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tv   Washington Journal Penny Nance and Annabelle Rutledge  CSPAN  October 19, 2022 1:00pm-1:24pm EDT

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vote, early voting starts tomorrow, election day is november 8, make sure you bring your friends and your family. go out and vote for me, marjorie taylor greene, and it would be in honor of my lifetime to go back in january and represent you again. >> that concludes our debate. we'd like to remind voters that election day is tuesday, november 8 and early voting begins october 17. our things to the candidates into our esteemed panel of journalists and think the atlanta press club for arranging the debate. for more information about the debate, visit atlanta press thank you for joining us. c-span is your unfiltered view >>c-span is your unfiltered view of government. funded by these television companies and more, including spark life.
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6:30eastern on c-span. c-span now, our free mobile app, or on >> listening to programs on c-span with c-span radio just got easier. tell your smart speaker plate c-span radio and listen to washington journal at 8:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. eastern, talking about public affairs drug the day and text washington today for a fast-paced report on the stories of the day. listen to c-span anytime. just tell your smart speaker, play c-span radio. c-span, powered by ado. -- cable. >> on women and the 2022 election, the president of concerned women for america, annabelle rutledge. the folks who are concerned for women, what is your mission?
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great to be on with you. with the nation's largest policy women's organization we have about half a million members throughout the country and we've been around since 1979 with the institution for conservative women and we are just so grateful beyond -- to be on with you and we are ready to encourage conservative women to vote in this midterm election. host: the young women for america, what is that and what do you do? >> young women for america is a high school collegiate arm of concern for america. -- we work on the same issues and do the same activism in a different sphere. these are girls about 16 to 26 were highly engaged, they are taking on high school campuses, college campuses. >> and you are joining us this morning from akron ohio as part of your bus tour.
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explain what that is paired guest: -- what that is. guest: day three of a 12 day 40 stop bus tour going into key battleground states encouraging christian women to turn out and vote. we are definitely leaning into the key states of ohio, pennsylvania, arizona, nevada and some others along the way. it's been great to talk to people in ohio, very excited about this election and i've heard a lot of support for j.d. vance coming out of the local sphere in ohio. host: what role our christian women playing in 2022? world they play in the last election? guest: christian women are women who love their families, love god, love their country. i don't know for dissimilar from other women.
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you've probably seen the new york times poll in which we are seeing independent women lean to the right and i think what i would say conservative women are concerned about is the same thing all women are concerned about. right now we are concerned about the issue of inflation, supporting our families. the number one google search right now is crime. and of course we are socially conservative so we believe in the issue of life, but it's really at this moment and especially as i talk to people in ohio the issue of inflation that's top of mind for women. i grew up in appalachia and tennessee and kentucky and much like j.d. vance i had the hillbilly experience in the best way possible. but i also had the experience of going to the grocery store. and having to put food back because he didn't have enough money to pay for it.
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having to -- putting gas in my car and not being able to have food paid this is what's happening and that's why you're seeing this enormous swing towards conservative candidates. host: the abortion debate in election 22 we saw yesterday president biden putting this front and center saying if democrats maintain control of the house and senate if they expanded there were senate majority codifying roe v. wade will be the first bill that he sends to congress. do you think it is overstated the role it will play in 2022. >> they are hoping, in fact they are putting all of their eggs in the abortion basket which is a huge mistake. of course we care about life. but given the things advocating for is an extreme position on abortion. the bill he is supporting makes abortion legal across this nation.
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now after roe v. wade has been overturned on a state-by-state basis people are able to decide. in ohio it has a 20 week ban, pennsylvania has a 24 week ban, i think those are very liberal positions. people have to be educated on the state level and that's what's happening around this nation. conversations are happening that we are not able to have that have no impact for the overturn of roe. what i think it is a huge mistake. conservatives are happy about it , the liberals are suggesting that everything is about abortion. they boil it down to the issue of abortion and it's a mistake we are not single issue voters. if you look at polling when you talk to women about what their concerns are. abortion is at the bottom. and at the top right now is inflation and crime. host: annabelle rutledge, on young women in the issues that
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are bringing them to the polls, is this the same issue set that vance was just speaking about? guest: i think everyone is definitely feeling the economy impact their pocket and you might say people who might be feeling that even more than others would be college students. i remember being a college student a little bit over five years ago, and barely having the news to make sure i could get my five under dollar books for the semester. in the 2018 midterm election we first saw massive increase in young voters ages 18 to 25 turning out in higher percentages than ever before. i want to say was a 20% increase. and since then that momentum has continued and young people are very engaged with what's going on in social issues are important to them.
