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tv   Washington Journal Open Forum 2  CSPAN  October 11, 2022 3:10pm-3:28pm EDT

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we have given marco rubio an opportunity in he is not shown as anything. host: as far as governor desantis and charlie crist, where do you fall on that? caller: with charlie crist, it is up for grabs. charlie crist seems like he can work on both sides of the aisle. he was a republican once, they kicked him out because of whatever he did and now he is a democrat. i think that he could work with both sides, republicans and democrats to have us move forward in florida instead of standing still and calling each other names. host: that was elaine in jacksonville florida. she finishes off01 for republic. (202) 748-8000 for democrats.
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for independents, (202) 748-8002. the day after russia's big ariel fault on ukraine. president zelenskyy of ukraine addressed leaders from the group of seven nations. it says the russian stripes and retaliations were in an attack on a bridge in occupied premier did not appear to similarly damage their ability to wage war according to analysts. whereas russia deprives ukrainians of light and heat and plunge them into darkness, especially as winter approaches. that is the latest from the new york times. as far as the strikes from yesterday, joe biden making comments, issuing a statement including pledging of continued support condemning the strikes that "killed and injured civilians and destroyed targets with no military purpose and
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demonstrated brutality of mr. putin's illegal were on ukraine ". the story adding the missiles hit the savoy and infrastructure in the center of kyiv during rush hour. the president also renewing his support in giving weapons. that is the reporting that we are seeing when it comes to issues of ukraine. you can bring that up during open forum and other things. in ohio, in amsterdam, good morning. caller: i have a bone to pick with ohio people. they seem to be that they cannot get out of their own way. they are going to vote for j.d. vance after they heard from stand of -- stand up there and say the only reason i like this guys because he kisses my but. and the republicans are going to reverse everything joe biden did. all the hospitalization, the 35
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dollar insulin, they will reverse it. they have also said they will try to impeach joe biden. that will be their whole agenda if they get back into office so i do not know why these poor people in ohio are streaming to run out there and vote for republicans. host: what do you think the likelihood is of tim ryan winning? caller: i think tim ryan is going to win because j.d. vance is nothing but a charlatan that ran off and won his money and now is trying to weasel back in two ohio voters. host: evelyn in fort worth, texas. independent line. good morning. caller: good morning craig how are you? host: i am well. thank you. caller: i just want to say that i am independent and i am leaning toward tim ryan. my thought is just anybody, regardless of what party
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affiliation you are with, anybody that is associated with donald trump is scary. you do not want them running this country and you do not want them in any office whatsoever. they are dangerous people. host: in texas, where are you us far as the governors race there? caller: i am for beto o'rourke of course. i was a democrats but i am more independent. i just like to vote for either party. sometimes the extremists are too much and that goes for democrats and republicans. that is why i have changed and became an independent. host: when it comes to beto o'rourke, what are you supportive of him on? caller: women's rights. the abortion issue is a big thing for me. there is just so -- my family and friends are dealing with
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this issue. the abortion. so, that is the main issue. the economy. people talk about the economy and that is important but it does that matter whether you have a democrat or republican running the office, the economy, people need to realize is a cycle. it goes up and down. that's is important and i know people are hurting. i certainly have giving members and grandchildren that are -- have family members and grandchildren that are hurting and are in college and have had to drop out because they have to help fight -- filling members financially. i know the last session you had was on character and character matters to me. anybody that is associated with donald trump is dangerous. host: ok.
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ellen in new hampshire, democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. my biggest issue is vulture capitalism. this morning you have talked about marijuana. i have had multiple sclerosis since i was 19 years old and luckily, in new hampshire, we had new hampshire compassion where marijuana -- where patients were granted medical marijuana. in the end, marijuana is much more expensive with new hampshire's tightly crafted law. patients, thank you, but we are put online. no one helps with that expense.
