cronies. first, he planted the seizure of an area under a neighboring state under the perfection of
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the global population. and that to heal this population , it is clear that the so-called sham referendum served as an element of the russian aggression against ukraine, element that was implemented in response to the successful process of liberation of occupied territories by the army of ukraine. the so-called referendums for no relation at all with what we are used to calling expression for the popular will. neither from the legal perspective nor from the technical modality. we are grateful to our secretary-general, who was clear and explicit in his condemnation of the russian actions.
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he said quote, " any decision to do this has no value and deserves to be condemned. it cannot be reconciled with the international legal framework and has use everything the international community is meant to stand for. it flouts the purposes of the ready nations. it must not be accepted." end of quote, said the secretary-general. distinguished colleagues, ukraine is the immediate target of the russian attacks on the ground, but it is not ukraine that russia ultimately aims at. let me reiterate again, it is our future that is now at stake. the future that cannot be secured by separate countries through regional arrangements if the united nations is relegated
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to the backstage of global processes. you have to recall that the first purpose of these organizations, which is enshrined in article one, will be chartered peace to maintain international peace and security, and to that end, to take effective proactive measures for the removal, and the acts of aggression. it is the most important principle with regards to this, in particular, we are thinking about the use of force against territorial integrity and political independence of ukraine. violation of this part of article two of the charter is a violation of the cornerstone of
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the charter. the heart of the charter, even basic rules of contemporary international law, as it has been labeled in legal writings. the only thing that russia is afraid of is our strong unity in defense of the u.n. charter. in defense of the right of every country to benefit for respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity. we have to save the united nations, not for the sake of these, high-level things, or other issues that have been routine since 1945. we need to do it for the sake of ourselves. most of us will find ourselves extremely vulnerable and unprotected in the russian
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vision of the future if it prevails. if future were only nuclear power, -- where only nuclear power, size of the armed forces and numbers matter. how many of you will feel safe and secure in such a world? how many of you would deprive your children of the right to freely decide their own future? the answer seems obvious and with the u.n. charter and these principles, they must protect all nations, large or small. members of alliances or neutral ones. on all continents. that was our former commitment
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to save generations from the scourge of war. the spirits that guided our predecessors 77 years ago, the same spirit should guide us now in particular during the draft resolution, defending the principles of the u.n. charter. as i started my intervention with a quote from uruguay, and to illustrate what unites us all, even if countries are 10,000 kilometers apart. let me finish with a quote from the french foreign minister. at the conference in san francisco in 1945. i quote.
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"justice is another word we must reinstate in all its loftiness. justice in keeping with international democracy, justice which gave us its full recognition to the rights of all countries, including those which do not come under the generally recognized great powers. a point i will stress that the french foreign minister in san francisco, it will be a road for the u.n. charter, for each country, for each of our citizens, for your children, this is for justice and they owe you to support the draft." i thank you very much.
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[applause] >> distinguished representative of ukraine. now i give the floor to the distinguished representative of the russian federation. >> colleagues, i would like to start with procedural issues. you have all just now witnessed an outrageous fraud which my great regrets, the president of the general assembly, we were
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not given the floor, the point of order and you can see that the light is still on behind their nameplate. our place was distorted and what is being done now is deprive the members of the united nation of the right to express their opinion. this is unprecedented for the general assembly and the u.n. as a whole. on course under these conditions we did not vote. would like to state that we protest in those words the violation of rules and procedure and the russian delegation was not given the floor and what we wanted to say was something our colleagues are reminding myself. we are not protesting the president decision. we did not make the proposal that albania brought into question. therefore, you, mr. president
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deprived russia of the possibility of presenting and explaining it. instead, our opponents took our place. is this the kind of transparency and practices the delegation of albania went on about? is this fair play? we demand the issue be presented the way we said. any action against what we did not produce is devoid of sense but i will get to that later. the general assembly was created as a universal -- included equal of sovereign states. many momentous decisions were passed which formed the legal and socioeconomic, cultural outlines of the international community.