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there's a strong sense of compassion among young voters and although the democrats are hoping the abortion debate will skew things in their favor. they need to remember that there were young women standing on the steps of the supreme court this summer when roe v. wade was overturned who have worked towards this goal for many years. but they've been working that for many years and his momentum behind them. the realization and chipping away at that it's so fundamental and important to them and how they -- how their activism can spread and how that's fueling that going forward. >> another key issue for young women is the women's sports issue. host: we are going to try and work on that connection and get penny and annabelle rutledge back with us this morning.
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a few issues coming to us live from their bus tour. let me get the phone numbers will beget that connection back. if you want to join the conversation. 202-748-8001 for republicans to call in. democrats 202-748-8000. independents 202-748-8002. women's issues and campaign 2022 is our topic and it is penny nance and annabelle rutledge. i should ask are you on the bus right now? guest: we are. can you hear me all right? host: yes. guest: we are on the she prays she votes bus that's going across the country. and we are seeing a lot of support, we are rolling into everything from the parking lot to companies and independent businesses.
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people of invited us. people are coming out in droves to greet us and tell us what they are thinking about, what's top of mind for them right now. host: let me let you chat with a few callers who are calling in for you. we will start in mississippi on the line for independence. this is james pay you are on with penny and annabelle. caller: good morning. host: what's your question or comment. caller: my comment is this. for you all to say christian and using politics saying we are conservatives, we are going to put our policies before christianity, you sound like a hypocrite. you are sounding like your listening to the republican
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party and saying people that are not christians are not supporting what's right in this country. and you are putting women in a position that they have no power over their own bodies. do you remember when jesus christ was met with these christian people and they brought this woman that was caught in adultery and they tried to use that against jesus tomb charge this woman with a crime but they left the man out and they said let he without sin cast the first stone. host: go ahead. guest: i would love to address that. certainly we believe that our faith is separate and apart from politics and i would just say to anyone listening i don't know who's listening today but god
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loves you, jesus died for your sins. we are all broken sinners in need of redemption and we have come to that with the integrity and honesty we also know what the bible says on key issues. genesis one tells us that god created them in his image and we will stand on those promises and on that truth. we know we talk about support for israel and for god's people. we certainly understand that we are broken and that he died for least of the. and we would never cast aspersions on the broken bread sex trafficking is one of our key issues as a matter of fact. >> and the conviction just to onto that. whether you are christian or not, it is our conviction and are held belief to engage on
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these issues. it's the beauty of america the difference in our conviction and beliefs to bring us to the polls. so for us as christian women our faith in everything we do and that's the same no matter what your beliefs are. host: one of our viewers via twitter, wants to know where you are on the separation of church and state? guest: we certainly don't want the state in fringing on our religious freedom certainly. but we think christians can purchase a paid in the public rigor and have since the founding of our nation. that separation was always intended. that was a letter thomas jefferson wrote about this and the intent behind that letter when you look to it is to protect the people against the government infringing on their liberties. the whole reason america exists.