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on the oil thing, americans do not know how spoiled they historically are. the car companies controlled the industry and i have seen and lived in many other countries and there, they buy gas by the liter. according to their economy, their gas prices for oil have always run around where hours are now here. everybody has a giant suv. do we need that? we have been spoiled. the oil companies have eradicated any sense of mass transit in the u.s. i had -- i got a letter from grant ed who was trying to take
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the money out of politics in new hampshire. she said that when she was young, she used to ride the tram around. now, there is no mass transit in new hampshire. mike barnicle made the remark that the only pass transit in new hampshire was the ski lift. host: ok, greg in alabama, republican line. caller: hello. she leads me to my topic. i would love to see you guys get better informed. i would love to see you guys have someone on to talk about metals. we are totally dependent on china, 93% of the market for cobalt. google and apple are probably the biggest customers of the cobalt. we are headed from one
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dependency to another giant dependency. we went to desert storm and china went and began to buy africa. they own the railroads -- the rare metals market right now. with the election about to pass in china, and a good chance they will annex in taiwan, we are going to have a problem with not just semiconductors but a huge problem with cobalt. just a little tidbit. there were 60 million vehicles registered at the dmv in california. it is 30 amps for around three hours of charts. that is like an old air conditioner on the startup cycle. i do not see how they are going to be able to power these vehicles when there are 60 million of them out there. i do not think they can do it. they have solar and wind power by do not see how they are going
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to be able to charge 16 million vehicles anytime soon. host: news breaking this morning that the former hawaii congresswoman and 2020 central presidential candidate said she is leaving the democratic party under the complete control of an elitist warmonger who are driven by wokeness. having served as a democrat since 2013 until the end of 2020, she also made a video statement about her former party. there is a portion. [video clip] >> i can no longer remain in the democratic party that is under control of warmongers who are driven by cowardly wokeness and divide us by every issue and are stoking antiwhite racism. who actively work to undermine our god-given freedoms enshrined in our constitution. who are hostile to people of spirituality and demonize the police but protect criminals at
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the expense of law-abiding americans, who believe in open borders and weaponize the national security state to go after political point -- opponents. and above all, who are dragging us ever closer to nuclear war. i believe in a government that is of the people, either people, and for the people. unfortunately, today's democratic party does not and instead stands for a government that is of a bike, and for the powerful elite. i am calling on my fellow common sense independent-minded democrat to dreamy in leading the democratic party. if you can no longer stomach the direction the so-called "woke democratic party ideologues" are taking over our country than i invite you to dreamy. host: other statements have not indicated if she was going to join the republican or another
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political affiliation. you can see that more online. sean from columbus, ohio on the line for democrats good morning. caller: good morning pedro. that is an interesting section of words that seem to be republican. there is no doubt she will become a republican now but i wanted to talk about the oil and gas gentlemen we had on earlier. he only gave the numbers of they made a 10% profit. 10% of what their revenue is is any awful lot of money. he would not give any numbers when it came to the other revenue but he sure did talk a lot about what their expenses were. in actuality, their expenses went down because the country was shut down so they made even more money in 20 and they will make even more money this year. yet he claims there is a war on oil and gas.
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they speculate and create their own markets and basically say this is a systemic issue yet they bottlenecked supplies and are not building any more refineries. republicans have been in control for quite some time in the past. they are building more refineries. it is not about getting more oil out of the ground but refining the oil begets out. that is the problem. it takes six months to get gas out of oil yet it is take it out of today. it seems like the ceo was trying to explain why they were making so much
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taxes were made to pay the government gills. -- bills. they have no right to borrow $7 trillion in the beginning and give it to other countries when we're broke.
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they're burning the taxpayers. they have no right to give money to somebody that we borrow. host: ok. that's richard there in ohio. the census bureau released information about median income households across the united states. this information saying that the biggest u.s. income drop is in the bay area of california saying that median household, including the metropolitan area that includes san francisco, oakland, and berkeley fell from $121,000 to $116,005 in 2021 according to the report. second highest was in new york city which experienced the 4.2% drop. $300 $0 -- $300 $021. and d.c. fell to $110,355 in 2021. and the largest jump in either direction was the sprawling phoenix metropolitan area where
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median household income jumped 5.2%. $71,950 to $75,731 from 2019 to 2021. robert, nevada, democrats line, hello. caller: hello there. yes, several things. on abortion, i'd like to say if there was a gang rape and you didn't know who the child was -- the father was, imagine if there was a future gang rape where it was nazi doctors that imbreg nated a -- impregnated a woman with just an embryo and had it wasn't her only d.n.a. does that mean the republicans or right wingers say she can't do nothing about that? there are clearly women that will get pregnant because there are operations that are just getting better. it's not my thoughts. but next thing, renewable energy. i'm in the solar business for 423 -- 43 years and it's up and
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down, a solar coaster. i believe using oil but responsibly. we can't use the atmosphere as an infinite and free sewer. in the 1990's, i lived in l.a. we used to carpool to clean up the air. we're burning a lake of oil a day. we have to think about supply and demand. if the cost is fine, people use less. if the cost is low, people burn it like it's going out of trial. trump. u.p. in trump, lock him up. he's stealing the election now. they talk about the stolen election. it was never stolen. but they're clearly trying to steal it right in front of our eyes. karine: ok. today is national coming out day. i wanted to share my own coming out story. coming out was not an easy thing to do. my family


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