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the development of this decision was on the basis of looking for common denominators, compromises and guided by the spirit of cooperation and interaction. unfortunately, in the walls of the u.s.,--u.n., something different is being witnessed, cynicism, confrontation and polarization. we have never seen this in the history of the u.n. and this is particularly clear at this session, the politicized nature which stems from the fact that it has been convened specifically to push forward and against one state, the russian federation. all other aspects of the ukrainian -- the politicians for which were laid by the western states at least in 2014 but actually long before that, have been left out of this proper discussion. there has not been another constitutional item, they are
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depriving russian speakers of the rightful -- against the regime and which happened in washington, london, russells and a number of other capitals. people are trying to stop the clock. to pretend history has only begun on february 2022. in the west, any period of history starts at a time that is convenient for them as a pretext for the decision. there is a low-grade proposition for the security council. we were proposed that we vote for a document. what does this have to do with this central conflict? this will be that division and escalation, something i'm sure the majority of those in this
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room may not need. those in the security council know very well they are ready to reevaluate constructive draft in which we propose we also state a diplomatic resolution. our proposal was reacted to as many parts of the security council, but obviously we ended up not needing it. as we hear from their statements, peace and ukraine is not something they need in principle. nato, which we encountered in ukraine, only needed escalation of the conflict and a step toward their plan they have been working on for many years, namely to overcome, to be victorious and severely undermine russia. and ukraine was chosen by these countries for that purpose, was brought under their control and today is a platform for the
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testing of nato weaponry and for a combat against russia using other people, down to the last of ukraine. it is a project aimed at keeping domination, the domination of western states, maintaining the well-being and it is something they are trying to involve as many countries as possible into. to distinguished colleagues, just as earlier we were accused when we tried to say -- save latin america from colonial exultation, once again we are being accused when we are trying to protect our brothers and sisters in ukraine, there right to life first and foremost, the right to speak their language, to teach their children in another language, to honor the live -- are the heroes who liberated them from fascism rather than who collaborated with them and helped kill peaceful citizens.
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though who the ukrainian leadership call subhuman and told them to get out for the future of their children and grandchildren. those who hurt -- heard the appeal and decided to russia and by the choices, there were millions of people during the work where the majority of those who voted supported the idea of having these regions succeed -- succeed to russia. -- succeed to russia. when all are available in the social network, it is difficult to counter the fact that this is a freedom of expression of the people's will with respect to international rules. this is confirmed by hundreds of observers including western observers and also internet
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users, and majority. the service in the internet shows that most responders think of -- think we need to respect the right of those people to determine their future. here and we will send backers who cover the crimes of the authority and all who disagree with it. those who claim the referenda are illegitimate because they do not agree with them and when they spoke in the international core, they were in favor of separating from serbia. separation without any referenda, just on the basis of the statement about massive killings of albanians. these are the affirmations which we all know today were as far from the truth as the glass vials held by colin powell and
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security council when he was talking about russia. the cynicism here consists of facts that those who are screaming about that u.n. charter being violated by russia did not remember the document for many years, trying to equate that with a rules-based order. unlike the situation that cost the rights and lives of people, they are being threatened today. many are getting certainty in their future, it can ultimately be done, with the russian federation. we saved these people in crimea who were written in the organization. we understood how outraged our opponents will be by it and
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today, these threats from internationals are serious, and they are being supplied with russian weapons every day and they keep using them against those residential areas which never used to be reached by the ukrainian armed forces. there also civilians come out by the ukrainian regime. they killed fighters, openly admitting this to western mass media and they are both saying they are shooting russian collaborators. this is not a metaphor. it was shown in a video by those that have come out. in some areas people are being executed and thrown into pits.
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which was similar -- the ukrainian nationalist have left behind a trail of devastations. and where kyiv is trying to play out the same scenario. in the south of ukraine they decided to opt toward a future with russia. i call upon you to pay attention not just of the criminal act and responsible stubs made by the kyiv regime.
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to deliver preventive preventive nuclear strikes. the evidence of what the kyiv regime can do is the sabotage of the crimean bridge. we warned this will not be conducted with impunity. the give regime is on the same level with the most outrageous,
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the western backers are trying to make sure there is more. i would like to underscore once again the u.n. principles including territorial disputes, and first and foremost the principles of international law in cooperations among states. to which the responses of the resolutions were quoting it and therefore having government
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which represent the entire people living in that territory. for eight years we have been providing thousands of pieces of evidence, the attempt to ukraine-ize them. these are inconvenient facts. they are not in line with the western narrative, twisting the arms of those who have their own viewpoints. those who managed to withstand the suppression proved they have their own opinion and are conducting a policy which is truly independent.
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it was the number of such states that western opponents are most afraid of. do not enable us to do this in a normal rule, we demand our proposal to suspend the rule of procedure as a whole be put to a vote included the agenda. i thank you. >>


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