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we came from a country where the crown was dictating what we had to believe. it was never meant to make us take our faith and hide it away. guest: let's be clear we do not believe in a theocracy. we want the church to stay in its place on the government stay in their place and we do not want the government infringing upon our religious freedom in any way. host: women's issues in the 2022 election. missouri, independent, go ahead. caller: i am calling because i think it is a mistake to tie conservativism to religion and i feel like i'm seeing that more and more. to be honest, i consider myself a christian and i won't go back to church because of stuff like this. i feel like you cannot intertwine government and religion. there are plenty of people out there who care about things like women's rights who maybe aren't
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for abortion themselves and wouldn't do it for themselves but we also don't think it should have anything to do with the government. the government doesn't have the right to tell people what to do with their bodies. i just want to tell women out there you can be a christian and not vote conservative. host: ms. nance. guest: ok. whatever. [laughter] great, i'm glad that she thinks that and she's entitled to her opinion and so are we. we are speaking for a group of women who very firmly believe in principles. yes you can think that your view of abortion is in line with biblical principles. take the time to read and study. god loves you and jesus loves you. certainly you can be my sister and not agree with issues on politics. there's a reason why the vast
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majority of evangelical christians and faithful catholics vote for conservatives because it's more likely to be in line with our faith. we certainly don't think that these people are in any way, our pastors or religious leaders. your trying to walk in our faith every day of our lives, protect our families and in many cases get the government to leave us alone. host: linda out of uniontown, pennsylvania, a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say yes i am a christian and i firmly believe abortion is wrong. i think if people could see what actually happens during an abortion. life starts at conception, that's in the bible. whenever the holy spirit came upon mary and she was with
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child. she went to her cousin rebecca. john the baptist and sick -- whenever she approached her cousin it said in the bible -- john the baptist at six months that life begins. another thing i want to point out. we shouldn't even be in this situation of abortion. there are so many methods of birth control out there. the pill, there are ways to prevent pregnancy so you don't even have to have the fight about abortion. and i think conservatives should really bring that up more. there are plenty of options for birth control. it's like you are pregnant you have to get an abortion. why don't we concentrate on prevention from pregnancy and that's all i want to say. host: linda this morning. guest: i did want to point out
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at the very beginning she mentioned education. and i do think there can sometimes be this idea that everyone understands what's happening during an abortion. and we are giving ourselves what's true. what we've seen repeatedly as people do not know what an abortion is specifically talking about young women for america shocked at how many college students abortion pills by mail have no idea what's going on in their bodies when they have an abortion whether it's clinical or surgical. so that something young women for america heavily lean into. we provide this at our headquarters, they take those materials, they gather together their peers from groups of five to 45 and educate them on the issue of abortion, the procedures, what happens to that child and there's work to be done there and that's why we are
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having this conversation. guest: one of the key legislative issues this year at the state level is they idea of natal developing being taught in the classroom. kids don't know that it six weeks you can detect a beating heart. and just basic fetal development. talking about abortion at 15 weeks at that point a little baby has all her major organs, has fingernails and toenails. and it feels pain. women start to understand what's actually happening really changes the conversation. i would suggest when we are talking about limiting abortion, in many cases it still to the left of europe. they have limited abortion within the first trimester because of these issues we are discussing. host: to the issue of abortion
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in a post-roe world restrictions are up to states, are you ok with that or if republicans take over the house and senate, would you want republicans to pass a national ban on abortion? >> we are a long way away from that happening. there is so much work to be done. politics is downstream of public opinion. and the vast majority of people if we have just said don't understand fetal development. we can only move so far with what people believe in and are willing to support. so right now this is a fight on a state-by-state basis. there are some very limited -- there are some initiatives at the federal level that are happening, but we have a long way to go. of course we fully support life but we understand reality and we
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are working not only to educate people on what happens but also alternatives for women. another key initiative on the federal and state level is something called standing with mom's act. one of the first organizations to come forward and say we need a one-stop shop for a woman anywhere in the country that's facing an unplanned pregnancy or even one that's concerned about her ability to provide to go on the internet, go to a place that will be created and already is created in south dakota called and you can put in the zip code or state and find out all of the alternatives, everything that's around her. everything like housing, education opportunities, health care, child care, whatever it is she needs. many of these alternatives already are available but women do not know. so whether they are in a situation in which their boyfriend or even their parents
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are saying you are on your own we are knocking to help you, they can be able to go online and say maybe i'm ok, maybe i can do this. so we want to support women in every way possible. host: a few minutes left with penny and annabelle, concerned women for america. stephanie is in brooklyn, new york line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you this morning? host: doing well, what's your question or comment? caller: i believe that a woman should not be allowed to go under a regime of telling them what to do with their bodies. as an african-american woman who had -- for mothers as well as children. what i have seen as far as the government taking care of
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people, helping them with their children. they want us to bear these children, but they do not want to take care of children that are already here. you talk about how they have these programs to help mothers, unwed mothers. but they only have them for certain people. i.s. a social worker -- these people are left out. she is struggling to get -- the government is not helping her. what are we going to do for those children who are fatherless just like we have herschel walker and his kids out there. what are we going to do about that? host: let me take the question to penny and annabelle. >>


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